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I love the Tinkers. I really, really do.  They are absolutely insane, but I love them. This round was just as wacky and wild as I hoped it would be.  Stephen and Wanda seem determined to reach that 10 kids goal as fast as possible. For a bit of behind-the-scenes info and some fun pictures, check out what’s hiding below the cut!

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athos-silvani  asked:

For "Stuck on the Puzzle", if that's ok-- I know you're kind of "off" the DA fandom, so no worried if you don't want to think about it right now :) 2: What scene did you first put down? or 4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue? or 5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

I’m totally okay to write about Stuck on the Puzzle! :D (And I’m still thinking about future stories and stuff, I sort of drift all over the place fandom-wise. I wish I had more time for reading/writing - like if I wasn’t working on two original stories and one epic fanfic right now I’d also be working on Cold Red Light).

I’m answering all of these. e.e

2: What scene did you first put down?

Y’know, the first scene I put down, hmmm…. actually it was the first chapter? But I wrote the first chapter as a standalone (I mean a standalone that…promised a lot more, but I genuinely thought that was all I’d write) for a Cullen/Bull prompt week where one of the prompts was ‘negotiation.’ And I just kind of had this concept of Cullen being the most awkward person ever and then I thought maybe he wouldn’t negotiate for sex, but corporal punishment because I wanted to try something a little different to what I’d seen in the rarepair so far.

So that actually came pretty naturally. :D

4: What’s your favorite line of dialogue?

*casually spends like an hour going through the story.*

All the exchanges where Bull is itemising all the things that he thinks Cullen is attracted to, and Cullen immediately starts gnashing his teeth. And that this continues across the story, all the way to item number 6, lol.

Many of Cullen’s rants I really enjoyed for how bitchy they were. There’s a point where he just belligerently goes off his top re: Searidge and he says:

‘You telegraphed your concern,’ Bull said, and the flash of anger Cullen felt then was too large to contain.

‘Do you think I’m unaware of that?’ Cullen said, turning on Bull. ‘Do you think I didn’t know that’s exactly what I was doing? It was what he was waiting for. Of course he knows that it matters, because it matters! I apologise that we haven’t all had the training that you’ve had, some of us weren’t sent to the equivalent of a qunari intelligence university. It’s not as though I didn’t try to pretend it didn’t matter. But he already knows it does. If you came up here to tell me I should have presented a better game face to him, I’m going to agree with you, and then I’m going to tell you to get out.’ // ‘There,’ Cullen said, staring at him, ‘is that mouthy enough for you?’

Anything like that, I really love rereading.

And for some reason I feel like I had an okay handle on Cassandra’s dialogue? So there are some of her lines that I just love because I can really hear her voice in it:

‘I already have that,’ Cullen said, and felt like they were in some staring competition where she was mentally trying to will him into saying yes. The worst part was he could already feel it working. Like a willow branch being bent slowly into place. ‘No, Cassandra. It’s not my idea of a good night. It’s not-’

‘It’s no one’s idea of a good night!’ she exclaimed. ‘The children will be nervous. The adults will be wanting it to be over. We all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow. I’m not sure anyone really enjoys Summerday. That is what…’ Cassandra waved her hand, ‘the frivolities of Satinalia or even Wintersend are for. You were Knight-Commander, it would have been your duty to oversee the Templars during their coming-of-age, yes?’

Like that’s not the most interesting exchange or anything and I’m sure some people skip it but I just think that moment where she says: ‘we all know it’s meant to be late spring but it will probably snow’ will go down as probably my favourite Cassandra line that I’ve ever written because I can just hear the exasperated way she says it.

Oh and finally this: 

‘Oh really?’ Cullen said, turning his hand so that his fingers could touch Bull’s palm. ‘You like the criminal element?’

‘Yeah,’ Bull said, and Cullen could hear the smile in his voice. ‘Show me someone who practices the petty theft of floggers, and I’ll show you a hard on.’

(And the exchange that follows it).

5: What part was hardest to write? or all?

Haha, I had major areas of writer’s block throughout Stuck on the Puzzle, but easily the hardest scenes were always the sex scenes. It took me a while to get what was going on there, it was partly my own irl discomfort in writing sex scenes (I went through a period of like a year and a half thinking I was trash at them and I’m only just now coming out of it), and then it was actually kind of vibing too hard with Cullen’s demisexuality / awkwardness around sex in general.

So what would happen is I’d start of the scene in Cullen’s headspace given he’s the narrator, and Cullen was always like ‘honestly I don’t really care about the sex :/’ and then mysteriously as the writer I’d be like ‘I don’t…really feel this sex scene. I don’t even feel like it’s hot. Idk, what the hell…’ And later I realised that once Bull sort of started to get going, and Cullen started to see the point, it was like ‘oh holy shit. It’s a block because of Cullen’s character.’ It was the weirdest thing, and it also always happened, even once I knew it was there and what was causing it.

The punishment scene was tough, because writing the difference between ‘flogging that is punishment’ and ‘flogging that is reward’ within the same scene was a weird sort of dance where I worried it wouldn’t come across. There’s a moment where Cullen’s like ‘how is something I really like ever going to be a punishment?’ and I’m like ‘I feel ya buddy. I feel ya.’ Lol. I mean I got there in the end, but I sort of had to think through that scene a lot, and I’m not entirely sure I got exactly to where I wanted to get to. Like, I think I achieved some of what I wanted to, but not all.

The action scene regarding Cullen / the red lyrium / having the infection etc. was also pretty difficult mostly because it was the most ‘in canon’ thing I did (i.e. situating it within an actual event people have played, using real-time dialogue) and there were a lot of moving parts given it was an ensemble team and Cullen was on the downward spiral of ‘hey I have a major infection that’s scrambling my brain.’

(Conversely some parts really flowed. I came to really look forward to Cullen and Bull having discussions together, because even if their progress came in stops and starts, there was something about them both in a room that just had me writing very happily, forever).

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Okay, so here's my "confession": I think I might be lesbian. That alone wouldn't be a problem, but I am married (to a man) and have two little kids. I am financially more or less dependent on my husband, at least until the kids are older. I cannot leave now. (I mean, I could, if it was really really bad, but it would be so hard and messy, I don't think I want to) I feel so stupid for not realizing sooner. (Part 1)

(Part 2) I came out as bisexual to my husband five years ago, after realizing I was attracted to women and he wasn’t even surprised (we’ve known each other since we were 13 and he was like “but you’ve always been into girls? You had a crush on x and y and wouldn’t stop talking about z!” Thanks for never clueing me in, buddy :/          

(Part 3) But the more I think on it, I have never been ATTRACTED to men, When I look at a guy there’s no spark or anything, I just assumed everyone exaggerated when they talked about wanting to have sex with good-looking guys. But apparently that’s a thing.  I don’t mind having sex with men, it’s fun, but more in a physical workout way (+orgasm)? I made out with a girl once, when I was 18, and that was really hot. Yes, you can laugh at me for not realizing sooner. Just gals being pals etc.      

(Part 4) I do love my husband, but maybe more in a “we’ve grown up together and you’re a great partner and dad”-way than in a truly romantic way… I don’t even know why I wanted to tell anyone, it’s not like it changes anything, but if I told anyone irl, they’d want me to tell my husband. Which is fair, but Meh.  Anyways, thank you so much for letting me rant at you <3            

Aw hun, what a tough situation - I totally understand needing to tell someone! What a stressful thing to keep to yourself.

Also I wouldn’t ever laugh at you for taking a while to figure it out. Heteronormativity is such a vast and pervasive cultural pressure I sometimes wonder how anyone figures it out. Especially since it lies to us about what people’s lives are “supposed” to be and how people who don’t follow the standard path are all wrong and “missing out” instead of just… living a life. So many different wonderful complicated life paths to walk.

