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BTS reaction | Meeting you at a fansign

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The moment he saw you as you came to stand before him, he gave you the biggest smile ever. You were just so pretty and adorable, and it warmed his heart to see you act all shy because of him. 

You two talked for a little bit, and he started liking your kind and honest personality more and more. He discovered you both actually had quite a bit in common and he got a little sad when it was time for you to move on to the next member.

“I really liked talking with you, I hope to do this again with you at our next fansign?”

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He was still waving goodbye to the previous fan when you came up to him, so when he finally looked at you, he felt his heart skip a beat at your appearance. Honestly you were completely his type and he found it hard not to smile at you. 

And then you started talking, and he made sure to pay extra attention to everything you said. Your voice was like a song to him, and he was wholly entranced by it. 

“Please tell me you’ll come see me again one day, I’ll be sad if you don’t…”

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He had noticed you already while you were still standing in line, you caught his eye nearly instantly, as soon as you were close enough for him to see you that is. So when it was finally your turn to talk with him he was practically bouncing in his seat.

You blushed at the excitement you were getting from the boy, and your reaction made him smile even wider. You two spoke for a bit, with Hoseok literally hanging onto your every word, leaning close to you with his head resting on his hand.

“I really hope to see you again one day, maybe even in a different place than a fansign, what do you think?”

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Cute, lively, easy-going,… that was the impression Namjoon got of you while you were talking with the other members. So imagine his surprise when you reached him and you were actually all shy, seeing him up close. He found it endearing though, and he smiled reassuringly at you, trying to get you comfortable.

That calmed you down a bit and you started talking, and once you started you found it hard to stop, so Namjoon just stayed quiet and listened to what you were saying. He didn’t mind tho, not at all. In fact, he even found it really charming. Yup, our great leader adored you.

“Maybe it’s wishful thinking, but I hope fate will bring us together again later…”

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He currently didn’t have a fan standing in front of him, so he was patiently waiting for you to finish talking with Seokjin, a kind smile gracing his face as he was watching you being cute. When you turned to Jimin, seeing him smiling at you like that, made you pretty nervous and you accidentally tripped over your own feet. You would have fallen on your face if Jimin hadn’t caught you, having instinctively risen from his seat to help you.

After making sure you were okay, you had a lovely conversation with him, and he actually found you so adorable, he just wanted to keep talking with you.

“Really hoping I’m not the only one here, but I hope our paths will cross again one day.”

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Just like Hobi, he would have already noticed you while you were standing in line to meet them. Feeling someone’s gaze on you, you turned your head and your eyes made contact with Taehyung’s as he smiled admiringly at you and waved. Freaking out, you blushed and averted your gaze.

When you reached him though, you looked up at him shyly and smiled a little. He beamed back at you. “Wahh even prettier up close!”

There you were, a blushing mess again tae give the poor girl a break will ya, but after that you’d just talk with him even though you were nervous and he’d just be so enchanted by you.

“I really wish to see you again, you’re so lovely!”

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The moment he laid eyes on you, he knew you were going to be like his ideal type. You were beautiful in his eyes, with the cutest smile ever. As he was sitting at the end of the long table, he got to see you interact with the other members and he was getting impatient for his turn to speak with you.

As you finally stood before him though, you proved his suspicions about you correct. You were not just another pretty face, you had a personality that matched really well with his, which he got a glimpse of in the short time you spent together. He didn’t really want to just let you go and risk never seeing you again though.

“I know this may be weird, but are you doing something after this? Want to go for a coffee together or something?”

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11 or 13 Cullen X Eurydice from the kisses list? Thank you!!!

Ohohoho, one or the other? Why not both? :D Thank you for the prompt, my love.

He listens, rather than watches, as the scout sprints back down the bring and Cullen tries to swallow the hot ball of frustration in his throat, knowing in any other case he would have thanked the boy for doing his job in the proper matter. It wasn’t his fault that they had chosen to have this moment out in the open—and perhaps he should be thanking the Maker that it had been a witless scout that had interrupted them rather than, say, Sera or Cole. It could have been much worse, he thinks and yet he curses Jim because he just wanted one second unspoiled.

