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If you’ve already listened to the brand new episode of #welcometonightvale, you heard correctly- I am thrilled to announce I’m going on tour with these guys again in the fall!!! I absolutely adore this group of friends, and this podcast has been a big part of my life (and a huge blessing to my career) since I met them last year. So much fun to be had! This also marks the US/Canada portion of my #album release tour. If you do not live in one of the cities we’re coming to, do not fret- I’ll come see you on my own very soon, promise! Shows listed under the “tour dates” tab on my facebook #music page.


look what i just maaaaaaaaadeeee 
you can get them here and here, though you need to be aware that those two need lots of cuddles and love, so be sure you’re able to provide that

Dan and Phil Chronological Playlist!

Hi everyone! My roommate just made the Best Thing Ever ™: 

A Youtube playlist that has ALL of Dan and Phil’s videos, EVER*, in chronological order! 

When I say all, btw, I mean the ones from Amazingphil, Danisnotonfire, SuperAmazingProject, LessAmazingPhil, Danisnotinteresting, Danandphilgames and yes, even DanandPhilcrafts. That’s 434 videos so far, and she’s promised to try to keep it updated, too! 

We’re very new to the phandom (I’ll be making a dedicated blog soon) but I had to share this Immediately And Without Delay. 

Give props to Thuriweaver for putting this thing together!!! 

*minus the liveshows

Promise you’ll be brave (part one)

request ; Hi! Can I request a one shot where the reader is a part of Coulson’s team (AoS) and they’re dating Pietro. And the team finds out. Thanks, love you imagines by the way.

a/n ; i gave the reader a little background story as to why she joined S.H.I.E.L.D and why she soon joins avengers (some scenes take place in the 1st avengers movie and then the second part to this story will be have some scenes from aou) sorry if this is long, ill have the second part up tomorrow. (not sure if this might be a 3rd part) i hope you like!!


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Before :

i was only 15 years old when i discovered i had the power of energy and telekinesis. it all started one day at school. i would always sit by myself during lunch because i felt like i didn’t really fit it. I’m always quiet and kept everything to myself. i was reading a book about endangered species when these group of kids came towards me and snatch my book,

“what are you reading freak” he said looking at me while the rest of the group laughed

“ yeah freak , that’s what you are freak! you have no friends, no one likes you!” they all started laughing at me, pushing me to the ground,i started to cry.

“oh look she crying! cry baby”

one of the guys said pointing at me. i couldn’t help myself, i felt my chest hurting like i was being stabbed, i couldn’t breath and all of sudden my hands started to glow blue and then energy blast came out of my hands sending everyone that was around me to the ground.

everyone looked at me scared like i was a monster. i was scared. i started to run, running home to where i was safe at least that’s what i thought. i arrived with the door open, everything was broken, shattered, destroyed. i found my parents died, their body lying lifeless on the floor

” no ! please don’t leave me , wake up!”  

i started to scream and then the blue energy forming blasted out of my hands. destroying the house, everything crumbling down when i felt someones arms wrapped around me then darkness fell.

I woke up on a hospital bed, hearing the machines and people talking, someone was standing by the window looking out. “where am i ?” i asked with a shaking voice the man turned around coming towards me taking my hand in his. “ Hello y/n i’m agent Phil Coulson from S.H.I.E.L.D i worked with your parents” he said, tears forming in my eyes, i don’t even remember whats the last thing i said to them.

“ My parents are dead aren’t they ?”

i looked at him with tears falling from my eyes. Coulson looked at me with a sadden look wiping away my tears with a tissue he grabbed from the night stand.

“ Yes. im terribly sorry for your lost, i was friends with your mother since high school and i was one the one that told her to join S.H.I.E.L.D with me.” he said while pulling out a picture out of his pocket.

Taking the picture looking at it , it was me and my parents from 10th birthday, tears started falling. “ That was the only picture of could find that wasn’t destroyed” he said giving me another tissue. “thank you “ i said and giving him a hug

“ y/n  you have powers that control energy” Coulson said showing me a screen that seems to show my vitals and my blood pressure. i looked up confused.

