there's a lot of purple in my room

About you tag!

Got tagged by @agentflash18
Your nickname: Bells or Hermit
Eye Color: Blue/grey
Hair Color: Blonde!
One Fact About You: I really enjoy learning
Favorite Color: Red and black to wear, purple as a decorative colour
Favorite Place: my room, but also the local dessert restaurant. I habe a lot of good memories at that place.
Favorite Celebrity: Thomas Sanders, Cameron Boyce, Emma Watson, Alex Gaskarth, Halsey, theres a few but idk anymore off the top of my head
Favorite Animal: Quokka :>
Song(s): Ça Ira, Sur Ma Route, avf, Chou Wasabi, Te Quiero (can you tell I’m a French student yet,) Nice2KnoU, Weightless, SmokeDamage, Daydreamer, Themes, Just One Yesterday, What You Mean To Me, Haydn’s Surprise Symphony, It Don’t Mean a Thing, I have a lot of songs that I like help
Favorite Books: The Magyk Series, A Court of Thorns and Roses series, Deltora Quest, A Monster Calls, Ophelia: Queen of Denmark, Carrie
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