They had been so close.

Cullen breaths in and holds the air, his chest inflating with the infuriated scream that was coiling between his ribs and his heart. At his back, he could hear the scuff of Eurydice’s feet as she fidgets uncomfortably, and he feared that he had lost her again; that he would turn and the elf was going to be running away again, as she always did when they got this close. The high of her own confidence was leaving her, as he knew it was going to leave him, and soon they’d both be left bumbling, jelly tongued fools, turning hide because the notion that they could become more than just comrades was oh-so-terrifying.

But, Maker, they had been so close—close as they would always get before something took the other away.

Close but not close enough; it was a madness Cullen never knew existed and he was fed up with it.

He sets his jaw and squeezed the fists at his side and when he hears Eurydice begin to say, “If you need to…go…”, he thinks himself ‘no’.

Almost confessions, lingering side glances, brushing hands, or laughable attempts at loving whispers in the dark—if they ran from each other one more time, they’d go insane and lose their chance, either because they’ll give up or Eurydice will slip from his grasp again, just as she did at Haven or at Adamant.

Cullen goes to her and cradles her head in his hands as he presses his lips to hers, releasing all the breath he was holding into her mouth. A small startled squawk becomes muffled, Eurydice’s body squirming in his hold and turning iron hard. Their chapped lips scrap over each other unevenly, ripped skin against ripped skin, but she’s warm to him, her tangled hair soft as it itches his face, and it’s all he ever wanted. There’s another soft sound out of her and he feels her hands wiggled their way up his chest, finding home in the dense fur of his mantle.

Maker, don’t end, he pleads—but that was his mistake. He thinks and as he does, he realizes what he has done, his blood boiling and turning his skin clammy cold with shame.

He had grabbed her like a savage, touching her without permission despite knowing how she hates it, that it could make her lash out and cut off, holding her against him without a single thought of what she might want.

It didn’t occur to him that she was kissing him back, or that she was clinging him in a way she never had done to anyone else, as if he was the one thing holding her to the Earth. Cullen stands there, waiting for Eurydice’s magic to smack into him and tear him away—as he deserves—but when it didn’t come, he pulls his mouth from hers with a wet pop.

It hurt to let her go, “I-I’m sorry! I didn’t even ask.” He blurts out, hands moving from her hair, the bitter taste of regret already overtaking the flavor of her on his tongue, “I wasn’t even sure if you…”

Eurydice yanks him into her so quickly that Cullen was afraid he might lose his balance and fall on top of her. He gasps as she smashes her mouth back into his, tip toeing up so she could pressed herself even closer into him. This time there’s no shock or shyness in her kiss; she’s careless, flicking her tongue under his, tasting him, drawing out a moan deep within his throat. Cullen sighs and abandons himself to her as he wraps his hands around waist, curving around her like a tree bending to a hurricane.

They let go only to breathe, but Cullen can’t get enough for her. He pecks the corner of her mouth and flutters kisses down the line of her jaw, following it like a path to her throat. Eurydice draws herself deeper into him, hiding her face in the crook of his neck, her mouth on his skin.

“Do not stop.” She whispers, “I like it. I like you. Do not stop.”

There she goes, making him feel like a twelve-year-old getting his first kiss behind the barn again—his voice cracking and turning his tongue dry, his heart pounding so hard he thought it might leap out of him. He would laugh at what she did to him—because it felt so damn juvenile—but that would require some air and he was having a hard time properly breathing right now.

He holds her to his chest, kissing what skin he can get at, and feels her tremble. “You’re shaking…”

“Yes. I cannot stop. It feels good.” She reaches back and touches one of his hands, “You are shaking, too.”

So he was. The hum of his adrenaline course through every inch of him and he loved it. For once it wasn’t panic or anxiety or the threat of a demon sitting just out of his visions’ edge, it was Eurydice.

“I know…it’s what you do to me.” He says as he pulls back and kisses her again, tender and sweet, and smiles when he feels her whisper, “good” into him.

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are the boys ready for spOOKTOBER - brUh anon

Jin: Oh you bet we’re ready

Hello lovelies! 

