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The Actor and The Pacifist III (Finale)

Inspired by user FlamingFoxNinja’s prompt of what would happen if Humans were the only ones capable of acting, lying, and or hiding emotions. To those in my DMs and comments, thank you for being involved! Enjoy! 
Derrick tapped his foot, waiting with a fast beating heart, rubbing his hands together and grumbling, “Can’t fight them all… Can’t protect everyone, but we can get away easy! But still,” he sighed and rubbed his eyes before leaning on a wall. “Ow!” He jumped as an exposed wire zapped him. “Stupid piece of junk!” He shouted. When the stage was set and the lights met their lead, he became alive and danced like water among the sea of anxiety and fear that plagued all actors and liars. It was the calm before the storm that bothered most, even the best.

“Calm down, I’ve got it,” Emma rolled her eyes and began to fix the problem, funneling the wires back into place and tying their circuits together. “Years of building droids and star ships comes in handy… You should’ve tried to learn some mechanical knowledge.” 

“Yes, yes, and you should’ve learned how to properly dance at a club if you wanted to catch that waitress’s attention,” he sighed and put his hands up, despite her giving no response or sign that his comment bothered her. “No, no … I shouldn’t say that… I’m just nervous is all. Bat’Ga pirates are the reason a lot of my old friends aren’t with us anymore. Their raids on the outer rim took many lives… Lives important to me.” He rolled his shoulders and looked out the sealed airlock as the first boarding party connected. “Here they are… Time to shine.” 

“Hope you know what you’re doing.” Emma nodded proudly at her work of fixing the panel without any trouble. “If this goes South,” she stopped herself. Should she say she had rigged an escape pod to wait for a code she had created a few minutes ago? No, perhaps that would only provide a safety net, a net that always sowed the seeds of doubt. “Well, I’m sure we can be a well talked about kill on their end.”

“You will kill if needed?” He asked. 

She froze and looked down, “No… I will not kill… But I can at least hurt.” Even saying it broke her heart. She did not want to do this if she could avoid it.

Derrick let a small smile come through, though it was still tainted by a haunting call, triggered by the sound of metal tearing into the airlock. The ship rocked back and forth as the boarding parties began to make their way aboard. “Do me a favor,” he said without looking to Emma. “Don’t flinch.” The pirates scrambled in but after the first few had lined up their shots, they paused. The sight of a behemoth and a small human caught them off guard, as they expected at least some level of security from a merchant vessel. “Greetings my friends! I see you must be lost, allow me to inform you that while you’re welcomed to stay for a short visit, you will be asked to leave within the span of ten Terran minutes. 

“Wha?” One of the Bat’Ga’s raised it’s head up in confusion. “Whut’s ‘is now? A little ape like you is gonna tell us ‘at we need ta scram?” The creature snorted as one of it’s alien companions looked on with a distorted laugh. 

“Yes,” Derrick stated without fear in his voice. “You clearly have no idea what you are doing here my simple minded friend.” Derrick took a few steps forward, unwavering as the guns were trained on him. Emma instinctively stood up straight and stomped one leg forward. Despite her aversion to violence, and fear of a fight, she played along for the first time willingly. 

“Oh ‘sa so?” The Bat’Ga marched forward, standing over Derrick at at least 6′0 flat. “’nd whut are yu gonna do to stop us? I’m the Boss’s favorite captain! You should be grateful I’m even looking at you!” The creature snarled and looked as though Derrick had insulted it’s family lineage. However something made him step back ever so slightly. His eyes. Derrick’s eyes were cold, lifeless, and filled with the horrors of war. They were his muse, his magnum opus to obtaining the perfect figure of intimidation. To these pirates there stood a soldier of experience in front of them. To Derrick, his mind flashed a thousand battles and a million more deaths. Allies that pleaded the desire to go home as their final moments were spent clawing the air in his arms. Friends that past without goodbyes. Even enemies that had no choice but to fight a war that swallowed them whole. The stage was his place to tell a story, but one he had not yet discovered how to finish. 

“Get your boss here, child,” Derrick’s voice sent shivers down the spine of lesser creatures. “Or pay the price.” 

“As if, you don’t threaten me! I’m the boss here! The Boss loves me!” He brought up the bayonet on his weapon and charged it down, but Derrick merely side stepped out of the way. It was not that he was only attempting to dodge, but making room. Emma slashed with claws that shot from bracers on her armored wrists, mechanical blades that penetrated and gripped the creatures shoulder, tearing it upwards before she kicked him away into a wall. The Bat’Ga clawed away at it’s arm, howling in pain before very much alive. 

“Let this be a warning!” Derrick shouted, jumping on the opportunity. “Your boss steps in to have a little chat, or you all have your throats torn out by Sa’tara… The Butcher of the Bol’gaia systems!” The pirates looked confused. They had never heard of this name, but they weren’t about to argue with someone whose companion had so easily disarmed their leader. 

“Y-Yeah, I’ll get em!” a small amphibious alien like creature stammered before heading towards the farthest boarding pod that was just now disembarking. 

‘All according to plan … All according to plan,’ Derrick thought to himself as he he cleared his throat. The Largest Bat’Ga he had seen in quite some time stepped forward, towering at at least 7 and a half feet, dragging the pirate that had fetched him by the neck. ‘Oh … This will be fun,’ Derrick took a quick breathe as he saw this albino Bat’Ga had already killed the pirate that had fetched him. 

“So what in every damned galaxy is this I hear? Someone calls to ME,” The Bat’Ga slammed the pirate corpse on the ground and howled in anger, scaring even some of his own men. “WHO DARES TO FETCH ME? VENZA AL’VIKERA!” He bellowed his name. “I slaughter fleets, I burn colonies, I raid Citadel space! I AM NOT SOME SLAVE TO BE FETCHED!” 

“Do you slaughter planets?” Derrick questioned, looking unimpressed. 

“What did you say? Human?” Venza stomped forward and glared down at Derrick. “You dare try to declare such glory in my presence? A runt like you?” he spat at Derrick’s feet. 

