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I had to crawl out of the woodwork to ask about That Dishonored Meta or maybe you talked about it but I missed it, how do you feel bout the canon high chaos Emily in regards to the whole issue with the Outsider causing chaos in the world, especially since it ends up one marked mass murderer vs another one slightly less mass but still murderer? Or generally on high chaos Em opposing to the canon low chaos Corvo of the original?

okay, I feel there are several layers to this discussion

1. How I feel about HC Emily vs low Chaos Corvo - I prefer LC Em, but I’m okay with HC Em *in concept*. They lose me on the execution. Not even talking about her sounding like she’s trying to out-edge Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (”I wish I had 8 arms so I could strangle 8 people at once!”) But it’s just not believable character-wise and she doesn’t have an arc, like Corvo did. Corvo lost the love of his life and his daughter was kidnapped, he was framed for that, he spent 6 MONTHS being tortured, thinking he has no one to trust or help him. It’s believable that this trauma would break him and turn him into a killer for HC. But also it’s understandable that he would rise above it in LC, because he’s a good person at heart and because he wants Emily to inherit a better city, not the chaos-ridden one. But even in LC that suppressed anger shows itself - Corvo might not kill people, but most LC takedowns are arguably more horrible than clean killing. Like, he sees Pendelton brothers grabbing and pushing Emily (in still-motion scene in Void) and cuts their tongues and sends them to slow death in the mines. He has interesting and tragic character dynamic in both LC and HC.

And Emily… just doesn’t have that? She was not tortured, Corvo wasn’t killed, she found an ally with a plan within like 20 minutes.  Like, okay, everyone is different, and 6 months of torture is not a requirement for “justifiable trauma”. But Emily doesn’t sound hurt or desperate - her diaries are bummed out at best! She’s never like “Oh my god, I’m alone against everyone, I don’t know what to do, Delilah is murdering innocent people, I failed them, I don’t even know if I can save Dad”. Instead, she’s mostly “I always thought being Empress is boring, but now I think I want it back. Gotta get my throne and save father. I guess.” She writes joking letters to her lover, so it’s like “Lol remember that time I was without pants in public? Lmao good times. Ok, gotta go kill 20 people before breakfast, xoxo!” She just starts mass murdering people without showing any real distress about it (aside from her edgy comments)

It was easy to understand and even relate a bit to HC Corvo, but you have to do a lot of head-canoning to make HC Emily a believable functioning character. Not to mention, HC drops ball hard on the supposed theme of the game- Ruling Class as Parasites. I still insist that better HC ending would be Em taking Delilah’s place and usurping the Outsider’s powers for herself - becoming an ultimate parasite. 

2. How I feel about HC Emily being canon in relation to Death of the Outsider - I think it makes sense to make Em canonically HC if they want to justify Daud. I don’t have much faith left in DH writers, but I don’t believe they’re really gonna use “Daud blames Outsider for his own problems!” reason that tumblr joked about in 73462 identical posts. (Again, I can’t stand Daud, but that’s just stupid) Instead, we have one eldritch abomination Empress taking place of another, and whoever wins, people of the Isles lose. Daud thought he was the baddest bitch in town, the legendary Knife of Dunwall, but turns out, he never had any imagination. Delilah takes it to the next fuckn level and takes over the Empire. And then in Karnaca, he sees Emily, who was a meh Empress, but a decent girl, turn into a monster who single-handedly murdered entire districts, and became the Butcher Empress after the Outsider gave her the mark. And Daud himself, with the Outsider’s help, sent Delilah into the Void, and there she shoved the Outsider into the locker and took his powers, which means not just that the Outsider is horrible at choosing who to mark, but also that he can’t even handle people he marked. You can easily see how he can reason that “No one should have so much power” and also “No one should be able to give so much power.” Of course, it’s all speculation at this point, but canon HC Emily makes sense from that narrative perspective. 

Why Lee Jordan would be a feminist...
  • Half-blood or pureblood Lee still would’ve had to deal with racism.
  • He would’ve used his words and not his fists like other Gryffindor might: When you’re a black Brit,you’re aware that—like it or not—you represent people who look like you. 
  • Lee would know it’s better to be funny and approachable. He might not consciously know why. Maybe he had it in his head it was better to be funny and approachable than just loud. Loud could be interpreted as ‘scary.’
  • Angelina Johnson would’ve called him out on his commentary about her.
  • Hermione Granger’s house elf rants would sink in later when he was in the midst of the Second War.
  • Lee went from a character who in the Chamber of Secrets (American Hardback Edition) Chapter 14, Page 258, said “The Heir of Slytherin, the monster of Slytherin–Why don’t they just chuck all the Slytherins out?” and publicly ridiculed Hermione Granger for S.P.E.W. to one who in Deathly Hallows, Chapter 22 , page 439 did this:

“let’s take a moment to report those deaths that the Wizarding Wireless Network and Daily Prophet don’t think important enough to mention.”

