there will never be a more important photo shoot

Why we will never be on the same side.

clexa shippers: The 100 is a piece of shit. It’s nothing without us and Alicia. It’s getting worse every day. This show have to be closed.

shoot shippers: POI has disadvantages, but it was a great show. It was qualitative,logical and elaborate. One of the best series on TV. We really enjoyed it.

clexa shippers: F*ck Jason Rothenberg. Only an idiot could do this.*show the third finger his photo*

shoot shippers: We are grateful to the creators for the fact that they saw the chemistry of our couple аnd decided to make it a canon. It was not planned and very risky on CBS. They gave us even more than we could have dreamed of.

clexa shippers: dead lesbian plot

shoot shippers: Root is not “dead lesbian” - she is dead person, dead part of machine’s team, dead аnalog interface, dead former killer for hire. Her role in the series has never been reduced to orientation. Root was important for the show outside the love line. Her death was predetermined as soon as she joined the team Machine. It has nothing about her sexuality.

Yixing Zhang As A Boyfriend

-Both in personality and in zodiac! Yixing is a Libra.

-He’s going to be forgetful so it’s up to you to remember the where’s and why’s and how’s of what’s going on and to keep him on track! Also, don’t let go of his hand in a store. 

      *Looks up and noticed Yixing has walked off because he saw a necklace stand*

           “Not again.” 

-With that being said he never forgets when your birthday is, and special days in your relationship. 

   “Baobei! Remember our first date and we saw P.S. I love you? I have something prepared for us tonight because of that.” 

         *You: intense watery anime eyes*

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-He doesn’t think of himself a lot, he thinks of others and as a result overworks himself. Yixing is constantly thinking he can do more and pushes himself. It’s up to you to remind him health is more important than anything. 

   “I know it’s a lot but I have a photo shoot, and this company wants me to do a commercial, and I promised them I would. I think the same day Exo has an interview.”

         *Grabbing his face making sure he looks at you.* “Yixing…enough. Wind down…please.” 

-As a Libra maintaining peace and harmony is a staple in a relationship. No matter what’s going on, making sure that you guys remain calm, civil and at the end in love is what his priorities are. 

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-He’s such a cutie. He unknowingly does everything you ever wanted in a boyfriend without even thinking about it twice. From the way he wishes you to have a good day, to waiting at home for you with a meal.

-He’s so precious and innocent. He can be crazy sexy with just a smile or a look and not even know the effect he has on you. 

    *listening to him sing, and dance around the house shaking his groove thing*

         “You have no idea what you do to me.”

               *Confused Yixing* “What am I doing?”

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-At the same time he is very well aware the amount of sex appeal he has, and will purposefully go from cutie pie baby bunny to passionate heart breaker and panty dropper. 

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-As lovers, Libras are expressive, creative and balanced. They will do all that is necessary to please their partners. He’s charming and dedicated to the lady he has chosen to make his own. 

-Surprise butt cheek opening

       “Refreshing isn’t it?” 

-Snapping your fingers in front of his face, when he starts to drift off in la la land. As per Lay usual. 

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-Constantly having the dancer line at your house practicing. Kai, Lay, Sehun, Xiumin feat. Baekhyun because he’s Lay’s number one fan. 

-Getting into cheering competitions with Baekhyun on who loves and supports Lay more. 

      Baek: “You know he prefers it when you just clap on the intense parts the yelling messes him up.”

            *Trying to control the urge to slap Baekhyun as he blows kisses to Yixing.* 

-Grabbing food or visiting family in China and watching him just open up when he’s in his own element. 

      “Oh Baobei there’s a shop here that sells dumplings they are delicious let’s go!” 

          *drags you through the crowded streets but; you’re happy because he’s so happy* 

-The abs. He’ll come around a corner calling your name over and over until you look at him; then he lifts up his shirt, wiggles his hips and walks off laughing. 

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-Libras are always willing to help. They may be indecisive and prone to delays but never doubt that they will be there when you need them to be. Yixing will always be your best friend when you need him to. 

-He’ll be your number one cheerleader. He’s constantly pushing you to do better and encouraging you to be the best you can be. He never doubts what you can do, and knows when to give you that extra push. 

     “I don’t know how these braids look Yixing, I feel like my head is too small.” 

            *Takes your hand* “Let’s go take a few selfies, I like your small head it fits perfectly on my shoulder.” 

-The way he seduces you. Craftily sneaking up behind you, grabbing onto your waist and kissing your neck. He gets right to the point, his hands going up your shirt grabbing your breasts. He’d start to push you towards the bedroom, whispering in your ear about how he’s thought about this all day and he can’t wait to get you under him. 

