there you go woman

look i don’t even really go here but do you ever think about how the woman who wrote the valentine’s day episode where dennis says “of course i have feelings, i have big feelings, and it hurts” and then mac gives him a rocket-propelled grenade launcher as a valentine’s day gift because he knows dennis and he knows that dennis will love it and dennis is so moved by the gesture he almost cries… like do you ever think about the fact that the woman who wrote that script is a public and avowed johnlocker

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I just wanted to apologize. I've known you for years online and I feel like an ass for not knowing what you were going through personally. You are such a strong, amazing woman.

Oh gosh! It’s okay!

I’m not one to really share anything personal online (Facebook included), but this just felt right. I’m trying to be a little more open and honest with myself and others. But really, it’s fine. Life happens, y’know?

Also, feel free to message me off anon. I’m really curious as to who this may be. (If you’re comfortable, that is!)

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re that 'woman are goddesses men are literal piles of shit' anon, literally every time i see one of those 'raise boys and girls the same way' shirts, i always remember that tumblr post where someone added 'yeah, but how are you going to do that if you think every woman is a beautiful goddess and every man is the literal devil'. it's a good idea tho. i support raising girls and boys equally, but of course some people on here can twist equally horribly.

I do agree that we should teach men and women to value the same things, instead of instilling gender stereotype values at a young age. But of course, as you say, it’s important that you approach the subject as men and women inherently being equal.

Maybe we’ll meet again, who knows? When we’re older, when we’re more mature, when we’re right for each other but not meant to be.

And you’ll forever wonder why did you ever let go of a woman like me

// a.s

i want every creator that doesn’t have a circle of friends to help spread their work to know i’m rooting for you. 

i know you’re too shy reach out, you’re too busy to make the connections, you just want to share your hard work, you want your work to stand on its own without politics and favoritism to sway opinions. 

i also know you feel really alone most days. 

try to remember your work is valid. it is good. it is worthy. 

please don’t stop. 

they might have “popularity” but you have something far more important: talent, skill, passion, and beauty. the truly gifted creators were never recognized during their time. the popular ones are all but forgotten now. 

please don’t stop creating. you are amazing.


Happy birthday to the loveliest Rasha out there (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*  

  • Sasuke: I will do the laundry today.
  • Sakura: Um, are you sure Sasuke-kun? You've never-
  • Sasuke: (interrupts) Just let me do it, Sakura.
  • Sakura: Alright, alright. Thank you!
  • -a few hours later-
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun all my clothes are ruined! The colors mixed and they all shrunk!
  • Sasuke: Doesn't matter. I got you new ones. (hands her a pile of clothes)
  • Sakura: Well you better, I don't want to have to walk around naked... (unfolds one shirt)
  • Sasuke: ...I'd never allow that to happen...
  • Sakura: (staring at the shirt, shocked) B-but these... they all have the Uchiha crest on them...
  • Sasuke: Yes.
  • Sakura: Tha-that's... I can't accept that, I'm not an Uchiha, I'm not worthy of-
  • Sasuke: Sakura, shut up.
  • Sakura: (slightly upset) ...
  • Sasuke: (lifts her chin up, smiling slightly) Will you marry me?
  • -years later-
  • Sakura: Darling?
  • Sasuke: Hn?
  • Sakura: You destroyed my clothes on purpose back then, haven't you?
  • Sasuke: (smirks) ...Maybe...
Living with an outdoor cat

Cat: hasn’t been home all day
Me: OH NO WHERE’S MY BABY AT??? *tells another cat to go look for them*
Cat: walks in 5 minutes later
Me: MY BABY *squeezes them* I THOUGHT I HAD LOST YOU
CAT: let go of me woman I’m hungry