there's a big difference between the two


id just like to talk about THIS bc imagine what a fucking reality check this is for bits?? like okok his best friend/boyfriend is in the nhl, nbd right?? talking about it to the team about how cool it is that their little hockey robot captain is in the nhl now! like woah!! but theres a huge difference between talking about how jacks a big pro athlete and actually seeing it for yourself!!! like lil bitty is walking into this big HUGE professional sports arena and he looks up and he sees jack, the boy he’s been literally talking to nonstop since may, his old captain and teammate and current boyfriend up on a giant fucking billboard in the arena like fucking imagine and no one even knows you two are dating!! so bitty probably is just quietly internally freaking out bc like ‘holy shit guys im about to see my boyfriend play as a professional nhl player omg’

[Another note that I want to make is that Hades is NOT Satan or the Devil. In fact, you’d be lucky to have Hades as your ruler when you died (unless you were very very bad). Because, if you were neutral or good, chances are that Hades would give you a comfortable afterlife instead of automatically burning in the pits of Hell. Well, my Hades, anyway.]