This, as you may have guessed from the lovely banner by @meetevil, is a Halloween collab that will take place during the last days of October. I’m collaborating with six other wonderful writers and I can assure you all that these upcoming fics will be so spooky to give you the best nightmares!

Will you be brave enough to dare and read them? 🎃

🎃 Namjoon ↠ A Story By The Campfire by @lily-blue | 25/10

🎃 Seokjin ↠ The Edge Of Light Where Darkness Begins by @dat-town | 26/10

🎃 Yoongi Magic Of The Night by @spoopyi | 27/10

🎃 Hoseok ↠ Sharpen Your Teeth by @spookyfuchs | 28/10

🎃 Jimin ↠ The Night Of Fears by @restlessmaknae | 29/10

🎃 Taehyung ↠ Candyman by @lthyl | 30/10

🎃 Jungkook ↠ In The Mourning by @meetevil | 31/10

ok so months and months ago i sent in an ask about a komugi garage kit, and i’ve finally finished building her! i still need to paint over a couple chips and find her a base but other than that she’s done. It took me a while cause i got busy but i probably spent a total of about 3 weeks continuously working on it. This was my first garage kit and it was a really rewarding experience and i’d love to make more in the future. If you’ve never made a garage kit before but you want to, i would recommend finding a cheaper one on yahoo auctions, mandarake or surugaya and build it during a school/public holiday. 

How Keith Got His Birthday

It is a silly little birthday fic. I love Broganes. Happy birthday to the boy who means the most to me. <3

Pairing: Broganes (Platonic Shiro & Keith)

Word Count: 1.3K

Rating: General Audiences

Description: Shiro finds out Keith doesn’t know his actual birth date. 

“What do you mean you don’t have a real birth date?”

Keith looked up at Shiro with a bored expression, pausing from playing with the rubix cube he found in Shiro’s dorm room at the Garrison, shrugging before going back to the puzzle.

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first thoughts on penny peabody


Just a reminder that Penny Peabody apparently graduated from law school debt-free and with a built-in customer base for her private hometown practice, at a time when many new lawyers are carrying $80-100K of law school debt and aren’t getting the kind of jobs that will let them pay it off.

Now, clearly she’s being set up to be shady as hell - whether you believe that’s because she’s aiding and abetting the Serpents’ criminal activity, or whether you’re taking your cues from our Sympathetic Gang Character (FP), who warns Jughead to stay AWAY from her, OR whether you’re simply reacting to her as she’s written, with the clearly predatory “I do you a favor, you do me a favor” schtick.

But so far - Penny Peabody is scoring very high on something that Riverdale characters often tend to lack: pragmatism. That makes her intriguingly dangerous, and I am VERY here for it. 


Bom Keith for Keithtober! :D Tomorrow is his bday so I wanted to draw him smiling but this happened instead lmao. Maybe if I can I’ll draw a simple doodle cause this BOY DESERVES THE LOVE OKAY <3

So way back when the 4x08 script was released, I thought of something that I can’t seem to let go…

On screen, the crew leaves Murphy tied up to the rocket and he screams out in agony.

In the original script, the crew does the same, and Murphy…. weeps. 


Murphy was supposed to break down in tears and weep at the realization that he’s just lost Emori.

And now I’m starting to wonder… When have we ever seen John Murphy break down and cry on this show?


Seriously. We have never seen him shed more than a few tears at once. He’s never had a moment where he utterly let go, lost it, cried out every pain and suffering he’s ever been through. 

Some may argue that this is a sign of strength, that it shows how he’s “not emotional or weak and doesn’t let life get to him” but I have to disagree because firstly thats toxic masculinity get it away from me if anything, it shows how he’s internalized. 

Remember in 3x13 when Pike tore him and his family apart in the Earth Skills class but Murphy just sat there and took it? Even with everyone watching? Even when he physically attacked him? He didn’t do anything. He wasn’t about to lash out at Pike and spill out his whole life story. John didn’t want everyone knowing the real him. He didn’t trust them with it. 

