there will be another one. be prepared

I was really excited during the preparations for this concert even though we have had concerts before, I’m more excited this time. Our concert is called Wings but one wing wouldn’t be able to fly; so I hope everyone could be our another wing. During the rehearsals today, the seats being empty made me think that we are able to stand here because of everyone. Whenever I see from the stage your smiling faces, it becomes my source of strength. Later, I will make sure to produce better music and stages. I hope everyone’s heart has been moved and excited for us.
—  Yoongi’s ending speech 170219

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So they kiss for funsies and imitate oral sex, but Gillian apparently turns into such a shrinking violet around David that she can't speak up about not liking when he grazes her breast? What's with this sudden outrage?

The outrage was around even when the BTS came out, but certain people had less, volume, let’s say, to their voices, because most of the fandom was Gillovny. Now that things are different, they feel emboldened.  

Honestly, I barely heard any outrage over Gillian moving Hugh’s hand during the red carpet.  But David accidentally (and familiarly, which is what I think scares them) brushing her breast and Gillian not reacting angrily? That’s something they’re prepared to be furious over for no reason at all.

This is the couple that made out in the hallway - for fun! - after David got married.  Who were hanging off one another with Gillian’s ex (Clyde) sitting a few feet away from them during a set party (and he wasn’t her ex at the time). Who, like you pointed out, imitated oral sex with the cameras rolling. Who took an entire day to film the IWTB bed scene.  Who had one half (Gillian) lay her head in David’s lap during Kimmel making it look like it was there for oral sex and not because she was laughing.  Who had one half (Gillian) with a lot of shots of the bed photo show up in her camera roll/photo gallery on James Corden.  And, of course, the breast brush in the BTS clip.

Yeah, this woman can speak up and choose what she does and doesn’t want or feel comfortable with.  And she was obviously and openly comfortable with all of this.

emmerdale playlist

So I’ve had a playlist of songs that remind me of Emmerdale for a while so thought I’d share it in preparation of the wedding. I’ve tried to separate them into the eras of robert and aaron, general emmerdale characters, etc. and I’ve added links to spotify if they’re on there, andsome have youtube videos as that’s how I found certain songs. Very long post so it’s under a read more link.

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R u ready for the wedding? What r ur thoughts and opinion?

Hey, thanks for the ask :)

Am I ready for the wedding?? Hmmm yes…….yes :):) I am really excited for it and cant wait to watch the eps but I dont think I am fully prepared for the emotions that will be rushing through me. I will be internally squeeing as my hubby doesnt know the full extent of my obsession lol :) but will be expressing it on here for sure! I need it to be tomorrow now! I need the release! 

I think it will be so emotional and heartwarming. The vows…….the vows will finish me I think!

They have so much to fit in and I dont think we will have digested one scene before we are hit with another amazing one so I think there will be a few re-watches tomorrow as soon as it’s finished.

Lets not forget that we also get a couple of throwback scenes - the Woolpack stairs, the garage, a car boot! We have been truly spoilt and I love the fact that ED have given a nod to these iconic moments from their relationship and understand them as much as us fans. ♥

A trip to the shops to purchase wine, tissues, chocolate, oh and did I mention wine ;)

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The Evolution of Adrien’s Game

I binged a few eps of Miraculous Ladybug while I was sick today and ended up making a long-ass observation post about Gabriel as Hawkmoth (or maybe Mr. Kubdel, wtfk) instead of resting.  Because priorities.

Anyway, here’s something else I noticed that wedged itself into my brain and won’t leave.  Prepare for another long post. 

In “Origins”:

  • Falls in love with a person he just met (proof he’s a Disney princess)
  • Which one?  Ladybug or Marinette?  Who knows.  He gives them both the same “oh shit, I think I’m in love” look.

In “Copycat (L'Imposteur):

  • Nino invites the girls to the movies and Marinette squeals.
  • Adrien’s reaction (half startled, half “that was cute wtf?”)

In “Timebreaker (Chronogirl)”:

  • He freaking winks at Marinette after complimenting her.
  • Oh yeah, you’re smooth -_-
  • Also, you’re a pirate.  ARGH MATEY!

See how this plays out below the cut:

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Sometimes people walk away from love because it is so beautiful that it terrifies them. Sometimes they leave because the connection shines a bright light on their dark places and they are not ready to work them through. Sometimes they run away because they are not developmentally prepared to merge with another- they have more individuation work to do first. Sometimes they take off because love is not a priority in their lives- they have another path and purpose to walk first. Sometimes they end it because they prefer a relationship that is more practical than conscious, one that does not threaten the ways that they organize reality. Because so many of us carry shame, we have a tendency to personalize love’s leavings, triggered by the rejection and feelings of abandonment. But this is not always true. Sometimes it has nothing to do with us. Sometimes the one who leaves is just not ready to hold it safe. Sometimes they know something we don’t – they know their limits at that moment in time. Real love is no easy path – readiness is everything. May we grieve loss without personalizing it. May we learn to love ourselves in the absence of the lover.

