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23/2/17 I’m working on a physical geography practical write up right now about glaciers and it’s really tricky because I’m not sure how I should be answering the questions! It’s due in at 2pm, and its 10am now so I’m going to knuckle down and get it done. I pressed a flower I picked the other week, and its sitting next to my thermos today. It has the quote that inspired the name for this blog on it! Yesterday I got a helix piercing and went and read the lord of the rings in the gardens, so it was a really nice day, but I didn’t get much work done! xxx emily

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Headcanon of the bros s/o as a super shy person that is kinda a crybaby? btw love your blog keep up the amazing work! ^^

sure thing! and thank you so much for your compliment, it really means so much ;u;


  • He might have initially thought that their shyness would be an annoying trait that would get in the way of their personal growth, but eventually he’d come to learn that he has his own shy sides that he feels he can show around this person. 
  • Since he is the more assertive one out of the pair (being heir to the throne doesn’t exactly allow for any shyness), he feels the need to stick by his partner often if he ever needs to save them from situations they feel uncomfortable in. But he honestly doesn’t mind it; he likes being needed, a lot more than others might think.
  • He would try to gently nudge his partner to do things they might think are scary but end up not being so bad. Like when talking to someone new, he’ll give them a little pat on the back and say, “Go on.” At the end of the day, he really does want his partner to feel okay with themselves and try to improve upon their crippling shyness.
  • Once he finds out that they cry easily, he has to take differing procedures whenever they start to tear up. If it’s just because a movie didn’t give the protagonists a happy ending, he’ll sigh (fondly) and pull them to him to kiss their hair. If it’s because someone crossed a line, he will definitely find who did it and make them regret it. 


  • His mother hen tendencies practically double in regards to his partner; he often has a “they’re hopeless without me” mindset whenever they’re in a pinch and thus isn’t very surprised when problems arise from their shyness. If it weren’t already obvious, he is very good at saving people and pretty much considers it his job.
  • He might become confused at some points. Though their quiet demeanor and gentle heart are undeniably endearing, he sometimes wonders if their extreme shyness is something they’ll have trouble with in the future, then worry he’s not doing enough to get them to open up and grow as a person. 
  • Ignis probably comes off as more of a babysitter than a romantic partner when in public with them. The way he fawns over them and makes sure they’re comfortable at all times may even seem saccharine at some point, but it’s because he genuinely adores them and the last thing he wants is to see them cry. 
  • When he’s especially torn over how he takes care of his partner, he’ll hold them gently and sigh. “What am I to do with you? Everything you do somehow makes me want to spoil you rotten.”


  • Oftentimes he’s unable to relate to moments that make his partner uncomfortable, since Gladio’s idea of an awkward situation is vastly different from normal standards. He usually doesn’t see a reason for his s/o to get flustered when a seemingly obvious solution to the problem exists, but they’re just too nervous to see it. 
  • Thus, he’s not the best at helping them out in uncomfortable situations, since most of the time he sits back and consciously leaves his partner to try to figure out the best way out of it themselves. He’s the opposite of Ignis, who spoils his partner by letting them depend on him all the time. It may seem too harsh, but the bottom line is that he also wants to see his partner grow and come out of their shell.
  • At the same time, he likes their shy nature because getting them flustered is easy (and therefore fun for him). He’ll often say it’s not that he hates their shyness, but just that they can’t stay that way forever or else they might miss out on a lot of opportunities in the future.
  • If they end up crying over something trivial, even he can’t get frustrated. “You’re adorable,” he’ll laugh while petting their head.


  • He probably thinks that his partner’s shyness is the cutest thing in the world. His favorite thing to do is shower them in compliments, then watch them go red. Having such an effect on someone is something he can’t seem to get over. It’s too fun and too cute to watch. 
  • Prompto also insists on sticking by his partner’s side as much as he can, because the thought of them wandering off somewhere or being approached by scary people is enough to scare him. He’ll always remind them to call him if they’re ever in trouble, because “your hero Prompto is always at your beck and call!”
  • He doesn’t see their shyness as a problem. If they aren’t comfortable doing things, then he’s more than happy to help them or do it for them. The idea of pushing them out of their comfort zone makes him worry his partner might have a meltdown at some point. In general, he’s very sensitive to how they might feel in certain situations, and says he’s just fine with the way they are. 
  • Usually if his partner’s in trouble, he’ll just grab their hand and run away from the situation if possible, or try to puff up his chest and look aggressive to possible predators. (It usually doesn’t work.)

