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Not again!

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader mark p x reader

Imagine: Sam, dean and reader go French mistake ( reader first time) and in our world reader is married to mark P (lucifer) and he loves to hold her and kiss her and do it in front of Sam and dean, reader let him do it because she likes to annoy Sam and dean. And the brother doesn’t like it and are always trying to get her away from mark until they find a way back to their world. - @evyiione

A/N: this was really a challenge for me I say personally but I like the idea. I never thought I was going to wright mark p x reader but I did it. I hope you guys like it.

The world where you live like an actress in a TV show. You heard about it from you brothers but go there no way. You heard that Balthazar once sent them there. Dean was called there Jensen ackles and Sam was named Jared padelecki. Even castiel was there but as a huge dick, that had dean told you. You heard stories and that makes you curious how it is there. Without monster and demons to be an actress or something. You needed to go there once.

Its cleaning time and Sam and dean where looking through some old documents and files. Everywhere where lying files. Dean saw an old document about sigils.

“hey Sammy, is this not the signal that Balthazar used when we did go to that different universe?”  dean asked when he showed the file.

“yeah this is the one.” You looked confuse to your brothers.

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A Little Too Late Part 5

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 5

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Little bit of angst and fluff

A/N: Here is our first TREAT of the day! I hope you don’t mind a trick or two today.  I haven’t decided how many tricks I have up my sleeve ;) I hope you all enjoy this next part <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Happy Halloween babes <3

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As you joined the Winchesters in the library, Balthazar and Castiel walked in behind you and Gabriel.  You smiled at the both of them, and then at Sam and Dean.  Since a young age, you didn’t have a home.  Not a real one anyway.  Lately this started to feel like home; it had to be one of the best feelings you ever had.  You tilted your head at the jewelry on the table.  “Are these my rings and bracelets,” you asked, pointing at the still bloody jewelry.

“Yeah,” Dean nodded.  “Sorry we didn’t clean them off.”

“Actually no, that’s fine,” you smiled softly.  “I’ll clean them.”  You preferred it if others didn’t clean your jewelry.  Some required special attention due to the markings etched into some of them.  One of the rings had a sigil etched onto the band.  You gathered the jewelry in your hands, putting it in the pockets of your sweater.

“Why are we all here?  I could be sipping wine in the comforts of heaven,” Balthazar shifted his weight to one foot.

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War of Hearts; Chapter 1

Summary: What Dean and Lisa had, wasn’t real. The only one who doesn’t know that is Lisa. The only solution to that problem? Start “dating” your best friend Castiel. Can they make it through this without possibly ruining their entire friendship? Or will they defy everything and make this work?

“Is there a reason you just dragged me into the boy’s locker room?” Castiel asked, glancing down at his wrist; the one Dean was still holding onto.

“I need your help.”

There wasn’t much Castiel wouldn’t do for Dean. Including this, even though it was the worst idea Cas had ever heard.

“You want me to date you?!”  

“No, I want you to fake date me,” Dean explained patiently while the other boys, who were on the football team with Dean, were staring at Cas, waiting for his reaction. After Dean and he became friends, Cas had spent a lot of time with the others on the team. Fairly quickly they became his friend too. Though, Dean was still his best friend.“I have to get rid of her some time, Cas, and I can’t do it without you.”

“You can literally get anyone at this school if you asked nicely,” Castiel said, his eyebrows raised skeptically. “Why in the world did you pick me?”

“Because you are my best friend,” Dean said, placing a hand on Cas’ shoulder. Cas tried to ignore the heat seeping through his jumper and crossed his arms instead.

“And?” Cas asked. “You are not telling me the full truth Dean Winchester.”

“She always was kind of jealous of our friendship. She thought we were too friendly, almost as if I was in a relationship with you instead of her.” Dean looked down at his hands, almost as if he was shy.

Now, Cas got where she was coming from. Dean and he didn’t have a normal friendship. They were close, on the edge of a relationship yet not quite there. If it wasn’t for their friendship, they would have probably started dating ages ago. They just couldn’t risk it, so they didn’t.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Castiel said, rolling his eyes when Dean started cheering. “But only for two months tops, I get to break up with you and I’ll get to pick the reason why.”