-He’s a talker in bed. He compliments your hair, and eyes. He tells you how beautiful you look with your lips parted and wrapped around him. He’s the type to caress your face, and ask you if you like how he tastes. 

     “What if I touch you right here? Just stroke this spot just how you like it.” *A breathy moan comes from his mouth, as he watches your body contort* 

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-He’s a moaner as well. Right in your ear, with his hands firmly planted on your waist. His warm breath on your neck, while he’s moving his hips back and forth. 

-The cuddling after. How he buries his nose in your hair and smells your neck. He prefers to cuddle naked too, refusing to let you put on any clothes, he wants to feel all of you and constantly tells you that. 

All in all, Yixing is straight up husband material. He’s not the type of boyfriend you let go easily and if you do (why tho? Unless he’s coming to me) he’s the one you compare all the rest to. You’ll never forget him, and he’ll make sure you don’t. 

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Anxious (Zelo x reader)

Requested by: a lovely anon

Word count: 3.7 k+

Genre/warnings: fluff ❤ (mentions of anxiety, but not really the severe kind. It’s that kind of anxiety that I understand more or less, because I’ve felt it myself to some extent)

Summary: It was all going well and you were prepared for the big event, until you felt a familiar knot forming in your chest and preventing you from keeping calm and breathing steadily, as well as thinking straight. Praying Junhong wouldn’t come around to see you in this anxious state, you heard the front door creaking open and his happy voice filling the apartment instead. Now all that was left to do was to try not to show it, and in case that wouldn’t work out, simply hope he wouldn’t be mad at you for never telling him about your issues. But you simply didn’t want to bother him.

This was the worst moment of all, but it’s not like you weren’t used to it.

It was the regular at this point, and you knew more than well that your anxiety wasn’t on friendly terms with you when it came to choosing a good moment to backstab you. You were more or less always doing something important when it came around the corner, but this was of major importance now, and you couldn’t back away from this because of something like, how you heard some people harshly calling it, “a fear of nothing” was preventing you from thinking straight.

You couldn’t let anxiety win over when you had to meet Junhong’s parents for the first time in less than two hours from now on.

To be honest, you didn’t know if the meeting was the cause of your current anxious state. Of course, you were more than simply nervous about having to meet the most important people in his life, but then again, this happened on a regular daily basis. The fear of literally nothing, and feeling nervous without proper events being the cause of it, or having sudden frustration at the world or yourself take over your body. And you silently wondered how Junhong still had no clue about this issue of yours, but then again, you’d tried quite hard to hide it.

It would definitely hurt him to find out. It would hurt him to realize you’d been crying alone on late nights, managing to slide out of his loving embrace as he’d proved himself to be a quite heavy sleeper or simply not calling him up when he was away. It would hurt him to know you were drowning in fears all alone, trying not to expose yourself to the world in any way in this vulnerable state of yours, trying not to let anyone know.

But most of all, it would hurt him to know you thought your issues weren’t important enough to let him know.

You had your reasons.

Junhong, after all, had so many things going on in his life. Promotions, photo shoots, interviews, broadcasts - you name it, he did it all. And you were so grateful he took his time to try and be around as much as possible despite all of his schedules, simply because he thought you deserved more than a guy who’d never be around. A guy who you could call yours, but only technically, because he was never there when you actually needed him.

No. He wasn’t going to be that guy. And it was proved once again when you heard the front door opening. He was home. And you had to at least try to act casual.

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Neymar Imagine || Trip to Brazil

I leave the studio, after aneight hour photo shoot and collapse on the front seat of my car. Throughout the day I’ve changed my outfit about ten times and posed in a million different positions, but I can’t remember the last time I got a chance to sit down. I felt like my legs were about to crumble under my weight any moment, so I take a few minutes to just sit there and relax.

I check my reflection in the mirror of my sunshield. I’m wearing an insane amount of make-up, but it does nothing to conceal the tiredness I feel. God, I need some sleep. And food. I pull the car out of the parking lot, hoping that Neymar hasn’t eaten everything in our fridge again.

When I get home, the house is strangely silent and no one comes to greet me at the door. Other than Poker, of course. I don’t have the energy to get mad at Neymar for letting the dog inside again. He’s probably not even home yet, so I decide to take advantage of the peace and quiet and make my way upstairs to take a shower. I begin to unbutton my shirt before I reach the bedroom, but some shuffling noises in the walk in closet make me stop in my tracks.

“Neymar?” I ask, pulling the sliding doors open. He is bent over two open suitcases, trying to zip one of them up. “Are you going on a trip?” I don’t remember him telling me about any upcoming trips, but then again, I also don’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Did I even have breakfast? My stomach growls in response.

“No.” Neymar zips both suitcases closed and stands up straight, pulling me in for a kiss. “We are going on a trip!” He sounds so excited that I forget how tired I am for a second.

