there will always be a special place in my heart for the night's watch

You’re My Cup Of Tea / S.S x Reader

Prompt: Could you maybe do a stiles or Liam imagine where you are kind of insecure about being more curvy/thick instead of skinny like most I guess 😂 and it’s just just v fluffy :) thank you sm if you can ❤️❤️

So, I picked Stiles because he has a special place in my heart. 

Warnings: Body Image Issues.

Tonight was date night. You were quickly running the towel through your hair, watching the clock as the seconds ticked by. 8:04. Stiles would be here any moment to pick you up. There was only one slight issue–you couldn’t find a single outfit that didn’t make you feel….insecure.

Stiles has made it known to you that he loves your body for what it is. He’d spend countless hours explaining that he loved every nook and cranny in your body, if needed. You’d always feel self conscious about how you looked, no matter where you were. If you were in a dark theater, you’d be worrying about whether or not someone would be observing your outfit. Did your shoes match? Did your hair look okay?
You were caught out of your rambling thoughts when you heard a knock out the door.


“Babe? It’s kinda cold, can you please open the door?” he yelled, knuckles smacking against the door.

You slowly opened the door and tugged the towel tighter around your chest.

“Y-You… You’re not dressed? What happened? Are you feeling okay?” he asked.

“I’m.. just.. I can’t find anything to wear..” you mumble, looking down.

“Come, let me help you.”

He followed you up the stairs and into your room, rummaging through your closet until finally, he found the perfect outfit.

Maybe to him, that is.

“This is perfect, babe!” he exclaims, walking towards you holding a small black dress in his hands.

You force a smile, but look up at him slowly.

“Babe, I-I can’t… wear that.” you frown, looking into his eyes.
His smile falters, but he shrugs.

“You’re feeling like that again, aren’t you?” he says, a sudden realization dawning upon him.

You nod, and look at your feet, tugging at the towel again. It had become a nervous habit of yours—any piece of clothing that was on your body was tugged upon when you felt uneasy.

“C’mon, just try it on. I promise you’ll like it…” he offers, holding out the article of clothing in your direction.

With a sigh, you oblige, taking it from his hands and walking into the bathroom to change.

Within seconds of the dress being on, the thoughts come flooding into your mind.

It’s too tight.
My curves are showing.
My stomach doesn’t look flat.
It. Can’t. Work.

A knock on the door startles you from your thoughts.

“Y/N? You okay? It’s been like.. 10 minutes, babe.” Stiles states, slowly jiggling the door handle.

You sigh, stepping out of the bathroom, eyes cast on the floor as you walk towards him.

He stares, mouth open, making an effort to close it with his hand.

“Y-You look… wow. I-I’ve never wanted you as badly as I do now.” he says, looking up at you with glazed over eyes.

You blush and sigh, “You don’t think I look… fat in this? T-Too tight?”

“What? Of course not! Babe, you’re my cup of tea, you’re my everything. I’d never change you for the world…” he smiles, pulling you close to his chest, pressing a kiss to your head.

“Now, c’mon. Let’s go the restaurant, yeah? I’m starving!” he yells.

Typical Stiles…

Day 2 and 3 cause my brain is mush!

Completely forgot to do this yesterday ANYWAYS

I’ve been subscribed for over a year now? Almost a year and a half? I think? I’d been shown a video of his before and he popped up in my recommended when i was having a peaceful sleepy night watching youtube with my headphones

needless to say his high five whacked me out of bed, fucking biggest jumpscare and number one lesson: DO NOT LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES AT MAX VOLUME. anyways the rest is history

Favorite series/video: lads i have so many where do i begin
Uncharted: kinda the first series i watched him do? So it has a special place in my heart
That dragon cancer: i cried like a fucking baby
Turmoil: best game, i really hope he goes back to it or has seen the expert characters u can get bc i always thought lisa would have been so useful to him
Others include the last guardian, night in the woods, his anti videos, the video where he does a tour of his room and shows us his computer, ben and ed, and soooo many more omg

anyways i hope ur all having a lovely day ily all