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Maya and her part!


Recently a fan tweeted Marlene asking if mayas storyline was over and she replied saying their may be a bit more to it. So I went back and tried to see what I could make out of the maya clues and how she fits into everything. 

I always love maya and emaya but her character always seemed a bit sketchy at times kinda like alison. (remember this)

when her and emily first meet she seems REALLY interested in getting to know emily, she was asking tons of personal questions about ali and herself, answering questions with a question, and she was being super friendly and almost choosy with her words, almost as if she had other intentions when she met her. What if she was told to get close to her? (Kind of like ezra & cece already knowing who all the girls were and jenna already knowing alison) 

In S1: “The jenna thing”, maya meets spencer and when her and emily go back to her house she says “I get your connection to spencer, you both like to win.” and emily replies “well winnings great but usually if I do my best im happy with the outcome.” and maya chooses to move the topic to spencer by asking how she feels about winning which always kind of stuck out to me. Emily tells her spencer HAS to win.

I just never quite understood why Maya only really asked questions about spencer, I know you could argue she was just trying to get to know emily but throughout the episodes maya’s in we don’t really see her interested in knowing about all the liars to me it seemed like she asked about spencer only because she reminded her the most of Ali.

& then maya moves the conversation to Alison again saying how she seemed like she was always the center of attention. Then tells emily she usually runs from those girls. Em says “you don’t look like the type of girl who runs from anyone” and Maya moves the convo to something else. (WHO U RUNNIN FROM MAYA)

Also later in the night when emily turns around maya immediately goes and cuddles with her almost like she KNOWS emily was in the closet. She said she had a boyfriend & i dont think it was something she just did in her sleep. + the A alerts afterwards were right on time, something was up. 

this also happens again when they kiss in the photo booth and A steals the strips right away. & maya tells emily not to worry about it that it there was probably just no more paper & drags her away. MAYA WAS IN ON IT THE WHOLE TIME. She was used to bring em out the closet and let A use it against her. 

Also in S2: “I must confess” Maya is scene wearing the exact same tory burch boots -A ordered online. (couldnt find a pic though)

But I think somewhere along the way maya started to really develop feelings and wanted out but A/AD or someone connected to them had stuff on maya forcing her to stay in it so she chooses to run away but A gets her first and kills her before she can get far.

Now lets go back to what I said earlier about her kind of acting like Alison

In the pilot maya asks emily if shes ever smoked and em replies No. Maya says this and the way she says it for some reason really just reminds me of something Ali would say. 

& then later in the episode Spencer sees who she thinks is Ali in Mayas room (ali’s old room) 

But what’s odd is that this person is wearing the same tank Maya was wearing the whole episode.

now this can be explained in a couple ways, either:

1. maya found a blonde wig while looking through the dilaurentis house and tried it on to pretend to be ali.

2. that was really or ali or maybe an ali twin and she was talking to maya & wearing a similiar top? (this one seems too much but wouldnt be surprised if the writers went this way.)

3.maya bought a blonde wig & was really trying to pretend to be someone maybe a trick she learned from a real blonde she knew who liked to wear wigs & be someone else.

       - i’m thinking its this last one! (or i hope it is)

In S2E12: “eye of the beholder” Jason tells em & spencer that maya found some of Ali’s old things in the attic, “Like they were hidden” he thought they threw everything away but maya kept some things, maybe b/c she knew what they were for.

Another thing I wanna point out is maya has mentioned on more than one occasion (1.02 & 1.12) that she has trouble sleeping. I mean I would have trouble sleeping too if I was worried my secrets may catch up to me.

Now I know there a lot of maya theories & some have even said they think she’s A. I don’t think I could really hop on board with maya being A but I do think when mona said “MAYA KNEW” she really meant maya fucking knew, like she knew the game & knew what was going on & just how dangerous A could really be. 

Okay so, we all know there seems to be a couple different teams when it comes to PLL and their alliances. Theres, 

  • AD & Cece (& maybe someone else? idk yet still looking into this)
  • Theres the Liars 
  • Then theres AD’s pawns (Jenna, Noel, Lucas, Shana, Alison (sometimes), Garrett, Mona etc.)

Well i think maya started off as one of these pawns but like all the people above at some point they wanted out and like I said above its likely so did she. 

It’s possible that maybe Ali and Maya knew eachother prior to her disapperance maybe they met on vacation… at cape may.

I saw this picture when I searched up maya clues on google and I almost screamed! I think this Analyzing A tumblr acct found it so i’ll put her link:

Could this mean this is Maya’s unnamed brother? Did she also hang out with Ali, Cece, & Melissa during that summer? Or was she scared of them like she mentioned to emily about attention seeking girls like Alison?

Now I heard from twitter it may be fake but still why would they make the mistake of putting it in the credits? Idk I just think it would be a nice twist for maya to have a deeper connection to Ali than just living in her house. 