Post-episode 9 of YOI:

Part of the fandom: It’ll be a gold ring!

Another part of the fandom: It’ll be a gold medal!

Post-episode 10 of YOI:

Part of the fandom: Yuuri bought both rings!

Another part of the fandom: Yuuri bought only one ring and Victor bought the other in preparation for his proposal!


Lycanroc obeys its Trainer’s orders dutifully. In particular, if a Trainer accepted it during its more rebellious pre-Evolution period, Lycanroc will never ever betray that Trainer and will be the most loyal of partners. 

I’ve thought a lot about this bit of info from Lycanroc’s official description. In the real world there are lots of cases of people adopting certain pets for being cute but end up abandoning them because they did not do research or prepare themselves for the responsibilities. I figured in the pokemon verse Rockruff would be one of these cases, frequently abandoned because trainers were not prepared for the rebellious wild phase they went through before evolving

I wanted to do something about a Rockruff rejected and abandoned by his beloved original trainer, but is taken in by another who loves and accepts him and who he therefore remains loyal to

Rolling Stone offers an anecdote from when Mike Pence invited Democratic legislators to the governor’s mansion for dinner:

“Mother, Mother, who prepared our meal this evening?”

The legislators looked at one another, speaking with their eyes: He just called his wife “Mother.”

Maybe it was a joke, the legislator reasoned. But a few minutes later, Pence shouted again.

“Mother, Mother, whose china are we eating on?”

Mother Pence went on a long discourse about where the china was from. A little later, the legislators stumbled out, wondering what was weirder: Pence’s inability to make conversation, or calling his wife “Mother” in the second decade of the 21st century.

honestly there needs to be more awareness and support for disordered eating that’s not just about body image

shout out to people with spoilage or contamination phobias. to people with very specific food rituals that can’t be disturbed. to people with sensory processing issues that can’t deal with certain textures or flavors. to people that can’t eat food they didn’t see prepared. to people whose foods can’t touch one another because it makes all the alarms in their brain go off. to people whose severe anxiety is reduced to them being “picky eaters”.

your problems are valid; sometime’s it’s not as easy as “just try it”; it’s not rude to refuse food you don’t think you can eat; your diet is no one’s business but yours and your doctors’

Me Preparing for a Binge Watching Session of Anime


20~ minutes = 1 ep (without ads/op/ending)

20~ mins x 3 eps = 1 h

1 season = 12 eps/24 eps

20~ mins x 12eps = 240 mins = 4 h

240 mins x 2 = 480 mins = 8 h

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161116 Yoongi’s Tweet

단 몇 시간 만에 인생이 결정될 것 같은 날이지만 돌이켜보면 별거 아닌 그런 날이 다시 찾아왔네요 다들 긴장하지 마시고 해온 만큼만 해냅시다 우리가 앞으로 겪을 미래는 수능을 준비한 시간보다 기니까요! 모두들 파이팅! -SUGA-

Another day has come that feels as if your life will be decided in just a few hours, but looking back it won’t be that big of a deal. Everyone, don’t be worried and just continue to do as you have been doing. (Because) the future that we will experience ahead is much longer than an hour of the college entrance exam that you have been preparing for! Everyone, fighting! -SUGA-

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
© Please credit when taking out.

Say It Again

Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Stiles


Word Count: 2,222

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           I pull up in front of the house, killing the engine before grabbing a stack of books out of the passenger seat, and jumping out of the jeep. I walk up the driveway slowly, my eyes glued to the screen of my phone as I slip out a set of keys, and shove one of them into the front door, pushing it open. I walk in, closing the door behind me, and start heading up the stairs. I hear a soft whimper and I pause, panic sinking into my stomach. There’s another whimper and I move as quietly as I can to a door, preparing myself to face whatever new supernatural threat is here, and my hand poised over the door knob.

           “Stiles,” A voice whispers from the other side of the door and I freeze, my ears pricking up, straining to hear more.

           “Right there, Stiles, right there,” The voice moans and I can feel myself tightening in my jeans and I can’t resist the urge to push the door open slightly. Y/N is sprawled over the top of her bed in nothing but a long t-shirt, her hand between her legs and I have to bite the inside of my cheek to keep from moaning at the sight in front of me.

           Her eyes are closed, and her head presses against the bedspread as she arches her back; her fingers working quickly against her core, sliding in and out of her as she flicks her thumb over her clit. “Stiles.” She moans my name again and all I can hear is blood rushing in my ears as my heartbeat thunders loudly in my chest.

           “Holy fuck,” I moan is a rasp, and her eyes snap open, her fingers stilling as she looks at me with her mouth wide.