Anyway I think you’re perfectly reasonable to feel not ready to share this with people in your life (who are all victims of how it’s “supposed” to be, however well-intentioned), while you get used to it and figure out what you want to do about it and when. Life’s no rom-com and it’s perfectly wise to feel like you can’t suddenly change your relationship just because you’ve figured out that it doesn’t fit the way you meant it to. I am glad you have a good partner and dad in your husband in the meantime, but I also hope you consider finding someone you can talk to about this, maybe a counselor to give you a safe place to express your feelings and provide a sounding-board for how you build and develop your plans around this revelation as you go on with your life.

I wish you the best of luck! And if you ever need to vent, my askbox is open :D <3

Idol Protection Program

Ok, just rewatched Love Live Sunshine episode 4, where Ruby gives Hanamaru the ‘let’s be idols together’ speech and there’s no more me escaping the NicoMaki children thought. My headcanon: Nico and Maki have to change their names and move to escape the paparazzi to raise their two daughters in peace. So this means Dia and Ruby know, but NEVER tell anyone (Cocoro taught them well) and Dia’s Eli crush is even more embarrassing in person. Don’t know where the green eyes come from and I still think St. Snow might be scions of Nico and Maki’s super tsun sides gone rogue. Part of me wants to write a Parent Trap/Comedy of Errors fic with two sets of split twins. And a shipwreck, much like this idea, which would strand me on a strange strange island ; ) .

And that covers my Love Live-Love Live Sunshine confession/ranting for awhile.

Continued thought: Nico writes torrid spy romance adventures about an Idol Superspy named Nico, she bugs Umi for combat details and Maki for medical ones; Maki can continue doctoring — for the moment.

SPN with a child. (01x09, Part 1)

A/N: I tried this out, and I think I like this. 

My mom, me, and my two siblings had to move to Lawrence, Kansas because of the incident. I didn’t want to at all. I loved Wichita and everything about it, but I knew better than to argue with my mom. I tried to be the comfort mom needed but I was more content staying away. I tried to help her but sometimes I needed to help myself. Alone time always made me feel better. 

I was currently looking through old photos in the basement. I should be asleep but since we moved into this new house I can’t sleep. I don’t know why, it might be the moving, or it could be this weird vibe I get from the house. It gives me the creeps, Sari, my little sister, says that there’s weird scratching in her closet. I don’t know, I could be making stuff up as an excuse not to go to bed. 

My attention was guided to a photo of a small family. They all looked happy, content. On the back The Winchester’s. John, Mary, Dean, and Little Sammy was written in nice handwriting. These people must have lived here before us. I was about to look at more when I heard a high pitch scream come from upstairs. I threw everything in my lap on the floor and rushed up to Sari’s room mas fast as I could. 

When I got up there, my mom was sitting on Sari’s bed, holding her closely as she whimpered. I moved so I was kneeling next to the two of them, “Hey sweetie.” She moved out of my mom’s grasp to my out stretched arms. She nuzzled into my neck and I could feel her tears on my shirt. “Hey, Mom. I think she’s gonna sleep with me tonight.”, I offered standing up, taking Sari with me.

 “Are you sure, Honey?”, My mom asked, standing up too. 

“Yes, I’m sure. We both know she’s a kicker and you need your rest.”, I responded walking to my room. Mom chuckled and followed me to my room. When we got there, I tucked Sari in snugly and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I turned to my mom and gave her a tight hug. She immediately hugged me back and kissed the top of my head. We stayed like that for a while, we both needed that hug. 

As she pulled away, she looked me in the eyes, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.”, I responded as she left. I climbed into bed with Sari, but I was unable to sleep the entire night. 

The next day, I was running on a two hour power nap and 4 cups of coffee. Mom says I’m too young to be dependent on caffeine but I love it. Anyways, I was busy playing cars with my other sibling, Ritchie. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do with him other than drawing. He’s so young that he’s not the best at art but he still enjoys it. I enjoy seeing him smile, so I just do it.

Right as I was about to obliterate his car in our duel, there was a loud knocking on our front door. “I got it!”, I yelled to my mom who was upstairs with Sari. I turned to Ritchie, “I’m going to go answer the door. Will you be good here for a few seconds, little guy?” 

He nodded at me, “As long as I get juice.”

“Of course, bud.”, I promised as I walked away to answer the door. When I answered the door, I was greeted by two very tall men, I mean compared to me. One had short brownish hair, and bright green eyes. The other had longer brown hair and greenish and brownish eyes. 

Before I could say anything, the one with short hair spoke up first, “Is your mom home?”

“Yes, but she’s busy. What can I do for you?”

“We are with the Federal-”

“I’m Sam Winchester, and this is my brother, Dean. We used to live here. You know, we were just drivin’ by, and we were wondering if we could come see the old place.”, the other one, Sam, intejected. 

“Winchester? I found some old photos of your family last night. If you could wait here, the I’ll get my mom.”, I bargained with an excited smile. Before I could hear their response, I made my way to Sari’s room.

I opened the door to the room, “Hey Mom, there are some men at the door. They used to live here before we did.”She set down the clothes she was folding then turned to me with a smile, “Well, I think it would be nice to invite them in.”

I smiled at her, “Thank you mom!”. The three of us walked downstairs, Sari and I went to the kitchen and Mom went to talk to the Winchesters.

Beanies and Negotiations (Part 4)

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Part one here    Part two here    Part three here

Anon requests: can you continue the beanies and negotiations series !!! it’s great btw i really wanna see where it goes !!

please beanies and negotiations part 4 it’s sooo good

Could you PLEASE do a part 4 of Beanies and negotiations?? It’s so good and I love your writing!

Part 4!

could please do a part 4 for beanies and negotiations it’s sooo good ! love your blog btw

A part four would be aWESOME

Beanies and negotiations part 4??

I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say we want more of Beanies and Negotiations!!!

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: A flash to the past and a flash to the future

Warnings: none

Word count: 1,161

A/N: ok, I’m gonna be honest with you guys: I did not want to make a 4th part.  I had written the 3rd part hoping it would give you guys enough closure, but you requested more.  Now that I’ve written it, I couldn’t be happier with this ending.  Enjoy!!

(Y/N), Betty, and Archie were running around, playing in the park.  Their giggles resonated through the neighborhood, all the people down the street able to hear the children perfectly.  Archie’s dad sat on a bench, supervising them from afar.  He smiled at the three kids, happy to see his son so content with his friends.  Suddenly, (Y/N) halted, interrupting their game of tag.

“Look over there,” she said, pointing her finger.  She was pointing at another kid who appeared to be their age, scrawny and alone.  He sat on a swing and stared down at his shoes. There was a grey beanie perched on his head, but it was much too big on him.

“(Y/N),” Betty hissed, “my mom said it’s rude to point.”  

“Fine,” (Y/N) replied, putting her finger down.  “I won’t point.”  Instead, she marched over to the lonesome boy.  His head snapped up when he heard footsteps approaching him.  “Hi,” she greeted him.

“Hi,” he replied, looking puzzled as to why this girl was talking to him.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“That’s a funny name,” she laughed, but she noticed his angered face and stopped.  “I’m (Y/N).”  Jughead nodded.  “How old are you, Jughead?”

“I’m four,” he replied, sticking out his hand to show the number on his fingers.  (Y/N) beamed.

“I’m four, too!” Jughead smiled at her and the two children fell into a small silence.  Finally, (Y/N) broke it when she asked, “Why are you alone?”

“My sister is sick,” he responded, slouching.  “So now I have no one to play with.”

“You can play with us!” (Y/N) offered, pointing at her two friends who were watching from afar. Jughead’s face lit up.

“Really?” he asked, jumping off the swing.  (Y/N) nodded enthusiastically.

“Really!  And then we can all be best friends.”  She grabbed his hand and led him over to Archie and Betty. “Archie, Betty, this is Jughead.”

“Hi,” Betty smiled, sticking out her hand.  Jughead tentatively shook it.  “I’m Betty.”

“And I’m Archie,” he waved. Jughead waved back.  The children quickly resumed their game of tag, this time, Jughead joining them.  They played for hours until the sky began to darken, Riverdale turning orange under the sunset’s light.

