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Yuri having a crush on you? (If you're feeling really nice maybe a short scenario with it)

i totally would write you a scenario anon but i’m just not really sure how to do it??? but i will give you hella headcanons, i hope it’s close to what you wanted ♡

{ yuri }

  • seriously this boy ain’t telling a soul
  • excluding his cat of course
  • yuri’s one of those people that is content to quietly torture himself over his crush on you 
  • he is pretty much convinced you’ll never feel the same help him
  • he comes off even worse than he did before
  • t s u n d e r e
  • you give him butterflies all the time and he h atesit
  • his teasing will get so much worse omg
  • like imagine how extra it already is times 1000 and you might come close
  • the BLUSHING
  • HOLY LORD this boy is gonna blush at everything you do smh
  • everyone will call him out on it but he’ll always deny it like the tsundere he is
  • “yuri is there something on your face-?”
  • “c-check your own face, baka!!
  • if you go to watch him skate he’s gonna try to show off what a little shit
  • his dads yuuri and victor will tease him constantly about it
  • in front of you too
  • “oh, y/n! so nice to finally meet you, yuri never stops talking about you~! i’d say he’s in lo-”
  • DO YOU EVER SHUT UP VITYA?????you already know he’s blushing again
  • he’d come clean about it eventually, but it’d be so pent up that he’d probably just yell it at you randomly while you’re having a casual conversation
  • are you really this fucking stupid, y/n? why can everyone see how much i like you EXCEPT you?? get it through your head!!
  • lil baby is not good at talking about his feelings help him
  • ofc you like him back????
  • he’s s h o o k
  • pls take care of your new tsundere boyfriend 

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Okaaay, gimme angst then. AoImaFukuMayuHimu divorce with their wife because they're barren (she didn' tell them bcoz the parents want grandchildren so bad). You decided the ending whether to keep it angst or happy, or varies

Here you go Ruka! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“She isn’t able to have any children? That’s horrible! Daiki, divorce with your wife as soon as possible.” his mother demanded through the phone.

Aomine paced around the living room, as (Name) sat on the couch, trying to stop the tears from escaping her eyes.

Was it her fault she was barren? Like she wanted their marriage to come up to this.

For months, Aomine’s family have been troubling them about her not being able to have children. Aomine’s been stressed, but he managed to put up with it.

“Mom, I know what to do. Just… fine.” he hung up, and her heart dropped. She bit her lip as Aomine sat beside her.

For a while, comfortable silence ruled the atmosphere. Then Aomine cracked a smile. “I’m not going to file a divorce against you, baka.”

She looked up, her eyes wide. “But Daiki.. your parents. Please, I don’t want to get between you and your family.”

He shrugged. “I can’t believe you think I would be that low. I wouldn’t leave you just like that. After you stayed with me all these years?”

Her heart faltered, as she threw her arms around him, embracing him tightly. “I love you… so much.”

He chuckled, hugging her back. “I can bare adopting a child. It’s your choice.”

They did the next day.

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You write Raven very well ,, all of her antics and habits seem natural and the voice you give with her introspection really shows how internally anguished she is with her own place in the world and the isolation she feels from everyone else, including her friends so;;... great... emo... I enjoy getting slapped in the face with feels when I read your stuff on my dash...,,

█ ▌ ▐⌠☁⌡GASSED UP SHAWTY ( OR NAH ). || accepting.

you hear that? it’s the sound of my Pisces Persona™ busting a nut…

jan, what the fuck…this is so fucking nice to see; the fact that you
actually understand what i’m trying to convey with her character is
so encouraging, and i’m really happy that you do see that. thank you
so much for reading my bullshit and taking the time to write this. you
are an amazing person. i’m going to punch you in the face.♥♥

Kageyama x Reader


Kageyama looks up from his miniature sized volleyball.

“Hello _____. What are you doing here?” He says as his friend sits down beside him.

“Our moms are going out today and i asked if i could play with you!” She says as she hugs Kageyama tightly.

Kageyama struggles to let go as his small face turns pink in embarassment.

“Of course you can! Baka! Let go of me!”



Kageyama looks to his left and immediately regrets it when his face gets hit by the ball he was about to set.

Kindaichi snickers and Kageyama glares at him.

He walks towards _____ and hits her lightly on the arm.

