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Hiveswap Teaser #2 Analysis

So, first of all, HYPE. Although I never stopped being Hyped but. MORE HYPE. Before I start talking at all about the teaser trailer, I gotta say, I’m glad WP are taking their time refining and bug-fixing to make a great game for us to enjoy, and knowing how far along it is and how close the release date might be, we’ll wait to see how it comes out!

Okay so the teaser, first we start with what seems like Joey peeping into the attic of the house through a hole. That already makes me feel we’ll get the little tease of knowing where to go but forbidding us from seeing what’s behind the cool curtain until we find the key that opens the door there.

There are a LOT of guns, some sarcophagus, tons of horse imagery, statues in the background, mirrors, Jake sure loves tossing stuff he finds during his adventures around the house! The multitude of items frame the centerpiece of the portal quite well, and the eerie glow gives-


Okay, wait, what the FUCK JAKE.



We start /well/ if this is the kind of shenanigans Hiveswap has prepared for us, oh my god. This means that by this point in the timeline, Jake had access to SBURB stuff, though, so that’s an interesting thing to have in mind.

The camera zooms on the portal, and then Joey appears, reaching over to expose it, before cutting to the title. Hiveswap.

Can I say, I’m really glad about the direction they took with the 2D stuff. Everything looks so good, Joey’s expressions and movement are so sweet. I love her already.

The next scene cuts to Jude using a flare gun (Which we see later in his inventory) likely to warn Joey or to use it as a distraction somewhere else? The pile of leaves right under the window makes me think he’ll have to hop right off the window and into it in the future. There’s also a fountain on the wall that looks like a Lich, further confirming Jake’s already gone hunting to the Medium by this point. Also, the sky, the clouds, the background, looks absolutely GORGEOUS.

Then the flare lands in front of the house, and here we can see a few things. First of all, the statue. Of course. And also, I bet Jude cut the bushes to look like Nessie because he’s a cryptid fan. However, there’s a thing I just realised. I don’t know if this was a detail in the prior trailer or not but…

Doesn’t the house look just… Not taken care of? The previews of the inside, all the stuff just thrown everywhere, I assumed Jake was just kinda like that, messy. But the look of the house on the outside, with the broken pillars and the vegetation growing everywhere. The broken glass is likely from the monsters, but otherwise…

Jake. How long have you left those two poor kids alone? Not to say, wherever ‘Hauntswich’ is, there doesn’t seem to be a soul ANYWHERE in the surrounding area except for their creepy neighbours.

Next, Joey is crawling through the vents, either to get in or escape from some monsters, and while happy, soon the vents shake and her expression shifts. The way her expression dynamically changes like that, I love it, makes me think a lot about some Homestuck panels. That being said, either the vent is shaky, there’s something BIG and lumbering down the halls of the manor, or the damage to the house is more extensive than it appears.

Then, oh boy the UI looks neat! Worried Joey wanders the halls of her basement, I presume. The X at the top-left might be to make the UI disappear, or perhaps a quick quit to the game? Options on the top-right, help… Then, the inventory seems managed with Captcha Cards, of course. Easy to access and drag around to combine with stuff. Then there’s her battle… Stances? Weapons? There’s what seems like a ‘stomp’, her normal shoes. Then ballerina shoes, and her flashlight.

This makes me wonder how the combat system is. Furthermore- Joey seems to have the shoe selected! What’s that for? Maybe to hint that’s what you want to do in a sneak attack? Or is it not the weapons, and just something more like her ‘stance’? But if it was her stance, wouldn’t the flashlight be the one chosen right now? We’ll see how that works.

Of course, more to the right, there’s the character… Selector? Right now we have Joey, and you can talk with your Jude with a Walkie-Talkie. Straight-forward enough.

Also Jake, please.

Jude’s side of things isn’t looking too hot. That mansion looks fucking MASSIVE. It looks more like a village, but everything’s too… Bunched up together for that to be the case. Lumbering shadows, just there. Staring. The view is amazing, but very, very eerie. Here we see he only has a flare gun- Which we see him using earlier. Again, straight-forward enough.

Now is when things start getting interesting.

First of all, the new design of the Cherub Key is amazing. Cherub Teeth are the fangs, with the Calliope-Caliborn spiral in the middle, and the snakes coiling up. But also-


Creepiness aside, I like this much, much more. The one preview we had when it was still 3D had Joey actually reaching in to turn it on herself, just out of pure curiosity. In this situation, however? She’s being /dragged/ by the key, forced to open the portal, not by her own volition. This makes much more sense narrative-wise, and also makes me wonder if the key itself is a Juju. The lollipop forced Jane to lick it after all, and Jake has the CLOCK, so a Juju key with a Juju teleporter? Yeah, that fits.

The cherub snake-beams activate and… Okay, while the glow of the energy is red on the Caliborn snake and green on the Calliope one, both the eyes AND the sparks around the energy are green on both sides. Maybe the teleporter uses First Guardian energy in some capacity?

Finally, we switch to the Trolls! Xefros is a cutie, and that’s some RADICAL VIOLET BLOOD riding a… Bronze grub. That sure’s a way to promote the drink. Anyone can decypher what the can says?

Then we have a first GOOD look at Xefros’ Hive! There’s a picture of the Sloth Lusus, Xefros and Dammek. Cute. Also there’s a tree going through the entire top, maybe his hive is like Terezi’s? It could be, his Lusus IS a Sloth, and Joey switches with Dammek, so it’d make sense Dammek is the one with the more urban hive.

We see an Alternian Phone, some videogame, with HEXAGONAL DISCS. I don’t care if it’s more bug-like, that’s so incredibly inconvenient and asinine, Hussie, What Pumpkin. >:V Then of course, theres Trizza broadcasting her memes permanently on the TV, and the first look at Xefros’ weapon of choice! Which seems to be a… Cricket bat? Cool.

Then Xefros slams the can of soda against his forehead to crush it. Nice.

This is a lovely look at the urban look of Alternia. It’s curious, Trolls are nocturnal so I expected to see more activity at night. Then again, Drones have been taking Trolls to cull, so it’d make sense if they’re all hiding.

ALSO DAMMEK’S LUSUS! They’re riding it around :D Likely going from Dammek’s place and towards Xefros’ if he does live in a tree-Hive. The background of the Alternian Landscape is absolutely haunting.

We have a VS Screen! Not only that, but Joey’s reaction to each enemy and situation seems to vary from one to the next. That’s a nice touch.

Joey, you’re being unnecessarily extra. That’s Jude’s pigeon though, and the bat monster seems surprised by Joey’s dramatic entrance!

Okay so, the thing at the bottom seems like it’s maybe the battle system? The right arrow points at Joey, so maybe it’s her turn and when it’s the monster’s it points left. Then the three spikes at the top might expand into something like. Abscond, Abjure, Aggrieve? Again, I have no idea how the system will work. Also, the bat seems confused and bouncing around. It’s hard to tell if this is RIGHT after the Vs Screen, and being surprised made it flip the fuck out, or if Joey did something that confused it and made it bounce around.

The state of the kitchen really drives home the fact Jake has been an absent father for a VERY LONG TIME. Have they just been ordering noodles to eat all this time? I can see some adorable pictures on the fridge.

There she goes. What do you wanna bet that in Hauntswitch Act 1 we get a scene exactly like this but with Dammek’s silhouette going down the red shaft?

Me too, Joey. Me too.

Finally, “The door is nearly open” seems like a reference to the little line on the Hiveswap page: “First thing’s first. You need to open the door.”

Conclusion: I NEED THIS GAME NOW. Patiently waiting for it to come out, still very hype.

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OK this may sound odd but what fabric shops would you recommend in the LA area. I know you no longer live here but any advice helps, since joanns does have its limits in fabric options and in your experience is it any cheaper than Joanns or am I paying just as much?

The garmet district is what you want to do. 

Shopping in LA Fabric District

What you want to do is – HIT UP MICHAEL LEVINES FIRST BUT DONT BUY ANYTHING. Maybe pick up your pattern. Check out how much fabric you need according to the pattern, etc etc. Search the store for the fabric you need, even if you see a perfect match, leave it, don’t buy it. Trust meeeee. You’re basically making this your garaunteed last resort. I know it already seems a great deal compared to Joanns’ money grubbing prices, but trust me.

Head out to the streets and start walking up and down 9th. From Maple to San Pedro. CHECK EVERYWHERE. North shops usually have the best SPANDEX and stretch fabrics, lace and sequins. SOUTH shops usually have upholestry, leather and vinyl (there’s exceptions but this is what I noticed.) 

I garauntee you any stock of fabric at Levines is avaliable in all the surrounding stores and they will sell it way short for a bargain! 

PROTIP: Never say yes first. If you ask one of the workers in the off stores “How much is this a yard?” and they say “12,” even if thats an amazing price, still just nod and say “Thanks” and start walking away like you dont want it. They WILL ALWAYS go lower. They’ll start telling you “11! 10– 8 for you!” Especially if they know you want 2-3 yrds or more.  But don’t get intimidated either, they’ll try to corner you into saying yes. Just wave them off, tell them “Ill take a picture and come back? I just wanna compare.”  Seriously, even if you see the perfect one at one of these places for the best price, just wait until you hit all the stores. You have no idea how many times i bought something and regretted it 5 minutes later when I saw an even better version. 

Second Protip: When they ask you how many yard you want, always say 2-3. Even if you need seven. Because they’ll give it to you for cheaper if you only want that much. Then when you say, okay, ill buy it for 4 bucks a yard, as he’s measuring it out, then say “ACTUALLY can I get 5?” 

Here’s some of my favorites:

L.A. Alex has the CHEAPEST notions. Zippers, elastic, velcros, thread, muslin, etc. They are AWESOME for all extra stuff you need. Way cheap. 