“Kids!” Archie’s dad called out, standing up from the bench.  “It’s time to go.”  The four kids exchanged bittersweet smiles, waving goodbye to their newfound friend.

After that day, Betty, Archie, and (Y/N) started begging to go to the park every day from dawn till dusk. The four of them soon became attached at the hip, and you could not see one person without the other three close behind.  Soon, all of Riverdale grew fond of the tight-knitted friend group.

Two years later, the four inseparable friends found themselves in Archie’s backyard.  Their shrieks of delight filled Mr. Andrews, who was watching from inside the kitchen, with warmth.  They had just grown bored of a game of hide-and-seek, and while Betty and Archie just sat in the grass, Jughead and (Y/N) continued to chase each other around.  Suddenly, Jughead stopped, causing (Y/N) to turn around.  He took off his beanie and, grinning madly, got down on one knee. Betty and Archie gasped as they ran over to watch.

“(Y/N),” Jughead started, holding out his beaning like a ring, “will you marry me?”  (Y/N) beamed as she stared at her best friend.  She took the beanie from his hands and placed it on her head, then helped Jughead stand up.

“We’re much too young to get married, Juggie,” she responded, and Jughead deflated.  “But-” he perked up, “ask me again when we’re eighteen and I’ll say yes.”

“You promise?” Jughead asked, holding out his pinky.  (Y/N) smiled and nodded, hooking her pinky with his.

“Pinky promise.”

Flash forward twelve years, after the first proposal and Jason Blossom’s death.  Past the beanie incident and the flannel, jacket, and sweater incidents.  After the kiss at Pop’s, and many more that happened after that night.

Twelve years after Jughead proposed to (Y/N) with a grey beanie, they graduated.  Through the years, their friend group grew to include others, such as Kevin and Veronica.  After the graduation ceremony, they went to the Lodge’s house for a celebration.  The party was in full swing: music blasting from the speakers, snacks filling up tables, and graduated high school students dancing everywhere.  (Y/N) had managed to get Jughead on the dance floor, both of them laughing at each other’s lack of dancing skills.  She wore his grey beanie and a wide grin.

The party began to die down, everyone growing tired after their long day.  Most people were sitting on the couch, quietly chatting amongst themselves.  (Y/N) sat on Jughead’s lap as they both conversed with Betty and Veronica. Suddenly, Jughead got up from under (Y/N).

“Excuse me, can I have everyone’s attention?” he yelled, successfully silencing the guests.  “Thank you.  Now if you didn’t happen to already know this, (Y/N) and I have been together for quite a while.”  Everyone in the room chuckled.  (Y/N) looked up at Jughead with a puzzled smile.

“What are you doing, Juggie?” she whispered, although everyone was able to hear her.  Jughead winked at her and continued.

“But something most of you probably didn’t know is that I proposed to (Y/N).”  The crowd gasped dramatically, and Jughead smirked.  “When we were six.”  Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed.  Jughead grabbed (Y/N)’s hand and made her stand up with him.  “And she said no!  Something about how we were too young,” he scoffed, and she giggled. “But she did promise me she’d say yes one day.  When we were eighteen, in fact.”  He got down on one knee, and everyone gasped, including (Y/N).  

“Oh my god,” she muttered under her breath, her hands covering her mouth in shock.  Tears began to cloud her eyes.

“(Y/N),” Jughead began, fishing around in his pocket.  “I have loved you since the day I proposed to you.  For a long time after that, I thought we were just friends, and I thought that you liked it that way.  And it took me a long while to realize it, but with the help of some of our friends-” Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Kevin shared a smirk, “I realized that we were meant to be more.  Now, I’m gonna try this again, and I’m hoping this time you’ll say yes.  Because, you know, you pinky promised you would when we were six.”  Jughead pulled out a small box and opened it, revealing a beautiful, sparkling ring.  “(Y/N),” he asked, eyes full of hope, “will you marry me?”

(Y/N) couldn’t speak. She gleefully nodded, attempting to wipe some of the tears off her face.

“Yes,” she finally managed to choke out, laughing.  “Yes, of course, Juggie.”  The whole room burst into cheers, and Jughead shot up, placed the ring on (Y/N)’s finger, and kissed her.

Betty turned to Veronica, smiles plastered on both of their faces, and whispered, “Thank god for that beanie.”

favorite parts of batb (2017) thus far

bc it’ll be fun to see how much i can add after i do see the movie in full

*in no particular order*

  • lefou’s little wink to gaston while singing the lines “you can ask any tom, dick, or stanley / and they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on” and basically implying that gaston can turn all the straight men gay
  • gaston being the one to put his arms around lefou!!! like, “too much” my ass, gaston, you initiated the cuddling!!!
  • also “i’m not done with you yet” “neither am i” aka lefou being cute n gay
  • gaston not knowing what “je ne se quois” means when he lives in france
  • beast’s little smile after he threw the snowball that knocked belle over, like, who allowed for this so-called monster to be so darn cute!!!
  • belle automatically assuming every inanimate object in the castle is alive and promptly asking a hairbrush for its name
RDC3 - notes from Hugh and Bryan's Q&As



He would want to sign up for any part that Bryan created for him.

He thinks that Will’s being ‘on the spectrum’ is misdirection - he’s so open, he presents himself as the opposite as self-protection.

Could Will be a Christian Grey type? No! Will would be the world’s worst billionaire - he’d just get another dog or two but basically continue living in the same way.

To describe Will and Hannibal’s relationship, he used the chess player metaphor again. ‘For both of them, it’s a relief from loneliness. And I guess that’s love, right? …Suddenly the world makes more sense.’ (He also insisted again that theirs is ‘platonic’ love - BUT he sort of took it back once Bryan appeared. Maybe by 'platonic’ he just means that they haven’t been banging away pre-S4?!)

Will is 'plenty dark’ even without Hannibal.
'His mental makeup is something he was born with.’

Will’s dogs were 'adorable’ but not trained - they were rescue dogs, so they kept running away!

Is Will a good man?
He’s 'trying to be a good man’. 'He’s desperately trying to be better than he is’.

Will is 'trying to justify his relationship with Hannibal’ by attempting to put him away - he feels guilty about the relationship.


Hugh knew that Bryan wanted to use Nik Kershaw’s 'Wouldn’t It Be Good?’ cover by Shy Boy at the end of S1 Ep1, when Will visits Abigail in the hospital and finds Hannibal there. 'I had it in my mind’ during filming of the scene.


He once joked with Mads about how Will would have reacted when he read what Hannibal had written about him - he thinks there was probably a 'don’t let Will see this’ book that Hannibal burned before they burn the books together at the end of S2.


Will’s rejection of Hannibal in Digestivo…
He had to explain to Mads what 'drop the mic’ means!
Will is using Hannibal’s 'soft spot’ for him to defeat him, rather than getting physical like at the end of S2. He also 'genuinely wants to break up with him’.

Hugh thinks that Will and Molly would have got married in a registry office - he never imagined them having a proper wedding.

When Will asks Bedelia 'Is Hannibal in love with me?’…
'Will has probably, in some way, never conceived the possibility that Hannibal could feel love’ because of Hannibal’s 'black heart’. Will has 'had love put off on a kind of pedestal’ and considered it an ideal. Then he sits with Bedelia thinking 'Oh crap, maybe this thing I’m feeling is, like, love’. And it horrifies him because it’s ‘dirty and awful’, which he didn’t think love could be.

In the clifftop house, when Will draws his gun…
'Will is playing both sides’ and 'had some ambivalence in what was going on’. He was probably about '50/50’ about watching Dolarhyde 'change’ Hannibal and was still feeling that ambivalence when he drew his gun.

Will would be 'very happy at the table’ in the post-credits scene of S3’.
His 'bitchiness’ with Bedelia wasn’t dictated by rivalry over Hannibal’s 'friendship or love’. He just thought she 'had it coming’ because of the choices she had made.


