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August Burns Red

BTS Taehyung / Words: 6,573 / Warnings: language, smut
@taehyungunicorn requested: Could you do a oneshot where the boys (BTS) have recently moved in next door and Taehyung likes reader. Can you make Tae a fuckboy personality? and one day they go out and Taehyung gets horny watching her eat a popsicle and they go to his place and fuck an he’s super gentle and sweet unlike his bad boy looks?
A/N: here babe, im so sorry this took almost 2 months but I hope you like it! 

You let out a short breath of air and straightened your back after setting down a particularly heavy box - probably containing some random kitchen appliances - and you rested your hands on your hips as you gazed around at your living room. Your life was contained in cardboard boxes that covered the floor and were stacked up on the walls, waiting to be opened and have their contents sorted into your new apartment. The cozy furniture set that your parents had bought as a housewarming gift was the only thing visible, and even the couch and chairs had a few packed items scattered on them for the sake of convenience. In hindsight, you probably should’ve enlisted some more help for the move, but you had been too set on doing absolutely everything by yourself when it came to your new place. You were so unashamedly proud of the fact that you had done the entire lease on your own, and you had high hopes for the new semester and internship ahead of you. You promised to yourself that you’d be unbeatable, and nothing would stand in your way. Not even the ten boxes that were still sitting down two flights of stairs, waiting to be hauled up.

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You love him, but he loves her - part 2

Read part 1 here

“Y/N?” Your name was called by an all too familiar voice, and suddenly your feet were glued to the ground. Standing in line at the coffee shop you used to love, you couldn’t bring yourself to turn and see his face, after all, it had been three months. “Y/N? Is that you?” He was closer this time, and you jumped the second his hand touched your shoulder. “Hey, Lou.” You turn around to face the boy, your eyes taking in his changed features, his hair longer since you’d last seen him. His eyes were soft, letting them take you in from top to bottom. He frowns, and theres an awkward silence. “Listen, i’m sorry I never called…” You started, feeling horrible for completely ignoring all of his worrisome texts and phone calls. When you left Harry’s birthday party, you had decided you needed to get out of London for a bit. You went straight home and packed a bag to go stay with a friend who was in Paris, and that’s where you had been for the last ninety days. Calls from the boys went unanswered, and text messages went ignored. You just couldn’t bear to hear from any of them, you needed to be alone.

“How have you been?” He doesn’t care that you gave him the could shoulder, he is more concerned with how you were handling things. Louis eyes you once more, taking in your disheveled appearance. Your clothes were loose on your thin frame, something he had noticed first. Your eyes were dull, and sunken in just slightly. The sight of you nearly broke his heart. “Been alright.” You answer truthfully, and Louis doesn’t even argue, he nods solemnly. “Harry he um..” your heart jumped just hearing his name, and suddenly your eyes searched the coffee house. “He’s not here… he’s just been really worried about you. He doesn’t understand why you wont talk to him.” A lump forms in your throat, immediately feeling a pang of guilt in your heart. Harry didn’t deserve this, he didn’t even know why you were upset. “I doubt he’ll want to talk to me again, and I wouldn’t blame him.” You grab your freshly made coffee and walk over to add some cream and sugar, Louis followed. “Talk to him.” He says, watching you sip your coffee. The barista hands him his order, and suddenly his phone vibrates in his pocket. “I’ve got to go… but we’re having a big get together tonight at my place. El will be there – lots of people, and of course the other lads… You should come.” Louis is quick to extend the invitation, knowing this would be a prime moment for everyone to see each other again.

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“No Promises” - Charles Xavier x Student Reader Imagine

Hello again, This is one of the Charles x reader requests i received, there will be a part two if this that another non requested as smut so I’ll link this to the top of the smut post when it comes. Hope you enjoy this and as always please leave feedback and more requests in my ask box :)

*Female Student Reader

*1,555 words

*NSFW points, but not much ;)

Originally posted by blueberry-precious

Charles had found you your first year of university, you had been sitting in a corner of you university library when he had waltzed over and taken the seat in front of you. Sitting there, his beautiful blue eyes focused solely on you, with his hands laced gently together in front of him he leaned forward and revealed who he was and why he was there. Less than six months later and you were happily living at the mansion Charles had brought you too. How could you have said no too him after he explained he knew of your ability to teleport and then showed you his, speaking into your mind and then blushing a little when he began to read it and found out you had only heard half of what he had said, the rest being dulled by your detailed study of his face and “gorgeous eyes” as your thoughts had put it. Since then you had made it your mission while you stayed at the school to finish your degree to flirt and fluster the handsome professor at every possible opportunity. You did everything you could think of to entice your tutor to give you some sort of sign he felt the same way you did, and you didn’t keep your feelings to yourself, why would you; he’s a telepath, he could tell what you were thinking anyway. But every time you made an outright advance at him, he would just push you away.

When you first arrived, it was like he took you under his wing, always sitting fairly close to you when helping you study but he soon moved further away when you were sat in his office one day, him explaining the opinion of the author you were studying when you turned to him

           “You’ve got lovely eyes professor” you almost whispered, he was so close. The professor’s cheeks tinted a light pink at your remark and the closeness with which your faces were.

           “Thank you y/n, but that’s not the kind of thing you should say to your teacher.” He had managed to stutter out before looking back down at the paper and moving himself slightly away from you. You didn’t know how to react immediately. After mumbling out a quiet apology you both got back to studying.

Unidentified by you, Charles had loved you from the moment he met you. The first time he had looked through your mind, not only had he saw what you thought of him but he saw who you were, how kind you were to other people and how you seemed to only use your abilities for fun and when your alarm didn’t wake you up in time for your morning lecture. And he had only fallen more in love with you with every passing day you were in each other’s company. But it was wrong, so wrong. He was your professor; he shouldn’t feel this way about you. True you weren’t that much younger than him but still, he was your professor.  And what made it worse was that you seemed to take no notice what so ever of him denying you, in fact you seemed to revel in it, taking every opportunity you had to fluster and embarrass him.

He was teaching a class, you of coarse taking a seat at the front wearing the shortest skirt imaginable, and when he had turned around to address the class again after writing something on the board, you slowly spread your legs apart to reveal your lacy white underwear just to the professor, just for the professor. He choked on his own breath as he caught sight of the small wet patch the had formed in your underwear, just hearing his smooth deep voice talk for the past hour. He covered it up as best he could and carried on with the lecture as you smirked and crossed your legs again still showing enough of your thighs to distract him every now and again. Then there were the times when you would knock on his office door only to teleport into his office and sit on his desk as he reached the door to answer it. Him turning to see you in your cute little outfits perched on his desk smirking at him as you swung your legs from side to side your feet not quite reaching the floor. He would always compose himself and see you out of his office, only to have to loosen his tie and occasionally his trousers when the door was closed.

But after all of these months of constantly teasing Charles and getting nowhere you decided to have some real fun for a change Your best friend, Jean, had mentioned there was a beach party tonight by the lake near the mansion and with not much convincing she persuaded you to go with her and the rest of the gang. So that evening you changed into an alluring deep burgundy two piece that showed off all your best assets, slipped on a pair of denim shorts and a loose top over the top and teleported yourself and everyone else to the lake. Scott and Peter dragged Kurt off immediately to go and get drinks, Jubilee ran off to go and say hello to people, whilst you and Jean set up the towels and Ororo tuned in the radio.

The night went on and Jubilee had introduced you to some of the guys she knew that had invited her, Scott having dragged Jean off somewhere as soon as he had seen the muscled men approach both of you. You dragged both men over to where everyone was dancing and pulled them towards sandwiching yourself between them before dancing with both of them. Hoots and wolf whistles came from everyone as you began dancing the night away with the two guys and the rest of your friends. At the end of the night you said goodbye to everyone and teleported you and the other mutants back to the mansion, where you all snuck back to your respective rooms.

The next morning as you left the library to go to training Charles pulled you aside into his office.

           “Don’t think I don’t know where you all went last night” he steamed, approaching you.

           “Oh really Professor? And what are you going to do about it, we were only having a little fun!” you countered, lowering your voice slightly and stepping closer to him,smirking, challenging his stance. But Charles was having none of it, he seemed genuinely angry.

           “Stop this now Y/N! This is not laughing matter, anything could have happened to you!”

           “To any of us” you interrupted

           “Yes to any of you! But you can’t keep doing this any of this, not just the running about behind my back, the flirting, the touching and your thoughts!!” Charles was practically red in the face now as he paced up and down his office.

           “And what do you want me to do with my thoughts Professor?! I can’t help how I feel about you, not since I first saw you! And you just want me to turn these feelings off, how about you just stop trespassing on my mind!” You screamed back at him, getting angrier yourself by the second as he had the audacity to tell you not to think so loudly. Charles stood there shocked for a moment that you had yelled back.

