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This Old Thing (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requests: I was wondering if you can do a BuckyXreader where she keeps getting teased by her height (shortness) and wants to be taller. But Bucky shows her that it’s not so bad to be short, because she can do things like use their jackets as blankets, or can be hugged really well. Just lottttsssss of fluff!!! Thank you soo much for this, I really appreciate it❤❤❤ 

bimv said: Can i request a bucky X reader or Steve x reader where they’ve been friends for a while, but there is a hella lot of (sexual) tension between them. And then Tony throws a party at the tower, so the reader buys a new dress just to push bucky/Steve off the edge, and then they talk together on the party where he compliments her like “That dress, by the way.. Just.. Wow.” And she answers like this?? “What, this old thing?” Sorry😂

Bucky had a terribly annoying habit for as long as you had known him; he made use of how much shorter you were than him, and in ways that you definitely didn’t find as endearing as he did. The random elbow atop your head as he stood at your side and listening along with you during team meetings, the way he would grab your waist and just lift you up to move you out of the way rather than a polite ‘excuse me’ like a normal person, or your personal favorite, the ‘oops, I didn’t see ya there’, were all ways that he had finally destroyed your last nerve.

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Favorite Garrus Moments - Mass Effect 3

So Part 3 of my favorite moments with my favorite Turian. But there were just so many to choose from! I couldn’t … I couldn’t list them all. You know how long this would end up being??? Waaaay too long. I may have to do a Part 4 of Mass Effect 3, but for now I hope you enjoy. Note: This one does have Citadel and Leviathan DLC moments. So … spoilers?

Garrus: Yeah, soo … is this the part where we … shake hands? Wasn’t sure about the protocol on reunions, or if you even still felt the same way about me. The scars are starting to fade. I remember they drove you wild … But I can go out and get all new ones if it’ll help.
Shepard: I haven’t forgotten our time together.
Garrus: Well I’ve been doing some research on human customs … didn’t want to assume any—
Shepard: *Kisses him* That’s the protocol on reunions.
Garrus: The vids mentioned it might go something like that. I had hoped it would. I mean, I didn’t know-

Garrus: Listen, Shepard. I’m all for Crazy ideas, but this one’s off the charts.

Shepard: Goodbye, Garrus. And if I’m up there in that bar and you’re not—I’ll be looking down. You’ll never be alone.
Garrus: Never.

Mercs: I think that turian they’ve got is Archangel! How the hell are we going to kill him?!
Garrus: You’re not!

Wrex: I appreciate that, Liara. I wouldn’t want anyone else along for the ride.
Garrus: *coughs*
Wrex: I suppose I could make room for you too, Garrus.
Garrus: Figured you’d gone soft sitting on your throne, forgot how to hold a gun.

Garrus: Shepard?! Wake up! She’s freezing!
Shepard: *bolts up and begins coughing*
Garrus: Are you okay?
Shepard: *still coughing* Yeah … yeah, I’m fine. Hell of a headache.
Garrus: Never do that again.

Joker: Maybe something was … mis-calibrated?
Garrus: You do know who you’re talking to, right?

Garrus: I’ll start managing turian support right away, Shepard. You must be exhausted. Mordin dying … it can’t be easy.
Shepard: I’ll sleep when I’m dead.
Garrus: We both know you need a clear head to win a war. There’s no room for mistakes here. You should catch some shut-eye. Besides, I know where you sleep. We’ll wake you if anything comes up.
Shepard: If you insist

Garrus: So. Who needs their ass kicked now?

Garrus: Not sure if turian heaven is the same as yours, but if this thing goes sideways and we both end up there … meet me at the bar. I’m buying.
Shepard: We’re a team, Garrus. There’s no Shepard without Vakarian.

Garrus: Ever have that one thing you’ve always wanted to do before you died, Shepard?
Shepard: I’ve woken up with a turian next to me.
Garrus: Still trying to make me blush, huh?
Shepard: Until it works.

James: Hey, pendejos! Our Shepard is better than yours!
Garrus: And better looking!

Shepard: It’s incredible.
Garrus: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope it would inspire a certain … mood.
Shepard: Something on your mind?
Garrus: It seemed like you needed time to … figure us out. Are you ready to be a one-turian kind of woman?
Shepard: The only thing that made leaving earth bearable was knowing you were out there somewhere.
Garrus: I felt the same way. The worst part about the galaxy going to hell would’ve been never getting to see you again.
Shepard: Well, here I am. Exactly where I want to be. I love you, Garrus Vakarian
Garrus: Wow … the vides Joker gave me … well, they never got this far. There was the part about sleeping together, but this … I don’t exactly know what to do—
Shepard: *kisses him* Who needs a vid when you’ve got me?

Liara: But there was one thing I was unable to verify. Did you really kill three Blue Suns mercs with one bullet?
Garrus: Well … the third one died from a heart attack, so it’s not fair to count him.

Shepard: I guess we’re back on the clock.
Garrus: And when this is over, I’m sure we’ll find something to do off the clock.

Shepard: Is that supposed to melt a girl’s heart?
Garrus: No … but this voice is *leans in closer*. I’m Garrus Vakarian. Codename: Archangel. All-around turian bad boy and dispenser of justice in an unjust galaxy. I also kill reapers on the side. And you are?

Garrus: Shepard … is it just the alcohol, or do you have vids running in your head of us mostly naked, completely alone, and shamelessly rolling all over a couch?

Garrus: So … I guess it’s back to the fight.
Shepard: Yeah. At least we threw one hell of a party. Probably the last one.
Garrus: That doesn’t sound like my girl. You’ll find a way to win. And when this is over, I’ll be waiting for you.

Garrus: One of my favorite places to fight!
Shepard: The CIC of a warship?
Garrus: Right there above gardens and below electronic shops!
Shepard: And Antique Shops, as I recall!

Joker: How do you know when a turian is out of ammo?
Garrus: He switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon. Why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
Joker: You’re shitting me! The turian military has one about me?
Garrus: Oh absolutely! I heard it myself from a private back on Palaven.
Joker: All right, why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
Garrus: So their marines can beat someone in hand-to-hand drills.
Joker: Damn, you need to tell James that one.

