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It’s always a bit weird when I see people reblog posts going “Tumblr / the fandom was so much better in the old days because we were so much nicer to each other then!”, particularly when I see them in the context of POTO and the phandom, because what I remember of the old Tumblr phandom was the many, many, many, many instances of misogyny, outright misinterpreting the characters, double standards, Raoul-bashing, and intense romanticization of abuse, with the occasional racism and subtle homophobia.

And it literally wasn’t until people called those posts out that things began to improve. Which I guess that’s why I’m kind of side-eying all the posts going “Let’s all be accepting of each other because it’s fiction!” or “This is a safe space for all ships and opinions!” because it seems to go exactly against the more critical and “We will not accept this” kind of behavior that eliminated a lot of the above. I feel like all I am seeing now are things like “We can all separate fiction from reality!” or “All these headcanons are set in a fluffy AU!” being used as a blanket statement to ignore problematic behavior, or to call people who make even a vaguely critical post that they are part of “the discourse” and contributing to a “toxic” fandom.

I dunno. I don’t want to be a gate-keeping “fandom oldie” who Has Been Through So Much; I think it’s totally fine to make up fluffy AUs and cute fics and shout about “the feels” to each other; and any harassment should be blocked and reported. But I just really want people to think critically about what you ship, acknowledge the unhealthy aspects of it, and call out fellow shippers who are engaging in problematic behaviors. I want to see more of that in the tags. I want people to stop acting like any attack on their ship is a personal attack on them and is a sign of a “toxic fandom”, because hello, have you seen the above? And I want our phandom, which has come a long way and has improved so much, to keep being going on that upward trend.

Note to all of my followers that seeing any character who doesn’t normally have freckles drawn with freckles will make me immediately cry on sight and add 10 years to my life

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Do you think of Harry as popular?

i think he’s extremely well known in the school but i don’t know about popular. 

though harry has a great capacity for care and love, he is very resistant to engage in friendships that extend past ron/the weasleys and hermione. he’s even slow to accept the lords and saviors neville and luna as some of his best friends. i think he’s generally seen as nice, most certainly clocked for being as famous as he is but for the most part is just recognized as chill ( it’s why his outbursts are so startling to people. ) 

then again he is also a jock by all standards, one that barely makes it through the season. he’s also described as having perfect skin which is hysterical to me and always will be. – i guess i see it in highs and lows, low being fourth and fifth year where his fame really comes for him with people holding outward hostility toward him for it but then on the flip side he is also very put off by the attention he gets in his sixth year. 

i mean if i went to school with harry and he was constantly messing up my chances to win house/quidditch cup or just in general was at the center of every shit storm i’d probably have some jokes. so yeah, i guess it all just depends who you ask. 

but ‘there’s no need to call me sir, professor’ makes him infamous. ‘the boy who lived after Doing That’ is what he is known as for years to come

Navigator and Wild Card

Mahiru and Impostor for dangan thieves AU

A lot of extra sass quotes for Mahiru because navi’s talk a lot apparently and Twogami has a different kind of mementos chats hmm…

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okay, i’m honestly not even kidding when i say “stranger things got me through the last half of 2016″ 

because it did. (joyce byers specifically got me through the back half of last year)

so i’m just. so very excited that it’s coming back. and that it’s real and tangible now with a real trailer and an official release date and everything.

@kurootetsrou tagged me to share the first line in a wip! i don’t write that much anymore so this is the beginning of a collab fic w/ my best friend. we wrote like two chapters last year and never continued bc we suck :’)

Delicate steel legs struggled for purchase on the walls of its environment, generating continuous clicks against glass. It was compelling how they could sink into flesh so easily.

ok i cheated by including two lines but whatever it’s from 2016 and probably v bad anyways alksdjflksj thanks again for the tag though!! 💛

tagging @anatomily (lmao i know u haven’t been writing either) @vasqueen (if you write!) and @snowflakers (bc i know you write too!) if you guys want to do it!! sorry for all the tags btw i’m just getting to them now ahh

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What do you mean when you say to use an Indian almond leaf?

I meant use it as in put them in the tank, haha. Some people put them in whole, some people cut them up and put them in, others cut them up, boil them, and pour the extract in. I do the last one, mostly. There’s a guide here if you’d like to read up on their benefits. They’re extremely useful, and I always have some on hand.

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could you maybe write something where ace feels insecure and unwanted by mar and sab to the point where he tries to break up with them? (Preferably with a happy ending where they all resolve to communicate better and ace stays)

me, sweating: uhhhh thissssssss works, right??????

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It wasn’t just rage that made his hands shake while he packed. 

I know who you are.

It wasn’t just fear that crawled up his throat as he slung clothes and money into his bag, knowing that he only had enough for a one-way trip but not bothering to pack more.  

Unless you turn yourself over to me- 

It wasn’t just the letter that made his stomach churn, it wasn’t just the promise held in that single, messy page, it wasn’t just the thought of Teach’s taunting grin that made his fire flicker to life.  

-I’m going to make sure the Marines execute everyone you ever knew.

(The letter was ash in his hands and he’d turned on his heel and was out the door before anyone could question the acrid smell of smoke.)

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pipistrellus replied to your post: a Fun Figure Drawing Hack that I discovered after…

i keep trying to think of a noncreepy way to be like ‘OR you can let me examine your muscles’ but its not working

pip come 2 seattle and you can [significant pause, ludicrously exaggerated wink] examine my muscles 

I’ll put up pictures tomorrow but the highlights of the night were
▪running to use the restroom before the show started and almost literally running into Chuck Taylor (never actually used the restroom I was so distracted)
▪sitting right next to were the wrestlers came out from
▪running into Chuck again during intermission
▪random wrestler name Jared Kripke sitting and talking to me for like 10 minutes
▪getting high fives from Chuck Taylor, Kongo Kong, Matt F'N Cross, Hurricane, and a ton of other guys
▪got a lap dance from Ames (apparently his name isn’t Ace)
▪Matt Cross liking my name and the fact I’m like 2 inches taller than him

This doggo is so cute, Shiro went full Steven Universe for a moment there

EDIT: I drew a sequel to this comic!