JOURNAL has some of the most interesting fabric on the block, unique textiles like dancewear or lace, usually exclusive to them. This is where I found that rare ass pre-pleated suede fabric for Kylo Ren’s sleeves and the awesome shimmer-non-sparkle spandex for Miraculous Ladybug. 

.99 Fabric a yard. Literally as it says. 99cents a yard biittcchhh. I ALWAYS hit this place up because you always need cheap ass broadcloth, poplin, CHIFFON or Taffeta. He’s got it all man. Its awesome for basic shit. 

City Fabric has the best FUR and FLEECE selection you’ve ever seen. 

Mora Tex is a favorite of mine. The guy here loves cosplayers and the fabric I get here is always rich and stunning looking. I bought my Astrologian Velvet, Dishonored purple and grey suede. Kylo’s outer tunic, Rey’s tunic and shoe wool, Lavellan’s trespasser tunic, and so much NICE suiting. Basically any heavier, richer type fabrics you can probably find here. 

Trim 2000 Plus is the place I found my Inquistor buttons. This place is like a gold mine for buttons. They have the most interesting shit for super cheap. I spent like 5 bucks on both Emily and Corvos diamond cufflinks and royal button getup here.

Jerry’s all Trims. My favorite trim store!!!  He has everything! Belts too! Great for any trims, tassles, or piping you made need. AND HE LETS YOU BUY THE WHOLE ROLL OR BY YARD. I bought all the leather cord here for our Solas necklaces. And every gold piece of my Astrologian cosplay.


-Parking in LA FABRIC district is hell on earth. The spots up by Jerry’s All trims is my secret spot, those are usually free (2 hr maximum). You can check side spots too, like between maple and san pedro, but don’t feel bad about pulling into a parking structure and paying the 7 bucks. Its not so bad. 

-Stores close around 6:00 on weekdays and saturdays. 

-WHILE PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAY. A lot of these shops aren’t open. LA Alex and the the button store are closed for example. Button store is also closed mondays for some reason? AND EVERYTHING CLOSES BY 4 ON SUNDAY. 

-AWAYS bring cash. Lots of stores don’t take card. Or they will charge you extra for using it. There are ATMs inside some stores. But the service fee is like 3-5 bucks. YUCK. 

-Theres a random costume shop on 9th street that sells gloves. SKIP THIS. I know your tempted to buy everything at once, but this guy is way overpriced. Order your gloves on ebay for $1, trust me. 

-Best time to go is in the morning on a weekday, if you can manage it. Saturdays are hecka busy but that sometimes it a great thing cause the shops are ready to bargain.

-North of San pedro is NOT A GOOD AREA. Don’t park there. And if you’re leaving to go to Little Tokyo afterwards, turn around, take another street. 

Literally how I became happy.

A lot of you guys are always concerned about me because the more that I share, the more you realize I’m a real person with struggles and issues and I’m not 100% okay 100% of the time haha so I just wanna give an update and share some insight on how I’ve been doing and what I’ve been working on.
The hair cut is the visible part. The change is sooooo real. I look like a different person but I seriously FEEL like one. Surface changes: I live in Tennessee. I have short blonde hair. I’ve now dated two guys that I actually loved. I own a house and a car. Before, I lived in California, I had freaking long brown hair, I shared a mini van with four other people, I’d never been on a date and truly questioned whether I’d ever meet anyone that liked me for who I was, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life past like two years into the future and I felt like I would live with my parents forever. So a lot of big things have changed but honestly the biggest changes happened inside with less visible results. You can only see it in my smile and hear it in my words. But really you’ll see it in my actions over the next 12 months. It’s just the beginning.
I honestly don’t know where it came from. The last six years I have been so passive. My life has been happening to me. There have been some breakthrough moments where I learned a lot about myself and my confidence and self love, yes. I had some good times for sure. But as far as knowing what I want and where I wanna go, I was not good at that. I felt SO powerless and began to withdraw more and more, in my friendships, my career, our band, my family, everything. I shared so little each day, I had so few ideas, I didn’t create much, I only wrote when I was really upset or inspired (which wasn’t that often), I had no social life, no vision for myself, no confidence that anyone would ever love me and I just wasn’t living a rich life at all. I was an observer hoping that one day someone or something would come along and make my life actually enjoyable. I was constantly waiting. I journaled a lot and released a lot of emotion, that part was good. I just felt like I was living in a cave, stuck in the past, not doing much each day to actually experience life.
Then we moved across the country. *shock* *panic* *whoa*. That was the first time I was really shaken up.
Then I had my heart broken. Twice. I fell in love and both times it didn’t work out. I NEEDED that, to meet people who actually got me and appreciated my personality and loved all my quirks and my strange mind and how childlike I am. For the first time I felt understood. I wouldn’t change a thing. I was so closed off for so long and suddenly I was ripped open. Someone was asking for my time and attention and I had to give it to them. I was so scared but I really wanted to experience that side of life so I had to let those people see me and experience who I was. It was so good for me omg. I felt like my heart was shriveled and frozen before that, it had seen the sun maybe three times, but once that happened it absolutely bloomed. Not everyone has to fall in love to open their heart but for me that’s how it happened.
Anyway it was really intense and pushed me to the edge, dealing with that loss. I cut off all my hair. I just had enough. I was so drained. I had felt so vulnerable throughout my dating experiences, such a long period of trusting and hoping after so many years of doing the opposite, I guess I became a little over exposed. I pictured myself feeling tough and strong after a particularly intense weekend of fighting and I saw myself with no hair. It was kind of a crazy idea at first but it turned into a real desire. After a few days of thinking it over, I took the plunge.
What. A. Rush.
Suddenly I just wanted to feel alive. I went a little overboard but I did so many things. Concerts, road trips, bonfires, social plans nonstop, shopping, reinventing my style… I was really hurting during this time and I just wanted to feel better. I don’t regret doing so much but I’m glad I came down after a month and examined myself. I realized how much I was hurting and I faced it. I felt scared, hurt, abandoned, broken and vulnerable but it was comforting to identify that. Once you face it, you can feel it, release it and eventually let it go.
In October I realized I wanted more. I actually had dreams. Cutting my hair showed me I could have an idea, see it through and that it could actually go well! I wanted that on a bigger scale. I started writing again, all the time. I took an interest in my appearance again. Before, I just wanted people to think I’m pretty. Of course I still do but now it’s so much more than that. It actually is for me. When my outfit/makeup/overall look matches my mood, I feel so much more confident, comfortable with myself and ready to take on the day. Even in my work out clothes, I always try to coordinate them now and make them feel good because I know I just do more with my day when I feel confident and ready to put myself out there. You don’t need to look perfect AT ALL, in fact sometimes that can cause more stress because it puts more pressure on you. Just take the time to put yourself together and feel GOOD about what you’re wearing each day. It seriously makes a huge difference. And especially DO NOT wear anything that makes you feel bad. GET RID OF IT!!!! All your clothes should make you feel cute in some way.
Idk how this happened but I kind of just realized nothing is a big deal. The way I used to live, EVERYTHING was a HUGE deal. Texting a guy? Leaving the house? Spending 30 dollars? Calling someone first? All terrifying things I dreaded and avoided at all costs. I had to work through so much INTENSE anxiety when I first started dating, it was really sad how much that freaked me out and how much I had to work through just to get to a point where I felt comfortable going on one date or being the object of a man’s attention. I felt so incredibly unworthy.
Anyway, maybe it was the hair cut but sometime around then I just became really bold. Right now I feel like almost nothing scares me. My biggest fear is probably trusting people that have hurt me. That’s one thing I can think of that I’m struggling with and truly terrifies me, trying to rebuild broken relationships. I’m having help working through that. Other than that, there are so few things I won’t try, won’t pursue, won’t say to someone. I am becoming more bold, confident, comfortable in my own skin and sure of myself with each passing second. I just feel GOOD. Nothing is that big of a deal! Seriously force yourself to take more risks and you’ll quickly understand what I mean. You can spend weeks, months, even years fearing things and trying to predict what will happen but once you finally do them you’ll see just how unnecessary all that stress was. Nothing is that hard, that daunting, that permanent. Heck, even tattoos can be removed these days.
I think that was the biggest change of all so far: the removal of fear. Fear used to be the gas in my tank, it absolutely fueled me. Now it’s faith. I am so ON FIRE for my life!!!!!! I have so many exciting dreams I want to pursue, so much I want to create, so many places I want to go, things I want to experience, learn, master, people I want to meet and be around….. I love it all. I decide what I want and I go after it. I look at myself in the mirror and I smile. I’m starting to look as bold and unique as I feel. The long hair was beautiful and fun and maybe one day I’ll want it back but for now, it just feels too plain for how colorful and out of the box my mind is. I always used my mind a lot but I wasn’t exploring it much before. Now that I’m embracing my unconventional brain, I just want to express that openness and share it with the world.
Also I’ve noticed I’m getting disappointed comments from traditional, conformist men I never wanted to date anyway that used to love my hair 😂 so no offense but I was never interested in you anyway, there are soooooo many long haired women in the world you can comment on that you’ll probably never even meet but i’m just one less you need to worry about hahaha. All of the bold men that liked me before just like me more now. And I think it’s because I also like myself more! Confidence attracts confidence! I’m growing into the baller I was born to be and it’s just helping me attract more ballers 😂😂
Anyway, I feel so much more confident in myself, men or no men. It’s funny cuz I finally stopped worrying about guys and now I actually interact with them the way I always wanted to hahaha.
I no longer rely on the approval of others to get through the day. I no longer feel paralyzed by fear every morning and night. I no longer ponder whether I’m worthy of a date or not. I no longer look in the mirror and sigh. I no longer think of the future as a blurry grey blob filled with hopelessness, uncertainty and fear. I know it will be whatever I make it and I am going to make it freaking phenomenal.
That’s a huge key, putting YOURSELF in the drivers seat. Forget this message of victimization. You are the person holding yourself down but YOU can be the one to lift yourself up!!!! Wow I just got a huge craving for meat loaf and mashed potatoes. HAHAHA. Anyway, put yourself in control. Ask God for guidance. Trust that you are taken care of always because YOU ARE. Embrace yourself. Stop thinking you have to be perfect. Stop thinking you’re unlovable. Realize how cool you are and how much you have going for yourself. Jump in and try things. Stop thinking you have to be “ready”. THE LESSONS OF FAILURE ARE FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN THE PRIZES OF SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!
On that note, go kill it. Embrace yourself. Blossom. Live. Come alive. You got this 👊🏼💗

