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some little modern!byeler headcanons

These are mostly adult!Byeler headcanons!

  • They were first in line to see The Force Awakens, and also were some of the first to buy advance tickets.
  • They are AVID World of Warcraft fans.
  • Both would own iPhones, but Mike is a bit more phobic of technology than Will. He believes that one day, technology is gonna turn on us and the result won’t be a pretty one, and Will always has to tell him that he’s being delusional.
  • On the iPhone note: Will’s phone background is of Mike holding one of their dogs, and Mike’s is one of Will on their wedding day.
  • Both have Tumblrs. Will’s is very aesthetically-pleasing, with photography, art, musicals, floral, etc. Mike’s is more of a fandom blog, primarily Star Wars and Doctor Who.
  • On the Doctor Who note, both of them are HUGE fans of the show. Will’s favorite new Doctor is Eleven and favorite old Doctor is Five, while Mike’s favorite new Doctor is Ten and old Doctor is Four. Their favorite companions are Rose, Amy, Sarah Jane, and Rory.
  • Both were big Pokemon fans as kids, and totally had the trading cards, Nintendo games (they always competed to see who could take the better pictures on Pokemon Snap), the Pokemon Gameboy, the merchandise, and both watched the show constantly. If you think that they didn’t get on the Pokemon Go bandwagon when it came out, you are DEAD WRONG.
  • Both are huge Game of Thrones fans. Mike is totally in love with Daenerys and how badass she is, and Will loves Tyrion and Jon.
  • Will uses Instagram RELIGIOUSLY. He will take pictures of pretty much ANYTHING and post them to his account with (what he thinks are) witty captions. Most of the time, those captions are nothing but emojis.
  • Both use Snapchat. Will uses it mostly to annoy Mike by sending him snaps of his own various selfies with captions like “Do you still love me, Mike?” and then following up five minutes later with, “How about now?” and another, two minutes after that: “How about NOOOW?” Mike has to finally tell him to stop, and then Will begins sending him snaps of their dogs—while both men are in the same house, in different rooms.
  • Mike rarely uses his Snapchat, and only uses it for the cool filters. Will uses every single filter more than once, but Mike only uses filters if he likes them.
  • Will watches cooking shows all the time, most specifically Cake Boss and Hell’s Kitchen.
  • Mike watches and loves true crime shows, and watches the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel a lot.
  • They both try to go to San Diego Comicon every year, and they cosplay every single time they attend. Their cosplays range from Star Wars to Doctor Who to Marvel or DC characters.
  • They both love the Marvel and DC films, but both have a huge preference for Marvel comics and films.
  • Both are massive Harry Potter fans. Mike has read all seven books at least twenty times, and Will has read them all at least forty. It’s their obsession, and sometimes they’ll even read the books to each other. Later on, when they adopt a couple of children, they introduce them to Harry Potter and read the books to them every night.
  • They both marveled over The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. They were totally in awe of the special effects and how beautifully it came to life on screen.
  • Will uses Uber so much, but Mike is totally paranoid about him doing that. He’s always afraid that they’re unsafe, and that “they could be a serial killer, Will!” Will just assures Mike that he’s being paranoid and watches too many true crime shows.
  • They Skype and FaceTime all the time when they have to be apart. It’s mostly just Will holding their dogs and telling Mike all about what they did that day (“Toto took a dump in the house today, Mikey! ALL OVER MY BRAND NEW RUG!!!!!!” “Hermione went to the vet today and got her teeth cleaned! Her breath smells fresh!” “Hagrid had to go get spayed today. I don’t think he’s ever gonna trust me AGAIN!” and the list just goes on and on and ON). Will Byers is a total Dog Dad and no one is ever gonna convince me otherwise.
  • Mike’s username on pretty much all of his social media is thecoolestwheeler90, while Will’s is thecutestwheeler91 (after he marries Mike; before marrying Mike, it’s hufflepuffcutie2010, because he was pretty sure he was a Hufflepuff and wouldn’t accept anything or anyone telling him otherwise).
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Without a doubt, ERENthe標 is my favorite track from the Season 2 OST. Regardless, I was somewhat let down by its structure and occasional switch to synth and EDM-style sounds, which didn’t work that well with the song, especially the first part that actually utilizes them.

The actual orchestral parts were very minimal, and it’s something I’ve been trying to expand on ever since the OST came out. It simply never worked. It’s as if the song doesn’t want to be edited lmao.

Regardless, this is probably the audio edit that has taken me the longest by far. The track is nearly 6 minutes long and I tried to make it as diverse as possible while maintaining a solid structure and pacing. I tried. Did some last minute changes just a few moments ago and I’d say it turned out better than I originally expected. Still, the original track itself leaves a lot to be desired. I hope more than anything for a rearrange in Season 3.  

