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I did one of these back in April, and I promised you guys I would do another one “soon”. Like Troye Sivan, my “soon” apparently meant “a long ass time”. 

Oh well, I’m here again with some new good ass material. 

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Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn by Master of Unlocking (99k) Rating: Explicit 

Once upon a time, in a faraway land called Brooklyn, an older-than-he-seemed Warlock lived in a fashionable loft apartment…

Magnus Bane angers the wrong warlock and ends up with more than he bargained for. Not only is he cursed to live out fairytales that risk his life in increasingly creative ways, he also has to find his One True Love within the year or face dire consequences.

Strange Love by arandomfan91 (46k) Rating: Mature

Alec is in love with Magnus. Magnus needs Alec to be his fake boyfriend. What could possibly go wrong?

Screw the rules by Jar_of_Dreams (17k) Rating: Teen and up 

“Screw the rules. Screw them. Screw all of this.” Alec was done. So done with everything.

Fake Date Me, Alexander by mininoot (44k) Rating: Explicit

Magnus doesn’t do relationships. Alec doesn’t do hook ups. Magnus needs a ‘proper’ date for a party, and who better to ask than Alec. Fake dating isn’t so hard, really. Unless your fake boyfriend’s brother finds out that you’re 'dating’ just before you join them on a family trip. What starts off as a simple favor quickly turns into something a lot more permanent, and a lot more confusing. The return of Alec’s terrifying past doesn’t help much, either

And the Oscar goes to… by Lecrit (21k) Rating: Explicit 

Working for Magnus isn’t easy. Magnus is out of control and Alec has to yell more often than not to get him to listen to him. He hates everything formal because it means he has to watch his mouth. Most importantly, Magnus is an incorrigible flirt.

Which would be alright if Alec wasn’t utterly, irremediably, unfathomably in love with him.

Based on this prompt:
“AU where Magnus is an Oscar winning actor and Alec, his PA, is in love with him.”

It’s Always Your Move by Lecrit (15k) Rating: Explicit

Maryse Lightwood is fierce, determinate and she is standing right in front of Magnus, on the threshold of his house, the scowl on her face announcing nothing good.

Magnus hasn’t seen her since the Oscars ceremony three days ago. To be fair, he hasn’t really seen anyone, too busy that he had been catching up on lost time with Alec.

Magnus thought he could be tranquil forever after winning an Oscar and finally confessing his feelings to Alec. Magnus was wrong.

Part 2 of “And The Oscar Goes to…”

5 Times Alec Tried to Make Magnus Titter and the 1 Time He Did That and More by Rahar_Moonfire (10k) Rating: Mature

Based on the short, cute, high pitched giggle sound Magnus made at the beginning of s1e7.

Magnus tries to hold back his laughter and ends up making a sound that Alec finds absolutely adorable. Now Alec will do everything in his power, including getting the team together to help him get Magnus to make that sound again. Even if he has to do it in the bedroom.

something wicked this way comes by Thealmostrhetoricalquestion (9k) Rating: General

Magnus Bane, the guy Alec’s had an embarrassing crush on for about six years, is swearing at a book that sits just out of reach.

Magnus Bane, the guy who doesn’t know that Alec exists.

Until now, apparently.

Allergies by behappy (18k) Rating: Mature

Alec finds a fluffy cat waiting for him on his couch and he takes it back to its owner, who happens to be too beautiful for words. Alec’s greeted by the glittery cat-eyed man, but Alec chokes. Literally. He chokes because, oh yeah, Alec forgot he’s deathly allergic to cats.’

