there's a bear

The other night husband and I were watching a documentary about the yeti where they were doing DNA analysis of samples of supposed yeti fur, and every one of them came back as bears.

Anyway, the next night we watched a thing about some pig man who is supposed to live in Vermont. People said it had claws and a pig nose but walked upright like a man. Now, I happen to know that sideshows used to shave bears and present them as pig men. So every piece of evidence they gave of this monster sounds to me like a bear with mange.

So now the running joke in our house is that everything is bears. Aliens? Bears. Loch Ness monster? Bear. Every cryptozoological mystery is just a very crafty bear.

Bears. They’re everywhere. Be wary. Anyone or anything could be a bear.

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And the video is basically about H sending a mini me to fight on his behalf, and feigning ignorance in front of everyone but smirking to himself in the end. Kinda like how he sent RBB, another mini me that fought quite a few battles for him. 🤷‍♀️

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Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.

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✿Send this to 10 other bloggers that you think are wonderful. Keep the game going, make someone smile!✿

Thanks, Rex!! I honestly should not be doing this, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to tease haha,, In return, here’s a glimpse of what I’ll be working on in the mere future!! I’m quite sure you know where this is from B)

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”


Even when it doesn’t seem like it, Rose always listens to even the most trivial things the Doctor says.

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Honestly I love the friendship between Marcus and Thomas. They're not afraid to let each other know that they're worried, and they're quick to reassure and be there for each other. Not to mention physical contact between them isn't awkward or weird. They're very honest with each other and it's kind of refreshing to see such a partnership and friendship that is platonic but so well maintained and close on television.

I completely agree! There’s something so easy and comfortable between Marcus and Tomas, that no matter how frustrated they get with each other, no matter how deeply they may disagree on things, they’re still there for each other.

One of my favorite moments that encapsulates this aspect to their friendship came from the newest episode where Marcus goes from pissed off that Tomas had snuck into the house and poked the demon alone, at night–without Marcus–

and once Marcus sees how affected Tomas is, he forgets his anger and immediately goes into Worried Papa Bear Mode

And Tomas is so open to Marcus handling him and caring for him and seeing him in this weakened state. Honestly. They’re just so sweet

They can be this open and honest, they can show their vulnerable underbellies without fear (Tomas with his visions and Marcus sharing his past). Even when they cut through each other, and claw at each other’s deepest vulnerability in frustration, they still come back together because they care and they need each other. They really do have such an amazing intimacy (as well as chemistry *fans self*).