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Red Jamie and the White Lady - Part 17

Okay I feel bad that I keep telling y’all to brace yourselves but… Well you’ll find out soon enough. @diversemediums @outlandishchridhe and I all had a great time writing this chapter. I think I’m subconsciously putting off the madness that’s set to happen because I haven’t quite worked out all the strings yet. Hopefully that’ll happen soon! There IS smut in this chapter and DM is responsible for it. SHE’S FANTASTIC YOU SHOULD GO READ HER STUFF!!

Part 16

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Did I Mention? (Part Two)

Did I mention, Harry is a wonderful kisser? He’s never kissed me, but I’ve seen the way he has kissed many girls. And in all honesty, there is a small percentage of me that wishes, his pink pretty lips would capture mine. But we’re just friends, and nothing more.

Harry had become my best friend. My only good one to be exact. We’ve spent many nights in my flat watching movies, cooking a vegan meal together and just talking about anything and everything.

I’ve caught myself thinking maybe we could be something more many times, but that was shattered after he brought a girl named Jade to our movie night.

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Eight Medals | Jungkook, You

Kinda want to do a part two to this idk tell me what you guys think!

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When you turn around, I’ll always be here. Cheering you on

“Okay, that’s all for today’s practice,” Coach Kim addressed his hockey team with his hands on his hips. “We’ll meet here again tomorrow, the same time, but Jungkook,” he turned to him, “remember you have to do twenty full laps for those five goals you missed on Saturday.”

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anonymous asked:

i'm so mad at Ken Penders right now. fuck him!

I honestly don’t think the blame shouldn’t be placed on Ken Penders, in the case of the Archie Sonic comic’s cancellation announcement. The publisher, Archie, is inept as hell as a company, and it was clear they were trying to find a way out of the license for awhile now. As far as I’m concerned, the lawsuit with Penders, and the one with Fulop, gave Archie more of a reason to not renew the license. In other words: Ken Penders was a big part of things turning out how it did, but not the main reason.

But no matter where people want to point the finger at who or what might be responsible for the comic’s fate, I think we can all agree on this: Ken Penders is being very unprofessional in response to the news.

Dude, seriously, what a fucking opportunist asshole! A bunch of fans are clearly upset that a series they invested around nearly two and a half decades worth into abruptly ended, and there are people who are now out of jobs. What does Ken Penders do? He basically goes, “How can I rub it in and take advantage of the situation?” As if the guy couldn’t go any lower than he already has. At this point, the guy’s probably passed the center of the Earth and emerged on the other side of this planet, he’s hit that new of a low!

Heist AU Exercise Part 3

Though the original opening of this one, which I was convinced was legendary, may have been deleted because of a computer malfunction, I still managed to hash out the rest. I was hoping to get more out of this third part, but I get anxious not uploading things frequently enough and thought maybe this had enough length to be put out by itself. Plus I’m impatient. The point is there will indeed be more after this, possibly two parts I think, but for now:

The current crew makes their journey to find their next recruit. What Gus and Molly see to be a simple garage, Numbers sees to be his own personal Hell, the guardian of which he was hoping not to face.

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verobrunhi  asked:

I went back and skimmed through all the existing chapters so far, and I remembered how in the beginning I thought it wasn't going to more than a few chapters, maybe ten maximum, and now here we are approaching 30. Probably because of the length of My Mistake. How long did you think Choose Your Mistakes was going to be when you started?

I didn’t actually have much of a plan. I just had a list of scenes I wanted to get to and desperately hoped I’d be able to string it together.

I initially expected I’d be able to get two parts out a week, and thought I might get five people playing along. Turns out CYM has been much bigger and faster than that.

As I was writing, I’d come across additional choices I hadn’t thought of at the start, and if I could make both outcomes ‘work’ I would just open it up to you readers, so there are more choices than originally planned.

On the other hand, some choices would have bypassed other chunks of story, so some paths are shorter than others.