“do you remember the blue energy that formed in your hands yes?”

i shook my head for confirmation

“when you’re emotional that’s when your energy starts to form, you can’t fully control them but we will train you , if you’re willing to let us. meaning joining S.H.I.E.L.D” he looked at me. i opened my mouth to speak but no words came out.

“ If not that is totally understandable. y/n you’re an orphan, you will be in and out of foster homes, would you like that?” he looked down and sighing from what he said. i didnt say anything. but i thought to myself , my parents would want me to do this for my safety, and if they trusted Coulson then should too.

“okay i will , but would you be there for me until i’m strong enough to be on my own?”

“i swore to your mother, that if anything happened to you ill take care of you, it’s a promise, ill be there for you until death” he said smiling and taking me into a hug.

Present day :

Thats was nearly 7 years ago. i’m 22 now. i’ve been training with Clint a.k.a Hawkeye and Natasha a.k.a Blackwidow. i can control my powers better than before, i also have telekinesis, i can see through someone’s mind, looking at their memories, see what they’re feeling, i can mimic their memories , replace them for a short time, and i can show them memories and show their fears.

i met every avenger except Bruce, Steve Rodgers was the sweetest man i ever met, we would talk about our past and we have a lot in common but very differently. Tony would always ask me for help creating his new improved suits and the design for his new stark tower. Each and one of them treated me like family and Coulson the one i saw as a father figure has been their for me since day one like he promise, he would constantly calling me to know if i was okay and ask me about how my day went, But i never knew his promise would soon end.

The battle of New York, a big hole in the sky, aliens coming out and attacking everything leaving new york city destroyed. i was on the helicarrier with Coulson walking down to see loki the one that’s caused the big hole in the sky.  When we got their thor was in the cylinder cage or whatever it is was and loki was out standing next to the control system .

Coulson told me to wait by the door, while he grabbed a big gun and headed towards loki

“move away please” he said pointing the gun at him.

loki stepping away

“ you like this? i started to work on the prototype after you sent the destroyer” he said moving closer to loki

“even i don’t know what it does” turning it on making a electric sound “wanna find out?” he said then next thing you know he was killed with loki scepter and the loki that stood in front of Coulson disappeared and was behind him.

“ NOO!!!” i heard thor hitting the glass

hearing loki and Coulson talking i couldn’t hear what he said i kept crying and my heart kept pounding in my chest.

hearing a blast that made a hole in the wall , i looked over and see loki lying on the floor

“so thats what it does” Coulson said

i ran to him putting my hands on his face so he could look at me

“please dont die on me”  i said tears falling from my eyes, shaking, i couldn’t lose him he was the only family i have left.

“i promise you id protect you, now here we are at the end of our promises.” he said with every breath he could manage to get out, i was just about to opened my mouth to say something when he interrupted  me

“Promise me you’ll be okay, promise me you’ll be strong and brave and fight for whats right even if you’re fighting alone” he said tears falling from his eyes

“i promise” looking into his eyes. then i couldn’t feel his chest moving.

“Phil?” shaking his lifeless body

“PHIL ?!?!” i said screaming, sobbing into his shoulder.

i feel empty , leaving a hole in my chest, a part of me died and that hole could never be filled. i’m forever destroyed and with no feelings just completely numb.  

people coming in to take his body as i hear Fury say that agent Coulson is down. 

“how about you signing up to be an avenger” Fury said looking down at me

“i.. uh.. i-i dont know..” i said trying to hold back my tears

“y/n time is running out for us and were left with no option, Coulson wanted you to do this, you’ll be fighting to save the world, are you in or are you out “ 

i looked down to think and process what he just said to me. thinking about my parents, they would of wanted me to do this, they’ll be so proud of me. i looked up to Fury waiting for an answer, i stood up and walked towards him.

“sign me up” i said shaking him hand. 

soon after the battle of New York finished and everyone went home.

A/n ; okay so thats part one !! i hope you like it, ill have part two up tomorrow. im still taking in request ask so dont be scared and ask me!!


Title You, Me
Rating General
Words 1,000+
Very, very, very short submission for Day 6 of noizweek. I didn’t even intend to submit something today but I had this image in my head that wouldn’t leave. ^^; What better way to be with the one you love than on your honeymoon?

Noiz’s Coil blipped to life with an incoming message.

New message from: Theo
Read? [Y] [N]

He clicked “yes.” The entirety of the message popped up in a separate hologram screen.