“Promise it won’t be anything that’ll ruin my reputation and you’ve got yourself a deal.”


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Coming Home

Destiel Teenager Christmas AU. Warnings: Anti John Winchester, Child Abuse (mentioned)

It’s a miracle they have kept up their correspondence, but it is one Dean is thankful for. It’s kept him sane.

Through all of Dad’s drinking, the moving, the different schools, through Sam’s hungry cries, he’s always had the letters to cling to.

Every time they moved unexpectedly, he sent another, explaining it to Cas so he could reach out to him at the right address again.

Cas and his family never moved away. They’re still in Lawrence.

They’re still here, on this 22nd of December, when two boys stumble tiredly along the road.

Dean used to think he could take it all, but that horrible night a week ago was the last straw.

Dad hit Sam.

Dean has grown long accustomed to the punches. But Dad has never – did never hurt Sam. Until that night.

And he just knew he had to get him out of there. And the only place to go –

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Don’t Touch My Girl

Characters: Balthazar x Reader
Words:  1032
Author’s Note: This is an idea I had and wanted to write, so I’m throwing it in the mix. There will be a few more of my own ideas coming up.
Summary: The reader is being tortured for information about the Winchester’s. Her boyfriend just happens to be Balthazar…and he’s not too happy. People have to learn that you DO NOT touch Balthazar’s girl.

Originally posted by grand-x

          You could feel the ropes cutting into the flesh on your wrists and ankles as the demons tied you way too tightly to the chair. You tried not to let the pain show, but you knew they got off on that kind of thing.

           “Where are the Winchester’s?” the demon demanded.

           “How am I supposed to know?” you asked, “I haven’t seen them in weeks.” You were being honest, but you knew they would never believe you.

           The demon backhanded you hard, “I’m sure they’ve been in contact with you. Where are they?”

           “I haven’t talked to them in weeks. I don’t know where they are,” you said, spitting blood from the impact of the hit.

           “Yeah, right,” the demon smirked, grabbing a knife, “I have ways of making you talk,” he said, plunging the knife into your thigh without warning, making you scream out in pain, “We can play that way.”

           “Balthazar,” you whispered the name.

           “What was that, Sweetheart?” the demon asked.

           You smirked, “Balthazar.”

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Whenever someone says, but where are the strong females, I roll my eyes. Hannah, Charlie, DARK Charlie, Abaddon, Rowena, Eve, Lilith blond Ruby, Gen Ruby, blond Meg, Meg 2.0, Ellen, Cassidy, Ava, Jo, Lisa, Sarah, Missouri, Donna, Dorothy, Anna, Naomi, Gwen, Hester, Bela, Pamela, Tessa, Mary freaking Winchester, Linda Tranthankyouverymuch, JODY EFFING MILLS! 

“But they’re all flawed! Some were even evil things!” Um, yeah! So is every other freaking character!

“But they had sex!” That’s right. Because sometimes strong females like to have sex. Sometimes they like to have a lot of sex. Sometimes they aren’t ashamed of their bodies. If you see the characters as just serving as a love interest, the problem just might be you, not the storyline. That lovely flight attendant in Phantom Traveler who couldn’t be possessed because her will was too strong and she wasn’t afraid? Nobody slept with her. She had just dumped her boyfriend, as a matter of fact.

“But they died!” Show me a character who hasn’t been killed. Also? JODY EFFING MILLS. Just saying. She’s a badass mother figure, and is still kicking ass and taking heads.

“But they stayed dead!” First of all? Charlie. Even Mary, who burned on the freaking ceiling in the very first scene of the pilot, was in 13 episodes, and appeared in every season except 3, 7, 9 and (so far) 10. Six out of ten seasons. Ellen and Jo each came back, one as an AU version, and one as a ghost. Meg’s vessel even came back as a Witness.

“But they aren’t series regulars!” Oh come on. It took Mark Sheppard like four seasons to become a regular. It’s a technical term. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be in every episode.

“But they’re pretty!” Uh huh. So are the guys. “My god, you have delicate features for a hunter.”

“But they’re too girly!” Really? Are we going to do that? First of all, stop trying to force folks into or out of gender roles that society assigns. If you think a feminine person can’t be a badass, you are the problem. If you think someone who is badass can’t be feminine…you get my point, right?