           “ I can’t, I can’t I’ve tried so hard not to see into your mind. But theres no way to shut it off, you think so loudly and visually about me that I cant ignore it and its wrong” He finished his sentence in almost a whisper, bringing his hands up to his face and wiping them up and down to bring him back to reality.

           “Charles” you got up from the desk and stood in front of him, “You’re the only one who thinks this is wrong, I’m not a child and you’re not an old man, and I love you” you said confidently, looking deep into his eyes in an effort to convince him. Charles couldn’t take it anymore, He loved you just as you loved him, he had the moment he first peered into your mind. It was brilliant, you were brilliant and smart, and funny and he thought you were gorgeous.

           “I love you” Charles whispered, eyes almost watering as he leaned closer to you, foreheads pressed against one another, bringing his hand up to your cheek and pulling you in for the softest kiss you had ever had. You lips moved completely in sync, his hand moving round to the back of your neck to pull you in closer if that was possible, whilst tilting his head slightly, tongue poking out to stroke against your lower lip asking for entrance which you gladly gave. The kiss went on for what seemed like forever, neither of you wanting to break apart for fear of the other regretting it. When you finally did break for air he kept you close and whispered, “I love you, I always have and I always will, but for god’s sake stop teasing me in front of everyone, there is only so much a man can take” he giggled, his arms now wrapped around you.

           “No Promises”

AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 1603

part 1 here

After what Bitty has been referring to in his own head as “The Incident” (with capital letters and all), things between the lax team and the hockey team are… Better? Naturally, Bitty couldn’t tell his team about what had happened, and in fact hadn’t even been pressured to; the teammates who’d been in the house at the time hadn’t even realized he was gone until he was strolling back through the door. So much for having each other’s backs, Bitty had mumbled to himself as he rolled out his pie crust.

But that had been nearly a month ago, and since then, the hockey team hadn’t been over even once to bang at the door with complaints– not even when the house had hosted a party two weeks ago and their music had been loud enough for the bass to be felt a full block away. It’s unusual behavior, and Bitty would be lying if he ever tried to say he isn’t curious about it. The way he sees it, they’re probably just feeling guilty over the whole kidnapping thing. Which is probably fair, all things considered, and Bitty appreciates their consideration. For the most part.

Despite the hockey team’s apparent peace with the lacrosse team, they do still seem a little spiteful. Either that, or Bitty is projecting his own spite onto them; he’s been sitting at the house’s kitchen table for a full two hours now, picking at a now cold tray of bagel bites as he tries to finish an essay. It’s not due until the next Monday, a fact that has Bitty thanking any and all gods who may exist, because there is no way in hell he can finish it tonight with the loud music blaring from across the street. Bitty keeps finding himself bouncing a leg to the beat and staring blankly at his laptop instead of actually writing, and after the fourth time, he finally sighs and slams the thing shut, sliding it perhaps too roughly into his backpack. He deposits the entire bag safely by the stairs before he heads out.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.17

                                       Part S E V E N T E E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 4k+

A/N: bEFORE YOU READ THIS, I HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO SAY. 1. sexual assault is not okay and i do not advocate it at all. theres a bit in there (not too descriptive) that i just want to warn about. and also keep in mind that i dont hate nia or anything, im just making a juicy story. okay, das it. hope you enjoy and please get this to 100 notes !! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Hilton Hotel, NYC, 7:25 P.M. 

“I already don’t trust this,” Luke whispered by your ear as the two of you stared at the embrace Calum shared with Nia. You couldn’t help but agree with Luke on this one. Even though it’s just a hug and nothing more, you now knew their history and noticed how she is holding him. 

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Fast Food

*Warning there's some strong language and sexual themes lmao, but yeah feel free to make requests*


“M! to the C! to the D! to the onalds!” You sing, dabbing ridiculously on each letter.

“Baby-we’re going, we’re going…” Luke grumbles, pulling on his shoes.

“Thank yooou,” you sing to him, dancing around only wearing your shorts a sleep tank top.

“Are you a little drunk?” He mused, his eyes lit with subtle amusement. Luke loved when you were drunk, he claimed it’s one of his favorite versions of you. You get more sassy, saucy, and spontaneous. He loved watching you be able to just be yourself without any barrier, even if you were kind of foggy.

“Maybe a little…” you giggle, tugging on his arm to get him to move faster.

The night has started with a few drinks with your friends before Luke came home from the studio, but being a lightweight you were feeling pretty good right now.

“Baby you’re not wearing any shoes,” he noted.

“I am well aware Mr. Hemmings,” you wink, instantly giving him half a boner. He shakes his head chuckling to himself.

“Get on my back, I’ll carry you to the car.” He directed, crouching down for you to climb on.

You giggle, struggling to keep your balance while trying to wrap your legs around his waist.

You finally get yourself situated, your hands in his long curly hair.

“You know you’re kinda smelly?” You state matter of factly, inspecting his blonde locks.

“Oh am I?” You could hear the smile in his voice.

“Very much. You need a shower,” you proclaim, giggling.

He groans playfully, responding “you better be careful missy, I am the one getting you fast food.”

You giggle, knowing he’s just messing around with you.

He sets you down and you climb into the passenger seat and put on the seat belt.

“So… we’re getting Taco Bell, right?”


“Honey! Im home!” Ashton yells, using his man voice. You smile, loving the feeling of him being around. He had just gotten back from touring only a week ago, and you still couldn’t get used to the fact that he was actually physically here.

“I’m in the bath!” You call back, hoping he hears you.

You hear his heavy footsteps clomp up the stairs, where he opens the bathroom door and peeks his head in.

“Oh, there you are.” He smirked, his eyes lit up.

“Here I am,” you flirt, batting your eyes at him.

“I have a surprise,” He announces, still not having fully stepped in the room yet. You raise your eyebrows, waiting for him to show you.

“Drum roll please!” He announces. You start tapping your hands on the white porcelain of the tub, grinning at him. Suddenly he kicks the door the rest of the way open, showing chinese take out containers from your favorite place.

You squeal excited while shimmying in the bath.

“Okay I’ll be out so-”

“No!” He cuts you off abruptly. “I am coming in with you.” He winks, setting the food on the sink and pulling of his clothes. Every time you see him naked it’s like the first time. Your hands get sweaty, your face hot. Your eyes drink in every detail they can, from the curve of his neck to the trial of light hair from his bellybutton down…

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Ashton states, wiggling his butt at you. You groan at his lame joke.

“You know how old that joke is right? It’s not even a burn anymore.” You laugh, moving to the side of the tub to let him in.

“I know, but it makes sense-Jesus how hot do you keep the water?!” He exclaims, making weird faces as he sinks into the molten water.

“Toughen up,” You retort. Ashton pulls the food out of the bag, handing you yours along with a fork. You still hadn’t quite mastered how to use chopsticks, no matter how many times ashton tried to teach you.

“Hey, it floats…” He set his styrofoam dish in the water, looking amazed with himself. You giggle, stuffing food into your mouth.

“Thank you, for bringing home dinner.” You smile at him, your head tilted to the side.

“Of course love, anything for you.” He smiles back. You lean back in the tub, closing your eyes and counting your blessings.  


“You know you looked stunning tonight, right?” He whispers in your ear, nibbling on the edge. You were both currently in the back of a black SUV, on your way home from the VMA afterparty. The boys had won, and Calum had mentioned you in their acceptance speech. That wasn’t even the best part, after the show you got invited to Miley Cyrus after party. You even met Beyonce. BEYONCE.

“Are you going soft on me Hood?” You giggle, running your manicured hand up his thigh as he moved down your neck.

“No baby… I am rock hard…” He murmurs against your collarbone. You gasp as his teeth graze your sensitive skin.

“I really wanna do this babe, but I need to eat something.” You gasp, pushing back and looking at his sweet face.

“Oh thank god you said it!” He instantly sits up and looks into your eyes, “I am starving but you were giving me sex eyes and I wanted to give you what you wanted-”

“Cal, I didn’t give you sex eyes!” You exasperate, looking at him with amusement.

“You totally did! But that doesn’t even matter right now, I am so hungry. Excuse me buddy- could you maybe pull through… wait what do you want? Taco bell?” You nod your head in approval. You driver-whose name happened to be Eric- approved and adjusted your course.

“God baby… I love it when you take control.” You growl in his ear, loosening his tie.

“Oh honey, just wait until I have a quesadilla powering me.”


“You may now kiss the bride!”

You’re immediately engulfed in Michael’s arms, his soft lips on yours as you share your first kiss as a married couple. He has always swept you off your feet, and this kiss was no different. He sets you down to seen, but keeps your face close.

“I love you so much…” He mumbles, his arms still around you. You wink back, knowing everyone’s eyes are on you. You both turn and face all of your family and friends, and walk down the aisle, finally married.

