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ok after walking in on john and sherlock banging it out in the staircase for the 17th time mrs hudson goes to mrs turner to ask her for advice because ?? she must have the same problem with her married ones right? the young people are like this these days after all. so. she tells mrs turner the whole story, including the one time they were actually at it against the door of 221A at 5 in the morning and she couldn’t sleep, and she was just wondering, how does mrs turner handle situations like this? and mrs turner just stares at her in disbelief because, what the actual fuck martha, none of this has ever happened, mark and steven fuck in their own flat with the door closed like normal people


Scrubs Season 8 episode-ending songs

That was a fucking amazing episode!

But don’t go into the Sherlock tag because it’s full of whining tweens who actually thought Sherlock and John were going to get together.

#Ya’ll need to listen to the man with the moustache

But sure, just ignore what he says. After all, you guys love it when people ignore you telling them that you aren’t straight- OH WAIT!

Face In The Pillow

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A/N: The song is by Natasha Mosley (x)…never heard of her

Warning: Contains Sexual Content, View At Your Own Risk!!!

     There was no doubt that John had you hooked. Everything about him had you weakening at the knees and melting in your spot. You had no idea what it was, but with John, you made it clear he could have you anytime he wanted to. If you could, you’d climb him like a tree and worship the ground he walked on. Infatuation was a curse and the more you went without John pinning you up against the wall, the more your frustrations grew.

Here you were now, sitting in the middle of his living room with a line of shots resting on the coffee table. His laughter bouncing off the walls and hand tilting the shot glass you were drinking back. He watched you drown the clear liquid, a smirk on his lips at the lazy grin you were giving him. For once he was going to take you up on that offer. John’s eyes grew dark as he imagined his cock buried deep inside of you. Heat rose against his skin as he thought of what your moans would sound like. “Let’s make a party in your living room,” you suggested, sliding off the couch and heading over to his stereo. Swazz laughed at your words, eyebrows furrowing as he drowned one more shot.

“It’s just us two…” he mumbled, voice trailing off as music began to blast through the speakers. John could feel his cock grow as you began to sway your hips to the music. You let the music carry you, looking at Swazz seductively and grabbing the bottle of liquor from off the table.

“Dance with me,” you said, holding your hand out and chugging some of the alcohol down. Swazz shook his head at you, grabbing the bottle from your hands and guzzling down a few sips for himself. You frowned at his decline, a sigh leaving your lips as you continued to dance around the living room. He sat back down, watching you dance with hooded eyes. John’s eyes milked in every curve of your body. Licking his lips, he shifted in his spot, rearranging his boner. Unbeknownst to him, you had watched his actions. A smirk making its way onto your own face as an idea popped into your head. Taking him by surprise, you plopped down into his lap. “What are you doing?” John questioned, holding his breath as you began to grind on him.

“Giving you a lap dance,” you whispered in his ear, teeth nibbling at his earlobe and pulling it back. A shiver ran down his spine at this action. You stood up, swaying to the music and slowly starting to strip. John’s breath hitched in his throat as you dropped the last piece of clothing; leaving you in a matching bra and panties.  

“Got damn,” Swazz breathed out, clearing his throat as you started the lap dance. The minute your ass came into close contact with his package, his hand went out to grasp it. It didn’t take long for things to escalate from that point on. His hands beginning to run over your body in lust. There was a glint in John’s eye as he finally pulled your panties off. Now you got me naked, I don’t give no fucks. Lips crashing together in a feverish kiss, tongues battling together.  “Let’s take this upstairs,” he mumbled against your lips, backing you towards the staircase. Your knees weakened at the sound of his voice. You didn’t care where the two of you did this. Swazz could have taken you right up against this wall if he wanted to. You wouldn’t have complained at all. Pulling you into the bedroom, he went to turn off the lights only to have you stop him. 

You can leave them lights on” you told him, skipping over to his bed in excitement. You were so wet, ready to feel his cock fill you to the brim. He grinned at your words, shaking his head in amusement. You’ve wanted this for so long.

“How do you want it?” he questioned, dipping his head down to give your lips a quick kiss,“Mhm?” You closed your eyes, sucking in a deep breath and just taking in his presence. When you opened your eyes, John could tell that they had grown a shade darker.

I want it rough,” you whispered, “Can you talk nasty to me too.” A shiver ran down his spine at your words, the smirk on his face growing. He was as hard as a rock by now. The head of his cock leaking beads of precum. Swazz was going to do exactly that. Give you what you wanted and probably fuck you senselessly. His hand circled around your ankle, pulling you towards the edge of the bed. John sunk down to his knees. His thumb brushed over your clit; a very light press. The action had been quick, but it was enough to make you want more. Whining at the tiny amount of pleasure you just received, you impatiently lifted your hips in a request for more. John chuckled at your actions, hands massaging your thighs, going close to your heat. He watched you grow wetter than before, softly rubbing your clit. “I said I want it rough,” you repeated in annoyance, knowing good and well he was teasing you. 