(whgwbhgbhhw THIS ENDED UP BEING SO LONG oops,)

Themed-day: Invitation to a Dark Sleep

I’m finally done with two weeks of working overnights…and with that, a return to the land of the living…Or at the “sleeping on a usual schedule”. With that in mind, it’s time for an improptu themed-day revolving around sleep. Today will feature three such cards with sleep, or some associated term, in their name (such as the title’s namesake below, found here).

With that in mind, I’m off to get some myself. Hope you all have a great day and enjoy today’s posts. Also, expect another themed-day day in the not-too-distant future…

50/50 Chance


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Mac and you discuss about expanding the family

Side Note: I have no idea what this is, but the idea just came to me so I went with it. And I did say the goal for today was to write up an imagine, so I stayed up late to get this done. Enjoy reading! Also Y/S/N = Your son’s name

“5 more minutes, please mum!”. Your son begged from the living room

You were busy cleaning up in the kitchen and you had the perfect view towards the living room area. Mac was preached on a chair working on fixing some device for work. Your son took after his dad in every way. Y/S/N had Mac’s intellect, charming good looks and thirst for knowledge, which drew him to the love of physics and chemistry. He was experimenting with a handy science tool kit that you and Mac had gotten for his birthday, and every since then he hadn’t been able to put it away.

Folding up some tea towels, your eyes adverted to where you son was. “You said that 5 minutes ago too Y/S/N. It’s time to pack up and get ready for bed”.

He groaned, but didn’t budge packing anything up. Instead he pointed to Mac, “Why do I have to pack up and dad doesn’t?”.

A small smiled played on your lips as Mac looked up, he pointed to Y/S/N and then glanced back at you. “He does make a valid point Y/N”. Giving Mac the do not encourage him look, he just chuckled and went to focus back to his task. But you lightly hit him on the shoulder and he knew the drill.

Mac left his seat and walked over to his son clapping his hands and bending down to pack up the mess that was created in the living room. “Come on buddy you can finish this tomorrow, let’s get ready for bed, yeah?”.

Y/S/N groaned even louder, “But dad I want to keep on playing”.

Mac bent down to whisper in his ear. “The last thing we want to do is make mummy mad. So let’s pack all this up for tonight, and I promise first thing tomorrow morning you can play with all of this again, deal?”.

You heard your son sigh but eventually he agreed to whatever Mac told him. Within a few minutes all of the science kit had been put away. Y/S/N headed off with Mac to get ready for bed.

Once Mac came back he made his way over to the kitchen. “Is he asleep?”, you asked clearing up the other toys scattered around the kitchen floor. Mac nodded and joined in to help, the task was finished in no time.

Wrapping your arms around his waist, you silently uttered. “I feel outnumbered. He takes after you in every way. Like father, like son”. Mac twirled you around so he could proper look at you.

“There are ways we could change you feeling outnumbered”, he suggestively wigged his eyebrow.

“Those odds are 50/50, there’s a chance I could be dealing with 3 mini Mac’s”. You replied, while Mac leaned down to place soft kisses on the corner of your mouth.

As Mac placed two strong hands on your waist, he carefully lead the two of you to the master bedroom. “I like those odds. Besides I’m fairly confident this time around it’ll be a girl”. He mumbled as your hands roamed through his hair.

The back of your legs hit the foot of the bed causing you to fall onto the mattress and Mac to hover on top of you. “What do you say? Should we expand our little family?”. He asked

You weren’t going to lie, the idea had crossed your mind. But it was hard enough now maintaining a balance between work and a private life, and you feared how everything would work out if there was one more addition added to the family.

Suddenly the door opened and there stood Y/S/N, Mac quickly climbed off you.

“Everything okay, buddy?”. Mac asked concerned.

Y/S/N clutched his favourite toy in the shape of a dinosaur and shook his head, “I don’t want to sleep by myself”.

This happened most nights, Y/S/N hated waking up to find Mac gone whenever work called him in and for that reason he preferred to sleep in the same bed as you and Mac. The two of you glanced at one another and even though you were trying to get Y/S/N used to sleeping on his own, you just couldn’t resist your son’s pleading facial expression.

Patting the spot in between you and Mac, Y/S/N raced over and crawled in. “You can sleep here but only for tonight. You have to get used to sleeping on your own, baby”. Informing your 6 year old.

“Thanks mummy”, he responded and settled in, drifting off in seconds.

Mac pulled the covers over the 3 of you and stared. “You never did answer my question earlier”, he whispered.

Stretching out your legs to get comfortable, you turned to face Mac. “I don’t think now’s the time to discuss that”. You whispered back

“Now’s the perfect time Y/N. It’s a simple yes or no question, do you want to have another baby with me?”. He firmly asked once more.