You all stand outside the chapel, greeting everyone as the file out of the church. You had been planning this for over a year now, and it was going as smoothly as possible. Your drunk uncle had decided to make a scene when his ex wife showed up, but it was handled by your three favorite groomsmen.

You sighed once you and Michael had a moment alone for the first time today. Everyone was standing outside, rice ready to be thrown.

“You ready?” You ask, looking up into his forest green eyes.

“After you, Mrs. Clifford.” He winks, grabbing your hand and opening the door. You walk outside, letting everyone celebrate your love with you. You and him make it to the car, laughing.

“Did you see luke get hit in the eye with a grain of rice?!” You giggle while Mickey pulls away from everyone, the tin cans attached to your car jingling behind you.

“Of course! He screeched like a little girl!” He chortles, reaching for your hand.  

“Mikey! Let’s go get Subway!” You say, your eyes lit up with a brilliant idea.

“You wanna go like this?” He asks, motioning to your larger tulle ballgown.

“Yes! It’ll be so fun- come on I promise.” You give him your favorite puppy dog eyes and you can see him cave in.

“Okay, let’s go to subway.” He says pulling into the parking lot. He gets out of the car before coming around and opening your door for you. You grab his hand and walk in together, knowing that you are his princess.

Batfam as things my fam has done and/or said

There’s eleven of us in my family, so it gets pretty crazy.

Damian: *goes to pour himself some juice* *sees it’s all gone* *sees Jason has a full glass* *yells* THANKS FOR DRINKING ALL THE JUICE, JASON!

Jason: *yells back in an equally loud voice* YOU’RE WELCOME!


*screaming followed a loud noise is heard upstairs followed by more screaming and some crying*

Guest: *looks up very concerned* Umm….are you going to see what happened?

Bruce: I have nine kids. It’s the silence that worries me. 

Guest: Oh……

Bruce: Noise means they’re not dead.


Jason: *keeps putting pieces of a napkin in Tim’s hair without Tim noticing* *laughs* *accidentally drops gum out of his mouth into Tim’s hair*

Tim: *feels the gum hit his head* What did you just do?

Jason: That depends. Do you want to be mad now or later?

Tim: Jason–

Jason: So now then.


The Kids: *sitting around the table for dinner* *all screaming and fighting with each other*

Bruce: Only in death may I find peace.


Bruce: No more T.V. It’s late. Time for bed.

Dick: *goes to his room*

Dick: *10 minutes later* *gets out of his bed* *sneaks to Bruce’s room to watch T.V. from the doorway*

Bruce: *sees him* *in a loud, booming voice* WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Dick: *runs back to his room at lightning speed* *does a flying leap into his bed* *completely clears the bed* *lands in a plastic bin full of Legos* *screams*


Bruce: *drinks a cup of coffee*

Tim: Can I have some?

Bruce: No. You’re too young to drink coffee.

Tim: Am I too young to have lost my will to live?

Bruce: *pours Tim a cup* >————————————————

Tim: *builds a catapult with Bruce for a school project* 

Bruce: Let’s test it.

Tim: In the house? I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Bruce: It’ll be fine. *puts a paper hornet (if you don’t know what it is, it’s a very tightly wadded up piece of paper that, when launched with a rubber band from even just three feet away, feels like a hornet sting) in the catapult* *launches it*

*the paper hornet sails across the house and hits Jason in the face while he’s sleeping*

Jason: *wakes up immediately and already has a giant red welt on his face* *through tears* What the fuck?

Bruce: *hands the catapult back to Tim* It works.


*family goes out to eat* 

Bruce: This is a fancy place, so act right.

Dick: Dad, this is Pizza Hut.


*at a restaurant*

Dick: *opens a straw and launches the wrapper at Jason*

Jason: *launches his at Tim*

Tim: *launches his at Damian*

Damian: *launches his accidentally at Bruce*

The Kids: *terrified silence*

Bruce: *stares them all down* *picks up the straw trash* Cut this shit out right now. You hear me?

The Kids: *nod their heads*

Bruce: Good. *launches his at Damian*


*at McDonald’s drive thru*

Bruce: What does everyone want?

The Kids: *shout their orders from the back of the car in one loud, indecipherable sound*

Bruce: *to the speaker* Hello, I’ll have 10 burger Happy Meals.

The Kids: *start to complain*

Bruce: Shut the hell up or I’m keeping all your toys.

The Kids: *shut up*


Dick: *annoyed* Dad, why’d you have to have so many kids?

Bruce: Look at it this way: with so many siblings, you’ll always have best friends.

Damian: *comes inside holding a hand over half his face* Dad, Jason threw a golf ball at my face.

Dick: So much for best friends.>———————————————————-

Tim: *stands on a stool to hang something up* *falls off the stool* *stool and the thing he was trying to hang up fall on top of him*

Bruce: *yells from downstairs* What was that loud noise?

Tim: *tangled in the stool and trying to breathe again* *yells back* Something just fell.

Bruce: *yells again* Okay.

*10 minutes later*

Tim: Remember when I said “something fell?”

Bruce: Yeah…?

Tim: I was the “something.”


Bruce: *drinks from a water bottle* *chokes* *spits out a fish* *yells* DAMIAN STOP PUTTING YOUR FISH IN MY WATER BOTTLES!THIS IS THE SECOND DAMN TIME!

Damian: But that’s a different fish.

Bruce: What happened to the other one?

Damian: You swallowed it. >———————————————————————–

Dick giving Jason a haircut: I’m just gonna shave the edges. You know, like a fade.

Jason: That’s fine. As long as you don’t shave my whole head, we’re good.

Dick: *messes up* *panics* *shaves Jason’s whole head*

Jason: *feels his head get mysteriously lighter*

Dick: Okay, well I’m done, and I gotta go. Enjoy the haircut.

Jason: Wait, how does it look?

Dick: Definitely faded.

Jason: *looks in the mirror* *sees that he’s now bald*

Dick: It was the razor, I swear.



The Kids: *fighting with each other*

Bruce: Why. Why did I have to have kids.

Jason: Love you too, dad.


The Batfam: *gets invited to a birthday party*

Dick: *gets really hyped up on sugar*

Jason and Tim: *spin Dick around until he’s dizzy*

Dick: *runs into the bird fountain* *breaks it* *throws up in the pool*

Bruce: And that is why we don’t get invited to anything.


Bruce: *has a coupon for free McDonald’s meals*

Cashier: Sir, this only covers two meals.

Bruce: I knew I shouldn’t have had so damn many of you.



Hope you enjoyed!

It’s like Hannah Montana but better.

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Omg i just had this thought. So reader always wears baggy clothes, nothing that showed off her curves or anything. And then theres a party and she wears this beautiful tight dress, it was still slightly modest, but it hugs her curves, and no one realized that it was her at first. (Also, reader is best friends with bts, but has feelings for one of them and then they get together?) Thank ya!!!!!!

(Credit to Original owner of gif)

You don’t really recall the exact that you became friends with all of Bts but you don’t regret it for a single momen- “Y/N! Is eating your food again! He’s straying from the diet and will blame you!” You heard the all to familiar voice of Jin yell down the corridor to you.

You sighed and finished pulling your jumper over your shoulders and hurried to the kitchen to see Jungkook with a mouth full of crisps and the most guilty look on his face “Aish! Stop eating my food you pig!” You yelled and grabbed the now empty can of Pringle’s from the boy.

You shoved three boys out of your kitchen and found another one in your pantry so you pulled him out as well and you all moved into the living room, you all sat and watched a movie and noticed all the boys were side eyeing you and each other and you knew straight away you had been stuck in the middle of either a prank or some dumb competition that they always did. An arm draping around your shoulder disrupted your thoughts as Taehyung nonchalantly glanced at you then back at the TV “What do you want?” You asked suspiciously.

“Oh nothing, there’s just this part-” “Y/N come I need water!” Jungkook yelled suddenly interrupting the other boy from speaking.

You looked at Jungkook and used the opportunity to move away from Taehyung, as much as you loved their hugs you knew something sinister was going on. “Go get it yourself, you know how a tap works.” You teased and moved away from Tae to a different couch.

The boys chuckled and all went back to normal but for like five minutes before your phone pinged and you were going to grab it but upon seeing the sly look on Yoongi’s face you ignored it. “Ugh this is killing me, Y/N We want to invite you to a party, nothing to fancy, the boys were making a game out of it to see who could get you to be their date.” Namjoon finally said being the first to crack.

Seven loud groans echoed around the room and they all began telling off Namjoon for spoiling their game. “Sure I’ll go, I didn’t know it was a competition though, Kookie asked me yesterday and I said yes.” You said and then laughed as all the yelling was suddenly turned on the youngest.