“Baka! I was about to set that!”

_____ smiles and brings out box of milk.

Kageyama looks at her confused.

“Whats that for?” He asks.

“It’s for you! You didnt eat lunch properly today to practice. So, i bought you some milk.” She says smiling.

Kageyama blushes as he hears the rest of the volleyball team murmuring behind him.

And the fact that _____ was here, going out of her way to give him some milk.

He stutters. “Ah, um, thanks…” he looks down and avoids her eyes.

She bends, and moves her head to come face to face with Kageyama and he swears his heart stops.

“No problem Kageyama-chan!” Kageyama looks straight again and _____ stands right in front of him.

“I’ll be going now.” She says as she run to leave the gym.

“Don’t overwork yourself!”



“I said i was going to practice _____, what dont you understand?!” He shouts as he looms over the girl with a small frame.

She looks him in the eye, red-faced and steam going out of her ears.

“Don’t talk to me like i’m stupid! You havent even talked to me in a week!” She fumes as her voice gets louder by every word.

“That’s because i’m busy! Dont you get it? The Spring Interhigh is almost here! I have to get my sets perfect and i have to practice! Just stay out of my business!” He says glaring at her.

She stays silent. She opens her mouth but no words come out.

She closes her eyes in anger and leaves the locker room. She turns back before she closes the door.

“I care about you okay? But if youre going to be an egotistic king then i’ll stay out of your hair, your majesty.” She bows and leaves the locker room.

Kageyama sighs in frustration. He never got his sets perfect that night.

‘What was i thinking?’



Kageyama looks up from the floor. His head previously in his hands. Still sweaty from the recent match. ______ wasn’t there to watch the match. She was right. He was an egotistic king.

Kageyama bites his lip. He needed to talk to her. He needed her.

But how could he? After all, he told her to stay away.

But he was selfish.

No words are exchanged and Kageyama looks at the floor in embarassment.

“Are you okay?” He could hear how quiet she was speaking, even through the phone. He could imagine her melancholic face ad she sat in her room on her laptop.

It had been three weeks since they talked.

He couldnt speak. Guilt, anger, and sadness engulfed his body unabling him to speak.

He bit his lip as tears started to form in his eyes.


He takes a deep breath and says with a shaky voice,

“Can i come over?”



She waves her arm in the air as the blue eyed boy searched for her in the crowd.

He sees her and walks towards her.

“Sorry, i had a little trouble.” He said sheepishly as he hid a bouquet of flowers behind him.

“Trouble?” She squinted, as if inspecting something new from her best friend.

He scratched the nape of his neck and put his hand in his pocket, avoiding her eyes.

“Oh.” He looked up at her and saw her pink cheeks. His cheeks turn pink as he hands her the bouquet.

He takes a deep breath. “I-i was thinking…”

He takes a step forward and _____ gulps in anticipation, her mouth left agape.

“Maybe i don’t want to be 'just friends’ anymore.”



Kageyama looks back and a blush creeps on his cheeks.

“Hey who’s that? Why are she calling you kageyama-chan?!” Hinata says shocked.

The rest of the Karasuno Volleyball team stares at the new presence in the gymnasium.

“She’s really beautiful, who is that?” Asahi asks Suga, blushing as he did.

“Hi _____.” Kageyama reaches for something in his bag and pulls out a milk carton.

He hands it to _____ and they smile.

“Thanks Kags.” They kiss his cheek and he blushes bright red.

Hinata looks at them with wide eyes and an open mouth.

“Hinata…” Kageyama says.

Hinata looks expectantly.

“This is my girlfriend.”



Kageyama sighs and smiles as the too familiar figure stood outside his dorm’s door.

“Hi _____.” He says as they step inside his dorm and give him a hug. His face heats up and they laugh as they peck his cheek.

“Hi Shoyo!” She greets, thus recieving a muffled hello from the boy who had his face burried in the pillow.

“How’re your classes?” She asks sitting down on her lovers bed.

Kageyama lies down beside her and sighs.

“It’s hard.”

“It’s more like than hard! I feel so stupid!” Hinaya adds grumbling.

_____ smiles sadly and lies down beside kageyama.

“You guys can do it. Just study hard, alright? And i’ll be here to help if you need anything.”