“No my friend, not me, but my master here,” he gestured towards Emma with an outstretched hand, daring not to look at her and keeping his eyes on Venza. Emma raised her brow beneath her helmet in confusion. His master? Yet he continued and she remained a statue of imposing terror. “My Master here is Sa’tara … The infamous butcher of the Bol’gaia systems!” He proudly proclaimed. 

“Never heard of him,” Venza spat. 

“Her, and that is because no one but a few ever leave to tell the tale of the Demonic force that scours the outer rim, hunting for military worlds to burn and slaughter!” He began to pace around Venza to the crew, leaving the beast to stare at someone his own size, but also leaving Emma quite uncomfortable. She could stare this beast down, but knowing the Bat’Ga she feared she may have to kill again. 

“Tell me my friends,” Derrick continued as he examined the pirate crew. “How many of you have ever heard of the planet Rygo? Balthazar? Mar’cuse Fenix prime? Cubone? Ricky’Morty IV, or even Je-Di-Sky?” He pulled names out of his ass. But it was somehow working, to some degree. 

The pirates were bewildered, looking at him with confusion and then whispering among themselves. “Uh… Never?” One of the Bat’Ga finally shrugged. 

“So if we’ve never ‘eard of em … How’s we know they’s real?” Another Bat’Ga scratched his chin and looked hopelessly lost. 

“Perhaps a better planet then … Anyone know of the planet Zeras?” Now this name caused a few to perk up in surprise. “I see a few lights … You!” He pointed a finger to one of the other aliens in the back. 

Sker’ja kwo?” The creature pointed to itself. 

“Yes you, squid, you have heard of this planet?” The creature looked around nervously then nodded. “Twas a flourishing garden world, packed to the brim with a strong military. Yet it was burned to the ground by some unknown force… Would anyone like to take a guess as to who that force was?” The squid like creature looked around with greater haste as his crew mates looked at him. 

“Well? Go on Skuel! Tell us! Was it this human’s master?” One of the pirates shoved the squid like creature. Some of the crew joined in, harassing the creature to speak. 

The creature looked terrified, and pointed nervously at Emma. “So Squids and Octopus really are that smart,” Derrick chuckled. “Yes, twas my master, Sa’tara!” He gestured towards her as she stood up straighter. “She who has burned a thousand worlds and will burn a thousand more. Not for fame nor infamy, but to satisfy the Demon’s she holds, to satisfy her need to kill!” He proclaimed this with pride. “When she took me as a servant, she made me watch as my world was burned and all I loved was destroyed… But spared me solely so I might tell the galaxy of her tale.” Some of the pirates looked scared now. 

“Boss, I don’t wanna raid someone who burns planets.” One of the pirates said. 

“SILENCE WORMS!” Venza barked at his subordinate. 

“Hold your tongue,” Emma stated. “They have ever right to fear. This crew here are my slaves.” She growled. “You will not harm them. Not as long as they are my property.” 

“YES!” Derrick clapped, “My master is wise indeed! Who here dares to attack her stock!” 

“Boss!” One of the pirates shouted. 

“What now?!” Venza barked in angry. 

“I’ve heard of her… I’ve heard of her,” one of the pirates shook and swallowed. “My friend, was there on one of those worlds, and said he saw a figure clad in full power armor, said they slaughtered an entire world, then went into a rage because there wasn’t enough they said! Not enough!” The pirate backed up and looked around in a panic, “I ain’t staying around! I’m not dying to that if it’s who they say it is!” The pirate fled, running back to one of the boarding ships. 

“Yes! Flee you fools! Flee at the might of my master!” Derrick stated with a hearty laugh. Some of the other pirates began to flee, seeing their comrades run, they to turned to escape. Save for four Bat’Ga including Venza. 

“I don’t believe you,” He stated as he turned and stomped towards Emma. “I don’t believe a single word of it!” 

“You don’t have to,” Derrick whispered. 

“So it is a li-” Silence. Venza struggled to breathe, and felt a warm sensation run down his neck. 

“Perhaps,” Derrick drew his pistol and fired four shots, fanning the hammer on his crude blaster pistol he had stowed under his shirt. A bullet for ever pirate skull that stayed behind, and a knife in the back of Venza’s throat. “But who can live to tell the tale?” He muttered darkly. 

“You … You … Murder… Without honor,” Venza croaked before falling to his knees and glaring up at Derrick. 

“Honor… Is a dying concept,” Derrick pointed his gun at Venza’s head. “A concept that damned my wife… And now you,” he pulled the trigger. 

Emma was saddened, but knew it was necessary. “We should inform the Captain,” she stated as the boarding ships began to disembark and flee. “They… Will be happy to know we have handled the problem.” She dared not look at Venza. The violence … It made her sick, even despite knowing it was needed to survive this encounter. 

“Yes… You do the honors, I,” Derrick stared down at the creature before him, “I must … Take a moment.” He was saddened… War infected soldiers, and thus never left them alone even after years had passed. Despite all of Derrick’s lies, it was still true for him, as much as it was true for Emma and her distaste for the hunger for violence she craved. 

“I will, take your time,” Emma nodded before hesitating. “You did what you had to,” she told him. He had no words for once, only a small smile. With that she left him to his own devices. 

HEY YOU! Yeah you! Got any prompts you want me to send this dynamic duo on? Or with new characters? Comment them below or our to bigger space blogs. I always watch them and credit your prompts if I see one I like. Hope you enjoyed this! Expect more from Emma and Derrick, With future stories alternating between who is the lead character in what issues they face. Thank you, and have a great night! 


Drabble Request: You know, #120 could be interesting with either Cas or Balthazar… I have a feeling their ideas of pampering _might_ be a bit different…

120: “He’s pampering me, let him be.”

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Warnings: Injuries

Word Count: 480

Everything tag (I need to update this, sorry): @annoyingobsesivechick @fruitiplierq @jack-of-all-arts @peteachu666 @overcastmisfitkid @thewhiterabbit42

Originally posted by lucifersagents

“My back is so sore,” you groaned as you pitifully plopped down on the motel bed face first. You heard Sam, Dean, and Balthazar enter the motel room, murmuring about the case you had just finished up. You had been thrown against a brick wall, hence your sore back.

