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So I was hoping you could do a speech analysis of Lisa Snart despite her unfortunately very few appearances (I hope the #BringbackLisaSnart will bring some acknowledgement from the writers. Thanks!

I think I got the older of these two asks over a month ago, so I’m sorry for the delay. Speech analyses take special effort, especially for a character with very few lines (and few gifs in the system so I have to make more of my own), so I let it sink to the bottom of my pile while I was working on writing and other stuff.

Annnd it got quite long so I’ll save everyone’s dash the trouble and put it under a cut.

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Random things about my workplace that amuse me:

- Working with people from other countries is great because you learn how to say helpful phrases like “hello” and “thank you” and “do you wANT TO DIE” in other languages.

- My boss has a decorative Christmas tree named Wilson on her desk. Wilson has sunglasses. She talks to Wilson when she gets stressed out.

- “UGHHHHHH.” *deep breath* “How do you feel?” - My boss, to Wilson, at least once a day.

- Other coping mechanisms: one coworker hums the Mario Bros theme song. Another coworker just hits his desk five or six times in quick succession and screams “JESUSSSSSSSS”

- Other frequent office chatter when you work for a Christian organization:
“I rebuke that.”
“Computer, work in Jesus’ name.”
*Coworkers speaking in Korean* “Hey I do speak in tongues but can you translate that.”
“Maybe Jesus will come back before I have to finish editing this video.”

- My boss is single and we literally set up a team outing to get coffee with a guy she liked and then left them alone together to try to get her a date.

- Previous statement is neither a joke nor an exaggeration.

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Why does this make you more anxious about Louis and Liam??

Anon 2:  Why are you anxious (about anxiety?) for Louis and Liam? Not Harry and Niall? The way you read their personalities? Can you elaborate? Thank you.

This is in response to the post about Zayn cancelling his Dubai concert - where I wrote the following in the tags:

#I expected this #But it is really sad #I have so many questions about how this ended up happening #I think it is absolutely the consequence of treating people like commodities #Like they all were #But to launch straight forward #into more of the same #seems so so foolish #I don’t know if it’s worse if it was contractual #Or as a result of what people believed about Zayn #And what he believed about himself #He needed time #Probably lots of other things as well #But definitely that #(I’m more convinced than ever that his leaving wasn’t planned - anticipated maybe but no planned) #(this also makes me really anxious about Louis and Lima)

It’s not really personality based - or even about anxiety.  It’s about not having a break.

Obviously I don’t know what happened with Zayn, but what has always stood out to me is how little time he had.  Less than a year after leaving this intense job, brand and identity that had consumed everything about him since he was 17 he was out there selling himself as the new authentic Zayn.  And that’s just bullshit.  

What Zayn needed then, what they all need now, is space to find out who they are when they’re not performing in so many different ways.  Space to heal their wounds, but also just space to figure out that parts of them might move differently if they had the freedom to build their muscles up. 

I think Niall and Harry’s hiatuses have provided them with real space.  Niall travelled in relative anonymity and then spent some time travelling the tube and doing other things he likes.  Harry has thrown himself into something very new - where he gets to meet new people and have new challenges.

Liam and Louis could have some of both of those things (particularly Lima who has been been MIA so much) - both the leisure and a new type of work, a new way of expressing themselves.  But they could also not have had those things.  It’s difficult to imagine this being a good time for Louis - even harder once you remember the comment Jay left on his instagram.

They’re in a dangerous profession - my fears aren’t really specific but general.  What they are doing takes it’s toll on your wellbeing. They are the best decision makers in their own, difficult lives.  But I do think the lack of a proper break must have made things worse for Zayn and thinking about that does make me worry about Louis (and Liam, but mostly Louis).