Kageyama’s heart nearly stops as she turns to look at him. He gives a small smile and her eyes light up.

“Ah! Kageyama-chan is smiling!”



His heart beats fast and it was as if the world had stopped. Being on the national volleyball team was invigorating.

And they had won against one of the top countries in the world.

He lets go of his teamates and runs towards _____. She runs towards him, smiling with arms open wide.

He meets her halfway and spins her around as she laughs.

He puts her down and lifts her chin up. His heart beating fast. They close their eyes and just like the movies, it was as if they were the only people in the giant gymnasium.

Their lips crash into each other. His hands cupping her face and one tangled in her hair.

She smiles widely but still kisses him as she holds onto his muscular arms.

They pull away and _____ pulls Kageyama close to her, their foreheads resting on each others. His smile was permanently plastered onto his face as she says

“I’m so proud of you, Kageyama-chan.”


                                                       A N N I E,
                                                           you’re actually pretty nice,
                                                                                               aren’t you?

» requested by cassymira

On tumblr whenever I see a post talking about their crushes, it’s always like a description of a perfect human being. Is everyone’s crush like that? Is that honestly how you all see your crushes? No one has ever had a crush who they didn’t imagine having an angelic halo 24/7? Like one who you’re like, This little shit. Omg, they’re such an idiot. What are you even…UGH. I can’t handle you, you’re annoying. Go away. You literal butt. Please love me, you stupid bum.
Or is that just me?

1:32am thoughts

TedxUPDiliman. Gusto ko pong maging live audience kaso nakakaiyak naman yung 100 lang ang audience size nila. Life choices. Am I doing right? Gusto ko ulit ireevaluate pinaggagagawa ko sa buhay ko, parang may mali. EPT. Would I get 12 or higher/15? You. Do you even miss me? Do you still think of me? Me. Anyare sayo ategorl, uso gumalaw-galaw, gumala-gala, lumalabas-labas at kumain-kain. School year 2017-2018. Road to public school teacher na ba talaga? MAL. Are you even sure you’re going to have Linguistics? Baka isumpa mo yung existence mo. You. Again and again. ‘Cause there are things left unsaid. You. Please, tama na. You.

Self-Shipper from Hell

This is a really long story and seems awfully dramatic but this is something that actually happened.

Me: cosplaying Blanche from pokemon go

T: my bf!, cosplaying as Spark

W: horrible self-shipper

T and I were having a photoshoot for the PokeGo team leaders with another friend who was cosplaying Candela. It was a beautiful day, clear skies, brilliant lighting, location wasn’t crowded. It was supposed to be a happy day.

Cue lunch time, our group headed to grab a bite when suddenly this girl, W, ran over screaming “Oh my god Spark! So kakkoi! Can I take a photo with you?” We weren’t really in a rush and being the nice guy he was, T obliged and took a selfie with her. She thanked him and walked away and our group went to a nearby family restaurant for lunch.

Just minutes after we sat down and ordered food, W came in with her own group of friends and W immediately came over to our table (or more so right at T) and said “Oh my god we meet again! Hi! Do you remember me?”. She suddenly started introducing herself and all of her friends to T and ignored the rest of us, before she finally went to her own table which wasn’t far from ours. She kept looking back at T and waving to him.

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Hello there! Please do a fic where Tadashi is trying to impress reader with really, really bad pick up lines and reader finds it cute and appreciates it anyway. Thank you :)

Hiro perked up at the sound of the cafe door opening and then swinging shut. It’d had been a relatively slow day at the cafe, and Hiro vaguely wondered why. Not that he was complaining himself, but he knew that Cass relied on the cafe for income, hence why he wondered. And why he was so bored, sorting through the cups in the cabinet and wiping them clean, despite being put through the wash already. Maybe it was the weather, Hiro thought and looked out the back window, it’s been snowing all day, and people here don’t particularly like the cold. 

Hiro, shrugging off his thoughts for a moment glanced back at Tadashi, who had yet to help the customer who walked in.  Humming to Tadashi, who was manning the register and also gazing intently at his robotics book, Hiro uttered under his breath, “There’s a customer.” Tadashi only waved his hand in response and snapped his book shut, gazing up and meeting a familiar pair of eyes. Hiro smirked slightly, moving closer to his older brother, desperate to hear the jittery mess Tadashi was surely about to become.