Garrus: We’re going to retire somewhere warm and tropical and live off the royalties from the vids. Maybe even find out what a turian-human baby looks like.
Shepard: *laughs* I’m game … though I think adoptions a better idea—biology may not cooperate.
Garrus: Hmm … I suppose there will be a lot of little krogan around soon.

Garrus: Looking good, Shepard.
Shepard: I did the best I could without a carapace or a crest.
Garrus: Your best has my mandible on the floor. Damn.

Garrus: What do we know about the mercs?
Shepard: They have guns and don’t like me?
Garrus: Not helping, Shepard.

Shepard: There are a few people who’ve seen me in action, Garrus. They seemed impressed.
Garrus: Yeah, but I’ve actually seen you dance, Shepard. No comment.

Garrus: Shepard … thought you might be up here. You know what the best part is about a battle that decides the whole fate of the galaxy?
Shepard: Winning it?
Garrus: I was thinking … it’s a good excuse to remind the ones you care about that … well … you care about them. Want some company?

Garrus: Forgive the insubordination, but your boyfriend has an order for you… come back alive.

Garrus: You sure you want to play this game?
James: What’s the matter, Vakarian, you chicken?
Garrus: I don’t even know what that is—though I’ve heard everything in the galaxy tastes like it.

Garrus: To borrow a phrase from Vega—you looked smoking in that dress, Shepard. You got some looks. So did I … though the ones directed at me said, ‘How did a turian like that, get a girl like her?’ Hell if I know.

Garrus: I am Garrus Vakarian and this is now my favorite spot on the Citadel!

Garrus: Perfect! A human. I’m kind of on the outs with my human girlfriend Could you give me some insights?
Security Guard: Sir … I am definitely not an expert.

Garrus: Still think you can win this, huh?
James: I can do this all day, Scars.
Garrus: Funny you mention those … ever hear the name ‘Archangel?’

Garrus: *in elevator* So … anyone wanna talk about their people’s history?
Wrex: Nope.
Garrus: So I’m the only one who misses when we used to chat in the elevators back on Citadel?
Wrex: Yep.
Garrus: *sighs* So disappointed.

Shepard: What a night … but look who’s here.
Garrus: Yeah, I hung out a lot of places last night. Your upper body. Your lower body. Pretty much allll the parts in between.
Shepard: Turians certainly don’t lack for a sense of direction.
Garrus: And you don’t lack for places to get lost.

Garrus: Shepard! Can you hear me?! Are you okay?!
Shepard: I’m fine. Might need a little backup.
Garrus: Lucky for you, Archangel is your boyfriend. Joker filled me in, I’m on foot. Be there as fast as I can.

Garrus: So … having a bad day, Shepard?
Shepard: You could say that.
Garrus: Landing pad is just over there, but it’s behind a locked gate.
Shepard: Let’s look for a control panel.
Garrus: *gets distracted watching Shepard walk by* Niiice outfit …
Shepard: *glares at Garrus*
Garrus: Control panel. Right.

Shepard: You gotta get out of here!
Garrus: And you’ve gotta be kidding me!
Shepard: Don’t argue, Garrus.
Garrus: We’re in this till the end.
Shepard: No matter what happens … you know I love you. I always will.
Garrus: Shepard I … love you too.

Garrus: Shepard … I admit, I was worried about you on that dig site. Things got pretty hectic. Not used to feeling like that, you know? That’s what love does … turns a guy like me into a nervous wreck with something to lose and the aim to make sure he doesn’t. Nobody better hurt you, is all I’m saying.

Garrus: Jack … as charming as ever.
Jack: Bite me, Garrus. Better yet, bite her. Probably how she likes it.

Garrus: Glad to know my romantic … uh … skills made an impression. Because it’s going to take more than Reapers to come between this cross-species liaison.

Wrex: Garrus … I have to make with the one turian in the galaxy who thinks he’s funny.
Garrus: Imagine how I feel. I’m supposed to hate krogan, but you came along and warmed my heart with your winning personality.

At Summer’s End- A Camp Camp Fic

Alright, y’all seemed to want more of it and who am I not to oblige. This is a sequel of Car Rides and Hoodies. I will be honest, this took an unexpected, kinda angsty turn towards the end. If you do not like angst do not read, especially as I plan on following this up with a third part to kind of finalize everything. That being said, enjoy!

Also: the whole “David is Canadian” thing seemed to come from @forestwater87 made popular by @microsuedemouse so check out their stuff as well. Alright, all formalities out of the way: on with the story!

David was always of the mind that feeling sad wasn’t something you should spend too much time on. Not when there were so many things in the world to be happy about. But then, that was him. As he told Max he liked to look on the brighter side, and he liked it more if he could get other people to do the same. But sometimes, the issues, the wounds of a person’s psyche ran far too deep for that to work. And it shouldn’t, from the moment he had learned that Max’s parents didn’t even care enough to choose an activity to sign him up for David had lightened considerably on getting Max to enjoy his summer the traditional Camp Campbell way. He put more thought into things Max might like, and so far all he had come up with was that Max liked running away and going into town.

At first they thought it would be impossible. With Campbell in jail there was no one taking ownership of the camp and thus the camp by all legal laws they were aware of, couldn’t operate without an owner. For whatever reason though, Erid had not only gone to the trouble of, but also managed to convince her fathers not to shut the place down on them. But all except for Max, everyone’s activities were accounted for. So then, it was more or less a free-for-all, with each day of camp theme being decided by vote. Still, secretly David and Gwen tried to include activities that would appeal to their little problem child.

There were impromptu games of capture the flag and (which Max seemed to like better) hunter. He loved being able to hide out in the woods at night, or hunt those who were hiding. Or sometimes he did neither of those, but Gwen and David allowed him instead to scare the crap out of the other campers. If it was able to bring a smile to his face, they stopped caring so long as it didn’t physically hurt anyone or leave lasting psychological damage. It was a balancing act easier said than done, but to them it was worth it to put the light of childhood optimism and happiness back in his eyes.