“Oh?” Is all I manage to say, but he doesn’t seem to mind, or even notice my lack of enthusiasm. He leans in and kisses me again.

“We’re going to Sao Paolo for a few days for Rafaella’s birthday. The guys and I arranged everything today. We leave in the morning and I already packed your things for you.” It sounds so nice. A few days in beautiful Brazil, away from work and grumpy photographers and early call times. A few days of the pure bliss that Neymar and I seem to always find in his homeland. And a perfect occasion to spend some quality time with one of my best friends on her birthday. But I don’t get to enjoy this little daydream of mine for very long, because reality wakes me up.

“I can’t.” I sigh. “I have to work this weekend and there’s this big photo shoot on Monday. I can’t leave.”

“Of course you can.” He strokes my back and gives me this reassuring smile. “We can be back by Monday. I was going to stay longer, but this is probably a better idea.”

“I can’t get back on Monday. The shoot is on Monday. And even if I could, it takes about eleven hours to get from here to Sao Paolo. If we leave tomorrow morning, we’ll be there at the end of the day, which only leaves Sunday to actually be there.” I take a step back so he is no longer touching me. “It makes no sense to fly across the world for one day.”

“It’s my sister’s birthday.” He steps closer to me again. “You’ve been saying you miss her for weeks. It’s going to be fun. You could cancel the shoot and just relax for a few days. Think about it, Y/N! You and me, away from everything, partying, relaxing, sleeping in, spending hours in bed - not sleeping.” I laugh at the silly smirk on his face.

“I would love nothing more.” I say. “But you know I can’t just decide to fly across the world so last minute. I don’t even understand how you talked your coach into letting you miss practice. Isn’t there a game on Sunday? Are you going to miss that too?”

“Yeah.” He scratches the back of his head and shrugs. “It’s a little insane, but she’s my sister and there is no way I’m missing her birthday. Plus, I get to spend some time with Davi, so who even cares about the game anymore?”

“Okay, well – “ I’m so jealous at how easily he can drop everything on a whim, but I know I can’t afford to do the same. "That’s your decision, but as tempting as it sounds, I can’t go with you. I love that you went as far as to pack my stuff, though.”

“Seriously? You’re going to make me go by myself?” The fact that he sounds so annoyed at me for something that’s not even my fault is beyond my understanding, so I just nod. “Is that photo shoot more important than me?”

“That’s not fair. I never said that.” I plead. “It’s my job, of course it’s important and I will never hear the end of it from my agency if I bail on such short notice. You out of all people should understand what that’s like. And it’s not like you need me there to party, anyway.”

“You’re unbelievable.” Neymar fakes a laugh. “I spend all day putting this together and I think you’re going to be so excited and then you refuse to come because of a photo shoot. What are we even doing together anymore if you can’t spend a few days with me once in a while?”

“You don’t mean that.” I state. “I’m too exhausted to have this pointless fight with you. I think it’s a great idea for you to go and I would love to come, but I can’t. Stop being annoyed at me and just understand that it’s not my call to make.”

“How is it not your call?” I turn around and start unbuttoning the rest of my shirt, so that I can finally take a shower, but he keeps talking, slowly but surely driving me over the edge. “If you don’t want to go and would rather be here by yourself, then just say so. No one believes a stupid photo shoot is that important.”

“Do you understand that I’ve been working nonstop for the past eight hours?” I yell, letting his rudeness and my tiredness get the best of me. “Are you honestly not aware of how hard I have to work and how much fucking time and energy it takes to make it as a model? I know you never take what I do seriously, but I hoped you would at least understand how important it is to me. You could skip practice for a few days, miss a game, whatever – and you’d still be one of the best football players in the world. You can afford to do that. I can’t. If I leave with you now and word gets around that I’m not reliable, that I don’t take what I do seriously, I’m done with. They’ll find someone else before we even board the plane.”

I know modeling isn’t exactly brain surgery and it’s not like people will die if I leave, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who depend on me. Just like in any other job, I sign a contract. I have a responsibility and regardless of how easy it would be to replace me, I’m not going to go around making a bad reputation for myself. Especially not for a party. Neymar usually respects that and I know he is just upset that I ruined his little surprise, but I’m still mad at him.

 “I’m going to take a shower now. Please order something to eat and be less of a jerk when I get out.” With that, I turn around and walk into the bathroom.

"I’m pretty sure you don’t need me to order dinner for you.” He says ironically, doing some over exaggerated impression of my voice, right as I’m about to close the door behind me. “I’ll be at Gil’s tonight. See you next week!” Neymar grabs one of the suitcases and drags it across the room.

“Fine. Have fun!” I reply, sounding as pissed off as ever.