“Hi, Tadashi.” You said softly and looked at the menu. You’d been to the cafe a lot of times, sure, but you constantly found yourself starstruck by Tadashi, which lead to you not really engaging in conversations. He was really nice though, leaving small notes of appreciation on your coffee cup. There could be something more, you thought as you looked at him with big eyes. But, then again, he’s always nice to people so it was hard to decipher between his kindness and his flirting. You let your eyes gaze back to the menu, reading a few things here and there and trying to take your mind off of the male in front of you.

It was worse at school, you supposed. Seeing him and talking to him was seemingly a mess, but you enjoyed it. He was your lab partner in your Chemistry block, and he was usually very timid and kept to himself about personal things, but he found himself gushing over you more than once, which only added onto the crush you’ve had on him since the start of the year. Once you learned he worked at the Lucky Cat Cafe(after a very jittery and stuttery conversation about jobs), a place where his Aunt worked, you made it a duty to stop and get a Chai latte any day you could so you could see him. And he was equally as happy to see you whenever you came in.

“H-hey, (Name)!” He grinned widely, “See anything on the menu you want? ‘Cause I do.” You tilted your head in curiousity. “Me-n-u.” Tadashi cackled nervously and twiddled with his fingers while Hiro mentally face palmed. “Are you a coffee? Because I like you a latte.” Your face tinted pink at the sudden adoration and pureness of his voice. You opened your mouth to respond, but Hiro was tugging on his arm and pulling him to the back. What an idiot, the youngest Hamada thought and shooed Tadashi away from the register. You laughed softly and watched Tadashi disappear into the backroom.

“I think lack of customers today is getting to his head,” Hiro explained and rubbed the back of his head as Tadashi simply rubbed the top of his head, racking a nervous hand through his thick hair. He hit his forehead roughly, cursing at himself for being so flirtatious to your right off the bat. Shouldn’t have done that, now she’s completely uninterested in you! He told himself and drew a deep breath in. you shouldn’t have said any of those things, you should have just smiled, told her you were going to get her drink and that’s it. You gotta go and spill pick up lines. ‘Baka’ Tadashi said under his breath and leaned against the wall, secretly watching you and Hiro. Hiro heard Tadashi utter something as he was quick to apologize, “I’m really sorry, (Name). He doesn’t do good in front of really pretty girls, plus, it’s been really slow today and-and….” Hiro paused, realizing he’d said too much.

Swallowing, you felt the heat attack your face as you nodded in understandment. “I think they’re cute,” You said quietly and smiled, Tadashi peeping his head into listen, “His pick up lines, I mean. They’re cheesy as heck, but he makes them really cute.”

Hiro raised his eyebrows and laughed softly, “I’ll get your regular.” He looked at Tadashi as he rolled into the kitchen and began preparing the drink. “I’ll let you talk to Tadashi.” Hiro pushed his older brother forward before disappearing once again.

Smiling awkwardly, Tadashi rubbed the back of his neck and whispered a small, “Hi, (Name). Sorry about that.” It was evident in his movement that he was embarrassed, his fingers fiddling with the baby hairs at the back of his neck, his feet rocking back and forth as he tilted his head to the side. “Really sorry…” He said bashfully and flickered his eyes back to yours.

“It’s okay, Tadashi, Hiro explained.” You replied and gave him a reassuring smile. He puffed out a small relief, one that caught your ears, “I’m flattered really. And I’m soy into you.”

“Did you just-”

“I’ve been thinking about you a latte.” You blushed softly, looking at his face which was close to the color of a red apple, his mouth slightly agape as he glanced back at you. He felt a small laugh bubble in his throat at your lines and tipped his head back, slightly embarrassed. Rubbing the back of his tender neck, he brought his head back down to let his eyes sink into yours as you said a bit quieter, “And you mocha me crazy because you’re such a TEAse.”

“Oh my god, now you got her doing pick up lines!” Hiro complained from the back room. “JUST ASK ‘ER OUT ALREADY!”