But summer, just as all things, eventually came to an end. The last day at Camp Campbell was upon them, and everyone had packed up. And yet, it just wouldn’t be a day at Camp Campbell if there wasn’t some snag, mixup, or some other type of wacky hijinks which threw a wrench into things. Gwen had been in charge of contacting all the camper’s parents, reminding them that the summer was ending and that the bus would be dropping them off where it had picked them all up as well ask trying to seek confirmation that the parents would indeed be there to pick up their offspring. But while everyone else’s parents, even Nurf’s, had responded, there was one camper whose sires had not.

“Do we really want to put him through this?” Gwen asked David with a worried look in her eye, “I mean, after the parent’s day fiasco, I don’t trust his parents to be there, and I don’t want him to have to face it. They haven’t responded to any of the contact info they left on the sheet. I don’t want him to cry again.”

“Gwen,” David shook his head with a sigh and a conflicted expression, “We have to uphold the rules. All campers come in on the bus, all campers leave on the bus.”

“Fuck the rules!” Gwen shouted, then immediately quieted herself. A few of the kids looked in their direction because of the outburst, but they didn’t enquire further.

In a hiss of a whisper Gwen continued, “Max may be a little shit but he doesn’t deserve seeing how little his parents care about him twice in one summer. Sure, he may know it but I’m not about to deal a blow like we did on Parent’s day. David, it’s just not right.”

“Gwen, what else can we do?” David asked her, “We don’t have enough information about his home life to report anything, and I doubt Max will tell us. And the parents could sue if we try to keep their child away from them. With Mr. Campbell already in prison it would fall on us, do you really have the money to fight this in court?”

“But I have the receipts and phone logs for every time I tried to contact them,” Gwen said, “Isn’t that enough?”

“Not unless there’s a history of this, which falls to Max,” David countered, “And unless he’s willing to provide a full account to the police… besides, as much as I want to help him, will it be any better for him to be in the system. You don’t have the stability to raise him, and I doubt he trusts, or even likes me enough to try.”

Gwen looked back to the group of campers, lining up to board the bus Quartermaster had pulled into the grounds. She looked to David again, and bit her lip. David sighed and put a hand on her shoulder, “I’ll come too,” he said, answering the unspoken request, “At least he’ll have a support system if the worst happens.”

“I think you mean when,” Gwen muttered under her breath. But she herded the kids on the bus, tilting her head for David to follow.


The city where most of the kids had been picked up from was every bit as dirty and dingy as David remembered the first time he had been on pickup duty. He vastly preferred the woodlands, and -for some modicum of civilization- the rural suburbs. But the parents were all here, every one he remembered from Parent’s Day. He watched as one by one or in small groups the parents took their children home. And just as Gwen predicted, Max was soon the only one left.

“Don’t worry,” David put on a happy face, a more fake one than he was used to, for Max, “It’s still early in the day. Why don’t you go wait on the bus with Quartermaster? Gwen and I’ll keep an eye out okay?”

With a flat, jaded stare that spoke of similar events happening too many times to count Max nodded and went back on the bus. As he turned the counselors noticed that his hoodie front was bulging. Max had probably stuffed Mr. Honeynuts in there, and it spoke just as many volumes as his eyes had.

Gwen bit her lip, “What do we do David? We can’t leave him with the police, and we can’t take him back with us?”

From his height David saw that Max had curled up into a little ball towards the back of the bus, far from the Quartermaster’s eye. Jaw set he made a decision then and there, “The heck we can’t,”

“You’re not seriously saying-”

“Try getting in touch with his parents a few more times. If another half hour goes by and we hear nothing, he comes back with us.”

“And what are we supposed to do after that?” Gwen looked at him long and hard.

“We’ll figured it out,” David sighed, “Look, I know you wanted to get back to the job hunt, but- wait,” he paused, “Do you have a passport?”

Gwen blinked at him, confused by the sudden direction the conversation had taken, “I do, why?”

“Do you have it with you?”

“No…” Gwen drawled out, and then she remembered it. David was part Canadian, he had dual citizenship and could cross easily. With her passport, so could Gwen. the only problem was Max, “David it’s illegal to cross the border with a child that’s not ours! They could peg us for kidnapping for God’s sake!”

“Look, Max implied his parents were immigrants,” David said quickly, “Maybe they got Max a passport, and with any luck Max has it with him. Technically, until his parents come to pick him up we’re legally still his guardians.”

“I seriously doubt we’d be able to make it to the border,” Gwen parried in her cynical manner.

“We have to try,” David argued, “Give me your phone, I’ll try and get ahold of Max’s parents, you try and see if he has means to cross the border, okay?”

“This is insane,” Gwen deadpanned, “You’re insane.”

“Maybe,” David agreed as he took the phone from her, “But I can’t think of anything else right now. If you can, let me know.”

“I-” Gwen raised a finger to protest, but having no better alternative the words did not come out. She went aboard the bus and while the phone rang David could hear the muffled conversation and see the body language of the two as they talked. He could see when Gwen asked, as he saw Max raise a brow but rummage around in one of his bags until he pulled out the tiny blue book that was their ticket out of here. Once again, the call went to voicemail. And David left a message.


The city where they had picked up most of the children was relatively close to where Gwen lived. After convince Quartermaster to make a quick trip over there, allowing Gwen to snag her passport and a few other essentials, they returned to Camp Campbell where all of David’s stuff remained. In just ten minutes he was packed and ready to go. Normally, part of the end of camp would mean packing all the things away for use next year, but since in all likelihood the camp would be closing David for once wasn’t worried about it.

Gwen had gone to her room to stuff the other items from home into the suitcase she had brought there and making it all fit. Max had been left under the care of QM and was mostly just wandering around listlessly. With a bittersweet feeling David cast one last look around his former room, knowing it was likely the last time he’d ever see it.

Returning to the campgrounds he saw Max and QM but not Gwen. maybe she was still trying to fit everything together in the one bag she had brought. But when he went to check on her he saw her, sitting in the middle of her bed, phone in hand atop the comforter and a blank aura coming off her. Even as David stepped into the room she didn’t give off any sort of response. That concerned him, normally Gwen was one to at the very least incline her head, acknowledging his presence if she was otherwise occupied. Something was definitely wrong.