The whole series is an idea strung together with a hope and a prayer. My Mistake was intended as a one-shot. Part of me still doesn’t believe it’s working.

donaldmania  asked:

Do you prefer Dylan or Eric? Like, do you feel more sensitively toward one as opposed to the other? I personally feel more for Dylan than Eric in terms of sympathy (though I obviously don't condone) and he seemed like a person I'd be more likely to hang out with than Eric.

I don’t think there’s one that I prefer more than the other. I think I feel for them in different ways. Dylan’s self-loathing, Eric being misunderstood by everyone, Dylan’s desperate longing for love, Eric’s trouble in maintaining relationships (relationships or friendships), Dylan’s constant suppression of emotions…. the list goes on. 

I think it’s these traits that make columbiners fall for Eric or Dylan. That Eric and Dylan are the perfect two examples of how every troubled teen is feeling (besides the part of them being homicial of course). It’s almost comforting to see that someone, who you don’t even know or never even met, can feel the same way that you do. 

crysta-cub  asked:

Would love to know. Does Fell bring Pap over to have a play date with Sans? Would they get along at frist or is there tension? (territorial or something like that) What is Fell and Papyrus' lifestyle like? Whats Blue's relationship with Fell and Red, if there is any? Any fun facts you're dying to share?

No problem! Will have it under a cut since I’ve been bombarding the blog with answering questions XD

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The real kind of idiocy

Mission-Make your lifelong crush, Park Jimin, jealous and gain some experience along the way. 

Status-Surprisingly completed. 

The real kind of man ~ #  | The real kind of love # ~ * | The real kind of idiocy

Pairings: Jeon JungKook x Park Jimin, Jeon JungKook x Kim TaeHyung

Words: 2000

A/N: Third chapter for this :) I really like the first pov and also the story, I think it’s starting to get a little bit more interesting enjoy :)

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You know how I should name these entries? “The pitiful chronicles of an idiot” by none other than Jeon JungKook. I know it sounds drastic, but there’s a valid reason why I’ve decided to name them like this. If you still remember the other two parts where I’ve managed to prove to myself and to you how great I’m at expressing my feelings and making someone fall for me, and I’m not talking about falling on the ground, then you understand everything and I’d like to virtually shake your hand for that.

Anyways, it’s the summer time, I’m supposed to have the fun of my life before university starts. A quick reminder. When it starts, I and Jimin won’t see each other every day. More exactly, like 2 times a year, during Christmas and maybe Easter break. Fabulous, when you’re ultimate crush is Park Jimin, who still has no idea that I sometimes masturbate thinking about him and I imagine how wonderful it would be to have my hand held by no other than him.

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part two of the masochist alfredo ahyug

Alfred lowered his ears. He wanted it, but he didn’t want to beg..he thought about how fucked up this was..but it only gave him more urges. He turned away. Mystery looked at him. “Well?~” The dog was still thinking. The purple figure shrugged. “Welp, if you don’t want to..-” Alfred spoke up and interrupted him. “W-wait..!” Mystery smirked, and turned. “Yyeess?~” Alfred sighed, and looked away. “I want it..” he murmured. Mystery looked over. “I didn’t hear you, can you repeat that?” He asked. Alfred started to pant. “I..I want it..” Mystery flicked his ear. “What? I still can’t hear you..~” Alfred panted more, his tail started to wag. “I..want it..~” The cat giggled again, “Still can’t hear you.” Alfred moaned, “I- I want it~! please..” Mystery walked closer. “If you say so..” Alfred looked at him. Mystery picked up his knife and slowly cut into Alfred’s chest. The dog gasped, and turned his head again. Alfred moaned softly. Mystery looked at him with a grin. “I never knew you liked..this stuff.” He said, digging the knife deeper. Alfred gasped and moaned, clenching his paw-fists. Mystery stared to guide the knife across. He smirked and started to dig his claws into Alfred’s thigh. Alfred arched his back claws, and whimpered for more.


