there will be a new one soon i promise

so. i just want to apologize.

for the lack of new recipes/repeating the same ones.

i’ve been working a lot more and when i do have a day off, i end up working at my other job.

i am going to try to post some new recipes soon. i promise.

until then, you can check out my instagram where i am trying new recipes.

thank you for being awesome <3

eat well!

anonymous asked:

Could you do a freechamp fic on the birth of there baby Rita being the one giving birth x

Hey there anon! I’ve actually already done one as a spin-off from my main fic ‘Paying the Price’!

I hope these are what you’re looking for and if not, let me know and I’ll right you a new one!

Also, I’m going to hijack this ask to let you all know I’m going to write a sequel to Paying the Price (making a She’s Mine trilogy if you will). Would any of you be interested in it?

lookupattheskyandthinkofyou I am aware I’ve promised you a fanfic, I will get round to it soon I promise! I’m going to do the last chapter of 'The Start of Something New’ and then I’ll get right on it.


look what i just maaaaaaaaadeeee 
you can get them here and here, though you need to be aware that those two need lots of cuddles and love, so be sure you’re able to provide that



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Just a Dream Chapter 10, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | FanFiction
A dream can change everything. The repercussions unset a friendship, but it may lead to the realization that there is more between Maura and Jane than either expected. Rizzles. Slow burn.

Oh look! An update. No, I can’t believe it either.

mermaidmartins asked:

i recently got into spideypool and i was wondering if you could tell me which comics have deadpool and spiderman working together? along with which deadpool and spiderman series you think are the most worthwhile to read. Thank you (:

Hoo-wah! Lil’ bit of a late reply here, but man, it takes me a while to get back to these questions. Kinda get buried. 

You’re in so much luck, sweet’ums! Because there’s not only one, but two series coming this fall with Deadpool and Spider-man working together! Of course, I don’t really count them because it’s ridiculous billionaire Spider-mobile driving Peter Parker (aka Batman), rather than the Peter Parker we know and love, but it’s still promised to be an absolute heap of spideypool trash. We’ve got the new Uncanny Avengers series coming soon, where they’re both on the roster, and also a Spider-man and Deadpool team-up series, as of yet unnamed. Not sure if it’ll be ongoing or not. 

As for what we’ve already got, which actually isn’t very much, here’s a few of my favourites, and the ones that you just can’t miss. I’ll try to keep it as brief as I can, but I do like to be thorough. 

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Hey friends

Sorry I’ve been awol lately!! Very tired and busy and then uni was bugging me to do some stuff so I had to get that in. But I’ll get to your messages and to reblogging tumblr fics soon I promise!!

In the meantime here’s some #travellingfics - some of the stories I’ve been reading on my kindle (so complete ones, not updates) on my trip :)

Out of the Blue by Trinity Everett

Living is Easy by seilleanmor

Kiss Me, Castle by Cora Clavia

Magic by Ky03elk

still our hands match by bravevulnerability

John Doe by chezchuckles and Sandiane Carter

Farida. 10 years old. Future policewoman. // “I hear a soft knock outside my classroom door today and there stands one of my reading intervention pupils. She wants to practice writing her name and soon we got to talking. She gazes at me, smiles, and says that she feels most beautiful when wearing her hijab. I have her put it on to show me and she was clearly correct. She giggles and asks if I will go to mosque with her one day; I happily comply but only if she lets me borrow her "smartest” hijab. We pinky promise and she continues writing her name over and over again with a joyful grin across her face. I think I made a new friend today.” - @PeaceCorps Volunteer Kelsey Sabo
#peacecorps #eid #eidmubarak #culture #uganda #africa #girl #explore #travel via Instagram

Hey guys! I just wanted to briefly explain why I’ve been so inactive lately. The month of July has been an extremely difficult one. My boyfriend and I lost both of our rat babies, Bear and Rei. They both happened so fast. Bear left us at the beginning of the month due to neurological issues. Her sister Rei was healthy and full of life, but seemed a little depressed (and with good reason). We had plans to adopt new friends for her, but sadly, she left us not three weeks after Bear did. Joe and I are both emotionally worn out, but thankfully my family was just in SoCal visiting, so my spirits have been slightly lifted, but I still feel very lost and confused.

I’m not really one of those artists that works well when depressed, but I can promise some new things very soon.

