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In all the shady things this band has done, Niall & Capitol promoting his SINGLE like it was an entire album (interviews, appearances, the Jingle Ball Tour where his set list was ONE SONG. ONE SONG) IMO is right up there. It's a lot of resources and $$$ spent to promote ONE SONG. Anyway, I just had to rant because it's STILL making me go ???? months later!

Trust me, I have THE SAME thought all the time. And TBH, I feel the same way about JHO. Both are singles that have gotten as much promo as full albums. But you’re right that Capitol’s reaction to Niall was A LOT. (Not that I don’t love Niall, I do.) The flag raise was the first thing that made me think they have the whole band. And then the number of times that Niall talked about Capitol as the label for the Beatles in that first week of interviews was substantial. Couple that with Harry in Another Man both actually on the phone with Paul McCartney and then styling his photo shoot like he’s a long lost Beatle. And I’m all side eye all the time.