  • He acknowledged the names of the missing and the dead on Potterwatch. He gave them back their humanity when those in power denied muggleborns and muggles were just as human as the rest of the magical population.He extended that courtesy to house-elves, too. Gornuk was named among the fallen.
  • Lee was listening when Kingsley Shacklebolt, whose very name is a reminder that slavery and that past affects the present, said "it’s one short step from Wizards first’ to 'Purebloods first’, and then to 'Death Eaters.’ “ (DH,Chapter 22, pg 440)
  • Lee Jordan had to listen to others, had to unlearn his own problematic behaviors in order to become a better person. And eventually, he– a black, British, man– hosted a pirate radio station created to speak truth to power. 

  • J.K. Rowling could’ve chosen another character for that very important role, but she chose him–one of the few characters depicted as a person of color. 
  • And the movies stole that important role from this character by merely using his voice, by never letting people know that voice of Potterwatch was a black man . 

    We could’ve had a black character commenting on oppression in the movies, but we didn’t. Instead he was invisible. (Original post. X)

  • Lee Jordan would be a feminist because the last thing he would ever want for himself or others is to be invisible.

DH and DD are doing a great job of changing out my dressing each day. I worked up the courage yesterday to see what my injury looked like. I still haven’t felt brave enough to look at the “before” photo.

This injury has been a little traumatic. I’ve never been really hurt in my married life before. I broke bones when I was a kid (one arm in first grade, another in middle school, and a leg in high school). Getting hurt and then imagining all of the different scenarios that could have been still has me thinking.

One of the words that has been said often is “trauma.” As in, “You’re body has been through trauma.” As a foster parent, it has made me really think about how we use that term when it comes to our kids. I was involved in a freak accident and it has been, to a degree, traumatic. It was scary and I’m still reeling from it in different ways. How much worse it must be as a child to undergo trauma that is potentially done to you intentionally, and potentially by the ones closest to you.

I think about some of the kids who have been through my home who have been severely physically or sexually or emotionally abused. Generally by the people closest to them that should have been protecting them. Then we rip kids out of their environments and put them in a new home and the move itself could be considered traumatic. I’m still processing it all, but I realize I don’t feel okay right now, and I’m realizing how much worse it must be for kids who are too young to process what’s happening to them, and how difficult it must be to move forward after living through what they’ve been through. I realize I’m not explaining myself very well, but I’m turning around some big stuff in my head this week.

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Suggestions for short quotes to get tattooed?

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” –John Steinbeck

“It hurts to leave a light on for nobody.” –Graham Foust

“Look closely. The beautiful may be small.” –Immanuel Kant

“Words were different when they lived inside of you.” – Benjamin Alire Sáenz 

“You move through me like rain heard from another country.” –Ocean Vuong

“To love is to undress our names.” –Octavio Paz

“Merely wishing to linger: to be, to be here.” –Louise Gluck

“My veins are centuries meeting.” –Gayl Jones

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.” –DH Lawrence

Things I wish people would remember in their headcanons:

1. The Yule Ball only happens during the Tri-Wizard tournament. Perhaps there could be other similar events but in canon it’s specific.

2. House elves are rare/serve mostly wealthy families. As far as we know the Malfoys house only had one, because Lucius says, “you lost me my servant, boy.” Also, in GoF, Dobby reports Winky asking where there would be work for two house-elves, and Dobby says Hogwarts. So since we never see another single-family household with multiple elves, I would be very surprised if there were any left after Dobby at the Malfoys

3. The Room of Requirement is not common knowledge, at least not pre-DH

Maple Bacon Whoopie pie from Sweet Spells located in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Elvhen Pronunciation Rules And Updated Phonology

This is an update to my original Elvhen Phonology post, which you can find here: or here:

This is also a basic guide on Elvhen pronunciation. Unfortunately, since it is an English cipher, Elvhen has also picked some of the ‘bad habits’ or English, in the sense that some words break the various pronunciation ‘rules’ for no other reason than ‘because.’ So while you should keep these rules in mind, do pay attention to the various phonetic pronunciations that will eventually be put on the word-list, and the eventual lexicon (which this guide is taken from).


What is phonology? 

Phonology is both the study of the science of the sounds produced by speech, as well as the phonetics present within a language at any given time. Well what exactly are phonetics? Phonetics are the systems of speech sounds within any given language, which are made up of phonemes.

