there will be nothing to live for

…someone get matthew vaughn on the phone we need to sort this mess out

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Team Tony or Team MM? Lmao!

Oh goodness…lol…neither…

1. MM is MM… sure I don’t know her but I’m not impressed by her character at all and I think that’s a fair assessment to make from things she willingly shows us. I pretty much agree with what many here have already said.

2. Tony…well, we know nothing about him. I laugh when I hear people say he’s nice, mature, whatever….it’s like, how can you tell?

What does he do for a living? Maybe he runs a bar, although he’s not listed anywhere as actually running it. Does he support any charities? Idk. Does he support women’s rights? Idk. What is his view of the world? Idk. Does he have a sense of humor? Idk. Does he like art? Idk.

If Tony is Cait’s bf, my impression of him is that he hides behind his “gf’s” skirts and lets Sam do all the hard work of supporting Cait in all her endeavors while he just shows up to the party…

Am I being judgmental? Absolutely!!

But whether you like it or not, that’s life and we make judgements about people on first impression and from their social media all the time. Just think of a simple job interview, someone is making a call on you not only from your qualifications but also from first impressions, which is why you go to the job interview dressed appropriately and behave politely and cordially.

I don’t dig for info, I don’t invade anyone’s privacy, this is what Sam, Cait, MM and Tony have shown us and how I perceived it.

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livin la vida loca. because living with even is loco. get it 💁

wow …. you ableist …. you’re disgusting, do you know that?

do you know how many mentally ill people there are in this fandom, and how you single handedly just …. dismissed them as “loco”. could you just not be the least bit respectful?

did season 3 teach you nothing? 

people like you are the reason why this fandom gets a bad rep tbh. 

Help needed!! So much help

I need to learn German and pretty fast 😃

Ok, so many of you know that I live in Italy, but because of my job and the new management who took off like half of our paychecks, I’ll move to Germany in about 2 months ❤

While I’m pretty excited about it, because fresh start, new place, and all that…. I don’t speak German at all!!

Could some of my followers teach me some stuff? Like the simple things…. “how are you?” “I don’t speak german” and things like this 😕

Send me asks or message me or comment on this post with useful things 💋

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me, an unbothered emison shipper watching paily shippers being pressed and mad af because of the undeniable fact that emison is endgame™, will get married, have some beautiful ass kids and live happily ever after while paige (aka jennifer mosley with her coconut head lookin ass) gets to choke on her jealousy:

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I feel like nothing

well you ARE something.

You’re a living, breathing human being with a beating heart and working brain. You have potential to do so many things so keep on fighting anon, your live is worth living. 

Every single day is an opportunity to fight and improve so don’t let those opportunities pass.

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As Evie walked out into the living room she spotted her roommate Hakeem by the television. “Nooo! That is idiotic!” he muttered at the tv.
“You okay there Hakeem?” Evie smirked.
“This TV show is so stupid, so vapid. Keeping Up With The Landgraabs, who ever came up with that? I’d rather keep up with the Calientes.” he muttered as Evie poured herself some yoghurt.
At first when Maisie had moved out of the apartment to move in with Will she’d been worried that Evie would end up with some freak roommate. And when Evie brought Hakeem home she hadn’t been more calm. ‘A middle aged man? You’re gonna live with a middle aged man?’ Evie chuckled at the thought and shook her head.
“What are you snickering about?” Hakeem muttered.
“It was nothing.” she took her bowl and sat down in the arm chair as she knew Hakeem got a little weird about his personal space. The banging from above started again and Hakeem gave the ceiling a death stare.
Evie smiled again, that exact attitude was why she’d asked him to live with her in the first place. He wasn’t all happy and bouncy and repulsive, he was just a normal guy. 

I hate the anti-vaccine movement. 

Imagine, for a moment, how it would feel to have someone say TO YOUR FACE that they would rather have a dead child than one like you. Imagine how much that hurts, how cruel it is not only to you, but to that child who did nothing wrong and now may get malaria, whooping cough, measles, fucking diphtheria, because their stupid parents decided a doctor’s research that has been REPEATEDLY disproved and even got his license taken away, was worth more than their lives

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Do you agree with the idea of freeganism?