“Aw, poor doll,” Balthazar cooed, a small amused smile appearing on his face as he took in your state.

“Shut up,” you muttered into the sheets, voice muffled.

“Perhaps I can help soothe those aching muscles?” Balthazar’s tone bordered on suggestive as he moved closer to you, prompting Sam and Dean to roll their eyes as they settled.

“If you lay a hand on me, I’ll break it,” you warned Balthazar, lifting your head enough to send him a glare. You knew how devious the angel could be.

Balthazar lifted his hands in an innocent manner, but the smirk on his face said otherwise. “I won’t lay a hand on you.”

You let your head fall back against the mattress, body aching even worse. You squeezed your eyes shut, riding out the pain, knowing you would just have to suffer through. Suddenly, you felt … something … some sort of sensation drift down your spine, light and soft. You almost didn’t feel it at first, but it started to grow stronger, seeming to swallow the throbbing ache that pained you. You turned your head to look at Balthazar, figuring that he was the one up to something.

“You didn’t say I couldn’t help. You just said I couldn’t lay a hand on you,” Balthazar pointed out, obviously pleased he had found a way around your words.

“Alright, time for you to go,” Dean grumbled at Balthazar, noticing something was up.

Before anyone could make a move or reply, you waved your hand dismissively. “He’s pampering me, let him be,” you told Dean, Balthazar’s grace continuing to soothe the ache, starting from the top of your back and working its way down. You had never heard of an angelic massage, but you were loving it.

Balthazar shot Dean a snarky look as he sat on the edge of your bed. “You can be next if you want, Dean,” he taunted, completely amused at the situation.

Dean rolled his eyes and turned his back, grumbling beneath his breath about needing an angel blade right about now.

You nearly fell asleep, the soothing sensations plus your exhaustion from the hunt lulling you toward sleep. However, you felt Balthazar’s grace start to get a little too low. “Hey, hey, you best work your way back up.”

“You don’t want a full body massage, darling?”

Thanks to some of his healing, you easily moved to shove him off the edge of the bed, laughter bubbling from you as he hit the floor with an offended sound. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t lay a hand on you.”


Taimi is the probably only one who knows the existence of Violette (Violet introduced her to Taimi), and I like to think that they both like each other and are friends. And somewhat at some point, Taimi created a Gatling for Violette.

I hope that, someday, Anet will create this weapon in game, so Violette will finally have the Gatling she deserves.

Also, Balthazar is fucked.

A Little Too Late Part 5

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 5

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Little bit of angst and fluff

A/N: Here is our first TREAT of the day! I hope you don’t mind a trick or two today.  I haven’t decided how many tricks I have up my sleeve ;) I hope you all enjoy this next part <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Happy Halloween babes <3

Series Masterlist

As you joined the Winchesters in the library, Balthazar and Castiel walked in behind you and Gabriel.  You smiled at the both of them, and then at Sam and Dean.  Since a young age, you didn’t have a home.  Not a real one anyway.  Lately this started to feel like home; it had to be one of the best feelings you ever had.  You tilted your head at the jewelry on the table.  “Are these my rings and bracelets,” you asked, pointing at the still bloody jewelry.

“Yeah,” Dean nodded.  “Sorry we didn’t clean them off.”

“Actually no, that’s fine,” you smiled softly.  “I’ll clean them.”  You preferred it if others didn’t clean your jewelry.  Some required special attention due to the markings etched into some of them.  One of the rings had a sigil etched onto the band.  You gathered the jewelry in your hands, putting it in the pockets of your sweater.

“Why are we all here?  I could be sipping wine in the comforts of heaven,” Balthazar shifted his weight to one foot.

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Not again!

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader mark p x reader

Imagine: Sam, dean and reader go French mistake ( reader first time) and in our world reader is married to mark P (lucifer) and he loves to hold her and kiss her and do it in front of Sam and dean, reader let him do it because she likes to annoy Sam and dean. And the brother doesn’t like it and are always trying to get her away from mark until they find a way back to their world. - @evyiione

A/N: this was really a challenge for me I say personally but I like the idea. I never thought I was going to wright mark p x reader but I did it. I hope you guys like it.

The world where you live like an actress in a TV show. You heard about it from you brothers but go there no way. You heard that Balthazar once sent them there. Dean was called there Jensen ackles and Sam was named Jared padelecki. Even castiel was there but as a huge dick, that had dean told you. You heard stories and that makes you curious how it is there. Without monster and demons to be an actress or something. You needed to go there once.

Its cleaning time and Sam and dean where looking through some old documents and files. Everywhere where lying files. Dean saw an old document about sigils.

“hey Sammy, is this not the signal that Balthazar used when we did go to that different universe?”  dean asked when he showed the file.

“yeah this is the one.” You looked confuse to your brothers.

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War of Hearts; Chapter 1

Summary: What Dean and Lisa had, wasn’t real. The only one who doesn’t know that is Lisa. The only solution to that problem? Start “dating” your best friend Castiel. Can they make it through this without possibly ruining their entire friendship? Or will they defy everything and make this work?

“Is there a reason you just dragged me into the boy’s locker room?” Castiel asked, glancing down at his wrist; the one Dean was still holding onto.

“I need your help.”

There wasn’t much Castiel wouldn’t do for Dean. Including this, even though it was the worst idea Cas had ever heard.

“You want me to date you?!”  

“No, I want you to fake date me,” Dean explained patiently while the other boys, who were on the football team with Dean, were staring at Cas, waiting for his reaction. After Dean and he became friends, Cas had spent a lot of time with the others on the team. Fairly quickly they became his friend too. Though, Dean was still his best friend.“I have to get rid of her some time, Cas, and I can’t do it without you.”

“You can literally get anyone at this school if you asked nicely,” Castiel said, his eyebrows raised skeptically. “Why in the world did you pick me?”