Overall, the phonology of Elvhen is strikingly similar to English, except for a few major differences:

  • The phonemes k, , , and x do not exist in Elvhen. In fact, Elvhen does not contain any affricate consonants what-so-ever.
  • The phoneme ʒ does not exist in the vast majority of Elvhen dialects. The phoneme ʒ is used in place of the phoneme j in a few select dialects. Additionally, most dialects of Elvhen do not contain the phoneme z. For the purposes of phonology, however, all applicable phonemes will be included in the chart, even if they are dialect-dependent.
  • Unlike English, Elvhen has a few phonemes which are not present in English, such as the phonemes ɾ and r.

Elvhen Consonants:

Elvhen Vowels:


The following is the romanized Elvhen alphabet with the corresponding IPA sounds.

A [a]

B [ba]

D [diɾ]

Dh [ða]

E [e]

F [fa]

G [ga]

Gh [gɪ]

H [ha]

I [i]

J [ja]

L [la]

M [mɪ]

N [na]

O [o]

P [p]

R [aˈɾa]

S [sa]

Sh [ʃi]

T [ta]

Th [ɛθ]

U [u]

V [va]

Y [aɪ]


For the most part, with the exception of the differences in phonemes, the pronunciation rules of Elvhen are very similar to the pronunciation rules of English. Again, this is a result of Elvhen starting its life as a cipher of English, rather than an actual conlang. The following rules are where the language differs.

Syllabic consonants do not exist in Elvhen. Rather, each consonant is pronounced independent of each other. The exception to this rule is when a consonant is followed by an h, in which case it creates the ‘weak’ pronunciation of that consonant.

Likewise, vowels are pronounced independent of each other, which results in Elvhen having different dipthongs than English.

  • Strong vs Weak consonants: Each consonant has a strong and weak variant. Whether a consonant is strong or weak is a bit hard to pin down. A consonant that is followed by an h is a weak consonant, except for those letters that include a roman h in them (dh, th, sh). For example, Gh is a weak form of g, and Vh is a weak form of g. The way you pronounce a weak consonant is rather straight forward: You simply pronounce it with less powder and less volume than you normally would, as well as following the consonant with a short breathy sound. This can easily be seen in differences between the pronunciation of V, such as in the words var or vhen'an. For some consonants, the strong and weak sound are the same, except you simply pronounce the weak consonant with less force.
  • Weak consonants that start a segment of a word usually dictate that the segment is not the stressed portion of the word (which is true in vhen'an as well as ghi'lane.) There are exceptions to this rule, such as the word ghi'la.
  • Long vs short vowels: Unfortunately, long and short forms of the vowels are all over the place in Elvhen, so this is very much touch and go. If a vowel falls before an aspirated consonant (th, dh, sh), it is usually short. If a vowel falls before a regular consonant, it is usually long unless preceded by another vowel, in which case the first vowel is long and the second is short (such as the ai in aiaslin). If a third vowel follows two vowels, the rules start at the beginning (i.e. long vowel before a regular consonant, and short before aspirated). Vowels are usually also treated as being short if they come after a weak consonant (such as in vhen'an). This isn’t always the case however, such as with the word ghi'la or ghi'lane where the 'I’ in both words is a long vowel. Where this rule becomes tricky is when vowels have more than one short or long variation, since all but one elvhen vowel have at least 3 total forms.

Like English, unfortunately, Elvhen is a bit touch and go with pronunciation. Another result of its birth as a cipher.

For the purposes of pronunciation, the following symbols will be used in the IPA to help guide you:

  • ˈ: Primary stress. This symbol (ˈ not ’) will precede the portion of the word that receives primary stress. For example the word perceive would be written as [pərˈsiv].
  • ˌ: Secondary stress. This symbol (ˌ not ,) will precede the portion of the word that receives secondary stress. For example, the word foundation would be written as [ˌi.kwəˈlɪb.ri.əm].
  • .: Syllable Break. The symbol ’.’ will come between syllable breaks. Note that the symbols ˈ and ˌ automatically denote a syllable break, so ’.’ is not needed in those cases.
  • ◌̤ : Weak, breathy pronunciation. This symbol will come underneath a consonant that is pronounced 'weak.’ For example, vhen'an would be written as [v̤ɛ].

The following is a table of the Elvhen letters and their corresponding sounds. Where applicable, the symbol (dia) denotes a phoneme that appears only in select dialects, and not the language as a whole.

Specific letter rules:

A = A is always short, unless it is a double a (such as in vheraan). When preceding a consonant at the beginning of a word, A takes on the phoneme of a or æ, depending upon the dialect. When preceding a consonant anywhere else in a word, or when preceding another vowel, A takes on the phoneme of ɐ or ɒ, depending upon the dialect. When coming directly after a vowel and a consonant at the end of a word, A takes on the phoneme of a, æ, or ɒ, depending upon the dialect.  For example, in the main Elvhen dialects, alas'ala (desert) would be pronounced [aˌlɐs.ɐˈla]. In alternative dialects, it would be pronounced either [æˌlɐs.ɐˈla], [æˌlɐs.ɐˈlæ], [æˌlɒs.ɐˈlɒ], or [aˌlɒs.ɐˈlɒ].