You’re My Soulmate, Sweetheart by mininoot (1k) Rating: Not rated

Soulmate AU, where your eye color matches your soulmates shirt, which Magnus thinks is utterly ridiculous and downright finicky. Alec’s eyes have been the same blue for months now, but Magnus’s are still changing to match Alec’s shirt. (Not that Magnus would tell Alec that, of course)

think of me when you shoot your arrows by deepbutdazzlingdarkness (11k) Rating: Explicit

Five times Alec gets off thinking about Magnus and one time he doesn’t have to.

amor verus by budapestagain (28k) Rating: Teen and Up

To Alec Lightwood, family is the most important thing, above everything, including personal happiness. So when he proposed to Lydia, he wasn’t thinking of himself but the family name.
Magnus Bane is a popular and successful wedding planner and when he’s hired to plan Alec’s wedding, he thinks this will just be another job.

They have to find out that sometimes the right thing to do is to follow your heart.

to endure by thisissirius (7k) Rating: Teen and Up

“I can’t watch you die again,” Alec blurts out. He rubs his hands against his knees, looks up at Magnus through his lashes. “I don’t want to do this anymore.”

a time loop threatens to confine Alec to a lifetime of losing Magnus.

Of Doctors, Crushes and First Dates by MouseBouse (11k) Rating: Teen and Up

Alec is a doctor. Magnus is a millionaire. Izzy lives with one and is friends with the other.
Everything else just kind of settles into place.

Life of A Lightwood-Bane by heartsdesire456 (8k) Rating: Mature

The ringing of his phone on the bedside table woke Magnus up, and he immediately knew that something horrible must have happened.

Never had a phone call at three in the morning spelled good news.

A Bagel for my Boyfriend by DragonBread (5k) Rating: General Audiences 

“We love you,” Jace said.

“Yeah,” Alec sighed. “I love you too. I’m going to go to bed. Please don’t hurt Magnus, or send him creepy notes, or any of the other crazy things I can see you all planning.”

Alec and Magnus react to their first date, go on their second, and make some decisions about the future of their relationship

give it a go by rocketshiptospace (5k) Rating: Teen and Up

“You know what, Alexander,” Magnus says, studying their menu like he doesn’t already know it by heart, “You should really consider selling hotdogs.”

Alec sends him a confused look. “What, why? Aren’t my burgers good enough for you?”

Magnus looks up, “No, no, they are, it’s just,” he grins mischievously, “You really make my wiener stand.”

or, Alec works in a food truck. Magnus knows an awful lot of food related pick-up lines.

the importance of words by Purple City (WIP) (?k) Rating: Mature

It was two months into their relationship that Magnus knew he loved Alexander Gideon Lightwood, and strangely, it didn’t surprise him

or; Magnus knows a lot of languages and things go wrong before everything goes absolutely right

Signs and Soulmarks by Someone_aka_Me (2k) Rating: Teen and Up

Alec has never spoken a word. He can’t. In a world where soulmates are connected by Soulmarks that show the first words the other will say to them, he wonders what this means for his soulmate.

A Fighting Chance by heartsdesire456 (66k) Rating: Explicit

When Magnus Bane bought the space for his dance studio, Pandemonium, he had no idea that the wall between it and the MMA Training Gym next door was so thin. Neither did he realize that a dispute over the loud music would lead to him becoming involved in the world of MMA and, more importantly, guide him to the man who would end up changing his life.

Anything You Say by milominderbinder (WIP) (?k) Rating: Mature

Detective Alec Lightwood likes his job. He likes the order of it, likes helping people, likes that he gets to work with Jace and that Izzy is always right downstairs in the morgue too. He’s wanted to be a cop ever since he was a kid, just like his parents before him, and now he’s living that dream. His life should be perfect.

There’s just one problem. Their precinct has just gotten a new forensic expert   - Magnus Bane.

And honestly, he’s so cute that Alec’s kind of losing his mind.

Don’t Touch My Heart (I Was Taken From The Start) by Take_Me_To_My_Fragile_Dreams (3k) Rating:  Teen and Up 

In a world where everyone has a soulmate whose name is tattooed on their wrist, Alec and Magnus are just trying to find one another among the masses.