“Because you are my best friend,” Dean said, placing a hand on Cas’ shoulder. Cas tried to ignore the heat seeping through his jumper and crossed his arms instead.

“And?” Cas asked. “You are not telling me the full truth Dean Winchester.”

“She always was kind of jealous of our friendship. She thought we were too friendly, almost as if I was in a relationship with you instead of her.” Dean looked down at his hands, almost as if he was shy.

Now, Cas got where she was coming from. Dean and he didn’t have a normal friendship. They were close, on the edge of a relationship yet not quite there. If it wasn’t for their friendship, they would have probably started dating ages ago. They just couldn’t risk it, so they didn’t.

“Fine, I’ll do it,” Castiel said, rolling his eyes when Dean started cheering. “But only for two months tops, I get to break up with you and I’ll get to pick the reason why.”

“Promise it won’t be anything that’ll ruin my reputation and you’ve got yourself a deal.”


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couple thoughts on druthazar: i was thinking they’d probably be able to bond over feeling like they don’t have much else going for them in their lives?? like, balth was a child actor and was super big but it was very short lived, and obviously when the show was cancelled he felt like he didn’t have anything else so he clung onto that whole persona he had and it shaped him into the villain he turned out to be, and i feel like dru, because his dad probably imposed this whole villainy thing on him literally ever since he was a child, he’s probably never known anything else and feels he doesn’t have anything else going for him either, so like. i feel like they could definitely bond over that mutual feeling of villainy being the only thing they have

also? they could def bond over evil bratt like. honestly balthazar would be so happy to have someone to talk about the show with and dru was obviously a big enough fan of it to know how all the episodes played out and to own his own merchandise of it at one point. like dru could give him some validation ?? which i think is what he needs?


Whenever someone says, but where are the strong females, I roll my eyes. Hannah, Charlie, DARK Charlie, Abaddon, Rowena, Eve, Lilith blond Ruby, Gen Ruby, blond Meg, Meg 2.0, Ellen, Cassidy, Ava, Jo, Lisa, Sarah, Missouri, Donna, Dorothy, Anna, Naomi, Gwen, Hester, Bela, Pamela, Tessa, Mary freaking Winchester, Linda Tranthankyouverymuch, JODY EFFING MILLS! 

“But they’re all flawed! Some were even evil things!” Um, yeah! So is every other freaking character!

“But they had sex!” That’s right. Because sometimes strong females like to have sex. Sometimes they like to have a lot of sex. Sometimes they aren’t ashamed of their bodies. If you see the characters as just serving as a love interest, the problem just might be you, not the storyline. That lovely flight attendant in Phantom Traveler who couldn’t be possessed because her will was too strong and she wasn’t afraid? Nobody slept with her. She had just dumped her boyfriend, as a matter of fact.

“But they died!” Show me a character who hasn’t been killed. Also? JODY EFFING MILLS. Just saying. She’s a badass mother figure, and is still kicking ass and taking heads.

“But they stayed dead!” First of all? Charlie. Even Mary, who burned on the freaking ceiling in the very first scene of the pilot, was in 13 episodes, and appeared in every season except 3, 7, 9 and (so far) 10. Six out of ten seasons. Ellen and Jo each came back, one as an AU version, and one as a ghost. Meg’s vessel even came back as a Witness.

“But they aren’t series regulars!” Oh come on. It took Mark Sheppard like four seasons to become a regular. It’s a technical term. It doesn’t mean they’re going to be in every episode.

“But they’re pretty!” Uh huh. So are the guys. “My god, you have delicate features for a hunter.”

“But they’re too girly!” Really? Are we going to do that? First of all, stop trying to force folks into or out of gender roles that society assigns. If you think a feminine person can’t be a badass, you are the problem. If you think someone who is badass can’t be feminine…you get my point, right?

“But they’re too weak! They show emotion!” Again, really? Count how many times you’ve seen a woman on Supernatural cry. I dare you. Put that number up against just ONE of the Winchester boys. There. Feel better?

“But they’re too cold!” No. You do not get to do that. These are well-developed, beautifully portrayed multi-layered characters. Some of them are bitches. Some of them are tough. None of that negates their strength or their importance. 

“But some of them are only in a few episodes!” Yup. Your point? Guest stars are expensive. You know how many Balthazar was in? (Hint: Not very many.) The only GUYS who are in every episode are the stars. And we like them. So shut up. 

“But some of them were only in ONE episode.” It’s Supernatural. They roadtrip in a freaking Impala. They can’t carry everyone around with them everywhere they go. Only being in one episode doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome characters. How many episodes was Jared in before you loved him? Or Jensen? Or Misha or Mark? 

Every time we bitch about the lack of strong female characters, we negate the hard, awesome work of those we’ve enjoyed for ten whole years. 

Mary Winchester.

Linda Tran.

Jody effing Mills.

“There is no GOD!” 
“Maybe. Or maybe not. But there’s still ME.”

That’s all I have to say. (I promise.)

A Little Too Late Part 28

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 28

Characters: Gabriel, Castiel, Lucifer, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, God!Chuck

Word Count: 1,101

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Things aren’t ending here my friends! I hope you enjoy this next part!! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much! <3

The Masterlist for this series can be found HERE!

“You Winchesters sure know how to die,” Chuck shook his head with a small chuckle.  “Before you ask Sam and Dean, yes she is a Winchester.  Her real dad was John Winchester.  Her mother was just some girl he slept with,” God rambled.  “Anyway, this wasn’t supposed to happen.  Which seems to be a common occurrence with you Winchesters.”

“So you’ll bring her back,” Sam asked.

“I will, but I hope [Y/N] doesn’t make a habit out of it like you two do,” Chuck raised his eyebrows.  He caught his son Lucifer’s glare.  “It’s nice to see you have respected the rules.  All of you have, and I thank you for that.”  Chuck padded up to Gabriel who held your body in his arms.  “Now things will return back to normal.  She’ll no longer have those pains in her chest.  She’ll be able to heal someone without practically dying.  [Y/N] can only heal to a certain extent, so keep that in mind Sam and Dean.”