Phil Lester + Van Gogh icons

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Part 1/Part 2

Things the Types Need to Hear

ESFP: Look, I get it, you leave people in the dust because you know how crazy and all over the place your life can be and you’re also crazy scared to let somebody in just to have it end up with you accidentally leaving them and both of you getting hurt, but emotional intimacy and real depth in friendships are 100% worth it in the end and it’s the struggle and fight of a lifetime to keep them in your life, but it’s also the greatest gift and you can’t keep denying yourself that intimacy and friendship. 

ISFP: I know you have a lot of great desires and wonderful dreams and they might seem too far off and too crazy and too beautiful to come true, but you have them for a reason, and you gotta stop paralyzing yourself with fear and take that first step and throw yourself into the unknown, and that’s the scariest part, I know, but we both know you’re braver than you look, and that your passion can make it happen. 

ENFP: I know that the moment you hit an obstacle or two when you first start working towards that far off dream, it’s scary and it makes you want to crumble and run away to a new thing like you think you always do, but don’t! You’re miles more tenacious and capable than you give yourself credit for and you’ve got to discipline yourself and trust that your talents and optimism can and will propel you through whatever is keeping you from your goals. 

INFP: I know it’s hard to feel understood and it’s easy to let yourself become bitter by the ways of the world or whatever’s happening, but closing yourself off to others isn’t going to save you the pain. You have a natural capacity to understand others that’s hard for the other types to grasp and when you stop yourself from using that talent, or use it for selfish reasons, you’re doing yourself a massive injustice. 

ESTP: Listen, I totally get that the world is full of fun and interesting things and you want to experience them all, but you’ve got to remember that for a lot of the people that come along with you, they’re there to experience YOU as much as they’re there for the thing itself. Don’t let yourself forget that half the fun of anything is who you’re doing it with. 

ISTP: I know you generally don’t mean to yell or be rude when your irritated and that it’s really just a passing thing and you don’t generally care all that much, but just apologize to people after you’ve calmed down! Explain it to them and that you don’t mean it! Admit to yourself that you care enough about them to try to make amends, even when you’re just being a little crotchety; it means a lot to the feelers lol. 

ENTP: You’re a genuinely fun person to be around and you usually rack up a reputation for that, but just because you’re funny and witty and damn smart doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings and problems that need to be externalized, and trust me, the right people will be more than willing to talk about what’s really happening in your life one minute and go back to elaborate jokes the next without a problem. Don’t stunt your emotional growth for the sake of brevity. 

INTP: It’s okay to not know what to do in an emotional situation. Like, it’s genuinely okay. If somebody’s opening up to you, half the time your presence and you listening is 95% of what they need in that moment. Don’t avoid the situations just because it causes writer’s block emotionally. Emotional availability comes with experience. You’ll learn. Just, be your goofy self and the rest will come with time. 

ENFJ: You’ve got to realize that although holding yourself to such a high standard is noble and praiseworthy, that it sometimes eclipses your ability to be a good friend when that was the goal in the first place. You’re human and can’t do everything for your friends that you’d want to be able to do when they need help, and profusely apologizing and beating yourself up for it just shifts the focus off of helping your friend and turns it to you. Accept your humanity, and just do what you can. They appreciate the help, I promise. 

INFJ: I know you have a tendency to feel misunderstood and want people to show you that they love you and care about you, but you don’t get to say you’re fine AND disappear on people. Either say you’re not okay and pull back, or say you’re okay and stick around long enough for somebody to see through the BS. In my experience, y'all have a habit of making things a self-fulfilling prophecy, and that doesn’t do you any good! Be forward, be honest, and just be vulnerable; they care more than you convince yourself they do. 

ESFJ: I need to be straight with y'all. Learn how to talk about something other than your 4-5 current fixations. In my experience, N’s have a crazy hard time being close with you because you keep bringing the topic back to one of your current Favorite Things™, whether it be the semester abroad you just got back from or the first date that’s scheduled for two weeks from now. Expand your area of interest and you’ll find people will be much more authentic with you. 

