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Hello ! How would each jojo be like as an older sibling ? would there be differences in how they would treat a younger sister or brother ? (it can stay gender neutral if you want !) (i know it's 5 characters max, but i couldn't choose between the jojos ;_;)

[ Ok cos I don’t Jojolion I wont do Jo2uke haha sorry about that :’) it might also be a bit short for each of them since there’s so many :( Also ya i kept it gender neutral <3 ]

- Jonathan would be the best big brother you could ever wish for, he’d do anything for you and even take the blame from dad for you too. 
- You want a midnight snack? Jonathan is on it, creeping downstairs to steal you a cookie just to make sure you were happy.
- If you were in a bad mood Jonathan wouldn’t leave you alone until he managed to get you to cheer up again be it with some very bad jokes or small Hamon tricks. He’s the caring older brother type.
- He’s such a sucker for you too, whenever you were to compliment him or tell him how cool he was calling him the best Big Brother Ever he’d just puff his chest up with pride. Flashing you a smile.
- He’d love to play with both you and Danny at the same time too, passing a frisbee between him and you in the backyard as Danny tries to catch it. 

- Joseph would be that one brother you have a love hate relationship with. Like, all your socks mismatched on purpose, or the salt and sugar being switched up, he just like playing small pranks but would apologise afterwards.
- He’d love to teach you a bit of Hamon too, not for battle but for just for tricks to show off or maybe a bit of self defence.
- Though he won’t take the blame for you, you bet Joseph would talk back to Grandma Erina for your sake if he feels like you’re not in the wrong, this usually ends up with the both of you getting punished instead.
- If you came home in a bad mood though Joseph would definitely ask you what’s up, if its something he can help with he would, he’s still a loving brother and would want to see you smile all the time.
- If you need help with homework and Joseph is free, he’d totally be your personal tutor, bullying you if you got it wrong and congratulating you if you’re right.

- Jotaro just doesn’t interact much with you, other than the occasional Hi Bye or asking you where things are he doesn’t really bother.
- But he’ll get super protective if he ever finds out anyone is bully you, he doesn’t care who if you come home crying or beaten up the next day your bullies are magically in the hospital. He’ll never admit it but you can tell by his slightly scuffled look that day that he beat them up for you.
- He’d occasionally show signs that he does care for you quite a bit, like sharing some desert with you if he knows you had a bad day. Or nonchalantly leaving notes on your work explaining how to solve the question you couldn’t solve.
- Holly is too nice to ever actually punish the both of you but Jotaro would give you a warning if you ever stepped out of place thus he ends up being the one to teach you right and wrong.

- Josuke is the Best Friend kind of brother. Going to the arcade together, or bringing you out to lunch, maybe even being willing to spend some of his saving on you.
- He’d also bring you out to karaoke and introduce you to his friends so all of you are just one rowdy bunch of excited teens having fun together.
- Josuke would get super overprotective once you reach the dating age though, not wanting to see you get your heart broken so before dates he’d would have already threatened your partner not to hurt your feelings but you won’t ever know he did something like that because the last time you found out you ended up scolding him instead.
- Josuke would also share haircare products and tips with you, though you don’t share the same sentiments about your hairstyle like he does you still enjoy having silky smooth hair.
- You’d also never be hurt, ever cut or scratch no matter how small would be immediately healed up with Crazy Diamond the moment he notices.

- Giorno would be the Best Brother! Being bullied when he was a kid lead to you getting some of it to, but if anyone comes to mess with you Giorno would immediately step up to take the hit instead.
- He hates to see you hurt and would much rather take the fall for you. He’s the quiet brother kind, so you won’t know when he does get hurt in your place. He doesn’t want you to worry about him.
- When he gets older though he’d try to leave you out of the mafia but still use it to take care of you. If you want something expensive he’ll get it. If you want an ex to leave you alone, he’s on it.
- He’d also feel super responsible for you since you’re each other’s only family. Giorno would protect you with his life and he know you would do the same for him. So when it came to Passione in the later years, fully expect him to make sure everyone had an eye out for you.

- Jolyne would be a great older sister, she sees that since dad isn’t always here for you, she tries to fill that part of your life so you don’t feel as lonely.
- She’d be the kind of sister to lend you her makeup and music CDs whenever you wanted maybe spoiling you a little in the process.
- Instead of mom lecturing you, it’ll be her. Jolyne just wants to make sure you don’t grow up to be a spoilt brat but in all honestly she rarely does end up scolding you, but gives you the “ I’m disappointed in you” talks instead.
- If you like shopping, be sure as hell that she’s bringing you out to buy whatever you want. She herself spending a lot of time getting her own fashionable clothes and makeup.
- She’d also be super close to you, loving to hear whatever relationship updates you have. Hearing you talk about someone you like or even getting together with them is interesting to her. She’d try to give you ‘ relationship advice’ though it usually turns out horribly.

