there will be pictures of me at chicago comic con


So I got this photo signed for a friend as a surprised gift because this picture is just amazing in every way but I decided not to comment on it when Sebastian was signing it. So while signing it Sebastian was like “Just to let you know I have NO IDEA what I was doing in this picture they just told me to put the perfume close to my mouth and I was like uhhhhh okay” I think my sister was about to die from pure laughter beside me.

Remember that time me and my little brother met Norman Reedus and during the photo op he was like “you guys are too cute!” And then when we were getting autographs later my little brother said “I know your name isn’t really Daryl, it’s Norman” and Norman was so excited when he said that and then I gave him my brother’s autograph picture he chose and Norman asked where mine was and I said “we only have one autograph pass” anD HE GAVE US ANOTHER ONE FOR FREE AND HE HELD MY HAND THE WHOLE TIME THIS WAS HAPPENING AND HE IS LITERALLY THE SWEETEST PERSON ON THE PLANET I’M NOT OVER IT


I still couldn’t believe what actually happened today. Finally the birthday picture I’ve made for him is in his hand now. The whole experiences are beyond my expectation, and definitely Sebastian is one of the most adorable human being!

He’s super sweet! When I handed in the picture and ( told him that I know it was his birthday last week. This is a gift for you. He was saying ‘awwwwww’ and thanks me for this, which is already….beautiful enough.

I’m glad I made this trip become true. Thanks Sebastian!

You can tell from my face that film and video did not prepare me for the scope and magnitude of Sebastian Stan’s real life attractiveness. But I think this picture still manages to cultivate a “couple opens New England bed and breakfast” or “husband and wife real estate team will sell you charming beachside bungalow” vibe.


So I asked Misha to go to prom and made a poster for it and he broke through people to answer because we ran out of time in the convention. He asked what day and said “oh you have shitty timing because I’m already scheduled to be doing some work in Europe.” So when we taking our pictures he recognized me and I jokingly said “this could be like our prom picture.” So he asked if I wanted to take a prom like picture and we did:)

Misha Collins is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting

IM SCREAMING!!!!!!! holy FUCK this has been a day. idk but she put her arm around ME and I died in that moment. and I made actual full on eye contact with her before and she smiled at me?? and they’re both so fucking gorgeous in person??? and we got our phone cases signed and they’re our most treasured things now. also my bff says david smells good, and when we left the booth he said thanks and tapped my back BYE

also they asked for no special pictures, so I didn’t want to inconvenience them :(


casual, cute, comely, casper, cheesin’, comic con. 

six selfies, as tagged by pandaeggroll because she wrote in the tags how much she wanted me to do this :3 

soooo, here is my photo op story. nothing huge happened but just a cool little thing.
so i have these mulder and scully earrings that i made myself. well, i was going to show them to gillian during my autograph but i totally forgot in the moment. so the chance came up again at my photo op. my dad was with me in the line and he mentioned i should show it to them while im in there. i thought maybe I shouldn’t cause they push people in and out of the photo op so quickly. so then my turn came up and i was right in between david and gillian and then my dad yelled out “hey take a look at her earrings!” so then david and gillian immediately shot out in front of me and david touched my hair to move it so he could see one ear and gillian looked at one ear and was super close to my face as she went to look over at the other ear. at this point i was just shaking but i was staying cool. okay and then i said “yeah, i made them myself!” and they were both like “oh that’s really cool!” “oh how neat!” and then we took our picture and i thanked them for being there today. and when i walked out of the room i lost it. i started bawling cause it was like the entire day just hit me. like i stayed sooo chill through my autographs. i was so proud of myself. but after that photo op i was gone. so yeah, that’s my photo op story.

david and gillian are soooo nice and i am so so so happy and grateful to have had this opportunity to meet them and communicate with them a little bit.

A little late but here’s my picture of me and Seb. I look like a nerd but I love it so much. I totally went blank and chickened out from asking for any kind of crazy pose and was just like can I just get a picture hugging you, because the people said no hugs, and he was like “Yeah, of course.” And it turned out really cute. This man is the sweetest person ever and was so nice to every fan. He really does care about all his fans. This weekend only made me love him one hundred times more if possible. Also, it was the best hug of my entire life.


