there's a card for that

ive been looking at footage of the bnha arcade game and its so good i wanted to share these:

mic does this stupid fucking dance before using his special, Destroy Voice:

and heres a video of aizawa KILLING endeavor with Eraser Whips:

the game is called 僕のヒーローアカデミア 激突!ヒーローズバトル (My Hero Academia Clash! Heroes Battle) 


behind the sea // panic! at the disco

anonymous asked:

Do you know theres a cat cafe membership card that belongs to aizawa, that is also offical merch? Like theres a legit card u can get with his handwritten name on it and you can see how many times he went to the cat cafe. He almost filled up the card :D But i think its an event only merch so they dont have it anymore. But it was amazing

Ohhh my goodness, really? I wish I could see it, haha. Ty for letting me know this exists!! 🙏