there ya go


And i really know you guys want more Mccree or Hanzo Genderbend! me too!

sooo~ i draw another one ;D

( i’m so bad at coloring as always/ or just bored…. lol! )

Also, i like that i draw male Hanzo with Female Mccree…. aahhh!!! *o*)/

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ok i don’t understand when people say “NATALIE’S TRUE COLORS HAVE SHOWN!”…she said in her preseason interview “im a sweet girl, but i also have a backbone and i dont let people walk all over me.”

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do you accept happy headcanons for the Hamada Brothers?

I accept all headcanons! Have some happy ones!

  • Tadashi snores so loud, like goddamn. Sometimes it’s so loud that Hiro wakes up on the other side of the room, walks over, and tries his best to suffocate Tadashi with his pillow.
  • Only, Hiro is usually too tired to really do anything, so he sort of paps Tadashi on the face a couple times with the pillow before passing out on his brother’s chest.
  • Aunt Cass wakes them up in the morning and is like ‘Aww! Cute! My nephews are snuggling again <3’ little does she know attempted murder happened last night.
  • Hiro is the slurpiest eater in the world, it’s awful. Everyone will be sitting down for a lovely breakfast, and then Hiro tries to get the last bit of milk out of his cereal bowl. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Hiro is sounding like a gurgling drain over in the corner with his bowl.
  • Every time they go out to eat, when they get straws with their drinks they immediately do that thing where you rip one end of the straw wrapper off, and then you blow the straw and shoot someone with the wrapper.
  • They usually go for the eyes, nose, and ears. Bonus points if you catch someone by surprise, or if you do this under Aunt Cass’s radar.
  • Hiro and Tadashi won’t admit it, but they fight for Mochi’s affections. Every now and then the cat will wander into their room, and then curl up and fall asleep in someone’s lap. Whoever has been chosen feels honored, loved, and appreciated; whoever is Mochi-less feels unloved, cold, and forgotten.
  • (Mochi doesn’t have a favorite; the cat will just cuddle up with whoever is closest.)
two words for the signs
  • aries:sex god/dess
  • taurus:couch potato
  • gemini:social brainiac
  • cancer:crabby crybaby
  • leo:narcissistic queen/king
  • virgo:cold workaholic
  • libra:romantic hottie
  • scorpio:intense sorcerer/sorceress
  • sagittarius:swag hippie
  • capricorn:intelligent asshole
  • aquarius:green peace
  • pisces:stoner fuckboy
Imagine your OTP

Person A,B, and C are hanging out.Person B buys pudding and thinks the brilliant idea of teasing A.B starts eating the pudding seductively, A low-key watches but B knows.C says"Wow that must be really good.“B answers"Mmm, just heavenly.“While looking at A, A just looses it then picks up B and carries them to the bedroom.