E = When E is the first letter of a syllable receiving primary or secondary stress, and either comes after an aspirated consonant, or before a regular consonant, it takes on the phoneme ɛ. When E comes before a regular consonant, and is not the first letter of a syllable receiving primary or secondary stress, it takes on the phoneme ə. When E is the first or last letter of a word, or when it precedes or follows another vowel, it takes on the phoneme of e. This rule also applies to suffixes and prefixes. If you use the suffix -elan, for example, to create an actor verb, the -elan part of that noun will be pronounced with the long e, not the short ɛ or ə. E.g. the word dirthelan (speaker) would be pronounced [ˈdɛɾθ.eˌlɐn], despite the fact that E follows and precedes a consonant, and is not part of either the primary or secondary stressed syllables. The exception to this secondary rule are suffixes that create a plural or superlative, such as -en or -el. These two suffixes follow the same rules as words, rather than the exception given to suffixes.

Gh = Vowels following Gh are always short. When following Gh, Y is always pronounced as ɪ, A is always pronounced as ɐ, E is always pronounced as ɛ, and U is always pronounced as ʊ.

H = H is not considered a consonant as far as the rules are concerned, therefore the rule of vowels being short after a consonant does not apply.  Therefore, A, I, O and U would all be pronounced as if they didn’t come after a consonant if they followed an H. This does not apply when H is used to indicate an aspirated or 'weak’ consonant (such as Gh, Vh, Sh, Th, or Dh).

I = I is sort of an anomoly amongst vowels. I is always long, except when following another vowel. This rule even follows Gh, with I being the only vowel that Gh doesn’t cause to be short.

J = J is pronounced differently depending on the dialect. In the prime dialects, J is pronounced with the phoneme j. In other dialects, however, such as the Fereldan and Free Marcher dialects, it is pronounced with the phoneme ʒ.

O = Similar to I, O is always long, it is never short.

U = U shares similar pronunciation rules with E. When U is the first letter of a syllable receiving primary or secondary stress, and either comes after an aspirated consonant, or before a regular consonant, it takes on the phoneme ʌ. When U comes before a regular consonant, and is not the first letter of a syllable receiving primary or secondary stress, it takes on either the phoneme ʊ. When U is the first or last letter of a word, or when it precedes or follows another vowel, it takes on the phoneme of u.

Vh = Vowels following Vh are always short. When following Gh, Y is always pronounced as ɪ, A is always pronounced as ɐ, E is always pronounced as ɛ, and U is always pronounced as ʊ.

Y = Y is always long (aɪ), except when following gh, or vh, or coming before th.


Prologue 8

“ This is the worst day of my life began. A masked man closing in on Dunwall Tower. Now it’s happening again: another Empress falls, another story ends. Last time it almost ruined the Empire. Will I do better? Delilah outfoxed me, and I never saw it coming. But I was Corvo before I was the Royal Protector. Before I owened a sword, I fought with sticks and broken glass, what ever came to hand. I don’t know what ground scheme you’ve got underway, Delilah, but I’ll give all I’ve got to stop you.”

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"They wanted DH to make more kanimas because very few werewolves could make them" Huu, I never heard of that. I think we only know that Jackson became a kanima because of his personality. It's not something one alpha can make and another can't. It has to do with the person that is turned not with the alpha that turns the person. Ia that Colton leaving on such short notice messed with their intended storyline but there was never anything about Derek being special because Jackson became a kanima.

I don’t know, the hale’s were making some weird stuff, I think it was supposed to be a thing and was scrapped.


Monster Rock (February 24, 2015)



Nao: The final stage is… STRONG GUY BATTLE!
Voiceover: A strong guy can make your heart jump! These members are usually stoic, but this time, they’ll try to appeal through their strength.
(You can tell what’s happening in the video. They’re getting electrocuted. Poor kids! lol!)