Subject: Re: Honeymoon
Message: Such wonderful pictures! Did Aoba take most of them? You both look so happy! ^__^ You two must be having a wonderful time. Be sure to send even more during the rest of your trip, okay?


A smile broadened over his face. His brother seemed to be busier than usual, considering the fact he took over Noiz’s work load so that him and Aoba could enjoy their honeymoon without a care in the world.
But trying to keep in contact with one another– as Theo insisted they should– was nearly impossible due to the change in time zones. They could never get a hold of one another; when the sun was rising on the ocean’s horizon, it was setting behind the city skyline in Germany. When he managed to get a message from Theo, he either received it late at night or Theo’s wording seemed rushed, like he was trying to cram in time to send a well-thought response.
He was ever-grateful for his brother’s simple gestures of kindness, taking moments out of his busy schedule to send him simple gestures of enthusiasm.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy the view he had in front of him: pure white sand, waves crashing against the shore leaving a mosaic of shells inside the foam, seagulls swooping in to dive into the deep sea. But above all of this, the view he treasured the most– Aoba, now his husband, nestled at his side, lulled into a tranquil sleep from the gentle rocking of their hammock.

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My face when I saw that the next NYX face awards challenge is “paranormal activity” 😂 both hilarious with the timing of me JUST doing an exorcist tutorial and AWESOME because I could not think of a theme I hoped for more! So prepare for more scary a week and a half from now! If you haven’t checked out my new Exorcist tutorial (or were too scurred to check it out) conquer your fears and go watch it right meow! The link is in my bio. And I promise there’s plenty of light goofy moments to even out the creepier ones. SO EXCITED TAWLK TO YA SOON. 💀#halloweeninjune

Hey there!!

I’m so sorry I havent been updating for a few days! I spend half my week every week of my life at my mothers and she doesn’t have internet at her house. For the couple of days I’ve been away, some terrible things have happened in my life. I’ll update soon I promise, I just need to clear my head first.

In other news, we hit 600 followers guys!!! I’ll have to do something special for that but I’m not 100% what. Maybe a giveaway, I dunno.

Also, I am DROWNING in asks. Some are really old and some are new. Some are really cool asks and some are simple but still super sweet. I’d like to apologize to anyone I haven’t answered. I know no one has gotten angry yet but I just want to apologize now and hope you all understand. There are just so many asks and sometimes I forget some and sometimes it gets burried in all the new ones. I’m so sorry.

Beside You- Mikey One Shot :)


“Another day and I’m somewhere new
I made a promise that I’ll come home soon”

It’s a hot summer day here at home. Some days go by fast and some painfully slow. It all becomes a well-to-known routine. Wake up, eat, shower, work, go home, go to bed. Somewhere in between that if the time zones allow it, I hear from Mikey. “Where are you today babe?” I ask through the phone. It was 6pm here and I just finished dinner when Mikey shot me a text that he just landed and to call him. I can never keep track of his hectic schedule, and when I do try it just gives me a headache. “Barcelona” he says through a yawn. “I’ve always wanted to go there, make sure you send me some pictures so I can feel like I’m there.” “You know I always send you adventurous pictures, like the other day of me at the Eiffel Tower.” Then he stopped for a minute. “I wish you were here babe, I wish you were here sharing these moments with me” Of course I wished I was there too. Our schedules didn’t work out, and even though I denied the invitation to join him on tour, I was in the middle of a semester at school and I couldn’t just drop everything and go, as much as I wanted too. “Just come home Michael… I miss you so much” “I will be home soon babe, okay?” he replied soothingly. “When?” “I’m not sure.. but I will make it happen, I don’t care what I have to do.  I hate this just as much as you do. I promise that I’ll come home soon.”  

Vacation | Ari & Tay

After arriving in New York City, Taylor was in love with the smell. She had made a promise to herself before leaving Mystic Fall’s that she would leave all of her troubles behind as soon as the plane took off. Now they were here and Taylor was pulling up alongside the curb at the airport with Ariana standing there with their bags. The orange corvette purring like a kitten and Taylor was grinning. “I may have to buy one of these. It’s so lovely..” Taylor climbed out and ran her hand over the orange paint. “All right missy lets put the stuff in here we have to get to check in by 4.” 