Once all the chatter died down you all went and ate some dinner and enjoyed a movie. You had slyly stolen Yoongi’s jumper and added your final addition to your baggy jumper collection as now you had one from every boy. It made you proud and you didn’t feel any guilt, they always took your stuff and ate your food. It’s probably why they never complain about their missing clothes. You fell asleep with them in the living room and your head was resting quite comfortably on Jungkook’s shoulder.

You woke up in the morning to an almost empty living room, the boys were up and about gathering all their stuff and getting ready to go to work with the exception of Jungkook who was still quite comfortably asleep and you still had your head on his shoulder. You moved away and shook the boy awake, to which he groaned as he had the most pleasant dream about you. His eyes shout open and realized how close you were and jumped away, you laughed at his odd behavior as he went about his morning before all the boys bid you goodbye and Jungkook told you what time he would pick you up.

After they had left you went upstairs to go see what nice clothes you did have and found one dress tucked away at the back, you weren’t one for going all out and making yourself up but if it was something to do with work for the group you wanted to make sure you looked your absolute best. The dress was simple, that reached just above your knees and hugged your waist before becoming like skater skirt. It was long sleeved and had slightly wider than normal neckline and you knew it was the dress to wear. You picked out a pair of nice small heels and set your outfit to the side and tried to contain your excitement.

When the time came you began getting ready and dolled yourself up and even did your hair before putting on your outfit for the night and stared at yourself in your full length mirror. Admiring how the dress and shoes made your legs appear longer and how the dress accentuated your curves without being to sexy. You walked down the stairs expecting to see Jungkook but only saw a driver and you couldn’t deny how upset you were, to be arriving on your own. 

The driver informed you that the group would meet you there as they ran behind schedule. You didn’t mind in all real honesty, you knew their work was important and would usually take up a little time, so you were thankful enough for the moments you did get with them.

You showed up the party and told yourself to beat up Namjoon for lying, there was paparazzi everywhere and their presence made this party seem a lot bigger than expected, the driver handed you an invitation on a small piece of paper and you exited the car and you were immediately blinded by the flashes of cameras. You did your best to smile as people loudly chatted about who you were.

You entered the party and skimmed the area and spotted the boys and made a beeline for them and jumped up next to Jimin who stared at you in surprise “Hello there,” He purred “My name is Jimin and you?” He asked surprise turning to something more flirty.

You let out a laugh and leaned close “Jimin its me! Y/N! You’re kidding right? I’m not that hard to notice.” You laughed in his ear over the music.

You pulled away to see shock settled back on his face and ignored him and went around greeting the boys and saved Jungkook for last “Kookie!” You yelled to catch his attention.

He turned quickly, knowing your voice from anywhere but when he saw you, he felt everything around him slow down. He loved it when you wore his clothes, He loved it when you wore anything really but this was the first time you had ever worn something like this in the time you had known him and he couldn’t stop the literal shock to spread across his features. “Yoohoo earth To Kook!” You called, rapping your fist against his head.

He dragged you away after snapping out of it. He pulled you onto the balcony and away from the thumping music “So some small, non-fancy party huh?” You joked looking back into the room to see Yoongi a thumbs up but he wasn’t looking at you.

You followed his gaze to Jungkook and saw the boy staring at the floor blushing madly. “Jungkook, are you okay?” You asked placing a hand on his shoulder.

He looked up and met your gaze. His mouth opened and shut a few times “You look beautiful tonight!” He blurted out finally, reverting away from his fishlike state.

You were about to thank him when you noticed him take a deep breath and step forward and wrapped an arm around your waist and the other rested on your chin as he brought his lips close to yours. “In fact you are the most beautiful person at this entire party.” He breathed.

You let your eyes flutter shut as your best friend kissed you. You wrapped your arms around him and got completely lost in the moment but eventually you had to pull away “So Kookie finally stopped being my blushy boy and became my manly man.” You teased.

It brought a grin to his face as you kept teasing him but all he did was just watch your face light up as you animatedly joked about him before getting distracted by your lips and kissing you again right in the middle of your insult and silencing you. 


Probably could have come up with a better ending I’m sorry!! This was actually really fun to write as I relate 100%. I hope you enjoyed it!!

Introverts At Parties (Social Anxiey)
  • Friend Billy: Hey, wanna come to a friend’s party? It’s gonna be really cooool!
  • Introvert (in head) : I’d rather be at home just eating a bag of chips and watching netflix but since you’re my friend and I don't want you to think I am an anti-social weirdo I'll act like I want to go....
  • Introvert: yeah sure :)
  • *goes to party*
  • Introvert, in head: nonononono.. why did i come to this? I don't know anyone here. *anxiety* ok, ok. just calm down. Let's just find a space were no one will talk to me and just chill there. Ok? OK.... THERE'S SOMEONE COMING. OH NOOO. WHAT DO I DO? HE LOOKES INTIMIDATING, I DON'T KNOW HIMMMMMMMM HE--
  • Extrovert: Hey, so are you new here? I haven't seen you before...
  • Introvert: Yeah. Billy's my friend, he invited me here.
  • Extrovert: Oh cool, Billy is so nice. Well, nice talking to you, cya :)
  • Introvert: bye...
  • Introvert in head: Ok that wasn't that bad. I'm overreacting, parties are cool, I really just need to calm dow- THERE'S SOMEONE COMING HELP!!!!!1!
  • *cycle repeats infinitely*

milleniumxhan  asked:

Okay so I think I'm in love with Gaston from beauty and the beast I mean Luke Evans 😍😍... but then there's Bucky as well. Could u do a Bucky x reader where beauty and the beast is coming out in theaters and the reader is in love with gaston and Bucky gets hella jealous. Really cute and fluffy tho. Thanks ❤❤❤

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: none (unless you’ve never seen beauty and the beast and don’t know what happens to gaston, because if that’s the case, then, spoilers lol)

A/N: OH MY GOD, BATB WAS SOOOO FANTASTIC!!! I agree with you, gaston was amazing and luke evans was perfeeeect! this is really just some fluffy and funny piece. I enjoyed writing it so much!! hope you like it love <3


“Pleeeease, Bucky!”


“Come on, just this one time. I promise I won’t ever ask for anything ever again.”


You dramatically fell from your sitting position next to him face down onto his lap, pretending to be devastated.

His fingers ran through your hair.

“I know you’re only pretending, (Y/N). We’ve been in this relationship long enough.”

You let out an annoyed ‘Ugh’ and got on your knees.

“I just want you to use your Avenger title this once, so we can go to the premiere of the movie! You know how much I loved ‘Beauty and the Beast’ when I was younger!”

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25. "I think you're my best friend." :)

“I think you’re my best friend.”

It’s not what he says that necessarily surprises Aaron, but Robert hasn’t spoken in an hour, he presumed he had fallen asleep long ago. It’s late, Aaron’s alarm clock glaring brightly out of the corner of his eye, “02:14am”, they should be asleep, but it’s warm. The air sticky and heated, leaving a sheen of sweat on their skin, nobody in the village has gotten used to the humid air that August brings.

Aaron rolls over onto his side, kicking the duvet further down the bed, and pushes his hair further up his forehead, grimaces at the slightly wet feeling on his neck as he shifts to face his husband. Robert’s barely dressed, a grey pair of Aaron’s boxers and nothing else, lying flat on his back, eyes glazing over as he stares at the ceiling. Theres droplets of sweat on his chest, his skin red and flushed as he huffs out a puff of air from his lips. There’s grey circles underneath his eyes, a ghastly contrast to his pale skin.

“What are you on about?”

“I think you’re my only friend. How sad is that? I’m thirty one years old, and my only friend is my husband.”

He’s got that ‘sorry for himself’ look on his face, one that makes Aaron want to chuckle, tell him to shut up, and roll back over to sleep. But theres a sincerity in his voice that makes Aaron pause, a vulnerability he rarely sees in Robert. The small wrinkle in-between his eyes, a frown on his face as he blinks slowly, and all Aaron want’s to do is pull him into his arms, squeeze him tight and pepper kisses on his forehead. He would, but it’s too hot, so he settles with resting a palm on Robert’s chest, rubbing his thumb in circular motions, hoping the contact will help to settle him.

“What makes you say that?” he tries his best to keep his voice light, doesn’t want to break them out of this spell that they’ve found themselves in, and god forbid if Liv was awoken at this time.

They’d had a good day, or so Aaron had thought. Leyla had cornered them in the pub, demanding that they take her up on her offer to help plan their second wedding. They’d have said no, but her grin was too inviting. That’s where they found themselves that day, looking through venues and flower arrangements; Robert almost called of the entire thing when Aaron said “theres no point in centre pieces, Robert.”

“It’s true. Who am i supposed to take on my stag do? My closest friend in this village is Nicola, and that’s saying something, considering she hates me most of the time.” He’s looking at Aaron now, neck pulled tight as he pushes his head further into the cushion.