“But they’re too weak! They show emotion!” Again, really? Count how many times you’ve seen a woman on Supernatural cry. I dare you. Put that number up against just ONE of the Winchester boys. There. Feel better?

“But they’re too cold!” No. You do not get to do that. These are well-developed, beautifully portrayed multi-layered characters. Some of them are bitches. Some of them are tough. None of that negates their strength or their importance. 

“But some of them are only in a few episodes!” Yup. Your point? Guest stars are expensive. You know how many Balthazar was in? (Hint: Not very many.) The only GUYS who are in every episode are the stars. And we like them. So shut up. 

“But some of them were only in ONE episode.” It’s Supernatural. They roadtrip in a freaking Impala. They can’t carry everyone around with them everywhere they go. Only being in one episode doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome characters. How many episodes was Jared in before you loved him? Or Jensen? Or Misha or Mark? 

Every time we bitch about the lack of strong female characters, we negate the hard, awesome work of those we’ve enjoyed for ten whole years. 

Mary Winchester.

Linda Tran.

Jody effing Mills.

“There is no GOD!” 
“Maybe. Or maybe not. But there’s still ME.”

That’s all I have to say. (I promise.)

A Little Too Late Part 28

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 28

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, God!Chuck

Word Count: 1,101

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Things aren’t ending here my friends! I hope you enjoy this next part!! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The Masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

“You Winchesters sure know how to die,” Chuck shook his head with a small chuckle.  “Before you ask Sam and Dean, yes she is a Winchester.  Her real dad was John Winchester.  Her mother was just some girl he slept with,” God rambled.  “Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Which seems to be a common occurrence with you Winchesters.”

“So you’ll bring her back,” Sam asked.

“I will, but I hope [Y/N] doesn’t make a habit out of it like you two do,” Chuck raised his eyebrows.  He caught his son Lucifer’s glare.  “It’s nice to see you have respected the rules.  All of you have, and I thank you for that.”  Chuck padded up to Gabriel who held your body in his arms.  “Now things will return back to normal.  She’ll no longer have those pains in her chest.  She’ll be able to heal someone without practically dying.  [Y/N] can only heal to a certain extent, so keep that in mind Sam and Dean.”

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Heavenly Brotherhood

From this request: Could you do a fix where the Angels of show all like the reader? Mabey they get jelly when they see the other ones hanging out with her trying to woooo her?


“All right, brothers, thank you all for meeting with me.”

“Gabriel, please just get on with… whatever it is you wanted to talk about. I have things to do,” Lucifer said, examining his fingernails.

“And do you have anything to eat that isn’t laden with sugar?” Balthazar asked, picking through a large candy bowl. “My teeth hurt just looking at this stuff.”

“Just try it, Balthy,” Gabriel said. “It’s delicious.”

“Gabriel, why have you called us together?” Castiel asked.

“I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally found a wife.”

The three other angels stared at Gabriel; Castiel looked slightly confused while Balthazar and Lucifer simply stared in disbelief.

“A wife?” Balthazar asked.

“Please,” Lucifer scoffed. “Who would ever want to settle down with you? I can barely stomach spending an hour with you.”

“Perhaps she’s fake,” Balthazar said, elbowing Lucifer.

“Ah, yes. The ol’ inflatable wife.”

“I do not think a marriage is legitimate between a man and a woman made of plastic,” Castiel said.

Gabriel sneered at his brothers. “I’ll have you know that she’s one hundred percent real.”

“Of course, she is,” Lucifer said.

“Are you saying that Y/N isn’t real?”

This caught the angels’ attention.

“Y/N?” Lucifer asked. “As in… Y/N?”

“That is what I said,” Gabriel said.

“How on earth did you get her to agree to marry you?” Balthazar asked.

“Well, we haven’t really discussed that aspect yet…” Gabriel admitted.

“I was unaware you were in a relationship,” Cas said.

Gabriel chuckled slightly. “Yeah, well… we aren’t exactly in one yet…”

“Oh, my God,” Lucifer said. “This is ridiculous.”

“Okay, hey, maybe I lied a little,” Gabriel said. “But she’s going to be my wife. As soon as I convince her to.”

“She’s not going to marry you, Gabriel.”

