there's a bear

The other night husband and I were watching a documentary about the yeti where they were doing DNA analysis of samples of supposed yeti fur, and every one of them came back as bears.

Anyway, the next night we watched a thing about some pig man who is supposed to live in Vermont. People said it had claws and a pig nose but walked upright like a man. Now, I happen to know that sideshows used to shave bears and present them as pig men. So every piece of evidence they gave of this monster sounds to me like a bear with mange.

So now the running joke in our house is that everything is bears. Aliens? Bears. Loch Ness monster? Bear. Every cryptozoological mystery is just a very crafty bear.

Bears. They’re everywhere. Be wary. Anyone or anything could be a bear.


Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.


Humanized ver. of the gang is here!! (Except for Flug and Demencia ofc they’re already human)


Even when it doesn’t seem like it, Rose always listens to even the most trivial things the Doctor says.

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Hi! So I just watched "Kitten Time in Kitten Town," and I see there's a cat that bears resemblance to Viktor. The fluffy fur, one eye, and seeing that he looks rather big (but with only kittens to compare thats a bit of a stretch.) So who is this mystery cat?

That’s Luca.  That he’s a big, one-eyed fluff like Viktor is kind of just a weird coincidence.  When  I started work on Lackadaisy, he belonged to one of my neighbors and was still binocular.  They left him to his own devices outside most of the time, but he’s an unusually friendly cat and everyone in the neighborhood knew him because he was always porch-hopping for treats and pets.  In 2010, he went off-grid for a time and then reappeared in my backyard, caked in blood and suffering some pretty gruesome head trauma.  I opened my door to him and gaped as he stumbled inside, made his way to a toilet, climbed in and tried to drink the water with his dislocated jaw hanging uselessly.  He also had a swollen face-ful of infection, which told me he’d been walking around with his injuries for at least a couple of days, uncared for.  I rushed him to a vet who told me to euthanize him.  So I took him to a different vet.  They said, “okay - we can work with this.”  That became my go-to vet clinic from that point on, and Luca became my cat.  Several surgeries later, he’s got one functioning eye, a crooked jaw, a couple of teeth, a boxer’s nose, and an 8-cylinder purr.  He’s also a total sweetheart (and a walking allergy attack for unfortunate visitors who immediately become the focus of his drooly lovey-dovings). 

Anyway, along with all of 2016′s other shenanigans, it brought me a feral mom-cat and her six little imps. Solid black, all of them.  They were camping out under a (different) neighbor’s porch.  I ended up hosting them because I had the humane trap and, well, no one else here was going to deal with it.  I had their mom spayed and released (I still feed her), but I couldn’t find a single rescue, no-kill or foster group that had room or who would take on a litter of feral kittens in need of human socializing.  I was stuck in a position of having to either dump them at a high kill rate shelter (which I was just physically incapable of doing) or socialize them all myself and somehow find homes for them afterward.  

Playing with six feral kittens and getting them to like you might sound like a giddily fun and easy thing to do but…it is not. Point of fact, it is hell.  
They had already learned from their mother to perceive people as predators and, unless I was motionlessly holding out some tasty morsel at arm’s length and making no eye-contact whatsoever - prostrate like a browbeaten acolyte with a meager offering of turkey - they would not let me anywhere near them. It was all hissin’ and poppin’ and hiding and literal scrambling up walls and curtains in panicked escape.  I made seemingly no progress with them for the better part of two weeks.  I had just recently lost Calvin, my work was suffering, I was getting no sleep, my house was a warzone strewn in cat litter shrapnel, I knew I was hopelessly in over my head, and I was feeling and functioning like the wreckage of a former human being.  Aaand Luca totally saved the day.

I was keeping the kittens and my own cats separate for probably obvious reasons.  My cats wanted nothing to do with the interlopers anyway…except Luca, who kept insisting I allow him into the fray upstairs.  He was curious, and the kittens had been de-wormed, de-flead and SNAP tested, so I relented and let him up.  The kittens took to him instantaneously, all purrs, chirrs and rubs.  He, in turn, was wholly tolerant of them clamoring over him, chewing on him, and playing with his tail.  Most importantly, as long as he was with me, they were suddenly trusting me to interact with them.  His ambassadorship got me over an enormous hurdle in the socializing process, and happily, most of them have now been adopted out.  The remaining two are still his loyal fans.  So am I, really.  

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Who's the worst sleeper of the gang?

It’s a hazard of the job.

“I’m a big country, so I know I’ll be just as tall as you one day!”

“Hah, you wish!”

My fav Mother Mother albums are basically a list of the albums chronologically (with Touch Up being my fav and Very Good Very Bad Thing being my least fav) so while I was excited for this new album I was aware it might not be for me as their style has been evolving into a more stadium rock sound that’s more produced and my favorites of theirs are the more weird and stripped down things that focus on risky, unpredictable melodies and harmony. 

But actually No Culture is probably above the Sticks for me in terms of number of songs I love, maybe tied with Eureka actually though there certainly is a more stadium vibe, they seem to have found a good balance between style and scope. It’s an awesome album. I am very pleasantly surprised. :)

You know what really irks me? When people say that Boruto’s characters aren’t as interesting or that the plot isn’t as developed as the Naruto characters when there’s ONLY 3 EPISODES IN THE ANIME. Do you know where the Naruto characters were in episode 3 of the anime? It was when Naruto and Sasuke were squabbling like brats, Sakura was treating Naruto like dirt, very little plot was introduced besides a hinted darker BG for Sasuke, Sakura was misled by Naruto when he disguised himself as Sasuke, and Kakashi was barely introduced as the team leader near the end. If I had just stopped there and said, “Wow this is really boring, I’m not invested in these characters, they’re real brats, and the plot is really slow. I’m dropping it here, this series sucks.” then most of the fandom would be like “Hey wait, hold on, it gets better! Don’t judge it by it’s first few episodes. The characters are really interesting and the plot is great!” Yet here I am, seeing a chunk of people in this exact same fandom trashing Boruto for having a slow first few episodes that are actually better paced than Naruto’s.

Heck, I wasn’t invested in MORE THAN HALF of the Naruto characters until at least the Chuunin exams, and even then, I only began getting interested in a lot of major characters near the end of the series. 

The Boruto anime is taking some time to flesh out the cast, and I appreciate that immensely. Because if there was one issue I had with Naruto, it was that I only cared about a handful of characters while I was reading the series, because only a handful of characters were really fleshed out and developed. 

It’s just really irritating when people are comparing the development and plot in 3 episodes of Boruto (plus or minus the one new chapter of manga content) to 700 CHAPTERS (720 EPISODES) OF NARUTO. Well no duh you’re more invested in Naruto characters, you had to be to get this far. And the reason you’re invested is because you gave it a chance. 

I’m not saying that one series is better than the other, I’m saying that this is the most impatient and judgmental fandom I have ever been a part of, and that really confuses me. We should be accepting of a new series, rather than dismissing it because it’s not exactly like its predecessor, that the old gen characters aren’t as involved, or that the children actually, you know, resemble their parents in appearance (this is by far the dumbest [yet most common] argument I’ve seen, but whatever).

All I’m saying is that people need to give the series a chance. Take off your nostalgia goggles and appreciate the series for what it is. The environment is lively, the characters are fun, there’s so many different possibilities, and there’s already a looming, darker plot hinted at for us to explore and look forward to. As someone who only got into Naruto as a high schooler, and lacks the nostalgia bias, I can easily say that Boruto is definitely full of potential and it’s on the right path.