After the fall, there would have to be a lot of recuperation! After that, a character reset for Will is likely. However, Will would not have completely 'sloughed off’ his empathy because it’s the basis of the show.
They definitely went off the cliff. It was what Will had to do - kill Hannibal and end himself.
Hannibal’s 'secret magical toolbox’ is probably what helped them survive!

'For a minute, he has become Hannibal… For Will, that might as well be an eternity… He’s seen how far he can go and pretty much that’s hand-in-hand with Hannibal.’
'That stain is now indelible’ so he feels he has to end himself because there’s no way back for him to who he was.

'I don’t think this show exists without Will’s empathy’ - he thinks that for a while Will could be 'bleached’ or 'cleansed’ of that quality by Hannibal, but it wouldn’t last for long.
'Hannibal’s always going to have to fight for him’.


Bryan wanted to use Nik Kershaw’s 'Wouldn’t it be good?’ cover by Shy Boy at the end of S1 episode 1, when Will visits Abigail and finds Hannibal there.

'The compassion between Will and Hannibal is all based on the fact that they understand each other.’

The Achilles and Patroclus exchange was intended to suggest romance between Hannibal and Will.

How Hannibal would react on seeing the firefly man…
'There was a version of the scene where he did see it… Hannibal was watching Jack watch it and he was very proud.’

'Bedelia was navigating to be the last wife standing and then in came Will and said, 'No!’

In S4, 'I don’t think we would ever lose Will’.
They wouldn’t 'Abigail’ Will.
He and Hugh 'wrote the last scene of Season 3 together’ and Hugh is his 'crutch’.

'Who’s the top and who’s the bottom? The answer is they flip’.

Bryan’s favourite line from the show is 'It’s beautiful’ - partly because Hugh wrote it!

The original plan for the arc after Season 3 was for a season of Will and Hannibal, a season dealing with The Silence of the Lambs story, and then a season in which Will and Clarice hunt Hannibal!!

Namjoon, Jimin, and Taehyung Reaction to You Trying to Leave Them [Gang au]

You trying to run away after finding out he’s involved in a gang.

Part 2 of 3

Part 1|| Part 3

B.A.P Verison|| EXO Version 1; Version 2

Note: Do not get involved with someone who hurts you or threatens you. Your mental and physical health are so much more important than anyone else. This is purely fictional.  I do not think any members are actually like this, but this is an au :P


Namjoon- You hadn’t planned to escape the moment you found out. You two were together for 4 years. However, you accidently stumbled across his men take out a dead body of one of his rivals. You knew about his involvement in the underground, but in the four years, he never mentioned it after the first time. He kept you separate from that world, but there you were. A body dragged into the alleyway beside your home for his men to clean up the mess. That day is the day you realized your life with Namjoon wasn’t safe nor legal. So, you decided to leave him, but you knew if you acted differently, he’d know. Anything out of the difference between your four-year relationship, he’d know. Namjoon wasn’t known as a genius for nothing.

The night you decided to make your escape, Namjoon was supposed to be out of the country. However, his flight was delayed for the next day, so he came home only to find you packing your belongings.

He shut the door and it made you jump, “What are you doing baby?”

You backed away from your bag and hit the edge of your dresser, “Namjoon-oppa…”

He walked up to your bag and looked at your pile of clothes, “Were you planning to surprise me in Japan?”

“I—I was…”

He shook his head, “I see. Why?”

“Oppa—Namjoon. I can’t do this…” You cried. “I saw that man’s body… I can’t—”

He took a deep breath, “You’re not leaving me.”

“Namjoon, please…”

“No, baby girl, the only way you are leaving me is out this door.” He pointed at the balcony off the third floor. You made a run for the door to escape down the stairs, but Namjoon reacted faster and guarded the door, “Not an option, baby.”

You fell to your knees and cried silently. You knew you were trapped with him. “Damn it…”

(insert gif) He looked down at you before he kneeled in front of you and grabbed your hand, “I love you, baby. We can forget about this night and move on with our relationship like nothing happened.” He kissed your hand and caressed it gently.

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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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Is there a list of tabletops designed by/attributed to women? Any genre is fine, I just couldn't think of a single one.

Sure thing! Just off the top of my head:

Emily Care Boss

Very possibly one of the only creators in the tabletop roleplaying hobby whose stuff is even more artsy than Jenna Moran’s (see below), her games consist primarily of story driven one-shot titles with romantic themes, ranging from LARP frameworks to games designed for asynchronous online play (i.e., no direct interaction between players). Her most famous work is probably Breaking the Ice, a two-player RPG that’s literally designed to be played as part of a date. Much of her stuff is available for free; you’ll find it all on her site.

Cynthia Celeste Miller

A contributing author for both Mutants & Masterinds and Shadowrun 4th Edition, her best-known headline projects include Cartoon Action Hour, a genre emulation piece designed for games in the mode of 1980s Saturday morning cartoons like He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers G1; and Tomorrow Knights, a one-off tabletop adaptation of the comic series of the same name.

Jenna Moran

One of the biggest names today in the tabletop-roleplaying-games-as-art movement, her stuff has come up previously in my recommendation posts in the form of Chuubo’s Marvellous Wish-Granting Engine. Other notable works include Nobilis, a diceless god game that’s probably the highest-powered tabletop RPG ever published in terms of the sheer scale of what player characters are capable of - available in both grimdark early 2000s flavour and optimistic 2010s flavour - and an award-winning tabletop adaptation of the popular Hong Kong comic series Weapons of the Gods.

Sarah Newton

Ms. Newton works primarily with the FATE system, so if storygaming is your thing, her stuff is definitely worth checking out. She first came to the hobby’s attention with the swords-and-sorcery tome Legends of Anglerre, which she co-authored with Chris Birch; sadly, it’s no longer available via legitimate channels due to an expired license. However, her solo followup project, Mindiammer, remains very much available. It’s a sci-fi game that’s probably best described by the following hypothetical question: what if, early in its history, Iain M Banks’ Culture had gotten into a cold war with Warhammer 40K’s Imperium of Man? Gonzo transhumanism squares off against sinister tech-priests and fanatical space marines in stompy, radiation-spewing power armour - and yes, you can totally play as a sapient starship.

Annie Rush

I’ve previously plugged her Run Robot Red, a dystopian game about funny little robots. Her other major work is The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men, a rules-light (as in “only 18 pages long”) game about living gingerbread men that presents itself as a 1:1 scale miniatures game. Yes, it wants you to use an actual gingerbread man as your minifig, and your actual home as the terrain.

There are plenty of others, of course; if you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’m mostly into auteur-driven indie games, so I’m not the best one to ask about contributing authors on major game lines like Dungeons & Dragons or the World of Darkness stuff - the preceding list focuses on notable solo projects by female creators.

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god, your gifset on alec turning around and choosing magnus makes me realize how under every circumstance, through everything, alec will always choose magnus and vice versa. he will choose him over insecurities, fear, internalized homophobia, societal pressure, literally everything. same with magnus, he will choose alec over his fear of loneliness, his worries about them being too different, over everything. gay couples never get to have this, not once, god let them be happy forever

!!! tho admittedly, I did oversimplify things for the sake of a short and neat caption. what I mean is, while there are similarities between the two scenes and it’s lovely (which is why i gif’d it), I think the difference between the two is actually the most telling part about the progress of their relationship. that is, in 1x12 alec choosing magnus was really a lot more about alec choosing his own happiness. throwback to when magnus says “You did it for you,” basically. but I think in 2x06, you actually can say alec chose magnus.

in short, 1x12 is alec asking Can I be with a man? and 2x06 is alec asking Can I be with this man? this man who comes from an entirely different world with entirely different experiences that alec can’t even begin to fathom. and in both cases, he decides yes. and like you said, lgbt+ couples are rarely afforded such things. storylines involving a closeted partner usually just end once that’s resolved, as if lgbt+ couples only struggle with homophobia and not, you know, the same doubts and fears that straight couples do.