“Jeez, have a little faith, brother.”

Lucifer rolled his eyes. “She’s not going to marry you, Gabriel, because she’s going to marry me.”

“Fat chance you two have,” Balthazar said. “I’m obviously the best choice. Perfect for Y/N.”

“I do not believe she wants to be with any of you,” Castiel said.

Gabriel studied his brothers. “All right,” he said with a sigh. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little conundrum here. What are we gonna do about it?”

“Y/N should have some input,” Castiel pointed out. “After all… it will be her life that will be affected.”

“True,” Gabriel said. “Fine. We’ll all go on one date with Y/N. After that, we’ll let her decide which of us she’d rather continue dating.” Gabriel paused. “Can we all be grown-ups about this?”

The others nodded. It was a reasonable idea (as reasonable as one could be in such a situation).

“Great!” Gabriel said, clapping his hands together. “I’ll go first.”

“Why?” Lucifer asked.

“Later, boys!” Gabriel said, disappearing.


“Hello, Y/N!” Gabriel said, appearing in front of you. “Whaddya say you and I go to dinner?”


“Come on!” Gabriel snapped his fingers and the two of you were suddenly in a fancy restaurant.

“Gabriel, what’s going on?”

“I just… wanted to take you on a romantic evening,” Gabriel said. “I really like you, Y/N and… well, I figured…”

“There you are,” Balthazar said.

You and Gabriel looked up, finding your table surrounded by Balthazar, Lucifer, and Castiel.

“Guys,” Gabriel said. “I thought we agreed–”

“You poofed away before we could agree on who would go on a date with Y/N first,” Lucifer said.

“Um, what’s going on?”

The brothers turned, looking at you.

“Y/N, darling, I do apologize for my brother’s behavior,” Balthazar said. “He can be quite unpredictable.”

“Did… did you say that you were all going to go on a date with me?”

“Obviously not at the same time,” Gabriel said. “They aren’t supposed to be here right now.”

You stood up, pushing your chair back. “This… this is very strange. I… I can’t do this right now.”

The brothers watched as you disappeared, poofing away, leaving them all standing there looking and feeling foolish.

“Great,” Gabriel said. “You guys scared her off.”

The other angels looked at each other, a sheepish blush on their cheeks.

“Well,” Lucifer said, plopping down in your abandoned chair. “Might as well take advantage of this situation.” He picked up a menu and began to scan it.

Balthazar and Castiel pulled up their own chairs and sat with their brothers.

“You guys are all dicks, you know that?” Gabriel asked.

“Takes one to know one,” Balthazar pointed out.

Lucifer chuckled. “He’s got you there, little brother.”

Gabriel sneered.

“Perhaps this is for the best,” Castiel said. “If we’d gone through with this and Y/N did choose one of us… surely that would have damaged our relationship with each other.”

The other angels nodded—he did have a good point.

And so the brothers spent the evening together, enjoying a meal together. At the end of the evening, the brothers agreed to leave you alone—you weren’t worth it (and Castiel pointed out that he thought you were in a relationship with Chuck, which proved to be quite the gossip).

A Little Too Late Part 11

Title: A Little Too Late Part 11

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Balthazar, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,374

Warnings: angst?

A/N: Here we are with Part 11!! I hope you all enjoy this part! It’s just getting good <3 You can always request fics with other characters! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 <3

Series Masterlist

You threw your bag over your shoulder, quietly walking past Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You knew Sam would be asleep, but Dean would still be awake.  As you sneaked past their rooms you left a note on the kitchen table explaining everything.  Just in case something happened to you, you knew they would be able to find you.

Tears unexpectedly filled your eyes.  You almost wanted to say goodbye, but you planned on coming back.  It was the unknown that scared you.  It was the fact that you knew they weren’t your parents.  It was the fact that you knew what they ultimately wanted from you.  You sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes.  You trudged up the stairs, closing the door of the bunker behind you.  The bus stop was your next stop; home was your destination.

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Anonymous asked: I would looove something high school where Anna is Cas’s sister and she wants to go to the school dance with Dean but doesn’t have the guts to ask Dean, so she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger, but Cas has feelings for Dean too.

