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Stutter! Michael

Words: 3.3k

Warning: Theres a massive fluffy bit before it goes into smut! But theres swearing :) Sorry if this offends anyone, all the love x

Summary: Michael Clifford. The boy with the stutter.  

You’d been best friends with him since he was little, to him you were the first ever friend he actually had. Over the years his stutter had gotten worse but you were always there as his best friend by his side. 


At 5 years old, you and your parents decided to move to a nicer place. Away from some of your family and thats how you ended up in Australia, it was a long way away from your home but every single thing was worth it and you don’t regret moving. Most children hate moving as they have to meet new friends and start over again but you loved it. You’d met you life long best friend here too, his name was Michael. You still remember the first time you met. 

“Say cheese” my mum said taking a picture of me on my first day of school. I stood with my goofy grin smiling at the camera and holding my book bag to my chest. I’d never been to school, only to a play school so this was my first day and I was super excited to make friends. 

“You look beautiful sweetie now go on theres Miss Marine” 

“Ok mummy love you” I kissed her cheek walking over to Miss Marine and tall blonde woman who was mid-thirties. She was pretty, she had a pair of glasses perched on her nose. 

“Hi Y/N, come on in I’ll show you where to sit” We walked into her class room and it was filled with posters with different things on such as the alphabet and times tables. There were children already piling into the classroom most of them in little circles talking to each other. Apart from one boy. He was sat in the corner with a notebook, he had a blonde haircut and green orbs. He was interesting. The children all sat down and I was still stood at the front. 

“Right where would you like to sit?” Miss Marine said, a couple of girls smiled at me patting the seat next to them but my focus was on the boy at the back of the room. 

“Can I sit with him?” I said pointing to the boy, the class all turned round and some let out little laughs. I didn’t understand why they were laughing.

“Muh-muh-michael” one of the boys scoffed making the girls giggle. Michael looked up and looking straight at me. I smiled at him and he just sighed looking back down at his notebook. I looked up at the teacher furrowing my eyebrows.

“How about you sit here for today and then you can go sit back there”

“Ok” I said, walking round the side of the table but stealing a glance at Michael who was already looking at me with curiosity. I smiled at him once again which I saw the corner of his lips curve before again he looked back down. The lesson was a good lesson we were leaning poetry and singing a few songs. 

It had gotten round to lunch time and I hadn’t really made any friends. The girl who sat next to me in the class her name was Lily but she was going on her best friend and how they always hung out. I was never good with friends at play school I always use to sit along playing shapes. The only person who took my interest was Michael, throughout the whole lesson Michael was sat at the back he didn’t get involved in any sort of activities the only time was when he sung. It was lunch time and I was sat on a bench just watching the other children play.

The same boy from earlier who made fun of Michael, which name I learnt was Cam. He was walking over to Michael who was playing with the sandpit quietly not harming anyone. Cam got over to Michael pushing him back in the sand. I stood up from the table walking over to them, I had, had enough of this. How can anyone bully someone.

“You’re a ugly stupid boy” Cam said to Michael. Cam went to hit Michael but I pulled him back by his shirt and stood in front of him.

“Get out my way little girl” Cam snarled

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” I said crossing my arms. Cam let out a frustrated sigh walking away not before kicking the sand out of the sandpit. I turned around facing Michael who was covered in sand I reached out my hand and pulled him up. He brushed the sand off his legs and bum and looked at me. 

“T-th-thank you-u” He said almost whimpering and looking at me with glossy eyes. I grabbed a hold of his hand walking into the locker room, which had all our pegs with different names with out coats and bags. I sat underneath my peg and grabbed my lunch box, my mum had packed two juice boxes so I gave one to Michael. He reluctantly sat down next to me taking the juice box and stuttering out a thank you. 

“You know, you shouldn’t listen to big fat meanies like Cam”

“I h-have a s-s-stut-ter” He said “I-’m-m n-not normal” I didn’t speak for a second before I heard a slurping sound and Michael was finishing off his juice box. I didn’t know what a stutter was but if it was the way he was speaking it was ok.

“I think its beautiful” I mumbled turning towards him, he gave me an amazing smile showing off his slight bunny teeth and looked down at me. He seemed a lot more happier then he did back in the class room.

“R-really?” he asked

“Yeah its what make you, you” I said slurping on my juice box. 

“I t-think you’re b-beautiful” He said looking at me and interlacing our hands. I smiled at him pecking his cheek and squeezing his hand. 

Thats how we became best friends, after that lunch break I walked straight over and sat next to Michael the class almost gasped but I didn’t care. I didn’t know what love was until I met Michael either, It was like I just always wanted him to be happy, I never wanted him to be sad. So I made sure that Cam didn’t hurt him and that people wouldn’t judge him because of something like a stutter. I always tried my best to make him happy even if he was having a shit day, I knew exactly what to do to cheer him up. His mum even calls me an angel, for saving her little boy. But now, we’re both 20 and even so I love him more then anything. I’ve never really had a boyfriend, I’m no virgin but I can’t get my head around having a boyfriend. They’ll never be what I want. 