Engraved pt. 14

<– Engraved 13 | Sheltered 2 –> | Chased 1 –> | Engraved 15 –>

Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Words: 9770
Notes for updates: 40
Warnings: Fraud, some form of threatening, S.M.U.T. and not the fluffy king. swearing, piercings.
Pairings: D.O. x Reader, slight Chen X Reader
A/N: Okay so finally we got here, what all you (sorry) impatient bitches have been waiting for. Enjoy it, and kindly fuck off! For the nice people, let me know what you think i love you <3

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Your pov

She didn’t scare you but she took the words out of your mouth. You needed a few seconds to reply to her. Miyong was quite a lot shorter than you especially on those heels you were wearing. Hers were only 3 inches or so.
“You’re Miyong? Jongin’s girlfriend?” you asked, putting the ball in her court.
A blush spread out over her cheeks and she looked to the side. “I’m not his girlfriend, and with all the women, like you, clinging to him I don’t think he needs me.” She mumbled a bit, and you saw that she was disappointed, her gaze flickering to your friend.
“Hey, I need to go to the bathroom, and it’s quite the walk. Mind accompanying another girl? I hate going alone.” You said, and she frowned at first but then nodded.
You walked out in front of her a little, down the hallway that stated where the ladies room was. When you passed most people you slowed down to her speed.
“What is a tattoo artist doing, as the date of Kim Minseok?” she asked, looking at you.

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Undercover (2/?)

Summary: You haven’t been on a mission in months, you stay behind your desk at SHIELD headquarters a lot recently.  When Fury calls you for an important undercover  mission, well, you cant really tell him no , can you? You just wish you knew what you were getting yourself into beforehand.

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Steve Rogers x Reader (kinda)

Warnings: Swearing, awkwardness 

Marvel MasterList

Undercover MasterList

                                                     Chapter Two

     It takes you a minute to snap out of your shock, but then you quickly follow behind Steve.  As you step In the house, you scan your new surroundings. You slowly walk around the TV room,  your eyes going to the line of pictures on the mantel of the fireplace.  Each one sent a wave of warmth in you , every picture is of you and Steve. The wedding photo of you two dancing is what your eyes are stuck on.  Damn, who ever made these is seriously talented! Part of you is jealous, wishing that what the pictures portray could be real. The other part of you , the more sensibly side, is reminding you that you are in fact on a mission .

You hear footsteps from behind you , and you can feel Steves body heat radiating off him .

  The house isn’t bugged, Captain.” you say as you turn to face your new husband.

He nods,  a blush creeps over his cheeks as he begins speaking, “ Ill never understand how they could make these pictures so real.” he says, his eyes going to the wedding picture .

“ Who ever did it is very gifted,that kind of technology is still a mystery to me too. I’m Y/n , by the way.” There is a small hint of awkwardness between the two of you , but you don’t expect anything less. He shakes your hand, your heart feels like its going to beat out of your chest at the contact. I need to control myself, this is for business, not pleasure.

You clear your throat, “ Want to fill me in on exactly what I’m walking into?”

  He nods, sitting on the couch , gesturing for you to join . You take the seat next to him.

Steve spends the next hour explaining details. You two are newlyweds, that just moved here to start your life together. There is a retirement party being thrown for a Sergeant at the station in a week, and families are expected to be there.  It would be suspicious if you didn’t attend, risking blowing this mission is not an option; that’s why you are here.  You aren’t here just to play arm candy for him though , you are to get close with the others families to see if theres any hint as to who is HYDRA .  Steve also informs you that  A lot of these men have government ties, the chance that their ties are also Hydra is high . The last thing this country needs is anymore Hydra agents in government positions.

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. “Okay , so the house is the only safe zone as of right now. Everywhere else, our cover is up . You know what that entails, right ?“ you shyly ask .

 "uhm I - yes ma'am .  We have to act like a real married couple. Hand holding, kissing- ”

“ You sure you can keep up with the PDA ?” you tease . Steves cheeks turn pink, his eyes crinkling as he shoots you a goofy smile.

“ Don’t worry , I wont get too handsy. Maybe ” you wink as the last word leaves your lips. You didn’t think it was possible, but hes blushing even harder. This is going to be interesting.

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    You spend the rest of that day learning more about your covers, memorizing all the details you could about Chris Smith .  When its time for bed, Steve tries to take the couch .   What a gentleman .

” You know, if we want to sell the part we should start getting comfortable around each other Steve. You’re sleeping in the bed, no arguments.“

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He didn’t try to argue , he agreed with your point.  You follow behind him as he guides you to the master bedroom, which is a lot bigger than you thought itd be. It was very spacious, with a giant bed placed against the back  wall. The walls are grey , yellow accents placed around the room. You feel oddly at home already .  You both agree to sleep in what you’re most comfortable in ; leaving Steve in nothing but flannel pants , & you in a baggy tee& underwear. 

   When you finally collapse into bed, Steve stays more than an arms length away . Has he ever shared a bed before?

” i don’t bite Steve, you don’t have to lay all the way over there.“  you joke .

 He shuffles closer, but still not close enough .  He is not making this easy .  You bite the bullet, scooting yourself back until your ass is against him. You hear him gasp at the contact, making you slyly smile.  

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” you okay with this?“ you softly ask, not wanting to push him too far .

” yeah “ he releases a loud sigh , he lightly drapes his arm over your waist, testing the waters to see how you’ ll react. When you don’t flinch, he properly rests his arm over you , his hand grazing your bare thigh .

” Good night Steve.“ you mumble, letting your eyes slip closed .

” Good night, wife.“ you feel him smile against your hair, your lips twitch up as you finally drift asleep.

   The doorbell jolts you both out of your sleep, you send Steve a ‘wtf’ look before he rolls out of bed , throwing on a t shirt and sliding a gun into the back waistline of his pants. He’s out of the room before your feet hit the ground . Your scitter into the bathroom, shedding your tee and sliding into the silk robe that is hanging on the back of the door. You tie it around you , then  grab your pockey knife from the bathroom drawer and slip  it into your pocket in case. You bolt from the room, but as you approach the front room you hear an additional voice that you cant recognize.

” I was in the neighborhood, thought id drop by so i could finally meet your wife Smith! You cant hide her forever!“ the voice teases. Who ever this man is sounds harmless, but you know not to judge a book by its cover.

Steve goes to speak , but you interrupt . Putting forth your best innocent voice,

” Sweetheart, what- Oh , hello .“ you say shyly, pulling your robe tighter against your body .

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” You didn’t tell us she was this beautiful man!“ the man says, slapping Steve on the shoulder. You watch the blush rise on Steves face when he sees you ,The robe was short and black, hitting you  about mid thigh so it showcases your legs perfectly.

You giggle as you shake the mans hand,

” I’m , Peter . You must be the famous Anne,its nice to finally meet you.“ he says with a smile.

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” Its nice to meet you too Peter! I’m looking forward to meeting everyone else at the party next week .“ you say as you move to Steve side , interlocking your hands as soon as your close enough .

"  You don’t have to wait that long sweetheart, me & my wife are having a bonfire tonight . Some of our neighbors, along with co workers will be there! Give you two a chance to meet new people other than our co workers pal. ” He says , elbowing Steve in the ribs.  Oh crap, we need an excuse. I’m not ready! I was banking on having a week to prepare more before having to be in this situation! Your smile doesn’t leave your face as your internal panic increase . Little did you know Steve was worrying as well .   Before Steve can politely decline the offer, Peter adds,

“ I’m not taking no as an answer. We’ve all been dying to meet Anne,  we’ll see you 7 !” he says as he walks out . 

Well shit .

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These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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anonymous asked:

Wait if u have a lot of fics you want to read do u think u could rec some? I'm lost for what voltron fics to read and I want to start somewhere (I'm good for every ship but shidge honestly) thanks in advance!

*claps hands together*


A large portion of it is gonna be Klance cause i haven’t really found any other ones that I thought were interesting. Even being a multishipper, you still can’t find good ones of other ships besides the most popular ;w;

I’m also gonna give you the ones I have read cause I don’t wanna give you a fic rec and have you go in blindly not knowing what to expect from one of the fics.