Set Me In Motion by lemonoclefox (WIP) (?k) Rating: Mature

Magnus spots a handsome stranger in the elevator of his apartment building – which wouldn’t be a big deal if said stranger didn’t turn out to be dating Magnus’s neighbor. In other words, his and Magnus’s paths end up crossing more than once, causing a friendship to slowly develop. Magnus should be complaining, but he’s not.

The Red String of Fate by Someone_aka_Me (5k) Rating: Teen and Up

In a world where everyone is born with a red thread on his hand, tying him to his soulmate, Magnus Bane is born with a closed loop. He waits a long time to find the other end.

I hope these are to your satisfaction <3

//Lydia Isabelle

yg’s misogynistic ass can’t manage his female artists for Shit

his main girl group has been dead for 2 years and is this close to disbanding cos he shipped one of them to the US for solo work that’s barely there, shut another out from the public for far too long for a “scandal” that should’ve been cleared years ago, and completely neglected another for so long that she’s rumored to be looking for more work to do at a new label
his one solo female artist transferred to a sublabel to actually get shit done and his new girl group that he’s been promising since 2012 is nonexistent- not to mention THEIR lineup is still questionable.

chanhyuk’s enlisting soon and begged yg to give suhyun a solo album but lmfao honestly? At this rate i’m not expecting yg to churn out anything.

(TRANS) 140409 From XIUMIN

We are one!!
Hello. This is EXO’s Xiumin, who is now 2 years old.

What day is April 8?? EXO’s two-year debut anniversary??
Nope~~ It’s the day when EXO cried eungeh~ eungeh~ and was born to meet all you fans!
As the days go by, over time, EXO has grown little by little!
Watching this process are our EXO fans, giving us support and love!

Thanks to everyone’s overflowing love, I think EXO is growing quickly and healthily~
Thank you, always^^

I think the only thing we can give in return is to always do our best, become even cooler and show a better image.

That’s why! We worked hard to prepare this new album!
Everyone~ are your hearts ready for our new image?
I wish we, EXO, could meet everyone as soon as possible~ >.<

So let’s meet soon as promised and shout this together?
“We are one! EXO let’s love!”

trans: fy-exo | source: exo-m’s official website
please take out with credits.

Dan and Phil Chronological Playlist!

Hi everyone! My roommate just made the Best Thing Ever ™: 

A Youtube playlist that has ALL of Dan and Phil’s videos, EVER*, in chronological order! 

When I say all, btw, I mean the ones from Amazingphil, Danisnotonfire, SuperAmazingProject, LessAmazingPhil, Danisnotinteresting, Danandphilgames and yes, even DanandPhilcrafts. That’s 434 videos so far, and she’s promised to try to keep it updated, too! 

We’re very new to the phandom (I’ll be making a dedicated blog soon) but I had to share this Immediately And Without Delay. 

Give props to Thuriweaver for putting this thing together!!! 

*minus the liveshows

Maid - Joker x Reader imagine part 7 (you wot)

a/n: hiiiiiii *nervously laughs* it’s me again. so… i feel like this will be one of the last parts of this never ending imagine :D but yeah i like this part tbh, i like the storyline and how i’ve written it :) so yeah i hope you like this guys ily

characters: this is new but JOKER, READER, HARLEY QUINN

warnings: guns, swearing, shouting, violence and death

Finally it was the day. The day of our little holiday starting. J had promised me to go on holiday soon and a few days ago, he announced the date. Today. It was finally something different, something I didn’t know I was longing for.  

I was just finishing up both of our packing, as J had asked me to. He was out for business again, saying he’d be back just in time for us to leave. So I was alone with the staff. 

Before finishing up packing, I picked out something to wear now - a simple pink dress with no straps, it ended at mid thigh. It was simple, something I could wear every now and then, so it was perfect for this occasion.