Daisuke Han: So, now we’re done with the four battles. The audience will make their final votes based on all the games. They’ll choose the overall winner - the one who  made their hearts jump the most.
Nao: So, what’s exactly the point of all the things we’ve done so far?
DH: We should’ve just asked who among these four made their hearts jump the most (instead of making them do all those things. Haha!).
Nao: We just wanted to see it. We really just wanted to see it (the members’ sufferings? lol)
DH: Let’s start with the third place. It’s him, Ryota!
Ryota: Ah, this is so half-assed. But, at least I wasn’t the last.
DH: Here’s the second placer, Taka!
Taka: That’s great! (Aww… He looked genuinely happy. グッとくるわ~ <3)
DH and Nao: Here’s the final results! (Tomoya - 1st; Toru - last)
(So, they presented the “Champion’s Belt”)
Nao: What is this? It looks great. I want it! I want it!
DH: Hey, Champion. This is yours.
Tomoya: When I heard their comments earlier, I thought I really lacked some manly qualities.
DH: They always say you’re cute.
Tomoya: Yeah, so I thought I’d really give it my all.
Taka: I always say this over and over again, but that belt is really something.
DH: Our penalty game is this!
Toru: Wait a minute.
DH: This is Monster Rock’s special this-will-wake-you-up drink! (Just imagine drinking something that’s super cold)
(Watch Toru suffer. lol!)
DH: Well, then. This band that makes all our hearts jump has released a new album! What kind of an album is this?
Taka: Yeah, these four stupid dudes did their best to work on this project. Uhm… Are you okay? (to Toru)
Toru: This is the usual pattern. (Haha. He always loses on this show.)
Taka: In this album, you’ll see a different side of ONE OK ROCK, not this playful one. If everyone listens to our album, we’ll be very happy.
DH: Let’s hear what Toru-chan has to say.
Toru: Yeah, yeah. Everything seems good.
DH: Let’s give Toru-chan another chance.
Toru: It’s fine, really. What’s going on?
DH: This time, we’d like to hear your thoughts. Please say something that would make people’s hearts jump.
Nao: It could be something about the album, too.
Toru: This is the most difficult thing to do!
Nao: Just say something that would make people think, “Whoa! ONE OK ROCK really makes my heart jump.”
Taka: Leader, please do the honors.
Nao: Leader, please.
OOR: Leader, do the honors.
Toru: Well, yeah. The album turned out well. If you don’t listen to it, you’d think you never understood what ONE OK ROCK really is all about (not so sure about this part). So. please listen to it. Until next time, let’s meet again. Bye-bye!
DH: Let’s give it up once again for our guests for today’s episode, ONE OK ROCK! Thank you very much.
OOR: Thank you very much.
Nao: The last part was the worst penalty game ever.
Toru: Really. I hated it.

The difference between Severus' love and James' love

EDIT: Please stop reblogging this post. It isn’t being spread around a lot, but every so often it suddenly earns notes again. I don’t want it to spread more than it has in the case that it might invite hate. Granted, if someone is willing to have a healthy debate, I’ll take it, but that’s unlikely on this website. I made this post a long time ago and I’m not as involved in the fandom anymore, so I’m really not interested in any sort of discourse involving this topic. Again, don’t reblog this post. I don’t know why people keep doing it despite what I said, but DO NOT REBLOG.

 I’m trying my best to not be biased, but if you feel that I am please point it out. Remember that a lot of this can be pure interpretation. I try to use canon and things that canon hints at in my arguments, but I may get some things wrong. 

To be honest, despite how much I tried, I do not think I was all that fair to James, so if I could get someone’s feedback on that it would help a lot. Thanks!

WARNING: The following is an essay that puts James and Jily in a bad light. If you don’t want to see that, stop reading from this point on.

Keep reading

  • eliza: i love clexa so much i would deadass die for lexa kom trikru anyways clarke loved making out with lexa almost as much as i loved making out with alycia clexa is so good clarke will never love another human as much as lexa and did i mention that i love lexa almost as much as clarke does
  • me: 🔪🔪🔪 LET ME LIVE

another reason i think clarke is gonna die: they keep foreshadowing blarke but like… only beachball’s feelings for clarke. they’ve never alluded to clarke having any feelings for him. in 3x01 beachball was like WE GOTTA SAVE CLARKE and then he saves her in a gay ass way and it’s obvious he has feelins for her,,, ok. then raven’s like “beachball loves clock” and blorp is like tru but clarke doesn’t rlly care. if they killed off clarke it would be a perfect opportunity to give blorp man pain and u know this show absolutely lives for that. 

Listen… I loved Finn, a lot. A lot more then I let on due to the fandom’s general hatred of him (which is totally justified, I just didn’t agree). He was one of my favorite characters, ever. When Finn died, I cried. I sobbed. I still get a little emotional when I see the word “spacewalker”. But that’s it. After fifteen minutes, I took a deep breath, and I moved on. Why? Because I know there will be other Finns. There might never be another Lexa.

10 thoughts and questions about Fantastic Beasts (Spoilers)

Now that I’m calm, here are a few things I had the time to think about:

- In the end, is it Obscurial or Obscurus? 

-Ariana Dumbledore must have been an Obscurus/-ial. Maybe Grindelwald discovered what it was when Ariana died, realized how much power it had, and tried to find another one.