“Gwen?” he asked, voice small and weak in the oppressive silence of the room. Still nothing.

He moved closer, sat on the bed, put a hand on her shoulder. It was then she looked up. Tears were welled, fat and heavy in her eyes. Recognizing him one spilled forth and she leaned into him, silently sobbing onto his shirt. He had only seen her like this when she was worried he’d be mad at her for trying to find a new job. Curious but also uncaring of what had caused her distress he wrapped his arms around her, rubbing her back in comforting circles. Even though she was upset she seemed to be stifling her sadness to be inaudible. David wondered why, but knew it wasn’t as important to ask questions as it was to simply be there for her.

After some time her hushed hiccups slowed to a stop. Gently as he could David pushed Gwen back by the shoulders, silently asking her what was wrong. The tears threatened to pour again, but soundlessly she lifted her hand and showed him her phone. The screen showed the voicemail section, and a poorly, almost unreadable transcription of whatever message had been left. David took the phone and hit play. And when it was done, everything made sense. The only thing left to do now was figure out how to explain it to Max.

Yeah… those of you thinking about what this last part means, I’m pretty sure it’s almost exactly what you’re thinking. Part 3 to come out soon- ish

angaku  asked:

What is your favorite Levihan moment from the anime/manga?

I’m going to be greedy. I’m going to tell you my favourite moment from anime AND manga. Make yourself comfortable, ok?

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anonymous asked:

Oh! Could I please request Jumin and MC having their first heated argument? Like maybe MC got a bit jealous. Thank you!

I feel like depending on the content of the argument the scenario would go differently, so I’m going to go with what you said and have it be that MC got a bit jealous. 

Maybe it was inevitable. MC and Jumin had rarely argued in the year since they were married, and all those arguments were relatively trivial—things Jumin would immediately apologize for, asking her to be patient with him because he’s still working through things, and of course MC would agree, or like the time he had to find out she hates surprises the hard way. But this? Well. Jumin sort of caught her at a bad time.

The RFA’s second party since MC became in charge of invitations was supposed to be grand, and the RFA actually did take the full six months to prepare it this time around. When they threw it three days ago, MC was sure she’d never been to an event so spectacular besides her own wedding, but apparently the guests and other hosts didn’t agree.

“This is almost as good as one of Rika’s parties!” 

They meant it as a compliment.


MC was lying in a foldy-zig-zag sort of way in one of the chairs at home, legs hooked over the arm, her own arm draped dramatically across her eyes and her phone nearly slipping from her fingers on the end of it. It’s typical that it was Yoosung who last decided that now was a good time to talk about how great Rika’s parties were in light of MC’s own, and she’d grumbled “Rika this, Rika that,” when her husband looked up from the magazine he was reading (Business Outsider?? Some kind of consumer research, maybe??) and asked, “What’s that, love?” 

He shouldn’t have asked, and she told him so, and when he realized she was upset that was when the insisting happened (he shouldn’t have insisted—too late, too late)—

The frustrations came out in a tidal wave, frustrations she didn’t even know she had. 

“I don’t know what was so great about Rika but would it kill people to just shut up about her just this once? I threw this party and it was so much better than the last one I was around for but noooo, instead of talking about how great what I did was, everyone just wants to talk about Rika and how perfect and wonderful and great she was, so kind and generous and persuasive and good at coordinating and I just—Yoosung never stops, Seven brought her up once or twice, Jaehee said there were less people than at Rika’s last party and even Zen started talking about her like, oh, yeah, she had a real eye for talent and just— what does she have that I don’t? Why am I never good enough?”

Jumin just watched in wide-eyed silence and MC didn’t know at what point she stood up, didn’t realize she was making wide, angry hand gestures until she was staring at him with her arms raised near her head, fingers curled around her phone as if about to break it. Her chest rose and fell, and she folded her arms against it and waited for an answer. 

“… I didn’t know you felt that way,” he said, slowly, as if choosing his words very carefully.

“Well, of course you didn’t,” MC snarled. “You think she’s so great too, just like they do. Right? Because Rika just understood you and she did so many amazing and admirable things, right?”


“I mean, you were in love with her.”

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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p30-32)

Here we are with the usual(?) last minute translation before the airing of the new episode. This is an interview with Toshiyuki Toyonaga alone that was published on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. Even though this time he’s interviewed alone, you will find that many things are similar to what was said in other interviews, but all in all it’s a nice summing up of Toyonaga’s opinion on his acting, YOI, Yuuri etc, and it’s a good read. Also, there are still parts that I see here for the first time, so even if you’ve read all the other interviews I posted here you will not find it boring!

I wanted to post another interview from the same magazine too, but as they are quite long it took some time to finish this so I didn’t have time for the other one… I might try to post it tomorrow if I’m not too braindead after episode 11 (*insert laugh*).

Just my opinion, but I love Toyonaga’s realistic (”not-your-typical-anime-voice”) acting he uses for Yuuri, and I really appreciate how much he’s putting into this role. It’s also cute how he actually relates to Yuuri himself. I’m looking forward to reading the interviews from the recently released magazines where they will probably talk about the second half of the series too.

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***Re-translating into other languages is ok but please mention that this post is the source***

Toshiyuki Toyonaga (voice of Yuuri Katsuki) interview
Yuuri Katsuki, protagonist of this anime, is vulnerable to pressure, gains weight easily and is possibly the figure skater with the most fragile glass heart in the world. We have invited his voice actor Toshiyuki Toyonaga and have asked him a lot about how he plays Yuuri and what he think is fascinating about him. According to author Mitsurou Kubo-san he is so similar to Yuuri that she called him “real Yuuri”. In what way exactly are Toyonaga-san and Yuuri so similar…? Let’s find out.

—“Yuri on Ice” has finally started airing on TV. Could you tell us your sincere feelings of when you got the role of Yuuri Katsuki?