UPDATE: MARLENE SAID WE’RE MEETING AN UNKNOWN RELATIVE OF MAYA’S! Some people meationed that reporter Aria went off on in 7.12 may be her brother but I couldn’t find a pic and I didn’t wanna sit through hulu commercials to find out so if someone finds the pic reblog it cause I wanna knowwww!

I mean we find out they had to have known each other either way or at least met before b/c they were both staying in the kahn cabin around the same time!

Also when Ali and Maya’s body are found the scene is so similar they even play the same song.

I think at first Alison gave Maya the idea to fake her death & Noel, Garrett, & Jenna helped her carry it out. 

Marlene also posted this pic on insta w/ 2 dolls that w/ the hashtag #emison but to me the 2 dolls look more like ali and maya then ali and em. Idk I just think there’s alot more to their relationship than we know right now. 

Now lets talk about the night mayas body was presumably found:

Maya trys to call emily but she cant get service so it never goes through, I don’t think this was maya b/c her phone was already stolen by this point. I think A just was trying to distract emily to mess with hanna.

Jumping ahead to when Mona falls off the cliff, we get a zoom in on her watch that says its 12am. The girls then go back to their houses and the cops have a body they think is Mayas.

BUT we later see this video of Maya at the kahn cabin at 1:14am

So are we just really gonna believe it took the liars OVER 1hr & 30m to get to thier houses?? B/c maya had to have got kidnapped and then dragged over to emilys back yard from the cabin and murdered. Which just in my head doesn’t add up with the timeline.

In addition to this I noticed when Maya gets pulled out of the cameras view it doesn’t necessarily mean she was captured by A, I think theres a good chance it was Ali who pulled on her to take her out of view and talk to her. We know Ali was staying there too so maybe she already knew where the cameras were and didnt wanna take any chances being seen seeing as this was before A supposedly knew Ali was alive. 

Now lets talk about after her “Death”:

We find out Maya went to the kahn parties often and met holden before, she was also friendly with Jenna, we see her get into a car with garrett the night she died (But we know he didnt kill her because he was arrested at 12am) & its when Nate (lyndon) is introduced and he is accused of being the one who killed Maya. 

Nate never openly says he killed Maya, in fact some of the things he says when he tries to kill paige kind of indicate he thinks emily has something to do with her death. 

He says “Im gonna do to you, what you did to me. Im gonna take someone from you & you are gonna watch me do it.” 

Its also been speculated that Maya was involved in the night em dug up Ali’s grave b/c they used her bottle of pills to drug her (which was also prescribed after she died) & flashbacks she remembers having + jenna lies to her saying she found her on the street drunk when spencer asks why she lied she says b/c she’s protecting a friend.

This was also one of the flashbacks she remembers having,


Most of me really does believe Maya did end up really dying sometime later before the end of season 3 or in the beginning of season 4 

The girls do find this carved into the dollhouse in S6 maybe AD found maya & took her to the doll house to be his Ali for a while before Mona got there.

But idk i’ve also read alot of theories w/ extra clues and reasons she could indeed still be alive helping out emily and hiding from AD or might even be bethany young herself. So theres that lol. I’m just excited to know that Maya still is relevant b/c her character had so much potential, hopefully mar doesn’t fuck it up!!

Reblog & tell me what you think, do you think maya’s still alive or dead? & if she wasn’t the person in the body bag in 2.25 then who was? 

