there's a better one coming soon ok

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@that anon who's 19 turning 20. I am the same age as you and turning 20 very soon and never had a boyfriend too. It's ok honestly there's not real rush. It's better to wait for the right one to come along, then going out with some random guy. I just want to say that I was worried before too, but there's a lot people like me and you, so don't overthink too much. Whatever happens happens, don't feel pressurise about having a boyfriend.

22 years old here, never dated, never kissed. Kind of feels better to know there are more girls like me here lol

I think that having high but realistic standards is important but tbh most of the girls here wouldn’t date an unattractive guy even if he would be nice. They want an attractive guy they see romanticized everywhere. Even better, he should love them regardless of how they look because they are girls and girls can’t be judged by looks because femism blah blah. This is bullshit. It’s just double standarizing. If you have high standars you should expect to be judged by those standards too.

Tbh i was depressed about never having a bf or anything but now im 18 never even had my first kiss, and honestly i got so independent like i dont even think about having a bf, the only thing i think about is myself and how to improve who i am, you dont need anyone else to do that, its nice to have a bf and all but when u think of it you are the most important person for yourself and your self-love is more important than someone else loving you

There’s no reason to rush anything. When you’re ready, you’re ready :) I agree with the self love thing, that’s so important for any kind of relationship.