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“I don’t care how bad ass you want your costume to be but you are NOT buying a chainsaw.” - Pete Dunne

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” I don’t care how bad ass you want your costume to be but you are NOT buying a chainsaw.” - Pete Dunne

Word Count: 375+

Warnings: none

You, Pete and your infant son were shopping for Halloween costumes. (Y|S|N) was in his carrier fast asleep in the cart. “There’s so many adorable outfits. I don’t know what I want him to be!” You told Pete- who you thought was next to you.  
“Where did you go, Pete?” You pushed the cart, looking for him. You soon found him in the more grown up section for Halloween.
“What are you doing?” You asked as Pete was looking at chainsaws.  “I was wanting to get a chainsaw to add to my costume. I want it to look awesome.” Pete answered. You looked at Pete like he was crazy.  “I don’t care how badass you want your costume to be but you are NOT buying a chainsaw.” You told him. “Why not, babe? It’s awesome!” Pete said.
You looked at your sleeping baby boy in the cart. “For his safety.” You answered. Pete sighed.
“It’s not like I’m going to get the chainsaw near him.” Pete mumbled.
“I don’t care. You don’t need a chainsaw. You will only use it for Halloween and for the rest of the year it will be in the attack or something.” You stated.
“You are right.” Pete acknowledged. While looking around some more, (Y|S|N) had woke up. Pete picked him up from the carrier and held him in his arms.
“Tell mummy that having a chainsaw will be awesome!” Pete talked to (Y|S|N.) You shook your head, continuing to look at costumes.
(Y|S|N) let out a laugh as Pete tickled his side. You smiled.  
“This is adorable!” You exclaimed, holding up a bear outfit. You turned to Pete, showing him the costume. “He’s my little bear.” You said, putting the outfit in the cart.
After looking around the store for a bit more, you and Pete checked out and headed home.

“He’s adorable!” You squealed. You had put (Y|S|N) in the bear costume for fun and he was the cutest thing ever! Pete lifted him in the air, making him laugh.
“Halloween is going to be fun with you, buddy.”

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How I write a novel

I have started and got between 2 and 40 pages into at least 50 novels. I have finished 3. I have never been brave enough to show anyone, but thats not the point.

But I have found some ways that really help me finish a story.

1. Have a plan.
For me, this is as simple as writing headings and subheadings of the major events that will take place. 
Currently its as simple as
- S is pregnant
- T <3s C
- Drunken party
- 5 Secrets
- Finds her dad.
There is a few more, but this has kept me on track. I know where my novel is going. I know how I want it to end and I know how I’m going to get there.

2. When you have an idea write it down.
I have so many extracts written in a separate document that I know I will add in later. I think of entire pages or paragraphs while I am at work or uni and I go home and write them straight away. Sometimes by the time I get round to adding them I have to edit them, but the idea is there. For example, not perfect, but I have the idea down;

3. Write a blurb
Similar to writing all the ideas down as a dot point, get your main events down. Your main characters ready.

4. Know your characters.
I write a profile for my main characters, before I start writing. I write their ages, birthdays, looks, likes and dislikes, mannerisms… That way if I leave the story for a long time and want to go back to it, I can refer back to the characters profile. Sometimes I will write a whole backstory, so it’s there. Once it’s written down, I often don’t feel the need to mention it in the novel I am writing. You can use this to further develop your characters.

5. Try not to write from a perspective/describe a place you don’t know
Writing is hard enough as it is. Unless you do a lot of research first, writing about something you don’t really know or understand can make your work not sound as good as it could. When I look back at some of the things I wrote when I was a teenager, I cringe. I tried to write from the perspective of a 30 year old FBI agent as a 15 year old Australian.

6. Record the changes you make
Even if it is as small as the change of a minor characters name, record it. It gives you a chance to see how you’ve grown with your writing.

7. Don’t take your self to seriously.
Seriously, writing should be fun. Enjoy it. Love it. Show it to your friends, your family, your neighbour, your cat, your dog. Even if I can’t.