Oh man, the Dan and Amy thing, they’re so toxic with one another-and we’ve talked about it, as a cast and with the writers-they need each other. They’re that kind of relationship. And I think pendulum swings where it’s like: ‘Oh maybe this is the time that they’re going to sort of line up romantically.’ My honest answer is: I don’t know if they’re ever gonna get there. You know there’s little things and we’ll see, there may be a couple of little sparks here and there, but they have such a history. We wonder-and honestly it’s not that the writers have been trying to keep a secret from us-I think it’s one of the fun things about Veep is that we explore all these things as we go, and nothing is too predetermined until we see how the episodes are really working. So, I don’t know we’ll have to wait and see.
—  Reid Scott, on if he sees Dan and Amy happening (via Entertainment Tonight Facebook live).
Shinee as boyfriends
  • Requested by anonymous
  • Onew: Really frickin adorable. He would be so sweet to you and would make you feel like the most beautiful and loved person in the world. He'd buy you gifts at random times, just to show how much he cares about you. He would love to go on simple dates with you, a picnic being one of his favourites. He would also love to cuddle, and would be really good at it too. Jinki would love to hold you in his arms, and know that you're safe there with him. He would also like to rest his head in your lap, and love it when you run your fingers through his hair. He'd honestly be so sweet and caring, and he would always be there to listen to you and vice-versa. He be so much fun to be with too, and he'd always know how to make you laugh. Whether it was because he told a joke or he was being clumsy, you'd be guaranteed to have a good laugh when you're with him.
  • Key: He'd be so much fun to have as a boyfriend! He would joke around with, and there'd never be a dull moment with him. He would love to take you out on fun dates, something that'd be enjoyable for the both of you. I also feel like he'd really like going on spontaneous dates, where he'd just be waiting for you outside your work/school and he'd take you somewhere nice but simple, like your favourite café. He would also just randomly come over, sometimes to talk or just enjoy your company. He would like to cuddle too, for some reason you guys never really cuddled often. Just saying, but I also feel like he'd be great at making out. I also think he would like to cook for you, and tbh I think kibum would be pretty good at cooking.
  • Minho: He would be really protective of you. I don't really think he'd get necessarily jealous, but the minute someone even threatens to lay a finger on you it would not be pretty. I think he could be really romantic at times, and would love to take you out to expensive restaurants and buy you nice things. He'd want you to know how much you mean to him. I think he would love to buy you flowers, for no real reason except that he wanted to. He would be so cuddly too. I think he'd like to hold you and also be held, he wouldn't really have a preference. More often than not though you'd wake up to him snuggled up to you though, his head nuzzled into your neck. He would also be such a dork though. He would try to show off and look cool at something like soccer, and chances are he'd fail miserably. I also think that Minho would blush easily, like you could say that his hair looked really good today or something along those lines and there's a huge chance that he blush a little bit. Even though he'd try to act tough in front of you he's actually a totally sweetheart. I also think he'd love to give you back hugs.
  • Taemin: He would be really sweet, but I feel like when you first start dating he could be kind of awkward too. He'd want to sweep you off your feet with some smooth line, but end up messing up halfway through. He would be the type of boyfriend to see something at the store and buy it because it reminded him of you. I feel like he'd also be really clingy. Whenever you're together he'd always have an arm around you, or he'd be holding your hand. When you guys are watching a movie or something, I feel like he'd be the one to curl up to you, and that he'd would just enjoy the thought of being held. As for dates, I think Taemin would love to go somewhere like an amusement park! He would go on all the rides with you, and would try to win a stuffed animal for you at one of the games. Although I think he'd be a little shy with PDA, sometimes he would just randomly kiss you. He would try really hard to be a great boyfriend.
  • Jonghyun: If you want someone romantic, he's the one. He would shower you with love. Jonghyun would love to take you out to fancy places, or somewhere meaningful. For an anniversary he'd take you to the place where you had your first date, stuff like that. I also think he would love to buy you jewelry. He would be such a good listener, and you knew you could trust him with anything. He'd also like to joke around a lot too, it wouldn't always be serious with him. I feel like he would love to play pranks on you tbh. He would also love cuddling, and he'd be great at it! I think he would like to be the little spoon more, because it would make him feel more safe. He would give you the world and more if he could.
Ransom Knew First...

okay hear me out alright, he doesn’t know everything. but heres what we do know. 

Bitty and Ransom are good friends, not as good as Holster and Ransom (or Jack and Bitty) but good enough that he cares and certainly spends personal time with just Bitty (see below) 

We also know however, that Ransom doesn’t know about Jack and Kent Parson, given that Ransom seems pretty chill about Parse coming to the party, and clearly either is hiding he is aware of Jacks preferences or plain just doesn’t know, it’s much more likely that Ransom assumes Jack is straight, and only interested in women (See Camilla Collins and Puck Bunnies Jack has most definitely never been sucked off by in his entire life…I know it was Holster who actually SAID it, but it’s reasonable to assume they both think this) 

Further more we know that Jack and Ransom are friends, and share a special kind of bond and we know that while Ransom doesn’t appear to know certain things about Jacks past that maybe Shitty would be more privy too, he still seems to be good friends with him, so it would be maybe fair to assume that Ransom, like most on the team are privy to Jacks more restrained ways of emoting, and his Hockey Robot speak. 

We can see this clearly here In this instance Ransom is just after Jack chews Bitty out on the ice, Ransom is the first to instigate a conversation to tell Bitty (who is new at the time) that this is just how Jack operates, proving he has some understanding of how Jack behaves and why he does, and what angry and indifferent jack looks like versus other types of Jack.

We also know that Ransom takes an active interest in Bitty’s love life even from before he knew he was gay, he instigates a conversation with Bitty about finding him a date for the Winter Screw. He continues to have a vested interest later, and is often asking if he can set Bitty up on dates with guys he knows. So when Bitty starts to more actively turn him down, the boys might not know he’s dating (according to Bitty) but Ransom would probably pick up on it and make assumptions. 


theres a good chance, that if thats true, Ransom knows that Bitty liked Jack, knows that Bitty is seeing someone, and knows that Jack went to see Bitty in Madison over the summer. Here’s the thing though, he doesn’t think Jack and Bitty are dating, at least he’s not sure. But early on Ransom started to see something important. Jack might like Bitty too. We’ve established that Ransom is at least a little fluent in Hockey Robot Speak and is also good at picking up emotionally romantic signals. 