“I’ll have my stag with Vic and Diane, how cool is that? Dinner at the B&B with the only remaining family I have, whilst my husband is getting pissed in town, not pathetic at all is it?.”

It takes all of Aaron’s dwindling energy not to roll his eyes at his husband’s theatrics, the reason for Robert’s sour mood piecing together in his head. They’d met Adam in the pub earlier, the pair of them immediately beginning to make plan’s for Aaron’s stag, as Robert sat on the sidelines, laughing as Adam uttered the words “foam party”, a pale look appearing on Aaron’s face.

Aaron decides to risk it, fuck the heat, and shuffles closer to Robert. Hand reaching up to Robert’s neck, grasping tight as he kisses Robert gently.

“Maybe if you hadn’t have slept with nearly everyone in the village, more people would want to be friends with you.” They’re not kissing, Aaron keeping his lips close to Robert’s, breath warm on his skin.

“Aaron.” His voice is whiny as he tries to kiss Aaron again, lifting his head off the pillow and arms slowly reaching around Aaron’s waist, slotting into place.

“Stop feeling so sorry for yourself. You can come on my stag, it’s not like it’s our first wedding. We can get pissed together.”

“Because that’s not pathetic is it? Tagging along on your husband’s bachelor party?”

“There’s a lot of pathetic things about you Rob. Now shut up, and let your best friend kiss you.”

Bruises, part 1 : Three o'clock in the morning it's quiet and there's no one around

Word count : 1042

Author note : So this is it, after two weeks of waiting this is the first part of Bruises. I’m posting it while I’m in my bus to London, I hope you’ll like it, as usual, feedback is appreciated and the tag list will re-open on March 21st. Tag list is at the bottom. Domestic violence is not normal, don’t let that happen even once because it’ll happen again, run away or go to the police or call special numbers for domestic violence.

Warnings : Blood, mention of domestic violence, mention of death, sort of spoiler from Captain America : Civil War, sadness, memories.

Song of the title : Stay (Faraway,So Close), Flyleaf (cover)


Bruises masterlist

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can I request a really angsty Bughead one-shot where Betty's dark side comes out to play at like a public event or something and Jughead gets there just in time to stop her from hurting anybody or hurting herself and he ends up comforting her and it gets real fluffy towards the end?? So sorry if I bothered you in any way! Thank you in advance. :-))

It was Alice Coopers party for Betty graduating grade 10. It was more of a garden party/barbecue then a party though. But Betty was happy. She helped her mom plan the party, and her boyfriend and future father in law were invited, along with the rest of her neighbourhood. 

She was sitting with Jughead with her head leaned against his toned shoulder. She could feel his chest rise and fall and it made her relax. He had his arm wrapped around her shoulder and was playing with one of the ends of one of her french braids. It was nice to see her with something other then her too-tight-it-made-her-head-hurt ponytail, or too-beautiful-for-jughead-to-comprehend- curly locks draped over her shoulders. 

She was breathing in the fresh summer air when she heard it. The voice that made her go crazy. The voice that made her snap.

“Betty Cooper! Come here! I need more help!” Alice Cooper screamed from the kitchen. Betty sighed and lifted her head up from the spot it was placed on her boyfriend. She turned to him and gave him a small kiss on the side of his lips, lingering to make it last as long as possible. 

“I’ll be right back. Don’t move unless I start screaming. Got it?” she asked, but before he could answer she started giggling and headed towards the door that leads to the delicious smelling Cooper kitchen. 

Jughead sat outside alone and took in the view of all the neighbours and friends that live in Riverdale. He and his father were the only ones invited that weren’t from the main part of Riverdale. You know, anywhere that’s not the Southside. 

Betty told him that her mom really wanted Jughead and FP to come, but he knew deep down that Betty had to insist for the two dark dressing men to come. She told him that she wasn’t able to stand up against the all mighty Alice Cooper, but he knew Betty better then that. He knew that she could stand her own. 

That’s when he heard it. The only reasons Jughead was allowed to leave his spot on the bench. His girlfriend was screaming. 

“No mom! I want them here and they are not leaving!” he heard Betty yell, and he instantly knew that she was talking about him and his dad. He also knew that at this time, her perfectly manicured nails would be breaking her skin in her palms, and would most likely be covered in blood. 

He jumped up from his spot and ran to the door, bursting it open, too see his girlfriend with narrow eyes and clenched fists stand up against her mother. 

“They are not leaving. People are having fun. God! This was my party! To celebrate me! And my boyfriend is going to stay here by my side if you like it or not!” she screamed, her voice getting louder and louder with each confession. 

“Elizabeth Cooper…” her mom started, but was cut of by the angry blonde that was standing her ground.

“Don’t Elizabeth Cooper me Alice Cooper.” Betty said, taking a step closer to the older woman. 

“Hey Bets, It’s fine. Well just head…” Jughead said quietly, but was also cut off from the fast whip of his girlfriends braids turning around to face him. 

She had a look plastered onto his face like he’s never seen it before. Her eyes were dark and lifeless, nails digging deeper and deeper into the soft skin that Jughead adored. Her eyebrows were furrowed together in anger and every muscle in her body was tense. He never got to see this side of her. Her ‘Dark Betty” side.

“Don’t you dare Jughead Jones. You are my boyfriend, and you will stay at my party. You to FP!” she said, pointing to the man behind Jughead that was trying to sneak away from the large scene that was happening. “For gods sake, you will stay at this party and you and Alice Cooper will be civil to each other!” she continued yelling. 

When she took a breath she stole a glance at her boyfriend who had the weirdest look on his face. His eyes were blankly staring at her, and his mouth was slightly open. He was clutching the counter he was next to like it was a life preserver. Then it his Betty. Like the brick her mom threw at the window. 

Jughead Jones was scared of her. 

Not like, ‘I’m so scared I’m going to lose you,’ more like ‘You are like a giant spider-clown hybrid and I am terrified of getting near you’. She took a deep breath and looked back up to meet his eyes, but the colour in his eyes were gone. He was back to normal.

Jughead grabbed her by the hand, pulling her fingers away from her palms. They reached the outside of her house and he grabbed multiple napkins. He wiped off the blood from her hand and the tears that stained her cheeks. She didn’t say anything until he was done cleaning her up. 

“I’m sorry Jughead. You weren’t supposed to see…” she whispered, but his lips captured her before she could continue.

“Betty. If we’re together, I want to know you. All of you.” he said, leaning his beanied forehead against hers. Betty took a deep breath and took in his scent of Burgers, Forests and a hint of her shampoo, Peaches and Cream. 

She gave him a light kiss on his cheek and leaned her head back onto his chest. She gave out a sigh and muttered out these words;

“Thank you.”

Hey! This was so much fun to write! I changed it up a little bit because when I start writing theres like no stopping me lol. I hope you liked it! I will write all prompts that are given to me (except smut). You did not bother me at all! I love getting prompts because then it feels like you thought of me when you got an idea! Anyway, enjoy!! xx


 A/N: Coz Khazumi is now sorta… Taken? teehee ;P Kidding… or not? Kidding Love, I am, I am :) … If you ever see this. I’m dead.

AU? Maybe.. not magical.. pretty sure… hmm… college? Bubbly by Colbie is one of my all-time favorite sonnngssss. Also Last Chance by MYMP <3

Warning… Rushed? Super Rushed. SO… bad pacing… and might not be good? But still…


~Shintori Khazumi

Tapping her foot against the wooden floor paneling of the semi-rustic designed coffee shop, Diana gave her final sigh of impatience before giving up on all this waiting, her cup-o-joe long since drained of its content.

So her date was going to be a no-show, she supposed, disappointed, mad, and sad.

Years of sorting out feelings and such, all gone to waste in just a matter of days. This very special first date, ruined. Diana’s single life… continued.

“Hey Lovely thing, don’t scrunch up your brows. They make you lose some of that charm.”

With a groan, Diana stood abruptly, surprising the flirty fellow customer of the shop. She didn’t need another buffoon to aid her in thinning out her patience.

Leaving a few bills on the table, she walked to the direction of the door, but was quickly blocked by the man’s arm. Diana immediately got a small whiff of his… masculinity… uncontrolled. Eyes narrowed, she glared him down, earning a small whimper to which she inwardly smirked.

“Out of my way.” She commanded.

“Hey now darling,” The male said, putting up a bravado that seemed to annoy Diana even further as he did not do as she wished. Couldn’t he see she just wanted to get out? To not remember this place, the reason why she was here? He spoke up again, to her immense irritation. “I noticed you’ve been alone for some time. Jerk stood you up? Got no class, that guy, but maybe…”

Diana had to lean back as the man seemed to lack any sense of personal space… and personal hygiene as well, it seemed.

“I could show you what a real man is like.”