Chances are this is gonna get long so imma cut it right here

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Full transcript of Adam Lanza's 2011 radio appearance
  • (music fades out)
  • Host: Hello! We got the collapsible headphones here, but uh... we're back.
  • Co-Host: (inaudible) we got Greg on the phone.
  • Host: Oh! Greg. Okay. How's it going?
  • Lanza: Hi, good. Um, I'm a fan of your writing.
  • Host: Thank you.
  • Lanza: I'm sorry to bring up such an old news story, but I couldn't find anything that you said about the topic, and it seems relevant to your interests, so I thought I would bring up Travis the Chimp. Do you remember him?
  • Host: I don't.
  • Lanza: Well, um, he was a highly domesticated chimpanzee, who lived in a suburban home in Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Co-Host: Oh, yeah.
  • Host: Oh.
  • Lanza: And he was raised just like a human child, starting from the week he was born. By the time that he was fourteen years old, which would be somewhere around age twenty in human years, um...
  • Host: Uh-huh.
  • Lanza: ...he slept in a bed, he took his own baths, he dressed himself, he brushed his teeth with an electric toothbrush...
  • Host: (laughs) Really? When was this?
  • Lanza: Um... well.. (chuckles) this happened in early two-thousand-and-nine.
  • Co-host and Host: Oh!
  • Lanza: He ate his meals at a table, and he enjoyed human foods like ice cream, and used a remote control to watch television, and liked baseball games... and he even used a computer to look at pictures on the internet.
  • Host: Huh.
  • Lanza: And... (chuckles) it goes without saying that Travis was very overweight; he was two hundred pounds when he should have been around the low hundreds. And he was actually taking Xanax.
  • Co-Host: (laughing)
  • Host: Amazing.
  • Lanza: I couldn't find any information about why he was taking it, but it just seems to say a lot that he was given it at all. And, basically, I think Travis wasn't any different than a mentally handicapped human child.
  • Host: Hmm.
  • Lanza: But, anyway, one day in February 2009, he was acting very agitated, and at some point grabbed the car - his owner's - car keys, and went outside and started leaping from car to car, apparently wanting to go for a car ride. And he was acting very aggressively, so, his owner called her over to get her to help calm him down and get him to go back inside, and once she arrived, he immediately attacked her, and his owner tried to stop him, but couldn't, and she even resorted to stabbing him with a knife, but nothing worked.
  • And she said that after she stabbed him, he looked at her as if to say "Why'd you do that to me, Mom?" Because apparently that was what their relationship was like; no different than between a human mother and child.
  • So, after stabbing, she called the police, who arrived twelve minutes after the attack, at which point her friend was... pretty close to dead. And once the cruiser came up, Travis went over to it, tried to open the locked passenger door. He smashed off the side mirror, went over to the driver's door, opened it, and the cop shot him. He fled back into the house, where he went to his playroom and bled to death.
  • Host: Hmm.
  • Lanza: And... (chuckles) um, it might not seem very relevant, but I'm bringing it up because afterward, everyone was condemning his owner for, saying how irresponsible she was for raising a chimp like it was a child, and that she should have that something like this would happen, because chimps aren't supposed to be living in civilization, they're supposed to be living in the wild, among each other. But, their criticism stops there-
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: -and the implication is that there's no way that anything could have gone wrong in this life if he were living in this civilization as a human, rather than a chimp.
  • Host: Ah, indeed.
  • Lanza: Because, uh, he brings up questions about this whole process of child-raising.
  • Host: Yeah.
  • Lanza: Civilization isn't something which just happens to gently exist without us having to do anything, because every newborn child - human child - is born in a chimp-like state, and civilization is only sustained by conditioning them for years on end, so that they'll accept it for what it is, and since we've gone through this conditioning, we can observe a human family raising a human child - and I'm sure that even you have trouble intuitively seeing it as something unnatural - but when we see a chimp in that position, we immediately know that there's something profoundly wrong with the situation. And it's easy to say there's something wrong with it simply because it's a chimp, but what's the real difference between us and our closest relatives?
  • Travis wasn't an untamed monster at all. Um, he wasn't just feigning domestication, he was civilized. Um, he was able to integrate into society, he was a chimp actor when he was younger, and his owner drove him around the city frequently in association with her towing business, where he met many different people, and got alone with everyone. If Travis had been some nasty monster all his life, it would have been widely reported. But, to the contrary, it seems like everyone who knew him said how shocked they were that Travis had been so savage, because they knew him as a sweet child, and... there were two isolated incidents early in his life where he acted aggressively, but... summarizing them would take too long, so basically I'll just say that he didn't really any differently than a human child would, and the people who would use that as an indictment against having chimps live as humans do wouldn't apply the same thing to humans, so it's just kind of irrelevant.
  • Host: Uh-huh.
  • Lanza: Bu anyway, look what civilization did to him; it had the same exact effect on him as it has on humans. He was profoundly sick in every sense of the term, and he had to resort to these surrogate activities like watching baseball, and looking at pictures on a computer screen, and taking Xanax. He was a complete mess.
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: And his attack wasn't simply because he was a senselessly violent, impulsive chimp. Uhm, which was how his behavior was universally portrayed. Um, immediately before the attack, he had desperately been wanting his owner to drive him somewhere, and the best reason I can think of for why he would want that, looking at his entire life, would be that... some little things he experienced was the last straw, and he was overwhelmed at the life that he had, and he wanted to get out of it by changing his environment, and the best way that he knew how to deal with that was getting his owner to drive him somewhere else.
  • Host: Yeah.
  • Lanza: And when his owner's... owner's friend, arrived, he knew that she was trying to coax him back into his place of domestication, and he couldn't handle that, so he attacked her, and anyone else who approached them. And dismissing his attack as simply being the senseless violence and impulsiveness of a chimp, instead of a human, is wishful thinking at best.
  • Host: Mmm-hmm.
  • Lanza: His attack can be seen entirely parallel to the attacks and random acts of violence that you bring up on your show every week, committed by humans, which the mainstream also has no explanation for-and-
  • Host: No.
  • Lanza: -and, actual humans... I just- just don't think it would be such a stretch to say that he very well could have been a teenage mall shooter or something like that.
  • Host: Yeah. Yeah.
  • Lanza: And-
  • Host: Wow. Thank you, Greg.
  • Lanza: Yeah.
  • Host: That's quite a story. That's, uh, really apropos, isn't it? Travis the chimp.
  • Lanza: It's just that I'm a little surprised that I haven't heard you bring it up all because... (laughs) maybe I'm just seeing connections where there aren't any, but-
  • Host: Not at, I uh, think not. No, I just... I didn't catch that one. I didn't uh... maybe I was out of the country or something, I don't know, but I missed that it. Thanks very much, man.
  • Lanza: Thank you. Bye.
  • Host: Take care.
  • (Lanza hangs up)
There's oversleeping and there's THAT

Had a Voltron dream the other night, wanted to write but it’s not flowing???

Lance centric and Lance/Angst ;) but seriously I’m calling it the “sleeping Lance AU” until I have a better idea??? There’s probably at least three Sleeping Lance AU’s out there already, I’m seriously accepting suggestions of what to call this clusterfuck… clusterfuck AU? trainwreak AU? helpmeI’mlost AU? How people name things??????

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Maya and her part!


Recently a fan tweeted Marlene asking if mayas storyline was over and she replied saying their may be a bit more to it. So I went back and tried to see what I could make out of the maya clues and how she fits into everything. 

I always love maya and emaya but her character always seemed a bit sketchy at times kinda like alison. (remember this)

when her and emily first meet she seems REALLY interested in getting to know emily, she was asking tons of personal questions about ali and herself, answering questions with a question, and she was being super friendly and almost choosy with her words, almost as if she had other intentions when she met her. What if she was told to get close to her? (Kind of like ezra & cece already knowing who all the girls were and jenna already knowing alison) 

In S1: “The jenna thing”, maya meets spencer and when her and emily go back to her house she says “I get your connection to spencer, you both like to win.” and emily replies “well winnings great but usually if I do my best im happy with the outcome.” and maya chooses to move the topic to spencer by asking how she feels about winning which always kind of stuck out to me. Emily tells her spencer HAS to win.

I just never quite understood why Maya only really asked questions about spencer, I know you could argue she was just trying to get to know emily but throughout the episodes maya’s in we don’t really see her interested in knowing about all the liars to me it seemed like she asked about spencer only because she reminded her the most of Ali.

& then maya moves the conversation to Alison again saying how she seemed like she was always the center of attention. Then tells emily she usually runs from those girls. Em says “you don’t look like the type of girl who runs from anyone” and Maya moves the convo to something else. (WHO U RUNNIN FROM MAYA)

Also later in the night when emily turns around maya immediately goes and cuddles with her almost like she KNOWS emily was in the closet. She said she had a boyfriend & i dont think it was something she just did in her sleep. + the A alerts afterwards were right on time, something was up. 

this also happens again when they kiss in the photo booth and A steals the strips right away. & maya tells emily not to worry about it that it there was probably just no more paper & drags her away. MAYA WAS IN ON IT THE WHOLE TIME. She was used to bring em out the closet and let A use it against her. 

Also in S2: “I must confess” Maya is scene wearing the exact same tory burch boots -A ordered online. (couldnt find a pic though)

But I think somewhere along the way maya started to really develop feelings and wanted out but A/AD or someone connected to them had stuff on maya forcing her to stay in it so she chooses to run away but A gets her first and kills her before she can get far.

Now lets go back to what I said earlier about her kind of acting like Alison

In the pilot maya asks emily if shes ever smoked and em replies No. Maya says this and the way she says it for some reason really just reminds me of something Ali would say. 

& then later in the episode Spencer sees who she thinks is Ali in Mayas room (ali’s old room) 

But what’s odd is that this person is wearing the same tank Maya was wearing the whole episode.

now this can be explained in a couple ways, either:

1. maya found a blonde wig while looking through the dilaurentis house and tried it on to pretend to be ali.

2. that was really or ali or maybe an ali twin and she was talking to maya & wearing a similiar top? (this one seems too much but wouldnt be surprised if the writers went this way.)

3.maya bought a blonde wig & was really trying to pretend to be someone maybe a trick she learned from a real blonde she knew who liked to wear wigs & be someone else.

