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Elsewhere University- Feathers (part 2)

part one   EDIT: part three

Hey there!! Once again, playing in @charminglyantiquated‘s sandbox. the original comic this was inspired by can be found here (go read it!!), and the blog for everything Elsewhere is @elsewhereuniversity


(For all that you belong here, have the dirt and salt and scent and feathers to prove it, for all that, Elsewhere has a hold of you now. Time to see which hold is stronger.)

Part 2:

You go through security, board the plane. None of the metals pull at your bones. Just to see if you can, you spin fanciful lies about yourself as you make conversation with your seat mate.

(The words want to stick in your throat, but you’re mostly sure that’s from years (and years and years) of choosing your words ever so carefully with strangers, and not for any less …mundane a reason.)

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LAST DAY FOR PRINT ORDERS of the 2017 GF Hunkles Calendar! 

Hey, everybody!  There’s just about 12 hours left in the sale of the print copy of the calendars!  

BUY IT HERE until 11:00 pm EST (U.S.) tonight!

To be clear, we have reached our goal for being able to print the calendar! (YAY!)  So rest easily, everyone who has already ordered one, and once again, THANK YOU!  Right now we’re just ensuring that folks who want a print copy get one (and increasing the amount to be given to charity).  We are NOT planning to do another print order.  (We might have a couple of extras to sell at the end, but likely very few.)

Stay tuned for information on sales of a digital copy.  This will likely not go on sale for at least a week or so, until the print copies are ready to be mailed out.  There will of course be no shipping charges on the digital copy, and 100% of those sales will go to charity.

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so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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Hey, old folks home waitress again!

Boy howdy do i love it when the old bats think i can do a million things at once! I’ll be taking an order and i hear “excuse me! Miss! I/he/she would like such and such” and i give them the 1 sec sign and they’ll look so offended! Like i know you can’t see that great but i am obviously in the middle of taking someone’s order so now i have to ask them AGAIN because they talked over their order. Oh and it’s fantastic when someone orders something and another person at the same table says “i’ll have what she’s having” right when i drop it off when i could have been making both oh and by all means ask me for another thing when i drop that off too when you could have just asked for the thing with your order. And yes PLEASE make me get the smallest thing for you that can wait till AFTER i reset a table right this instant, it’s not like i’m trying to create less work for myself and my coworkers when i get back from my break or, hey, actually get to my break ON TIME for fucking once.


Lineart commissions 

Hello folks, I’m opening my commissions again. As anyone, I’m in a need of some side cash, so, here we go :)

15$ per piece in print quality, ‘hairy’ style. Yes, I can work with bald characters, although I do not guarantee the same effect as with hair. ;)

How do I approach payments:
Once we agree on a commission, I will start working in a time frame we set. I usually send at least one pass by you to check if it looks as you have imagined, and ask you to forward me any possible changes and modifications you may wish to have. (That can go few times, no worries.)
When I finish the piece, I’ll send you a smaller resolution final version (usually Tumblr sized) for a final review, and once you agree on it, I’ll invoice you from my verified merchant PayPal - so both you and I have a piece of paper documenting the deal.
As soon as your payment arrives on my PayPal, I’ll send you the print-quality images in .png format from my email ( - one with a standard white (or any agreed on) background, and one transparent version of the same.

Isn’t 15$ quite steep for a simple lineart?
Maybe. The reason behind the price - I spend usually 3-6 hours on average with these due to the amount of lines involved, and my time isn’t, unfortunately, free to give around just like that. :)

I hope to hear from you soon - have a great day, everyone!

(PS.: I dwell in a GMT+2 zone, so if you’re in Americas or Far East, we’re quite apart, and the communication may be slightly slower due to our sleep and/or work schedules opposing each other.)

I’m late in doing this, but I’m finally ready to open Christmas ornament commissions again!

Here are some examples in the above image, if there’s a character you like but don’t see here, don’t be afraid to ask. (And they don’t have to be Disney characters, again these are just examples!)