Author’s note: I’m not sure if you wanted angst, or drama… But it got really fluffy. *hides* 

Castiel may or may not have been drooling over the sight of Dean Winchester. No, scratch that. Castiel Novak did not drool, thank you very much… His thoughts however, were all over the place as he shamelessly stared at where Dean was standing by one of the lockers, surrounded by his group of friends. Dean’s perfect teeth showed when he threw back his head and laughed wholeheartedly at something that the blonde girl standing next to him had said. Dean’s laugh was the most precious thing in the world; his face glowing and his green eyes lighting up. Those eyes… Even though Castiel was watching him from the other end of the hallway, that endless maze of green took his breath away.

Alright, so perhaps Castiel was drooling a little. Not that he would ever admit it, not even to himself.

In other news, he couldn’t afford to get distracted right now. He had a mission, and as much as that mission made his stomach tighten painfully, he had promised his sister Anna that he’d do it.

An exasperated sigh sounded from beside Castiel, and a hand was lightly placed on his shoulder.

“I don’t mean to interrupt your ogling, Cassie… But are you honestly planning on being the messenger for your sister even though you’re clearly head over heels in love with the guy yourself?” A disapproving voice, laced with a heavy British accent, asked the question that Castiel himself had been struggling with all morning. “Because if you ask me, that sounds utterly ridiculous.”

Castiel’s best friend Balthazar was never one to beat around the bush, obviously. Whenever there was a room with an elephant in it that needed to be addressed, you could count on Balthazar to be the one to address it. And so, when Castiel had told him what he was about to do, Balthazar had made it no secret that he thought that it was a stupid idea.

“It is not ridiculous!” Castiel argued, rolling his eyes at his friend. “Anna likes him and wants to go to the Spring dance with him but she’s afraid to ask, and I’m helping her out because she’s my sister and I care about her.” He explained patiently.

“And that would make all the sense in the world, if you weren’t attracted to him as well.” Balthazar countered without missing a beat. “You have every right to pursue him yourself, you’ve been pining over the guy for months, and quite frankly, it’s about time for you to do something about it.”

Castiel snorted humorlessly at that comment. If only things were that simple…

“For your information, as far as I know, Dean Winchester is as straight as they come.” Castiel said with a wistful glance at the beautiful boy with the freckled face. “There’s no point whatsoever in me going after him, so I might as well help out my sister.”

Balthazar was about to protest again, but they were both distracted when Castiel’s phone beeped in his pocket. He fished it out and checked his messages.

‘Did you ask him yet? Did he say yes? I’m dying here, let me know when you talk to him! Anna’

There was a skeptical click of the tongue from Balthazar who’d been reading along over Castiel’s shoulder.

“Good luck with that one, Cassie. When you start regretting this, I’ll be waiting for you with an ‘I told you so’ like the great friend that I am.”

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anonymous asked:

"How about... Jack for a boy, Rose for a girl." I smiled cheekily at Balthazar who glared back at me, rubbing my swollen belly. "Don't even think about it, Y/N."

“How about… Jack for a boy, Rose for a girl.” I smiled cheekily at Balthazar who glared back at me, rubbing my swollen belly.

“Don’t even think about it, Y/N.”

“Hey, I’m the one carrying the baby. I get to make some choice.” I laughed. Balthazar sat next to me and wrapped his arms around my stomach.

“The baby doesn’t like those names.” He told me. I rolled my eyes.

“You could be lying for all I know.” I pointed out. “I mean, how I do know?”

“Fine. Jack or Rose is a middle name.” Balthazar suggested.

“Oooh! How about Celine?”


A Little Too Late Part 19

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 19

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, Crowley

Word Count: 1,366

Warnings: angst

A/N: I hope you are all still loving this series as much as I am!! Here’s part 19!! Things are going to start getting a little dicey (; Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! <3

Series Masterlist

“Surprised to see me [Y/N],” Crowley mused, taking a step closer to you.  He chuckled when you took another step back from him.  “I’m not here to hurt you.”

You kept a hand against the concrete wall to balance yourself.  You felt weaker since your body healed itself.  “Then why are you here,” you spat at the King of Hell.  No encounter with Crowley ended well.  “You know about my heart, don’t you?”

