there's a new world coming

with all these articles coming out and upcoming interviews in the us its really hitting home for me that bts have made it. like they really made it. they have achieved what they set out to achieve and so much more. i am so freaking proud and I cant wait to see how far they will go


So much of life boils down to “don’t be a jerk.” Like, really? You want to know how to adult? You want to know how to make friends, grease some bureaucratic wheels, get a job, get an SO? How to impress people, feel better about yourself, earn smiles from strangers on the bus? Just don’t be a jerk. Offer your seat. Offer your phone charger. Let someone go first in line. Tell the little kid who runs into you “it’s fine.” History, science, religion, philosophy - the end of the day, they’re all important, but they don’t mean shit when living life and dealing with other people. There’s no perfect way to “win friends and influence people.” Just treat others well. Be kind. Be forgiving.

There’s a reason why the Golden Rule persists all over the world.

Exo Reaction: You going into labor

Oh my gosh… Thank you for your request!~ Labor sounds very scary and I wish everyone much luck if you have to go through it… stay strong!~ 

- Admin Z


*when he gets the news* “What? Right now??”

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During the contractions:

“You’re doing good jagiya! I’ll be right here for you!”

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*tries to understand that the baby is more important than the damage being done to his ears from your screaming* “Oh… wow… let all the pain out…”

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*cheers you on from outside the operating room* //mouths// “I love you~”

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*whispers in your ear* “you look beautiful even during labor…” *can’t contain his excitement that he’ll be a father*

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“Im gonna be a dad~ Lay the Day~ Daddy Xing Xing~ Watch out world theres a new Prince of Changsa coming~~”

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*after the nurse tells him what can happen during pregnancy*

Lay: “…i-i-it can… tear???”

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*becomes impatient* “When will baekkie jr. come out?~”

Nurse: “labor can take up to 14+ hours”

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“Oh oh oh~ I can see its head!~ Keep going jagi!!” *encourages the baby to come out*

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Aigoo, it’s coming out..

*holds your hand while looking away*


What he thinks he looks like: “Woooh~ you’re doing great!~”

What you actually see: “go jagi! go jagi! go jagi! go jagi!”

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*baby pops out* *sobs* My baby


*watches baby pop out*

*after all the mess is over* *people visit*  My baby is so beautiful


“So that’s how it works….” *amazed and is very proud of you*

hey anyone who drives, please be aware that with spring coming around, theres going to be lots of new baby animals coming into the world, so please drive cautiously, for your sake and for theirs

mistakes do happen though, so if you hit an animal, consider pulling over and going to check on it. the animal may be just stunned and it would be worth it to pull it off the road to safety so it can recover without being run over

or, if it didnt survive, check to see if its pregnant or has babies attached to it (this in particular goes for opossums). if it does, maybe call a wildlife rehabilitation to come pick up the babies