Looking back down at Y/S/N, you gazed as he slept soundly. Nothing would mean the world to you to be able to give Y/S/N a sibling, but there was just one question that wouldn’t leave your mind. Was this the best time to have another baby?

“Can we please just talk about this tomorrow?”. You responded, which made Mac huff and turn off the lamp light, without saying goodnight or kissing you on the lips like he usually does.

The next morning was no doubt tense, and the big reason why was already known. You walked out into the living room to find Mac at the table eating breakfast and Y/S/N once again laying with his science kit.

Joining Mac at the table, you poured a cup of coffee. Holding the steaming mug in your hands, all you could do was focus on Mac.

“Are you really not going to look or speak to me?”, quizzing him.

Mac got up and cleared his plate from the table, taking it into the kitchen. Of course you followed suit and blocked his path so he couldn’t run away from this conversation, ironically one that he had no problem bringing up last night.

“Can we not have this argument in front of Y/S/N? We can talk about it once I get back from work. Jack just texted, there’s a new case”. Mac tried to walk out, but you stood firm in your spot.

Quickly glancing over, Y/S/N was happily focused on playing over by the coffee table.

“We’re not having an argument Mac, we’re having a discussion. Besides you don’t have to say anything, just let me talk”. You inched closer and placed a hand on his chest. “I didn’t say anything when you first asked, not because I don’t want to have another baby with you. But because I was surprised that was even on your mind”.

Mac rubbed both your arms, “I’ve only recently been thinking about it. But Y/N I’m 100% serious and committed to this idea. I want to grow our family. And I know things will be hard with the Phoenix calling in for missions all the time, just like it was with Y/S/N. But look at us now, we’re making it all work and I believe we can do that again with our next baby. All I’m asking for is if you at least think about it, can you do that?”.

You knew Mac was serious about this just by the look in his eyes.

Watching as Y/S/N played, you saw the joy as he successfully completed another science experiment and it made you beam with love. Facing Mac again, you pulled him down for a long, much needed kiss.

“Of course I’ll think about it”, you answered once the two of you pulled apart to get some air.

Mac lit up with excitement before grabbing his jacket and going over to Y/S/N to tell him that he was leaving for work.

Crossing your arms and leaning against the door frame, you were listening in on the conversion Mac was having with Y/S/N. The same one they always had when Mac had to go.

“Promise you’ll come back?”. Y/S/N sadly looked at Mac, who kissed his son’s cheek.

“I promise buddy, I’ll always come back to you and mummy”.

Y/S/N threw his tiny arms around Mac’s neck and gave him a hug, which Mac reciprocated. “Now, you be good for your mum and I’ll be home as quick as I can. I love you, little man”.

You could tell Mac hated having to say goodbye, but his job was one that couldn’t be ignored. He stood up and then made his way over to you.

“And I love you as well”, he smirked while pulling you in for another kiss.

Giggling as Mac nuzzled your neck. “I love you too. Now go before you get in trouble for being late”.

He obeyed and gave one last goodbye to Y/S/N before walking out the door.

For the whole afternoon and early evening you watched as Y/S/N became so involved with his science games, occasionally helping if he ever needed it. Once it was his bed time, you read him a story and quietly existed the room. Just as you did, that’s when Mac entered.

“His asleep already, isn’t he? I was hoping he’d still be up so I could say goodnight”. He laid down his jacket on the chair and took off his shoes.

“You can quietly go in and say goodnight, I’m sure he’d appreciate that. I’ll be in our room”.

It only took no more than 3 minutes for Mac to return back to the bedroom, he took off his clothes only leaving him in boxers, before climbing into bed. You cuddled into his side and relished in the peace and quiet.

“Was work as hectic as always?”, you curiously wondered.

Mac’s hands were under the covers and you felt his fingers trace up and down your leg, leaving goosebumps in his wake. “Yeah, but we managed to solve the mission”.

As his hands moved higher up, you rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes, then said. “Let’s have another baby”. When Mac heard those words, he immediately stopped and looked at you wide eyed.

“Are you serious? And by that, I mean are you 100% sure and saying we should because you want too and not just because I suggested it?”. You reached up and kissed him to get him to slow down and breathe.

“I’m sure, Mac”. You pushed him down and straddled him. “Now, let’s make another baby”. You teased, and Mac couldn’t help but grin.

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What inspired you to run for office? What can I do today that will help me work towards a political job in the future? Thank you!

I worked for former Nevada Governor Bob Miller and eventually, I ended up making the decision to run for attorney general. It got to the point where I realized that I’ve done all the stuff behind the scenes, and it was time to stand up and fight for the issues I care about.

My advice is to get involved, stay active, and be true to your passions! My office is currently accepting applications for interns – visit my website at: if you’re interested in learning more.