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Don’t Touch My Girl

Characters: Balthazar x Reader
Words:  1032
Author’s Note: This is an idea I had and wanted to write, so I’m throwing it in the mix. There will be a few more of my own ideas coming up.
Summary: The reader is being tortured for information about the Winchester’s. Her boyfriend just happens to be Balthazar…and he’s not too happy. People have to learn that you DO NOT touch Balthazar’s girl.

Originally posted by grand-x

          You could feel the ropes cutting into the flesh on your wrists and ankles as the demons tied you way too tightly to the chair. You tried not to let the pain show, but you knew they got off on that kind of thing.

           “Where are the Winchester’s?” the demon demanded.

           “How am I supposed to know?” you asked, “I haven’t seen them in weeks.” You were being honest, but you knew they would never believe you.

           The demon backhanded you hard, “I’m sure they’ve been in contact with you. Where are they?”

           “I haven’t talked to them in weeks. I don’t know where they are,” you said, spitting blood from the impact of the hit.

           “Yeah, right,” the demon smirked, grabbing a knife, “I have ways of making you talk,” he said, plunging the knife into your thigh without warning, making you scream out in pain, “We can play that way.”

           “Balthazar,” you whispered the name.

           “What was that, Sweetheart?” the demon asked.

           You smirked, “Balthazar.”

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Coming Home

Destiel Teenager Christmas AU. Warnings: Anti John Winchester, Child Abuse (mentioned)

It’s a miracle they have kept up their correspondence, but it is one Dean is thankful for. It’s kept him sane.

Through all of Dad’s drinking, the moving, the different schools, through Sam’s hungry cries, he’s always had the letters to cling to.

Every time they moved unexpectedly, he sent another, explaining it to Cas so he could reach out to him at the right address again.

Cas and his family never moved away. They’re still in Lawrence.

They’re still here, on this 22nd of December, when two boys stumble tiredly along the road.

Dean used to think he could take it all, but that horrible night a week ago was the last straw.

Dad hit Sam.

Dean has grown long accustomed to the punches. But Dad has never – did never hurt Sam. Until that night.

And he just knew he had to get him out of there. And the only place to go –

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Heavenly Brotherhood

From this request: Could you do a fix where the Angels of show all like the reader? Mabey they get jelly when they see the other ones hanging out with her trying to woooo her?


“All right, brothers, thank you all for meeting with me.”

“Gabriel, please just get on with… whatever it is you wanted to talk about. I have things to do,” Lucifer said, examining his fingernails.

“And do you have anything to eat that isn’t laden with sugar?” Balthazar asked, picking through a large candy bowl. “My teeth hurt just looking at this stuff.”

“Just try it, Balthy,” Gabriel said. “It’s delicious.”

“Gabriel, why have you called us together?” Castiel asked.

“I just wanted to let you all know that I have finally found a wife.”

The three other angels stared at Gabriel; Castiel looked slightly confused while Balthazar and Lucifer simply stared in disbelief.

“A wife?” Balthazar asked.

“Please,” Lucifer scoffed. “Who would ever want to settle down with you? I can barely stomach spending an hour with you.”

“Perhaps she’s fake,” Balthazar said, elbowing Lucifer.

“Ah, yes. The ol’ inflatable wife.”

“I do not think a marriage is legitimate between a man and a woman made of plastic,” Castiel said.

Gabriel sneered at his brothers. “I’ll have you know that she’s one hundred percent real.”

“Of course, she is,” Lucifer said.

“Are you saying that Y/N isn’t real?”

This caught the angels’ attention.

“Y/N?” Lucifer asked. “As in… Y/N?”

“That is what I said,” Gabriel said.

“How on earth did you get her to agree to marry you?” Balthazar asked.

“Well, we haven’t really discussed that aspect yet…” Gabriel admitted.

“I was unaware you were in a relationship,” Cas said.

Gabriel chuckled slightly. “Yeah, well… we aren’t exactly in one yet…”

“Oh, my God,” Lucifer said. “This is ridiculous.”

“Okay, hey, maybe I lied a little,” Gabriel said. “But she’s going to be my wife. As soon as I convince her to.”

“She’s not going to marry you, Gabriel.”

“Jeez, have a little faith, brother.”

Lucifer rolled his eyes. “She’s not going to marry you, Gabriel, because she’s going to marry me.”

“Fat chance you two have,” Balthazar said. “I’m obviously the best choice. Perfect for Y/N.”

“I do not believe she wants to be with any of you,” Castiel said.

Gabriel studied his brothers. “All right,” he said with a sigh. “Looks like we’ve got ourselves a little conundrum here. What are we gonna do about it?”

“Y/N should have some input,” Castiel pointed out. “After all… it will be her life that will be affected.”

“True,” Gabriel said. “Fine. We’ll all go on one date with Y/N. After that, we’ll let her decide which of us she’d rather continue dating.” Gabriel paused. “Can we all be grown-ups about this?”

The others nodded. It was a reasonable idea (as reasonable as one could be in such a situation).

“Great!” Gabriel said, clapping his hands together. “I’ll go first.”

“Why?” Lucifer asked.

“Later, boys!” Gabriel said, disappearing.


“Hello, Y/N!” Gabriel said, appearing in front of you. “Whaddya say you and I go to dinner?”


“Come on!” Gabriel snapped his fingers and the two of you were suddenly in a fancy restaurant.

“Gabriel, what’s going on?”

“I just… wanted to take you on a romantic evening,” Gabriel said. “I really like you, Y/N and… well, I figured…”

“There you are,” Balthazar said.

You and Gabriel looked up, finding your table surrounded by Balthazar, Lucifer, and Castiel.

“Guys,” Gabriel said. “I thought we agreed–”

“You poofed away before we could agree on who would go on a date with Y/N first,” Lucifer said.

“Um, what’s going on?”

The brothers turned, looking at you.

“Y/N, darling, I do apologize for my brother’s behavior,” Balthazar said. “He can be quite unpredictable.”