ISFJ: You have this really amazing ability to notice the small things about people and that helps you show them you care about them in these really great and meaningful ways, but you can’t let yourself overthink the small things you notice about people. One of my good ISFJ friends started poking around trying to see if alcoholism ran in my family after noticing I’d been drinking wine a lot recently. You might have an intention to help, but overthinking/overanalyzing like that and trying to involve yourself in helping can hurt your friendships. 

ESTJ: Your presence is powerful and intense and that’s great at times, but you’ve got to let out your goofy fun side more, and hoe we’ve all seen it before, you’re a damn riot after a beer or two. People, in general, care more about fun than having every plan go right during the night/event. Be willing to be fun more, you’re so good at it. 

ISTJ: I know you get frustrated with yourself because you want to do new things and get out there and be a fun person, but the thing is, you’re so much better at being a responsible, caring person. Befriend the chaotic, crazy, lovable rascals and let them bring the fun to you (or more often than not, drag you kicking and screaming to where the fun is). 

ENTJ: Look, I’m an INTJ, so I know how hard this is to swallow, but showing you care about a person sometimes isn’t so much giving them solutions to their problems or trying to correct an issue; a lot of the other types literally just want you to listen and hear them out. And you gotta do that sometimes, babe. And shut your damn mouth while they’re telling you everything, okay? Just. Let them finish. 

INTJ: For the love of all that is holy, just cry already. Cry alone if you have to, or better yet, just go to the person you’d literally murder a thousand people for and freakin’ cry about all the crap you’ve been bottling up for the past two months and accept that you can have razor-sharp rationale and be a damn human at the same time. And just admit that you’re insecure about your relationship with that person because you care about them so much and you’re not the best at trusting people.
Men of Reddit, what innocent behaviors have you changed out of fear you might be accused of wrong doing? • r/AskReddit
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Just a short selection of comments I found. It seems men can’t seem to get away from being called pedos and perverts.

Sticking to myself at shopping centers.

I’m a tall(6'3), bearded man who grew up in a small town of about 800. So I grew up holding the door for anyone, saying have a nice day or howdy everywhere I go, and help anyone with anything if they need it. It’s just how I was raised.

One day I was headed to my girlfriends house and decided to stop at Walmart to grab some snacks on the way down. I was 20 years old at the time, but for as big as I am and the beard you could confuse me for 25-30. Anyhow, I was standing in the chip isle and noticed a little girl no older than 5 wandering around looking frightened, so I walked over and said are you lost? And she just kept saying “ mommy ” so instantly trying to do the right thing I thought to take her to the cashier so she may call over the loud speaker and call for her mother. As I walked she held her hand up to hold mine and I thought nothing of it, being as I was only doing the logical thing. Next thing I know the mother runs up to me screaming and snatching her daughter up, calling me a kidnapper and threatening to call the police. I tried explaining the situation and where I was trying to take her, unfortunately she was an uneducated moron and at that point I got a little heated and decided to tell her to maybe not let her child run off next time. Moral of the story, I tried to do the right thing not even thinking about how it would look for a bearded man to be walking with your little girl, even though they shouldn’t of been left alone, but it’s definitely something I’ll never do again.

When shopping with my wife and she wants to try stuff on I just have her text me pictures of her outfits if she wants my opinion.

We were at Macy’s a few months ago and I was just patiently waiting outside the dressing room waiting for my wife and she would open the door and step out to get my opinion.

I was just looking at my phone and minding my own business when I notice people walking up to me. A middle aged woman had gotten a manager and she had brought a security official of some type and asked me to leave or they would be forced to call the police.

It was super embarrassing and now I feel super self-conscious when shopping with my wife.

I stopped going to the playground with my niece. She loves it when I’m there with her. Going on slides with her or pushing her swing. But according to the mother’s there and the old ladies its creepy for a man to go there, even with my niece.