Crude, yeah, but important, because of THIS 

Ransom hangs out with Bitty, and see’s the way that Jack looks at Bitty, and the evolution of Jack looking at Bitty, and Bitty looking at Jack, and you cannot tell me that he doesn’t start to see it change and evolve and turn into this

which leads me to my principal point, knowing all of that, an everything that Ransom knows about Jack and about Bitty, and the Vlog and his twitter, it gives this moment, a hell of a lot of context. 

Look at Ransoms face, thats sympathy, which doesn’t make sense, because usually Ransom and Holster have the same expression and are on the same page and in this instance Holster is disinterested, but Ransom looks Sympathetic. so they are clearly not on the same page, because Ransom knows something about this moment that Holster doesn’t understand. Bitty clearly slips up here, at the end he clearly falters, trying to back track that he doesn’t talk to Jack that often, but Ransom picks it up and covers his ass and look at how he says it. “So good with keeping up with jack….and shits…how often do you guys ALL call.” because Shitty was never mentioned not once, and Bitty never talks about what shitty’s doing RANSOM ADDS THIS like he knows the context is necessary, like he knows that Bitty needs to distance himself from the idea he and ONLY jack talk. to which we see Holster say “Jack calls Bitty More than you call march” so it’s clear to everyone else that its not ALL THE GUYS calling, its JACK AND BITTY. But ransom has the context to understand whats REALLY GOING ON. 

Heres another thing though. He may not know exactly what’s going on but he knows something is happening. He goes out of his way to invite Jack to the kegster at the Haus, 

but from what we see as he barely even spends time with Shitty until he corners him at the end of the party, he never sees Ransom one on one either, and Ransom never seeks him out. Ransom isn’t just some Frog, that Jack kind of knows he’s a good friend, yet, Jack spends the whole time with Bitty, and never is sought out by Jack to make any kind of appearances around the haus, almost like Ransom knew where he would be and who he would be with.  

Then theres after that Kegster. 

Ransom starts the conversation about whether Jack was lying about having a girlfriend, but the context of the conversation is less like he wanted to talk about Jacks secret girlfriend and more like he wanted to reiterate that there wasn’t one. perhaps because Bitty was listening, perhaps because he knew what Shitty said to jack had potentially upset Bitty, and knew he couldn’t approach him about it, more to that though. he brings up Camilla Collins which he makes sure to reiterate was apparently a disaster. So in a conversation he knows Bitty can over hear, he exposes that his only on the record relationship with a woman was a disaster, that shitty was out of line for bringing up whether he was in a relationship, and that wouldn’t be hiding it if it was a woman. More to that, he’s clearly not telling Holster anything, anything he’s found out, anything he’s read or watched, anything he’s assumed, or anything he’s speculated, which means he has to at some level understand that whatever it is Jack and Bitty are keeping from him is something that he CAN NOT SHARE. 

so thats my two cents on the Issue Ransom knows everything. 

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I was at Niall's show last night and he sounds so good live!!! Like super clear and virtually breathless! He's literally a giant middle finger to everyone who ever doubted him! If you ever get a chance to see him live Justine, fucking take it! You won't regret it!! I swear! He was worth the 3 hour drive!


yeaah i wanna see him soo bad. but for me it would be 3 hour flight (because theres noo way his coming to my country) and im too freaking broke atm :( im just gonna lay in my bed and cry about his bulge

this probably doesn’t even make sense but i’ll leave it here anyway

Baby steps

Jun/Joshua, Fluff

963 words

Jeonghan was Joshua’s best friend ever since he moved from the States to attend uni in Seoul two years ago. He was a nervous wreck when he first arrived, not being familiar with the language yet, even though he spoke Korean with his parents at home. He couldn’t read or write properly so he asked Jeonghan for help after he met him in one of his classes.

They were pretty much inseparable since then. That is until Jun came into the picture. Jeonghan and Joshua met him when he transferred from China in his second year. Joshua really liked him but he couldn’t help but be jealous every time Jeonghan and Jun hung out without him. It wasn’t that they didn’t invite him to come along, but he was so busy with work and assignments that he had to decline their offers a few too many times. Joshua even thought Jun liked Jeonghan, like more than a friend. But he couldn’t be sure so he never said anything about it to any of them.

All three of them were now on the night bus, going back home after seeing a local band play at a bar downtown. Jeonghan got off at his station, told them goodnight and headed home. Jun and Joshua still had 15 minutes to go and it was awkward to say the least. They got along just fine when Jeonghan was with them, but once they were left alone they couldn’t keep a conversation going. It was expected of Joshua, since he was a little more shy and reserved, but it was really unusual for Jun, who was always loud and talkative.

It wasn’t the first time this happened, so Joshua decided to confront Jun.

‘Hey, do you like me?’

Jun turned to face Joshua. ‘What?’ He looked surprised. Shocked even.