       - i’m thinking its this last one! (or i hope it is)

In S2E12: “eye of the beholder” Jason tells em & spencer that maya found some of Ali’s old things in the attic, “Like they were hidden” he thought they threw everything away but maya kept some things, maybe b/c she knew what they were for.

Another thing I wanna point out is maya has mentioned on more than one occasion (1.02 & 1.12) that she has trouble sleeping. I mean I would have trouble sleeping too if I was worried my secrets may catch up to me.

Now I know there a lot of maya theories & some have even said they think she’s A. I don’t think I could really hop on board with maya being A but I do think when mona said “MAYA KNEW” she really meant maya fucking knew, like she knew the game & knew what was going on & just how dangerous A could really be. 

Okay so, we all know there seems to be a couple different teams when it comes to PLL and their alliances. Theres, 

  • AD & Cece (& maybe someone else? idk yet still looking into this)
  • Theres the Liars 
  • Then theres AD’s pawns (Jenna, Noel, Lucas, Shana, Alison (sometimes), Garrett, Mona etc.)

Well i think maya started off as one of these pawns but like all the people above at some point they wanted out and like I said above its likely so did she. 

It’s possible that maybe Ali and Maya knew eachother prior to her disapperance maybe they met on vacation… at cape may.

I saw this picture when I searched up maya clues on google and I almost screamed! I think this Analyzing A tumblr acct found it so i’ll put her link:

Could this mean this is Maya’s unnamed brother? Did she also hang out with Ali, Cece, & Melissa during that summer? Or was she scared of them like she mentioned to emily about attention seeking girls like Alison?

Now I heard from twitter it may be fake but still why would they make the mistake of putting it in the credits? Idk I just think it would be a nice twist for maya to have a deeper connection to Ali than just living in her house. 

UPDATE: MARLENE SAID WE’RE MEETING AN UNKNOWN RELATIVE OF MAYA’S! Some people meationed that reporter Aria went off on in 7.12 may be her brother but I couldn’t find a pic and I didn’t wanna sit through hulu commercials to find out so if someone finds the pic reblog it cause I wanna knowwww!

I mean we find out they had to have known each other either way or at least met before b/c they were both staying in the kahn cabin around the same time!

Also when Ali and Maya’s body are found the scene is so similar they even play the same song.

I think at first Alison gave Maya the idea to fake her death & Noel, Garrett, & Jenna helped her carry it out. 

Marlene also posted this pic on insta w/ 2 dolls that w/ the hashtag #emison but to me the 2 dolls look more like ali and maya then ali and em. Idk I just think there’s alot more to their relationship than we know right now. 

Now lets talk about the night mayas body was presumably found:

Maya trys to call emily but she cant get service so it never goes through, I don’t think this was maya b/c her phone was already stolen by this point. I think A just was trying to distract emily to mess with hanna.

Jumping ahead to when Mona falls off the cliff, we get a zoom in on her watch that says its 12am. The girls then go back to their houses and the cops have a body they think is Mayas.

BUT we later see this video of Maya at the kahn cabin at 1:14am

So are we just really gonna believe it took the liars OVER 1hr & 30m to get to thier houses?? B/c maya had to have got kidnapped and then dragged over to emilys back yard from the cabin and murdered. Which just in my head doesn’t add up with the timeline.

In addition to this I noticed when Maya gets pulled out of the cameras view it doesn’t necessarily mean she was captured by A, I think theres a good chance it was Ali who pulled on her to take her out of view and talk to her. We know Ali was staying there too so maybe she already knew where the cameras were and didnt wanna take any chances being seen seeing as this was before A supposedly knew Ali was alive. 

Now lets talk about after her “Death”:

We find out Maya went to the kahn parties often and met holden before, she was also friendly with Jenna, we see her get into a car with garrett the night she died (But we know he didnt kill her because he was arrested at 12am) & its when Nate (lyndon) is introduced and he is accused of being the one who killed Maya. 

Nate never openly says he killed Maya, in fact some of the things he says when he tries to kill paige kind of indicate he thinks emily has something to do with her death. 

He says “Im gonna do to you, what you did to me. Im gonna take someone from you & you are gonna watch me do it.” 

Its also been speculated that Maya was involved in the night em dug up Ali’s grave b/c they used her bottle of pills to drug her (which was also prescribed after she died) & flashbacks she remembers having + jenna lies to her saying she found her on the street drunk when spencer asks why she lied she says b/c she’s protecting a friend.

This was also one of the flashbacks she remembers having,


Most of me really does believe Maya did end up really dying sometime later before the end of season 3 or in the beginning of season 4 

The girls do find this carved into the dollhouse in S4 maybe AD found maya & took her to the doll house to be his Ali for a while before Mona got there.

But idk i’ve also read alot of theories w/ extra clues and reasons she could indeed still be alive helping out emily and hiding from AD or might even be bethany young herself. So theres that lol. I’m just excited to know that Maya still is relevant b/c her character had so much potential, hopefully mar doesn’t fuck it up!!

Reblog & tell me what you think, do you think maya’s still alive or dead? & if she wasn’t the person in the body bag in 2.25 then who was? 

Trish’s Photography

Trish and I got together in our senior year. We were young and dumb and found comfort in each other’s awkwardness. What started as the typical teen infatuation quickly grew into a strong, solid bond and suddenly being on the fringe of high school society wasn’t so bad. We rode out that last year together, planning for a shared future in some distant college where we could start over, make new friends, and shed the nerdy outcast label that had haunted us for too long.

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The List


** This is in no particular order, and not all of them have titles yet!!**

 **Hello my darlings! So I know I always mention things “going on the list”, so i thought maybe I would release the list just to you guys can see what you have to look forward to! THE FORMAT OF THIS HAS BEEN EDITED**

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·      For Research: We both work at a library as a way for easy access to more research materials and get scheduled a lot of late night shifts, which aren’t always spent cataloguing books. [COMPLETED]

·      Just Breathe: You need something to distract you from your oncoming panic attack, but I’m bad with people so I distract you the only way I know how.

·      Finding Balance: You’re the school’s bad boy and I’m a quiet wallflower who won’t give the you time of day, but theres more to me than meets the eye. [IN PROGRESS]

·      Tease Me: You’re Stiles’ best friend and you catch him watching porn, teasing him about it all day until he’s decided he’s had enough of your teasing- in more ways than one.

·      Opposites Attract: New girl in school as it all, brains, beauty, and sass, although no one seems to understand why she’s so interesting in shy, awkward, virgin Stiles.

·      Bonded: You’re a new werewolf in Scott’s pack and his second in command doesn’t like you one bit. What happens when you bite Stiles by accident while trying to save his life?

·      Delicious: Stiles has grown tired of your constant sass and decided it’s time to indulge in his favorite treat, over and over again.

·      Temptations: Stiles always tries to hook up with you when he’s drunk, but what happens when the tables turn and you’re the drunk one?

·      Blurred Boundaries: Stiles playfully slaps your ass and you accidentally let out a moan, needless to say the boundaries of your friendship might have just changed.

·      Psychology and PheromonesA study session ends in you falling asleep in your best friend’s bed. What happens when you have a sex dream about Stiles with him right next to you? [COMPLETED]

·      Take Me Like This: You find out Stiles watches porn/reads smut and decide to make his personal fantasies come true.

·      Slaves and Rebels: Stiles loves Star Wars… or rather he loves the idea of you as slave Leia.

·      From First Sight: You’ve loved Stiles since you first met him in the beginning of high school but he’s always friend-zoned you, until one day he shows up at your house and confesses what’s really been going on.

·      Speed Bump: Stiles is talking to you and Scott from his car while he’s getting ready to go home and Scott accidentally let’s slip about the time Stiles tried to tell you he has feelings for you.

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·      Bend or Break: Void has been making things incredibly difficult for you; it’s time to show him who’s really in charge.

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·      On the Rocks: I’m a bartender and I spilled your drink on you and now you’re staring at me with “fuck me” eyes and it’s really distracting.

·      Not Like This: You and Stuart have been talking online for months and you finally go to visit him and he’s too shy to even manage to talk to you and that’s definitely not going to fly with you.

·      Switch It Up: You and Stuart have been dating for a while, what happens when he hears you complaining to Neha about how vanilla your sex is?

·      Unspoken: Stuart Twombly is my best friend, always has been and always will be. But you’re not supposed to keep secrets from your best friend, are you?

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·      Running Hot: You pretend to be sick because you know I’ll stay and take care of you but it’s just an excuse to seduce me. 

·      Frosting: It’s your birthday and he decides to surprise you.

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*Nothing here yet*

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·      Seeing Double: The three of us have always shared everything, even some new experiences.

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·      Suds: You’re taking a bath in Dylan’s bathroom and he finds you masturbating and decides to help you out.

·      Camera Shy: Dylan finds some old pictures of you that you had sent to your ex and he needs to teach you who you belong to.

·      Across the Distance: Dylan and you grew up together and you’ve always been there to support him, even if it means distancing yourself from his new relationship. After all, she makes him happy- doesn’t she?