“Darling, if I wanted your heart, I would have taken it already,” Crowley strolled towards you, standing inches from you.  “I just thought you would like to know there’s been chatter all around about you [Y/N].  Even Lucifer has his eyes on you.”

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Balthazar is five when he first wants to wear a skirt and doesn’t understand why his parents won’t let him. They tell him it’s not proper, he’s a boy and boys don’t wear skirts, but it doesn’t really make that much sense. But if his parents say it, he supposes they’re right, they’re grown-ups and as far as Balthazar knows, grown-ups are always right.

Balthazar is six when he finds his mom’s lipstick in the bathroom closet and he puts it on just for fun. He’s seen his mom use it a million times, but when he tries it for himself, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. He smiles when he looks in the mirror then, his lips a soft pink, but his smile falters when his mom walks in and yells at him for twenty minutes straight.

Balthazar is seven when he realizes that music is his best friend. When he plays music, his parents are proud of him, when he plays music, he’s proud of himself, he feels safe, he loves it. He doesn’t have to be anyone when he sits in front of a piano, he just plays and the music fills him up and he is happy.

Balthazar is eight when a group of stupid boys laugh at him because he can’t play football. “What are you, a girl?” they ask to mock him and for the first time Balthazar realizes that being a girl is somehow supposed to be a bad thing. He doesn’t know what to reply to that question.

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Yeah, okay, let’s point the finger of blame at the Devil. Such terrible wrath Luci has. I mean it’s not like said wrath saved him numerous times.

Name one time.

Remember when those leviathans made their home in your vessel, you ungrateful little snot?

Remember all those times you’ve bullied me, or when you kidnapped sweet little insane Castiel?

Now that was just some fun brotherly teasing. Something– May I remind you– That you participate in as well.

OR when you stole my grace and gave it to Alastair, and then let the smoke ball take over MY vessel! FLIPPIN Balthazar– Lazy McGee – had to clean up YOUR mess!

Now, Gabriel– 

–OR when you KILLED ME!?

I was only teaching you important life lessons~

HAHAHAHA– You suck.


First off. I do not want anyone getting angry, or aggressive, or anything like that at people who didn’t start with correct information. Just don’t.

Though he wasn’t during filming, the Candle Wasters and I have thought of Pedro as bisexual for many months now; since before this blog even existed. It was recognised by us five that Pedro wasn’t straight since before the first video was even up online, regardless of whether we had said this or not.

Pedro being bisexual is not fan service. Pedro being bisexual is not a thing that happened because the fans wanted it to happen - and quite frankly, nothing within this series has happened because fans wanted it to happen - it is something that has been planned for and pieced out for months. Because having some basic semblance of representation of people like myself is, shockingly, important.

This morning’s video was filmed later. This is true. So were the Q+As. So were all the Balthazar music videos. These extra videos were filmed purposefully, for a range of reasons, and in terms of this video, were created in order to establish a plot point which had become an incredibly important issue for us.

This video was not to appease fans. It’s in place for various reasons, one of which is because we frankly couldn’t just leave the Pedro storyline where it was, and because we wanted there to be a Pedrazar arc.

Screw It

gif is not mine

Title: Screw It

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word count: 850

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: Hopefully I have my laptop back by this time! This was requested by @emilyymichelle!! I hope you all love this! <3 I love you all so much! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Balthazar entered the library where Sam and Dean were sitting.  His eyes scanned over the room, but you were nowhere in sight.  You were usually waiting for him to come into the bunker on most days.  Why not today?  It was Christmas eve and he was excited to spend it with you.

“Boys, where is [Y/N],” Balthazar asked, getting their attention.

“I don’t know if you wanna be around her right now,” Dean mumbled.  “[Y/N] hates this time of year.  She was talking about it before she stormed off.”

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So, I've been thinking about something

It’s just been nagging at me all evening. Why did Bea write her song? Why did she record it? Like, Ben wrote his with the intention of declaring his love to her. He wanted to tell the world about it. He put it online. But Bea? I’ve been having a little more trouble.