‘I’m just asking. You don’t really seem to like me. Is it something I did? Because if it is I think we should talk about it.’

‘Oh…’ Joshua wondered why he sounded so disappointed.

‘I mean you don’t seem to have a problem with Jeonghan. You get along with him just fine. More than fine actually.’ Joshua couldn’t believe he just said that.


‘Is that all you have to say?’

‘Do you think I like Jeonghan? As in really like him? Because I don’t. Like him. No.’

‘Ok. So you just have a problem with me.’

‘NO. That’s not what I meant. Jesus…’

‘What then?’

‘I like you, okay? I don’t like Jeonghan. I like you.

Joshua’s eyes widened. That’s not what he was expecting. Far from it. Just as he was about to say something he realised that was their stop. They had to get off the bus now. He didn’t know if he was thankful for the interruption or not. Did Jun actually like him? Did he like Jun, though? He was a little more nervous than usual when he was around Jun, but did he like him?

They were on the sidewalk now, facing each other in silence. He wasn’t sure what to say. What if Jun just said that to get him off his back?

Jun looked at him. ‘Umm…You don’t have to say anything. I’ll, um, go home. See you around.’

That’s when Joshua realised he liked Jun all along. He was just blinded by jealousy. Of Jun or of Jeonghan? He couldn’t be sure now. ‘Wait. Jun.’

He turned back hesitantly. ‘Yeah?’

‘Do you wanna, maybe, walk me home?’

‘Look, you don’t have to do this just because you feel bad about not feeling the same way. I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection. Good night, Joshua.’

Before he could say anything else, Jun was already on his way. Why couldn’t he just tell Jun how he felt when he had the chance? Stupid. Now he let Jun walk away and he wasn’t sure if he could ever bring it up again.

He texted Jeonghan on his way home, telling him what happened. Not even a minute later, he felt his phone vibrate. Jeonghan.

‘What’s up with you? Why didn’t you put him out of his misery already? He’s been talking about you for weeks now. Do you even know how tiring it is to hear someone talk about how awesome and perfect and cute your best friend is? And did you seriously think he liked me? Oh my God you are so oblivious it really is adorable.’

‘Shut up. You’re not helping.’

‘Do me a favour and just call him.’

Did Jeonghan just hang up on him? Why did he even call him in the first place? Couldn’t he just text him like a normal person if he wasn’t about to actually let him reply? But he had a point. Jun liked him, he liked Jun. It was now or never.

He dialled his number and waited. What if Jun didn’t want to talk to him? Why wasn’t he replying? Maybe he changed his mind. Maybe he realised he didn’t actually…


Oh, crap. He answered. What should he say now? Come on, Joshua, say something.

‘Hey.’ Great…

‘Did you call to make fun of me? Cause I’d rather you didn’t.’

‘No. Why would I do that? That’s not why I called.’

‘Why did you then?’

‘I like you too. You didn’t really give me the chance to say it back earlier so I’m saying it now.’

‘Okay…’ He sounded bashful but Joshua could hear the smile in his voice.

‘So do you wanna ditch Jeonghan tomorrow and hang out? Just us? You could actually walk me home this time?’

‘That sounds good. Yeah. We could do that. I’m all for it.’

‘See you tomorrow then. Good night, Jun.’

‘Good night.’

Joshua thought he should listen to Jeonghan more often.

