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Hello dear! I have oily skin as well and I was wondering if you could recommend some good bb creams/tinted moisturizers (I've been considering the glossier skin tint but idk) you think would work with my skin? I like the natural/dewy look but I don't want to look like a complete oil slick, thank you!

The Glossier isn’t the best for oily skin tbh! I always have to use a matte primer and powder. I still look glowy (which you might be going for).
Laura Mercier has a Oil-Free Tinted moisturizer. Smashbox BB gets rave reviews from oily skin ppl. I really like the Nars Pure Radiant (they have a matte one tho).


Call out post for Travis Willingham: so supportive???


General Danvers + text messages [1/?] (insp)

Critical Shipping
  • Marisha: Yeah, [Matt] would lately, after the insurgence of the Percy/Lillith fan art that started hitting, when people started shipping Percy and Lillith -
  • Laura: Oh my god, I love that!
  • Marisha: I know, it's so good. The art's SO good. So we were like okay. So, the first one that Joma did that came out where it's Percy leaving the room -
  • Taleisin: Yeah!
  • Marisha: With Lillith on the bed.
  • Laura: Oh god! Oh god!
  • Marisha: And we were like -
  • Laura: That was so hot!
  • Marisha: Aw yeah, we were like, "Aw, that's really hot!" and Matt's like, "But not canon! Not canon! Not canon!" Cut to Matt being like, "... Although you know... It could be a thing where, like, maybe Percy was staying up late and he was like working in his shop -"
  • Taleisin and Laura: *laughing and gaping at Matt, respectively*
  • Marisha: "and then Lillith comes in and she sees him -"
  • Travis: Oh my god!
  • Matt: I was just - No! That's -
  • Marisha: "And she's like 'Ya know what? We could be doing this.' And then he's like and he's feeling a bad day, so she, like, touches his cheek and they go up to the room." And I'm like, "ARE YOU WRITING FANFIC!? Are you writing Percy and Lillith fanfic, RIGHT NOW!?!"

Sterek Week Day 2: Kids! Writer!Derek and Coffeeshop Owner/Baker!Stiles as single dads AU:

Derek didn’t have time to deal with any romance nonsense. Between his writing career and his daughter, his focus was limited.

“It’s not a date. A romantic date anyways, it’s a play date. His kid is Jesse’s age and the sweetest boy. If you get bored, you can just go wander off or something.” Laura had told him, crossing her arms over his chest. “You’ve been holed up in your study lately, so I think Jesse would be up for some time with you and a new friend too.”

And that’s how they ended up in front of a random house. Derek sighed and glanced at his phone, the GPS helpfully chiming in that they’d arrived at their destination.

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Bonnie & Clyde - Song Title Posters

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Newsies, Wicked Part 1 / Part 2, Something Rotten!, Les Miserables Part 1Part 2 , Waitress, Cinderella

“you really never want an uncomplicated declaration of love for a couple you like”

yeah um full offense after watching laura and carmilla go through so much together. seeing them suffer and nearly break apart for good in season two and come back together and still love each other with their everything in spite of every reason they have not to– in laura’s dying moments there’s literally nothing wrong with them saying i love you to one another. can she fucking stop.

Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #8.

She walked into his living room with determined steps and smirked as her eyes landed on the tall figure standing by the window. His hands were on his pockets, and he was apparently looking through the glass but probably watching nothing. As he heard the click of her high heels, he turned around briskly, as if startled. Her wicked grin widened when she saw the detective’s body tighten instantly. Obviously, she had caught him off guard.

“Woman, what do you think you’re doing-?”

She immediately proceeded to take her faux fur coat, quickly discarding it. His brow furrowed as he watched her intently bringing her hands to her back. Then, there was the sound of a zip and her beautiful dress dropping to the floor. She saw how he opened his mouth to say something, but he closed it as he ran his eyes through her black lace bra and matching knickers that hugged her petite body just so perfectly.

“Brand new lingerie?” Sherlock finally said.

He had not realized he had been holding his breath the entire time. Irene walked towards him, her hips swaying with every step. He found himself lost again.

She stood in front of him, her cold eyes looking over his sharp features, knowingly making him shiver because of the proximity of their bodies.

“Why don’t you find out?” purred Irene. She held her breath as his hands landed on her hips, his fingers absently playing with the hem of her knickers.

“For me?” he inquired. “Are we celebrating something?”

“Oh, shut up!” she replied, throwing her arms around his neck.

She laughed loudly and Sherlock picked her up in his arms, smiling widely. He barely had time to see the joy in her eyes before she crushed her lips with his. He quickly caught up, kissing her with fervour. What was about to happen, he already knew he was going to enjoy it.