I was currently round Michaels house, he had called me up crying about 30 minutes ago, I brought ice cream and his favourite movie which we were currently watching. He never told me why he was crying, I learnt not to push him and just let him tell me on his own. But tonight seemed different, he didn’t look like he was watching the film, he looked like he was deep in thought. I wasn’t paying attention to the movie either, I was admiring him, I was always admiring him. His beautiful green eyes transfixed on the TV but his mind elsewhere. His now fluffy brown hair, he’d grown out of the blonde bowl cut and had grown a fringe. It contrasted against his milky white skin and his right arm was covered in tattoo’s, when ever we would have a sleepover I would trace them, I loved the feeling of his skin under my finger it always gave me small butterflies in my tummy. He always managed to do that…whether it be a smile, a touch or his laugh.

“Mikey” I whispered, stroking over his arm. He looked straight at me giving me a small smile. “Whats wrong?”

“N-nothing” he shook his head looking down at his lap. I sat on my knees going towards him and pouting, I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist my puppy dog eyes. “I know you haven’t been watching the movie and something is obviously bugging you, i’m your best friend remember”

“It-s just how-w will an-yone l-love m-me?” He sighed looking down at the carpet. I watched as a tear ran down his cheek. “M-my s-s-stutter has got-tten worse, I-ll never f-find anyone w-who wants me. W-who would-d want-t-t to m-marry me, have c-children with st-utters. N-nobody wants me”

“Don’t say that” I whispered moving slowly over to his shaking body and wrapping my arms around him. 

“I-it’s true” he said as he nestled his head into my neck.

“No really, its not because I love you” 

“Y-yeah but n-not l-lik-”

“I’m in love with you” I whispered into his hair

“D-dont l-lie to me” he stuttered pulling away from my hug and grabbing a hold of the pillow, crying into it. “Y-you j-just feel s-sorry for m-me”

But I wasn’t lying. I’d been in love with this boy for years. I sat there watching him breakdown. Even I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I hated, absolutely hated seeing him like this.

“Michael” I started grabbing a hold of his hand, taking the pillow away from them. “Ever since we were 5 I’ve been in infatuated with you, the second I laid eyes on you my heart had never beaten so quick, I wanted to know everything about you. When the classed laughed at you I wanted nothing more to be stood by your side, you didn’t deserve that. The second I looked in your eyes I knew I was doomed, when you first smiled at me my belly did a flip. I didn’t think one human could be that beautiful. Everyone has something that makes them happy and you’re my happiness, your smile, your hair and your stutter. I think your stutter is beautiful, any girl would be lucky to marry you and have children with you. Your stutter may have gotten worse but I love it, If you have children with stutters it wouldn’t change a thing, it would make them, them. As your stutter makes you, you. I just want you to be happy, you deserve happiness Michael and if you let me I promise to make you the happiest person alive because thats what you do to me” I looked up into his green orbs that were staring back at me “I’m so in love with you Michael”

He sat there stroking over my hands and his lip quivered. My eyes flickered towards his lips. I leant forward stroking over his cheek, I heard his breathing pick up as another tear ran down his cheek, I swiped my thumb to catch the tear and edged closer to his lips brushing his on mine. 

“Tell me to stop” I said against his lips. Michael bumped his nose on mine and I searched his eyes. But he didn’t say anything. I shut my eyes pressing my lips on his. I felt my whole body shiver and tingles running around my body like tiny fireworks going off. I kissed him like my life deepened on it, I didn’t know how he felt towards me so this could be the first and last. I grabbed his face in my hands as I lifted my body above his, I felt like I was on cloud nine, never have I ever wanted anyone as badly as I wanted Michael.

“S-stop” Michael said against my lips. Shit. I let go of him and I could feel my lips start to tremble. I didn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable or ruin our friendship. Because I wasn’t scared of loving him, I was scared of loosing him.

“I’m so-so sorry, Mikey I should have-” He cut me off with a quick kiss to my lips.

“I-i wanted t-to tell you-u how mu-ch you-u mean to me, I-i’ve been in l-love with you-u for 14 years, I never thought you’d-d love me like t-that” he cried resting his head on mine. I smiled wrapping my hands around his neck and kissing him once more. I detached our lips and cuddled up to him watching the last part of the movie with Michael rubbing over my sides. 

It had been a week since you had told Michael how much he meant to you. It had been a great week, your mums weren’t so shocked they said they knew all along. You’d been cuddling and kissing all week, you haven’t gone all the way yet because Michael was still a virgin and you wanted him to be ready. 

Tonight we’ been out on a date, he had picked me up in a black shirt and black jeans and I wore my black trousers and a flowy white top. He looked so handsome and I can’t believe that after 14 years he’s mine. We talked about everything and nothing and I loved every minute of the date. We’d gotten home and made our way to the bed room, Michael was sat on the bed and I was stood in-between his legs, stroking his hair. I tilted his head back pecking his lips and smiling at him.

