there will be a spam of pics from him

I have a cellphone for one reason only

So… okay. Just because you all need to see it, I’ll leave you here this fanart because it caused me to start shipping this and so far I’m liking it.

Thank you @burythekidd for giving me this beautiful ship, I love it, I don’t care about anything else.

As a reference, this is set on a day-to-day AU. Akande is a martial artist, so he needs to train everyday as a job. I want to apologize if it’s not the best, it’s 1:40 in the morning and I just googled the info I needed.

Title: I have a cellphone for one reason only
Fandom: Overwatch
Pairing: Lúcio Correia dos Santos/Doomfist: The Successor | Akande Ogundimu
Rating: G.
Word Count: 1124
Brief tags: Fluff, Texting, Selfies, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting

Summary: Akande wouldn’t really need a cellphone if it wasn’t because Lúcio always sends him cute messages.

You can read it under the cut or in AO3!

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nct as dads [doyoung]

• okay so y’all can fight me on this all you want
• but doyoung is pushy!dad through and through
• kids are getting bad grades ??
• you can bet he’s got them sat down and studying until they know what they need to
• just wants them to achieve highly like he knows they can
• does it out of love
• like sometimes they might feel like he’s a little too strict
• but honestly he just wants them to be able to achieve what they want when they get older ??
• does not want them being held back bc they couldn’t apply themselves at a young age

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For the most part, I post two kinds of things around here:

  • Pictures of my kid.
  • Political stuff.

Plus some other sporadic shitposting.

Going forward, the kid stuff is done.

In the last 12 hours, I’ve gotten first likes, then reblogs, of these pictures from strange Tumblrs who don’t follow me and I don’t follow. Spam-filled Tumblrs (which is better than the time my was reblogged by adult diaper fetishists; I temporarily paused with pics then, but eventually relented).

There’s not a lot of rules on Tumblr, but here’s a big fucking one: don’t reblog pics of other people’s kids.

I’ve gone through the top of my Tumblr and deleted 5 posts I’ve made in the last week or so with photos of him. It broke my heart a little bit to do that. I’m debating deleting this whole thing entirely, site and app, because it doesn’t feel fun or safe at all.

At the very least, I’m taking a little break. I’ll read, like and reply to you all, but I’m done posting for now.

Bye for a while.


Sorry for the uptick in commentary about my personal life. I usually leave my oversharing for FB and try to make this blog 99% Check Please and 1% my own stuff. This kitten has taken over my life recently (because I let him).

I’ll keep you updated on the situation with Kit, but not to the point of constant spam. (Although you’ll probably never be safe from adorable kitten pics, sorry.)

Love and hugs. <3

anonymous asked:

I am really Sorry for spamming your ask T.T, BUT THIS IS SOOO CUUUUTTTTTEEEEE!!!!! mblogthumb3*phinf*naver*net/20141215_66/ssong0847_1418574836094fWX7m_GIF/8EFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBFBDEFBF*gif?type=w2

I’ll get this anon to present the “Anon Spam”. This person dedicated hours of time to send me some gifs/pics from Naver, and I thank you for that. So, let’s go to the spam!

Kaisoo exchanging hearts


Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the cutest of them all…



Pls, hug him back Jonginnie…

This adorable smile, thoo…

Look at your bro the same as JI looks at his own bro.

An edit, but it’s extremely cute.


Look at your bro the same as JI looks at his own bro. PT.2


Taking care of his brojagi like a pro. And I noticed that it was the same day as this.

Is just me that really loves this pic?

Fetus Kaisoo. Some things just don’t change…


At least this time he knows that he’s putting lip balm insteal of nail polish…

BONUS because I like this gif too much.