- Does Grindelwald already have the Elder Wand? In DH, it is said that Grindelwald was young when he stole the Elder Wand (DH, chapter 14. Gregorovitch to Voldemort: “I do not know, I never knew - a young man - no - please - PLEASE!”  and Harry describes him as a “young bloke” and a “boy”). The HP wikia says that he was born in 1883, which would make him 43 in “Fantastic Beasts”, which isn’t that young. He must already have stolen the wand from Gregorovitch, but he wasn’t using it during the movie…maybe he was using the real Graves’ wand? 

- Does that make Tina the owner of the Elder Wand? In HBP, Draco disarmed Dumbledore and became the owner. Later, in DH, Harry disarmed Draco and became the owner, even though Draco didn’t have the wand on him (DH, chapter 36: “I got there first. I overpowered Draco weeks ago. I took his wand from him.” and a few lines later: “Does the wand in your hand know its last master was disarmed? Because if it does … I am the true master of the Elder Wand.”). Draco didn’t even know he was the master, never had the Elder Wand, and yet ownership still passed to Harry. Grindelwald was probably not using his own wand when disguised as Graves, but if Harry could become the wand’s master without taking the wand itself from it’s owner, why would it be different for Tina and Grindelwald?

-How different are american house-elves from british house-elves? Those we saw in the movie speak better and more freely than british ones, they also seem more independent… Are they bound to someone?

- Queenie says she can’t stop reading minds. How does that work? Does she read the mind of every person she crosses on the street? Does she have to see the person? But she can hear Tina’s thoughts even if she is far away…

- What happened in Hogwarts that got Newt expelled? I’m so curious now…

- In the Fantastic Beasts books, it’s written that Newt and Tina are married! I’m glad they didn’t kiss in the movie, it would have been to fast for someone as awkward as Newt

- Was Newt in love with Leta Lestrange? Was she the endangered student? It was hinted that their relationship wasn’t healthy… Oh, maybe she is Rodolphus and Rabastan grandma!

- Please Jacob remember! Queenie visited, and you love each other, and love is more powerful than any other kind of magic, Dumbledore said so!

Scott Gimple VS Glen Mazzara

A tale of two evils? Nah. 😁 For the record, as of this post I firmly stand on Team 50/50 (On the fence) so take that as you will.

The point of this post is to look beyond the narrative & to try to comprehend some of the inner workings of the show behind the scenes (BTS) through analyzing interviews of TPTB & the cast.

Much of what is ‘going around’ in social media circles today are paraphrases to original context. And ‘playing telephone’ with said information has exposed a majority of the fandom into believing skewed or false information. (PSA: Unfortunately, and somewhat ironically, I too may perpetrate some of this as I do not fully remember/can’t find some of the quotes verbatim.)

Let’s take a journey back to Season 3 (S3) when Glen Mazzara (GM) was showrunner, critically considered the ‘weakest’ season thus far; and I want us to analyze some of the deaths we have seen that season.

[It’s pretty long, scroll to the bottom for the TL;DR version. 😄]



From “Making of 304” on AMC (through YouTube or their official website) from GM:

“…we put the T-dog death in that episode because we felt that would play to fans as of that was the death and they would never expect another death…” (Lori dies as well in this episode.)

In other words, ‘shock value.’ Yup. T-dog was just there not even to propel plot for other characters, but to shock us into relative ease not expecting another death so soon.

Here is what SG has said on the matter of a death for shock value:

Q: For this Season Finale, how did you decide whom will survive and who wouldn’t? Which factors do you use to make this decision?

SG: We were fulfilling the overall stories that we had from the beginning of the season. And with those stories — though anybody could die at any time — it doesn’t mean that they have to. It seemed like somewhat of a stretch to do that. I don’t ever want to use it for just shock value. Deaths can be totally random, actually; there doesn’t have to be this giant, built story that leads to a death. In this case we had decided it really wasn’t a part of the stories we were doing. If in fact every finale had death, that would be pretty predictable. We don’t want people setting their watches by The Walking Dead deaths.”

So he knows the faults of his predecessor is what we want to take away from this. Remember the Hershel death last year? (Who doesn’t? 😢) it was shocking, yet you kind of saw it coming, doesn’t mean I didn’t bawl my eyes out any less. There’s a way to do a good death.

GM did this to T-Dog. An unexpected death for shock value. Sound familiar?



Interview from EW, February 2013:

EW: So what was the reaction of the other cast members when they learned your fate?