  • Mars in Aries: With Mars in Aries you have a very strong and dominant character and a great amount of energy and enthusiasm. You are a self-starter; independent, ambitious, impulsive and very assertive, acting very directly and often without consideration of others. If your Mars is afflicted you probably have a bad temper, and tend to be impatient, overly aggressive, and may not consider your sexual partner's needs. You are seldom reflective when it comes to doing something, but act first and ask questions later. Your more fiery emotions are always an insult away. You have blind courage and sheer guts. Usually souls born with Mars in Aries have a significant relationship to the military or some armed forces, or at least to the government.
  • Mars in Taurus: With Mars in Taurus you are very earthy and place great value in sex, possessions, and/or money. Both your pride and desire to possess things are strong. Like the bull, you're stable, patient, persistent and slow to anger, but also jealous and very stubborn. You have a tendency to hold on to people and things too much, and may need to develop your capacity to share. You have a hard time getting started, and frustrate your strong ambition through inertia and by not acting when it's necessary. Your sexuality is also passive, and highly sensual. You're dependable, and can withstand almost anything. If your Mars is afflicted, you need to be aware of being resentful.
  • Mars in Gemini: With Mars in Gemini you're witty, versatile, mechanically inclined and have talents for many different things and simultaneous projects. This last, however, is also a failing; you need to focus and concentrate your energy and not scatter it over too many enterprises and directions. Watch a tendency towards sarcasm and gossip. You have a lot of mental energy and enjoy communication. If your Mars is afflicted, you may say things you don't mean or make promises you don't keep, and there can be trouble with friends or relatives.
  • Mars in Cancer: Mars is said to be in its "fall" in Cancer, its weakest sign placement. With Mars in Cancer you're domestic, ambitious and a hard worker, but approach your goals indirectly and covertly. You tend to be somewhat timid and not outwardly aggressive. If threatened, you can be very defensive, and you dislike competition. You may have stomach or digestive problems, and since your moods affect your digestion, you shouldn't eat when upset or fatigued. Mars in Cancer is often indicative of discord at home, as well as a great deal of emotionality and an equal difficulty in its outward expression. Your sexuality is often associated with sentiment or possessiveness.
  • Mars in Leo: With Mars in the fire sign Leo, you're vital, courageous, passionate, enthusiastic, proud, and have energy to burn (which you do). You need to be appreciated for what you personally do, as your lover(s) should know full well. If Mars is afflicted you may be jealous and get into arguments where loved ones are concerned. You have a powerful ego (unless there's also a strong Neptune in your chart), and hate to be wrong. A lover of sports, games, and entertaining others, you can be very expressive, dramatic, and sometimes forceful. You have strong likes and dislikes, and are good with kids and animals.
  • Mars in Virgo: With Mars in Virgo you're practical, ingenious, a hard worker and very willing to serve others, but you really need to stop fussing over nonessentials and questioning your own purpose or motivation. You're a master of detail, but get into trouble with coworkers because of your penchant to fuss over trivia. This also narrows the scope of your work, since it keeps you from seeing the larger picture. You get angry when others don't work as hard as you do. You have an innate urge to save, salvage and conserve, and can make a silk purse from a sow's ear.
  • Mars in Libra: It is difficult to be self-assertive, aggressive and sexual with the planet symbolizing those qualities in the sign of balance and harmony, although Billy the Kid, Genghis Khan and William the Conqueror seemed to have done alright with that placement. You need to find the proper balance between aggression and submission, between having to have your own way and letting the other guy have his or hers, for you alternate from one to the other. You vigorously put your energy into your relationships, but that's also where you tend to be argumentative and to stir up trouble. This is due to having to have your own way, and because you use your partner's reactions to you to make your own energy and self-assertion more visible to yourself. This can be especially problematic for women in this culture. This placement generally softens and sweetens your energy, indicates a good arbitrator or lawyer, and can provide motivation towards art. Libra is known as "the iron fist in the velvet glove," so you have a forceful but concealed agenda.
  • Mars in Scorpio: With Mars in Scorpio your energy is so powerful that self-discipline and self-mastery are a must. It is important to commit yourself to an ideal, for you have a lot of healing power. You are intense, proud, strong-willed, and your presence is so strongly felt by others that you can be commanding in silence as well as in speech. Your drive for power and your sexuality are very strong and often concealed, and you can easily manipulate others to get what you want.
  • Mars in Sagittarius: With Mars in Sagittarius you're independent, friendly, optimistic, a lover of freedom and the outdoors, but—since Sagittarius is a mutable sign—can scatter your energy and may at times be impulsive and unreliable. There are two types of personality with Mars in Sagittarius; one is drawn to sports and gambling, the other more to philosophy and religion. You may blend the two. In this regard your sexuality can either be lusty and free, or very moralistic. You enjoy travel and need physical outlets for your energy. You're frank and candid, and if Jupiter is afflicted can be blunt and tactless. You'd rather travel far than be stuck in routine.
  • Mars in Capricorn: Mars is said to be "exalted" in Capricorn, its strongest placement by sign. Mars is sexual energy, aggressiveness, passion, courage, force, vigor, stamina and mechanical ability. In Capricorn it is like a plough biting into the resistance of the Earth, dedicating personal energy to constructive work. This position indicates strong pride, responsibility, strength of purpose, persistence and self-reliance. With this placement however, you need to be careful of manipulating people in your climb to the top. Your strong ambition may stimulate antagonism from others, which, coupled with your tendency not to explain yourself, can cause problems on the job. Your sexual energy often has a lot more to do with power or conquest than with sentiment or feeling. A hard worker, you are driven to manage and to be in control. An important lesson for you is to let go of personal ambition and to work for the sake of the work itself.
  • Mars in Aquarius: With Mars in Aquarius your energy and drive to achieve tend to be independent, unconventional, aggressive, enterprising, erratic, and alternating between extremes of activity and sloth. Your sexuality is also this way, with an interest in experimenting as well. If your Mars is afflicted, you can be argumentative, stubbornly contrary, belligerent, and impatient. You are thorough in planning ahead and covering all the angles when it comes to your ambitions. You tend to be a reformer, and enjoy working with organizations or in community projects.
  • Mars in Pisces: Mars in Pisces is a good placement for musicians, dancers, renunciates, sailors, or people whose lives deal with the sea or maritime affairs; but otherwise you tend to lack direction and perseverance in attaining your personal goals. You have the capacity, however, to synthesize many aspects of a complex situation; and, since your intentions are naturally covert or hidden, this makes you an excellent strategist. You may not be physically strong and can be very restless. There’s a tendency to instability with Mars in Pisces, so alcohol and drugs are ill advised. Intuitive, sensitive and idealistic, you’re driven to go beyond the material world to spiritual or mystical realms where all are one; but in the process you may get lost in the clouds.

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Your favorite mystic messenger blogs?? Curious bc i see lots of fic reblogs and theres sooo many different blogs xD

Aw yis, I was sort of excited to do this. One thing, though, I’m not awfully acquainted with a whole of blogs, but I’m going to do my best

First off, writers:

@anyway-i-love-vanderwood Okay, I found this blog a few hours agp, but I l o v e it. To be honest, Vanderwood isn’t my cup of tea, but their writing is amazing so I can’t? not? like?

@choisgirls I read all of their masterlist in a couple of hours one day, because I just really love both of the admin’s writing. Speaking of the admins, they’re hilarious, and answer asks really nicely and funnily

@imaginethis-mysticmessenger (I constantly feel attacked that I can never see the profile picture and I associate the with the circle default icon lmao) They reblog lots of art and cute stuff! Plus!!! They also write cute stuff (and their requests are open if I’m not mistaken)

@mysme-fics This blog has such an array of writing and pretty much any scenario you could think of. They’re also really good with having posts for time zones and keeping up with masterposts if you feel like reading a lot

@mysmespoo So many writings that have make me laugh and smile. Everything’s so precious, and all the admins are excellent at writing!

@portuguesesinnerwrites SO! ADORABLE! With some art reblogs that I like a lot

@specialagent-606 Honey, how could I not recommend this blog. Honestly can’t put it into words how much I love their blog and writing (also who I used the matchup format from!)

@thehoneybuddhadefender Absolute dear that is currently doing some rp if you nerds are interested and writes nice things!

Art blogs:

I don’t follow a whole lot despite me loving the art in this fandom but

@sallteas (Obviously) They’re such a good person and their art style makes me feel !!!, and I just love it a whole lot

@vess-hs Honey, if you’re not following them you n e e d to (also, I’m 80% sure they’re doing a stream at the moment)

@talentlessartblog Their way of drawing male MC makes me feel so pure and cleansed to be honest

@vo-dcc The! cutest! Jumin and V works!

@cygnetdraws They just did a series of mm characters and I love them so much

@thedailymushroom They’re the one with the blushy Saeran hug comic! Every work they do makes me feel ajfjdjfoisjffdf

@didem-dg They did the constellation set that makes me love space more than i already do

@hikcups Amazingly cute V, enough said

@ceceru did you mean: a blessing to this earth

@sketchyy-pencil Their custom MC is my life source

I think I like these blogs the most, but I’m sure there’s countless others! Also, since I’m a trashcan for JuminV, there’s a blog, @juminvweek, that are putting together work for April 10th through the 16th! Anyways, I hope I didn’t forget anybody, but I might update this later! Have a good day, nerds!