And I don’t have a satisfactory answer. But I have this nonsense bouncing around in my head that just pleases me to think about. So. I think that what we see in NYEEH is Bea realizing just how deep her feelings are as Ben talks himself in circles. I think she knew she liked him but as he gets to the “one little smile, one little acknowledgement” part, she’s like holy shit I think I love him. And she realizes she has to do something. So she kisses him. But she can’t manage to really say anything to him because she’s still not as sure of herself and of him as Ben is. And then she goes home and she starts writing and this just comes out of her and so it’s part jubilant because oh my god he loves me and I love him and we kissed and part really nervous because she’s bad at feelings. And she’s vaguely horrified by it, actually. And monstrously embarrassed.

And so at some point, she comes clean to Balthazar. She hasn’t had anyone to talk to about this because Hero is still in a lot of pain and she’s afraid to admit it to the girls because they’d start talking. And then Balthazar is there and she just starts talking about how she thinks she might be in love with Ben and he’s all no shit and she’s like no you don’t understand I wrote a song about him. And Balthy can barely contain himself because he just helped Ben record his and he asks to hear it and then he tells her she should record it and he’ll help. She protests, naturally. He says that she won’t have to put it online or anything or show it to anyone but then at least she’d have it if she ever wanted to show it to Ben. And anyway, she already knows that Ben likes her. Loves her even. But she just has a really hard time vocalizing her feelings. But anyway he convinces her. And that’s how Bea ends up reluctantly and embarrassedly but still happily singing this song with Balthy.

Dean's Flavor of the Month - Repost

Ok guys, here’s the deal. I stumbled upon astrology post called “signs as types of pies” and my first thought was Dean Winchester
I mean come on, we all know this man’s love of pie

Point proven.

Anyway, I thought it would be an awesome idea to collaborate with some of the amazing spn fic writers on tumblr and get out dean one shots for each sign/pie

If you want in on this action, SEND ME AN ASK and I will tag you to the list!

Please make sure:
· Your one shot is Dean x Reader
· You (try to) post by the end of this month
· Tag balthazars-muse in your post
· Base the reader off your sign/personality
· Bonus points for sneaking in the name of your pie

We’re open to all types of fics i.e. smut, fluff, angst etc. Just have fun with this and make it yours!

Spots are first come first serve but I will try to do at least three fics per sign

The list is as follows and will be updated as we add more writers

Aries (FULL): Cherry Pie - @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall & @maadskittlez29

Taurus (FULL): Key Lime Pie - @dragontearsandunicornfears @spoopymoosesos @badwolfstoletheimpala

Gemini (FULL): Chocolate Pie - @dibsonriggs @dancingdin @effie-w

Cancer (FULL): Apple Pie - @carry-on-my-wayward-imagines @bovaria @littlegreenplasticsolider

Leo (FULL): Peach Pie - @balthazars-muse  @not-moose-one-shots  @rizlow1

Virgo (FULL): Coconut Creme Pie - @teamfreewill-imagine @meteoraangel @murdochinthetardis

Libra (FULL): Blueberry Pie - @yesimcastielsgirl @aliceatheartfanfiction @captainsomeonesomethingsomewhere

Scorpio (BEYOND FULL): Lemon Meringue Pie - @sincerelysaraahh  @deans-impiela @sammit-janet @canadianspnhunter @cemeteryackles

Sagittarius (FULL): Banana Cream Pie - @themajestictimelord & @deandoesthingstome @ruby-love-supernatural

Capricorn (FULL): Pecan Pie - @bookshido @sexysupernaturalfics (doing sweet potato pie per request) @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid

Aquarius (FULL): Pumpkin Pie - @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  @sorryimnotthatkindofdoctor. @imagine-the-imaginable

Pisces (FULL): Boston Creme Pie - @coralturtlenut @whatareyousearchingfordean @magsmaggiemay

I’m BEYOND proud of this lineup and I hope hear from more of you, this is going to be fun! Are you guys ready?!

Three main points about “GUERRILLA” (at this time):

The first is how much I loved the use of negative space in the video. In essence, you can look at the whole first week of Lovely Little Losers as a sort of experiment in negative space - Ben is talking around issues, his motivations, his friends, the nine months between “LEAVES” and “RETURNS” and his ultimate actions themselves. He starts by showing us spaces around the plot - introducing the bare-bones of the apartment dynamics and then backing up even further with the “Balth in a Bath” videos, which as of yet do not fill in any space, simply carve out a distinct lack of information.