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Imagine if you will: it’s six months later in game-time.  Keyleth finished her Aramente, Hotis is dead, Taryon has paid the party and wandered on his way, so on and so forth.  There’s still a few Lingering Questions™ perhaps about that book and other things, but Vox Machina are prepared to take a well-deserved rest for a while.  Their keep is finally empty of refugees, there’s time to take a break from things like governing Whitestone, and everyone heads back to Greyskull for a little while to just enjoy their home and one another’s company for the first time in an age.

They send a message to Scanlan, an olive branch: we’re going back to Emon, back to Greyskull Keep.  We’d love to pick out a room for Kaylie, if you feel like coming by.

No reply.  Keyleth considers scrying on him in case something’s the matter, but finally decides not to intrude any further on his privacy.

The day arrives.  Bags are packed, they step through the Sun Tree and into their garden; the only familiar faces waiting are a few of their servants and Jarrett, but it’s still their good old long-lost home.  Emon is finally starting to really bustle again in the Conclave’s aftermath.  They consider a quiet dinner at home, but it almost seems like a waste; Vox Machina, as they’re wont to do, leave their things behind and head out to a tavern for a good time.

The one they pick is a big bustling place, and being the local heroes and all, they opt for one of the less conspicuous tables off in a corner.  They can’t really see the minstrels performing way over on the stage for all the heads in between.  (Well, Grog can, but he’s busy with his ale.)  The fiddler is uncommonly good, though, accompanied by an abrasively lively shawm and then an equally nimble lute.  It’s good music to get drunk by, so they toast and laugh and nobody thinks anything more of it until there’s a smooth tenor voice that they’d recognize anywhere:

“Let me tell you the tale,” it sings, “of Vox Machina.”

One of the group drops their ale mug, and the crowd whoops and cheers for Scanlan Shorthalt’s latest masterpiece, which of course he’s been performing here for days already to be sure the regulars know the words.  There’s a verse describing all the heroes, naturally, and Scanlan meets their eyes one after another with a small smile on his face.  Olive branch returned.

He looks different.  Less jewelry.  Somewhere along the line apparently he cut his hair, and now it’s half grown out again.  The only earring he wears is Tiberius’s, and the front of his shirt is closed.  He’s dressed like a man who’s decided maybe female attention isn’t that important to him after all.

The song is several verses long, glowingly detailing Vox Machina’s exploits.  It must have taken ages to write.  There are even some lines about Taryon Darrington, the end of the Aramente, the harrowing journey to the Nine Hells.  Things Scanlan wasn’t anywhere near, things which are definitely partially bullshit, but some of which ring startlingly true.  Perhaps Keyleth wasn’t the only person doing a little scrying.

The last verse ends with a flourish, proclaiming how Vox Machina triumphed through the power of their bonds, the strength of a family working as one.  Then amidst the raucous applause, he squeezes Kaylie’s hand and hops off the stage, leaving her considerable talents to finish the set alone.  He makes his way over to the corner with a smile, an awkward and old and honest smile, to buy everyone a drink.

(”So, little elf girl,” he starts, and Vex immediately punts him down the table.)

Calling Tips


(To all my followers who haven’t heard about the electoral college movement, go here and then here.)

  1. Do not call after 9 pm in their time zone. Because we’re calling Republicans, do not call until after 12 or even 1 on Sundays. Check the time zone.
  2. Make sure you’re in an environment that will be quiet.
  3. Have all the information you might need open already. If possible, have it printed and hung at eye level for easier locating.
  4. Be prepared for answering machines. Have a script if you need one, or talking points if you don’t, but leave a brief message highlighting all the major points. If you’re willing, leave your phone number or email address. 
  5. Know how you’re going to begin a call. It doesn’t have to be a full script, but have a standard introduction and beginning argument. Stumbling over your words when they ask difficult questions is one thing; stumbling at the very beginning is another.
  6. Make sure to verify who they are–lots of these numbers are uncertain or possibly out of date, so verify! 
  7. It should go without saying, but be respectful! Use sir or ma’am. Don’t lose your temper.
  8. Use personal anecdotes if you can. Talk about how the election will impact you and your family. I bring up how I, a teenage girl from Texas, don’t feel safe going outside anymore, how my middle-school-age cousins will see Trump as a role model and that’s terrifying with what he’s said about minorities, and how my little brother, turning 15 soon, will vote in 2020 with the idea that Trump represents the Republican party (which is really scary for a lot of Republicans). 
  9. If you’ll be calling multiple times/people, make a spreadsheet with detailed information on how each call goes. If they say they can’t talk, ask for a time when they can and be sure to call then (account for time zones!). 
  10. Have some paper and a pen available. If they ask anything you’re not sure how to answer, or say something you haven’t thought about, write it down. Someone else might bring it up later and that way you can look it up in between. In the meantime, if you can’t come up with anything, ask for some time to consider it and a good time to call back. 
  11. Ask directly, “Can I count on your support on December 19th?” or something similar. Emails are more passive, here’s-the-information-please-don’t-vote-Trump, but calls are directly active, here’s-why-you-should-do-this-will-you-do-it.
  12. If they say not to call them again, do not call them. Let @choncegiving know so they can update the contact information. We can’t risk driving anyone even further toward Trump.
  13. Take care of yourself! Drink water in between calls. If you’re terrified of speaking on the phone, you don’t need to do this. It does get easier after a few, I promise, but self-care is top priority.