“Oh, I will.” I want to ask what that even means, but he walks away and slams the bedroom door shut behind him, so I do the same with the bathroom door. Good thing we don’t have neighbors.

 By the time I’m out of the shower, the house is completely quiet again. I suspect Neymar just went on a walk around the backyard and that he’s going to be back any minute, because seriously – who just leaves like that? Well, my question is answered when he doesn’t show up. I think about calling, just to see if he’s okay, but I know I’m supposed to be mad. And I am mad. He was disrespectful and I have every right to be mad. That being said, I text Gil to see if Neymar got to his place alright or if I have to set up a search team.

 Y/N: “Hey, quick question – have u seen my jerk of a boyfriend tonight?”

Gil: “He’s here. What happened? He’s been yelling at me for like ten minutes for no reason.”

Y/N: “He’s mad bc I’m not coming with u to Brazil.”

Gil: “Why not?”

Y/N: “Work. Keep an eye on him for me?”

Gil: “U got it.”

 See? Straight and to the point. Why can’t my conversations with Neymar be like that? I don’t even know what I asked Gil to keep an eye on Neymar for. It’s not like he’s a child. I mean – okay, he is kind of a child sometimes, but that’s one of the reasons why I love him. Wait, no. I’m mad now. Can I be mad at him while thinking of how much I love him? Of course I can. That’s basically the definition of a stable relationship. Does that make sense? To know that you have the ability and the right to be mad at someone and know that it doesn’t mean things are over, that it doesn’t mean things are irreparable. That it just means – I’m mad, but God, I love you. I love you. Now leave me alone.

He doesn’t try to contact me once throughout the entire weekend, which is the longest time we’ve gone without talking to each other since we started dating. I text Gil regularly, just to make sure they’re fine. I know Neymar must be incredibly excited to be back home, with his family and I have no problem with that. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having fun, but I still wish he’d at least pretend to miss me. Just a little.

On Saturday evening, after a pretty exhausting day, I’m lying in bed, stalking people on social media – the usual, when Gil’s name and picture pop up on my screen and my phone starts buzzing.

 “Good morning.” I say, answering the call.

“It’s four in the afternoon, Y/N.” Gil laughs.

“Whatever. Time zones are confusing.” I put the phone on speaker so that I can continue my online stalking. “What are you guys up to? Shouldn’t you be getting ready for Rafa’s party?”

“We still have a few hours.” He explains. “I’m putting together this little video montage for her. I got a bunch of her friends to film themselves wishing her a happy birthday and I know she’s sad you’re not here, so I thought you could be part of it.”

“Sure. I’ll do it now and send you the video.”

 I’m in no mood to get up from the bed and make myself look decent, so my messy hair and make-up free face will have to do. It’s not like Rafaella hasn’t gotten used to seeing me like this, anyway. I sit up on the bed, run my fingers through my hair and point the front camera of my phone at my face, pressing the record button.

 “Happy birthday, princess!” I say in the most cheerful voice I can pull off. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, but I know you already have so many people who love you to celebrate with. I hope you have the best time tonight and a great year ahead of you. You already know I love you to the moon and back and I’m so grateful to have you as a friend. I wish you all the best in the world, because no one deserves it more than you. Happy birthday, again! Love you.” I blow a kiss and stop the recording. I could have gone on for another hour talking about how much this girl means to me, but I decide to keep it cool.

 I don’t hear anything from Gil for the rest of the night, but I know he got the video when my phone blows up with emoji filled texts from a very drunk Rafaella, who makes no sense whatsoever, but she seems happy and that’s all that matters.

Her brother makes absolutely no effort to talk to me the next day and given the fact that it’s a Sunday, I have plenty of free time to notice. I spend the entire day lying on the couch or in bed, making sure to have my phone with me at all times. Just in case. I know Neymar must be hungover after the party, groaning and squinting at every ray of sunlight around him, but it doesn’t make me any less upset. Having the entire house to myself sounds like a lot more fun than it actually is. I used to love having days like this, away from work, to just lie around and do nothing, but the truth is that I really miss him. It’s way more fun to do nothing in good company.

I get bored of just staring at the white ceiling of our bedroom, so I grab the remote and turn the TV on, mainly to distract myself from checking my phone every two minutes. I surf through the channels for a few minutes, before landing on this celebrity gossip news programme. Normally, I wouldn’t give it a second glance, but they’re showing some pictures and videos from Rafaella’s party. They must have been really hard at work, stalking her friends on Instagram all night to get this footage. God, what has television come to? I continue to watch the screen, envying the people in the pictures who seem to be having so much fun, when a dancing couple catches my eye. She is wearing the shortest dress that’s ever been made, her arms wrapped around his neck, as they dance. For some reason, he looks a little familiar, but the video isn’t clear enough to make out his face. Then, the camera zooms in and my mouth drops. Neymar.