At first I didn’t care, I just ignored them. But some even went as far to ask my niece who’s only 3 if I was her father and other inappropriate things. Even got the cops called on me twice and after explaining the situation and having to go as far as having to get my sister down there, they left. But I’m still a creep to the woman’s eyes. I don’t talk to the other kids, I say Hi back and answer them if they ask something.

But… I just don’t understand.

I’ve been getting driving lessons recently and after the first one the instructor dropped me off and when we were organising new lessons we just said we would meet at the same place. It’s outside a school.

We probably met there about 10 times at various parts of the day in a car with massive “Driver Learning School” stickers all over it.

A woman came up to me yesterday as told me how it was wierd that two men met there and how people were talking and how there were “weirdos” about who people thought were selling drugs and how we wouldn’t want anyone thinking we were “weirdos”.

I’m a large dude. I seem to get more scared of this at work.

I’ve been told I’m intimidating in meetings. I pay close attention to my tone and body language now.

I stare at the elevator doors with my headphones on, especially when a lady gets on.

When the kids charity uses our offices for events every few weeks, I go to a different floor to use a private bathroom so I’m not alone in a public bathroom with any kids.

I volunteer at cub scouts. No parent or scoutmaster (predominantly male) is allowed to take the children anywhere alone. Not even to let them play in the gym after the pack meeting.

A female colleague was leaving the company. I offered a handshake. She asked for a hug (which I gave). I told her that in a company with 60% women, you never assume a hug. She nodded and said ‘Fair point.’

I have a bad back. I asked for a place to lay down occasionally during the day for short periods of time. They told me to use the 'wellness room’. Which is built for and decorated for nursing moms. And it’s outside the women’s bathroom. I told them a 6'4" dude with a beard laying on the floor outside the women’s bathroom is not a good look. They agreed. I lay on the cold tile of the handicapped bathroom now.

All it takes is an accusation, even if wholly unfounded. The conversation will always be there. I make sure I don’t even put myself in that situation.


”When there’s trouble, you know who to call.”

Okay but listen- I needed a Teen Titans AU featuring these guys………

Alternate Anime Titles
  • One Piece: The Never-ending Story: The Anime Version
  • Bleach: Literally Anything that Actually Works as a Story Title Because Bleach? Come on.
  • Free!: How Gay Can We Make this Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Water Version
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Shitty Father: Alchemy Edition
  • Tokyo Ghoul: Why To Never Date Anyone Ever
  • Noragami: Get Yato a Shrine 2k17
  • Neon Genesis Evangellion: Shitty Father: Robot Mindfuck Edition
  • Death Note: So THAT'S Why We Aren't Supposed to Post Our Full Name and Photo Online
  • Haikyuu: How Gay Can We Make This Without the Characters Actually Being Gay: Don't-Let-the-Balloon-Touch-the-Floor Edition
  • Attack on Titan: Shitty Father: Apocalypse Edition
  • High school of the Dead: That's Not How Boobs F*cking Work
  • Fate Series: People Die when They are Killed
  • Ajin: People Don't Die when They are Killed
  • Blue Exorcist: Shitty Father: Satan Edition
  • Yuri on Ice: How Gay Can We Make This without the Charac-- WAIT NO THEY'RE ACTUALLY GAY THIS TIME!!!
  • Code Geass: Jedi Mind Trick: The Anime
  • Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: What the Actual Fuck
  • Kill la Kill: Shitty Father: Oh Wait it's the Mom that's Shitty this Time
  • The Devil is a Part-Timer: The Entire Anime is Basically a Meme

“This cat had nothing in the world but her kitten; and her kitten had nothing in the world but this cat.”

Classicat #20: Furntine, from Les Meowserables by Victor Mewgo

Furntine was well known for her beautiful blonde hair and fluffy blonde tail. Eventually she would cut off both her hair and tail, and sell them to pay for her kitten’s well-being.


the most beautiful moment in life,
part one x the pain, the hurt, the confusion (1/3)

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