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Is it just me or is that mimai girl legit a crazy bitch? Posting the dms and spamming pics of jay then a ig vid of herself with girlfriend by jay playing and then she made an edit with him while she's butt ass naked. Idc how hot she is jay better stay the fuck away from her crazy ass

MANNNN YOU KNOW WHAT THIS WHOLE THING REMINDS ME OF. Last year when khh twitter started posting snaps from a rapper while they were sending him pics and shit and then like 2 girls started beefing over who he was fuckin with and one snitched that when the other met the rapper he was just like “…ok” he KNEW better than to give these gyals in the dms clout .Oh 2016 was glorious.~D

anonymous asked:

can u imagine jb being at work and his phone blowing up and he just grins every time it rings and some coworker looks at his phone and the message on it is 'i hope u don't get in trouble w these pics' and the worker is like oooooo pics from the wife ;)))) can i see and jb is like sure and it turns out jinpeach has been spamming jb with pics of him and their new cat

OH MY GOD ABAHAHHA I CAN TOTALLY SEE THIS HAPPENING😂😂 Jaebum is such a cat lady it’s unreal

nursey probably has a blog on tumblr where he posts aesthetic pictures of the sky and quotes from famous authors and just general hipster shit. He’d probably bring it up jokingly in conversations really “smooth” because dex probably likes to poke fun at nursey’s whole thing about aesthetics and ngl nursey wants followers because bless his heart he craves the attention.

and eventually, dex ends following him just out of pure curiosity. He made a tumblr just for the sole purpose of maybe getting some dirt on nurse or making a smug lil inside joke to freak nurse out bcuz nurse is cute when hes flustured okay??

and nurse was so sure that no one would actually pay mind to his awkward attempts to be “cool” that he figured it was another spam bot that followed him or something

meanwhile, dex looks through nurse’s blog and just…wow

its all romantic quotes and sweet pictures of pale hands embraced by darker ones and pictures of ice and longing posts about this one boy.

short little snippets of their convos as captions for pics of deep, dark, blue skies that look an awful like the view from Nurse’s room

and tons of selfies

Dex is a fan

if btob had tumblr blogs

eunkwang (btobleaderseoeunkwang) : would have the shittiest / ugliest theme because he doesnt know a single thing about coding, his blog title would still be ‘untitled’
he would just reblog stupid vines and then try to recreate them, and reblog a ton of memes and weheartit content
all his “funny” text posts get 1 note and probably has like 11 followers and hes so proud because he thinks thats a lot, would somehow find all of his members blogs (even tho they tried to keep them hidden from him) and LIKE EVERY SINGLE OF THEIR POSTS AND BE THEIR #1 FAN

minhyuk (btob2mh) : would spam his followers with so many selfies and ab pics, like 20 people thirst follow him daily, would probably tag all his pics ridiculously like #hot asian guy #abs #korean boy #ulzzang #hot abs #sexy, he would probably hit on a lot of the tumblr famous girls asking them if they know “the korean boy group btob” and “lee minhyuk”
would also obnoxiously post a lot of pictures of his dog

changsub (changsubway) : so many food posts,  never uses tags, would probably be really active on it for like a month then forget his password and never log in again

hyunsik (siksense) : would post soundclouds of him singing covers of songs, reblog really indie/not well known artists, maybe some landscapes, out of all them he would have the most amount of followers, he would be a faceless blogger for a while then he would post a selfie casually and all his followers would be like wtf youre so hot

peniel (shincago) : his blog title would be #WINDYCITY, he would reblog funny skateboarding videos, chris brown songs, and like “swag” fashion and probably talk about chi town a lot
because he uses emoticons like nobody else :D :P xD (that contradict his “swag” posts) some people think there are two people running the blog

ilhoon (1lh004) : bought his own custom url “”, the blog with the second most amount of followers (after hyunsik) and is really mad about that, would reblog b&w photos of girls and abstract art, some beyonce gifs, LOT S AND LOTS OF FASHION, maybe some lyrics, would never post anything personal except some selfies, a very “cool” blog, his followers are scared of talking to him

sungjae (mryooksungjae) : second most embarassing blog after eunkwang, SO MAN Y MEMES, always adds on to posts instead of putting it in the tags, reblogs cute animals, he would have the optica theme, and make really really random text posts that make no sense and the only person who would like it would be eunkwang