I think it’s worth noting, too, that it is alec making the choice. it’s always been a bit clearer where magnus stands – he wants to be with alec – whereas alec has often pulled away due to his being closeted. now that that aspect can be untangled from alec’s actual feelings about magnus, it’s important that we see alec make that choice a second time.

I really like it because it’s often forgotten that just because someone has a lot of relationship experience doesn’t mean they can’t be uncertain and vulnerable. earlier in their date, we had magnus reassuring alec that he’s here with him now and then later, we had alec make a clear statement that he wants magnus. I think the narrative’s positioning of magnus – a bisexual man of color – as someone who equally needs and deserves to know that he’s wanted by the man he loves was extremely significant.

Surprises (Part 2)

Originally posted by kylogue

A/N: I don’t love this but I said I’d do a part 2 so here it is, it went in a totally different direction than i thought it would but…well, I am a beacon of sin and it just happened, sue me. 

Part 1 / Part 3

Summary: Jughead needs a lot more sleep than hes getting, and you’re not about to let him avoid it. Hey, he might even enjoy it.

Word Count: 1,561

Warnings: None, I don’t think. It gets a tiny bit sexy but it’s definitely not smut. 

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Just Ask - Part 6

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Summary: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” You think, after being alive for this long and leading an team of superheroes, Steve Rogers would’ve perfected his communication skills, but apparently, when it comes to women, he just likes to assume, and that is never a good thing.

A/N: I know, I’m sorry. 

Part 5

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Werewolf BTS! reaction to being in rut near GF  *Slightly NSFW*

 I will change the request from heat into rut because in ABO dynamics, the person that goes into heat is the one on the receiving end and the person in rut is the one that tops. Unless you wanted a male!reader reaction but you mentioned ‘girlfriend’ so yeah. BTS in rut

Also, I write this more as angst in a way, to avoid writing smut.

-Admin RJ


He was frustated with himself for not being able to control himself, especially now that he was in rut and you were near him. It took him long to accept his wolf part, but ruts were never pleasant to him. He asked you to let him deal with it alone, scared that he may be too agressive and hurt you but not until he promised to you that you two will talk about it once it’s over 

‘I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself, [Y/N]’

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It was the first time his rut started since you two started living together, so he was a bit overwhelmed by your smell. It was everywhere, in his room, on his clothes so he couldn’t focus on his music anymore and had to take a break. He texted you, despite you being in the kitchen, saying that his rut has started and it’s your decision, if you want to spend it with him or go to a friend’s house for a few days.

‘If I don’t want to go completely crazy, I will need some fresh air.’

Originally posted by cyyphr


He would be the one that’s most comfortable with his wolf instincts, giving him a burst of confidence. When he starts getting the symptoms of the rut, he would be more needy and would want to keep psychical contact since he gets more protective of you. Then, when the hormones kick in, the physical contact would transform into something more sexual and he would tell you that he needs you.

‘Come here and I’ll show how good an Alpha can be in bed’

Originally posted by kthish


You two talked about spending his rut together for the first time, Namjoon made sure to explain everything that will happen carefully to you, for you to be prepared and know the risks of his animal instincts take over. As soon as he recognized his rut kicking in, he took you to his room and remembered you that he loves you very much and that he will control himself and not hurt you and make it enjoyable for both of you.

“Are you sure you want to do this, baby girl?”

Originally posted by itsrapmonster


He would be touching himself through his shorts, the rut slightly fogging his mind as he whimpered against his own hand. He heard the apartment’s door open and your smell invaded the whole apartment, making him groan as he jumped of the bed to find you. As soon as he saw you, a growl made his way out of his chest and in just one second, he was kissing you, asking to help him through the rut.

‘I need your help so badly right now, Y/N’

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He was cuddling with you, as always enjoying the physical contact but something was off with his scent, a bit stronger than usual. You looked behind you to see his horrified expression as he looked into your eyes, gulping and trying to put some distance between you two. It didn’t take long for you to realize that his rut was coming and that he was starting to feel horny because of it.

“I may or may not have gotten a boner just now…” (I LOVE HIS EXPRESSION SO MUCH IN THIS GIF)

Originally posted by suga-com


As soon as he knew that his rut was starting, he immediately asked you to leave and made sure that you would not be around him at all for that certain week. He didn’t trust himself around you, based on his previous ruts and knowing that he would not be thinking straight and might hurt you in his hormonal state. He planned ti spend his rut with you later, when your relationship would be more secure and you would be able to trust him completely.

“I think it would be better if you leave, Y/N.”

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Say whatever you want to say about the man, but John Winchester at least loved his son enough to trade Colt, the ultimate weapon, for Dean’s life. He also sold his soul and willingly chose eternal torture to keep Dean alive. (no, no one has sacrificed more for Dean, yeah, think about that)

Forget about sacrificing herself for her sons or willingly choosing eternal torture part, Mary didn’t even care enough about her children to use Colt on that stupid prince of hell when she had the chance.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but it sure is starting to look like John Winchester was the better parent of the two here, warts and all.

All Too Well | Pt. 4

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 5,848


Min Yoongi knew he was royally fucked as soon as he stepped through the doorframe into the dance studio—a time that seems so long ago, while in reality it’s barely been more than a week since the unthinkable happened.

The unthinkable, taking the form of hair he’s run his fingers through, a jacket he’s peeled off, skin he’s nipped at, shoes that led to daily departures, eyes that filled with tears, a heart that he’s broken, words that crushed his own.

It had been 2 years since he had last seen you or heard from you, and yet he responded so intensely to the mere sight of your backside that some people would have thought it had only been 2 weeks since you last saw each other. Or maybe even 2 hours, especially taking into consideration the way his heart lurched, the memories bubbling up so quickly across his consciousness as if they never truly had time to settle below the surface.

Just like the very first time he ever saw you during his street performances, the first time he talked to you to ask you out for coffee, the first date, the first kiss, the first time—they’ve all been moments in his life that made him feel like his heart had been set aflame, knocked him off his guard. Yet, they’ve all been moments in his life that consistently remained special and important to him, times that contradicted his initial belief that his existence would never matter to anyone. It was the first time someone had ever looked at him as if he had created the world and all its beauty within the confines of his own two hands. You made the time he wasn’t an idol, the time he spent longing and daydreaming and yearning for a better future, significant. You made his life mean something.

Until he abandoned you, so desperate to create a name for himself that he thought that belief would be enough to drive you out of his mind and therefore out of his life.

Yoongi has always loved you just as much as he loved his career—if not more.

And now you were back in his life, your physical presence haunting him even as you stood mere inches away from him, telling Bang Si-Hyuk that he didn’t need to worry about any sort of implication or possibility happening between the two of you, that the two of you were no longer under an qualms of being serious, that you had made the best of the life he left you behind with.

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Call Boy Taeil (Taeil x Reader)

Ayyyy what is up my dudeS??? I’m back with another installment to the NCT Call Boy Series!!! This time, I’m back with my number two main man, Taeil!! Listen, I think our old man needs more love and more smut literature because I crave that damn shit like a cocaine addict with crack lmao Anyway, hope you enjoy this one!!!!


Originally posted by tenthmark

You’re thumb stopped on the green call button, body shaking as you willed yourself to just press it. Part of you thought it was a good idea, the other half screamed for you to forget about it all entirely and just cry in your bed alone again.

It had been a few weeks since your long time boyfriend of over three years broke up with you. But that wasn’t even the worst part, he broke up with you, even though you should have broken up with him. You had caught him cheating a month or so ago, heart crushed into the dirt when you saw the way he moaned and bit his lip in ecstasy, while some unknown girl did things to him only you thought you could. When you told him what you saw, he had looked like a man staring death in the face, tears spilling down his cheeks as he explained that it was because he was drunk and didn’t realize how much he had drank, that he would never think about doing it ever again.

Because he loved you more than anything.

But it happened again, then again, and again, until finally, having realized you weren’t worth much to him anymore, he dropped you completely. He broke up with you in the nastiest way possible, saying that he fucked all those girls because he couldn’t stand the thought of banging you again.

