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Fixed at Zero

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Setting: Canon-divergent, post-war AU

Word Count: 1,426

Written For: @abarricadebae [fic giveaway #5]

It’s half past nine in the morning.

Crisp-cold drops of rain are streaking the ivory-curtained picture windows in the downstairs study.

The Wireless is turned down low, static crunching against a backdrop of hushed, fuzzy silence.

A cut-crystal decanter of brandy is resting on the padded leather corner of a desk, un-stoppered and mostly empty, and a scone, gleaming with flakes of candied orange zest and buttery dabs of clotted cream, is lying forgotten on an emerald-green linen napkin.

Somewhere in the house, an antique mahogany grandfather clock is ticking darkly while a brand-new pack of imported French cigarettes is being chain-smoked.

It’s placid.

It’s normal.

It’s ominous.

Draco had always thought the end of the world would be a bit more exciting, truth be told.

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ALLYSON: he told ME i was stuck up, can you believe it????
ALLYSON: so i stole his credit card and here i am, partying.
ALLYSON: you should come. unless you want to distract him.
ALLYSON: either way, you need to be on team ALLY because it’s the best team, duh!



🌟~The game had ended. Champions exited the Rift and the maven was taking her time. Floating still as her fingers pressed the buttons on her console making music. The arcade tone of it made her happy as she swayed back and forth. When she looked across the hall she caught her eye on the pixilated warlock. He didn’t look too pleased. Was it the music? Maybe it was also the fact they aren’t exactly friends either. She suddenly stopped the music and floated over to the yordle. A wave of her hand and a friendly smile.