Dwarf in the Flask, by Kida The Freak

The Promised Day was over, but it left behind deep scars. Envy, with no knowledge of how he’s alive, is left in the hands of the Elric brothers- and Edward in particular. With a silent threat lurking over Amestris and a now-powerless Envy, Ed and Envy begin to see each other in a new light, one that could change them forever. (Edvy, Brotherhood-verse.)

Chapter One: Dust to Dust, Ashes to Ashes

anonymous asked:

Do you still like the fault in our stars?

I do. There will always be a part of me that’s connected to that book. Unfortunately there’s just not much left to show that anymore. The movie has come and gone. Just about every possible gif of the movie has already been made. All of my theories on the book have been stated. My fanfic was completed over a year ago. 

Lately I’ve really been wanting to read it again. That’s a problem I have, buying new books, then re-reading old ones I already know I love. So I made myself promise at the beginning of the year that I would read some of the to-be-reads on my shelf, and I’ve stuck to that so far. I’ll probably end up reading tfios again soon though. I really want to go through and highlight, write notes in the margin, put sticky notes, etc. I want that book to reveal the impact it had on me.  

They Had to Scrape Me Off the Floor (3/3)

Synopsis:  Quinn showed up on Rachel’s doorstep (1) feeling depressed and suicidal over Beth.  A bond started to form (2) that neither of them examined too carefully – but the time may be coming to examine it.

Author’s Note: Final installment for this one!  Lyrics from “Stars” by The Weepies.  More Faberry, Pezberry, Quinntana coming sometime soon, work schedule and life providing.  Moved back to Iowa, just started a new job as an overnight stocker, and looking for car + apartment so I’m squeezing some time in to write.  <3

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Blog announcement time!

Yo lads ‘n lasses, Deluxeloy speaking. There’s two things I briefly wanted to mention. You might be interested.

First of all, I’ll be starting a new blog soon for Lucid, a story I’ve been writing on dA but haven’t really mentioned here. This blog will stay as it is but if you want to read shit about fictional characters being the writers of their own story, keep an eye out. I promise it’s good.

Secondly, most of you who are into PMDU will know Sass, Coda, Mytew and a bunch of other folks are starting yet another group, PMDA. This one caught my interest again though, it looks really good. I’ll likely be stalking it for the forseeable future… But here’s a dilemma. I already have two stories running. But I wanna do this ‘cause it looks hella cool. So here’s the deal; if I can find someone to collab with, it’s worth it. I don’t have any (read; actually have too many) character ideas yet, so we’ll sort out the details later. Anyone interested?

I took my rainbow heart with me to the morning jog today just because I felt like it. Lovely weather (for a change, ah this very nice “summer” here in Finland…). I can’t wait for the show in Helsinki, it’s so soon! Two weeks omg. My friend who is coming with me to the show promised also wear something rainbow-stuff at the concert, so we kind of have a one new participant. :)


I’m admitting defeat at my 100th post!  Butter is doing fine, and especially since she molted her energy has risen even higher.  I’m leaving for New Zealand today and won’t be posting for two weeks, and didn’t post like I promised after prom because of finals and our exchange student leaving.

I may post again, but for now this is my salutation as I prepare to leave the country!  I will try to post again, but I’ll probably be done soon since I won’t be getting another mantis before I leave for college.

Thank you so much to all of my followers, and especially the ones who have been dedicated since day 1; I have noticed, and thank you!

Castle Review-Hollander’s Woods

I really enjoyed this episode, particularly getting to find out why Castle became a mystery writer, as well as the awards night at the end of the episode, promising a new Castle when it returns later this year. 

Murder Mystery Origins

It seems fitting that whilst the mystery dating back to the season 6 finale of Castle’s whereabouts concluded (mostly) a little earlier this season, that we still have one mystery from the beginning of this season relating to that, to explore.

As soon as Castle sees the dead woman’s face, we know that this murder means something to him, and these suspicions are confirmed with his expression when the mask is mentioned. Beckett immediately realises that something is wrong, that Castle isn’t behaving as his normal self, and he definitely takes this murder especially seriously. In the hospital, their witness starts describing the mask he saw, and Castle’s questions make Beckett increasingly concerned, for she recognises that he knows something about this murder. During this questioning, we see Castle start to have what appear to be flashbacks of the mask in question, and he seems disturbed.