  • Yuri: ::gets fourth in the short program::
  • Me: Thank God! Rules of writing and sports anime dictate that if he'd done better in the short program, he almost certainly would've had no chance to get gold in the GPF, so this is actually a good thing for him! Having him just be first the whole way through would've destroyed the narrative tension. Seeing Yurio do so well is also narratively appropriate for his arc, so that's also not surprising.
  • Yuri: ::in the preview:: Let's end this...
  • Me: Could mean anything. A stinger is meant to leave you in suspense, so I kinda expected this, too. The words in the teaser are just that--to tease. Of course there's gonna be tension and Yuri's gonna freak out--he has chronic anxiety and self-doubt. Yuri and Viktor still look in love and happy, so it's probably just referring to coaching and shit. I am literally not surprised by any of this.
  • Me: ...
  • Me: Whelp, time to blacklist the tag until next week, because this shit it going to drive me insane.
i know these are everywhere but: the signs as people i know
  • Aries: very awkward when receiving compliments. when falling in love, he falls hard and constantly talks about them and showers them in compliments. used to be an emotional train wreck but now a wonderful, happy person who helps people through their tough times. a huge sucker for fictional girls.
  • Taurus: a complete asshole to people outside of his friend group. says acting like someone you're not to fit in is stupid, but he does it anyway. doesn't care if he's made fun of. likes to make inappropriate jokes. funny.
  • Gemini: one of the sweetest boys you will ever meet. always looks out for his friends and gives them compliments. will stay up to talk a friend out of suicide. will call you out on your bullshit. doesn't take bullshit.
  • Cancer: although annoying at times, he's nice and supportive. smiles when he's mad. cries over fictional characters and uses them as a coping method. really smart but doesn't think he is. doesn't apologize for things he should apologize for. sometimes childish, and tries to be independent.
  • Leo: she's happy and positive yet angry. however, once you're close to her you'll see she's very loving. very protective over her friends. gets in fights often. calls people out on their bullshit, and doesn't take any bullshit.
  • Virgo: a perfectionist and control freak. always falls for the wrong person. tells her best friend everything. loves to sing and dance but doesn't do it in front of people. doesn't cry easily.
  • Libra: the kindest yet rudest boy ever. always looks out for his friends, but sometimes says the wrong things and offends them. tries a little too hard to fit in. awkward. a huge nerd.
  • Scorpio: really good at hiding his emotions. loves beyonce a lot. smart with computers, and when given the chance to talk about his interests he can talk about them for hours. doesn't mind seeing pda but prefers not to do it himself. funny and loved by all.
  • Sagittarius: strong, cool, doesn't give a fuck. however there's a time when she's held in her emotions for so long that she just needs to cry it out. loves sports. doesn't mind doing things that would get her labeled as childish - she thinks it's fun. not afraid to speak her mind and not afraid to tell people personal things (such as her weight) if they ask.
  • Capricorn: nice around everyone but her family. yells a lot and gets angry easily. when she wants something done, she does it quick and efficiently. doesn't like to read. loves watching movies and tv when she has free time. prefers to spend time by herself.
  • Aquarius: a blunt asshole. that's not all he is, though. says sappy shit like ' i really fell for you ' and he's really sweet sometimes. however, lots of things annoy him so when talking to him, you should tread carefully. loves video games.
  • Pisces: very nice, but gets offended and jealous easily. when he falls in love, it's difficult for him to get out of it. loves to compliment his crush/friends. a huge flirt around his crush, and lowkey perverted. a huge sucker for tokyo ghoul.

with the trailer potentially coming around the corner, in all seriousness i really wish people won’t be too disappointed with skam if even is not season 4 main. i know its fun to get our hopes up with all the hilarious textposts and amazing theories and he really would be perfect and i personally would LOVE to see his season, but please dont be discouraged/stop watching if hes not the main!! if you are genuinely expecting even to be the main and only watching it for that reason, then you’re failing to see the entire show for how amazing it really is. theres a really good chance that season 4 can also be about sana who is gonna have an awesome message to send and seeing life from a muslim teenager’s point of view is super important and im really hoping the hype for even doesnt reflect badly if it ends up being sana. Cause regardless of who the main is, this show always sends a beautiful message through some bad ass scenes and relationships and thoughts and interactions and i cant wait for new content!! Having even as main would just be a BONUS 😩👏🏽

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Do you think Mashima sensei has planned to make some of the main characters die before the end of the series?(Maybe it's one of the deuteragonists.) He is very good at creating the touching scenes, based on his previous work 'Rave', and I think there's a chance to see those kind of sad scenes in Fairy Tail too. I afraid he will eventually do that thing to my favorite character. Please share your opinion! Anyway, your blog is amazing, it's like a treasure trove for Fairy Tail's international fan.

Hi! While I know the gist of what Rave is about, I haven’t read the series myself, so I’m not going to make any mention of that here. And since the topic of character death is being brought up, let me just expand a little on it as well, and not just limit it to talk of the major characters. I hope you don’t mind, Anon! I’m sorry that this ended up being way longer than expected. 

Are more character deaths possible? Yes.

Things were pretty light-hearted at the start of the manga. There was a good share of more comedic moments, and while we saw the Fairy Tail mages going on quests, they were never in too much danger even if they did get hurt. The first death we saw was that of Simon in the Tower of Heaven arc, and he was a minor character. We were told that Lisanna died, but she was actually in Edolas. Even the villians didn’t die!

However, things started getting serious in the Tenrou Island arc. We saw two villains, Zancrow and Hades, being killed, and that opened the way for more character deaths. Lucy’s dad died. Future Lucy died. Gray technically died too, and not to mention Future Rogue. Deaths are no longer limited to villains or minor characters. In the more recent Tartarus arc, Mashima-sensei did not hesitate to kill off Silver and the Dragons, parental figures to the major characters in the story.

With the story getting darker from then on, it’s very possible that we’ll see more characters dying. The battles are getting more serious, and the enemies are getting tougher. It’s reasonable to expect that there will be more casualties, and not just those belonging to the “bad” side. 

Who else should die though? Should it be a major character? If so, who?

It’s easier to kill off minor characters as compared to major ones. (But it doesn’t mean that the deaths of minor characters can be belittled, or that their deaths have no value.) The death of a major character has to be well-justified. That death will cause major grief to both the remaining characters and the readers, and it has to push the story forward. Readers will not be satisfied if the character death is written simply for the sake of character death. There has to be a good reason for it, and it must not be in vain.