TEMPLE(Axel): I was the first to know among the working cast and crew. Glen asked me to keep it under wraps. Then about four or five days later he let the cast know. They kind of banded together and protested. Andrew Lincoln made a very kind stand for me to the producers and writers and said, ‘We can’t do this. I think this is a mistake because we’re bringing in and investing in players — and actors — that bring something to this world and we’re starting to connect, and their time is too short.’ But in the wisdom of the show — and again, this is why the show connects so much — in life, sometimes just as we get to know somebody, they pass through our graces.”

Hmm. Several interesting points are made. He was told to keep his death under wraps from the cast, but when they found out, they protested in his favor. Make no mistake then, the cast must have protested Beth’s death as well. This you can infer from AL and EK feeling a bit blindsided and SG’s vague answers as to why Beth died.

It’s possible EK was told she’d die as of filming for 508 for genuine response from other actors as well as herself. A brilliant move if Team delusional theories turn prophetic if you think about it. This is the last thing the audience will see for 2 months. All those BTS (Making of 508 & Inside 508) will be the last thing the audience sees into hiatus, so it has to look genuine. The cast are fine actors, but raw emotion is harder to hide.

The audience was starting to grow fond of Axel, maybe we were not there yet, but he showed promise and we were ready to invest in his character. Since his TV life was cut short however, he is but a distant memory. And looking back, did we really care? Not really. And why? Because we never got a chance to.

GM did that to Axel. Cutting down a promising character when he started to get interesting. Sound familiar?



From November 2012, SWC says:

“There were some very specific things that mattered to me to find with Lori in the third season. And redemption was a big part of that – a sense of redemption in her marriage and a sense of redemption with Carl.

“And while I don’t think either of those were ever achieved completely – because that would tie things up in a package that’s far too neat for our show, and I don’t think honest in life – I think we took steps down that path in a way that not only dramaturgically served the show, but in a way that I’m grateful to, personally, because I have such a profound affection for Lori.”

In other words. Lori never fully redeemed herself. Her story never came full circle. Yes, this is in conjunction to the show. Yet, in this way, Beth’s death is similar to Lori’s. We are told to “Meet the new Beth Green” on AMC’s TTD and yet we never do, most of the Beth haters revel in the fact that she is ‘just another dead girl’ and never fully redeems herself in this aspect. To her family, and to those antis, she was the weakest link.

So why go through 1 seasons worth of character growth? Why have an episode dedicated just for her?

GM did this to Lori. He took her away before she proved herself otherwise. Sound familiar?



From one of the ‘making of/inside’ on AMC (through YouTube or their official website) from one of the producers of (either GAH or DH):

Basically they said that yes, Merle had lots of potential stories left in him, but killing him may propel other characters differently in different directions. (It was an video interview and not an article so it isn’t transcripted. I’m actually kind of irked I can’t find the video right now. 😤)

[I apologize, 😓 I’ll edit the post as soon as I find the exact quote, but it’s eerily similar to what has been going around with SG regarding Beth.]

In my opinion, much of the anger towards SG regarding his ‘drop of interest’ writing for Beth, is misquoted. I think he meant that there is definitely potentially story left for Beth but unfortunately the way that the world they live in works, it can’t always be actualized. (Similar to what one of TPTB said about Merle.)

Q: I think knowing that Beth had that potential makes her death even harder to take for some fans.

SG: Absolutely. As Bob had that potential and Hershel had that potential. These are all characters I wish I could keep writing for, but the world continues to take away these characters. It’s how they go on and how we go on that defines them and defines us.”

MR himself has actually been quite outspoken on the Merle death matter saying back in May 2013: “it was a big build up and you didn’t really get a true payoff” and “I think they made a mistake, but what can you do?” On the matter. He knew the potential for Merle’s story. Why would SG make this mistake again?

GM killed Merle just to see how Daryl would react/emotionally break down. Sound familiar?



From The Hollywood Reporter, April 2013:

Q: When did you find out that Andrea was going to die?

LH: I got the official word a few days before we began principal photography on the finale. [Departing showrunner] Glen Mazzara called me. It was a shock to everyone. It was never part of the original story document for season three and was rather unexpected. That said, this is The Walking Dead and the show is not conventional by any means. We know as actors going in what this gig is about. You just roll with it….”

In other words, plans can change. They really might’ve just killed Beth after deciding so last minute, it has happened before. What I wanted to show with this quote is that Andrea’s death in the series has had (arguably) the worst outcry from fans of the series and especially the way that LH was let go, it sounds similar to EK, does it not? Why are they repeating a pattern?

I can’t remember the exact interview I saw this, but it remember RK mentioning that in the writers room they debated a long, long time whether or not to kill Andrea. One day it seemed like a great idea and the next, not so much. Well now that we know her fate, we know that it really was not so much a great idea. Not that you can blame the writers entirely. They basically wrote Andrea into such a tight corner to the point where there wasn’t really enough room for her character to redeem herself.