Diana threw up in her mouth a bit, flicking the man unashamed on the forehead to get him to back off. “Well, if I think about it…” She saw that hopeful, lustful glint in his eyes, smiling slightly before pulling a glare. “… NO.”

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okay so I 100% accept the headcanon that Grantaire just    collects stray cats wherever he goes


imagine Enjolras and  Grantaire living together and Enjolras just slowly noticing like random bits of catfurniture creeping into the apartment until one day he finds loads of cat hair on his jacket and just 

“Taire? Are you hoarding cats in our house without telling me?”

and Grantaire is just looking really shifty and “……….. what no why would you even suggest such a thing Apollo, i am offended that you would even insinua- SHIT LEONARDO NO” AND THIS SCRAGGLY BALL OF BLACK FUR JUST SHOOTS OUT FROM UNDER GRANTAIRES BED AND STARTS RUBBING AGAINST ENJOLRAS’ LEGS??

and Enjolras is most surprised by the fact that he isnt even surprised and just sighs and goes “how many..?”

“*mumbling* four”



Enjolras doesn’t even have the strength to argue with him just kinda glancing down at the cat which has now settled on lying across his feet like “Leonardo? Fine. what are the others called?”

And Grantaire just lighting up because HEY ENJOLRAS HASNT SAID HE CANT HAVE THE CATS THE CATS CAN STAY YAYYYYY and proudly presenting him with 3 more ugly looking creatures, who probably have the capacity to be very handsome once Grantaire has managed to sort them all out, and announcing their names are “Michaelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael”

and Enjolras is quiet for a really long time before “You-       You named our cats after four ugly turtles who live in a bloody sewer?”

Grantaire goes from exhilaration (oh my GOD HE SAID OUR CATS) to a hideous blend of indignation and fury because OH MY GOD ENJOLRAS YOU DID NOT JUST OVERLOOK FOUR OF THE MOST TALENTED AND FAMOUS ARTISTS IN HISTORY OVER THOSE FUCKING MUTATED NINJA ARSEHOLES WHAT KIND OF MONSTER ARE YOU?! before scooping up his cats and leaving the room leaving Enjolras in some sort of shocked/horrified state and Grantaire being really sulky and not talking to Enjolras for the next 24 hours

until Enjolras comes over and apologises for insulting the cats (which he doesn’t particularly want to do but he does it for Grantaire god dammit because he loves him) and suggests they host a housewarming for the cats to cheer him up as they are official members of the apartment now. so they invite all of Les Amis over for a cat party and its all going super well with Grantaire showing off his new fur babies and then Courf speaks

“Grantaire, i think i speak for us all when i say why are they nam-”


“-ed after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

and Enjolras basically has to hold R back even though he knows theres no real threat because nobody could ever hurt Courf hes an angel 

and now no one is ever allowed to mention TMNT in front of Grantaire ever again

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“Why don’t you stop doubting yourself and just kiss me already?”

Thirty looks good on Aaron. Still young in the face, beard thicker than ever before, but he looks more confident as he walks, shoulders no longer hunched over, hidden by hoodies. Six years at the scrapyard has also helped, his biceps tighter, larger than before, shirts wrapped tight around his torso, shifting around his chest as he walks.

Robert’s sat perched on the edge of their bed, running a towel through his hair as Aaron makes his way through from the en-suite. There’s a grey towel wrapped around his waist, tugged tight around him as he steps over Robert’s shoes, making his way over to the full length mirror that Robert insisted they buy. They’d been together years now, married almost as long, so Robert allows his eyes to roam over his husbands back, isn’t embarrassed as he feels his heart beat in his throat, pulse quickening as Aaron begins to tug on his black boxers.

Theres still droplets of water glistening on Aaron’s skin, trickling down his chest, around his nipple and falling to the floor. A small trail lies on Aaron’s stomach, faint hairs resting from his belly button, travelling down towards..

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prince!wonwoo (here)
prince!mingyu (here)
prince!jeonghan (here)
prince!joshua (here)

  • overwhelmingly involved with every aspect of the country that he’s allowed to be involved in, like he’s the prince but it’s rumored he does even more work than the king himself 
  • according to the house staff, he stays up till ungodly hours sketching up plans and reading through research and files and letters and even when he’s trying to calculate amounts of money spent on this or that the servants will be like “we can let someone else handle that young prince!!” but he refuses to let anyone else do it. he feels like its his sense of duty to know everything he can about his country in order to better it
  • he’s brash and straightforward, which can come of rude so a lot of people respect him but also fear him
  • he’s always telling the king not to listen to his head advisor, to listen to him instead and everyones like …he’s just a kid he knows nothing….but prince!woozi is present at every royal council meeting and is always slamming down the other people who give false info/try to make a quick buck off the backs of the hardworking citizens like prince!woozi does NOT stand for taking the easy road
  • whenever he goes into two people regard him with extreme politeness and even sometimes cower in his presence which actually kind of hurts him because he doesn’t want them to be scared, but it’s better for him to keep a straight face because at least then people will start taking him seriously 
  • wears mostly suits, doesn’t like wearing his crown because he doesn’t believe he’s earned it yet, also …. suspenders;
  • see you’ve known the prince since you were young because you’re the child of one of the wealthy merchants on the royal council and you’ve absolutely loathed him since forever because you think he’s snobbish and keeps sticking his nose into royal affairs and even if he’s the prince?? like why does he think he can speak over your father at the board meetings?? (but uve only ever heard of him,, never seen him b4) 
  • so oneday theres are big get togethers and the council is to bring their family so everyone is there and the kids are forced to be in the same room and thats when u see the prince for the first time…
  • and tbh you’re already rolling your eyes at him walking around and trying to talk big about what he claims is best for the country and he finally sees u and is  like “did you roll your eyes at me?” and you’re like “my father told me you have no clue what you’re talking about” and you two get into a heated debate over like ?? the countries politics and it gets to a point where everyones watching and like a close friend of yours by the name of hoshi whose also the child of someone on the council runs over and pulls you and woozi apart
  • hoshi’s like!!!! he’s the prince, just let him do his thing and you’re like !!! he thinks he’s ALL that like does he even do his research??? 
  • and hoshi’s whose also good friends with the prince is like yeah he does,,,and ur free to disagree with him but dont cause a scene !!
  • you look over and prince!woozi is still looking at you with narrowed eyes and you’re like “it’s unfair that just because he’s the prince I have to watch what i say around him” and hoshi just sighs like listen
  • but its too late prince!woozi is back over to you like “it’s not because im the prince it’s because im righ-” and you’re like “oh really??? source?? and you two just argue the rest of the night and hoshi sighs and gives up like oh my god these 2 are 2 headstrong for me
  • you leave that party just gushing over how much of a showoff you think the prince is but ur like w/e at least i dont have to see him anymore like he’s a littLE cuter then u expected but that doesnt mean anything and i totally didnt just say that whatever he’s ………….dum …….b 
  • but a week later youre hanging out with hoshi before like piano lessons and hoshi’s like “the prince told me he wants to see you again” and youre like wHAT and hoshi’s like “yeah i saw him out in the town buying more books or something he said he wants to talk to you about what happened and that you should go up to the castle at some point” and ur like “hoshi, dont play pranks on me” but hoshi just shrugs and pulls out this fancy letter looking thing and he’s like “here the prince said you have to use this to get in” and you’re like oh my god this is for real
  • so you think about going but youre like we’re just gonna fight???? right??? so you’re like nvm……but then your father comes home from a council meeting and is like “the prince requested you see him. you have to go”
  • and so you end up in the royal library standing beside the prince and u have ur arms crossed and prince!woozi is like “listen..” and youre like “can you hurry up??? i have places to be??” and he’s like “DO YOU ThINk I WANNA DO THIS TOO???” and you’re like “YOU INVITED ME!!!” and hes like “BECAUSE HOSHI SAID YOU WANTED TO COME AND APOLOGIZE” and youre like WHy WouLD I EVBER waNT TO APOLOGIZE  2 U and once again you two end up yelling at each other and at some point neither of you is saying anything
  • and prince!woozi is running his fingers through his hair and your like out of breath from yelling and you’re both red in the face and once you make eye contact youre just like
  • oh no wait
  • why does he look so good
  • oh my god his hair is messy because he kept slicking it back…
  • and you’re just like NO!!!DONT THINKTHAT!!!! but your heart is beating and your face isn’t red from just yelling anymore and the prince is just fixated on you and suddenly idk how you two are just getting closer and closer and you dont notice but prince!woozi is just as nervous he keeps swallowing and biting back his lip but you guys are like inches apart and oh god you’re about to kiss the annoying prince 
  • BUT a servant accidentally slams the door open with a tray full of sweets and you and woozi jump apart and the servant apologizes before leaving the food and you and the prince CANNOT EVEN LOOK AT EACH OTHER
  • like how the heck did u two go from arguing to almost making out and honestly youre like i gtg and he’s like not even responding he’s just like frozen and u run the heck out of there
  • a couple days later u see hoshi again for piano lessons and u almost like strangle him for pulling that prank on u and hoshi’s like listen!! ive known the prince since i was young too and he’s not bad,,, u guys have a lot in common and ur like oh really like whAT?? and hoshi’s like “did u know that he composes?? he sings??? he writes songs and loves music like you!! he’s also stubborn but like he wants the best for people like YOU and get this: i heard him call u cute at one point JUST SAYIN” and ur like…………..hoshi…………stop…..and hoshi’s like “nah i promise on my life this time!!”
  • and tbh you cant stop thinking about the prince and ur so upset because u dont know what to think of him like sure he keeps cutting ur dad off at the council meetings but when u sit down and think about it….like his points make sense and u didnt know he made music….that sounds nice…..and yeah he is CUTE TOO IN HIS SUITS AND UR JUST LIKE i cant believe im falling 4 this ….. prince…… 
  • BUT lil did u know woozi is also in turmoil like?? i fought with them and argued but also theyre so ??? attractive and he just ends up calling hoshi for help 
  • you also at some point ask hoshi for help and hoshi is just like THIS IS PERFECT
  • and so hoshi, being the great matchmaker he is, somehow gets u back into the palace probably like u came with ur dad for a council meeting and u see the prince and ur like……………..
  • and prince!woozi is also like …………
  • but u two cant just be like that so finally u go over and ur like “um….” and he’s like “….im not as bad as you think like we just fight all the time but….” and ur like “i know…hoshi told me u even like music like me which is cool…” and his eyes light up and ur like ? and he’s like “i love music, but there are more important things like economy to focus on so…..” and u notice for the first time how weak his voice gets and ur like….
  • what if he’s just a kid who never got to pursue what he really loved because he felt so committed to his country?? and suddenly u feel bad and ur like “if u want…u can come to me and hoshi’s piano lessons…i mean ur the prince so u could probably hire someone better t oteach you but-”
  • but he’s like “really? id love to….i….have composed some songs over the years i wonder if we could play them..” and ur like ….omg sure id love to hear them
  • and u two smile at each other for the first time and then turn away blushing like crazy because oh god that was so cheesy god g OD
  • before he goes into the council meeting, prince!woozi turns to you and sorta goes “ur not so bad…you know?” and ur like “HEY im the one whose supposed to say that!!!” and u two laugh
  • somewhere hoshi is just sitting with a grin on his face like “ah, another perfect couple matched!” idk but imagine hoshi is like a magical matchmaker in this au to he hooked u up with a prince good shit amiright 
  • (bonus: prince!woozi starts composing a song about u in secret hehe) 