I consider Natsu and Lucy the main characters, with the other major characters being Erza, Gray and Wendy. Gajeel and Juvia are featured often as well, but I’m not sure if they are considered major characters. (I’ve included them in this though.) I’ve tried to come up with some reason for and/or against their deaths, and based on that, think of how probable it is that they might be killed off IF a major character has to die.

Natsu: I don’t think he’ll die. He’s the hero and the main character, and it’s rare that the hero dies permanently in shounen manga. We see Natsu never giving up even when the odds are against him. And he decided to bring Fairy Tail back after hearing that the guild was disbanded from Lucy. His actions bring hope to the readers, and killing him off would destroy this.

Lucy: She’s the other main character, so taking into consideration the main character benefits in shounen, I’d say that she’s pretty safe too. We already had Future Lucy who died, and would Mashima-sensei make us relive that with the current Lucy dying? I can see Lucy being willing to sacrifice herself for Natsu when the struggle with END and/or Zeref comes, but I think that Mashima-sensei would find a way to keep her from dying permanently.

Erza: I wouldn’t want her to die, but I think the chance of her dying is the highest out of all the members of Team Natsu. Natsu once told Erza that “You don’t die for your friends; You live for them”. I believe that Erza will do her best to live no matter what nasty situation she finds herself in. If she does die however, I think it’d be in a situation where she’s overpowered rather than one where she chooses to sacrifice herself. She’s going to fight with all she has till the very end. I’m really hoping it never happens though.

Gray: Less likely than Erza, but more than Natsu and Lucy. Mainly because I feel that after all that Ur and Ultear have done for him, their sacrifice would feel meaningless if Gray still ends up dying. (Too huge a tragedy? His parents are dead, Ur’s dead, and Ultear doesn’t have that many years to live…) He died when the dragons came, but was saved by Ultear. He might come really close to death in the battle with END though… I think he’d be mostly safe if he survives that.

Wendy: Maybe? While I don’t see a good reason for killing her off, I also can’t think of a very compelling reason as to why she has to be kept alive. Killing off someone so young feels rather cruel though. :/

Gajeel: Maybe? As with Wendy, I can’t think of any compelling reasons as to why he should or shouldn’t stay alive. Perhaps more possible as compared to Wendy since she’s still so young.

Juvia: Unlikely, for the reason that Gray has lost too many important people to him already. Killing off Juvia might well be the same as killing of Gray.

Happy, Charle, Pantherlily: I thought I’d include them since they’re constantly with their partners. I can see the possibility that they they might die in the crossfire of the larger battles that are to come. Their deaths could be used as a trigger for something, especially in Happy’s case.

If a major character had to die, I think that Erza, Wendy and Gajeel (if you consider him as one) are the more probable ones. However, I can’t think of compelling reasons as to why they should die, or how their deaths would move the story forward significantly. Perhaps this might change with the future chapters though.

The problem that Fairy Tail now faces

We see that the tone of Fairy Tail has now changed significantly, especially noticeable from the Tartaus arc onwards. Character deaths become even more possible as the plot gets darker. But we now face a problem of the readers not expecting a major character to die.

Let me quote jhayni-in-the-rain on this, since she put it beautifully in her post that addresses the topic of character deaths:

But the problem he runs into is that people entered Fairy Tail through the “Fun Adventures” part. Pretty much everything he did up to Tenrou proved to us that we could safely fall in love with any one of his large cast of characters. We could be confident that our beloved character would survive to the end.

Mashima-sensei has once tweeted that what he wants to draw isn’t always the same as what the fans want to read. That is the difficult part for him. When he’s troubled by that, he chooses to go with what the readers want. That’s the answer that he arrived at in his 15 years of experience, but it isn’t the answer to everything.

No one wants their favourite character to die. And going by what Mashima-sensei mentioned in that tweet above, does it mean that our favourite characters are definitely safe? I wouldn’t say so. Mashima-sensei himself acknowledged that going with what the readers want isn’t the answer to everything. As a mangaka, his job is to come up with a good story and draw it out. He has to make his story believable. Fairy Tail is Action, Adventure and Fantasy, and it encompasses themes such as hope, friendship, overcoming obstacles, as well as the whole concept of good versus evil. We know that good will win in the end, but sacrifices have to be made along the way. You can’t have character deaths being limited to only the villains and very minor characters. It just isn’t convincing that way.

Is Mashima-sensei capable of writing the death of the major character? I’m sure he’s more than capable of that. Mashima-sensei has put his characters through painful situations. He’s put Gray through the pain of losing his family and Ur, as well as the pain of knowing Ultear’s sacrifice. Gray lost Silver after being reunited with him. Lucy’s father died without her being able to patch up with him. She also had to watch her future self die. Natsu went through the pain of losing Igneel, as well as watching Future Lucy die before him. Erza has painful memories of her childhood, and that had a large impact on her until today. As readers, we too went through the same pain as our favourite characters did. Is the idea of a major character too far-fetched when you take this into consideration? It isn’t to me.