He gently pushes her away and my heart starts beating again, but then her arms find their way back to his shoulders and a giant grin appears on his face. I swear I can see his eyes glimmer when he looks at her. In an instant, I turn the TV off and send the remote flying across the room. I had initially aimed it towards the TV screen, but it crashes into the wall and falls onto the floor in pieces. A very accurate representation of what my insides currently feel like. He’s been gone for two days. Two fucking days. Is that really all it takes to have me replaced? I understood him being mad. He didn’t actually have any right to be mad at me for not going with him, but I get it. That – whatever that was with that bimbo, I don’t understand.

I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but the image of Neymar with that woman is the only thing I am capable of seeing for the next two days. I stop checking in on him by texting Gil. Somehow, I make it through my photo shoot on Monday, but my head isn’t in it at all. It’s in some club in Brazil, watching my boyfriend dancing and touching some other girl. Watching helplessly as he looks at her with that smile that used to be reserved for me.

I pull into our driveway, mentally and physically exhausted. I have a very vague memory of Neymar telling me he was going to be back tonight, but I forget about it as I walk inside the house and make my way upstairs. The sound of shuffling in the walk in closet freaks me out once again, but I put the pieces together pretty quickly.

 “Look who decided to come home.” I say, as Neymar notices me. “Did you have a good time?” I sound casual, which surprises me, because what I am is fucking furious.

“I’m sorry, Y/N.” He walks towards me, as I start to wonder what exactly he is apologizing for. I’ve lost track of things he did wrong these past few days. “Are you still mad?”

“Really?” I raise an eyebrow at him. “You yell at me for no reason, leave without saying goodbye, don’t text or call once the entire time and then – this is the best part, fucking grind on some bimbo at a party. I don’t know. Am I still mad?”

“What bimbo?” He looks genuinely confused. “I didn’t do that. I’m guilty of everything else, but that.”

“I saw a video of it, so lying to me is pointless. You were dancing with a woman. She was wearing the sluttiest dress on planet Earth, had her arms wrapped around your neck and you were smiling at her like an idiot.” I have to remind myself that it’s him I’m mad at, not that woman. Whoever she is, she didn’t really do anything wrong. “Does that ring a bell or should I go on?”

“I didn’t dance with anyone and I most certainly wasn’t smiling at any woman.” He insists. “There was this one girl who kept following me around the entire night. Maybe that’s what you saw.”

“Neymar, I know what I saw.” I yell. “I’m not an idiot. You were dancing with her and you looked really into it, too. It wasn’t like you were harmlessly hanging out with her. It was pretty heated. I saw the way you were looking at her. I didn’t just imagine that. I know that look.”

“I did not look at anyone with ‘that look’, whatever that is.” Neymar takes a step towards me, but I keep my distance. “I was in the shittiest mood all weekend. Rafaella even called me a party pooper, because I was so out of it. I felt bad for the way I left and I wanted you to be there and it was a mess. The only time I actually smiled was when Gil played that video you made for Rafa. I was pretty wasted, but I heard your voice and I thought you were there for a second, before I saw the screen. I remember trying to watch you, but some girl kept clinging onto me and – oh!”

“What?” I don’t understand why he looks like he just resolved the entire problem, when I’m still so mad I could punch him.

“I know what you saw.” He chuckles. “I was watching you on the screen and this girl that wouldn’t leave me alone was trying to get me to dance with her, but I kept pushing her away. I wasn’t giving her the look.” I did see him push her away. Maybe I’m over reacting. “I was giving you the look.” He smirks.

“You were flirting with a video of me, on a screen, in the middle of a crowded club.” It sounds ridiculous as I say it out loud, which is how I know it’s true. If my boyfriend is anything, he’s ridiculous. Especially when he is drunk, which he obviously was. I’m laughing now. “We’re like dumb and dumber.”

 I close in the distance between us and wrap my arms around him. He doesn’t ever push me away. I smile as Neymar pulls me closer, hugging me even tighter, as if he could read my mind and I realize that this is the difference between me and whoever that woman was. I don’t get pushed away. She can wear her short dresses and throw herself at him, but at the end of the day, even with her arms wrapped around his neck, he was looking for me. At me. And I’m completely certain that, had the roles been reversed, I would have done the exact same thing.

Being mad at him for the stupid fight we had before he left seems useless when he lifts my chin up and kisses me, but not before giving me that look. That’s mine.

anonymous asked:

Hey I love to take pictures and im looking for a better camera to use. Im wondering what kind you use? Thank you ~Legacy

Hello, Legacy!

