there you go you happy now

No, zat vas a yoke

This is actually from a larp I npc for, not a table top, but long context short, last weekend the GMs brought back a character I play, a very very old, curse happy Viking witch, to finish up one of the PC’s, Serenity’s, personal plots. Serenity’s parents showed up and were tearing into her for all the dangerous and (by their culture’s standards) sinful things she’s been up to. And then I had to go and break a curse I placed on their bloodline that anyone that line falls in love with will die unless they sacrifice themselves in their place. I do the thing.

Other PC to Serenity’s boyfriend: Oh good, now you won’t die!

Serenity’s mother: wHAT??? *proceeds to make the biggest scene ever, including interrogating the boyfriend and asking if he intended to marry her daughter*

My curse happy witch: *walks slowly away to other people* Vell, Zis is getting messy, even for me. I sink I might stop cursing people…

Other people: Good! We would thank you for it!

My witch: No, zat vas yoke, zat is all I do. Zis is zee most fun I hef hed in years.

Meet Summer

Now that this new skeleton has been clothed, it’s time for introductions.

September, Saturday? This is Summer. She told me her name when I gave her her dress. She’s a modded toy, apparently…

Here, say hi to each other.

See? She’s just as nice as I thought when we opened that package. Not scary at all.

There you go. Even though she may look unusual, she’s a small skeleton just like you two.


Okay. Maybe with some differences. I think this means she’s happy.

Welcome to the family, Summer.


“Kadie get in here. You too, Toby.”

All giggling over the cooking show stopped when they heard her Dad roar.

She walked in and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw a box of condoms on the table. 

“Have a seat, both of you." 

Kai sat sipping his coffee. Drake stood, his arms crossed, his brows furrowed.

"Dad…? We haven’t done anything, honest, we haven’t even talked about it.”

Toby’s face stayed straight and serious, he kept his mouth shut.

“It’s obvious you two care about each other. Now that you are eighteen what you decide to do is your business. We want to be certain you have protection in case you decide to go that route. And understand either of you can come to us if you need anything. Happy Birthday our adult daughter, we’re extremely proud of you. And you too, Toby.”

Toby nodded. Kadie just stared at the box and back at them, “Uhm, thanks, I guess?" 

"Are you going to take your gift or not?”

She glanced at Toby, at least they had matching cheek colors, and picked up the box. It revealed a key that she hadn’t seen. Her heart thumped wildly in her chest, her skin prickled with goosebumps. 

“Dad? What’s the key for?“

"Oh, that?” Drake stretched and yawned, “That would be your other gift in the lot out front.”

“Oh my god!” She grabbed the key and nearly falling out of the chair hit the front door running, the pitch of her squeal loud enough to send wildlife darting for the woods. Toby jumped up behind her, a huge grin on his face.

“Well, damn. Plan B.” Drake picked up the other key and he and Kai followed them.

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Alexander Nylander - Buffalo Part Five

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Word Count: 1488

Warnings: Cursing

Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five

You couldn’t believe it was already time. It felt like yesterday you had just moved to Buffalo, and now you were standing in front of the mirror with your navy blue ‘Nylander’ jersey about to go to the first game of the season. Half of his family is attending this game, while the other half attends Will’s. You’ve become fairly close with the Nylander family. Especially his older sister Michelle, who was going to be right by your side all night.

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So as some of you may know I sprained my ankle awhile back, and it’s slowly healing thankfully (meaning I can go little bursts with walking without a boot cast thing)

Anyway, I decided to weigh myself today and I was freaking out cause I was sure I had gained since I wasn’t able to do my normal exercise routine BUT I DIDNT GAIN and just I’m beyond happy right now!!!!

So to those wondering if you /have/ to exercise to maintain the answer is: no, you don’t. You just have to eat healthy to maintain your weight.


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A/N: This is the start of my ‘Reasons to stan? Reasons to stan’ series. If you enjoy this, make sure to note it and request more. Now, you might wanna grabs some popcorn because this is gonna be hella long…

•A guide from an actual J-Hope (whore) stan•

  • He’s beauty, He’s grace, but he’s very rude
  • His smile could put me in the hospital.
  • Ethereal af

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  • His gay marriage bromance with Yoongi.

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I could go on forever about how gay they are for each other, Tumblr just provides me with more receipts.

  • They are friendship👏🏻G O A L S👏🏻
  • If their friendship doesn’t make you happy you have no soul


  • E X T R A
  • if you don’t know how extra he is…. watch this

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  • Practically glowing with life and energy
  • Just witnessing him in interviews, performances, or simply talking to the other members brings a smile to your face.

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  • My lord
  • Boy meets evil
  • I can’t with his dancing skills
  • D N A. C H O R E O G R A P H Y.