And then he tells Beckett the story of how he became a mystery writer, of the murder he witnessed as a child, the story of which he only told that one man during the two months of his disappearance. The sad thing about it is that Castle didn’t want it to be real, and so he treated it as such, hence never mentioning it to Beckett. So this is an emotional case for Castle, who seems to blame himself for not putting a stop to the murderer when he was a child, but as Beckett acknowledges, this is ridiculous because he was eleven and it was a terrible experience for him.

Later when they investigate their suspect, Castle starts to believe that the psychiatrist is in fact the murderer, but the others don’t seem to believe him, and Beckett’s response leaves him feeling pretty devastated that she doesn’t have his back. She comes by later to tell him that she believes him, but by that stage he’s also come around to her thinking, that they don’t have any evidence for a warrant, but Beckett has found a property that could be his lair, knowing that she can’t search it because then any evidence would be inadmissible. But as a civilian, Castle would simply be trespassing and the evidence could be used. Beckett gives him the choice, knowing how much this case means to him. And after a showdown between the murderer and Castle, with Beckett’s help, Castle shoots him.

Fatherly Advice

It seems appropriate in an episode focused on moving and achieving your goals, Alexis asks for advice from Castle, worried that she won’t ever find her passion like he did, because he was much younger than her when he found his. True to form, Castle gives some interesting advice that reflects his own inner thoughts-that she will find it or her passion might find her (as his did), that ‘One day you will look back and realise that every experience you ever had, every seeming mistake or blind alley was actually a straight line to who you were meant to be.’

It’s a beautiful thought, and to be honest that line of thought is something I often think about, that all those moments you maybe wish hadn’t happened influenced the path you took that led you to all those good moments, all the most important moments of your life, and I think it’s a great way of looking at the world, and giving yourself a break if you haven’t found exactly what you want to do yet. In true amazing father style, Castle tells Alexis that he knows she will be amazing at whatever she does, because she already is amazing, and these scenes between father and daughter are so perfect. 

It’s interesting how this scene connects to a later scene between Castle and Beckett as he agonises over whether he would be here without what happened to him in the woods that day. Beckett tells him, ‘we’re not here because of him, we’re here because of who we are in the face of people like him’, and this also is a good point about where people’s lives lead them. It’s not just made up of moments, it’s made up of the choices that create or are affected by these moments, and that’s just as important as the moments themselves. It’s another good way of looking at the intersection between the past, present and future.

New Opportunities

After a season of exploring Beckett’s desire to climb more mountains and pursue different challenges, it’s apt that this season ends with a shift in direction for Beckett career-wise.

Beckett took the Captain’s exam earlier and is awaiting her results, but she’ll later discover that she’s been observed for a very different kind of job. Gates tells Beckett that she has a performance review that evening, which of course worries Beckett as she isn’t scheduled for one for another 3 months, so she immediately believes it must be about her exam results, but Gates says they don’t have meetings for that, which only makes Beckett even more concerned. 

Beckett enters the meeting, only to find herself attacked for the way she’s conducted various investigations over the course of her partnership with Castle, as they accuse her of letting her personal feelings for Castle dictate her actions during investigations, leaving Beckett horrified. They tell her that she isn’t qualified to lead, that she isn’t qualified to be a detective, and of course Beckett is lost for words. But she doesn’t let them have the last say, standing up for herself and her relationship with Castle, and this is the strong Detective Kate Beckett that we know and love.

It’s an important moment not just from a personal perspective in how clearly she loves and respects Castle and his proud of their relationship, but it’s also a significant development from a professional perspective, because it is this speech that lands her a new job opportunity. And she’s offered the opportunity to run for New York State Senate, leaving her in disbelief (though some of us were convinced this would happen eventually, after all the time travel episode mentioning future Beckett being a senator). 

Awards Night

It’s so nice to see not only Beckett, Martha and Alexis at this night celebrating Castle’s work, but also Ryan, Esposito, Lanie, Gates, Tory and Jenny, because together these people are a family, so it means a lot that they are all there supporting Castle. 