Thank you all so much for appreciating and reblogging my work. I’m so grateful for everything. ❤

anonymous asked:

✬ :3c

✬ - photo of me?

I’m not really photogenic so here is one I made a while ago for fun..
promise to try to make new ones’s always so much work
to get some nice it’s a pain

Had two shows so far. Got one more tomorrow, and then three days off. I owe a lot. I really do. My drafts will be overloaded. Or maybe I’m exaggerating a little because I’m so tired. I want to say that I appreciate everyone and their patience with me. I will make up every reply probably after my afternoon show. Like for a starter, and I’ll send you lovely people one from a randomized muse. Or send me a for plotting. Love you, guys.

crucru-chan asked:

Hey Point0k, so I heard a rumor... <.< >.> that you have another reigisa fic in the works. Tell me it's true! T-T

I’ve had a couple in the works that I didn’t really feel like continuing or posting ;v; But I’m working on a new one that I’m really hoping to post by the end of August. I’m sort of at a turning point in my rl right now so I can’t really promise anything soon. Hope you understand!

Mayor Maybe: Don’t think I forgot about you guys who submitted to me your villagers for the 60th follower thing I was doing a while back ago except I waited too long and now there’s almost 200 of you guys. I mean only 8 submitted and I promised I would do them so I shall! cept it wont be one giant picture as planned because I felt bad it took so long! so instead you who submitted during that time will get the drawings that you asked for :3

soniahawng was the first to ask so they got theirs first, sad to say that they may have changed their username D; but if they are still around I want them to know this is for them and thank you for following me from the beginning :3 

(EDIT: I’m a silly little dummy because I mispelled their username ^///^’ Whoops!!!! SORRY!!!!) This is for you soniahawng!!! Thank you for being patient!! sorry it took super longer than anticipated, You’re awesome! 

Hey there! Here’s to hoping this post gains traction. As a fairly new Steven Universe/Dragon Age blog I’m getting tired of having to dive super deep into my dashboard to find relative posts….

If you PRIMARILY (or at least semi-primarily… is that even a word?) reblog either or both of these fandoms

~ Steven Universe

~ Dragon Age

Follow me and I promise I will follow you back as soon as I can!!!! However I’m ONLY following back if you’re a DA and/or SU blog (or again at least close to one). And feel free to reblog or like this and follow whoever likes/reblogs this too!!!


takemetoyourbrewer stopped abruptly and said, “They got some fucked up shit in there!”  

“Yeah, you want to go in?” was the obvious response.

And so we did and apparently we made the first ever purchases in the Highland’s newest art shop.  

Postscript:  As soon as I got it home, the bottle opener was confiscated by my daughter for her new apartment.  I was happy to give it to her but disappointed when she had no clue about Hunter S. Thompson.

Her new BF immediately proclaimed him one of American’s best writers (hyperbole aside - major points) and I went on to summarize his rise to fame writing about and joining in the debauchery of the Kentucky Derby in the early days.


(Lightbulb) Then I told her Johnny Depp played him once in a movie and she promised to check it out…but only if it was on Netflix.

I got these clear 6mm safety eyes that I’ve started playing with! I love how I can paint then any color I want, instead of buying a pack of 10 green eyes when I only need one pair. Plus I can paint them however I want, like eyelids and yellow/orange mixed. I got these eyes from 6060eyes on etsy, by the way. :)

( P.S. I promise to have some new dolls posted soon! I’m multitasking a little too much recently. )

Heads Up!

URL change alert! oh-twhiddleston-my-twhiddleston is no more! But have NO fear this is still very much a Hiddlestoncentric blog and I can promise that will not be changing anytime soon! I just wanted something new and what better than one of my favorite lyrics from one of my newest song obsessions?!

Just wanted to let everyone know! so justahopeless-dreamer and themissmarvelous and all of the other wonderful people that I have recently started talking to and interacting with more, I am still here, just under a new name!

Much love and Squishy Hugs!!!
Hasta la vista, Baby!

I know I promised to not to say this but, it’s about time. The World is changing, something is coming and soon a Resistance would be needed. suthnmeh is not only a wonderful artist and the bestest of friends, is also a cyborg, a new Terminator created to, again, try to save John Connor and preserve the future of Humankind. The battle will not be easy and lots of us will perish, but as long as one of us could fight, there will be hope.

If you are reading this, you are part of the Resistance now.

Done with acrylic paint, using verdaccio technique.