I’m personally a fan of figure skating, so when my agency told me of this anime about figure skating I was very thrilled. My manager, who loves figure skating more than me, told me “get this role at all costs!” (LOL). You can’t really predict the results of an audition, so that’s not something I could promise, but later on when I was told that Mitsurou Kubo-san watched my audition and thought “Yuuri Katsuki is Toyonaga-san” that made me really happy. Yuuri is an ordinary boy living in the provinces, therefore even if this work is indeed an anime, I challenged myself to act as realistically as I could, and even in the audition I tried to limit the “anime-likeness” as much as possible and tried to pronounce the lines as if it was something I was naturally saying. If this hadn’t matched the style of this anime they probably would have thought that my acting sucks, but luckily that actually turned out to be a good idea. When I was informed that I got the role I was so happy I felt like crying, but my manager was so crazily hyper about it that I didn’t have time to react (LOL). However, when the realization that I got the role sunk in, I also started to feel the pressure because it meant that I would need to act in that realistic style, removing all anime-like elements from my voice as much as possible, for one whole cour. I can only blame myself (LOL)

—Does removing most anime-like elements and act realistically use up a lot of energy?

It’s just my personal opinion, but I feel that when you voice anime images there is a kind of template on which your acting is based, so I decided to just ignore all of that, make the lines mine and act out Yuuri’s role thinking carefully about the background behind each line and the reason why he’s saying it. I’m keeping in mind this kind of realism. It’s not like it’s physically tiring, but sometimes I felt mentally tired. The more I do it the more I get into the character, so to avoid empathizing with him too much and ending up crying (LOL) I’m making sure I don’t lose my balance too much.

—I see! This time Mitsurou Kubo-san created the storyboard for the anime. What did you think the first time you read it?

It was really interesting, as if I was just reading a new manga by Kubo-san, and I couldn’t wait to know what happened next (LOL). The structure of Kubo-san’s manga, the way comical parts and realistic parts are in perfect harmony, made it very easy to read, and I was really curious to see how all that would translate into an anime. I could also feel Kubo-san’s love for figure skating when reading the storyboard, and I felt that we should do our best not to ruin it.

—Did playing the role of protagonist Yuuri Katsuki make you realize something new and interesting about him?

According to the setting he is mentally weak, but he’s still a professional athlete who is competing on an extremely high international level. As “weak” as he may appear, he’s probably mentally stronger than your average person walking down the street. He works really hard, and I think that he also wants to repay all the people of his town Hasetsu for supporting him, so even if he’s timid he is still doing his best. Still, because of his faint-heartedness he ends up withdrawing into himself. That’s something I understand a lot myself, so when I talk about him I really feel like crying (LOL).

—Mitsurou Kubo-san also said at an event that “Toyonaga-san is like a real Yuuri”, and that surely shows how much you get into your role. Did you receive any directions from director Yamamoto or Kubo-san regarding how to play Yuuri?

Thankfully enough Kubo-san seems to be of that opinion, and I guess maybe that’s also the reason why they didn’t really give me directions, they are basically listening to the Yuuri Katsuki that I built up. After listening to my acting usually the director and the sound director Shimizu-san would discuss and ask me to adjust some things if needed.

—I see. Is there anything you think you have in common with Yuuri?

I think that in figure skating, compared to many other sports, the power to express something is considered especially important, so in a way the fact that figure skaters and actors are both “expressing” something makes them similar. Also, I believe many figure skaters have been skating since they were little. I’ve also been acting since I was a child, so I went through sad times, fun times and failures, and I can relate a lot to the feelings Yuuri experiences as he grows up. That’s also why it’s an honor for me to hear that Kubo-san thinks of me as a “real Yuuri”.

—When we interviewed Kubo-san in the last issue she said that theme she chose for Yuuri is “his neat sex appeal is violence”. Do you also pay attention to this when playing him?

“His neat sex appeal is violence”…… It sounds like a maxim (LOL). It’s the first time I hear those exact words, but indeed I was told about the theme being sex appeal. I do think that Yuuri’s sex appeal is not of the dirty kind, and it’s true that “neat” sex appeal can be more fascinating than anything else. I feel that it’s because he’s so artless that he can radiate that kind of sex appeal and make people fall for him.

—What did you find difficult about playing Yuuri?

The fact that the comical parts and serious parts are very fast-paced. I think that’s one of the interesting things about this anime too, but as we record everything in one go, sometimes it’s quite hard to switch between comical and serious and my mind can’t keep up. I basically created different “boxes” inside my head, like the comical box, the serious box, the sarcastic box, and even though they’re of course all Yuuri, it’s like I take out a different Yuuri box depending on the scene I’m playing. Sometimes, when talking with sound director Shimizu, I realize that I picked the wrong box for a scene, and in that case I do some adjustments. It’s difficult, but it’s also fun in a way.

—The anime is still airing, but are there any scenes you especially like among the ones that were already broadcast?

All the landscapes of Hasetsu feel very beautiful and warm. Also, Victor’s ass was nice too (LOL). I like the scenes in the hot springs because they’re amusing, and also, when Mari-neechan looks at Yurio (Yuri Plisetsky) and for a moment pictures a certain Takao from an idol group I was like “who is he!?” (LOL). And the fact that Yuuri’s room was covered in Victor’s posters. There are so many interesting elements scattered all over the place that it’s really hard to choose one. However, as Yuuri, I was very impressed by the scene at the beginning of episode 2 where he realizes “I’m nervous because I’m so happy”. He’s not nervous because he’s puzzled about the situation, but because he’s genuinely happy that Victor is becoming his coach. When I saw him like that I too couldn’t help feeling happy for him. I also like the scene where Yuuri and Yurio are doing basic training together…… I could keep listing scenes forever (LOL). Every episode is so dense that sometimes you wonder whether this is really a 30 minutes anime.

—But it progresses with a very good pace, which makes it easy to watch.

Exactly! What is really amazing is that the amount of information doesn’t feel like a pain, it’s made in a way that viewers can follow what’s happening easily. I also love the scene where in episode 3 “Onsen on ICE”, the night before the actual match, Yuuri goes to Minako-sensei’s house and asks her to teach him because he wants to change the way he is going to perform Eros. Yuuri usually gets depressed when he is worried about something, so I think in this occasion it’s because of Victor’s influence that he actually decided to actively do something about it. It’s really nice to see how Yuuri gradually develops a more positive attitude thanks to the stimuli he receives from Victor.