I changed and put the last necessary things in the bags and I was finished. I sighed and sat on the bed, a bit tired. Looking over at the clock, I saw it was almost time to leave. I turned my head back to face the ground and heard gunshots coming from downstairs. I stood up, although very scared and made my way out of the room. I knew it was dangerous, I didn’t know who was down there, but I looked over the wooden railing, only to see Jennifer’s body laying on the ground, blood starting to pool around it. I gasped and put my hand over my mouth, backing away from the railing. 

Loud giggling and footsteps were heard through out the house.

“Puddin’? Is that you?” A female voice exclaimed in a squeal-y tone. Who the hell was that? I daren’t make a noise and just waited for the next thing to happen. The footsteps got closer to the stairs and stopped. “Uh-huh!” The voice said. Oh shit. “I see you, but you’re not Puddin’.” The person took a step on the stairs. “I will come up.” I don’t know why, but I stood frozen, not moving a muscle. Perhaps I was too scared to do anything, so I just stood there, waiting for the person to do something. 

She finally came into my view - it was a woman, a little bit older than me - dressed in a tight costume that seemed to be reminding me of cards, black and red checkered, with a few rhombs here and there and white details around her neck and wrists. Her face and hair were pale, only her pigtails had color at the ends - blue and pink. 

She came closer to me, only a few feet away, and reached out her hand. 

“Hi, I’m Harley Quinn. Who are you and what are you doing here?” She spoke. So she was Harley. But.. J said he had taken care of her. I didn’t answer, completely frozen by the thought that she was the one who killed Jen. “C'mon, speak up.”

“W-well, I’m Y/N, I live here.”

“You live here? But Puddin’ lives here.” She replied with a pout. 

“S-sorry, but who’s Pudding?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know,” she narrowed her eyes. “he’s the one who lives here with you, the one I’m looking for. Mr. J, he prefers also that name.” She explains. Oh. “So, is he here?” I was about to answer, but then I heard the front door open and close.

“Baby, I’m home, we can go now!” J yelled through the house. Oh God, what’s going to happen next? “Oh, my, my, what’s all this? Is somebody visiting?” 

“Puddin’!” Harley exclaimed. She grabbed my arm and put her gun against my temple, dragging me down the stairs to J. A few tears escaped my eyes, I was so scared. Was she going to kill me?

Joker was standing in the middle of the room, his henchmen and dead bodies of the staff around him. I was relieved to see him, but much too afraid of Harley. His stare was with a killing potential, fixed on me and Harley.

“Harley.” He said in a growl. 

“Hi, J.”

“I don’t have much time, so I will get right to the chase. What are you doing here?”

“Oh, I just came by to visit you. Thought a little revenge wouldn’t do any bad. This pretty-faced slut - yours, probably - just happened to be here.” J stalked over to us and put his face close to Harley’s. In one swift motion, he took the gun from her hand and pushed her away from me, punching her in the gut.

Without thought, I ran to him, jumping in his arms with relief.

“J…” I breathed out, feeling his arms go around my waist and I hugged on tightly. “I was so scared. Thank God you’re here.” 

“Don’t worry, baby, this will be settled in a minute.” He growled, holding me close. I pulled back, looking at Harley who was now stretching back up from her crouched position with grunts. J walked me to his henchmen, and they all stood around me. 

Joker walked over to Harley and said:

“Careful. If anyone calls my baby girl like that, they get something bad in return.” He warned.

“She’s your ‘baby girl’ now?” Harley mocked the nickname with disgust in her voice. “Just like I was?”

“She’s different.” Joker growled. “But why should I explain anything to YOU?” He yelled out, slapping her cheek. “YOU should be DEAD!” Another hit to the face. “How did you survive, huh?” He had her against the wall, holding her face. “I blew you up!”

“You obviously didn’t. How am I here, then, baby?” 

“You have no right to call me that!” J said and slapped her again, hitting her in the stomach as well. While Harley was crouched down, coughing blood, he took her gun from the floor and placed it against the back of her head. J pulled her back up straight.