He left you in a crumpled heap of tears in your own apartment, which smelled like him, alone to wallow in your self pity and sadness. That had been over two weeks ago, and the tears had faded, leaving only anger and bitterness. You weren’t low enough to get back at him, no, at this point he wasn’t even worth your time, let alone another thought. Your body craved for touch though, to be loved in a way that you realized your boyfriend had never actually had.

It was a bad idea.

But you were so, so desperate as you lay in a quivering mess on the hotel bed, heart aching as you finally pressed the call button. You read the hastily scrawled number of the sticky note you had written on, eyes tracing the name still branded on the backs of your eyelids when you looked away: Taeil.

You thought no one would pick up, the dial tone seemed to last for hours, but eventually a calm voice answered the phone, “Hello?”

“H-Hello,” you managed through your trembling lips, fingers tightening on bed spread. “I’d like to make an order.” You did as the advertisement in the mature magazine had instructed, feeling silly and stupid as those words struggled to escape your mouth.

“And who is it you wish to deliver?,” the unknown voice asked, emotionless and businesslike.

You shakily exhaled the name, “T-Taeil, please.” There was no doing back now, you’d just either dug your own grave or gave yourself the best early birthday present of your life.

“Ah, you’re lucky he’s free tonight and not very busy,” the voice sighed, “And the address, ma'am?”

You gave the name of the hotel you were staying at, and even your room number, placing all cards down on the table as you prayed that a serial killer wasn’t going to show up at your door.

“Right,” the nameless voice confirmed your address with you, “It should be about an hour, is that quite alright?”

“Oh, y-yes!,” you stuttered, snapping out of your horrid daydreams. “Thank you!”

No, ‘your welcome’, only the rhythmic beeping of your phone as the voice hung up without a word, leaving you once again in silence. The only other sound in the room, was the pattering of rain drops down the big glass window of the hotel room. Maybe he would get lost and you could just spend the night in this nice hotel room to try and forget your troubles. You closed your eyes for a moment, letting the rain lull you into a trance, your eyes snapping open as you felt the weight of your phone still in your hand.

You sat up quickly, pressing a hand to your mouth as you read the list of recent calls and saw the unknown number at the very top. You had just called for a call boy.

You had just called for a call boy.

You shrieked and threw your phone against the mattress, flailing as you slammed your head into a pillow, burying your face as far in as it would go before releasing a blood curdling scream. You can’t believe you did that, and for what? A good fuck because you haven’t had one in weeks? You literally couldn’t believe what a sad sight you must have looked at that moment. You definitely were not dressed like a (hopefully) hot guy was about to show up at your hotel room and bang you. You sat up, hair disheveled and lips pouting as you caught sight of your appearance in a mirror.

You wore a baggy sweater to fight the biting cold of winter, a semi-cute skirt with black tights that might have passed for presentable, had you not topped off the look with your worn white high tops. You snorted at yourself and kicked off the shoes, throwing them somewhere in the spacious room. Even if you looked like trash, the guy was still obliged to fuck you, so long as you paid what was owed.

And boy, was this guy expensive.

You didn’t realize what a pretty penny he would cost you, but at this point you had little to lose, so why not go out with a bang? Literally. You knew you would kick yourself later for this, but for right now, all you knew was that you were getting increasingly aroused and bitter, a little impatient too. You weren’t sure you could wait a whole hour for this guy to show up, so you did what you could to distract yourself.

You thought about maybe touching yourself, but then that would defeat the purpose of the call boy. So instead, you opted to sip some hot tea and browse social media, two things you did outrageously well. The minutes slipped by with the aid of your phone, and you nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard three short raps on the door.

You first panicked, shoving your entire mug of unfinished tea into one of the trash cans, then proceeded to dump your phone on the desk as you inspected yourself once over in the mirror. In a last ditch effort, you put on chapstick and wiped underneath your eyes with a tissue to clean up your makeup, screaming internally as you walked over to the door and opened it breathlessly.

Oh, fuck.

No singular adjective could properly describe the god that stood in the dimply lit hallway of the hotel, his eyes opening in surprise for a split second as he gave you a once over. He had a jawline that would probably butcher you if you touched it, soft, warm brown eyes, and a sinful tongue that darted out to casually lick his bottom lip. Your body was already reacting and you had only just looked at him for a solid minute.

“This should be fun,” he murmured, eyeing you like a predator.

You backed up into the room as he stepped through the doorway, confused, “What?” You watched as he casually shed his coat, the movement fluid as you still recovered from the fact that his voice sounded like milk and honey.

“Baby girl,” he began, popping open a few buttons on his shirt, “Anyone with a nose and a brain can tell that you’ve been thinking about a thing or two.” He barely spared you another glance, nodding down at your skirt as he undid a few more buttons, exposing his lean chest.

You blushed, trying to sniff the air inconspicuously as you tugged down on your skirt, “Oh, n-no that’s not-” You stopped yourself, sighing as you decided to plop yourself on the bed, admiring the call boy without a care in the world now.

“You have a name, sweetheart?,” he asked, finally meeting your eyes and catching you eyeing him with a smirk.

“_______,” you murmured, feeling a flare of arousal in your stomach as you realized how wet you really were. You thought of how long it had been since someone touched you, since you’ve been kissed. You craved that now more than ever, here was a beautiful man, willing to please you so long as you paid.

“Cute,” he smiled, walking over and letting his fingers run through your hair where you sat on the bed. You had to crane your neck back to look up at him, as he spoke again, “You can call me Taeil, or something else if you really wanted to. Daddy, master, doesn’t matter to me, it’s what you want, right?” He smirked down at you seeing the way your eyes widened at his suggestions.

“I like Taeil,” you said, chewing on your bottom lip.

He chuckled, pushing you back into the mattress as he crawled on top and caged you in with his arms, “I bet you do. Don’t be afraid to say whatever later, you might find you like having a daddy, or a master.”

You squirmed beneath him as he took your chin in his hand, forcing you to look him in the eye, “Got it?”

You nodded, lips parting as he leaned in, capturing your mouth in a deep kiss as your body already ached for him to press himself onto you. You wanted the satisfying weight of him on top of you, your thighs rubbing together eagerly as he kissed you like no one else.

You parted your lips and he hummed in approval, causing a flare of pride to spark in your belly as he slid his tongue in. He tasted of dark chocolate, like he’d just ate an entire bag before coming here, and you didn’t mind at all. In fact, your kisses increased, tongue fighting to enter his mouth as he pulled away with a chuckle, “A little eager there, aren’t we?” A shining bridge of saliva stretched between the two of you, causing your eyes to darken.

Knowing you’d probably never see him again, you might as well be honest, so you gasped, chest heaving, “You taste so good.”

His soft brown eyes darkened, finally sinking down to press his chest against yours, “Oh, yeah?” He shifted until one of his knees was pressed between your thighs, causing your skirt to ride up around your hips.

You bit your lip and nodded, seeing the way he smirked and nosed his way down towards your neck caused your skin to flush. Taeil pressed several wet kisses to the skin there, trailing his tongue up before he reached your ear, his breath hot and full of unadulterated desire. “Poor baby girl,” he simpered, hand moving from the bed sheets to your thigh as he squeezed it, “You want it so bad you’ll say just about anything, am I right?”

You felt daring in your lust, so you grabbed the hand that was creeping along and massaging your inner thigh, pressing it to the wetness that soaked through your tights. He looked down at you in surprise for a moment before grinning as you traced a finger along his knife sharp jaw, turning his face towards you, whispering, “I don’t have to say anything.”
Taeil chuckled, his free hand stroking your hair surprisingly gently as he looked down at you, “You know what, ______? I like you a lot,” he started to move his fingers against your core, already feeling how wet you were for him. “So that’s why I’m not going to fuck you as a customer, but because I really want to fuck you.”

You moaned and moved your hips in accordance with his strokes, your fingers already coming up to tangle in his soft brown hair. You felt another leap of pride, thinking that it had been far too long since someone actually wanted you. This night was going to turn out far better than you had initially planned.

