there will be no shelter from the storm

no matter how much I love you
no matter how much I need you
I won’t kiss

we are desperate and longing to feel anything
what I feel for you is everything, beyond it
so I can’t make you mine just yet anyway

I’ll trust you and you’ll do the same to me
and we’ll slowly fall deeper
I’ll love you silently, sheltering you from the storm

because it’s right, oh how the universe smiles on us
but it’s not right now, with our broken and grieving selves

Don’t you say that you’ll stay and then leave anyway. I’m not a door you can fling open only to slam shut; nor a shelter from a storm that you just leave when the thunder and the rain gives out. I’m not a hiding place, I’m not ephemeral solace, I’m not a bottle of pills that you can push to the back of the cabinet once the pain eases off. If you have every intention of walking out, please don’t dare walk in.
better ways to meet

tired of bumping into each other in the coffee shop? try these:

  • muse a tries to stand up for muse b in a bar but unfortunately cannot fight for shit. 
  • muse a is having plumbing troubles in their new house and muse b says they can fix it: except they can’t, they just wanted to spend more time with the cute neighbor. (bonus if muse a has to spend the night at muse b’s place because of it)
  • muse a works somewhere that’s open late and muse b comes in to take shelter from the storm. 
  • muse a is assigned to be muse b’s partner in an undercover assignment. 
  • muse a needs money and signs up to be in muse b’s clinical trials. (bonus if some kind of accident gives muse a superpowers and unwittingly makes muse b their accomplice in their goals)
  • muse b is a siren and muse a is one of the few people immune to their song, so after drowning the rest of the crew the two are stuck together. 
  • muse b accidentally creates muse a, the world’s very first AI. (Can work with or without a body for muse a, or muse b can struggle to build a body for muse a)
  • muse a and muse b as Olympic athletes forced to do PR together, photo shoots, interviews, cheese montages. 
  • muse b is an anent for a time travel protection agency and has been assigned to protect muse a after they have been targeted by another time traveler. 
  • muse b is in love with muse a, but muse doesn’t love them back. At some point the two have a one night stand and makes matters more complex (via rachel). 

There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!


The Pirate and the Mermaid AU

When Bellamy lands his ship on a small island to find shelter from a storm, he doesn’t expect for there to be anyone else on it. But every morning, he finds various pieces of his possession gone or on shore. He expected for there to be no other men, but what he didn’t count on was a mermaid. 


Undiscovered by evansrogerskitten

Dean x Reader x Sam

Sam, Dean, and Reader seek shelter in a storm, and find solace in each other.

Warnings: Inspired by Season 12, Episode 9, but no specific spoilers. EXPLICIT SMUT. Threesome (NO WINCEST), Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Fingering, Dirty talk, Language, Alcohol.

Word Count: 4068 | On AO3

This was inspired by an idea from my Over 30 sisters & my impulsive purchase of a J2 Sandwich photo opp for Seacon in April. Ahhh! I’m freakin out! :) Enjoy! 

Our boots crunched on the wet leaves as we moved quickly through the forest. The overcast sky and misting rain didn’t help since we were already cold in thin, gray jumpsuits. I shivered as I followed close behind Dean, Sam behind us with the stolen gun.

Suddenly we reached a clearing and I could see the outline of a small building. As we approached Sam and I kept lookout, and Dean went up to jimmy the door of the cabin. After looking inside a window, he stepped back and kicked the door in. Sam and I followed him inside, looking quickly behind us before barricading the cabin with a heavy dresser.

The cabin was dark inside with half of the windows boarded up, and the hodgepodge of furniture collected like dusty landmines. The earthy scent of rain and old firewood smoke filled the air. We spread out around the one room, searching boxes and crates. Sam banged open a rusty metal filing cabinet on the far wall, and laughed shortly as he saw what was inside.

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“We are each other’s shelter from the storm.”

What made this relationship special for me is how tender these two are always with each other and the way they showed their vulnerable side to one another. When it comes to seeking solace, empathy and understanding, Clark and Diana would often turn to each other. It speaks about the level of trust and love they shared, be it as best friends or lovers.

“Around sunset, we emerged from the trees into a little glade where the snow lay in heavy, perfect drifts that glittered in the fading light. We slipped into the stillness, our footfalls muffled by the snow. It was late. I knew we should be making camp, finding shelter, Instead, we stood there in silence, hands clasped, watching the day disappear.”
- Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone

List of episodes focusing on the team rocket TRio (Jessie, James, Meowth and... wobbuffet too)

Battle aboard  the St Annes

Pokémon Shipwreck

The island of giants pokemon

Who Gets to Keep Togepi?

The ultimate test

The stun spore detourn

The breeding center secret

The battle of the badge

Bad to the bone

A scare in the air

Pikachu re-volt

Dues and don’t

A poached ego

The bicker the better

We are no angel

Training daze

A scare to remember

A hole lotta trouble

The ole berate and switch!

