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McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 

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for inktober can you draw the scene in Claudia Bolyen's novelization when Scorpuis and Albus kiss? it's adorable to read it be cool to see it drawn.

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.17 - Scorbus kisses♡ ]

(I had a bad feeling that I’d mess these up if I went over them with a pen, so I just kept the pencil sketches as is and touched them up digitally;; )

Scorpius’ cheek peck and Albus’ “trial run” kiss. IT’S BEEN A HALF DECADE SINCE I LAST DREW KISSES I hope these are good enough to do @claudiaboleyn‘s Act 4 Scene 14 some justice! <3

consider this;

not putting jamilton hate in the jamilton tag and then getting mad when people are like why did u tag,,,,it as jamilton,,,,,,,,and expect to not get anger


and there we go. i have finished playing every single quest ever released in hwu. i didn’t miss a single one; not even a rerelease of an old quest or date
and in the most satisfying turn of events ever, it appears that im the first/only person to have done so and will FOREVER be at the top of the hwu global leaderboard

Hi my name is Aeneas and I have long auburn (maybe idk) hair (that’s not even close to how I got my name) that i got from my mom and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Venus (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Dido but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Trojan and my teeth are straight and white. I don’t have pale white skin. I’m also a Roman, and I go found a magic land called Rome in Italy where we have seven hills.
—  the Aeneid, book one

OK SO baby kiibo was a thing on twitter and i fell in love and well do you see where this got me


Very honestly, after seeing EXO’rDIUM in Mexico previews, I can’t help but be….really disappointed with the fans in my country when the boys came for our concert? The concert in Mexico looked absolutely LIT and even the boy looked so mindblown and happy, saying that it was probably the loudest concert they’ve done on this tour so far.

Heck, I wish I was there with fans who actually scream and go wild during the concert because that’s WHAT YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO DO IN A CONCERT FFS. 

If I were to be brutally honest, and I don’t mean to be bitter, but I would not be surprised if EXO removed Singapore as a tour stop for their 4th concert next year. Even though I did enjoy myself a lot because it’s my first EXO concert (my first Kpop concert for god’s sake) and it was an experience seeing the boys irl for the first time, I couldn’t help but feel very disappointed with the fans in my country at some points during the concert and I could definitely feel that the boys were disappointed with us some parts too. Compared to countries like Mexico and Philippines, we are definitely NOT up to standard and I’m not surprised if we are considered one of the quietest, least hyped countries on tour.

It must be super discouraging to perform in a country where the fans don’t get hyped enough to your expectations. I would honestly rather them remove the show from our country to add a day in a country with more enthusiastic fans like Mexico or Philippines, or go to a country where fans would do anything to see them, like Indonesia, Europe, Australia, Brazil, etc. I’m serious about it. If they really don’t make a tour stop next year I hope nobody in our country complains because they only have themselves to blame. 

I don’t know if this is a very sensitive issue to bring up, nor I don’t know if people would think I’m being petty. I’m just wondering why some people would attend a concert if they’re not going to bother getting hyped, or the only things that they bother about is holding up disrespectful banners with member ship names on them. *sigh*

(Has anyone felt this about the concerts in their own country or is it just me??)

why does everything I like get tainted by bad fans?

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Idk if this helps you but when I have a writer's block I read old books (books I already read but I don't remember that well) or any good book that I really liked, that kinda helps me to remember the style of writting I like and that I wanna write, or the opposite, when I don't like a part I think about how I would have written that line of the book (less descriptive, more about my character's feelings, etc). Idk if this helps but I hope you can write again soon, bye bye


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Just curious, how are great comet fans hating on dear Evan Hansen??

I’ve seen so many great comet fans saying they hate deh because it glorifies mental illness and shows it falsely. I mean everyone entitled to their own opinion but deh shows how debilitating mental illness can be- Connor kills himself because of his depression and Evan tries to because of his anxiety. Deh is the only show I’ve ever come across that shows mental illness as it actually is- fucking hell. I think the people who say that have never been mentally ill and just want a reason to hate it. I’ve talked about mental illness and deh a lot before so I won’t go in to that any more.
I’ve also seen comet fans simply hating on it because it’s popular? Honestly that’s such a stupid reason for hating a show.
The only thing I agree on is its very white but the replacement cast might have more poc so I think they should stop calling it racist
The thing is its only comet fans I’ve seen actively hating on the show so I don’t know what happened to make them all so hateful

Quark and Odo get stuck in the now times on Earth. They lose their clothes in the time anomaly or whatever and have to go shopping. Quark has to shop from the children’s section but tbh he would anyway because the fabrics in adult clothing are too dull. Because of his penchant for shiny things he ends up wearing mostly girls clothes with rhinestones, metallic print, and bright colors. He looks like he watches too much Hannah Montana. Odo is really upset about how NOT utilitarian the clothing is. Why so much variety? Why does it need to be different for the different sexes given the limited sexual dimorphism in the human race? He wears overalls because he sees the need for a belt as an unforgivable design flaw in old-fashioned earth pants (and took it very personally when his pants kept falling down his flat butt–which lets face it is his fault, he could have learned to make himself a butt). He is mad that pants are not long enough and that the employees at the store can’t just MAKE the pants longer! Tbh Quark is loving the tackiness available to him after being stuck around nothing but military uniforms for so long. Odo tries to shift himself into earth clothes but he honestly can’t understand them and doesn’t want to put in the effort He shifts into his uniform whenever he’s out of sight and all his earth clothes are still the same weird tan color, out of respect for his position.


teen wolf social media au ➳ cora has wanderlust running through her veins, but is always drawn back to beacon hills.

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For a start, your Shepard is way too much of a loose canon to ever be a good thing for somebody like Scott. It feels like they are only going to make each other worse. It's uncomfortable for a lot of people.

woah woah this is gettin a little personal dont u think? im not asking you to like it, i dont care if you dont like it bc not everybody is going to be a fan of the same thing and that’s, yk, a given. but this sounds personal dude??? and blanketing your statement with ‘for a lot of people’ is kind of shitty.

im not taking too kindly to your comment about my shepard being a loose cannon either. not to mention scott’s an adult. not some hopeless, dorky kid, even if some people make him out to be like that. your interpretation is your own and doesnt reflect on mine, so please don’t act like it does.

listen idk why im arguing this shit because your argument is literally “i don’t like it so you shouldn’t do it” so

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂


Tom Hiddleston signs autographs while promoting Crimson Peak in New York City

This is not the first time.

NCT Reaction:His fans shipping you guys (You’re his gf) (Maknae Line)

A/N:Ah,I don’t really have anything to say about this except that I found this really cute to make!Enjoy!


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He would love it,but hide it because he’s Mark Le aand Mark Lee is a cool guy okay.And whenever fans would bring signs to his concerts with you guys’ ship name he would be a blushing mess throughout the whole concert.


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Omg he would be even more smiley than he used to be.He would be so happy that his fans accepted you and him being in a relationship and he would love to take selfies with you to show his fans and the shippers would go crazy bcs omg so cute


(Credits go to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

This kid is so proud of it.He’s probably the one that created your ship name and he would do all kind of cute things to hype the shippers even more up.


(Credits to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

He probably fanboys about you guys too.He loves it when his fans send fanart of you guys and he just can’t handle the feels okay.Secretly posts your selfies just to brag even more about you and the fans love it bcs omg look at this child grow up.


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He would be so shy about it because you’re his first girfriend and he doesn’ want to mess this up.Jisung probably posts videos of you guys dancing together and the shippers go wild because you guys are so young but it’s still so adorable.

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