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Can u pls give us a tutorial on how to join nu'est fancafe.

How to JOIN is easy, all you need is a daum ID to join. To LEVEL, they are severely short staffed and have been opening and closing applications regularly to clear them out because the staff are being flooded right now. The plan is to change the leveling questions every week, but for right now here’s links to some tutorials on how to DAUM and the most current How To Join Fancafe. KEEP IN MIND: Questions will be changing weekly so follow their twitter to help you stay current! Don’t get discouraged if you do not get in right away; it takes a couple tries many times and most LO/\E haven’t been able to get in and we’ve been around forever. Actually I haven’t leveled up yet but I also haven’t tried, so I’m waiting for the next round window to open. :D

Here’s how to make a Daum ID: CLICK ME
The Leveling Tutorial is Here: CLICK ME

Also, be sure to follow @withminhyun on tumblr and twitter as they are really on top of things and doing fantastic work. Check their FAQ before asking silly questions:
The Fansite also has a fancafe you can join, and are looking for tumblr mods if you are so inclined. :) <3 

I’ve rebagled a couple other intro to Nu’est for Fetus LO/\Es so I know there is no shortage of that info out there, HOWEVER there are new fansites popping up left and right! So in the interest of good info, here are accounts to follow:

The boys on insta:
glorypath - Ren
pockyjr - JR
optimushwang - Minhyun
nuestaron - Aron
realbaekho - Baekho
They LOVE reading your comments, even if they cannot respond. Sometimes, though rarely, Ren will. Ren alone is on twitter as ChoiGoRen

Tried and true translators who are damn quick with fancafe updates:  
and @loves-diary here on tumblr is workin hard. 
An ongoing list of fansites is here:

Also, you should join WannaOne’s Daum fancafe to support Minhyun!! NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND!!! 

I’m sure that will be updated soon because suddenly there are so many it feels like a new one pops up every other day. <3 What a time to be ALO/\E.

I hope this helps!!! Love you mucho! 

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5SOS Preference #6 :: "3000 Miles" (His P.O.V.)


“I’m dreaming of a place called home. I could try, but I’m stuck in today.”

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched her cry. “Babe, please don’t cry,” I said, my voice weak. She smiled at me faintly and I put my head in my hands. “I’m gonna have to leave soon,” I said, and she nodded, still unable to say anything. “If I could, I’d come to you right now,” I told her, but she shook her head. “I’m so happy you’re living your dream, Mikey,” She told me. “If that were, true, you wouldn’t be crying.” “Mikey, I’m not crying because I’m not happy for you. I’m crying because I miss you holding me, and kissing me, and trying to help me play video games. I miss you reaching the highest shelf when I can’t. I’m crying because I’m so proud of you, but I can’t be there with you to support you and it kills me.” She was sobbing violently now, and I could feel the tears in my eyes start to fall. “I’ve gotta go, love. See you soon.” I said, kissing the screen. She nodded and ended the call, and I did the same. After she was gone, I put my head down in my hands and let myself cry. I wanted to be back home for the first time.



“I want you to tell me all about your day, although I never really showed it, I had to leave for me to notice.”

I lay back in bed, thinking of (y/n). I dragged my hands over my face, wishing I could talk to her somehow. Unfortunately for me, we were miles away, and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hear her voice, hear her tell me about something completely pointless. Although she didn’t know, I loved it when she talked about what happened during the day. The way her eyes sparkled when she was happy about something, and how her mouth quirked upwards when something was funny. “C’mon, man. You have to get off of that bed.” Ashton said, poking his head in the door. I didn’t say anything, just stared at the ceiling. “Look, I know that this must be really hard for you, but-” “How would you know, Ashton? You don’t know what it’s like to miss someone so much, every time you close your eyes you see them!” “Yes, I do. I have a family, and every single day, I miss them even more, but I know I’m going to see them again. So, c’mon, mate. You have a show to play, for (y/n).”



“Dreaming of a place that’s 300 miles away, feels like it’s forever.  Seems like yesterday, we were running ‘round town together,”

“Come on, Ash!” She yelled, pulling on my hand. I laughed, but followed her nonetheless. We ran over to a carousel that younger kids were getting on and paid the worker. She hopped onto a light blue horse, while I got on the unicorn next to her. We were laughing the entire time, and she never let go of my hand until the carousel stopped.

Every time I miss her, I hold onto that memory. It seemed like just yesterday. Recently she’s all I’ve been thinking about. I know I should have said a more proper goodbye, but I couldn’t stand to see her cry. I knew there would be nothing to stop me from loosing it right there and then. I don’t answer her calls. Instead, I just listen to her voicemails, holding on tighter to a pillow every time she cries, and wanting to grab the phone and tell her that none of this is her fault. I can’t talk to her because I’m afraid that if I do, I won’t be able to stop myself from telling her everything. It seemed like the easier solution to just ignore her, but now its torture. She doesn’t know what she’s doing to me. To her, I’m just Ash, who goes out with her at 12:00 a.m. for a McDonald’s run. To her, I’m just her close friend, but to me, she’s the girl I’m in love with.