“Did… did you say that you were all going to go on a date with me?”

“Obviously not at the same time,” Gabriel said. “They aren’t supposed to be here right now.”

You stood up, pushing your chair back. “This… this is very strange. I… I can’t do this right now.”

The brothers watched as you disappeared, poofing away, leaving them all standing there looking and feeling foolish.

“Great,” Gabriel said. “You guys scared her off.”

The other angels looked at each other, a sheepish blush on their cheeks.

“Well,” Lucifer said, plopping down in your abandoned chair. “Might as well take advantage of this situation.” He picked up a menu and began to scan it.

Balthazar and Castiel pulled up their own chairs and sat with their brothers.

“You guys are all dicks, you know that?” Gabriel asked.

“Takes one to know one,” Balthazar pointed out.

Lucifer chuckled. “He’s got you there, little brother.”

Gabriel sneered.

“Perhaps this is for the best,” Castiel said. “If we’d gone through with this and Y/N did choose one of us… surely that would have damaged our relationship with each other.”

The other angels nodded—he did have a good point.

And so the brothers spent the evening together, enjoying a meal together. At the end of the evening, the brothers agreed to leave you alone—you weren’t worth it (and Castiel pointed out that he thought you were in a relationship with Chuck, which proved to be quite the gossip).

A Little Too Late Part 11

Title: A Little Too Late Part 11

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Balthazar, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Word Count: 1,374

Warnings: angst?

A/N: Here we are with Part 11!! I hope you all enjoy this part! It’s just getting good <3 You can always request fics with other characters! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated <3 <3

Series Masterlist

You threw your bag over your shoulder, quietly walking past Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You knew Sam would be asleep, but Dean would still be awake.  As you sneaked past their rooms you left a note on the kitchen table explaining everything.  Just in case something happened to you, you knew they would be able to find you.

Tears unexpectedly filled your eyes.  You almost wanted to say goodbye, but you planned on coming back.  It was the unknown that scared you.  It was the fact that you knew they weren’t your parents.  It was the fact that you knew what they ultimately wanted from you.  You sighed, wiping the tears from your eyes.  You trudged up the stairs, closing the door of the bunker behind you.  The bus stop was your next stop; home was your destination.

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Anonymous asked: I would looove something high school where Anna is Cas’s sister and she wants to go to the school dance with Dean but doesn’t have the guts to ask Dean, so she asks Cas if maybe he can do it for her and be the messenger, but Cas has feelings for Dean too.

Author’s note: I’m not sure if you wanted angst, or drama… But it got really fluffy. *hides* 

Castiel may or may not have been drooling over the sight of Dean Winchester. No, scratch that. Castiel Novak did not drool, thank you very much… His thoughts however, were all over the place as he shamelessly stared at where Dean was standing by one of the lockers, surrounded by his group of friends. Dean’s perfect teeth showed when he threw back his head and laughed wholeheartedly at something that the blonde girl standing next to him had said. Dean’s laugh was the most precious thing in the world; his face glowing and his green eyes lighting up. Those eyes… Even though Castiel was watching him from the other end of the hallway, that endless maze of green took his breath away.

Alright, so perhaps Castiel was drooling a little. Not that he would ever admit it, not even to himself.

In other news, he couldn’t afford to get distracted right now. He had a mission, and as much as that mission made his stomach tighten painfully, he had promised his sister Anna that he’d do it.

An exasperated sigh sounded from beside Castiel, and a hand was lightly placed on his shoulder.

“I don’t mean to interrupt your ogling, Cassie… But are you honestly planning on being the messenger for your sister even though you’re clearly head over heels in love with the guy yourself?” A disapproving voice, laced with a heavy British accent, asked the question that Castiel himself had been struggling with all morning. “Because if you ask me, that sounds utterly ridiculous.”

Castiel’s best friend Balthazar was never one to beat around the bush, obviously. Whenever there was a room with an elephant in it that needed to be addressed, you could count on Balthazar to be the one to address it. And so, when Castiel had told him what he was about to do, Balthazar had made it no secret that he thought that it was a stupid idea.

“It is not ridiculous!” Castiel argued, rolling his eyes at his friend. “Anna likes him and wants to go to the Spring dance with him but she’s afraid to ask, and I’m helping her out because she’s my sister and I care about her.” He explained patiently.

“And that would make all the sense in the world, if you weren’t attracted to him as well.” Balthazar countered without missing a beat. “You have every right to pursue him yourself, you’ve been pining over the guy for months, and quite frankly, it’s about time for you to do something about it.”

Castiel snorted humorlessly at that comment. If only things were that simple…

“For your information, as far as I know, Dean Winchester is as straight as they come.” Castiel said with a wistful glance at the beautiful boy with the freckled face. “There’s no point whatsoever in me going after him, so I might as well help out my sister.”

Balthazar was about to protest again, but they were both distracted when Castiel’s phone beeped in his pocket. He fished it out and checked his messages.

‘Did you ask him yet? Did he say yes? I’m dying here, let me know when you talk to him! Anna’

There was a skeptical click of the tongue from Balthazar who’d been reading along over Castiel’s shoulder.

“Good luck with that one, Cassie. When you start regretting this, I’ll be waiting for you with an ‘I told you so’ like the great friend that I am.”

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Hungry Hunters (Team Free WillxReaderxGabriel)

After a good five hours of being cramped in the Impala, Dean decided to pull over to one of the many rest stops that lined the highway. This spot was simple, just a little picnic table surrounded by trees. As soon as the car stopped you and Sam hopped out, both eager to stretch your legs.

“Are we almost there at least?” you asked as you paced back and forth.

“Still have about 3 more hours,” Dean answered from inside the car as he searched for a radio station he liked.

“Ugh,” you and Sam groaned in unison.

“It won’t be that bad,” he said as he emerged from the car.

“Hey you wanna grab something to eat in the next town over? I don’t know about you two but I’m starving,” Sam said as he looked between you and Dean.

