there's a gap

ok, but can we appreciate that the egyptian crossovers happen just after the fight with gaia, and magnus chase then starts that winter i think? meaning after the titan war things happened incredibly quickly

so let’s think about annabeth and percy, and everything that’s happened to them after the last olympian: 

  • Percy got kidnapped with his memory taken away, and it turns out roman gods exist
  • They had to travel to the ancient lands and kill a bunch of giants in another Great Prophecy
  • They had to face Gaia, a primordial
  • They discovered the egyptian gods exist, met up with some egyptian magicians, and destroyed some egyptian villains
  • They discover the norse gods exist; Annabeth’s cousin is a dead warrior; they find out the Chase family attracts immortals because they’re descended from a powerful line; and they also have to help said cousin doing who knows what
  • Apollo, one of the, ahem, annoying gods, becomes mortal, communications between the camps break down, and it turns out some roman emperors are still alive and kicking

like honestly they just finished the titan war… this was supposed to be the big event in their lifetime and then in pretty much a year and a half they go from thinking the greek gods are the only ones to exist, to finding out there are roman, egyptian and norse gods, and some of the gods don’t even have the decency to stay immortal, like these poor souls

do you remember when they had a year’s break between each quest and now look

Seeing posts about how Rebels could end after S3 really makes me realise how much i need this show to LIVE.

some of yall: “u cant ship lucio x !! thats a 7 year age gap !! gross !!”

the same yall: “sombra x dva yass !!”

Prompt // Soda

Requested by anon;

“You look good in my clothes.”

It was late… or should I say early, it was 1:00 in the morning, and Soda and you had just had a long night together. Darry wasn’t supposed to be home and POny was out with Dal and Johnny, so you two had the house all to yourselves. Plus, it had been awhile since you and Soda had sex. You both had a great time, sometimes when theres a gap in the sex life, the first time back at it is the best type of sex. 

You both had jumped in the shower together. You wanting to wash off the sin that happened in the other room. HOwever, Soda seemed to have other plans. Your back was facing him as you let the water run down your face, down your neck. Then, you thought the wild night was over, until you felt his hard against your ass. He started giving little pecks at your neck as he gripped your waist. “We cant..” you said, dulling the mood. Admittingly, you were exhausted by the previous hours of what you had done together. He just sighed, trying to be understanding. You washed your body, continuing to turn him on, teasing him. Then you turned the water off and you both got out. You went to his room, and he went to make you some food. You came out, drying your hair in a towel, wearing his sweats and flannel. “mmm Whatcha makin?” you ask. When he turns around he cracks a sly smirk. 

You look good in my clothes”.


The Doctor downloads ‘Pokemon Go’ onto the Dalek mainframe giving all Daleks the game. Pokemon start randomly popping up on the Daleks radar and they have no idea what they are. Being Daleks they try to exterminate this new alien race but in actuality are just safely shooting at nothing. The Daleks are so busy fighting this new never ending war that they have no time to fight with anybody else and the universe is safe. 

      idk guys i’m still on this. another thing that makes me squirm abt perc*co is like… they’re 4 years apart. when Percy is a legal adult Nico is only 14 years old. 14yos have no business being in relationships with legal adults like even if you set it forward Nico’s 18 and Percy is twenty-two years old. on the other side of college. it’s just super uncomfortable like i’m 22 and i can’t imagine being in a relationship with an 18 year old. my 18yo friends are children to me. i’m even still a lil nervous sharing spicy headcanons about stuff with them even tho it’s not like it’s legally frowned upon or anything. 

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I'm probably gonna get back into the series, stopped after the second arc. Do you think I should pick up at the third, or just move on to the newest one?

um if u skip the third you won’t really understand anything in the 4th arc. u could probably read the 5th but you’ll still be confused bc theres like a 6yr time gap. imo if u wanna get back in but don’t wanna read the third i suggest dotc and the super editions o:

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her toe-claws are inverted :0 awesome! Also her exoskeleton looks like hard plating, but her tum looks soft maybe? If you ever decide to explain her outer layer that'd be cool!

theyre actually not originally i fucked that up……..i think the toes claws will be similar to human feet with the bigger claws in instead of out

but on the other hand ur mostly right on the rest their bodies consist on hard plating thats just kinda like extra bones/armor that rest on muscle just under the skin (but the trolls still have like a skeleton underneath the muscle)

the skin kinda uh “wraps” underneath each plate a bit so theres gaps or dips in between them for like…movement/or like breathe-ability or something like that, you could even grab under them and pull but you know itd hurt the troll

but there are some places without that extra plating/or less plating that is softer(not as soft as a human) and more vulnerable (stomach/part of the back/area by the neck/pads of fingers/etc)

It’s interesting looking at my journal sometimes. Flipping back through the pages you can see how I’ve changed even without reading the words. In just a few years my handwriting has become almost drastically different.
And then there’s the pages. Viewed from the side you can see where I’ve stopped writing not only by the attached ribbon but by the way the pages change from a faded beige/white into a bright white.
Maybe it’s vain but I almost feel like I’m writing a personal story of my life and thoughts for some future generation. I hope someday far in the future long after I’m gone that someone can connect with it.