And yes, Murphy wanted the whole ‘tough guy’ persona and for people to fear him way back when, but that was only because at least I think he didn’t dare burden someone with his problems, his life, the real emotions he felt, the real person he wanted to be. 

He just let everything build up. 

And then he meets Emori, the one person on the planet who finally fucking understands him and has been through the same and who he can actually be himself around and its like holy shit, its you. It’s the person he’s been waiting for. Someone he can finally allow to get close to him instead of pushing them away. And you can bet everything you’ve got that he’s gonna do everything in his power to keep her here, and keep thinking that she was too good to be true. 

Until he realized she was. 

When you look back at it, many people on the show have broke down crying. Clarke when she lost Lexa, Octavia when she lost Lincoln, Raven when she lost Finn, Bellamy when he thought he lost Octavia, Monty when he lost Jasper… just to name a few. It’s a fairly common sight, and almost all of them pertain to the loss of a loved one. Never Murphy, though. He’s been through hell, but none of these events happened on screen, so I suppose it makes sense that we’ve never seen it. again with the internalizing though

Until now. 

Now he’s loosing her. The only person he’s ever wanted, and he’s loosing her. He did everything he could on this godforsaken earth to protect her, and he failed. She’s the only person who’s ever stayed, and now she’s gone. And they don’t care. 

Murphy looks at her, hollow. Destroyed. 

I just have to argue that Murphy crying here would have, in a way, been a more upfront way of expressing the severity of this loss. Both would have been even better but we didn’t focus enough time on him. After his past losses, he only felt anger, only saw the world in red, killed the hurt. But Emori found the sorrow in him. She showed him where his heart was, and for the first time in his life he acts not on his instinct to survive, but on his heart to live. With Emori, Murphy lived. 

With Emori, Murphy found his heart- and now it’s breaking.

She was here. She was real. She is dead.

He is alone.

Murphy weeps.

Bennington, born in Arizona, completed the band in 1999 as the last piece of the puzzle and became their lead vocalist. As a child he was molested, as a teenager he went on to fight for his life against every kind of drug – opiates, cocaine, crystal meth, LSD. He was a wreck. „If I’m being honest, this band saved my life. I never had a family like Linkin Park.“ That’s how grateful Bennington is, who at one point even juggled with suicidal thoughts. „I can’t put my love for these guys in words, it’s so unconditional. The way it should be in an actual family. Shinoda can vividly remember the first months with his band mate: „Chester was a weird guy. But it clicked and now he is an extremely important part of my life. I can absolutely count on each of these guys 100 percent. There is no group like us today anymore. You will need a lot of patience for this.“ A lot of patience because obviously you will get to know every bit of a friend’s character in 17 years after all. Linkin Park go on highly successful worldwide tours during the last decade. But things are more complicated behind the scenes than it seems on stage. Bennington falls back into addictive patterns, this time with alcohol. „Nobody else but me can take responsibility for my mistakes and problems. There is a point where you have to realize this in order to stop“, he reports about that time. His best friend Shinoda agrees. „I can only live my own life, not his. But I will always be supportive, no matter what. I will be there. That’s the most important thing we always made sure to tell him.“ 

Stiles convinces Derek to go to the Halloween festival held at the Beacon Hills High Gym for all the local kids. Stiles orders costumes for them (little red riding hood and the big bad wolf, because he has a terrible sense of humor). But he accidentally orders the costumes from a sex shop so the little red costume is a tiny skirt, bustier top, fishnets and a hood, while The wolf is a pair of furry shorts, a tail and wolf ears on a headband. Derek gets home first and decides to try on the costumes, but he’s definitely surprised at what he finds. Annoyed that Stiles would order something so cliche, he decides to take the little red, and Stiles comes home to find Derek in the tiny skirt and fishnets.

Stiles is a little confused but definitely down for some gender role subversion, especially when Derek’s legs and ass look so amazing! It isn’t until after Stiles has practically attacked Derek that he discovers the mixup in costume shops.

In the end, they can’t wear the costumes to the Festival because there will be children there, so they dress up in jeans and Batman and Superman t-shirts.

The costumes are saved for their Christmas cards.

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