“Sounds like a plan Sammy,” you said as you pulled Dean in front of you to block the setting sun’s rays from shining in your eyes. Sam nodded and went in the car in search of his wallet. It should have been in his jacket but it was missing. After searching all throughout the car, he gave up.

“Guys, I can’t find my wallet,” he said, interrupting yours and Dean’s Thumb War game.

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Save Me: A Supernatural Fanfiction

Y/N is a Nephilim who has been tortured for hundreds of years. Finally, she is given a mission that could lead to her freedom. Help the Winchester brothers.

I sat in my cell, relishing in the fact it had been at least two days since my last torture session. It was a relief to have a break, even a small one. I reached behind me to run my hand over the raised skin of my scars and sighed. I have been locked in heaven’s prison for over 150 years, but being a Nephilim I have become used to it. I’m regarded as an abomination at best, a punching bag at worst. Angels over almost every garrison throughout the universe would love to carve into me a little bit. I sigh heavily again and slowly get to my feet. I need to stretch.

“How are you today Y/N?” My next door neighbor, Gadreel asks. I smile. He is so misunderstood, it is said that it was his fault Adam and Eve damned humanity. I don’t believe that, he’s done nothing but treat me well since I arrived here. He reminds me to stay strong every day.

“Sore Gadreel, but well, you?” I ask and I hear him sigh.

“Very much the same dear, but that is to be expected” He says. My cell opens and I automatically flinch backwards. Three angels walk inside, shit eating grins and sneers on their faces. “Be strong Y/N, I’m right here” Gadreel says. I will be eternally grateful for this angel. He is my savior, the only true person I can trust. He may be an angel, but he is more human than any other person or angel I have ever met. One of the angels I recognize as Uriel glares at me in disgust before coming up behind me and bringing an angel blade across my back. My screams echo around the block and when he is done with the first few cuts I am nothing but a whimpering mess. The days he uses regular weapons are the easiest, but when he uses the only one that can truly kill me, well, saying I’m in pain is an understatement. He cuts into me again, his face contorted in what can only be self satisfaction. I can hear Gadreel shouting soothing words to me, but I can’t focus on him, not anymore. It is several hours later when he finally leaves me, a bloody scarred mess on the floor, gasping for air that won’t come into my lungs.

“I am here Y/N, it is okay now, you are okay” He says and I reach through the small opening between our cells to grab his hand with my bloodstained one. He grasps it tightly and continues to give me comfort. This man is truly the best thing to ever happen to me, he is the one constant I have in my life. I am just regaining breath when another angel approaches my cell. Zachariah.

“To what do I owe the pleasure Zachariah?” I ask and he smirks at me. He opens my cell and drags my half naked body from my pool of blood on the floor.

“You unhand her now Zachariah!” Gadreel yells but Zach just laughs.

“I do not wish to further damage your little abomination Gadreel, it would ruin my carpet” He say as he pulls me down the hallways. I have not left my cell in more than 150 years. The last time was when I was thrown in here. It has changed, that much is true. I pass the imprisoned and want nothing more than to help them, even though I see a few faces I once saw at the hilt of the blade slicing into me. I am roughly shoved into a white room, ornately decorated with art pieces and statues. It is beautiful. Other angels are there, ones I don’t remember seeing before. One has dark hair, almost black with bright blue eyes and wears a tan trench coat over a suit. The one next to him is a little taller with eyes that remind me of sunshine through a glass of whiskey. His hair is a mix between light and dark brown and has a snarky face. I can tell this one is a narcissist.  The last is blond with blue eyes and a fine amount of facial hair. They give me sympathetic looks which surprises me.

“Y/N, I want you to meet some new friends” Zach says, pointing to the one in the trench coat.

“This is Castiel” He says, then points to the one with brown hair. “This is Gabriel” Finally the blond “And this is Balthazar” he finishes and I nod.

“It is nice to meet you sirs” I say, not looking them in the eye. I would be beat for that later, I know for sure.

“You do not need to call us sir, you are free to call us by our names” Gabriel says as he hands me an oversized t shirt for me to slip on. I hesitate to take it at first, but I eventually approach ever so slightly to remove it from his outstretched hand. I pull it on over my head and look down. It covers me down to my knees.

“Thank you” I say sheepishly and he nods. Then Zachariah grabs my wrist with force and wrenches me over to the large table in the center of the room. “Miss Y/N, I have a proposition for you” Zach says and I stop myself from glaring at him.

“And what exactly makes you think I would want to work for you?” I ask sarcastically and I can hear Gabriel and Balthazar snickering behind me. Zachariah however is not amused and stands up to backhand me across the face. The snickering behind me stops and is replaced by the feeling of protectiveness. I don’t understand it, or many other emotions for that matter.

“Now you listen here you little abomination, if you want to walk out of the hell you go through every day, you will listen to me this instant….your freedom for my orders” Zachariah snaps and I stop short. Did he just say I could get out of here? He smirks as if he knows what I am thinking. “Now, I have a job for you, well, the three angels behind you do” Zach explains and I nod. I turn to face the three angels in front of me, my face down. I can feel a mad bruise forming on my cheek and I try to hide it.

“We have a few people that could use your help Y/N” Balthazar explains and I furrow my brows.

“No disrespect intended sir, but how could I possibly help? I have been locked here for many years, I am useless in the field of fight” I say. It is a shame I am so rusty, I never used to be. Me and my family used to be hunters, that was until I turned 21 and the angels found me. I watched them smite my mother and they took me here. I have been here since. Needless to say, I do not feel much respect towards angels. I literally have scars covering every inch of my body except my face. They like to keep that nice and pretty, sickos.

“You know what you need to, are you interested? You could leave here Y/N” Gabriel says and I gulp.

“Can I have a little while to think about it Zachariah?” I ask and he nods, his face smug.

“You have one hour, Castiel, take her back to her cell” He demands and Castiel gently latches onto my upper arm, leading me away. He is silent, obviously in thought. As we approach I feel the imprisoned giving me questioning looks. I just keep walking and ignore them. As I see my cell, I see Castiel stiffen slightly at the pool of blood on my floor. He doesn’t say anything though as he opens the door and allows me to walk inside instead of pushing me.