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  • Mother of the Dance Line
  • Which I call the real Holy Trinity

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(If this ain’t cute you got no soul)

  • I could go on forever about how amazing he is
  • There are many types of J-Hopes and I love every single one.

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  • STAGE HOSEOK (Also known as RUDE HOSEOK)
  • If Hoseok performing doesn’t effect you, you’re obviously the real bulletproof boyscout here…

I’m probably gonna end up making more of these for Hoseok because there are so many reasons to stan him

However, to just do this for only Hoseok would be unfair, which is why I’m leaving it to others to request whoever they want for this series.

Thank you for your time.


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If you could say one thing to each Robert and Aaron what would it be?

At this current point in the story line?

Robert: “What the fuck are you doing, poisoning a pensioner, and playing nice with your guillable one night stand that you got pregnant?! You think that a building is going to make you happy?!” (Because honestly, this vendetta is annoying me now, though I do think it’s in character for him)

Either that or “hey, you’d be well advised to get a DNA test. Or a doctor to check this pregnancy out.”

Aaron: “Okay, can you stop pretending you’re either over it, or you’re fine? Can you stop blaming Robert for all the ills in the world? You kind of knew he was a scheming manipulator when you got with him, you seem to have forgotten this was one of the reasons you fell in love with him. You love him, stop punishing him for being who he always was.”

(I know the Aaron one isn’t going to go down well, but honestly it’s my biggest pet peeve in TV relationships. One of the reasons you fell for someone in the first place turning into the reason you currently hate them or end the relationship.)

Why are some people so happy to be making call outs? I’ve seen people making posts like “I have some mega drama for you guys” and talking about how much they enjoy drama and writing a call out and that’s kinda very fucked up.

You shouldn’t ever be happy that someone is bad enough that you have to warn others about them- and often they’re abusers.

The thing is is that tumblr has gotten to the point where people WANT to make call out posts. For attention, drama, to get back at someone. People wait until someone fucks up, and then they’ll go digging for ANYTHING they can use. And often this is stuff that when it actually happened, they overlooked and dismissed. And only now that they can use it for this call out do they care.

A call out should be to warn people about a person who may be dangerous/a bigot. It shouldn’t be to get back at someone, it shouldn’t be to get a one up in drama. It should only be because you think that people should avoid a person for their safety.

(As a note, I’m not applying this to when I got called out! I genuinely fucked up and by being called out I realised how I’d fucked up and I’m glad I was )

Hi guys. It’s been already 2 weeks since the last time you’ve all heard from me. I’m sorry for not posting earlier. I’m dealing with a chronic disease and during some periods in my life it’s getting worse. Sadly I have to deal with it at the moment. The doctor is trying to find the right medicine. But it’s been a struggle for years to find one that actually helps. This week they took new bloodtests and hopefully it will lead soon to a good medicine that can make my life much easier again. ‘Whatever you decide to do. Make sure it makes you happy.’ I’m appreciating the little things in life that I’ve been able to do like going on holiday last month, having dinner with friends. Things that are normally easy to do when you’re completely healthy. So every new activity in the future that I’ll be able to do again will definitely make me happy. Right now I need some more rest and taking care of myself. Just wanted to let you all know that I’m coming back here as soon as I can. Thank you for all the messages and love that I’ve received. You’re all so kind and supportive. Till soon sweet people.

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hey please don't feel pressured to have to post your art more often than convenient to you, it is something that should make you happy and not stressed <3 hope you're ok!

No, don’t worry, I accumulated some art in my drafts and now I’m posting it, I have some old sketches I haven’t posted yet and I’m going to do that tomorrow (I also have one Kingsman commission I could post if you’re interested) but that would be it. I probably won’t be posting anything for some time aferwards.
But yes, you’re right, thanks for reminding me :) <3

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WTH tumblr need to sort this out man. I had notifications turned on and i haven't been getting them for you and now I've missed it all :( i'm very annoyed by this! :((( But its cool im all caught up and i know you are just setting me up to have my heart broken over Remy and Lala! :(

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Tumblr is so weird with how it unfollows people, shuts off notifications…and it’s almost always people you interact with on the regular?! I just don’t get it! LOL 

So glad you’re all caught up with the crazy that is Remy and Lala. But no worries at all about anymore heart break between them! They are good for real and forever and my next step is showing how Remy changes so that they remain happy and stable. Almost losing Lala to Dennis was a wake-up call for him! Remy always took Lala for granted. Now he’s going to behave and be the sweet loving guy from the churchyard scene! And Lala is building up her own self esteem by opening her restaurant and not putting up with Remy’s antics anymore! It’s all kisses and love for these two!  LOL

About part 13

Yes, it will be posted tonight around 10 as usual, but I want to say something.

