Welcome To The Tournament!
     Part One: Quiz Show

Any confusion and worry had been washed away once the four woke up and noticed that everything was okay. Everything had been black for so long and it had hit so suddenly. They had also found themselves in an atrium. It was quite large and there was a large sign on the wall welcoming them. There were two long podiums separated from each other on the lower floor and off the stage. It looked long enough for four people to stand behind, and from the distance there appeared to be red buttons. The room was rather bright as well, full of florescent lights and decorations on the walls of the atrium. Overall, it gave a friendly vibe, but it also felt strangely suspicious. There were also four large chairs on the stadium and one lone microphone. It wouldn’t have felt so suspicious if they hadn’t been knocked out in order to get there.

Dusting himself off, Natsu scoffed. “Eeh…I don’t trust this place. Who would set up a game show or whatever?”

Lucy began walking towards the podiums and examined them. She tilted her head to the side and fingered a golden plaque. “Hey, this one says Team Fairy Tail.” She called over her shoulder, grabbing the other three’s attention. “It doesn’t appear to be dangerous.”

“Don’t trust it.” Natsu repeated.

“One thing is for sure, though. We gotta get something for Mika to stand on so she can reach the buzzer.” Grey added after doing a height comparison. “So tiny…”

“Still don’t trust it.”

Before Mika had any chance to add anything, another door opened which immediately made the four go on edge and glance towards it. Coming through it were familiar faces. Rather, only one of them seemed familiar to Mika and that was a certain blonde idiot of a Dragon Slayer. Everyone else seemed to be relieved at the faces, however, so Mika was quick to settle down. There were only four of them. The blonde idiot, a girl with snow white hair, a woman with black hair, and a man with black hair and red eyes. One thing that was quick to notice was that they shared the same symbol. So, like the blonde idiot, they must have all been from what she remembered was “Sabertooth”.

“Sting! Rogue!” Natsu called with a sigh of relief, completely forgetting how he easily distrusted the place. “It’s been a while!”

“Yukino and Minerva, too!” Lucy chimed whilst clasping her hands together.

“…Mister Sting.” Mika greeted with a glare.


With the exception of Mika and Sting, everyone was glad to see each other. Their worries towards the game show atrium was washed away, seeing as they were with people they mostly trusted and respected. It wasn’t long before the side door on the far right opened, and four figures walked in. Only Natsu, Grey and Lucy seemed familiar with them. Though, Team Sabertooth didn’t know them quite well, they did know of them. They just weren’t as excited as Team Fairy Tail was.

“It’s Laxus and the Raijinshu!” Lucy chimed again. “Freed! Evergreen! Bixlow!”

Clearly, everyone was familiar with one another while Mika remained confused. “Rai-what…?” Mika asked awkwardly before stepping up on the crate Grey had pushed over for her to stand on behind the podium. “Why am I even here if I’m not actually in Fairy Tail…”

“Okay, boring introductions over! What’s goin’ on here, Laxus?!” Natsu shouted before he finally joined everyone behind the Team Fairy Tail podium, ignoring any annoyed glances he was getting.

Laxus went up to the microphone while the other three were messing around with some papers that had who knows what on it. “We decided that everyone needed a good way to blow off some steam and get together. So we set up a tournament. Starting with a quiz game.” His voice was casual when announcing before he stepped back and sat on one of the large chairs.

“Team Fairy Tail vs Team Sabertooth, huh?” Grey noted as he glanced to the other side. The only difference between this and the Grand Magic Games was that there were less members on both teams. And a member who wasn’t in either guild but accompanied Fairy Tail. “This is gonna be more civil, I hope.”

Once everyone had all calmed down from the lazy introductions, it was time for the actually quiz show to start. Everyone was in their respectful places behind the poudiums. Team Fairy Tail had Lucy to its far left with Natsu next to her right, in the middle was Mika and on her right was Grey. Team Sabertooth had Yukino on the far left and then Minerva on her right, Sting was in the middle and on his right was Rogue. Everything had all been set and ready to go! Whether this would end well or not would be up to fate.

“Alright! First question.” Freed began as he stood up and walked over to the microphone, a set of papers in his hands. “Who is the most handsome man in this room?”

Seconds after that question, a small hand slammed up against her red buzzer. The judges and contestants looked in Mika’s general direction. There was a large smile on her face and a faint blush. “Mister Grey Fullbuster!!”