Claydol big and tal


Sleight of sand

A learn mean team rocket machine

Noodles roaming off

Beating the bustle and the hustle

The worst togépi ever

Capacia Island UFO

Seeking Shelter From the Storm!



Princess vs Princess

Holiday Hi-Jinx

 Snow way out

Tracey gets bugged

Ignorance is Blissey

Forest Grump

Control Freak

A Tail with a Twist*(about Seviper*)

Wich wurmples wich?

Zig Zag Zangoose* (about Seviper*)

Three Jynx and a baby

New plot, odd lot

Going for choke

Borrowing of bad faith

Team Socker!

Crossing path

 A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!

A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?



The ghost of maiden peak

 Holly matrimony

The fortune hunters

 All that glitters

The heartbreak of Brock

Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

Here’s Lookin’ at You, Elekid!

That’s just swellow

Who’s Flying Now?

Off the Unbeaten Path

Sweet baby James

Once There Were Greenfields

Dressed at Jess for success

A faux oak finish

The treasure is all mine

Facing the grand design!

Mending a broken spirit



The problem with paras

The Purr-fect Hero

Go west, young Meowth

Meowth rules

Bound of trouble

Time-Warp Heals All Wounds

For the love of Meowth

Off Meowth and Pokémon (part 1)

Off Meowth and Pokémon (part 2)

Jumping Rocket Ship

Meowth’s Scrafty Tactics!

Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?

The Beartic Mountain Feud!

Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!

So you’re having a bad day

A frenzied factory fiasco

Pikachu dream of Squishy



Tricks of the trade

The wayward wobbuffet


 A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!

ML Fluffmas: Marichat #30 Snowed In

Fluffmas Writing Prompts – Accepting until the end of December

Requested by: @miraculouslb97

Sorry for the late answers been busy with school and christmas travels!

When the snow started it came down softly barely sticking to any spot it landed to but it soon became heavy and shortly it was near blizzard conditions. Chat Noir had picked the wrong day to venture out on his own at night and was now paying the price quite dearly. He wasn’t too far from home but with the way the wind was blowing the thick snow around him he wasn’t sure he would be able to last much longer. The snow was so thick he had trouble seeing the next building he was jumping too. Finally Chat decided it was too risky to make the trek home. That being said it was much too cold for him to wait out the storm on a random rooftop and his suit wasn’t exactly meant for these conditions. Chat’s teeth were chattering uncontrollably and his body shook violently. He needed to find shelter and a warm fire place as soon as possible. He searched the area around him not sure where to go to hide and having trouble seeing too far in front of him finally he spotted one glowing building close enough to make the next jump and as luck would have it the glowing building happened to be the home of a friend of his, Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chat landed on her balcony with a thud, his legs having given out from beneath him. He rapped desperately at her trap door praying that she was home. To his relief the trap door opened up a gust of warm air coming up to greet him. Chat didn’t wait to be invited in he simply slunk in through the trap door and collapsed onto her bed shivering. Marinette quickly shut the trap door and stared at him in shock.

“E-evening P-P-Purrincess. M-m-mind if I w-wait out the s-s-storm here?” Chat chattered.

“Chat Noir! What were you doing out in that storm?” Marinette fretted as she bound over to a corner of her room gathering blankets up in her arms.

“W-w-w-wasn’t th-that b-b-bad earlier,” Chat stuttered. Marinette rushed over to him wrapping him in blanket after blanket. Chat’s body felt numb but her warm hands brushing against him practically burned with warmth. It took what little willpower Chat had left not to pull her to him. Marinette gently touched his face her eyes full of concern.

“Chat you’re freezing! How long were you out there?” Marinette worried.

“A f-f-few hours I-I th-think. I-I-It’s hard t-to rem-me-member,” Chat’s speech was slurred and broken up. Marinette wasn’t sure if the suits could come off without detransforming but she tried unclipping his glove and to her surprise it came off easily in her hands. Chat’s hands were like ice and were an unhealthy shade of white. Chat’s teeth continued to chatter through blue tinted lips. Marinette worried about how cold he was. Chat’s eyes drooped. His breathing was shallow. Marinette knew the signs of hypothermia and although Chat’s condition wasn’t mild if he didn’t warm up fast he would be in trouble.

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the gods have left us
they’ve taken you from me again
I will fight through hell, storm through fire
to find you again, no matter what

we wrote our names down on each other’s skin
promises etched across the heart that night
and not even death would keep me from loving you 

You are my harbor, my anchor, my shelter
You help me hold up the world, our hair streaked with grey
You are my wise one, my heart and I’m not letting go


Matthias was dreaming again. Dreaming of her. The storm raged around him, drowning out Nina’s voice. And yet his heart was easy. Somehow he knew that she would be safe, she would find shelter from the cold. He was on the ice once more, and somewhere he could hear the wolves howling. But this time, he knew they were welcoming him home.