This is one of the last 3 parts and the story will start to come to a close.  I’m so happy if you have come this far with me!  This coming chapter is going to be one that might be satisfying for some and be closure for others, I don’t really know how to describe it, but know that these last chapters are going to have all of my passion for this story in them!

Feel free to let me know who you want the reader to end up with.  Grayson or Ethan.

Also, god bless that I write on google docs because my mac died and I left my charger at school, so now I’m on my desktop!

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Hi! I recently bought your d20 shirt and just wanted to tell you that I absolutely adore it. (I was going to send you a photo but your submission page doesn't seem to be working?) I'm seriously eyeing the druidcraft one as well now. ;) So thank you for providing me with my new favourite t-shirt and keep up the good work!

Thanks! I’m so happy you like it!! :D

I’ve checked the submission section and you’re right, though unfortunately I don’t know how to fix it. I have had people submit photos to me in the past though, so it used to work and I haven’t changed anything, but if anyone has suggestions on how I can get it working again please let me know!

In the meantime, try using the chat box instead of the submission area since I know you can send/upload photos through there too!

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Holy cow... THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING! Xara's kind of one of my favorites along with the Admin and Stella now, haha. xD And these were some of the hardest decisions I had to make in my entire time playing MCSM, and that's saying something, haha! I cannot WAIT until the next episode. Quick question; can we expect the same wait time as the other episodes so far, or is this wait time going to be longer? ((Also, the 'potato' plot spoiler has been haunting my mind ever since you posted it, lol!))

Haha well first of all, thank you. So happy to hear that you enjoyed the episode so much! It’s been thrilling seeing how much people have been liking it. :)

To answer your other question, we are definitely shooting for a regular and consistent time frame between eps. I believe it was 6ish weeks between the last couple and the team is really working hard to keep that cadence going.

Thanks again for playing and the kind message!! The team has seriously been loving the awesome messages like this and all the wonderful encouragement you guys have been giving along the way.

it is dark out early and you won’t / talk to me. i sit in the car and / all the lights blur, artificial green, / washed-out red, off-white. i am / a river full of silt and you are / next to me. you are upset. you / do not believe in our ability / to create positive change. i / am upset. i am clinging onto / our ability to create change, / positive or otherwise. we are / still real, despite the odds. this / happens oftener and oftener now: / i go home and my parents convince me / we aren’t doomed yet. i lie awake / too long in the dark trying to lock / oblivion in a box, trying to dredge / my old self up from the earth. is / there a happy ending? there must / be. i stand on it. back in the car: / i walk you upstairs and you slam / the door behind you. that’s twice / today i’ve asked: are you alright? / and once i’ve gotten a good answer, / none and counting that i’ve given / a good one back. you slam the door / and i say nothing and i go home / and i shut it out i shut it out. i / miss them and i shut it out. my / friends do drugs and i shut it out. / there are no wings and i shut it out. / i can’t stop closing doors and i / shut that out, too.

-friday night // ast.

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I pulled waver on an arturia rate-up, I don't know if I should be happy or not bc yeah he's a good servant I didn't have but I'm still missing my girl.

listen im going to your house right now to start spraying you with lemon water you should be thankful for that bastard englishman gamer bastard bastard teacher fuckin countryside mages make do fuckin alexander worshipping saberface scaredycat whom the fuck he think he is i hate him. i hate hi


Lisa Middelhauve, former Xandria singer, announces that she is pregnant to a baby girl

“Uh, just read XANDRIAs statement. They now did exactly what all the fans were screaming for all the time and still those fans are not satisfied. So happy with you, folks. I’m proud of my ‘no shitstorm’ fans and friends! Let’s turn to more positive things… don’t you think, too, that my babygirl is going to be a mermaid…?

Hello, everyone. Gosh, I never thought there would be so many of you. Thank you for sticking around through my depression-fueled meme craze for the past few days. That’s sort of what I wanted to talk about.

If you’ve been following me for a little while now, you might’ve noticed that my overall demeanor has become a little inconsistent, and that I haven’t been producing as much art. I’m just in a really bad place as of late, and my mind is sort of in shambles in terms of being rational. I tend to regress when I’m like this. Trying my best to make others happy, like you guys, has been my only salvation.♡

But, I’m afraid to announce that I’ll be going on a little hiatus until this depressive stage ends. There are things I’d promised that I currently can’t carry out because of both my current state, and school added to the mix. So, I’m going to see what works.

Hopefully, when I return, I’ll have something fresh to bring to the table; but for now, I’m going to leave behind a few sketches I’d never finished.

Even if it’s my birthday today, I wanted to give you guys something.♡

Tails holding a bouquet of yellow acacias.

Blaze wearing she killer shades and swimwear.

And Eggman and Metal Sonic at pride. Metal accidentally broke his flag.