“Y/N-N” he mumbled

“Yeah babe”

“I-want t-to give you m-my-my everything” he whispered against my lips. I looked at him and stroked over his face.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah j-just go s-slow” I kissed his lips once more before gently lying him back on the bed. I undid the top button of his shirt leaving a kiss where it was buttoned up. I did the same all the way down his chest. His first time should be special and I plan on making him feel it. I slid his shirt off his shoulders and threw it next to the bed. I kissed over his pale collar bones sucking down and swiping my tongue over the red mark. I reached back up kissing his nose as he smiled at me.

“Safe word is Juicebox” I smiled against his lips, he let out a giggle running his finger through my hair. I sat up on his hips peeling my shirt off my body. His hands went to my boobs as he sat up. 

“Wow” he gasped

“Never seen any?”

“N-never t-touched any” he said reaching around my back. I could feel his hands shaking as he tried to undo the clasp. 

“Hey calm down” I said reaching around stroking over his hands and helping him out. I pulled the straps down my arms pulling the cups away from my boobs and throwing it down with our shirts. Michaels eyes went wide as his hands were frozen next to his side. I reached down for his hand’s and stroked it up my body, grasping his hands around my boobs.

“S-shit” He whined, I retracted my hands and left his playing with my boobs. He looked so facisanted and his eyes were scanning all over my body not knowing where to look. I pulled his hands away pushing him back down. I got up standing at the end of the bed and pulling down my trousers. I wasn’t wearing a sexy pair of underwear but the way Michael was looking at me I didn’t care, his love was enough. I climbed back onto the bed sitting in between his legs. 

“Are you sure?” I asked again, just making sure that he wouldn’t regret this.

“Y/N I’ve n-never b-been so ss-ure of a-anything in-n my-my life” I smiled at and popped opened his jean button and unzipping his zipper. I tugged his jeans down his pale legs and pulling them over his feet, pulling his socks off along with them. I sat back up stroking over his black boxers, tracing the shape of his penis. 

“Y-Y/N” Michael moaned. I smiled pulling down his boxers letting his cock free, it sprung up against his chest and he let out a hiss. His cock was beautiful, it was a pale colour but surrounded but black hairs, it was by far the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. I ran one of my fingers over the visible vein feeling him twitch under my touch. 

“So beautiful” I whispered to more to myself. I leant down licking a bold stripe up his cock and pecking the the tip. A drop of pre-cum hit my tongue and I swallowed it, although it was salty, it tasted better then any other mans I’ve been with. I pulled his dick up to my mouth swirling my tongue around his tip and sucking onto it. I looked up through my eyelashes watching Michaels mouth gawping open and his hands slightly clench against the bed sheets. 

“oh m-m-I f-fu-c-k” Michael got out. I sucked down his dick, bobbing my head and jerking off what I couldn’t fit it. I made sure to get it wet and to clench my hand around it. Michaels hands went to my hair pulling me off his dick and looking at me. I climbed up his body making sure to kiss over his chest.

“Why’d you pull me off” I whispered onto his lips, kissing him and moving my crotch over his bare dick. 

“C-can I t-touch you?” he asked

“Tonights about you, Michael” I whimpered, grinding on him.

“O-ok” he mumbled against my lips. There was nothing I liked more then kissing Michael. I moved his fringe to the side stroking over that side of his face. I kissed his forehead and sweetly grinded on him. Michaels hands came down to my ass, his fingers wrapping around the back of my panties. He shakily pulled them down just under my knees and I wiggled them down my body kicking them off. I sat up sliding his dick betweens my folds.

“You ok?” I asked looking into his green eyes. He nodded giving me a smile. 

“Ok now, I’ll go slow so you don’t blow to quick” I giggled, circling his tip around my entrance. To say I was nervous myself would be a understatement. I want Michael to be please and feel loved his first time. I slowly eased him into me making sure to watch his face count our in pleasure. I sat all the way down trying to stay still and Michaels hips stuttered upwards making me slightly bounce. He let out a whimper and started to move his hip, I figured this was the time to bounce on his dick and did so. 

Michael was so big and I could feel him filling up my pussy, his tip was caressing my walls. Michaels shaky hands came to my waisted hoisting me up. I watched his dick pound into me and I let out moans, I leant down kissing Michael passionately and moaning onto his lips. 

“You’re amazing” He whispered against me, I grinned pecking his lips and thrusted into him. He beamed looking at me and stroking down my hips. He looked down watching where our bodies were connected and whined. His face started to squeeze together and I felt his dick pulsating. I clamped my walls around him and he gripped my waist. 


“Cum for me Mikey” I whispered. His eyes screwed shut and his hips jutted upwards into me, making his tip graze my g-spot. I let out a loud groan and looked down at Michael his cumming face was a beautiful one and it made my pussy clench. I shook my hips as my high hit me like a truck. I place my hands on his chest and came around his dick.

My orgasm washed over me and I slid Michaels dick out of me, I looked up and Michael looked breathtaking, his hair was matted to his forehead and his lips were parted. His chest was glistening in sweat and his hands now holding my new favourite body part. “God, Y/N, I love you so much” He said with a stutter, I looked up at him and he looked surprised looking admiringly at me. “I love you too Michael”