Okay here’s my picture from Chicago Comic-Con. I planned on posting this earlier, however, due to circumstances beyond my control I was just too tired last night to do it.  So let me first say I know I look hella awkward here. Nicole (who is an angel) stood up for this picture here. The first one I took she was sitting. As she was standing up, she joked about how she hated that I was so tall. Just reminding her of her shortness I’m sure. I was so shocked that she did that I didn’t know what to do which is why I’m standing so weird. 

This was my first Comic-Con that I dressed up for. Nicole was the only reason I decided to go. Because she was going to be there I wanted her to know how much of an impact her character’s made on me. I wanted her to see that Abbie Mills was beloved. So when she saw me standing in line the autograph line I saw her face light up. I believe she was truly happy when she saw me. So much so she had her assistant take a selfie pic. She told me that she liked the outfit and I told her I wanted to be as authentic as I could (I even have a toy glock though it’s hidden in this picture). Had to wear a wig, however, due to my purple hair. To which she smiled and said she wanted to see it. I uploaded the pic later that night. So before I left I made sure to give a shout out to Kiara for her. Nicole said ‘hi’ back to btw.  Finally she signed her picture “you wear it better”. It was a lie, but I was happy to hear it.

The panel was great, I heard some pretty good questions. Saw another Abbie Mills cosplayer there too, so yay! That was awesome. There was some technical difficulties with the microphone and sometimes the surround sound would start to play music. Nicole joked that we should have done a flash mob. Oh well, maybe next time we can coordinate that. It was really great to hear how she started into acting and all the paths that led her to Sleepy Hollow. I truly applaud her for being such a trooper and flying out to Chicago to hang out with us fans without skipping a beat. Not only is she a professional, she is so sweet, down to earth, she’s also very humble. Not once did I think she was dragging her feet or not happy about being there, none of that, she was so pleasant. My love for her grew even more after that day.

I will say this I give her mad props for being able to run around in that North Carolina heat wearing jeans and a leather jacket while looking beautiful. I was dying in that jacket and my ass was in an air conditioned building. I wish I was able to tape the panel like I had planned, that is another sad and pathetic story. I figure I’ll just throw my two cents in on my experience with the beautiful and talented Nicole Beharie.

Now I’m upset with those GQ pictures because it’s like in Chicago was that muscle tone hiding under Seb’s shirt????? Did I touch them (the abs) without realizing their beauty???? ???? ?


So, it’s really late and I can’t sleep, and my mind drifted back to when I met Norman Reedus. As I’m laying here, I couldn’t help but wonder what episode(s) they were filming right around the weekend I met Norman (Aug. 20-21).

After much scrolling through TSDF FB page, I came to realize that they were filming the much anticipated 7x10. Right before and after I met Norman.

Now, that isn’t much to be excited about, I know. But HOLD UP. THIS MEANS HE WAS FILMING WITH MELISSA RIGHT AFTER CHICAGO COMIC CON. Which means–maybe–he very well could have showed Melissa the keepsake Caryl box my cousin made! He also confirmed to me that Daryl had read the Survivors of Childhood Abuse book that weekend, which is also a very Caryl-centric thing.

Again, I know this is a very silly thing to fangirl about. But I’m already super excited for that episode, and now that I know that I saw Norman right while he was filming one of the only Caryl moments we’ll get during s7, I might explode. And that he had pictures of this box on his phone at that time!!



Wizard Con was kind of awesome. Not going to lie. As my first convention, it was a bit overwhelming, but I still can’t wait to do it again! Anthony and Sebastian were awesome. I probably only said a total of ten words to both of them, but still. Sebastian, for some damn reason, liked my name. He even read it right off the sticky note which is amazing. ‘Kiersten’ has been butchered my entire life, and to have him not only get it right, but like it? It makes me dislike it slightly less strongly. I wish I could share a more awesome story than that, but really, everything was kind of a blur. My frowny faced little brother trying to rush me through it all didn’t help either. Seb seems like a fantastically nice and wonderful guy. Anthony is just amazing and so friendly and outgoing. He pulled me into a hug at the photo-op for him. It was a damn awesome hug too.

I’ll post more pictures as soon as they’re scanned and edited, as my brother does not want his face on the internet.