—Are there any other characters that you like or that you are curious about beside your role?

I like the 3 sisters of the Nishigoori family, I think Yuuko-san is cute too, and in general all the people in Hasetsu are just so warm and lovely that I like them all. I also like Georgi Popovich, who is played by Wataru Hatano-san and is going to show up in the next episodes (LOL). I can’t speak in detail because he hasn’t appeared in the anime yet, but I will just say that I like the “atmosphere” that he creates. I hope that you will understand what I mean when you see him!

—It’s a character to keep an eye on! What are your impressions of the other main characters Victor and Yuri?

Victor is so active that he decided to fly to Japan right away after watching Yuuri’s skating video, and a normal person would say that it’s impossible to understand what he’s thinking. The things he says also sound a little aloof, he’s the kind of character that makes you think “ordinary people cannot understand a genius”. However, Victor is also a skater who basically decided to give up his life as an athlete to go to Yuuri’s place, so I believe that deep down he is probably thinking a lot. I also think, though, that Victor himself doesn’t consider it something so serious and that it’s his way of enjoying life. It’s people like him that become stars.

—What about Yuri?

Yurio also has the nature of a star, though a bit different than Victor’s. He is called “Russian yankee” and he’s kind of rude, but I also believe that sharp side of him is actually important in the world of expression. People who stick to their beliefs and values naturally attract other people, and his sharp side, beside being partly caused by the fact that he’s still young, has been shown to be important at times. His temper isn’t just selfishness, because for example in episode 3, when he loses to Yuuri, he says “this time I lost, but the next time I’ll win”, so I feel that he understands that acknowledging defeat is a way to become stronger.

—What do you think about the way Victor and Yuri’s voice actors, Junichi Suwabe-san and Kouki Uchiyama-san, play their characters?

I heard that in the beginning Suwabe-san had trouble grasping the character, but after talking with director Yamamoto and Kubo-san he was able to understand him. I think that he’s really amazing, because when I’m in front of the mike voicing Yuuri I forget that the one standing next to me is Suwabe-san and I have the feeling that Victor is right there and I’m talking to him……! Ucchi (Uchiyama-san) is very good at changing his own acting after listening to other people’s. For example, regarding the Yuuri I built up, I think that inside his mind he was probably like “he’s playing Yuuri that way, so I’ll play my Yuri in this other way”, and he’s doing all this without even needing to discuss with me. He’s really good.

—The other day I was present at the talk show of the anime preview screening and I could feel the love that members of the cast and staff have for this anime. What do you think about the atmosphere of the recording studio?

It takes a very long time to record “Yuri on Ice”, but that also shows how much everyone is serious about it, and I have the impression that we are all searching for a way to make it as good as possible. Everyone is really kind and I have fun talking to them, but they’re also very serious people that know how to do their jobs, so I feel it’s a very balanced atmosphere. Also, recently I often do recordings with people who are younger than me, which of course is a good thing because it stimulates me, but since I still consider myself a “developing actor”, if I don’t get many occasions to do recordings with people who have much more experience than me I get a little frustrated because I also want to learn more and to watch other people’s acting to use as a reference (LOL). Therefore I’m very grateful to this anime because it gave me a chance to do recording with many voice actors who are older and more experienced than me, which I think is really important for myself too.

—Thank you very much! Please leave a message for the readers who are looking forward to the next episodes.

So far the story has been centered mainly around Yuuri, Victor and Yurio, but from now on many skaters from other countries are going to appear and we will also see how Yuuri interacts with them. I think that when you start seeing many different kinds of relationships you also get a wider view of the world, so I hope you’ll enjoy the “internationality” of the story. I also personally think that it would be nice to see the cultural differences between the characters, therefore I’m playing Yuuri in a flat way to give the feeling that he’s somewhat of a late bloomer, which I think is very Japanese. It would be interesting if the different ways everyone voices their characters could somewhat connect to cultural differences, so that’s also something I would keep an eye on. By the way, as the Grand Prix Series is starting in the real world too, it’s a nice occasion to enjoy both the real and fictional versions at the same time. When I’m not playing Yuuri I’m also following the real Grand Prix Series like you, so I hope we can spice up the world of figure skating together! I will do what little I can do to help, please keep on cheering!

TOP 10 OF 2015

Another year of photography has come around for me and I’m really excited to share my favorite photos of the year. I didn’t shoot many shows, but I did walk away from them with some of my favorite captures yet. I also worked on a lot of project-based portraits, so a couple of those will be thrown in, too. I hope you all enjoy which photos I chose, and the little tidbits I add underneath as to why they are a favorite of mine.

10. Motion Project

This photo was inspired by a very talented photographer (Brandon Woelfel) - the photo itself was challenging to capture, but I ended up being happy with the outcome. This was taken later on this year, and I feel it isn’t one of my best, which is why I have it at the tail end of my list.

9. Cartel

I had a late start when it came to shooting shows this year. The first I shot was in April, being Cartel. This is in no way one of my better photos, but I remember I took it right before I left the venue, and it was my last shot of the night. It may not be much, but photographing Cartel was really, really cool. 

8. Never Shout Never

This explanation is simple: childhood. Never Shout Never was my first show as a teenager, and I saw them on the Harmony Tour with the Maine in Ybor City. I remember having a point and shoot at that show and I tried to take my best photos from the back of the venue. Sure, then I thought they were like, the best photos ever, but looking back now, I’m really glad that I was so persistent about getting photos because I’m able to make such a drastic comparison. Overall, shooting their set was super nostalgic, and I’m sure many people have felt the same. 

7. Panic! at the Disco

This was such a long day and I was convinced that the show was going to get cancelled. It stormed really bad for hours, and the fans had to evacuate at an outdoor show and find cover places elsewhere. Robert Delong’s set got shut down 2 songs in, and PATD’s set time kept getting pushed back. I was soaked, my equipment was soaked, and I was very panicked (shocking) about the whole day. Around an hour and a half later, the show finally started back up and it was very difficult to shoot: wet stage, muddy pit, spots on my lens. Despite it being a very hectic day, I could finally cross photographing Panic! off of my list. 