“I gotta get you warmed up. Don’t worry you’ll get it rough,” he mumbled, taking you by surprise and licking from your entrance up to your clit. He had always imagined what you would taste like and now he was experiencing it. Tasting your succulence and hearing you moan obscenely; it was all because of his tongue. “You taste amazing,” John hummed against your heat, his words sending vibrations to your clit. Your thighs shook in pleasure, hands grasping at the sheets beside you. This went on for a few more minutes, John’s hands entering the mix as he began to tongue fuck you. Before you knew what was up or what was down, Swazz had your face in the pillow and was in balls deep.

His grip at your waist was tight, hips snapping against yours at a fast pace. Your moans were muffled and you began to push back into him. John stopped thrusting, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. “Shit…that’s right, fuck yourself on my cock.” Your moans became louder at his words, rotating your hips back and making sure he got a great view of your ass. Grabbing at your ass, John spread your cheeks apart and let out a strangled groan. His thumb circled around the rim, holding it tight as he began to pound into you. At some point he wanted to conquer that hole. Thumb slipping inside. John felt you tense up at the action, his face going down to send a series of pecks against your spine. “Just relax. I got you,” he whispered, picking up the pace as if that was even possible. You never knew how much you liked it hard, legs beginning to wobble at the weight of staying up. Swazz stopped thrusting for a second, flipping you onto your back, and lifting your legs over his shoulder and plunging back in. One hand reaching down to rub at your clit whole the other held your legs up. “Filthy girl,” he grunted, slowly down his thrusts so you could feel every inch of his cock. You legs shook, his name tumbling from your lips in a chant.  

“Harder,” you hummed out, eyes squinting open and looking at him in determination. Body surging back and forth with each thrust. A huff left John’s lips, wrapping your legs around his waist. Instead of going for deep long strokes, he gave sharp erratic thrusts. Tiny shrieks of pleasure left your lips each time he entered you. The clapping sound of his balls hitting your ass echoed around the room. You jumped in surprise as you felt his hand come down hard against your ass. The heat spreading throughout the cheek and leaving a burning sensation. Everything felt so good, felt so damn good; his fingers working at your clit, mouth sucking hickeys into your skin. Swazz was going to fuck you into oblivion. You wanted it rough and so he was going to give it so hard that you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. 


01. Ode To Sleep - Twenty One Pilots
02. Bloody Shirt - To Kill A King
03. I Want To Know - Kongos
04. L.G. FUAD - Motion City Soundtrack 
05. Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
06. Wasted Blues - Dead Rabbits
07. Dirty Harry - Gorillaz
08. Basket Case - Green Day
09. What’s My Age Again? - Blink 182
10. My Own Worst Enemy - Lit
11. Camel Holocaust - The Inevitable Backlash
12. Shut Me Up - Mindless Self Indulgence 13. Time Warp - The Rocky Horror Picture Show 14. People Are Strange - The Doors 15. An Honest Mistake - The Bravery 16. Grounds For Divorce - Elbow 17. Burn It Down - Awolnation
18. Vampire Money - My Chemical Romance 19. Die Die My Darling - The Misfits 20. You’re Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring 21. Renegades Of Funk - Rage Against The Machine 22. BYOB - System Of A Down 23. Take This - Gemini Syndrome 24. It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - REM


This is a companion to Dave’s Mix.  (ah yes, two years late) 


Janine: But no sex, okay???

Sherlock: um, i’m sorry, sex with you??

Janine: Don’t worry i’m only messing….you know bridesmaid and best man… another obligatory.

Sherlock: Yeah no thanks…that guy over there might be better for ya


John: It’s your birthday, we gotta go get cake, it is obligatory

Sherlock: Okay yeah, sounds good to me!!!

“Laurens, I like you a lot..”

Ya’ll know John keeps going from person to person romantically not because that’s just because it’s wtf he does as a dude with A Type.  But because he keeps trying to find in other people what it is the Sherlock makes him feel, and one by one they are never the right person.  Until it is the right person.  get on with it u fucken bdjibagjidnfskshitheadnfjdbgakndl 

Shuuuuuufleeeee Gaaaameeeee

rules: shuffle your music and list the first 10 songs, the tag ten mutuals.

I was tagged by @levis-tiny-ass Thank you Heichou! (sorry for do it too late xD) Here we go!

1. Us and them - Pink Floyd

2. Ya Ya - John Lennon

3. Concerto in A Minor fist movement -
Antonio Vilvaldi

4. The Great Gig in the Sky - Pink Floyd

5. Hajime no Ippo (first season) Opening 1 -
Under Star

6. Haikyuu!! (second season) Opening 2 -
Fly High

7. La vie en Rose - Louis Armstrong

8. I want to tell you - The Beatles

9. Gintama OST 7

10. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Classic Rock ftw! (and anime soundtrack too xD)

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