Prices are:

$15 for single character ornaments

$20 for two character/couples ornaments

$3 for U.S. shipping, $6 for Canada shipping (you will receive the tracking number for your package)

*If you are interested but live somewhere else in the world, let me know by email and I can talk to the folks at my local post office for a shipping price quote for you. :)

I accept payment up front via paypal. Once you have contacted me and secured your spot, I will send you an invoice via email. I will begin working on your custom ornament once payment is received.

I will take five customers at a time, in first come/first serve fashion. Once I finish the first five, I will move down the wait list, also in that order.

If you’re interested in ordering your own custom ornament(s) or if you have any questions, please email me at

Hey folks, Paul here for MOTION MONDAY! Today’s GIF has Thundercluck and Brunhilde playing in a leaf pile. We want to wish you a happy fall, and (a few days in advance) a happy Thanksgiving!

Once again I have to thank Meg for some excellent line art. The image below is her original illustration before I tinkered with colors, leaves, and the noble chicken.

Meg’s Original:

Thanks again Meg!


Ok. About 200% of you. Probably super confused. Mainly as to why this isn’t a funny joke. But let explain before you break out the torches and pitchforks.

Well, I like to do things besides RWBY every once and a while. Things such as watching Let’s Plays of weird dating sims… Like Dodger of PressHeartToContinue and Octopimps play through of Hustle Cat.

In one episode they made this joke. I thought it was dumb and horrible and the best ever.

So now a comic exists of it. The internet folks!

The episode said joke was from. Is here

OH! Also super important!

I have a Twitter now!… Again…

I’m @LongSeanAgain. Follow me! So I can follow you back! :P


“Where shall we go, maidens? Where shall we go? You must leave the garden. Leave it behind with a sad farewell. Down the river on the gorgon’s grace, past the clutches of the slippery, nippery nymphs. Through the golden mist of magic. Meet the folk of the fair Forest of Lights. The arrows, the arrows, you must use widely and well. But save one. Save one for me. For I shall have need of it.
“Offer hope to the Untouchables, for they must have hope. Travel on, far beyond the lotus blossoms. Follow the path. Yes, stick to the path, maidens. For they can lead you astray with false promises. Beware the Poppy Warriors. The Poppy warriors steal your strength. They will gobble you up. Gobble, gobble!
“Do not leave the path, for it is hard to find again once lost. And they will take the song to the rock. Do not let the song die. You must be careful with beauty. Beauty must pass. There are dark shadows of spirits. Just beyond the Borderlands, where the lone tree stands and the sky turns to blood…"

OOC: … Okay guys, seriously?? If you are UNDERAGE DO NOT SEND ME SMUTTY / NSFW ASKS. If it happens again, I WILL BLOCK YOU. I want to react with RP accounts of all ages and I love my partners but please respect me and my rules, alright? I could get into serious trouble for that kind of stuff. So once more for the folks in the back– If you’re under 18 and you send me nsfw asks I will BLOCK YOU. You have been warned again. 


There’s a large, garish tent in the center of the fair with a long line of people wrapped around it in a spiral.  I got a peek at it once in between the gaps of the heads and bodies of the folk chattering in line.  There’s a single bottle standing in a bed of flowers.  Some of the flowers are fresh and some have wilted to near nothing, and you can smell them throughout most of the campground. 

I’ve heard that the object of the game is to flip a coin into the bottle, and if you do, an enigmatic man named Skelly will predict your future.

okay so I saw Drake Bells negative tweet about Caitlyn Jenner and I went on his profile cause I was gonna yell at him but when his profile opened 




As requested on twitter — a letter from the Fair Folk to Arthur Blackthorn, written on a leaf, in between the events of The Mortal Instruments and Lady Midnight.