100 Days of Practice - Day 27

I finally got my viola back today!! All fixed up and it it sounds GORGEOUS 😍 I also had a lesson to run over my quartet piece for my summer camp, which went pretty good 👍

And on piano I kept working on the same parts of the ballade, especially the thundering sixths and the coda because that whole piece is so 🔥

And I ended up using another screenshot as my “aesthetic” picture because I keep forgetting to do this until almost 2 am, which is probably why @itsaviolathing passed me in the challenge 🙃

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would you ever consider writing a part two to Sweet as Pie? It's my favorite, and barista Ethan kills me. (I love you and your blog, have a nice day :).)

Probably not at the moment, mainly because I don’t have any ideas for it but if I were to ever get inspired then I’d probably post a part 2! Barista!Ethan is my favorite, he’s so cute :*) And thank you, I love you and I hope you have a great great day xxx

Update Monday

I am officially down 2.2 lbs and 4.5 inches (totaled) since officially starting back on a regular workout routine. I know that I would probably see more results if I cut out all the “bad” things in my life, but that is not a sustainable lifestyle for me. I need my occasional alcohol night and chocolate is a part of me. Fuck the diet police. They can suck it. I have actually made more progress doing this lifestyle change by my own methods anyway.

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Any chance on there being a part 2 to skyline?

most definitely!!  there’s been such a great response to it and it makes me so happy that yall like it!! tbh i started writing it bc i had this idea in my head for a scene but it needed a lot of backstory to get to that point so i could get MAXIMUM ANGST so that’s why i wrote skyline.  if you guys continue to like it and you wanna know more, i’ll probably continue it into a series!!

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I also have two questions. 1. Will the gender bent Eppafross crew ever be expanded upon or added to the game somehow? 2. Do you understand what stones riddle means? I can't figure it out?

1: it can be expanded on if you guys so desired, there can be a part in the game where that happens, sure! I’ll have to write it in somehow….the script for the game is already done but I have made very few changes and adding in paragraphs and shit so I can probably work something out! [maybe I’ll replace the dream sequence with it?]

2: I do know~….but i’m not allowed to say, it’s a pep secret :x


Okay so as we all know by now Zhang Yixing is not a part of EXO’s 4th full album The War.

Whether it was a conflict of schedules or mismanagement, the sad reality is that an EXO member is fully excluded from the comeback. Moreover, the fans weren’t given a proper explanation about the status of the situation and were mostly kept in the dark about the extent of his participation without any clear statement from SM entertainment about whether or not he will be a part of the album.
EXO is a group of 9 members and the fans are here for the 9 members. If members are excluded from full comebacks like this, it isn’t a situation fair to anyone - neither the members nor the fans. Hence, we cannot allow this treatment of the current situation to be digested like this. Many fans are discontent and disappointed, and we need to express it openly even as we await the upcoming comeback.
In short, Yixing is an EXO member. He should be in an EXO album. He, or any other member, cannot be excluded from any future comebacks like this - with vague statements as an excuse. EXO is 9 members, and having a Full only 8 member album should not erase the group’s identity as 9.
Therefore, in order to show our support for OT9 and appreciation for EXO LAY and not forget his complete absence from the comeback, we are announcing a Twitter project.

On 17th July 11-12 AM KST, the night before the release of the official MV, we will trend the hashtags:



 "#이씽도사랑해" (We love Yixing too)

Please take part in the project by tweeting the above hashtags and tagging the official @weareoneEXO account with it. 

EXO is 9 and we are NOT leaving anyone out.

Hashtag cr: @thekaitomyxing  @kyx1994 

EDIT : Some of the people are misunderstanding the primary purpose of this project. (probably because of the strong wording of my original post).


Its a small meaningful project of support and nothing else.

1. Yixing is an EXO member that we still support and remember though he is not a part of this comeback.

2. We missed him in this comeback and felt his absence.

3. EXO is 9 members and we support all nine.

4. To cheer up and make yixing stans feel more included in the comeback.

5. This project is not = #noot9nocomeback or to cause fanwars.

This is not a petition, its just a twitter project to give an hour to Lay and the people who miss him..before exo comes out with a new album and enters a new era.

Small projects like these wont affect the comeback. Small projects like these don’t affect album sales, youtube views, album reviews, voting results, music show trophies, lay’s activities in china, THAAD, member’s popularities or daesangs. Small projects like these are to make people feel better. The hashtags are all about positivity and hence i request everyone to keep it positive and in control.

Also, I apologize for the unnecessary confusion the timing on the poster are causing to everyone. It is a one hour project- 17th July 11 pm kst to 18th July 12 am kst. Please be respectful and keep the hashtags positive and stick to the start and stop timing.

We chose this time since a lot of ppl will already be up at that time to possibly catch the full MV Teaser on July 18th 12 am Kst. We kept it short since by continuing it once the teaser drops we dont want to show disrespect towards the comeback (and it will be drowned in the hype anyways)
The official MV is on 6pm kst 18 July. So the twitter trends for the comeback will not be affected.


a conga line of goobers


Tom Holland in that outfit™. 

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(part 2)