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asktehslenderbros  asked:

Slender: I found it surprising when you and Toby became a couple. For the longest time I was under the impression that you and Hoodie were together. No matter if it stabilizes your mental state I’m glad you two are a pair

(Hi, welcome to my blog where Slender is really depressed and doesn’t care about anything anymore.)

yanderehetaliadrabbles  asked:

Hello again!! May I ask something a bit dark? How would (any Yanderes of your choice, sorry I am not best at choosing myself!) react to their female s/o being a complete wreck and crying hysterically after they have kidnapped her, and she also saw them kill somebody very close to her, and she's also screaming through her tears that they're a monster and how she hates them! Thank you so much in advance! You're amazing!

oh you’re fine! 

Toby- he’s expecting it, knows you’ll be a mess for a while, considering that you just kidnapped you AND killed your best friend. he’s patient and knows you don’t mean those harsh words, you’ll learn soon. you have too! 

Ej- studies each reaction while he slowly dissects your best freind before your very eyes. strange, he figured you would go quietly since you’re so quiet durning daily activities. perhaps if he gives you a good look at the corpse you’ll see there’s no going back? 

Slenderman- oh how cute! you’re crying for home like a lost puppy? how can he stay upset at that? your eyes matted with droplets of blood and tears from the vicious attack only makes him want to hold you closer. you’ll calm down soon, you just need a secure hug and a safe place like his home. 

Facts people tend to forget about in the creepypasta fandom

1. Slenderman is featured in many creepypastas but is not an actual creepypasta himself

2. Slenderman and The Operator are two different beings

3. The creator of Ticci Toby asked that Toby only be shipped with his canon girlfriend, Clockwork

4. Masky and Hoody are not creepypasta, they belong to the youtube series ‘Marble Hornets’


6. Jane the killer does not have a crush on Jeff the killer, nor are they in any type of relationship. Jane’s goal is to kill Jeff

7. There is no ‘creepypasta mansion’ or 'slenderman’s house’ in any canon of the more popular creepypasta

8. Many authors of famous pastas have either abandoned the fandom or let the internet take their characters because of how many people obsess over and misrepresent their characters (ex: the author of eyeless jack removed the story from the wiki and said there are much better things you could be reading)

9. Respect others opinions. With thousands of stories, both original and spin-offs, people have different opinions on all of them. (This goes for shipping as well, not everyone in this fandom ships pastas with other pastas)

10. THERE ARE MORE STORIES BESIDES JEFF THE KILLER. Read some and make some, keep the fandom circulating!