there's a couple of mutuals i have that i'd love to talk to

I mean, that’s one way to deal with it! Talking to people is really hard. 
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Changing it up


I really didn’t want to go with the family to Florida and visit Grandma for a week, it was going to throw my seduction of my hot tennis coach way off schedule. I was almost to the point of getting my hands on his balls and racket. I knew I could do it by the end of summer but now I’d have to make up for lost time, so it was with a poor attitude I arrived in Florida.

All of that changed the first day when I went for a walk along the beach. Apparently, grandma lives on the edge of a hip gayborhood and two blocks north the beach was positively littered with hot, hairy, hunky daddies. What does a cute little Jewish boy want with hot hairy daddies? The truth is I’ve got a super hungry butt. And what do the daddies get out of this? It’s clean and tight and plump and super eager. As am I.  And as are they in turn. And all this eagerness leads to a lot of mutual satisfaction. Soon going for a walk on the beach is like going shopping for exactly what you want. The first four days I average 1.5 daddies a day, and I go to bed each night with a really satisfied butt. I almost forget about my backhand.

On the fifth day everything changes. After brunch, which is eggs benedict and where Grandma sneaks me a mimosa while mom sneaks off to have a cigarette, I change into a tighter pair of shorts and head for the beach. The shorts really show off my cute ass, but they also squeeze my cock and balls. I’m not gigantic but I’m more than decent-sized up front, and the shorts are, well, constraining. Although their effect on the daddies is well worth it.

I’ve developed a way to get close to the daddies to check them out. I act like I’m searching for something I’ve lost. If anybody asks me, I tell them I’m looking for some car keys. In fact it’s a great way to walk up near somebody and then start talking to them. There’s so many daddies on the beach it’s difficult to choose. But there’s a couple that stand out right away. Some of them wear the square-cut suits, and some wear Speedos. I like being able to see what equipment the guys have. I’m not a size queen. All right, I’m not totally a size queen but I definitely like something big to play around on. I love the fat stretch. But there’s also something else I look for, which is as important. Maybe more important. I don’t know, but it is important. I gotta see the twinkle. The guy has to have a twinkle in his eye, a grin, or be ready to laugh. Those are the guys who aren’t going to try to push you out the door the second they finish coming.

So today’s Daddy looks pretty fun. He starts talking to me, and right off the bat he says, “You look like you’re looking for something.” I stop pretending to look at the sand and take a second to thoroughly check him out. Big, yes. Hairy, yes. Nice bulge, yes. I look up and meet his eye and smile, and say, “I think I just found it.” We talk for a few minutes and he asks me if I want to sit down, and when I say, “No,” he says, “You’re probably thirsty, my condo’s only a block away. You want to come over and I’ll give you some iced tea, or real Florida orange juice?” I say, “I thought maybe you have some real Florida cream.” That’s when he laughs right out loud, and I know that this is going to be a great afternoon.

In his condo, which is nice, by the way, very color-coordinated with the peaceful green and subdued pink and the attractive placemats permanently on the glass-topped table, things don’t go exactly as planned. First of all we’ve got our hands all over each other, and that’s great, only instead of going for my butt he’s going for my cock! When he shucks down my shorts it’s only a matter of seconds before he’s on his knees and he’s got my cock in his mouth! Don’t get me wrong, it feels awesome, but it’s not what’s supposed to happen. Maybe it’s only a momentary speed bump, but I’m not so sure. A few seconds later there’s no mistake when he stands up and our crotches are pressed against each other and he takes my hands and puts them on his butt. It’s big and hefty, and I’m surprised how solid it feels. We’re kissing and that’s good and then he’s playing with my nipples. I’m not used to having them pinched. Once he figures that out he uses an easier grip. Then he’s pulling me into the bedroom, and we’re on the bed, and he’s on his back, with his big legs in the air and I’m between his big muscled thighs. This is not how it’s supposed to be! But he’s still got that big smile on his face and his hands are all over me, only they’re on my chest and the sides of my shoulders and my hips as he’s pulling me forward toward him, and he’s still got that twinkle in his eye, so I think, “what the heck.”

He gets me in there, it’s him that lines everything up, all I do is fall forward. When he says, “That’s it stud,” I want to laugh, but I don’t, because my cock feels so good. Damn, his ass is big, but the grip is great. “Come on stud,” he says, “you can do it.” I’ve got my hands on his big chest and I’ve got a finger and thumb on each nipple and I’m feeling everything there and I start to use my hips and before I know it I’m pumping. I’m fucking! I’m fucking the daddy! My cock’s all the way in and he’s moaning, I’m making him moan! Oh my God, it’s a whole new world!


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