See… the thing is, this depends a lot on a couple of factors.
You say, you are looking for a better camera. Which kind of camera do you use so far?

And what does “better” mean for you? Better image-quality? Better handling? Easier to use? More versatile? Does it have to have certain features? Do you want your camera to be small enough to always take it with you? Or does size not matter to you? (I know… I know… That’s what women usually say). What kind of photos are you planning to take? Etc. etc. etc.
If it’s about image quality, almost all current “decent” cameras, no matter of the type of camera (DSLR, Mirrorless, Bridge-camera, point-and-shoot camera, even smartphone cameras…) or the brand, provide a good to excellent image quality. So it’s rather a question of what you are comfortable shooting with, and how much time for learning, (and maybe even money) you want to spend.

Do you want to have flexibility and modularity, you might want to go the DSLR or mirrorless way. Those cameras have the feature of interchangeable lenses. That is a pretty cool thing. Depending on the lens - wide-angle, telephoto, zoom- or prime-lens, the minimum and maximum aperture (and so the “light-sensitivity” and possibility to play with different depths of field), you virtually have a completely different camera.
DSLRs are usually bigger, so probably not the type of cameras you can take with you all of the time. Mirrorless cameras are a bit smaller, have an electronic viewfinder and usually not this enormous amount of different lenses and other gear to choose from.
I personally (but that is just my preference) like DSLRs much better, because I hate electronic viewfinders (and no, I won’t get used to them, I’ve been shooting with electronic viewfinders for more than 10 years, and I hated them from the beginning). And I want variety in lenses and other gear. There are a lot of third-party products that are much cheaper than the originals. If it comes to DSLRs, the brand doesn’t matter at all. Go into a shop, grab a camera, play around with it. If it feels good, it is good.
I hope Lani ( doesn’t mind me mentioning her. She shoots mirrorless and is very happy with it. So, if you have any questions about mirrorless, she might be the right person to ask.

What I would consider to be a must-have feature – even if you don’t use it right away – is the possibility to shoot RAW. You will be able to really get the best out of your photos in post-processing. Next to my Canon EOS 700D, I also have a comparatively old point-and-shoot Sony compact camera. And the only thing I really miss, is the possibility to shoot RAW. Else, it’s a pretty cool camera.

Whatever photographic way you choose, never forget to have fun with it. That’s the single most important thing. Everything else is secondary. A photo is only as good as the photographer, no matter of the camera. Be creative, have fun, put yourself into your shots. That is what makes a good photo. If your photos don’t turn out the way you want them, ask yourself whether this is really a matter of the technical side or just that you have to play around a bit more. The camera usually is secondary.

So… I don’t know, if this was in any way helpful. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, if I was too unspecific or if you have any further questions.

the most amazing thing happened to me today at warped tour

I got a bit of a break from my backstage photo set habitat and wandered around before shooting one of the bands live. I was stopped every five feet “JEREMY SAFFER! can i get a photo with you?” “dude, i love your work!” “i appreciate what you do SO much, thank you” and other UNREAL things like that… i must have taken at least 50+ photos with people today… Then i went from behind the stage to the photo pit, and there was a small eruption of “JEREMY!!!” and i ended up literally going down the entire barricade taking photos with people…. beyond unreal.

I am just a photographer. I am not in a band, I am not on a stage, i dont have any sort of status beyond my career, i am just a fan of music, like everyone else at any concert. I am only some guy who clicks a button on a small digital machine. I actually take AWAY from the experience of a concert. i am in the way. i am an extra body between the fan and the band who sometimes even steals the attention of that band for moments that could only be measured in clicks of a shutter. For anyone to find appreciation in that is mind boggling to me.

I have, in the past, met a few people here and there who know and appreciate my work, know who i am, maybe a few in some shows… but today was unlike anything i have ever experienced.

photographers arent generally “known” (many should be). of course our subjects are, but we are usually not. Photographers seldom seem to matter to most… so It is incredible to see some photographers become respected names to fans of the music we all love. Its incredible to know that photography is really starting to matter beyond just photographers in the same industry. It really is unreal.. in the best way.

A lot of photographers have been and continue to be unappreciated and often mistreated in this industry. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to gain the respect of your peers within the industry as some industry folk (labels, managers, magazines, many of the people behind the scenes, and sometimes bands too) really dont appreciate photographers… and its sad to see some really talented hard working artists go unappreciated or be mistreated. I am very fortunate in that i  work with some very incredible people, bands, managers, magazines and labels who are all very appreciative, respectful, and incredible to work with. Not all are so lucky.

but this is whats important… the fans of bands are starting to appreciate music photographers… and the fans are what make or break anything… a band… an album… anything… its all dictated by the reception of the fans.

