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Prologue 8

“ This is the worst day of my life began. A masked man closing in on Dunwall Tower. Now it’s happening again: another Empress falls, another story ends. Last time it almost ruined the Empire. Will I do better? Delilah outfoxed me, and I never saw it coming. But I was Corvo before I was the Royal Protector. Before I owened a sword, I fought with sticks and broken glass, what ever came to hand. I don’t know what ground scheme you’ve got underway, Delilah, but I’ll give all I’ve got to stop you.”

10 thoughts and questions about Fantastic Beasts (Spoilers)

Now that I’m calm, here are a few things I had the time to think about:

- In the end, is it Obscurial or Obscurus? 

-Ariana Dumbledore must have been an Obscurus/-ial. Maybe Grindelwald discovered what it was when Ariana died, realized how much power it had, and tried to find another one.

- Does Grindelwald already have the Elder Wand? In DH, it is said that Grindelwald was young when he stole the Elder Wand (DH, chapter 14. Gregorovitch to Voldemort: “I do not know, I never knew - a young man - no - please - PLEASE!”  and Harry describes him as a “young bloke” and a “boy”). The HP wikia says that he was born in 1883, which would make him 43 in “Fantastic Beasts”, which isn’t that young. He must already have stolen the wand from Gregorovitch, but he wasn’t using it during the movie…maybe he was using the real Graves’ wand? 

- Does that make Tina the owner of the Elder Wand? In HBP, Draco disarmed Dumbledore and became the owner. Later, in DH, Harry disarmed Draco and became the owner, even though Draco didn’t have the wand on him (DH, chapter 36: “I got there first. I overpowered Draco weeks ago. I took his wand from him.” and a few lines later: “Does the wand in your hand know its last master was disarmed? Because if it does … I am the true master of the Elder Wand.”). Draco didn’t even know he was the master, never had the Elder Wand, and yet ownership still passed to Harry. Grindelwald was probably not using his own wand when disguised as Graves, but if Harry could become the wand’s master without taking the wand itself from it’s owner, why would it be different for Tina and Grindelwald?

-How different are american house-elves from british house-elves? Those we saw in the movie speak better and more freely than british ones, they also seem more independent… Are they bound to someone?

- Queenie says she can’t stop reading minds. How does that work? Does she read the mind of every person she crosses on the street? Does she have to see the person? But she can hear Tina’s thoughts even if she is far away…

- What happened in Hogwarts that got Newt expelled? I’m so curious now…

- In the Fantastic Beasts books, it’s written that Newt and Tina are married! I’m glad they didn’t kiss in the movie, it would have been to fast for someone as awkward as Newt

- Was Newt in love with Leta Lestrange? Was she the endangered student? It was hinted that their relationship wasn’t healthy… Oh, maybe she is Rodolphus and Rabastan grandma!

- Please Jacob remember! Queenie visited, and you love each other, and love is more powerful than any other kind of magic, Dumbledore said so!

Maple Bacon Whoopie pie from Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

  • eliza: i love clexa so much i would deadass die for lexa kom trikru anyways clarke loved making out with lexa almost as much as i loved making out with alycia clexa is so good clarke will never love another human as much as lexa and did i mention that i love lexa almost as much as clarke does
  • me: 🔪🔪🔪 LET ME LIVE

Listen… I loved Finn, a lot. A lot more then I let on due to the fandom’s general hatred of him (which is totally justified, I just didn’t agree). He was one of my favorite characters, ever. When Finn died, I cried. I sobbed. I still get a little emotional when I see the word “spacewalker”. But that’s it. After fifteen minutes, I took a deep breath, and I moved on. Why? Because I know there will be other Finns. There might never be another Lexa.

  • me: honestly i'm just never watching another show with wlw in it again because there's just too high a risk they'll get killed off. i've been baited in the past, even when they imply that the wlw will be safe, they get killed right after they're finally happy. i'm just sick of it. i'm not watching another show with wlw unless the showrunner explicitly states they're not going to die, and that's just never going to happen.
  • wynonna earp showrunner: they're not going to die
  • me: ...well shit

honestly if i get one more stupid fucking ask that “the 100 is more than just a ship!!!” i’m turning my entire inbox off again bc holy fucking shit how can you be that stupid, it was never about clexa, that’s not what people are sinking into depression about you fucking idiots, it’s that yet another lesbian was killed off minutes after she finally found happiness in her lover’s arms, and died because she loved clarke. if you’re not a wlw you have absolutely NO right to comment on this, thanks.

another reason i think clarke is gonna die: they keep foreshadowing blarke but like… only beachball’s feelings for clarke. they’ve never alluded to clarke having any feelings for him. in 3x01 beachball was like WE GOTTA SAVE CLARKE and then he saves her in a gay ass way and it’s obvious he has feelins for her,,, ok. then raven’s like “beachball loves clock” and blorp is like tru but clarke doesn’t rlly care. if they killed off clarke it would be a perfect opportunity to give blorp man pain and u know this show absolutely lives for that.