I don’t understand how someone can live off the waste of consumerism and then claim to be anti-consumerism. They claim they’re “helping the environment” by “reducing waste,” but there’s nothing radical about focusing on a symptom of capitalist excess rather than dismantling the core cause of it. It’s really just accepting the status quo and then calling it “progressive.” It’s like forever bailing water out of a leaky boat instead of actually patching the holes, or building a new boat. 

Nothing says “family values” quite like parading every moment of your children’s lives in front of millions of strangers for your own profit without a care for how it will affect them psychologically as they grow older

Ok what I really want in Cars 3 is this-

Cruz and McQueen are training on the beach. He’s competitive and determined to succeed. She’s nervous and doesn’t know her own strength. But they’re both naturals as they race along. The more they race, the more confidence they get. Soon, they’re both giving their all, having the time of their lives, when Lightning realizes he can’t keep up anymore. Cruz pulls ahead of him, as she is faster. She doesn’t realize how far behind she’s left him.
At first, Lightning is a little sad. Is all his hard work recovering for nothing?
But then he really looks at Cruz, and sees her joy from racing, and he realizes she’s like him. And then he just smiles and watches her in a proud, bittersweet, and awed way as she speeds beyond her fears and doubts.

At the final race this will happen too and Lightning will be even happier. He will see the next generation pull far ahead of him. He will loose again. But it won’t be him struggling to keep up with Jackson. He will be watching Cruz finally live her dream the way he did, and he will be at peace.

What are we to make of [Marie] Sallé? In one sense, she was nothing more than a fairground performer who had the luck of great beauty and a considerable discipline: she put herself through rigorous practice sessions daily. But she was also more than this, and deserves our attention because she was one of the first women to intuitively play sex and ballet off each other and set her talents against convention. Known for her beauty, she was equally famous for her virtuous conduct at a time when actresses and dancers often doubled as courtesans. She refused lovers (Voltaire called her “the cruel prude”) and upon her return to Paris lived quietly with an Englishwoman, Rebecca Whick, to whom she left her modest world belongings.

Jennifer Homans, Apollo’s Angels: A History of Ballet

Fic #1:) Our New Beginning

This is the first EmixJunichi fic that I’ve written. It focuses on the firsts of their slowly budding relationship, from kissing to dating to arguing and sex! They have lots to learn from each other as they are two different people from two different worlds. They know it won’t be easy but as long as they love and respect one another, they can accomplish anything!

Part 1- Ride to Change

~ Emi reflects on her career as she rides to her very first live event. She is nervous but that’s nothing that a certain seiyuu can’t fix.

Part 2- Cards on the Table

~ The event is over and Junichi is searching for his bag. She returns it to him and offers her a ride home. The storm begins again….

Part 3- Was it Only a Kiss?

~ Some time has passed since that night and absolutely nothing has changed. Emi takes action.

Part 4- An Evening to Remember

~ Junichi goes above and beyond to plan the perfect first date and then the least expected happens…

Part 5- Anticipation

~ After having one too many drinks, Junichi wakes up with Emi in an awkward position.

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If you could build a planet of your own from nothing, what kind of planet would it be? The nature? Weather? Who would live there and how would the society work (monarchy, dictatorship, democracy... ) ? How advanced would the technology be? What would you want your planet to advocate? How would you name it?

.. I did ask for detailed awesome questions, didn’t I. Wow. Okay first off, thank you. Secondly, I am not even remotely interesting enough to make this answer worth your time but I’m going to try my best!

My planet’s going to be mostly ocean, just very warm and wet and sandy beaches everywhere. It would rain a lot, but no thunderstorms, just that steady rain that beats at your window. When it doesn’t rain it’ll be so much sunlight it’s blinding. And that’s it, either it’s raining or it’s brilliant sunlight. Nothing else.

I’m going to go with monarchy. But an elected one, like Naboo. In fact it would be exactly like Naboo, with a young, strong, precocious leader that is always open to the advice of an Advisory Council. Someone who loves their home so much, they’ll give up everything for it. 

Technology is probably going to be extremely advanced, because a young leader would promote growth and change and advancement. It might come at some cost, especially in terms of nature or climate, and I think that would be the biggest problem the planet would face. Just wanting to advance technologically too much, getting ahead of ourselves, etc. Their main advocacy will always be for advancement.. and I can see that being a real problem when faced with those who want to protect what is already established.

Names. I’m horrible with names. I won’t even try. Who wants to name my planet for me? Tell me in the comments!! And THANK YOU anon for such a thoughtful ask, this was super fun to try and write out!