Seeing how important imagery is becoming to the world is incredible. It means more talented photographers shooting more photos every day.

Please continue to discover and support photographers, pick up a camera, start taking photos. Stay inspired. as you have all inspired me so much.

So. Thank you for making a a fan of music, with a camera… a lowly photographer, feel very very awesome today. I would never expect anything like that to ever happen in my lifetime, and today is something i will remember forever. I appreciate each and every one of you so so much.

Really does mean the world.

Thank you. <3

-Forever Inspired.

- J

fullafroalchemist  asked:

How do you feel about the photos circulating lately of the United States flag being burned after the shooting in St. Louis? Being raised in an Air Force family all my life, I am trying so hard to ignore the knee jerk reaction that I was taught about that kind of symbol and focus on the actual, real issue that sparked an action like that in the first place. What do you think?

I think the unjust loss of human life is more important and upsetting than the burning of an inanimate object. I’ve never been very patriotic, but these days I don’t exactly feel safe or proud of this country. I doubt Mike Brown or Vonderrick Myers family shed any tears over a burning flag. Maybe the American Flag will feel more like a symbol of peace, freedom and justice when it stops being open season on black people. Black lives matter. But for some, not more than a flag. That’s the problem.


Farewell Bleeding Through


One day in early 2004, While borrowing a light kit from school, I went up to a band I didn’t really know much about, but had photographed live a few times… and I very nervously asked their guitarist Scott if they would be okay with doing a quick photo session. Scott introduced me to Brandan, who said, “YES of course!” – and that was my first ever band photo shoot using lighting. Upstairs in the balcony of the Palladium in Worcester.


After that shoot, I had stayed in touch with Bleeding Through, and had done photo shoots with them almost every single time we crossed paths. When I was learning, trying something new, having fun, or shooting for the hell of it, Bleeding Through was always there to try it out, and be the best possible subjects any photographer could ever wish for. As I grew as a photographer and got magazine jobs, endorsement jobs, Bleeding Through was still a consistent subject. They have never said no to a shoot, no matter what it was for, they were down, and we loved working together, because the outcome was always something we would all like.


As they did these photo shoots, they believed in me, in what I was doing, in my work, and NOTHING is more important than to have those you work with believe in you and what you do as you believe in them, and what they do.


I was able to watch this band grow from playing small halls, to headlining big rooms, and of course play on some summer festivals. But what really started it all, was shooting them live in these small venues, no barricade, nothing between you and the mosh… you shoot at the risk of your camera, you will get moshed, you will get jumped on… those were the shows I grew up photographing. And I use photographing as a somewhat loose term as I would generally focus, take a photo, then sing along for a bit, fist in the air, then focus, take another shot, sing along, etc.


Fast Forward about 8 years… I mostly shoot portraits, and when I do photograph shows, its generally from inside the safety of a barricade. I actually couldn’t tell you off the top of my head the last show I photographed with no barricade. (it was Remember Never, Metalfest 2013 – but before that… NO IDEA!)


Bleeding Through has been quiet for a while, with line up changes, few tours, I haven’t photographed them in a while, when just a few years back, I was shooting them live 10+ times a year, doing 4 or 5 photo shoots along the way… the consistency pretty much came to a screeching halt around 2008/2009… we had only done one photo shoot, and I had only seen them live once or twice since due to tours not coming up this way, or me being away from home when they were here.


They announced their farewell tour, which is bittersweet… they are coming back… but only to go away again… and this time, likely, forever.


Today, in Clifton Park New York, I was 19 again. I felt the same thing I felt when I found what I was going to do with my entire life… and I don’t say that lightly.


I got to the show, did a photo shoot with the band, like nothing had changed and no time had past… …Although some of us had not seen each other for years, this shoot felt like any other shoot we had done, easy, fun, and with great results.


I watched the opening bands, and just before Bleeding Through went on, I grabbed my camera, got a spot up front dead center so I could catch as much of everyone as possible in lens… and then it started.


The boondock saints intro was a time machine for me. It came on… “For a few seconds… this place was Armageddon…..THERE WAS A FIRE FIGHT!!!” and of course I screamed there was a fire fight along with it like it was 2006 all over again… then four snare hits later… The crowd surge at the beginning of any show… I find footing, and start shooting between SCREAMING along with the lyrics (as everyone around me was from each side, in back, and above me). Getting moshed, getting hit between shots, pulling my camera in when someone was going to stage dive… it was what I started on.. Shooting the bands I loved the most, while screaming along to the lyrics with a camera in my face, sometimes coming out with injuries id wear like badges of honor… I must have looked ridiculous back then, but I didn’t care. As the set went on, I got shots of the pile ons, sing alongs, and of course some VERY iconic stage looks Brandan has done since day one. In between shots, I would look around and see my friends Chris, Devin, Jeff, Vincent, and so many others singing along…. All now in their own successful bands, touring, etc… Singing along to what inspired them, and some singing along to friends they’ve shared the stage with many times before.