“I would love to torture you, kill you slowly so that you would be begging me to kill you, but… me and my angel have somewhere to go, so I’ll kill you fast.” He said. “Any last words?”

“You will get what you deserve, you manipulative piece of shit!” Harley spat and J fired the gun. He let go of her body and it fell to the ground lifelessly. J had blood all over his face, so he walked into the kitchen and washed it off.

We all heard sirens outside and multiple cars pulling up in the driveway - it was the police. How were they here? 

J rushed over to his henchmen and me, telling them to get our bags from upstairs and other directions. He grabbed my hand and turned my body to his.

“We gotta run, baby girl, can you do that?” He asked and I nodded. Were we gonna die? “We’ll go through the secret door in the basement.” I nodded again. “But whatever you do, don’t look back and hold onto my hand.”

“Yes.” I breathed out. He kissed my cheek and we ran. Down the stairs, into the basement, hearing the police breaking down the front door of our house already. J pressed a button and the secret door opened before us, revealing a long hallway, water at the end of it. Wow, I didn’t know we were that close to the ocean. 

J and I looked over our shoulders, hearing the cops’ voices in the hallway and looked at each other. I smiled at him for no reason and we ran again. With my dress flying around my legs, I could smell the saltiness of the ocean already. This felt so good, running, adrenaline, being with him… I laughed out loud, and he joined with a light chuckle. 

We stopped right before the hallway ended and J looked over at me with a smile. He brought my lips to his in passion, but the kiss was soon interrupted by the police, who were at the other end of the hallway. 

“Baby, we gotta jump before they shoot us.” He said and I looked down at the water. It was dark, crashing in waves, probably cold. I looked back at J and nodded. 

“Together.” I said.

“One… Two… Three!” J counted down and we jumped, holding hands with breaths held in. Our skin was soon met by the freezing cold ocean water, swallowing us up. J pulled us back above the water and I breathed again. He grabbed my cheeks, pulling me close and kissing my lips again.

“It’s freezing, J!” I said, laughing and pulling away. 

“Right. But I want you so bad right now.” He said, looking into my eyes and stroking my cheek.

“I know. But let’s get somewhere safe first.” I said, J nodded.

“There’s a car at the shore, can you swim that far?”

“Well, I don’t really have a choice, do I?” I chuckled and J smiled.

“Let’s go.” He urged. No matter how cold and hard it was, we managed to swim to the shore. We were practically crawling to reach the car, panting. The henchmen pulled us in and drove off immediately.

J felt needy when he pulled me to him once again, kissing me and running his cold, wet hands all over me. I giggled, but kissed back. He was so cold, but weirdly - so warm. He was a man of wonder, what can I say?

“J…” I whispered, pulling back and leaving my hand on his cheek. “I liked that. I was very much afraid of getting killed, but I liked us running away together. I’m so happy you’re here, with me.”

“Oh, baby, what would I do without you?” He asked and kissed me gently. His arm pulled me to his side and I put my hand on his chest, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

“You’ll see, baby doll, you’ll see…”


From now on, if a book fails to capture my attention by page 100, I’m done.

I know it’s sacrilege to some people to give up on a book so soon, but I have hundreds of other books to read, and no time to waste on books I’m not enjoying. 

Why waste my time on something I’m not enjoying when I could be discovering a new favorite? 

The only thing to say is that if it’s one of those “maybe right now is not the right time” kind of book, I promise I’ll try again in the future.  

Bring                 Back                  Reply Call to Action December 1, 2015

Hello all.

On June 1, 2015, we expressed our frustration with Tumblr, a social media platform we love, by asking them, as a community of Tumblrs, to PROTECT THE CREATORS. Well, over a month ago Tumblr staff/support/developers took away our beloved and much used REPLY feature, promising to bring it back soon, even though, according to them, it was rarely used. Here is a post from David @david Karp’s Tumblr; he replies to a question if REPLY will return  by saying, “Yes!”. For those who do not know, David Karp is the one who created this great platform. He is still active as part of the Tumblrverse administration.