Taeil was completely surprised to say the least, but he wasn’t showing it as he watched you squirm beneath him as he worked a hole into your tights. The moment you opened the door with your wide eyes and parted lips, he could already feel his cock twitch, wanting nothing more than to ruin you tonight. You looked like such a submissive girl though, he thought it would turn out like every other appointment, but you surprised him. You shocked him with your forwardness, your eagerness and the unashamed way you simply wanted him to fuck you senseless. You knew what you wanted and right now he certainly did too.

You heard the thin fabric of your tights tear as Taeil finally managed to make a large enough hole in order to reach your core. He was pleasantly surprised to find you weren’t wearing panties, raising his eyebrows at you in question, all you could do was blush and look away. Taeil felt his heart throb for a second in his chest, but he mentally shook himself and slid the tip of his finger from bottom to the top of your slit, collecting all your essence.

You shivered as he took things slow, stroking your core with slender fingers and kissing your collarbones sensually as you arched up from the bed. Your sweater untucked from your skirt and exposed your stomach, giving Taeil the opportunity to suck on the skin there as he reached for the zipper on the side of your skirt.

Taeil smiled against your skin, feeling how you quivered underneath him when he slid in a single digit, marveling at just how tight you were. You probably hadn’t had a good fuck in weeks, he thought to himself pensively as he watched your pretty eyes flutter close at the pleasure. He decided then and there he was going to make your night, make you feel good and give you what you deserved. He normally didn’t let his feelings get in the way of his work, but the experienced call boy couldn’t help but want to help you. You didn’t seem like the type of girl who would call for him, or do this sort of thing, so something must have happened. Whatever was obviously troubling you, Taeil made it his goal to make you forget, to only feel and see him for tonight.

You gasped his name as he added another finger, “Taeil!” The name sounded foreign on your tongue, but the two syllables tasted so good in your mouth you wanted to chant it like a mantra.

“You like that, baby girl?,” he murmured against your hips where he had been nibbling. “Do you want some more?”

You nodded rapidly, hair getting moussed by the bed sheets as you covered your mouth with a hand, trying to quiet your moans. The call boy grasped your wrist, pinning it down into the bed, “I don’t think so, I want to hear you tonight.” He leaned in and let his tongue drag from your collarbones to your jaw, voice dropping an octave, “I want everyone to hear how good I’m making you feel, how goddamn well I’m fucking you, okay?”

Your breath caught in your throat as he slid your sweater above your head, removing your ruined tights and skirt as well as he pulled you to the edge of the bed. He stood up and unbottoned his shirt, allowing you to drink in the sight of his tan skin while your legs dangled down the sides of the mattress. He kneeled in front of you, parting your thighs with commanding hands and hooking them over his shoulders as he kissed dangerously close to your soaking heat.

“You’re so wet for me right now,” he murmured with a smirk against your thigh. “That you’re practically dripping.” He emphasized his words by placing a single kiss on your lower lips, causing your thighs to jolt.

Taeil held onto your hips fast, pressing you down into the mattress as he gave you one last smirk before he slowly dragged his tongue from bottom to top. You grabbed the bed sheets in a death grip, head thrown back as he sucked on your labia, teeth tugging at it briefly before he considered your clit. He flicked his tongue over your sensitive bundle of nerves, gentle at first, teasing you and giving you little shocks of pleasure as he began to increase the pressure. He finally attacked it with his mouth, sucking on your clit like his life depended on it.

The only thing you could do was curl your toes and moan, moan his name like it was the only thing keeping you grounded to this earth. His hands on your hips slid underneath and grabbed at your ass, squeezing it so hard you’re sure there would be a bruise. This caused you to lift your hips into his mouth, where his tongue was working tirelessly against your folds to taste and drink in all of your essence. You reached down with one hand and knitted your fingers into his hair, causing him to groan into your core as he brought you closer to his mouth.

You bit your lip, but couldn’t help the words that poured forth, “Fuck that’s so good, please, please, please, please.” Your felt the familiar and long missed knotting in your stomach that signaled your release was near, never having felt it this intensely before.

Taeil could tell by the way you were babbling that you were close, so he toyed with you a bit, pulling away and licking his lips as he regarded your disheveled state. Your bra straps had slipped off your shoulder, there were tears in your eyes, and your ankles were locked together on his back to try and bring him closer. You looked like you’d already been fucked, but he wasn’t even close to being done with you yet.

Taeil pressed a singular kiss to your clit, tongue cleaning his mouth of your juices, “Please what, baby girl?”

“Please let me come,” you whimpered, seeing the way he smiled at your desperation and want of him.

He didn’t reply, but tugged your hips closer to his face again, mouth already busy on your folds as he began to thrust his tongue in and out of your opening. He allowed you to buck into his mouth, hips quick as they fucked into his tongue, feeling how it wetly slid inside of your walls. His nose brushed your clit just right and soon enough, hips bucking wildly into his mouth, you came with a scream. A strange feeling bubbled up through your release, and suddenly, you were squirting and making a mess of the bed sheets. Your hips didn’t stop and neither did his tongue as he continued to fuck you with his tongue and let you ride out you high.

Taeil felt himself grow hard at the raw feeling of your hips snapping into his mouth, the taste of your release and the way you looked so shocked to see that you had squirted everywhere. He felt it spill down his chin and soak the sheets, and his dick twitched knowing that he had been the one to make you release like that.

Your body trembled, thighs quaking as you finally came down, face already red as you realized what had just happened. Through your lust, you felt the creeping of embarrassment tug at your throat, but Taeil didn’t seem to mind. The call boy looked ready to fuck you right then and there, what with the way he licked up your juices from his lips and savored them.

He climbed on top of you, mouth already meeting yours so that you could taste yourself, “God, that was so fucking hot, baby girl.”

You flushed with pride, Taeil genuinely seeming like he was impressed and turned on as he slid his shirt from his shoulders. The single lamp that barely illuminated the room made him look ethereal, the tan of his skin had a golden glow as he kissed your forehead chastely. You reached for his belt, wanting nothing more than to return the favor but he gently pushed your hands away.

“Tonight’s about you,” he smiled, urging you to crawl further up the bed until you rested against the headboard. His hands never stopped on his pants, sliding them down his muscular thighs as he was left only in his briefs. You licked your lips seeing the familiar outline pressing against the fabric, still eager to please him.

“I still want to though,” you murmured, looking him straight in the eye, urging him to let you touch him.

The call boy yielded, allowing you to push him down into the mattress and settle between his legs. You inched his briefs down his thighs, having him lift his hips in order to remove the last piece of fabric that separated you from him. You realized your bra was still on, so you unclasped it quickly and tossed it carelessly over his head, having it land somewhere on the floor. You took in the sight of his lean body, lithe muscles that rippled underneath bronze skin and eyes that watched you intently as you decided what to do first.

You wanted to cover every inch of him with your tongue, to see if his skin tasted as good as his mouth. But you also wanted to give him immediate pleasure, to take him down your throat and taste another part of him. He was like an all you could eat buffet just waiting for you to make the first move, and Taeil loved the look of thoughtfulness on your face as you contemplated your options.

He spoke up, pulling you from your thoughts, a smirk on his face, “Not sure where to start?”

You blushed, sliding up to press a kiss to his lips, “I just want to make you feel good.”

Taeil smiled at you, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear, an uncharacteristically kind gesture for him to have with a client. His voice was gentle, “You already have, so do whatever comes to mind. I’m patient and we have all night, sweetheart.”

You nodded and inched back down, choosing to pay attention to his half hard member. You leaned down and placed a kiss at the tip, hearing him sigh in relief as you took the head of his cock into your mouth, sucking lightly. He weaved his fingers through your hair, not enough to hurt, but enough to take control if he wanted to. You slowly inched down his length with your mouth, testing your limits as you adjusted to the foreign girth of him. You hummed and let your tongue run over one of the prominent veins on the underside of his member, knowing it was there only by the touch of your wet muscle.