But should Mashima-sensei kill off a major character, and would he? Is there a way where he can have a meaningful death that moves the plot forward without it having to be a major character that dies instead? I think he can achieve a “compromise” by having a secondary character die instead. Someone like Makarov is a plausible candidate, and I could see him dying in the process of protecting the guild members. He’s come very close to doing so on Tenrou Island, and it might just happen in one of the future battles.

Makarov is not just the guild master of Fairy Tail, but also a fatherly figure to the guild members, many of whom are without parents. Losing Makarov would have a huge impact on both the guild and its members. His death would no doubt be painful, but would also keep the younger generation safe. It can also serve to mark a change in generations. We’ll see someone of the younger generation becoming Master. The younger generation will also keep moving forward to keep Fairy Tail alive, as well as celebrate the memory of their previous master and he legacy he left behind (along with the previous masters). And since this is Fairy Tail we’re talking about, the remaining guild members will no doubt continue to do Makarov proud.

While character deaths have already happened in Fairy Tail, they have thus far been limited to secondary/minor characters (movie aside). Given how things are heating up, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the characters that gets more panel time dies. However, rather than it being a major character, I think that it’s more plausible for someone from the older generation to die instead.

I don’t like seeing characters die, but it has to happen if the story is to be taken seriously. You can’t have talk of how these upcoming villains are so powerful and dangerous, and have all these big fights with practically no casualties. If so many of these villains die despite being so powerful, it doesn’t make sense that none of the characters on the “good” side die. It’s too unrealistic even for something from the Fantasy genre. You might be able to get away with it a couple of times, but every fight can’t end up like that.

I don’t know if Mashima-sensei has planned to have a major character die, but if that ever happens, I think that it will be for a very good reason. I feel that Mashima-sensei would try to avoid that if possible though, and one possible way to do so is to kill off a secondary character with a relatively large influence on the characters and/or plot instead.

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The "fuck the poor" gifset confuses me, too. It's good to see people taking a stance, but no one does anything when he's wearing the "help the poor" sign because there's no action to take in the situation. He's not handing out pamphlets to build houses or give out food to impoverished people, he's simply making a statement. It's not people being indifferent or lazy. It's people not being given a chance to help when they would if given an opportunity.

well, one guy did say, “the guy is cold down there, go and give him a blanket.” so my question is why can people think of even subtle ways to help the poor when the sign says “fuck the poor” but not when it says “help the poor”?

Seventeens reaction to bath bombs

“Seventeen hyung line reaction to you inviting them to take a bath will you because you got new bath bombs” 

Scoups: You: i got new bath bombs D-” Scoups “ill meet you there” when you asked he’d be a little taken a back but with out even thinking twice he’d join.

Jeonghan: *laughs because he’s flustered* “i don’t see why not” he’d be really flustered, blushing a ton. After he came back to his senses theres no chance he’d turn down this offer.

Joshua: *totally digging the idea* “well it is my birthday after all” doesn’t mind at all kidding or not he’d go with you. He’d get really blushy and nervous once he realized what be agreed to.  

Jun: “finally putting the bath to good use” i don’t even need to explain you know he’s a tease. You’d end up forgetting the bath bombs trust me.

Hoshi: Hoshi would be a little too excited. “really” After he found out you were serious watch out because soonyoung was left at the bathroom door you just invited hoshi with you. 

Wonwoo: Honestly he’d been a little fluff ball about this blushing and smiling but at some point he’d take a complete turn. “if you can handle it” chill… wonwoo its a bath..

woozi: At first he thought you were joking so he’d just laugh it off but when he noticed you weren’t, his smile would get bigger and a blush would appear. He wouldn’t even care that he’d smell fruity after. “well since you offered..” 

There's just something about 7x13...

That scene where Enzo tells Damon that he didn’t really kill Elena and that he was hallucinating…he then went on to say that he “saw what he wanted to see”
Why would Damon want to see his girlfriend being burned to ashes and his reaction to finding out that she was still alive was so half assed too not to mention that it seemed as if the whole “second chance” thing had to do more with his and Stefan’s relationship and bond that he thought was done for for good
This episode was so Defan XD and the Steroline flashback part reminded me of when Mike Delfino died and we saw all his flashbacks with Susan XD
Loved the Bamon scenes and how protective Damon was over Bonnie’s own feelings
We also got to see how important their friendship was to him
I hated that Reyna killed Bo :( he was my favorite witchpire…sighs
And I noticed that Reyna looks like Elena, not to mention that their names even sound the same
Loved the scene where all the witchpire heretics came together to help Caroline with the babies being delivered, I’ve been calling that scene for a while now lol but I didn’t think they’d actually do that

Overall it was a good episode 😳
But omg the part at the end where Caroline is driving to New Orleans 🙈 Klaroline….💕 finally omg i missed that pair 😭💓