Idk why but I’m feeling weird today. I wanted to get more done today, but so far I feel kinda powerless. Hope I don’t get sick or something… I am currently working on the Chilton drawing. I hope I get something done.
Hope you’re having a great day, friends!


Forgot to take a picture today. Did 15 minutes on the elliptical as a warm up. First round of circuit 1 - did it twice with 1 additional round of push ups. First round of circuit 2 - did it once with 1 additional round of lay down push ups and straight leg sit ups. This crap is harder than I thought it would be. The hardest thing right now is tricep dips. But half way done right now and I definitely worked up a sweat.
Second round of circuit 1 - was the same as the 1st. Did it twice with an additional round of push ups. Second round of circuit 2 - same as the 1st round. Sweating so much! I don’t even feel it in my abs but I’m sure I will tomorrow. Stretched and then went back on the elliptical to finish getting my steps for the day.

48 to go till the big party!

That said, 700 is a pretty shiny number, and as a thank you, I’m going to do a mini-celebration!


I’m only doing 5, and I’m only taking them from followers - no anons this time around.

I’m on evening shift today, so I should be able to knock a few off before I head to work, and then at least one more on my break…Meaning provided I have 5 requests before 7pm pacific time, I should have them all done by midnight and we can move on to other things (like getting ready for the 750 party!)

Thank you again, for following me. Your friendship, and support, and love has been overwhelming. And you’re all so talented and fun too. My heart is full.

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I know you are working on a few things right now, which one are you most excited about?

Thank you for asking, anon! Let me tell you about my WIPs, in order of current excitement! (Well, in order of priority, which had better correspond to excitement or nothing will be done on time.)

  1. Cap-IM RBB, for which I have about 10,000 words done and am EXTREMELY EXCITED because I have just now, today, reached the scene depicted in the art. I expect this to be another, uh, niche interest kind of story but I am very excited and the art is great and I am having a fabulous time collaborating with the artist and I am really looking forward to seeing the art progress. Mmm, h/c.
  2. Cap RBB. (Yes, this is different from Cap-IM.) I hadn’t been planning to claim art at all because it’s basically 95% MCU Stucky but I looked at one piece during art previews and I thought “hmm, well, maybe if no one else wants that one” and then three hours after claims opened it was still sitting unclaimed and then I figured out I knew the artist and I asked them if they would mind my RIDICULOUS IDEA and apparently they like my RIDICULOUS IDEA so now I’m writing that. I have about a thousand words so far and I’m thinking it’ll top out at 10,000 or so. It’s not Steve/Tony, it’s a pairing I’ve never written, and I don’t expect a lot of people are going to want to read it on account of the pairing but the art’s super-pretty and I just want the artist to be happy.
  3. Magic’s FTH story. It has an outline! I’m working on it!
  4. A Secret Project with someone who knows who they are and who I am terribly sorry I keep not being awake to talk to on gchat. It’s not you, it’s me. (The dog currently likes to wake me up every four hours. I’m very tired. All my writing is proceeding very slowly.)
  5. A bunch of random Cap-IM Bingo ficlets including my PWP of Shame (that I am not sure I will ever get up the nerve to post; I’ve been adding sentences of smut to this very slowly over the past several months – it is now an AU because I started it before Civil War II happened, so, uh, it’s been a while) and a story that so far consists of Tony the Iron Man cosplayer trolling Steve the former Captain America comics artist with sketch requests at a convention, and the best part is that it’s actually not an AU.
  6. And then I have to figure out which of two ideas I want to do later for the Big Bang and ideally I should come up with something for that Steve/Tony anniversary zine. This is tricky because apparently when I read restrictions like “no NC-17″ and “no AUs” – even though I know I am perfectly capable of writing non-AU non-porny fic – that means that the only thing my brain can think of is porny AUs because I guess I write best when someone dares me.

I… kind of have a lot of things to write.

Haven’t done art in awhile, feeling very down and bumbed today. Work and mornings do not mix well.

Will probably do a stream at 7 est tonight. Maybe dragons to chill. Everything is in the air.


I went to the dentist today and appearantly. uh

Your teeth are supposed to feel solid? I was unaware. 

My whole right side feels a lot more dense than it did before and i have no idea what to do with this because like partially it hurts from the spacers and partially the whole “holy fuck there isn’t gaping holes of rot there now”

but like because of how fucking dry my meds make my mouth, and in general how bad my other meds are for my teeth, it’s making the other cavities i have worse till my next apps and today we just got the top right done. 
The whole time the dentist was working on them, the lower right tooth in the back was burning and cold, and the other side was painful. 

My jaw in general is painful.

so like, that was my day..