In response to that, Grey very faintly blushed from embarrassment before Freed made a response. “Incorrect!”

Natsu groaned and smacked his forehead. “Oh no, Mika!! You’ve gone and ruined everything!!” He scolded, lightly smacking the back of her head.

“But Mister Grey is the most handsome man I’ve ever met…” Mika responded with confusion, causing Grey to get further flustered while Lucy was overall amused by the situation.

Natsu groaned before shouting: “I’M STANDING RIGHT HERE, MIKA!!”

A new buzzer sound went off and everyone looked over to see that it was Rogue who pressed the buzzer. “…Laxus Dreyar…?”

“Correct!” Freed enthusiastically yelled with glistening eyes. “Laxus is indeed the most handsome person in this room. Team Sabertooth gets 10 points!” There was clapping from the judges while silent questions were roaming through everyone’s heads. Except for Natsu.

“WHO MADE THESE QUESTIONS?!” Natsu shouted again.

Freed cleared his throat. “Onto the next question!” Natsu glared in response to him being ignored. “Who here has the smallest scar?”

There was silence in the room as the contestants looked around at each other. There were a few of them that did have at least one scar on them. But whose would be considered the smallest one? The problem with stalling in the questions was that there was an actual timer going, and they didn’t have a lot of time to think of things and had to act quickly.

Natsu slammed his hand against his buzzer after quick contemplation. “Rogue Cheney from Sabertooth!!”


Natsu slumped with a dumbfounded look spread across his face. “But his scar is the smal–”

A new buzzer rang from Team Sabertooth. Everyone turned their attention to Sting who pressed the buzzer. “Me…? Mine is pretty small.” The blonde Dragon Slayer asked as he fingered the scar he had above his right eye.


With the time running short, and not knowing exactly what would happen if they were to run out, everyone began panicking ever so slightly. There were whispering amongst themselves and every now and then, someone from each team would glance at the clock.

“Uh uh uh…” Grey muttered as he roughly ran his hands through his hair. After a moment, he turned to his own buzzer and pressed on it. “Lucy Heartfilia!!” He yelled quickly, noticing how little time was left.

“Correct!!” Freed responded with enthusiasm, which caused Grey to let out a sigh of relief. “Team Fairy Tail has earned 10 points!” There was more clapping from the judges.

“But…Lucy has no scars…?” Natsu muttered, watching as Lucy herself began examining her body curiously.

“Exactly. She’s got no scars and thus she has the smallest.” Grey explained with a smart-aleck tone.

“I thought he meant real scars…”

Freed looked down at the papers he had in his hands before looking back at the teams. “Alright, second to last question!” The man announced, immediately grabbing everyone’s attention. “This is a tough one. Which Dragon Slayer has the most unique father?”

MY DAD! MY DAD!! IGNEEL THE FLAME DRAGON KING!!! Natsu shouted without even pressing the buzzer.


Natsu growled at that and scowled deeply. “Whaaaat…? My dad was the best dragon ever.” His voice was low and almost threatening, in which Lucy would dramatically pat his back to try and calm him down.

“No, no!” Sting yelled as he slammed his hand against the buzzer. “My dad! Weisslogia!”



Grey was next to slam on the buzzer. “Rogue Cheney’s dad, Skiadrum?!” He asked frantically, noticing that the timer was going much faster than before.

“Incorrect!” Freed continued to repeat over and over which stressed everyone out. “Better hurry, time is almost up!” He pushed further.

“Shit shit shit shit!!” Natsu cursed as he gripped at his head. “No one’s dad is better than mine!! Who made these bullshit questions?!!”

“Ahh! I don’t know any other dragon other than Dumpling’s! ARGH!” Mika added whilst pulling at her hair.

‘Dumpling’…?” Grey asked, clearly dumbfounded.

There was a gasp from Lucy before she reached over and pressed on her buzzer frantically. “Gajeel Redfox’s dad, Metalicana!!” After shouting that, she stood there anxiously, her hand lightly shaking on her buzzer.

“CORRECT!” Freed clapped as his smile widened. “Good job, Miss Heartfilia! Team Fairy Tail has earned another 10 points!”

“Just an educated guess…” Lucy muttered with relief while wiping sweat off her forehead.

Natsu just stood there growling with frustration. “Fine, whatever.” He muttered near dramatically. “My dad was the best. Get the fuck out.”