And then there’s the brilliant use of visual negative space, in which Ben provides us not with an overly dramatized sequence of sloths or flamingos doing their thing, but with outright truth. Vlogs are often as much about the sequences which are cut as they are about those that are left in. And so those twenty seconds of empty room before Freddie shows up onscreen (and distinctly in the background, and distinctly uninterestingly in terms of official storytelling/plot) tell us a lot. The sequence is not merely hilarious (and I thought that its length was the perfect level of comedic tension versus being dragged out), it’s also utterly normal. It’s the stuff that vloggers normally cut out if they place their camera out and wait for something interesting to happen onscreen.

It’s wonderfully refreshing. 

My second main takeaway was the new information gleaned. While again it may seem as though a lot of details are missing (and of course there’s the “troll” aspect of waiting until the last minute to talk about his relationship with Bea… except why would he mention that off the bat…? It’s not the point, after all…), the dynamics are put into sharper focus. Freddie is not merely camera-shy, she is passionate and present in the apartment. Balthazar is not merely the “music-man”, he’s also the subtly soothing presence - his instinct is obviously still to avoid confrontation and drama. ”I just wanted the walk anyways”, to both eliminate the official problem (Freddie’s rage) and to shift the conversation elsewhere.

And then finally the Ben/Pedro dynamic is fascinating (yes, I will still be calling him Pedro for the time being because frankly that’s how my brain reads him and no, he’s not a real person who has asked me to respect a name change so I really don’t have to! :D ). In NMTD, Ben and Pedro’s interactions are often dominated by Ben’s insecurities and desire to impress/stand out - Ben is loud and often over-the-top, and except for “BROTHERS” (where he first makes remarks which can be considered confident and honest), Ben and Pedro (Benro!) is largely about Pedro’s leadership and Ben’s desire to fit in (and actually be liked as opposed to tolerated, which is a major theme in NMTD).

Here we don’t see that dynamic. At all. Ben and Pedro’s kitchen talk reminded me a lot more of Ben and Bea’s Claudio rant (minus the sexual tension, replaced with a very different type of tension). Ben talks to Pedro/Peter with a different sort of confidence, and Pedro’s sense of confidence has morphed into something less… explicit. Less about what others expect of him.

 “I’m bisexual, regardless of who I date or what I do, and I’m not ashamed of it” - that line is the crux of the episode. The emotional core. The space around Pedro which we have yet to unravel. Ben is making the classic roommate blunder of presenting flatmate issues (and legit ones, yeah?) with his own sense of judgement (from experience, Ben, that is never good…). Ben is prodding Pedro, talking circles around his real issue (a sense, it would appear, that Pedro/Peter has changed in some fundamental way - a sense that their balance has changed drastically)  and using a real issue to mask his judgmental confrontation (and there is an obvious and inappropriate sense of judgement here, in which Ben also falls prey to stereotyping and some shaming - not good, Ben).

Pedro of NMTD would have been ashamed. Not necessarily from a sense of being closeted (though I suspect that aspect would have been tied in - the stigmas of sexuality are far too central to be so casually ignored), but also from the simple angle of wanting to please everyone. Pedro of NMTD was confident, yes, but more than anything he sought to be the perfect prince, accepted by all and the… all-around great guy. Peter is not that guy.

My final point is about the story so far. While we know there are going to be many new characters introduced, so far we have met only one - Freddie. We know that at some point explicit flat “no-dating” rules are imposed (they’re clearly not there yet; Pedro’s says “you don’t want me to bring people ‘round anymore” indicating that there is currently no problem…). We know that at some point Ben, Balthazar and Freddie are introducing these rules to an outside (and likely prominent) as of yet unknown character. We know that at some point, Bea makes her way from Auckland to Wellington (”Here we are in windy Wellington…”), and that this journey is explicitly made with Meg (if not Hero and John, the other carry-overs from NMTD, though I suspect their involvement will be very different).

My conclusion from all of these - and from a single week of airing episodes - is that there’s a lot left to happen before we can begin to connect the dots. There’s a lot before the “official” story begins (sort of like how NMTD really only began with the second “Football Antics” video, and continued to build its storytelling base in subsequent episodes before diving into plot). People to meet, avenues to explore, spaces to fill…

I’m excited.