6. Silhouette Project

I took these photos very last minute for a project, and I was shocked at how much I loved the outcome. Capturing silhouettes can be difficult if you don’t time the sunset just right, and I can honestly say that I nailed it with this photo. It has been in art shows, and has caught so many people’s attention. It’s one of my favorite images from a form of portraiture and I’d love to see what I can do next.

5. New Politics

Photographing New Politics is always incredibly fun, and there’s always a surprise. David had jumped down into the crowd for a minute and one of my favorite things to capture is fan to artist connections. To see the smiles on everyone’s face in one photo speaks volumes, especially if you know what it’s like to be passionate about music or seeing your favorite band/artist. There’s a certain glow to his expression while singing to his fans and hearing his lyrics sang back to him that really makes me love this photo.

4. Levitation Project

Another challenging shoot for me, but I’m so proud of what I accomplished. I love a warm photo when it’s done right, and I feel that I captured the mood of this perfectly. The movement of her hair and placement of her hands almost makes it look like she’s falling, and I love it. The way this photo came together is unbelievable, as the before photo looks like a completely different image.

3. Walk the Moon

Walk the Moon provided such an energetic and entertaining set for both fans and the photographers. This in particular captures so much emotion, and it portrays that they truly love performing. The way that they captivated the audience was truly incredible. I could photograph WTM over and over again and not get tired of them, and I’m confident that I would walk away with something new each show. 

2. Halloween Project

I really learned to push myself when it came to this project. We had trouble with day one, almost completely wasting an entire day of shooting due to constant error. The next day we picked up the slack and were determined to get great photos out of the shoot, and our motivation worked. I’ve never walked away loving so many photos from a single shoot. Picking a photo for this post was hard, but something about this one constantly keeps me coming back to it.

—— TIE ——

It was way too difficult to choose between these two, so I decided to make them both #1. Both were huge moments for me personally and career wise.

1. twenty one pilots

I have gone through hell and back trying to photograph twenty one pilots, it’s actually ridiculous. Plus, this was my first confetti shot out of all of the shows I have been able to cover in the past. It was a very frustrating night as some photographers were completely disrespectful and selfish to the rest of us around them, but I made the best out of it. twenty one pilots is another band that I could photograph over and over again and not get tired of doing so. It’s also no surprise as to how much they can win a crowd over, and their fans are so dedicated. The energy at the amphitheater during their set was insane, and every single person in the crowd (20,000 strong, sold out) was on their feet singing every word back. I’m glad that tøp was my last shoot of the year.

1. Emarosa 

I was running incredibly late to Emarosa’s set and made it for half of the second song and the full of the third (photographers are only allowed first 3 songs, in case you didn’t know that.) I’m basically sprinting in, and every photographer was nice enough to make some room so I could get some shots. Well, I made it just in time. As soon as I got there, Bradley jumped down onto the barricade and started to sing to this lucky, dedicated fan. Catching this moment meant so much to me, and I knew I had to post it right away so that the fan could hopefully find it. Well, it was liked by thousands. I have never gotten such a positive response from one of my photos before, and it meant a lot to me. Reposts should never determine whether a show was a successful shoot or not, but having Warped Tour and Bradley himself repost it really made me feel good because that fan ended up seeing the photo. That’s what matters to me - catching moments for fans that are living in the moment, with their phone down and their full attention on the band/artist they paid to see. It’s so rewarding.

galpalaven  asked:

all even numbers under the first subheading (for the couple) of the Romance Asks for whichever pair you want!!

Ah thankyou for the ask sweetie! Letting me choose the pair is a terrible mistake haha I have too many OTPs to choose from. But I think I’ll do my current obsession fenhawke with my f!mage!hawke Marianne 

2. What was the first moment that they knew they were in love with their LI?

For Fenris, it was shortly after their first night together. He was in a pretty bad way and was being a little reckless on the battlefield, and got badly hurt. Marianne saved him from the worst of the blow, taking most of the damage herself, before using healing magic to close Fenris’ wounds before even thinking about tending to herself. It was when she smiled at him as he thanked her that he realised he loved her more than anything. 

For Marianne, it was after they confronted Hadrianna and Fenris went missing. She was out of her mind with worry, and his comment about magic spoiling everything it touches upset her more than it should have. She was terrified he thought of her as something evil and spoiled and it was that worry that made her realise she was in love with him.  

4. Their favourite physical feature on each other?

Marianne loves Fenris’s hands, she loves playing with them and tangling her fingers with his and just holding his hands. 

Fenris loves Marianne’s button nose. It’s adorable, very uncharacteristic of the rough and tough Champion, and he loves the reminder that she can be cute and soft as well.

6. Who is the big spoon?

Marianne. Fenris is slightly taller than her, but he tends to curl up in his sleep so it’s never an issue. Fenris has a habit of tucking his head under Marianne’s chin and resting his head against her chest to listen to her heartbeat when lying facing her, when lying away he curls into a ‘C’ shape and Marianne’s body curves around him. Makes him feel safe. Makes both of them feel safe actually.

8. What are their most prominent memories of each other?

Marianne will never forget first seeing Fenris, all glowy and broody and swagger-down-the-stairs like he was. It was very dramatic, especially with the background music playing in her head. Another prominent memory of Fenris is the look on his face after he’d killed his sister and declared he was alone, only to have her say she was still here. His expression almost made her cry, she’ll never forget those puppy eyes as Merrill calls them. 

Fenris will be forever haunted by Marianne’s broken look as he first walked away from her, but on his good days he can almost forget it. His most prominent memories of her are quite mundane, watching her laugh with Varric at the card table, seeing her asleep with her mabari by the fire, her hair falling out of its braid and slightly into her face as she hunches over reading a book. And of her course her infamous smirk.

10. Do they have pet names for each other?

Not really, Fenris called her Mari once but never did again when she started crying, her family called her that and it brought back memories. Sometimes Marianne will call him Fen, but other than that they don’t really go for the pet names thing.  