If it’s too hard to read: To Arthur Blackthorn, head of the Los Angeles Institute:
We beseech you once more on a matter of great import. As you know, in past months, the marked and mutilated bodies of both our people and yours have been found all around the city of Los Angeles. This is your domain and so once again we humble ourselves before you and ask for aid. After the events of the Dark War, the Fair Folk no long fall under your protection and the protection of the Accords, but still we hope. It is rare for Faerie to admit itself to be desperate, but we are desperate now. If you will not give us succor, then at least perhaps you will bargain with us. Investigate the deaths of our people and we will grant unto you the return of your nephew, the brother of the children now living in your house.
The Wild Hunt does not give back what belongs to it, but we will give Mark Blackthorn back to you.
We await your words.

grovie  asked:

once again you're manipulating the conversation, and yes, it's a prejudice. You do know what prejudice means right? it isnt the same as racism, because prejudice comes from no actual experience. Y'all don't even come up with your own rhetoric and you have to steal it from terfs. But hey, it's normal for folks like you to ignore trans women on these matters, y'all have been doing it throughout the entirety of the ace discourse after all.

hey guys apparently i’m transphobic bc i don’t think aces are oppressed lmao. and what definition of prejudice do i fit into?

   First off, sorry for this sudden slowness in activity. I’m actually getting ready for an interview today, while also being busy with several art commissions and projects, with most of them having deadlines at the end of this month or the next. Again, you can find me here most of the time if you should need me, I’ve been working to clear out my 50 drafts on there before I start focusing on other blogs again. Also I’m slowly getting through Madhouse atm, and hopefully I will be back once I clear it. So yeah, thank you for your patience, and your interest in wanting to RP with me (Already getting really sick starters from some folks, blows kisses! <333)

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when are you going to stream again gain? i love watching them!

Probably after katsucon, since I’m in the middle of con prep and don’t have time for much else atm. Once I destress post con I’ll definitely try to do more streams for folks to come to~

Sudden shout out post!

Okay, so I once again want to give out one of these. I… I keep meeting wonderful people in this community and I just can’t help but smile every time I see new folks show up on my dash. But TODAY, I’m gonna be talking about a few that have warmed my heart to no end.

@missadraws and @alpinesquid are my first two I want to thank. They always reblog and like my stuff and I just….. I thank them so much for being just the coolest people ever for that. Thank you both so very much.
@squiddysoft is my next one, because they’re a gigantic cutie and I love them so freaking much please love them. They’re kind and oh so easy to talk to and I just find myself calming down already after a rough day.
@squid-nerds is my next shout-out. We don’t talk much but they are so sweet and supportive of other artists so please go give them some love and support and kindness! They really really deserve every last bit of it. Geez I wanna talk with this lovable person but I am such a wuss….
And then, @petit-blu-inkling whom I’ve spent many a night chatting with along with the Skype gang. Thank you for being my friend and being a shoulder I needed when I was having a terrible break down of a day. Thank you, really. I appreciate it so so much and I I want you to know that.
And then, @inklingdinkling and their fantastic art and friendship. I’ve been good friends with this person and they and Petit are sometimes literally the only reason I get on here. Just to check up on you guys.
And finally, @vor-the-voice-of-reason and @pastel-berri for being the most lovable duo of doofuses I’ve ever seen this side of the YouTube Poop. They’re brimming with personality and talent and they’re both just the most wonderful people. Not to mention some dang good artists and comedians. Seriously, I’m usually laughing to tears at some point in our talks and I…. Well, I’m just so glad I get to see them and chat with them. And they both know I’m a giant immature doof.
But really, give these people more love. They deserve it and I think they should know they deserve it. So please.
Go gives them your loves.

Don’t get no husband or children. They don’t give ya nothin but trouble. They always hungry and always got clothes that need washin. You never get no rest. Once you get finished it’s time to get up and do it all over again. I used up all my young years taking care of folks and I don’t have no young years left.

Sage advice on Motherhood from my nursing home patient Ms. B. 

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.