anonymous asked:

I love you're writing and I have a request: okay so y/n and Niall are just friends and you get stormed in and then the tv goes out so there's nothing to do and then Niall "has an idea" and you end up having sex

It was game night at Niall’s house.  But as per usual none of his other friends showed up except for you.  So instead of playing a game, he popped some popcorn, turned on a movie and the two of you huddled under a blanket to watch.

Your friendship with Niall had been easy and fun.  It started out after you’d met his cousin at school and come with him to one of Niall’s house parties.  Niall was quickly impressed by your ability to put down more beer than he could without turning into a stumbling drunk idiot.  

You were also the only one to stay and try to help him clean up after the party had ended.  Soon after that Niall added you to his list of important contacts and you were invited to every event he had going on from then on.  

It was kind of odd, to say the least, to spark with someone as quickly as you had with Niall.  But he was easy to talk to and fun.  He was always down for a good time which was where you clicked the most.  Being in medical school wasn’t easy and the last thing you wanted was some drama-tastic friend who couldn’t keep his shit together.

Niall was anti-drama and anti-anything that got in the way of his fun.  So you were a perfect fit.

You jumped slightly when you heard the thunder outside.  

Niall snickered from under the blanket,

“Scared o’thunder eh?”

Keep reading

Imagine Veronica Confessing Her Love

You thanked your friend Archie as he sat your bag down in the lounge. “No problem, found it by the locker rooms yesterday afternoon. I ran by your place and you weren’t home.”
“Thats because she was with me.” A raven haired girl announced as she flounced into the room, looking gorgeous in a light blue dress. You felt underdressed compared to her in your pink skirt and white top. Archie looked to you for answers and you nodded.
“Im glad to see you two are getting along.” Jughead said, a small hint of sarcasm tainted his voice. You tilted your head to the right.
“You got something to say Jones?”
“Only that no one expected you two to not get along.”
“Nice save dude.” Archie plopped down on the couch next to him. The dark haired man snickered. Veronica took a seat beside you, handing you a diet coke from the vending machine.
“So what is everyone doing tonight?” Asked Archie.
“(Y/N) and I are hanging out again.”
“We are?” This was the first you’ve heard of it. You looked over to her, her brown eyes bright, a coy smile on her lips. You couldn’t help but giggle.
“You going to Reggie’s party on Saturday?”
“Duh.” Ronnie answered as she intertwined your fingers. Your head was laid on her shoulder, the smell of Miss Dior, your new favorite scent, filled your senses.
“Not me, Betty and I are having a sleep over.”
“And I wasn’t invited?”
“Sorry Arch, we gotta have some Andrews free time every once in a while.” He laughed loudly.
“Alright boys. Say goodbye. We didn’t have lunch today, so we are starving, thank you so very much Cheryl.” Veronica stated as she stood up, referring to cheer practice that Cheryl scheduled for the last minute at lunch. And she was right, all you could think about at the time was a nice order of hot fries. You hugged the guys goodbye and followed Ronnie out the door.
The car ride was full of loud music, dancing and singing loudly til you got to Pop’s. Ronnie ordered for the two of you, the both of you getting a large diet coke and fries. You noticed she was acting a little off, happier than normal, gigglier. You brushed it off as her just having a good day.
In the middle of talking about the party on Saturday she changed the topic.
“You wanna go for a walk, go to the river?” You agreed happily, excited to see how the colors had changed with the seasons. This car ride was much quieter. And so was the first five minutes of the walk, it was awkward, Ronnie looked deep in thought. Abruptly she turned to you.
“(Y/n)?” She grabbed your arm softly to turn you to her.
“Huh?” You searched her face, for any sign of panic or anger.
“Theres something I need to tell you, something I’ve wanted to tell you for two months now. I wasn’t going to, but Jughead covinced me, now or never. And he’s right. I think I love you (Y/N). Do you maybe want to get dinner sometime?”
Your jaw dropped. “Ronnie…” What do you say to that?
“Veronica, I’m so sorry, I don’t- I don’t feel that way about you.” You whispered. You saw her heart break on her face, her smile fell.
“Oh.” You waited for her to say something else, to just tell you she would be okay. Finally, the corner of her lips turned up but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Let’s get you home.” She said, her voice broke at the end.
“No, don’t worry, it’s okay.” She said, five steps ahead of you walking back towards the black car. You sighed as you followed behind her, you could feel your insides tying themselves into a knot.
“She turned me down.” Veronica called out as she walked into her bedroom, Betty and Jughead were waiting for her.
“What?” Betty sounded like she didn’t believe her.
“She said, and I quote, ‘Ronnie I just do not feel that way about you’.” The raven haired girl threw herself on the bed face first. She let out a loud groan into the pillow. Betty ran to the kitchen to grab the ice cream. When she returned Veronica was mid-monolouge.
“Not get it. I thought for sure she was into me. She acted like it didn’t she? What if she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore, oh my god, what if I just screwed up one of my favorite friendships, second to Betts of course.”
Veronica sat up and faced Jughead. “But I have to say, thank you for making me ask her. I could have gone my whole life not knowing and that would have killed me.” She sighed and rested her chin in her hand. “Now I just have to hope things aren’t weird.”

Its so wrong, but SO RIGHT Part 2! (Rodrick Heffley x reader)

Request:“I LOVE your stories! I was wondering if you could do a part two to that Rodrick one with he and Reader doing it during a tutoring session?” ~ Anonymous

So happy you liked it! I’d be delighted to! ❤

A/N: So the story continues! As always, if you’re not into this, just requeste something you’d like! This one isn’t going to be as smutty as usual, sorry!

Warning: None really. Fluff?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

From that day forward, things between you and Rodrick had changed. He didn’t pick on you like usual, the two of you shared shy blushing glances from across the classroom and halls. Little smiles, that made your heart flutter. Mr. Smith, had insisted that you continue to tutor Rodrick. He gave you extra credit for it, you pretended like thats why you kept tutoring him. After all, your relationship might have changed, but your reputation had to stay the same. You couldn’t let people know about the two of you. What would your friends think? You’d never hear the end of it, or worse, they’d stop being your friends all together. You couldn’t let that happen. And it was even worse for Rodrick.