This is what the music scene was… Friendship gathered together by music we all loved. It’s a history channel episode at this point. But for one night… it was back… the nights spent at the fat cat, cabot st, waterfront, all those friends you would only see at shows, but would see EVERY single week because they would go to EVERY show, it didn’t matter who played, we were there. All singing along, moshing, taking care of each other, and having a sense of the family we choose for ourselves.


Mid show Brandan put the mic away and spoke very sincerely to the audience. It was the most meaningful and heartfelt speech I’ve ever heard from a stage.


One of the messages to his words was that, he wanted us, the fans, the friends, the family, to feel the same way we did when we first came to shows… to remember why we went, and what we felt, and although he didn’t say it… how it made us who we are today. Mission accomplished. Not a dry eye in the house including his own.


The passion, heart, energy and emotion that man brings to a stage will never be matched in a thousand life times.


They played the greatest set I’ve seen them play, after seeing them play well over 100 times. The sing alongs and pile ons never stopped. Heard every song I wanted to hear, and saw that energy feed from the band to the audience and back again… growing and feeding off each other. It was not just a show, it was an experience.


Sometimes, we are fortunate enough to know when something is coming to an end and are lucky enough to watch it one last time and say our goodbyes.


This was the greatest finale, the best final chapter. I cant wait for the epilogue.


I am so very fortunate to have started my career with such an excellent group of people who have inspired me from the moment I met them and still today, continue to inspire me.


Brandan, Scott, Deebo, Marta, Wombacher, Brian… I could never rightfully put into words how important you all are to me, and how thankful I am for what you’ve done for me, and how much it means to me. Thank you so much.


Thank you for the constant inspiration.


Thank you for tonight.


Long Live Bleeding Through.

lastlightsnet  asked:

Hi Pete, it's Joey here. Just want to ask what is your usual workflow preparing final images. I believe you shoot in RAW, then it goes in the order of 1: Adobe Camera Raw, 2: Lightroom, 3: Photoshop, then saving as whatever final format? Personally I've never used Lightroom, and do everything in Photoshop (which I'm more comfortable becos of my graphic design background). If you're allowed to use only one software, which one (LR or PS) is your pick and why? Thanks for your advice!

Hey, Joey! Yes, I usually shoot in RAW. My workflow is as follows: Importing the photos from the card via Lightroom (during import applying one of my self-made basic presets that fit the the type of photos, and adding some general keywords). As soon as the photos are imported to the drive and are in the LR database, I make a quick selection to delete the ones that turned out unusable, plus I add some more specific keywords to later find the photos more easily. Processing for 99.9% of all photos I make, happens inside of LR (including some plug-ins). I rarely use Photoshop anymore for my photography. I’m fairly accustomed to Photoshop (I have been using it it for some 15 years or so), but except of some more sophisticated masking techniques and of course working with layers (something, I personally usually simply don’t need with my photos), I don’t see any advantage for my specific type of work. To be honest, I even find Photoshop in many ways inconvenient for the type of photos I make. The very easy to use and intuitive tools in Lightroom give me everything I need. I started to use LR with version 3 and quickly “moved over” completely. The rare occasions I really need Photoshop are portraits (like that one time when a client asked for some heavy retouching) and compositings. I still use Photoshop for other things though, like GIFs, banners and logos. Outputting as JPEG or TIFF (for certain uses) also via LR.

If I were only allowed to use one software… hmmm… That would be a pretty heavy limit ^^ If this is only and exclusively about the photography I show on my blog, I’d surely go the LR way. No question. Simply for the fact that it’s the more playful, the faster, and more intuitive way. I don’t have to juggle around with Bridge (I don’t like Bridge. Not at all) to organize my photos. I have everything I need in one piece of software. LR basically IS Camera RAW (the Adobe rendering engine, not the blog ;P) with lots and lots of other features. So I have everything in there anyway. LR surely doesn’t offer the surgical precision PS does, but it gives my a lot of freedom. Specific photography related tasks (like dodging and burning, simple gradients etc) are much faster in LR. For just one brush-stroke I do in LR, I’d have to use adjustment layers, copies of layers, layer masks etc in PS. I can easily have a virtually unlimited amount of (and if just slightly) different edits of one shot in my database without using up extra hdd space, I can now stich panos, I can even do HDR. Again: all not as precise as in PS, but much easier. But this all depends on the use oc. As I see it: PS is the swiss knife for all kinds of digital imagery and LR is a specifically tailored and tuned-up version of Camera RAW for photographers.