12. Do they have similar goals? If they clash, how do they deal?

Marianne’s never had many goals outside of surviving till the next day haha same with Fenris. They do clash on mage rights, but they deal with that through communication; they both understand each other’s points, mutual respect is a great way to start.   

14. Is their anything they associate with each other?

Marianne looks at Depp Mushrooms and giggles because they glow like Fenris. Fenris associates Marianne with azalea flowers, her garden was full of them and in the spring she’d wear them in her hair, they’re her favourite flower.  

16. Jealous at all?

Fenris usually, but mostly out of fear Marianne could, and should, do better than him. Marianne’s an obnoxious flirt, and Fenris is an insecure sweetheart. He mostly gets jealous around other elves, like Zevran, and very territorial. Marianne (not-so)secretly loves it. Marianne does get a little jealous with Isabella around sometimes. 

18. Is their any way they disappoint each other?

Well, Fenris was pretty let down when Marianne took off  and left him and their children in the middle of the night to help the Inquisition with nothing but an apology note and a promise to come home soon. 

But on a general basis, no not really. They help each other grow and they understand each other’s flaws and shortcomings. They’re a pretty supportive couple.

20. Did either person change at all, to be with their partner?

They both changed because of their partnership, but that’s true of every partnership. But to be with each other? Not really, apart from the obvious character development that comes with entering a relationship. They already loved each other for who they were. Fenris would never ask Marianne to compromise who she was for him, and Marianne never wanted Fenris to change unless he wanted, she loved him for him.

The Talking Daryl Dixon & Love

Season 2 - Save the Last One

Andrea: “You really think we’re gonna find Sophia?”
Daryl: “You got that look on your face same as everybody else. What the hell’s wrong with you people? We just started looking.”
Andrea: “Well, do you?”
Daryl: ” It ain’t the mountains of Tibet. It’s Georgia. She could be holed up in a farmhouse somewhere. It happens all the time.”
Andrea: “She’s only 12.”
Daryl: “Hell, I was younger than her and I got lost. Nine days in the woods eating berries, wiping my ass with poison oak.”
Andrea: “They found you?”
Daryl: “My old man was off on a bender with some waitress. Merle was doing another stint in juvie. Didn’t even know I was gone. I made my way back though. Went straight into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich. No worse for wear. Except my ass itched something awful.
Andrea: “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, that is a terrible story.”
Daryl: “Only difference is Sophia’s got people looking for her. I call that an advantage.”

Daryl Dixon started out the series as an outcast who lashed out at anyone who even tried to talk to him and whether you were coming to him with something good or bad, his reaction to either was much of the same. This was a guy who didn’t want and felt like he didn’t need other people to complicate, damage or overwhelm his existence (or at least that’s the story he was trying to sell).

Opening up and sharing of himself is not exactly Daryl’s forte and let’s face it he isn’t nor he’ll ever be a guy that engages in too much pointless chatter and meaningless conversation. I’ve always felt that as a man of few words and an experienced hunter he was naturally more observant and even more aware of the people in his environment so whenever he did choose to speak his contribution always meant something more.

The close relationship he developed with Carol was a deviation from the closed-off Dixon way and throughout the seasons most of the more emotionally revealing moments Daryl experienced were shared exclusively by her. We don’t know just how many heart-to-heart talks Carol and Daryl shared with each other but the closeness and unmatched comfortable vibe between them imply that their deep bond was indeed strengthened by unconditional understanding of the each other. To see specific scenes used to illustrate how much Carol knows Daryl click here!

Daryl Dixon always had relationships with the other members of the group BUT what he had with Carol was different AND indicated emotional intimacy and inherent familiarity of one another.

After the uncertainty, shocking OOC behaviour and confusing plot lines many CARYL shippers were alarmed to see Daryl not just separated from Carol but also Daryl sharing some of his past with others who weren’t even remotely close to him prior to Season 4.

The conversations alone weren’t a threat to CARYL but coupled with Carol’s absence, Daryl’s sudden adolescence and ambiguously written scenes, fear and doubt began to creep in.

Things started to look “odd”!

The “non-ship” representatives delighted in their romantic interpretations of the questionable moments shared between Daryl and Beth claiming that it must be “true love” because otherwise Daryl would have never shared his past so quickly to another “woman”.

The haste in such declarations left many holes in their observations and everybody seemed to forget that while Daryl Dixon connected with Carol deeply, he also shared stories about his past with other group members too.

Ones he wasn’t suddenly “in love with”!

In the early days of “beating the bush” Daryl reveals to Andrea that he too had gotten lost in the woods as a young boy and had been forced to survive on his own for several days despite being even younger than Sophia herself.

Daryl nonchalantly and un-emotionally tells the story of how he disappeared in the woods for days without anyone looking for him or even noticing that he was gone. As he proudly recounts his “survival” rewarded by a self-made sandwich at the end of the ordeal, the audience gets a small glimpse of the abusive, neglected and painfully empty his childhood and home life must have been.

In “Still” both Daryl and Beth share a moment where each of them talk about the siblings they “lost”, he tells her a horrible Merle related memory including a tweaker and a drug house while Beth reciprocates by telling him that she misses Maggie “bossing” her around.

The conversation itself has a very familial-sibling feeling to it but also serves as a stark reminder of just how different these two people were and how after all this time of surviving together they still don’t understand each other. 

Beth tells Daryl whose worst fear is being left on his own that he’ll be “the last man standing” and in turn he adopts her naïveté and adolescent view of the world, regressing even further in denial and despair that will follow him with a vengeance as he follows her through the wilderness. 

Daryl came out of “Still” only seemingly “lighter” when if you look closely his turmoil and hopelessness has just transformed him through regression and even more determination to hide away from the reality of the nightmare they were living in. 
The problem of course is that the evil him and Beth were avoiding in that funeral home was just outside the door he was going to open because Beth told him that there might be good people living here…

Essentially what it comes down to it the difference between Daryl sharing his past or his emotions with Beth and him sharing himself with Carol is the fact that Carol took his revelation further than just mere conversation.

Carol took what he gave her and used to build him up, inspire him and ultimately make him believe that not only could he do better but that he already was…