5 Don'ts of Writing R5 Fanfiction || Primadonna-R5 Writing Tips

As I have been estranged from writing, I’m giving you guys some writing tips, message me any others that you would like me to discuss and maybe I’ll do another ‘writing tips’ thing.

One- It’s (almost) all about the characters

First off, the characters are important. Just like any book or movie. Your characters have to be believable, I understand this can be difficult, but it is very important. Give your character a personality, they are only words on a page (or a screen) until you make those words people…if that makes any sense… In other words, your characters are not people until you give them the power to become people.

Adding onto that, you describing your characters outfit and what they look like will not make them 'people’ it may help, but 2 paragraphs on what their wearing and what they look like is a bit too much.

Example one:

She put on a blue and red striped crop top that was an inch above her 'innie’ belly button. She put on her dark blue skinny jeans and but her blonde curly hair into a ponytail and put a black rubber band on it, leaving her side bangs out, she put on her black 5 and ¼ heels and grabbed her white purse and left her house.

See, not very exciting. It’s just tells you.

Example two:

The girl played with the hem of the blue and white top, she debated if it was too short, barley reaching her belly button. She decides to keep it, thinking it went with the skinny jeans she wore almost every day. She decided to put her hair up in a ponytail, her side bangs not wanting to reach, continued to bug her by staying in her frame of vision, her black heels clicking along the wooden stairs as she walked out of her house.

That’s a bit better but the outfit scene can just be cut all together. The black heels clicking part can be kept as it shows sound. And you could possibly keep the side bangs annoying her. And over the chapter (or day) you can mention what shirt she’s wearing.

Two- Names

This one is kinda short, but really simple. THE GIRL’S NAME DOES NOT HAVE TO BEGIN WITH 'R’

It can start with R, but don’t have some line where Riker or someone will be like 'her name is Rebecca, she already fits in’ or something. If her name just so happens to start with R, then so be it, but don’t make it start with R so she’s like the rest of them. There’s a sort of rule along the lines of don’t make your characters names sound the same, you kinda break that rule when writing R5 fanfiction and it can be a bit confusing seeing all the 'R’ names, don’t add another, it makes it seem like they have an estranged sibling.

On a short note, don’t put your name in there, I get you love Rocky and want to be in the fanfiction with him, but you are writing this for other’s not you. It just seems a bit conceded to me, when I first started writing, a few years back, I put my name in because it felt weird writing someone else’s name, but you just gotta get used to it. And don’t make the name something we can’t pronounce or doesn’t fit. Like if their in class and among the Joe’s, Robert’s, Annie’s, Sally’s, and Mary’s, there’s a Quvenzhané, who’s lived in California her whole life, it’s just weird…sorry.

Three- Favorites are not always chosen

This is more directed to people who write Ross Fanfiction, as this is where I see it most. Whenever they are watching a movie, all Ross wants to see is Romeo and Juliet, I would bet Ross doesn’t always watch Romeo and Juliet. My favorite movie is Paranormal Activity, but I watch other movies. And if all Ross wants to watch is Romeo and Juliet, he gets his way until his girlfriend is like 'no, let’s watch The Hunger Games’ and he’s like 'yeah, I didn’t want to watch Romeo and Juliet anyway.

Four- Laura Marano and Maia Mitchell

Don’t make them b****es. Or make them 'super jealous because they want Ross…

I have seen too many stories where Laura is like A from PLL and tries to kill the girl or take pictures of her making out with Ross and the photo is from filming or she forced him.

I’m not quite fond of Laura but I don’t make her a s**t or something. To be more exact, I don’t even add her. Mainly because my stories do not revolve around Ross’ fame and if they do, it revolves around singing, not acting. So no A&A or TBM in my books.

Five- R5 is not 1D

R5, as I love them very much, is not as famous as One Direction. They are not mobbed by paparazzi and they can walk out of their house. I just get slightly annoyed when I see 'paparazzi and fans stormed Rocky’s apartment and we couldn’t get out.’ Or something like that.