Behind Closed Doors / Veronica Lodge

Words: 942

You hear Veronica before you see her. 

You’re in her room, lying on her bed, waiting for her to get home after not having had the chance to see her all day. Her mother is just outside in the living room area and you can hear her questioning her daughter about her night.

There is silence for a moment after her question and you feel your stomach drop-something wasn’t feeling right. You sit up and move closer to the door-momentarily feeling guilty for eavesdropping before ultimately deciding that your concern is triumphing over your guilt.

“I just got back from the hospital, where Ethel’s dad is,” she begins, her tone making you want nothing more than to pull her in your arms, “because he tried to kill himself, because of what daddy did. And, for all I know, continues to do.”

You feel your knees weaken at the sound of Veronica on the verge of crying.

“I am done lying for dad,” she insists, her voice stronger and more confident.

You knew how she was feeling about her father at the moment and how worried she was about having to speak at her dad’s hearing-not wanting in the slightest to have to lie. The finality in her statement impresses you…but it also causes you to feel worried. 

You move back so you were sitting on the edge of the bed, knowing she would be in her room any second now. 

She enters the room and pushes her door shut, leaning against it she takes a few deep breaths-her eyes closed. She hadn’t noticed you yet and you didn’t want to startle her so you wait for her catch her breath.

“(Y/N)?” she mutters, both her shock and relief evident, after finally reopening her eyes. 

You try to offer her a smile, “Betty texted me earlier and said you might need me…she didn’t give me any details.”

“I take it you heard all that?” she asks, referring to what went down between her and her mother.

She drops her bag and coat on the floor, not bothering to put them away, before she makes her way to you. You scoot back on the bed so you were in the centre sitting crosslegged and she crawls on the top of the surface and rests her head in your lap while she lies on her back.

You automatically begin stroking her hair and her breaths soon become more relaxed. “Did you want to talk about it?” you ask softly. 

Veronica reaches a hand around you to find your spare and clutches it between both of her own. “It was horrible,” she says quietly. “When I had found out…” she trails off. “I couldn’t handle it. I broke down,” she frowns. “I couldn’t stop the tears or the sobs, I felt as if I couldn’t breath.”

You stay quiet, not wanting to interrupt. 

“Betty took me to the hospital so I could see Ethel…I just wanted to make sure she was okay and I wanted to tell her the truth. I had to tell her the truth.” Tears had began to fall and you wipe them away, one by one, the best you could. “Her mother,” she continues, trying to recollect herself. 

“Hey,” you say, resting your hand on her cheek. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“She didn’t say anything that wasn’t true,” Veronica sobs.

You pull her up, so her head could rest on your shoulder. “It’s okay, calm down,” you whisper, rubbing her back. “Just try to steady your breathing.”

You hated more than anything to see her like this. Your girlfriend was usually so composed and strong-it hurt to see her in the position she was now in. It wasn’t often she broke down in such a way but usually you were the first person she went to. You were usually the only person who saw her this vulnerable. 

“i don’t know what to do,” she cries. “I can’t even imagine what Ethel is going through and it’s all my fathers fault. How can I go and talk about what a great person my dad is…if he’s the cause of so much tragedy?”

You move her so you could see her face. “You don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with. If you don’t want to speak at the hearing-then don’t speak. I don’t want to see you worry about this. Don’t let anyone guilt you into something you don’t want, okay?”

The dark haired girl nods and moves so she was resting her head on your shoulder once more. “Thank you for being here with me.”


It was quiet between the two of you for a long time. Veronica had calmed down as you had continued to soothe her. 

“How about this?” you begin softly, drawing random patterns on her upper arm. “Why don’t you go and see Ethel again tomorrow at school? Just so you can show her that you really are concerned, to show her that you’re there for her?”

You could feel Veronica’s lips tug upwards into a small smile against your skin, “That’s a good idea,” she whispers, her breath tickling your neck. “I think I will.”

You grin at her words and press a kiss to the top of her head, “I’m here for you,” you tell her. “I’ll always be here for you. For anything you need at anytime.”

“I know you are,” she says, her sincerity coming across clear. “And I could never express my gratitude in a way that you deserve.”

You shake your head before resting it against the top of Veronica’s, "I just want you to be happy, Roni.”