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ooohh scenario where reader-chan ripped her knee-high socks so she has to wear thigh highs with her school uniform and her legs are A+++ for kise, hanamiya and kiyoshi

Hi sweetie! Thanks for the request! I would love to write this for you :D

Hanamiya: He normally didn’t pay attention to what you wore, having no interest in little things, But when you bent over, he couldn’t help himself from staring at your legs.. When you felt something burning in the back of your head, you turned it around, only to trip when he bent down, inspecting your leg. Grabbing it with his hand, he cupped his cheek, turning it over, as if studying an interesting artifact. 

“W-What are you doing Hanamiya?” he shrugged, standing up . “I just noticed you had different socks on.. Let’s go baka, you look like a fool sitting there.” 

He briefly wondered what it’d be like to fuck you with those socks on.

Kise: “OHH!!! _____-CCHI!! YOU HAVE NICE LEGS!” You were startled from your lunch by your boyfriend, who ran across the courtyard, plopping down beside you and hastily picking up a leg. Rubbing it with his hand, he started to pepper kisses all over the skin, making you fluster. With this position, everyone else could see your underwear, causing you to blush more, growling at his weird affection. “KISE!! GET OFF ME PERVERT!” He whined when you kicked him in the face, but he refused to let go. “BUT ____-CCHI!! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME HOW YOU GOT YOUR LEGS THIS SMOOTH!” “I’LL GIVE YOU A CONCUSSION INSTEAD!”

Kiyoshi: “Did ____-chan get new socks?”

You looked up from your notices, seeing Kiyoshi contemplate your outfit. Blinking in confusion, you shrugged, “Not really.. I’ve always had them. I just never wore them..”

He clicked his tongue, grabbing your hands within his big one and looked at you seriously, 

“____-chan.. You should never be ashamed of your legs! They are gorgeous, stunning. and you shouldn’t hide them from the rest of the world!”

It was silent for a few minutes, as you tried to figure out how to respond. Instead, all you did was blink, your eyebrow raising in confusion before a sigh left your lips.

“… Are you stupid?”

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when GOM + hanamiya's s/o breaks up w/them cause they feel insecure about their relationship (not enough attention, don't spend time, they seem bored all the time, etc) | angst-ish ??? uwu i love your writing style so much !!!

thank youu <3 and ughhh I love angst. more characters under the jump!

AKASHI: “I don’t know if we’re… compatible enough.” You sighed and he instantly frowned from his spot on the desk. He got up and approached you, taking you into his arms, asking you what the hell you were talking about. “I just… I mean, we’re too different, Akashi. You come from this very wealthy family and you’re successful and handsome and intelligent and just… perfect. I don’t want to sound like I’m self-pitying but I just think you deserve someone much better than that.”

He growled, “Don’t ever speak about yourself that way. We’re both equals here. I am completely at your mercy and you’re the only one who can break me and piece me back together.” He hugged you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “I love you and I belong completely to you. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do but I don’t want you to ever feel that way because you are mine and I am yours.”

AOMINE HUBZ: You winced when you saw his eyes narrow. He demanded to know why you were doing this. “I… I mean, you’re not interested in me anyway, Daiki. I see the way you look at other girls and, God, you love basketball more than anything. I just don’t think I’ll be enough to satisfy you. And you would be better off—“ He growled, crushing his lips down on yours before tossing you onto the bed.

“Don’t,” he snarled. “Don’t say that you’re not enough because you are. I look at other girls and think how goddamn lucky I am to have you in my house, in my bed every single night.” You could feel his hands shake as his nails dig into your skin. “Sometimes I feel so guilty because I have you and you could be out there with someone smarter, better. But you told me that you loved me and I believe you, and I fucking love you, babe. So, please, don’t end this – us.”

HANAMIYA: You glared at him, crossing your arms over your chest. You needed to act strong and hold back your tears. You really needed to end this. “Look, you’re only with me to tease me anyway. All you do is make fun of me and I’m tired. This isn’t healthy for me.” Sighing, you slumped down on the chair, looking down.

“What the fuck?” Hanamiya snapped. “What the hell are you going on about? I tease you a lot because it’s fun and I love watching you react. But I sure as hell isn’t in this relationship only to tease you. I like you and that’s why I’m here. Do you really think I would go out with you if I didn’t even like you? I don’t mean to insult you, baka, when I’m teasing you and I’m not going to apologize if you think that I do. You should just know that I like you a lot and – ah, whatever – it’s up to you whether to end this or not. I’m just telling you that I really like you.”

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