We are still waiting for the “new & improved” REPLY feature Tumblr creator @david promised us would return. 

I think we need to mark the 6 month anniversary of our PROTECT THE CREATORS “virtual,” peaceful demonstration by having a BRING BACK REPLY day, all day December 1, 2015. On the first day of December, we should use this image, which you can download by clicking on this link, as our profile picture (avatar).

On the first day of December, to mark the 6 month anniversary of our PROTECT THE CREATORS show of community, we should also post this image on our blogs. We should reblog this all day December 1, 2015.


Many of you went creative on June 1, 2015, so do it again. Get creative like you did on the first day of June, 2015, posting your own visions of what the BRING BACK REPLY signs should look like.

let’s make our voices heard.
let’s ask for what so many of us want because it fosters and supports our many, diverse Tumblr communities.
let’s HAVE FUN, too.

let’s do this.



Then I met someone i never EVER expected to meet. The lovable yet horrifying Funky Bodacious bod stealing (and heart stealing) Parasite Sanzy Fresh! He’s not that scary once you get past all that stuff. he is actually really nice and sweet and respectful! we shared jokes all night. He was really encouraging, said i should be a comedian, I’m sad when he had to sk8 on out of there but he promised we could still be friends, and I’m keeping him to it! ;) My sans however is still kinds nervous about my new pal though he he! @loverofpiggies

I also met yet ANOTHER Frisk! @thepacifrisk was really nice and cute and looked just dashing in their tux! they were really shy at first but warmed up quick and hung out with me and Fresh…or Fresh and I? I dunno! it was really fun though. i’m glad I met them

I will pick out more pictures soon. but oh man if someone made a picture of ME and one for THEM I might have a mini heart attack of happiness and have to reset!! man..if only…but i doubt it <: ) but that’s okay! I have memories of my own (seriously though if any of you I met drew me I would love you forever and probably scream behind the computer and freak out my parents…but its worth it!)

Reasons to Live (poems that i almost deleted)

-all the hotels youve never been in inside of all the cities youre going to see

-the late night talks with your best friend at sleepovers

-the smell of your room when you get back from a vacation or even just being out with your friends

-all the friends youre going to make

-all the toxic “friends” you will soon be able to leave (i promise)

-you will be able to get away from the people that dont make you happy (i promise)

-sleeping in the same bed as the person you love the most

-art museums with your best friend

-holding hands and hugs

-small pretty flowers on the sidewalk

-the new album from your favorite band

-that one song that always makes you happy

-the view of a city from a big apartment window in a small cozy apartment

-ferris wheels at night

-late night walks on the beach

-piling up on the couch with all your closest friends and watching your favorite movies

-you will always be valid and your mind will always be beautiful

-for me

-i believe in you

-you are loved

please keep living. its worth it.

[FROM. XIUMIN] I'm EXO's Xiumin

We are one!!
Hello. This is EXO’s Xiumin who has just turned two years old.

What day is April 8th?? EXO’s two year anniversary??
No~~ In order to meet the fans, it’s the day that EXO was born!!
As time has gone by and the days have passed by, EXO has grown up!
And our EXO fans have watched, protecting, supporting and loving us during that time!

Thanks to everyone’s overflowing love, us EXO, seem to be growing quickly and well~
I’m always thankful ^^
In order to repay all of the fans, I will only show an, always doing my best, cooler, improving image. 

So! We worked hard preparing this new album!
Everyone~ Are you hearts ready to meet our new image?
Us EXO just want to meet you guys quicker~ >.<

So promising to meet soon, how about shouting together?
“We are one! EXO let’s love!”

source; exom’s official site
trans cr; zesha @exok-trans
please take out with full credits.