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McHanzo Week Day 1: First kiss 

Also! I promised @schmogg long ago that I’d do a drawing inspired by their sweet gifset, so here it is! Sorry for the delay <3


The way to your house is too short
I’ll see you, same time tomorrow 

♡ happy 1st birthday, Aju Nice !  ♡


so after what like 18 years of me obsessing over @thearcanagame I finally manage to design my baby boy Roh ??

amami’s real talent is actually the shsl tearista 



I redrew the very first finished digital art I posted on this blog! 7 months can make a world of difference, huh?



OK SO baby kiibo was a thing on twitter and i fell in love and well do you see where this got me

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for inktober can you draw the scene in Claudia Bolyen's novelization when Scorpuis and Albus kiss? it's adorable to read it be cool to see it drawn.

[ InkPenciltober 2016.10.17 - Scorbus kisses♡ ]

(I had a bad feeling that I’d mess these up if I went over them with a pen, so I just kept the pencil sketches as is and touched them up digitally;; )

Scorpius’ cheek peck and Albus’ “trial run” kiss. IT’S BEEN A HALF DECADE SINCE I LAST DREW KISSES I hope these are good enough to do @claudiaboleyn‘s Act 4 Scene 14 some justice! <3

Dating Tom Holland Would Include: You’re an Actress

-both of you always being busy with promo and shooting but once you both get alone time, you like to spend it doing the most pointless activities like; binge watching a six season tv series in two days

-speaking of which, days off are such a blessing !!!!!! it includes sleeping in, baking & going for walkies with darling lil tessa!!!

-you’d be best mates with EVERYONE in the holland fam, cause you’ve been with tom forever but they all absolutely adore you and low key see you as part of the family

-harry would idolise you more than everyone else bc he thinks you’re the most amazing actress (low key salty n confused about how tf tom ended up getting with you) but ANYWAY

-you would also take on mini roles in harry’s short films, helping and working with him while tom watched behind the camera with the biggest fucken smile on his face cause THATS HIS BABY

-being bff’s with harrison just bc you both are so passionate about everything to do with the art of film

-playing mini golf on your days off w/ tom because you’re shite at actual golf and think that its overhyped (paps taking pictures of you both being cute af)

-tom being high key pissed when he figures out that you’re better at it than he is

-always going to the gym together to keep fit, cause according to tom:

-’darling, couples who work out together, stay together’

-when you are both away from each other for long periods of time, you find yourself receiving mounds of face time calls from tom aLL thE TIME

-’tom i’m on set, pls just chill for one hour’ 

-’thats one hour too long, angel’

-tom being a horny, whining, little shit while he’s away, hitting you up with that; 

-babyyyyyyyyy, what’re you wearin😇  text at fucking 2am

-low key loving seeing how tpm’s body has become more built, defined n toned since spiderman

-time zones are the SPAWN OF SATAN

-tom attending your premiere as your date and fans go nuts bc mostly everyone loves you as a couple

-tom becoming really jealous when he realises how many men & women are fawning over your low cut dress

-slinging his arm around your waist and pulling you closer to him throughout the  whole night because you’re his girl 

-someone taking a video of the both of you dancing like absolute idiots at the after parties when its award show season

-overall just having a supportive ass relationship !!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Aeneas and I have long auburn (maybe idk) hair (that’s not even close to how I got my name) that i got from my mom and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Venus (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Dido but I wish I was because she’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a Trojan and my teeth are straight and white. I don’t have pale white skin. I’m also a Roman, and I go found a magic land called Rome in Italy where we have seven hills.
—  the Aeneid, book one
consider this;

not putting jamilton hate in the jamilton tag and then getting mad when people are like why did u tag,,,,it as jamilton,,,,,,,,and expect to not get anger

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followed you for jade harley metas, you were one of the few ppl in hs fandom who did not grossly mischaracterize her


and there we go. i have finished playing every single quest ever released in hwu. i didn’t miss a single one; not even a rerelease of an old quest or date
and in the most satisfying turn of events ever, it appears that im the first/only person to have done so and will FOREVER be at the top of the hwu global leaderboard

lmao okay for the ppl in the back who apparently didn’t get the message the first 3 times i said it: 1) i don’t publish anonymous “fuck the penguins” messages, 2) i genuinely don’t think i’ve said anything mean-spirited about the predators or their fans this entire series, 3) everything i say abt the pens is tagged ‘pens lb’ or 'pens’, and 4) it costs $0 to stay out of my inbox with that annoying nonsense


teen wolf social media au ➳ cora has wanderlust running through her veins, but is always drawn back to beacon hills.

if anyone has read Life After Legend PLEASE message me

LIKE HOLY MOTHER i am absolutely DESTROYED right now