“You don’t pick up but I keep redialing, ‘cause you’re asleep and your phone is on silent.”

“Come on, (y/n)! Pick up!” I shout at no one in particular. A few people backstage look at me with concern, but I don’t care. I need to talk to her. I dial her number again, pacing back and forth, on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Calum jogged over to me just then, looking me over. “You’re a mess,” he stated, and I rubbed my eyes. “Yeah, I know,” I sighed as it went to voicemail again. My thumb hovered over her contact again, wanting to call her for the hundredth time. “Don’t do it,” Calum said. “You’re torturing yourself.” “I know,” I said, my voice becoming quiet. “But I… I need to talk to her,” I whispered. “I miss her,” Calum didn’t quite know what to say as I started crying. “I need to tell her that I love her, and to stay safe, and not to forget about me. What if she forgets about me?” I wiped my eyes. “Mate, she’s not going to forget about you. She loves you with all of her heart, and you know it as well as I do.” Even though I knew it was true, I still couldn’t stop my tears. 

A/N :: Based on the song “3000 Miles” by Emblem3 

So somehow this piece of trash blog has reached 500 followers! Thank you guys so much!

To celebrate, I’ve decided to do a follow forever. However this time round I’ve done it for mutuals only - next time I’ll probably do more!

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are you still taking writing prompts? I have a sterek one, if you've seen friends, derek and stiles have been dating in secret for a while, and derek gets up to leave when the pack is around and he kisses stiles by just by routine and then he has to kiss everyone... just thought it'd be funny.

‘Hey, fucknugget, time to wake up.’

Stiles leans against the doorframe, flicks the light on and off until Derek groans and rolls over. He’s already dressed, exchanging one of Derek’s Henleys for the spare clothes he brought in his overnight bag. The sight of it kicks something raw in Derek’s gut.

‘Is it eight already?’ he frowns at the clock next to the bed.

‘’fraid so, grumpy,’ Stiles says, flicking the light again for good measure.

Derek growls low in his throat, which anyone else would find at least a little intimidating. Stiles just laughs.

‘Don’t be like that,’ he says. ‘It’s not my fault that fairy kicked your ass.’

Then he saunters back into the living room, laughing to himself the whole way to the kitchen.

Derek sighs. Stiles does have a point. It’s not entirely his fault that Derek got his ass kicked. But it is at least half way his fault. It was Stiles’ idea to go into the woods. It was probably more Derek’s fault that they stumbled into a fairy nest mid-fumble.

‘My ass was kicked for the greater good,’ Derek grumbles, following Stiles into the kitchen.

Stiles smirks over his coffee. ‘Yeah? What was that?’

‘To save your sorry ass.’

‘Fair assessment,’ Sties says. ‘Or it would be if I wasn’t the one who got rid of her.’

Derek grumbles, and leans against the counter, accepting the mug Stiles nudges his way. ‘It was a team effort,’ Derek mutters.

Stiles beams his private, affectionate smile, huffs a laugh. ‘Sure thing, big guy. Whatever helps you sleep at night.’

They fall into silence for a second, Stiles browsing a magazine left open on the table, Derek watching him over his cup. It’s surprisingly domestic. Derek likes it. A lot. This whole thing he has with Stiles now, it’s so- nice. It didn’t start like this, but somehow it’s fallen into place, and it just works. Derek feels genuinely happy with Stiles here, in his kitchen like he belongs, like he came as part of the furniture. Derek’s pretty sure he’ll never get tired of seeing Stiles’ shoes scattered by the door, or his hoodie thrown over the back of the couch.

‘So how’re we going to play this?’ Stiles asks casually, not looking up from the magazine. ‘You want me to be late, or do you want to do the honours?’

Of course, Derek hasn’t had much time to think about how they’re going to break it to the others.

‘I’ll go early,’ Derek says, dropping his cup into the sink. ‘I have to leave early anyway.’

‘Right,’ Stiles replies, jumping up. ‘Gives me time to shower.’

Derek fights back the whine that builds in the back of his throat, huffs instead. ‘You’re gonna come back tonight though, right?’ He misses out the rest of the question, ‘so we can shower together?’

Stiles gets up, smile paying at the corner of his mouth. He leans into Derek, pats his chest gently. ‘I’ll come back as many nights as you want.’

He presses a kiss onto Derek’s mouth, sweet and short, a promise for later. ‘See you at the meeting.’

Then he slips out the front door, leaving Derek to try and imagine a time when kissing Stiles wouldn’t be the highlight of his day.


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Last week I hit 3.5k!!! I honestly can’t believe it!

You guys are all so amazing and I love each and every one of you so much it’s stupid!

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Because of this milestone I think a celebration is in order!

Without further ado I present…..


I’m gonna throw the rules under the cut to avoid cluttering up your dashboards!

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