Castle’s acceptance speech acknowledges that writers don’t do it alone after the camera pans across the table, showing the people who are his family, the people without whom he couldn’t do this, that he’s here because of the people in his life. He thanks Martha and Alexis for their unconditional love and support, he thanks his friends at the 12th precinct (especially Ryan and Esposito) for letting him in, and finally he mentions how 7 years ago he thought he would never write again, until Beckett walked through the door, that his whole world changed. It’s a beautiful recognition of everything they have been through together since the beginning, and Beckett’s reaction to his speech is so adorable. 

It’s the perfect ending to this season, but in many ways, this episode also reminds me of what a series finale is like, and it makes me wonder whether it was crafted especially in case Castle wasn’t renewed, because it does a spectacular job of providing a suitable and satisfying ending, which promises more for the characters beyond what will will see. The other characters ask what Castle will do next if Beckett becomes state senator, but she still hasn’t decided what will do, and it leaves the story open ended, but still satisfying which is what makes me believe it is perfect for a series finale. But I’m excited to see where Castle will progress from here, because it seems unlikely with all the emphasis on Beckett wanting to explore new opportunities that she won’t at least attempt to run for the senate, and that means a complete change of direction for the show, which will lead to some interesting future storylines. And then there’s the hint that Beckett could be pregnant!

Steven universe crackpot theory

So we have a Steven bomb coming fairly soon, and we’ve been promised a new gem character of some sort by the name of sandonyx. Currently the prevailing theories are that this will be a fusion of peridot and Jaspers, the giant gem depicted in the gem temple’s architecture, or one of the monsters whom Steven and co have defeated and bubbled. I would like to present an alternative theory however: I believe sandonyx will be Connie.
For the basis of my theory, let us examine the normal means by which gems reproduce:
Under normal circumstances gems are created in kindergartens where gems are injected into the ground and drain life force from the surrounding area as they advance towards the surface, eventually emerging and leaving the surrounding area devoid of life, much like a virus infecting a cell. Once a planet is left a hollowed she’ll they move on to the next one. Steven, however, is an exception to this trend, being a human/gem hybrid. His gem is inherited from his mother, rather than him being entirely unique as most gems are. He also exhibits fusion capability with humans, something that is unique to him as a hybrid. He also exhibits some other unique abilities, such as his telepathic dreams (which rose may have had but we do not know) and his immunity to disruption weapons and poofing. Intentional or not, in creating Steven, Rose created a super weapon against the gem homeworld; a gem who cannot be poofed and will never need to retreat. Considering Rose was a brilliant enough tactician to win a war, ostensibly against overwhelming numbers, she must have been incredibly intelligent, leading me to believe that this was intentional (perhaps she encountered some early disruption weapons during the war and made the logical leap). But what if that was only part of Rose’s plan? You cannot win a war with a single super soldier, meaning that if Steven is her ace then she would require means of creating more like him. But how, if creating Steven alone cost her a physical form? By spreading gemism to other humans of course, and Steven being able to reproduce and thus make more hybrids without loosing his form. Now how would gems spread? Why, by fusion of course! Gems are after all functionally a disease, and how better to spread a disease than by becoming closer to someone than it is normally possible for a human to be? As Connie is currently the only human Steven has fuzed with, it would make sense that she would be the first to “contract” hybridism from him, making her and Steven the first 2 soldiers in Rose’s new army.

TL;DR I think gems are a disease and rose mutated it into an std transmitted via fusion (FTD, or fusion transmissible disease, so to speak) and Connie has contracted it from Steven

I have been on quite the hiatus lately, and for that, I am sorry! My life has been all over the place the past couple of months, including graduating law school, moving to Michigan to be with a sick relative, and most recently returning home from a move out to Portland due to a very scary car accident. I can’t promise I’ll have any new looks soon, but I do promise that I will work on sorting out my life and putting the ideas in my head to good use as SOON as possible. But for now, why not enjoy one of my looks from my #rpdr8 audition? Introducing the #PizzaPrincess! #lacylane #drag #dragqueen #instadrag #dragmakeup #makeup #painted #wig #lacefront #gay #gayboy #instagay #lgbt #nyc #newyork #newyorkcity #lookhttq #pizza #princess #food #sugarpill @sugarpill