Now that Jack Hoppus has his own twitter account

Please don’t be creepy about it
Don’t pester him about blink or beg him to ask Mark to bring Tom back or spam him with pics of tomark and pics of naked Mark(blink) or whatever else you have - especially any ships involving him or his family. Keep that shit away from him

Let’s be decent human beings

• They all have different social media.
Instagram: Ichigo and Rihito! They both enjoy posting selfies and such. They often have competitions on who can get the more likes.
Facebook: Ryu and Haru. Ryu enjoys playing farmville and Haru enjoys keeping track of important dates such as birthdays tbh
Tumblr: Takeshi and Mc! Takeshi’s sense of humor developed from Tumblr, and Mc enjoys the pastel-punk and flower crowns.

• They make bets often. Most of the time, they’re actually pretty stupid. Although, it usually ends up in ties, and there’s a lot of arguing.

• Since you often played house as a kid, you guys now have an inside joke to call each other your roles that you used to have.

• Honestly, your group chat is a mess. It’s currently named “Rihitoh no”,but it changes every time someone fucks up. Takeshi often spams the chat with
“( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡ °)”, Rihito is borderline sexting Mc in the most fuckboy-ish way possible, Ichy is the one changing the group chat name, Ryu is sending pics of 2009 memes, Mc is ironically sending bad photos from the past as reaction images, and Haru is sending regrettable screenshots from previous conversations.

• Although they often make fun of Mc, if she gets hurt, they’ll come running as fast as they can.

• Ichy made Mc a cake that looked like a coke bottle, and she tried to beat him up. Haru held her back though. (This ones a little weird if you haven’t played Haru’s epilogue.)

• “why did u come so late mc??”
“home? richy you don’t live here”
“not yet”
“rich y”

• Whenever Ryu’s around, EVERYONE HAS TO EAT THEIR VEGETABLES. Takeshi is okay with vegetables, but he dislikes Ryu’s tone of voice, so he rebels.

i vaguely touched on this earlier but I don’t think any person on the face of the planet has faced the volume of sexual violation that pete wentz has like way back when his nudes leaked (that must’ve been like 2007 bc i remember fallout and the boys poking fun at the situation in their video for this ain’t a scene, it’s an arms race) and at that point in my I didn’t really venture outside of neopets dot com so i wasn’t really exposed to that chaos at the height of it but when i transitioned to other parts of the internet ~2yrs later his dick was still like everywhere and people would spam it as a joke and i was still seeing it ‘bout 4 times a week—mind you this was very annoying for a 14yr old with 0 interest in sexual organs—and up until recently i dnt think you could google pete wentz with safe search off without seeing his penis within the first few pages of results. and people, self-proclaimed fans of his actually, will still spam that pic from time to time, even tho it’s been 8+yrs since it leaked, and pete has said multiple times that he doesn’t want people doing that & it’s not funny to him.

I mean a lot of nudes leak but very seldom do nudes go THAT viral

I have way too many pics of this guy already. I try and draw my Illegib OC, Quinn, at least once a day for practice, or while I chat with people. And here I collected them in one whole pic to prevent from spamming.

This is basically, his wardrobe–jackets, suits, jeans, oxfords… and I didn’t notice it until now, but I have been putting him in mostly blue-ish outfits. Some pics were referenced, some weren’t gfdgdfgdfa–.

WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Back from the convention! 

I had THE best time!! x3 Thank you again Kuyon for getting me there and even helping me with food expenses TuT 

Just wanted to make a post about the con >w< and keep it to one post to not spam about it despite the pictures I took XD But I posted them on my mod blog ^^ There were so many Tumblr users, Youtubers, and awesome cosplayers that I had the pleasure of meeting! x3 Also got some awesome stuff!! 

Awesome drawn pic of Sweet by Emberbell (love ya! :D) The print I pined for 3 days and got it at the airport by a trade (lucky chance) from Jitters and Azula, the Discord plush by Wispy and Rhythm’s booth (got really attached to him x3) and some stickers from Dennybutt which were too cute to pass up >w<

All in all, was the best and had an awesome time!!