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You are one of those people who will trash the movie because of Reylo is canon. That's sad.

so first of all - reylo is canon???? which movie did you watch?
and secondly if reylo was the only problem with tlj i would not say a word. i would take it a poor storytelling decision and moved on to enjoy the rest of the movie. the truth is that “reylo” is one of the less problematic parts of tlj…

spoilers ahead!

  • the mom joke poe did at the beginning was ooc af. with his mother dead and leia serving as replacement he would never make that joke
  • where is the black squadron? if they were killed off screen it’s a huge disrespect to the poe comics writers. are you telling me greg grundberg was soooo busy he didn’t have time to come on set for 2 hours to shoot one scene?
  • the whole resistance is tracked through hyperspace plot is the pilot episode of battlestar galactica - “ “33” follows Galactica and her civilian fleet as they are forced to contend with constant Cylon pursuit for days without sleep; they are forced to ultimately destroy one of their own ships to foil the Cylons and earn their first respite of the series.“……wow
  • poe bragging about taking down the star destroyer right after he watched paige and co. die because of his decision. ooc. thank you very much.
  • leia blowing up, floating in space and magically flying back? that’s not how force works and i’ll come back to that later…
  • finn’s and rose’s storyline leads nowhere. it was literally created because they needed finn out of the way. it has no point whatsoever aside that it leads to killing phasma ->
  • they should apologize to gwendoline christie for being forced to promote this movie. “phasma was so underused in tfa!” don’t worry we are gonna fix it! we are gonna take this badass who just got her own book and comics and kill her off in 5 minutes. that disrespect.
  • second person they should apologize is andy serkis for making him play bad bond villain. after being the shadow menace in tfa that lead people speculation who is he and who is not, he is reduced to chuckling chewing gum with no backstory and no plan aside of killing skywalker. well done rian.
  • the force bond that wasn’t force bond would be better as an actual force bond. because this was just sad.
  • “multiple rey’s in the cave” was a harry potter moment without harry potter impact and waste of time because again, it lead nowhere but yeah, cool clonning effect.
  • rey hates kylo. rey holds kylo’s hand cause she feels alone. rey attacks luke. again this would make sense if there was some kind of actual force bond but there wasn’t and i said it before and i’ll say it again, rey taking luke down was vile and i lost my respect for her character (at least for next 30 minutes)
  • luke refusing to leave ach-to - had no logic. yes you can argue that grumpy luke has been through a lot and i am one of those people who actually don’t mind his characterisation in tlj but this was absurd. and again the only reason that happened was so they could have yoda cameo. cool.
  • kylo offing snoke with zero effort. yeah no, i definitely waited for this two hours *stares into the camera like i’m in the office*
  • luke coming back just for him not to come back and give us decent lightsaber duel and respectful departure of one of the most beloved characters of all time. no. we are going to have astral projection of luke that is solid in one shot and “ghosty” in another…that’s not how force works. THAT’S NOT HOW FORCE WORKS.  (- and really if they had luke coming back with rey, fighting kylo and then disappear obi-wan style it would be in character and kept his dignity but then we wouldn’t have the yoda cameo, am i right rian?)

so no, the problem is not “reylo” the problems are poor dialogues, inconsistent storytelling, butchering personalities of characters we love and generally the fact that rian doesn’t give a f*ck about anything that came before him. -> the damerey moment? one of the best scenes this movie had? it tells you that the novelization is not canon. so every meta you had about “rey recoiling from the dark side” and “kylo feeling compassion” goes down the toilet. rian johnson everybody.

Heeeeyy happy birthday to V-Diggety! Her birthday falls right when exams pick up, so I couldn’t do anything so elaborate for her. But!!! Here’s a Name!! Looking somewhat threatening (he’s yawning)! With teeth that make so sense!! And!!!!


I appreciate that when Subaru gets violent, it’s still in the most polite way possible. 

That is the only thing I appreciate on this page. 

We could probably just delete most of the chapter so far. It’d be fine by me. 


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IT’S CROOKS (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Realised the other day that I have never drawn HorrorTale Papyrus aka Crooks before, I have drawn Axe once but never Crooks, so I had to immediately change that <:

And he turned out hella cute, like look at his big broken toothed smile! what’s not to love? pretty happy with how he turned out overall, just got a bit lazy with his scarf and battle body on the first sketch, went and re read the comic a bit so to get him right, like the eyes, I love how they are just really tiny dots it’s cute af, really happy with those teeth tho :D

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Hm... T'Challa/Tony in which Tony is a cosmic entity (idk if you know this headcanon but it's v popular & basically says that the universe (specially stars) protects Tony and he's like this son or whatever and he can sort of control them (but he can't like blow up the sun or harm space-y things like planets)). Extra kudos if it's super sweet and cheesy. Thanks!

“You are my sun and moon and starts,” Tony tells him late one evening, “and I would trade all the galaxy just to keep you happy and you know I would if I could.”

T’Challa feels his face heat up, all things considered, because Tony rarely speaks like this - usually offering some witty or silly comment when they’re alone - but it’s nice to have the tables turned.

“You’re brighter than any star in existence, Tony, and you know it just as the sun knows it.”


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thank you so much for providing the crazy ex girlfriend fandom with adorable, high-quality art. you are incredible. :)

aaaah omg!!

this is actually really sweet! i’m freakin out cause you’re like really cool and stuff and i’m so glad you like my art aa!!

the ceg fandom is so chill and stuff, and i’m kinda sad there’s not a lot of fanartists for it, so i guess i’m kinda filling a void here haha!

thank you thank you thank you ahh!! idk how many times i’ve said thank you! so here’s a tiny lil rebeccaXnathaniel doodle as a thanks!


Shout Out to My Whouffaldi Fam

So, Christmas is coming up and it’s always been a special time for the Doctor and Clara (and let’s hope she sees him one last time this year before he regenerates *fingers crossed*) so I just wanted to take this time and give a shout out to all my amazing mutuals who have been there for me since the beginning, and are still around even though I hardly ever do anything for Whouffaldi anymore:

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10 Biases Tag!

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(these are not in any specific order)

1. Jeon Jungkook - BTS

2. Kim Yugyeom - GOT7

3. Cha Eunwoo - Astro

4. Jaehyun - NCT

5. Lee Minhyuk- Monsta X

6. Lai Guan Lin - Wanna One

7. Kim Donghan - JBJ

8. Jennie - Blackpink

9. Mingyu (probably) - SVT

10. Literally all of Stray Kids

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