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McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3

wait what-

tbh i found this fascinating lol bcs a non-fan almost believed that theyre actually together, THUS PROVING that im not being delusional😂

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NCT Reaction:His fans shipping you guys (You’re his gf) (Maknae Line)

A/N:Ah,I don’t really have anything to say about this except that I found this really cute to make!Enjoy!


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He would love it,but hide it because he’s Mark Le aand Mark Lee is a cool guy okay.And whenever fans would bring signs to his concerts with you guys’ ship name he would be a blushing mess throughout the whole concert.


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Omg he would be even more smiley than he used to be.He would be so happy that his fans accepted you and him being in a relationship and he would love to take selfies with you to show his fans and the shippers would go crazy bcs omg so cute


(Credits go to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

This kid is so proud of it.He’s probably the one that created your ship name and he would do all kind of cute things to hype the shippers even more up.


(Credits to @taaeeeyong for this gif!)

He probably fanboys about you guys too.He loves it when his fans send fanart of you guys and he just can’t handle the feels okay.Secretly posts your selfies just to brag even more about you and the fans love it bcs omg look at this child grow up.


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He would be so shy about it because you’re his first girfriend and he doesn’ want to mess this up.Jisung probably posts videos of you guys dancing together and the shippers go wild because you guys are so young but it’s still so adorable.

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Quark and Odo get stuck in the now times on Earth. They lose their clothes in the time anomaly or whatever and have to go shopping. Quark has to shop from the children’s section but tbh he would anyway because the fabrics in adult clothing are too dull. Because of his penchant for shiny things he ends up wearing mostly girls clothes with rhinestones, metallic print, and bright colors. He looks like he watches too much Hannah Montana. Odo is really upset about how NOT utilitarian the clothing is. Why so much variety? Why does it need to be different for the different sexes given the limited sexual dimorphism in the human race? He wears overalls because he sees the need for a belt as an unforgivable design flaw in old-fashioned earth pants (and took it very personally when his pants kept falling down his flat butt–which lets face it is his fault, he could have learned to make himself a butt). He is mad that pants are not long enough and that the employees at the store can’t just MAKE the pants longer! Tbh Quark is loving the tackiness available to him after being stuck around nothing but military uniforms for so long. Odo tries to shift himself into earth clothes but he honestly can’t understand them and doesn’t want to put in the effort He shifts into his uniform whenever he’s out of sight and all his earth clothes are still the same weird tan color, out of respect for his position.


Fantasy with Kyungsoo

You’re only a true Doctor who fan if you’ve

consumed some sort of Doctor Who media and thought “hey, this is pretty cool”.

To all fans who are scared to go up to Luke bc of arzaylea

Im just gonna rant.
I see many fans on Twitter saying that they saw Luke today but he was with arzaylea and that they were scared to go up to him bc they didn’t wanna get in any trouble with her.
Okay let me just remain you that you are one of the reasons of why Luke and his band mates are where they are right now and if you wanna go up to him, talk to him, take a pic with him, then go for it (unless you wanna b rude of course, & if he’s ok with it). You shouldn’t be scared of his gf calling security on you or giving you dirty looks bc FIRST OF ALL you’re not there for her, you’re there for Luke, and I don’t see why she would oppose to one of her “boyfriend’s” fan meeting him. if she was a nice person she would understand how important is for a fan to meet their fav. Im tired of her trying to get attention in any way possible. AND IM ALSO TIRED OF LUKE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT. I find it rude from him when he goes on Twitter and blocks fans that voice their opinion about arzaylea but does nothing when she causes drama between the fandom and doesn’t even oppose when she wont let fans meet him, FANS OF HIS BAND,FANS THAT HE OWNS A LOT TO, FANS THAT LOVE THE MUSIC HIS BAND AND HIM MAKE, FANS THAT TAKE TIME AND MONEY JUST FOR THEM. Fans that shouldn’t be kicked out of any place just bc his gf didn’t want them to meet him (but if he only wants to enjoy time with his gf and doesn’t wanna meet any fans okay BUT AT LEAST SAY IT YOURSELF LUKE). I don’t know nor do I care if they are really dating. And if they are she should know her limits. TRY NOT TO CAUSE DRAMA, DO NOT INTERFERE BETWEEN HIS FANS MEETING HIM, DONT POST PICS OF YOU IN HIS CLOTHES JUST TO MAKE US JEALOUS AND DO NOT ACT LIKE A VICTIM WHEN YOU CLEARLY AREN’T. I know it hurts when your fav gets a gf but after a while we all get over it UNLESS SAID GIRLFRIEND NEVER RESPECTS US AND RUBS IN OUR FACES THE RELATIONSHIP.

In other words, if you wanna meet Luke go for it, if arzaylea doesn’t like it too bad for her, if she gives you dirty looks then ignore her. Like I said before you’re there for Luke not her. If she has a problem with it then she can deal with it like the ‘independent ass bitch’ she said she is.

sebastian posts a fucking heartfelt apology for cancelling a con appearance and ppl still manage to be shitty abt it, amazing

y'all are too fucking spoiled he doesn’t owe you shit