So the two of you kept a low profile. You continued to tutor him, which was no easy task. But when your teacher left the room, Rodrick was all over you. He would practically pounce on you. Kissing you passionately, running his hands all over your body. Often escalating to rough, passionate sex. Mr. Smith never walked in, thank god. It was so risky doing it at school, if you were caught you’d be expelled. This was so out of character for you, and the thought of being expelled shook you to the bone. But Rodrick, the thrill, and the passion. It made it all worth it. The way he held you close to him, the way he did everything he could to make sure you were being pleased. He was an exceptional lover. You tried to tell yourself there were no feelings for him in the beginning. Tried to brush everything off as teenagery horomones, and just pure animal instinct. But you were wrong. You were so wrong.

It took you long enough to figure that out. To realize that you truly felt something for Rodrick. You were sitting at the dinner table one night, picking at your food as you started into nothing. Lost in thought.

“Are you alright Y/N? You’ve barley touched your food.” Your mother asked, concerned.

“Oh she’s fine. She’s just thinking about a boy she likes!” Patty practically shouted. Her absolutely annoying screech of a voice snapped you out of it. You glared at her.

“I am not.” You denyed.

“Yes you are!” Your little sister teased. She was so cruel. Your biggest bully, and she was younger than you! Weren’t you supposed to be the one who picked on her?

“Shut up, you pest.” You hissed.

“And I know who it is!”

“How the hell do you know-”

“Y/N! Language!” Your father scolded.


“I know everything! She wrote all about him in her notebook!”

“If you say one more thing!” You warned. You didn’t mind that your parents knew who, so much as what you were doing. Of course it mattered that it was Rodrick still, I mean he was a slacker, and he was in a band, and oh boy if your parents knew you were hanging out with a guy like that. Okay, maybe you really cared about who. Your parents had this standard that you and Patty had to uphold. Rodrick, was way below the standard. In fact, having a boyfriend at all wasnt even an option. Much less, a friends with benefits sort of thing. How the hell did Patty even know what the word sex meant anyways?

“His name is-” Before she could finish the sentence you splashed water in her face. Full on, grabbed your glass, and splashed her.

“Oh my gosh! Patty, I am so sorry! Are you alright? My hand must have slipped.” Lucky for you, your parents were bothing looking down at their plates when you threw it.

“Y-You-you-” Patty struggled.

“Come on, I’ll help you in the bathroom!” You dragged her out of the dinning room and into the bathroom where you slammed the door. “Are you crazy!? You know exactly what mom and Dad are going to do to me if they find out about that!” You paced around the room for a moment losing your mind before you paused. “What do you want, huh? Do your chores, your homework? What is it?” The little demon had this smug look on her face.

“I want half of your allowance.” She chimed. It took everything in you not to smack her.

“A quarter.”


“A quarter.”

“Fine. A quarter, but I get your radio!”

“Deal!” You shook on it. The little bitch knew what she was doing. The two of you sat back down at the table as you ate.

“So, theres a boy?” Your mother asked. Shit.

“Yeah, just…um…a crush.” A crush was better than the truth.

“Really? Who is this, crush?”

“A boy in my class.” Hey, you weren’t lying.

“Whats his name?”

“Max.” Okay now you were lying.

“Ooh.” Your mother seemed to be finished with this conversation. You ate the rest of your meal in silence. You finished quickly, and washed your plate before saying goodnight. You were halfway down the hall to your room before you heard your mother call your name. You froze.

“Yeah, Mom?” You turned, and she approached you.

“Can we talk for a moment?”

“Sure.” You were sweating, hard.

“This um, crush of yours.” Fuck. “His name isn’t really, Max, is it?” She gave you this look, she caught you. It wasn’t a scary look, actually really comforting in a way. You sighed.

“No..” You confessed, and she smiled. You weren’t expecting that.

“You’re a terrible lier sweetheart.”

“I’m sorry mom, its just-”

“Its alright honey. I was young once too! Now, tell me, do you really like this guy?”


“Does he make you smile?” You nodded. “Does he make you feel, special?” You shrugged, but, nodded again. “Does he give you butterflies.”

“Definitely.” She giggled, and shook her head.

“Then whats stopping you?”

“Well he’s just…from another world Mom and-”

“Is he an alien?”

“No, but-”

“Then it doesn’t matter. Follow your heart, and go for it.” She gave you a hug. “And whatever happens, I’ll make sure your father doesn’t have a cow.” She winked, and started walking down the hallway and down the strairs. “Goodnight Y/N!”

“Goodnight Momma!” And with that, you had finally made up your mind. You were going to confront Rodrick. Finally, going to tell him how you truly felt. So much so that, you wanted to do that right then and there. So with your new found confidence, you snuck out of the house, and headed down the street to the Heffley house. He only lived a block away. So the walk wasn’t too long, or tedious. In fact, you made it there within 5min. Only to find that the loud music, and commotion was coming from inside his house. You heard people shouting, and screaming. All the lights were on, and the yard was trashed. Rodrick was having a party. You felt hurt at first, maybe a little sad that he didn’t invite you. But you brushed it off, you hated parties, what would you even do at a party like this? No one you knew would be there other than Rodrick, and what was he going to do? Involve you?

You thought about this, as you walked in through the front door. You had to weave your way through the crowd, as they looked at you. They’re stares made you uncomfortable to say the least. You didn’t know why you were there at that point. What you had to say could wait till Monday, you really should be leaving right about now. Because as you turned the corner into the kitchen, you saw Rodrick. With a red cup in his hand, and his other behind a girl. He was leaning in for a kiss, but she made a slightly disgusted face, and she walked away. You stood there, frozen. He was…trying to kiss another girl. He liked someone else besides you. You meant nothing to him. You were convinced. Everything you felt was in vain, every kiss you shared, every shy look, every time he held you. All of it, was a lie.

“Y/N!” Rodrick noticed you, and you went straight for the door. You wanted to run, run away from everything. Fuck, this was such a cliché and you knew it. You felt like such an idiot, and you couldn’t stop the tears from running down your face. “W-Wait Y/N!” Rodrick tried to catch you, bumping into people as he tried to get through the group. You were out the door, and halfway down the lawn before he caught up to you. “Y/N stop, hold on!”

“Leave me alone Rodrick!”

“Wait, just stop. What are you even doing here?”

“I…I dont know…”

“Are you…are you crying?” He went to wipe away a tear, but you swatted him away.

“Get away from me!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…fuck…” You went to turn and leave but Rodrick wouldn’t let you go.

“Hey, what’s going on? Why are you here? I thought you hated this kind of stuff.”

“I do…but…I…I came over to…” This was hard. It was harder than you thought it would be.

“To what?” He looked concerened.

“I had something to tell you, but it doesn’t even matter now!”

“What are you talking about?” He was clueless.

“It doesn’t matter, just go back to your stupid party, and I’ll see you Monday!”

“No, stop it Y/N just tell me already!”

“Alright! Fine!” You yelled. But the words wouldn’t come. They just wouldn’t.

“Okay…” He waited. “Well?” There was a silence. And awkward one, and you wished that he could just read your mind already.

“I…I really like you Rodrick.” It was almost a whisper. “I have feelings for you. And I know I shouldn’t. I know its stupid, and cliché, and I wish this never happened!”


“Us! You and I! With the whole tutoring thing, and the sex…I just…Seeing you with that girl I just broke down and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here, I didn’t mean to ruin your party. I just-”

“You like me?” He looked confused almost. His brows furrowed, and he pointed at himself.

“Y-Yes! That’s what I just said!”

“But I thought…I thought you just…you never said…” He stepped towards you, staring at you. You watched him, as he got closer and closer. Until he leaned in, and kissed you. He hands wrapped around your waist. You kissed him back, after a few seconds of being absolutely stunned. “I really…really, really like you Y/N. I just thought that…you didn’t feel the same way about me.”

“Rodrick, you’re such an idiot.” You kissed him again, wrapping your arms around him.

“Can I be your idiot?” You giggled, and nodded before another kiss. “Here, let me walk you home?”

“But, your party.”

“It can wait.” He shrugged it off, and took your hand as you walked. “So um…we should probably start going steady now, huh?” He smiled.

“Only if you want to.” You shrugged. Somehow time flew, and you were already outside of your house.

“What if…I do want to?” He squeezed your hand, before the two of you stopped walking. You looked up at him, and looked at you with that goofy smile. He leaned in for another kiss.

“Then I guess we’re going steady now.” He gave a tight hug, and kissed the top of your head.


“Goodnight.” And with that, Rodrick turned, and walked back home, to his party which to him, now seemed significantly less fun.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The End! ❤

I’m kinda starting to like this plot! So let me know if you guys want more!