- Johnny would be the most perfect older brother, he himself having an older brother Nicholas, he just wants to be that figure in your life too. Making sure you never feel any bias against you in the family.
- If dad were to scold you he’d step up and take the full blame for you regardless. He feels like since dad already hates him he might as well take the hit for you so you’d live a better life than his.
- Johnny would also love bringing you out to the racetracks to ride with him and teach you everything about horses that your dad wouldn’t teach you [because he thinks you’re not ready.] Johnny calls that bullshit and just wants to see you happy.
- He’d be the most heartbroken to leave you after he runs away from home, secretly still getting people to write to you and update you on his wellbeing telling you not to worry or if dad is being mean you should “ Run away too! Stay with me. I can take care of you.” 

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Wow, what you're doing is being a complete ass. If you take off ever facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn't know the difference. Stop being an idiotic close minded person and think of HOW much he draws and how often he does it. Compare it to other anime, then let's talk.

If you take off every facial feature except for eyes, nose and mouth out of every anime character, NO, EVERY HUMAN, even then you wouldn’t know the difference.”

Oh hey, what’s this? An easily obtained handful of Oda’s awesome women who are very easily identifiable by nothing but their eyes, noses, and mouths.

But Take a look at Oda’s male cast, take a look at his female cast, and then tell me that he draws men with the same faces all the time, just like he does with so many of the women.

Some of Oda’s men do have similar faces—Luffy, Coby, Dellinger, and Sabo all have fairly similar faces. Zoro, Kohza, Shanks, and Smoker have fairly similar faces as well. BUT they are still easily distinguished by things like their different face scars. That’s one of the biggest differences between Oda’s character designs for men vs. women. Oda’s men get face tattoos, they get face scars (over 25 of Oda’s men have facial scars, while only 1 woman (Cindry the zombie) does), and they get crazy eyes, they get facial hair, they get weird noses and unique eyebrows and more. Even Oda’s most similar male characters still have things that make their faces distinct and unique.

The problem has never been that Oda draws EVERY woman the same. Oda has created a number of diverse and awesome women. The problem is that when he wants girls to be “pretty,” they wind up mostly looking like Nami with different hair, with no real facial differences between them than things like slightly puffier lips, or eyelashes on their bottom eyelids.


In my collage of the women’s faces in OP, I did go out of my way to choose only women who looked alike—but it wasn’t very hard to do, seeing as there were so many to choose from. Some people criticized it on the grounds that I avoided women like the ones pictured above, the ones with unique faces, but that was the entire point of the collage—to show the unreasonable number of women Oda’s made that are barely distinguishable from each other.

But the men’s collage had a different purpose; it’s meant to illustrate the numerous ways that Oda has to make his characters unique, everything from crazy eyes to hooked noses to broken noses to pointed teeth and more, including the massive range of different eyes that Oda makes for his male characters. I had to go out of my way to find men with similar faces, and then I had to go an extra mile to erase their scars and facial hair and tattoos, all things that help make Oda’s male characters unique, even when they do have more similar, more “normal” (and usually regarded as hotter) faces, such as Zoro’s, Smoker’s, and Shanks’. Hell, I even had to erase Ace’s freckles. Oda’s women don’t get to have cool scars or face tattoos, so that’s not a thing I had to worry about with their collage.

There are a huge variety of ways that Oda’s men are distinguished from each other, and no two are alike, yet for so many of the women the only thing that separates them is a different haircut. A lot of people don’t care about this sort of this, but it matters to me and other people too.

(And if you still want to tell me that I’m making a point about nothing here, please read my preemptive rebuttal here before gunning for me.)

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I couldn't choose which letter or number to do, there were too many awesome things! (Something silly like zombie fluff, or traumatic like WW2 and huddling for warmth?!) so I got my 4yo (who, by the way wants to be Prince Arthur when she grows up!) to choose a letter and a number and we have... Spy au (17), and presumed dead (I) please!

Every child should want to be Prince Arthur, he has awesome swords and cool outfits! I want to be Prince Arthur and I’m 22. One of these days I should cosplay him, but for now I will encourage 4yo to swing swords around (which is really bad advice, this is why I’m not a mother).

Anyway, your kiddo has the best fic requests, because I love stuff like this! It turned out a little longer than planned, but here you go!


They had been taken somewhere remote in the middle of Russia. Merlin figured it was deep underground, where enemy satellites couldn’t see. He had tried to track where they were going very the plane and then the snowmobile, but no one had a clue where they were. Only a handful of men knew where this place was. And Merlin? He needed to be one of those men.

Arthur was his fellow mole.  Unlike Merlin, his mission was to find out as much information as he could on the weapons they were building here. They were a team, although they rarely saw each other. It would be too suspicious for a weapons specialist and a medic to always be talking. But when they had the chance… They couldn’t stay away from each other.

Merlin often wondered that if British Intelligence had known that Merlin and Arthur were together (more than just partners, but lovers as well) if they would have sent them on this extended mission. Probably not. If the collusion and suspicion wasn’t bad enough, homosexuality was illegal in Russia and God knows what the military would do if they were caught.

But it was a risk both of them were willing to take.

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