In Andrea’s original death scene (which WAS filmed by the way) Milton still attacks Andrea, but a different outcome arose (quote from Dallas Roberts, the actor who portrayed Milton.) “…And then at the end of that, it was just Tyreese and someone else who found her. Rick and Daryl and Michonne weren’t there. So it was essentially the same idea, except you saw me taking chunks out of Laurie Holden in that version. And then they called us back a few months later to reshoot it and made all those changes.”

So basically, Andrea was separated from her family that entire time and dies before a chance for a proper reunion. Sound familiar?

It’s a terrible way to go. When GM was let go, TPTB knew that. That’s why the reshot it. You know who wrote that heartwarming ending to replace this terrible one? Scott Gimple. So yeah. He knows.

GM did this to Andrea. Giving her a tragic death with no emotional meaning after separating her from her family for so long. SG fixed that death, can he fix this next one?


Think about it. SG has written some of the best episodes in the series. Why would he make all the SAME mistakes of his predecessor and GM treatment of main characters as ‘redshirts’ all on ONE DEATH. All the mistakes in ONE DEATH.

Something isn’t right. Scott Gimple isn’t going to make the mistakes that got Glen Mazarra canned. Not if he values his job.

When he was announced to replace GM, fans had nothing but praise for him and now we turn?

Here’s what the actress for Mary, Denise Crosby, said of SG and his storytelling in October 2014:

“You’re going to find that as the season begins these moral conflicts will come out, this real determined, soulful woman that she is. This is the beauty of how Scott Gimple writes, he goes for these very deep, layered, human obstacles that they’re up against, and the stories we tell ourselves to make the world seem right. It was an interesting process because so little is revealed to you as you’re coming to the show and between seasons because they’re so protective of everything- I had to really sit down with Scott and have him talk to me at length about Mary and about Terminus, and about what it all really means.”

Respect. Many other of the cast has had a similar thought of SG, if he wasn’t like this, he wouldn’t be showrunner.

Also of interest is that not even the actors themselves are not always privy to what’s in store for them. EK and cast may not have been aware at the time of filming what was going on. NR has said before that these guys (TPTB) can talk & talk to you for awhile getting you riled up for the character’s story (when talking to their respective actors) and you would still walk away asking ‘what just happened?’

Something isn’t adding up. There’s something more to come. We will have to wait and see.


I am sorry for the long post. 😓 I am thinking of making a similar post (with quotes and analyzation) but on why we should watch out for Beth in S5B. 😊 (I.e. my theory on why EK cried behind the scenes.) Even if she is dead and dead, I don’t think her story is over just quite yet. Might be just for man pain, might not.

I’ve watch A LOT of these interviews and BTS, it’s not the same as narrative clues, but I don’t think it hurts to try to look at it from all views.

After all, TWDFamily & AMC love TWD just as much as the fans do. It’s their job and livelihood! I just don’t think they’d run it unnecessarily into the ground. At of the end of the day it’s a business too. An empire, really.


TL;DR “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

T-Dog died for shock value. Axel died despite potential character development. Lori died never fully redeeming herself. Merle died despite having potential story lines just for Daryl pain. Andrea died after being departed from Team Family and never getting a full reunion.

These deaths are the hallmark for why S3 was not critically favored. Why fans were left wanting more.

These deaths are, in some form, all similar to Beth’s death in Coda.

Why would SG make the same exact mistakes as his predecessor that got him fired?

Something’s up. We just have to wait.

(Tagging some people who might want to read. I have no idea why but my posts are never on public feed.)

  • me: honestly i'm just never watching another show with wlw in it again because there's just too high a risk they'll get killed off. i've been baited in the past, even when they imply that the wlw will be safe, they get killed right after they're finally happy. i'm just sick of it. i'm not watching another show with wlw unless the showrunner explicitly states they're not going to die, and that's just never going to happen.
  • wynonna earp showrunner: they're not going to die
  • me: ...well shit

anonymous asked:

what would happen if a driffrent olayer catches the snitch? and what would hermione see in the mirrow?


If a someone other than the seeker catches the snitch, it is a foul called SnitchNip. And I assume they’d have to get a NEW snitch, since snitches had flesh memories.

and we actually got an answer for that, from sometime after Half Blood Prince was released; 

J.K.: Well, at the moment, as you know, Harry, Ron, and Hermione have just finished their penultimate year at Hogwarts and Hermione and Ron have told Harry that they’re going to go with him wherever he goes next. So at the moment I think that Hermione would see most likely the three of them alive and unscathed and Voldemort finished.

But I think that Hermione would also see herself closely entwined… with… another… person. I think you can probably guess who. Thank you, very good question. I’ve never been asked that before.

but AFTER DH and both these things come true? I couldn’t tell ya.