Highschool AU! I.M

Highschool AU for the other members ;

Shownu / Wonho / Minhyuk / Kihyun / Hyungwon / Jooheon / I.M

  • Goes on business trips with his father, always comes back with souvenirs for his friends and anyone else who wants one/asks for one
  • Also brings cool stuff to show, will take 20 mins of class just to have a little show-and-tell session where he presents his stuff and talks about his experiences during the trips
  • His house is the designated hangout place for the Monsta X “squad”
  • Often has sleepovers with his friends, even on schooldays
  • Most impressive nerd collection ever
  • Aside from the biggest arrangement of video games, movies, and tv series, he also has tons of merch
  • Loaded with junk food and other treats that are considerably unhealthy
  • Tries to be the class clown
  • Rather immature and occasionally inappropriate
  • The one student who laughs very loudly, especially at the worst times
  • Also laughs for too long, and if he stops he’ll probably laugh again later even if the funny thing happened like 15 minutes ago
  • Sits in the back of the room but still causes ruckus, if you hear a kid in the back yell out “OH MY GOD” it’s Changkyun no doubt
  • Snickers when someone says something that can be interpreted “wrongly”
  • Always looks at people’s answers or will straightforwardly ask for them
  • “Kihyun, what was the answer for question 14? …Kihyun, hel-” “SHUT UP CHANGKYUN!”
  • Either buys his lunch or steals food from people, especially when they’re not looking
  • “I swear I had like 10 chicken nuggets… CHANGKYUN”
  • Cheats the vending machine into giving him more than he paid for, and no one knows how he does it
  • Brings gadgets like his Nintendo DS/3DS or gameboy and plays them at every opportunity, will play them under his desk during class if he feels like it
  • The type of person who brings a console and small tv to school to play in the hallway, large corridor, or even overpass during a spare block
  • Tries to get on his teacher’s good sides by complimenting them or being nice with comments such as “You’re my favorite teacher” “This is my favorite class” “I’m so interested in what we’re learning”
  • Even though he lives close to the school, he insists on riding his bike to school
  • The bike has a bunch of lights and streamers, as well as a little basket up front (like in the Fighter MV)
  • Never wears a helmet and will laugh hysterically if someone yells at him to put one on (he’ll probably fall off his bike soon after he’s told that)
  • His backpack would probably be something styled like a teddy bear or hamburger, but if he needs more space he has this backpack with cats and tacos that he probably bought in 2011
  • Pretty unorganized but knows exactly where everything is so long as no one tampers with his “whimsical order”
  • His binder looks like it’s about to explode, and his backpack is usually hanging open much to Kihyun’s horror
  • Knows secret shortcuts, escape routes, and any general knowledge that prevents him from getting caught or in trouble for the most part
  • Somehow updated on all the drama going around, he just keeps quiet about it
  • Except he’ll lowkey gossip with Hyungwon and Kihyun
  • Also knows a lot of urban myths and likes to trick or scare freshmen
  • Writes in washroom stalls, but sometimes he’ll feel bad and try to erase whatever he put
  • Has a confetti gun reserved for special occasions
  • Decorates people’s lockers on their birthday
  • But for his friends (aka Monsta X members), he makes sure to make it extra special
  • Special as in a compilation of the ugliest pictures and screenshots he has of them taped over the locker door
  • Also stocks up on really ugly screenshots of his friends and will put them up around the school in weird places (corner of the wall, ceiling, stairs)
  • Probably has every person at school added on snapchat
  • Has a streak with everyone, probably screenshots everything and makes stickers of everything
  • Will make a HUGE deal out of streaks, hunts down people who lose their streak with him or need to snap him back before they lose it, begs for forgiveness if he’s the one who lost the streak
  • Advertises his social media accounts by writing his usernames everywhere
  • Snapchat story is like 500+ seconds long daily
  • Does Instagram lives during class
  • “No Ms. Kim please don’t take away my phone I’m vlogging… ok can you at least end it?”
  • His best subject is science, but his only problem is the experiments
  • “I got this,” he would say with a wink as he completely ignores the lab demo. Later on in the experiment he’ll probably mess up more than once, will probably get something on fire and/or gets chemicals on his clothing
  • Does really cringey stuff in the hallways such as whipping, dabbing
  • Says hi to everyone in the halls or in the classroom
  • If he says hi to someone and they don’t hear / ignore him etc, he’ll actually follow them until they say hi back
  • Has a mixtape but is a bit more lowkey about it, gets featured on other peoples mixtapes and does collabs though
  • Volleyball team, chess club, and debate team member
  • Hoseok encourages him to be less unfit and even offers to be his personal trainer, but Changkyun is like “please Stop”
  • Comfortable clothing! Oversized sweaters, jumpers, sweatpants, flannel
  • Always wears shoes that are unfit for rain so he screams every time he steps in a puddle
  • Winks at people who call him by his rapper name I.M, smiles at people who call him Changkyun
  • But if someone calls him Daniel he’ll literally stop what he’s doing, turn towards them in a heartbeat, stare at them with wide eyes and will be like “excuse me WHAT”
  • Occasionally says “I.M WHAT I AM MAN!” really loudly, especially if someone calls him I.M
  • Whenever there’s a substitute teacher, they always make the mistake of calling him Daniel (his name on the attendance is “Lim, Daniel Changkyun”) and he’d respond like “ITS CHANGKYUN BUT YOU CAN CALL ME I.M IF YOU WANT. THERES NO DANIEL WHO IS HE?”

anonymous asked:

PT 2 - so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it's so exhausting. is there any way you'd suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don't know that it's something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn't any bother. take care!

Entire question for those reading:

hiya! your stuff is mindblowingly gorgeous, i just now came across your work and you’re incredibly talented, especially considering your age! without getting too personal/into TMI territory, i was wondering if you’d be willing to give some advice - due to depression and other illnesses, i’ve been practically nonfunctional in most aspects of my life for a couple of years now. what i’d like to know is, i guess, how would you recommend someone go about improving in art when they have to take it so slow? i need to find a way to ease myself into learning again, but it’s so exhausting. is there any way you’d suggest going about this? it sounds like you just threw yourself into anatomy over the course of about a year, which is incredible and really impressive, but i don’t know that it’s something i can imitate. how would you suggest getting a better grasp on color theory and stylization of anatomy, in particular? sorry this is in two parts, i hope it isn’t any bother. take care!

Thank you! And always remember that you don’t have to stress about learning at your own pace- you’re not less of an artist if it takes you a few extra months or years to grasp a concept or to gain skills.   

For your question now: I’d recommend setting a small goal of drawing a figure a day- or just focusing on sketching a few hands, ears, noses, torsos, whatever- and slowly increasing the amount you draw as time goes on.  If you forget or neglect to draw on one day, don’t let it get to you, and just keep drawing the next day.  People say you have to draw every single day for eight hours a day to be a great artist, but in all honesty it won’t kill you to skip a day.  On another note, draw people that interest you.  Literally the only reason why I wasn’t bored out of my mind studying anatomy was because I wasn’t technically studying anatomy, I was just drawing people that fascinated me and taking small mental notes of their shapes and proportions.  Sometimes I would see a girl or a guy and think, man I gotta put this on paper (not sure where this sensation comes from, but I’ve been noticing it more and more as the years have gone by).

I don’t think I’ll talk about color theory just yet, but if you want to stylize anatomy it’s a good idea to think about two things in particular: 

1, look at the work of artists you admire (that stylize their work).  What makes their figures so pleasing to you, where is your eye drawn, and what aspects of their drawings would you like to adopt?  It can be something as major as overall gesture and energy of their figures, or something as small as the way they sketch fingers.  Maybe theres some softness, or snap, or attitude, or sensualness to the people they depict that you’d like to emulate- consider copying of their work (obviously don’t tell anyone it’s yours) and paying attention as you copy to see what you absorb.  

2, watch people around you in real life (or use pictures if you’d like) and note what interests you about them.  Keep the little things in mind: the way their hair glints in sunlight, the way they slightly lean to one side when they talk to someone they’re comfortable with, the face they make when they’re happy-surprised versus disappointed-surprised, so on and so forth.  You don’t have to throw all of your observations into your art immediately, of course, but when you realize that there are a lot of very minute (and at times indescribable) things that make us seem more human, it gradually makes it easier to stylize and to express little pieces of humanity in your art, and people will begin to connect with it and feel genuine emotions when they look at your works.  

For now, just see if you can get in a sketchbook page or two a day; and take some time to look at people, whether they’re living and breathing, or filtered through the eyes of an artist.  You’ll get some valuable knowledge from these small exercises, and you’ll notice some improvement in due time.

Signs as People In Your High School Class

Aries: Talks to their friends and the people around them. Probably everyone’s secret crush. The kid that the teacher calls on a lot. Asks questions when needed. Definitely not afraid to speak out, especially when they’re interested in a discussion or something bothers them. Probably gets the whole class laughing with their sense of humor.

Taurus: Probably sleeping in class. Always talking to their friends and getting hushed. They say the most random things whenever they raise their hands. They look pretty chill. Unexpectedly smart. 

Gemini: Always raising their hand and pitching in in class discussions. The one student that raises their hand after a student had trouble explaining something and says, “I think what they’re trying to say is…” so that the other student doesn’t look stupid. Makes affirmative comments when someone talks, “Yes girl. Amen.” Or “I got that too.” 

Cancer: Quiet. Acts like they hate everyone, and maybe they do? Doesn’t initiate conversation. Only if they want  to ask you for paper or a pencil or something. Doesn’t partake in class discussions unless called on. If they’re with their friends in a class, they’re always goofing around. Rather ask people for help than the teacher. But foremost rather figure it out themselves than asking anyone.

Leo: Initiates conversation with everyone in someway, ultimately until they’ve found their “fit”. Actually really quiet and keeps to themselves and their group. Thinks presentations are dumb but are probably the best presenters. Really loud with their friends, but if they don’t know you they won’t make an effort to talk to you if they feel you guys don’t “vibe” well or if you have nothing to offer them. Wont try prying at people who don’t seem interested.

Virgo: Keeps to themselves. Gets called on a lot. Seems quiet but once you talk to them they won’t shut up. Has a loud laugh and makes friends easily. Keeps manners around everyone. The teacher probably loves them. They probably hold a spot of the best grades in the class. Lets their friends, or anyone really, cheat off them with homework and tests. Always sends pictures of the homework when asked. 

Libra: Quiet. Tries to keep cool. When the teacher calls on them they unintentionally make everyone laugh with the way they talk. They just have a natural humor. Probably one of the smartest in the class. Probably has charmed the pants off of everyone and no one knows. There are definitely a few people that Libra thinks are annoying as hell in that class. They probably rant about it to their friends. 