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Just dating Gladiolus Amicitia things:

  • Hoo boy. So you ended up falling for the buff, charismatic shield of the royal family, huh? No one can blame you, a lot of people do like him. They like talking to him, they like looking at him. Basically, just be prepared for that. He knows a lot of people and he has to help keep good relationships with them. Don’t get jealous! It’s just work, he has to do this, it’s part of the duty of family. Don’t keep Gladio from something that’s so important to him. There are some people who will try and maybe sway his affections away from you, but he can handle himself. He’s not only physically stalwart, but emotionally too. Gladio’s got you, anyone else is a gross downgrade.

  • Iris, Gladio’s sister, is a bit of a problem initially in your relationship. Not that she’s actively making trouble, but she doesn’t make much effort to be friendly. It might seem like Gladio takes her side most of the time and he does, but remember he loves his sister a lot. Be understanding of where Iris is coming from; she’s already lost a lot of time with her brother since he’s part of Noctis’ entourage, but its not so bad because they’re Gladio’s friends. You’re his significant other. It’s different to being a friend. Iris suddenly feels like she’s gonna be ousted from her brother’s heart. Don’t be too worried, Iris’ indifferent attitude towards you doesn’t stay for too long. She warms up when she sees how important you really are to Gladio. It’s hard not to see how much he loves you.

  • Gladio has had a lot of practice babysitting a certain prince and looking after a younger sister, so he is really good at looking after you. When you’re sick, expect him to do all the right things to make you feel as comfortable as possible while you’re on the road to recovery. If you’re working too hard and not really looking after yourself, he’s the one who’ll help you stay hydrated and bring you food and snacks to keep you going. One of your fondest memories is eating Cup Noodle with him in a dimly lit office. You were starving and he brought you the best late night dinner food ever! That evening, when you were way too tired to walk the rest of the way home, Gladio was more than happy to give you a piggy-back ride.

  • So your boyfriend has to keep his body in peak condition because of his work and you’re either impressed by his physique or you’re lying through your teeth. Gladio isn’t as vain as say maybe Noctis or Prompto, but he does keep himself groomed to maintain his rugged good looks. He also likes to tease you because he knows you like looking. It’s hard not to look okay, he goes open shirt/shirtless a lot. Gladio has really nice… everything. Arms, body, everything. He finds the fact that he can easily fluster you with his body hilarious. “C’mon. I know you wanna.” He’ll grab your hand and place your palm flat on his abs so you can have your fill. While he’s shameless about it, you might be dying from embarrassment.

  • “Hey you know what these are made of?” He grins.
    Boyfriend material.”
    “Gladio—no—why am I dating you?!”
    (bless @c-qcatwrites for this one lmao)

  • Before you guys dated, his flirting was relentless and he used everything he had to charm you. He’ll maintain a physical distance when he’s buttering up people for work; arms crossed, kind of closed off body language, but still friendly. When he flirts with you, its up close when he’s looking and smelling good. He’ll touch you, a hand on the shoulder, brush his hand against yours, maybe give you a hug. Closer to the time you were about to become official, if he was really daring he would give you a kiss goodbye on the cheek. It doesn’t go unnoticed that his kisses get closer to your lips each time he does it. Your lips finally meet when you become his though.


>Is honored by all of your compliments

>After you give him a few, though, he’ll say something like “We all have great qualities inside of us, waiting to be released”

>Then you just compliment him on his wisdom and way with words

>That’s the one compliment that really warms his gears, and as you keep going he falls in love with you all over again


>He knew you were sweet before you started dating, but he was not prepared for this much sugar.

>He hardly has time to get over the last compliment before you give him another one

>He actually starts to cry a little, he’s so happy you love him that much

>He starts to give you a few back, starting a cycle of the two of you complimenting each other and making each other blush

>This continues for hours


>When you start, he doesn’t take them all to heart

>As you keep going, he realizes how genuine you’re being with each one

>He stares at you in awe as you continue

>Once you’re finished, he says nothing, making you afraid that you’ve embarrassed yourself for a second

>Suddenly you’re tight in his embrace, and he’s choking back tears, repeating over and over how much he loves you

-Mod Galaxy