“Allow me to give you some advice Y/N” Castiel says and I turn to look at him. I nod and he continues.

“You should except his proposal” He says and walks away. I hear a rustle from the cell next door and I rush over. Gadreel, how could I leave him?

“What did they want Y/N? They didn’t hurt you did they?” He asks and I shake my head before I realize he can’t see it.

“No, Zachariah introduced me to some other angels and offered me a mission on earth……he said I will earn my freedom if I go” I say

“You must do it Y/N” Gadreel says desperately and I shake my head with thin lines of tear flowing down my face.

“How could I possibly leave you Gadreel, my only true friend?” I ask and I hear him chuckle.

“I have yet to understand how a celestial creature such as yourself can feel so much compassion and love” He says and I blush. It’s true, the biggest emotions are my love and compassion for others. Gadreel says it makes me special…I don’t know why. “You need to go and save yourself dear, I will be fine” He says and I sniff. He reaches his hand into my cell and I take his.

“Don’t fret dear, when I get out of here you will be the first person I come see” He says and I squeeze his hand. I know he is lying to me, he has been locked up here since literally the beginning of time, and he is not going to be released any time soon.

“You promise?” I ask anyway.

“I promise, now go, get your freedom… deserve it” He says and I kiss his hand.

“Thank you for everything Gadreel, I will never forget what you have done for me…….I love you my friend” I say and I know he is smiling.

“I love you too my dear Y/N, now go, Castiel has returned for you” He says and I stand up just as Castiel returns to my cell. He does not yank me from the cage, but waits for me to say my final goodbyes.

“Goodbye Gadreel” I say, one last time and kiss his hand before leaving my cell.

“Goodbye Y/N” He says and I look over my shoulder at his smiling face as I walk away with Castiel. I know he is glad I may finally be able to leave this horrendous place. I give him a weak smile in return and turn back around. I am leaving this place, I will escape. I never thought this day would come.

“Well Y/N, have you decided?” Castiel asks as we walk and I nod.
“Yes sir, I have decided to except the mission” I say and I see a small smile forming on his lips. But it is gone as quickly as it appears. We go back into the white room where Zach smirks at me. I want to hit him. He has been torturing me more than any other angel on the plane. I want him dead, but we don’t always get what we want.

“What have you decided?” Zach asks me and I hold my head up proudly. “I have decided to except the mission sir” I said and he smiled at me, a true genuine smile.

“Very good…..we have found a few hunters down on earth who could use your help. Their names are Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel here just resurrected Dean from hell itself, and we need you to look after them” I nod in understanding. Poor Dean, I can’t imagine how it must have felt being in hell, probably very similar to how I feel here.

“Should I reveal my identity?” I ask, not sure if I should tell them what I am. Zachariah thinks for a moment then looks at the angels behind me.

“Well, she’s you three’s charge, what should she do?” Zach asks and they think for a moment too before answering.

“I think it would be wise” Castiel said, and both Gabriel and Balthazar nod in agreement.

“Yes sir, I’m ready” I said and he nodded. They surround me, I feel their grace rushing over me, calming me. Then, I’m out of heaven, I’m free.

I ended up outside a warehouse, wearing fresh clothes and shoes, thanks to Castiel I’m assuming. I walked inside to see two men fighting a hoard of vampires, and losing. Great. I ran inside and threw my hands out, knocking them out of the way.

“What the…..?” I heard a gruff voice say and I put my arms out.

“Close your eyes!!!” I screamed and saw the men shut their eyes and turn away before I let all my energy explode from my body, the entire room rumbling and a bright white light filling the space. Then it calmed and all the vampires were on the floor, dead. They looked like mere ashes, and it was difficult to see how the small piles of dust could have possibly been such lethal killers only seconds ago. I was drained, my energy gone. Nephilim weren’t supposed to have enough energy to smite large numbers, and if they did, they might pass out and not wake up for a few days. That’s where I was headed.

“Sam and Dean Winchester, nice to meet you” I said, facing them before everything went black and I fell into a heap on the floor.

A Little Too Late Part 19

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 19

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Sam, Dean, Crowley

Word Count: 1,366

Warnings: angst

A/N: I hope you are all still loving this series as much as I am!! Here’s part 19!! Things are going to start getting a little dicey (; Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! <3

Series Masterlist

“Surprised to see me [Y/N],” Crowley mused, taking a step closer to you.  He chuckled when you took another step back from him.  “I’m not here to hurt you.”

You kept a hand against the concrete wall to balance yourself.  You felt weaker since your body healed itself.  “Then why are you here,” you spat at the King of Hell.  No encounter with Crowley ended well.  “You know about my heart, don’t you?”

“Darling, if I wanted your heart, I would have taken it already,” Crowley strolled towards you, standing inches from you.  “I just thought you would like to know there’s been chatter all around about you [Y/N].  Even Lucifer has his eyes on you.”

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After binge-watching NMTD and LLL in about 4 days I feel like doing some meta on Ben’s motivations in LLL. His stated motivation for continuing the rules long after they stop making sense is because he doesn’t want to lose the camera, but clearly that is not his true motivation because a) He could get his own camera from home if he really wanted to and b) He gives up on the vlogging pretty quickly once things are sorted with Bea. However, on closer examination it turns out there’s a lot motivating him after all.

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Screw It

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Title: Screw It

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word count: 850

Warnings: Fluff!

A/N: Hopefully I have my laptop back by this time! This was requested by @emilyymichelle!! I hope you all love this! <3 I love you all so much! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Balthazar entered the library where Sam and Dean were sitting.  His eyes scanned over the room, but you were nowhere in sight.  You were usually waiting for him to come into the bunker on most days.  Why not today?  It was Christmas eve and he was excited to spend it with you.

“Boys, where is [Y/N],” Balthazar asked, getting their attention.

“I don’t know if you wanna be around her right now,” Dean mumbled.  “[Y/N] hates this time of year.  She was talking about it before she stormed off.”

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