He groaned softly, “Just like that, baby girl. You’re doing so good.” He shifted his hips slightly, gagging you only for a second as he thrust up into your mouth gently.

You breathed heavily through your nose as you began to pick up speed, fingers wrapping around what you couldn’t fit in your mouth. Taeil released heavenly sounding moans, a musical sound that drove the new knot in your stomach insane. You wanted him to keep making those sounds, and you wanted to be the reason why. So you allowed him to fuck up into your mouth, blinking back the natural tears that formed in the corners of your eyes as you gagged around him. Relaxing your throat the best you could, you slid down him even deeper, causing his hips to stutter and his breath to catch.

You could tell he was close just by the way his fingers were tightening on your hair, and the way his eyes squeezed shut, his head rolling back at the closeness of it all. You thought he was going to come, and you would get to taste his release, but he pulled out of your mouth suddenly. The call boy’s chest was heaving as he tried to calm himself down and catch his breath.

Still gasping, he sat up and pushed you back into the bed aggressively, “Were you trying to make me come in your mouth, baby girl?”

He attacked you with his lips, sucking rough hickeys on your neck and nipping at your collarbones as you cried out from the pleasure pain. He didn’t allow you to answer, his lips swallowing your words and stealing your breath as he kissed you passionately. No one had ever kissed you like that before, it felt so real, so full.

Taeil pulled away, his eyes dark and a smirk in place on his lips, “The only place I’ll be coming is inside of you.”

You moaned at his words, already eager to finally feel him rubbing along your walls and stretching your core. Your thighs parted on their own accord as he positioned himself at your entrance, teasing the tip of his cock in and out of your folds. The call boy smiled down at you, seeing the way you looked like an absolute wreck for him, so ready and willing for him to fuck you senseless. He couldn’t remember a time ever wanting someone just as badly as they wanted him, and for some reason he welcomed the feeling.

You wrapped your legs around his waist, ankles hooking together at his lower back as he began to enter you. Your arms wrapped around his neck and brought his lips to yours once again as the perfect feeling of his cock buried deep inside of you sank in. Taeil let out one of the most satisfied groans to ever reach your ears, and it turned you on immensely to know you were the sole purpose of it.

“Fuck, baby girl,” he moaned, rocking into you slowly to feel your slickness on his cock.

You gasped, crying out at the way he stretched your walls perfectly, fitting inside you unlike any other cock before. Taeil gradually picked up the pace, wanting nothing more than to just fuck your brains out, he had to be patient with you, knowing that you hadn’t been with anyone for a while.

You thought the complete opposite, ignoring the pain, you urged him to just let go, “Taeil please…! Just fuck me, fuck me hard!” Tears nearly spilled down your cheeks, your body craving the roughness only he could give you. You were already drunk with pleasure and he had only just begun.

Hearing your words he almost thought to pay them no mind, but the desperation behind them caused his own brain to go haywire. All thoughts of carefulness and control slipped away, and only the primal desire to fuck the girl underneath him took over.

It was like a switch, one moment he was calculating with his thrusts, the next he was bucking into you like a wild animal. His hips snapped deep inside of you, causing you to cry out as his skin slapped against yours painfully. Unsatisfied with the angle he was hitting you at, the call boy wordless repositioned you without missing a beat, turning you on your side and throwing one of your legs over his shoulder. He hit you much deeper now, his cock reaching so far inside of you, it felt like he was fucking your solar plexus. The bed shook furiously as he drove into you relentlessly, eyes misted with lust and desire as you clenched and unclenched around him. Your body and mind were on cloud nine, everything fuzzy and raw as you only felt the boy above you.

You were ripped from your haze as Taeil spanked you harshly on the ass, his voice husky, “Is this what you wanted?”

You nodded with tears falling down your cheeks, crying out as he spanked you again, “Answer me.”

“Yes!,” you wailed, choking on a sob as he reached down and rubbed at your clit generously, eager to see you come.

“You gonna come for me, baby girl?,” he groaned, feeling you already tightening up around him. “Come all over my cock, sweetheart, make me feel good.”

And came you did, harder than you had in your entire life as a scream was ripped from your throat. Your thighs twitched madly and your eyes squeezed painfully shut, Taeil coming just minutes after you. His thrusts grew more crazed, more inhuman stopping with a groan as he shot his seed deep inside of you, “Oh, fuck.”

The two of you stayed joined together like that for a few minutes, Taeil leaning down to kiss your lips tirelessly as he attempted to soothe the angry red marks on your ass he had left with his hand. He slid out of you gingerly, lazily cleaning himself on his briefs that lay beside him on the bed and tossing them over his shoulder.

He collapsed down next to you, where tear trails were still evident on your cheeks, his eyes concerned, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No!,” you quickly answered, turning toward him as he drew you into his arms. You bit your lip and blushed as you struggled to meet his gaze, “Honestly, everything was perfect and I really needed that.” You pecked his lips and pulled away, noting with a smile the way he chased your lips, “All of it.”

The call boy looked relieved, his personality suddenly gentler as he kissed your forehead, “I’m glad, because for a moment I wasn’t thinking and-”

You silenced him with another kiss, pulling barely enough away for your lips to move, “Like I said, I needed all of it.”

He smiled softly against your mouth, pulling away so that he could look at you with a face of confusion, “I have a question though, feel free to not answer. No offense, but you just don’t seem like the type of girl who’s into this kind of thing. Why then? What happened?”

Your heart sank, suddenly remembering it all, having truly forgotten everything for the time you had been with Taeil. You nuzzled deep into his chest, taking in the warm scent of his skin, “My boyfriend broke up with me because I caught him cheating one too many times. I was coward and never stood up to him, never let him know that what he did was wrong-,” your voice broke, tears spilling anew. “That it hurt me.”

Taeil held you and listened, anger and sadness flaring up inside of him. He wanted to say that this entire session was a mess because he kept letting his curiosity and emotions interfere, since he was known as a call boy who was notorious for having zero attachment during work. But you had triggered something inside of him that he had buried deep down ever since he had joined the sex industry. It had been too long since he just laid with someone like this, to just feel each other and hold one another in a nonsexual manner. You were this broken girl in his arms who he couldn’t help but find himself intrigued by and incredibly attracted to, hurt as you were, and he wanted to fix you. He wanted to take you out to his favorite coffee shop, listen to his favorite bands with you, hold hands and watch movies together, lay in bed and just talk about how your day had been.

“_______,” he murmured, brushing the hair from your face and tilting your chin up to look at him.

You met his eyes through your blurred vision, seeing something so tender in his gaze that your heart lurched and yearned for him to stay with you, to not leave for the night. Your wanted to hold him, and for him to wrap you up inside his arms, to hide you from the world.

“I know how much it can hurt,” he started, kissing a salty tear that rolled down your cheek. “But I also know that the only way to heal from something like that is to surround yourself with a better kind of love, to put yourself first, to find what makes you happy.”

His words really struck a chord in your heart, surprised that such kind words could spill from a sex worker’s lips. Taeil looked so comforting in that moment, the warmth of his body pressed against your own was a feeling you could get used to.

Your voice was tentative, quavering as you proposed something perhaps taboo to him, “Will you stay with me, just for tonight?”

The call boy leaned in and captured your lips, pulling away and resting his forehead against yours, “I’ll stay for the night.”

Taeil didn’t stop though, taking a chance, a leap of faith, he drew you closer to him, “And I’d like to stay for the next, and the next, and the next-”

You felt euphoric when you cut him off with another kiss, unable to help yourself as you let a small laugh leave your lips, tears of relief spilling down your cheeks. You don’t remember much after that, only the warm embrace of Taeil’s arms and the way he hummed softly until you were lulled to sleep.

You do remember though, waking up the next morning to find him still next to you, his arm thrown over your stomach as he pulled you close to his slide in his sleep. You remember clearly the peaceful look on his sleeping face. You remember it every time you wake up next to him in your bed, every morning the start of a new day spent with him. A new day to heal, to grow, and fall deeper in love with the call boy, now turned boyfriend, you had met on a whim.