Scorpio: Quiet but not shy. Their presence can be felt. probably have a resting glare. They sit like royalty and seem unapproachable. Are they angry? Are they sad? Who knows? Enjoys class debates and has no filter because they don’t care what anyone thinks about them. Not afraid to openly disagree with people. Always has the right answer, even when they’re wrong, they’ll warp it to make it seem like the teacher is wrong. 

Sagittarius: Pretty half and half withs sags. They’re either easy going and always talking, getting hushed by the teacher, or quiet and keeping to their studies. They either have all their shit together or don’t know anything at all. It honestly depends on the subject of the class. 

Capricorn: Always very organized. Typically top student. Only talks to their friends, but isn’t afraid to talk to new people if they think the person(s) can be useful to them. Probably always stressed out. Calls in sick if they don’t have all their homework. Studious. Stress cries.

Aquarius: Always talking/asking questions. Very curious. If they’re really into the class, they’ll be the top student. If they don’t care, they’ll later below. Always seems to be the teacher’s favorite, even if they’re a total delinquent. They honestly don’t care much either way. 

Pisces: The one kid who seems to be very moody. They could be the tallest, strongest kid but theres still something soft and huggable about them. Always doodling in their notes even if they can’t draw for shit. When they’re sad, it’s felt. When they’re happy, it’s felt. You can always hear them laughing and getting a little loud. This is a stereotypical one, but definitely creative, wether it be thinking outside the box in debates or class discussion, or artistically creative. 

anonymous asked:

since the topic of therapy came up, who do you think out of the big 5 RFA members really needs to go the most? V, Rika and Saeran are the obvious ones, so the deep story boys are probably my top candidates for really needing some mental health help (though really, they all do) and i always got the impression there's a lot more going on than we see. especially with jumin. i love him, but i think he's hiding some deep-seated issues. his impulsivity and step-mom's creepy behavior worry me.

This is honestly a really interesting question so I think I’ll attempt on ranking the main 5 from who needs it the most to who needs it the least (in my opinion, not that anyone comes attacking me for it later on)
1) Saeyoung
I feel like Saeyoung is quite the obvious choice but honestly I can’t stretch this enough. The fandom glorifies him so horridly, putting him on that strange pedestal of meme’s and space station weddings that they seem to completely ignore his horrid depression. I cannot count on one hand how many times he openly talked about the wish to die like?! Is no one alarmed? Much like Saeran he grew up being told he was a mistake, that their father hated both of them, that they were nothing but a pressure tool to their mother as well as the fact that out of them both the mother hated him more and constantly tortured him and send him on errands like a slave. If that isn’t enough for therapy let’s add the fact that he basically had to sell his soul to an immoral agency at the age of like fifteen or something? All of his bad experiences also lead him to develop a sadistic streak which I don’t feel comes natural to him but is rather the outcome of constant abuse from his very own mother. I feel like people just love to forget that those shitty memes and jokes he always pulls aren’t all that funny but merely an act of sadism and a cry of help. This boy needs therapy, not a girlfriend.
2) Zen
I was torn whether to put Jumin above Zen or Zen above Jumin. To me they are pretty much tied but I decided to rank Zen higher, because I’ve went through very similar experiences and feel that to a certain extend his fucked-up-ness is a little worse. Not that you can compare pain, but you know what I mean. For one he was constantly called ugly by his entire family. Let me tell you, that destroys your body image for life. It obviously did for Zen, because if anyone buys into his narcissism for one hot second they are blind to the bigger picture. Trying to work against one extreme with another is something most people attempt in such situations. Everyone calls him ugly and ridicules him? He tells himself he’s the most beautiful person in the entire world to make up for it. It’s heartbreaking, really, when you realize he doesn’t believe it one bit. That he is constantly looking for validation because of his doubts. It’s also most likely the reason he pursued acting and modeling. On top of that he was shunned by his parents for not doing what they told him to do, got kicked out by the age of fifteen, had to provide for himself at an incredibly young and vulnerable age and spent the most important and influential years of his life (15-18) in a highly probably dangerous biker gang. More on my thoughts on that you can read here. As it is, I feel like all of these things would leave him extremely insecure and vulnerable and broken to the point where therapy is really the only solution.
3) Jumin
Jumin is my baby. Out of all the characters that are playable he is my absolute favourite and I’ve played all of his stuff religiously. Now me and my friends were just discussing his past yesterday due to a prompt I was tackling - still am, kinda got stuck when I got to the V part but I digress - and there was an obvious indicator that his step-mother, the one he called mother, tried to seduce him at a very young age. There aren’t any specifics but we deduced from the info and wording and general time line that he was either in his late teens (probably around 16) or in his early twenties. Whatever the case such an experience must have been horrible. For one, he never had a mother, whatever happened to her is still a mystery, before watching his father fuck his way through all the women he encountered only to end up broken-hearted. We know that Jumin loves his father and seeing that must have been hard. Growing up without a proper woman in his life even harder, but to then end up with a step mother that was probably closer to his age than his father and then attempted to seduce and sexually harass him…I cannot imagine the impact that must have made on him. He’s completely shut off for a reason, right? Who is to say it was the first time it happened? Not to mention that he was aware, even as a child, that people were only ever nice to him because of his money. He never in his entire life felt genuinely loved. That boy needs therapy. I mean he openly discusses the threads in his head and how he only ever loved Elizabeth, because he knew she’d never leave him. After being left by all these women supposed to be his motherfigures he has severe trust - and abandonment issues. Not to mention that even his ‘best friend’ V called him peculiar and strange, manipulated him later on and allowed his beloved Rika to dig his claws into her. Jumin was fucked from all sides and even when he tries to help - take Zen’s route for example - he is constantly portrayed like the last asshole. Especially by Jaehee which I honestly find slightly ridiculous, because fine, catsitting isn’t her job, but she doesn’t really speak up and frankly he does pay her amazingly well. She is supposed to do her job so I don’t understand why she has the audacity to whine and bitch at and about her boss in a chatroom like that. In the real world no one would dare to do that. You suck it up and continue working because capitalism is a thing. She’s lucky to have such a well-payed and in comparison to others easy job. Anyway, what I’m trying to say, he constantly gets fucked over and insulted by everyone he trusts and loves. His father put two bitches he didn’t even know above Jumin’s needs. The very last person he could trust. Poor soul, give him therapy.
4) Jaehee
I feel like what she went through was definitely traumatic it happened later than what happened to Zen, Jumin and Saeyoung so it generally doesn’t have as big as an impact. I mean it’s horribly, don’t get me wrong, but something you have to endure since childhood generally leaves you more scarred than what happens in your teens. Which isn’t to say that Jaehee doesn’t need therapy asap. She lost both her parents, her family obviously didn’t want to take care of her, she got kicked out during a hard time as well (getting into College) and had to fend for herself for years. Then she got into a mentally and physically draining job, because money was essential to survive. Dreams were nice but they don’t pay the rent and she had to learn that particular lesson a little earlier than the average person. I feel like her extreme perfectionism is also a result of that. Like her family hated her so she desperately tried to be perfect so she wouldn’t be a burden to them, in hopes of them accepting her. That way of thinking is extremely damaging though and I feel that therapy would be really beneficial to her. However, I also feel that while she would benefit from it, she doesn’t necessarily need it as much as the others. She’s a tough cookie. I feel like she might be able to work through it by herself if given the safe space and time to do so.
5) Yoosung
Honestly, compared to the others, this boy is fine. He suffers from major laziness and self-caused insecurity but if those are his biggest issues in life, I’m glad. Frankly, the only thing this boy really needs to sort out it his obsessive/addictive personality. Whatever he does he does it to a certain extreme to the point where it’s not even bordering unhealthy but past the mark. Rika? Completely obsessed with her. She dies. He falls into a pit of sorrow that is no longer to be considered normal. From what I gathered they didn’t become close until about two years before her death. You don’t get that attached in two years or at least you shouldn’t and even if you do, with the help of friends and family you generally work through it. Instead he replaced one obsession with another, namely LOLOL. Once more he drowns himself in it to the point where it’s unhealthy. Then you step into his life and bingo the whole thing starts up again to the point he risks his goddamn life for you, because he is so goddamn obsessed. I respect everyones opinion when they say he ‘grew’ as a person, but honestly I just see it as him finding a slightly healthier obsession and replacing his old ones. The only reason he powered through his studies was because of you. The amount of time he must have put into it I don’t even want to imagine. Probably too much, just like with LOLOL. So yeah, he needs therapy for that but not as urgently as the rest, because emotionally he’s actually pretty fine. It’s just that obsessive/addictive part of him that needs healing, the rest will come naturally.
Damn, I went a little overboard here, but I hope I answered your ask to you liking XD

Dating Ignis Scientia
  • Something you quickly realize is that Ignis is very married to the job. When just taking what spare time he has doesn’t cut it anymore, you start to go with him. (Regis and Noct certainly don’t mind having you around, interestingly. You’re not testing any theories, though.)
  • You become like a second mom to the chocobros, Ignis included this time around. You help cook the food most of the time, you help get everyone up, you help to micromanage… You realize the amount of things that Ignis just does and you’re astounded by him.
  • So like, becoming a second mom to the bros. You realize that waking Noct up in the morning is not a matter of force, but a matter of gentleness. You stroked your hand through his hair and gently ushered him awake and he responded greatly. The other bros were dumbfounded by how quickly the prince managed to get up. You get to sit on Gladio while he’s doing pushups, hold his feet down when he’s doing sit ups, and whenever he sees something interesting in a high tree, he hoists you up so you can grab it. Prompto takes lots and lots of selfies with you, and secretly, candid photos of you and Ignis, because the way you two look at each other is a sight to behold.
  • Watching Ignis cook is always relaxing to you. It’s so amazing to see him in his element, when the ingredients just mix together perfectly.

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