there were so many layers

My favorite part of this episode was when Barry and Kara were just riffing with each other, and the “Super Friend” song was a pure delight. There were so many layers going on here, so much meta-commentary on movie musicals as a genre, on their respective shows, on their history together as performers, and it was all just pure fun.

Mind you, it was a close race with “Runnin’ Home to You,” subtitled “I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING”

still not over annalise/eve

it was lit the second they stepped into a scene together. it was intense, it was compelling, there were so many layered emotions going on. and i KNEW what the show was doing. i was very aware that they were giving me queer subtext but i’m used to tv disappointing me, mocking queer people by using queer subtext to get reactions or something, so while i knew that the subtext was being played intentionally, i didn’t know they were going to give us this incredibly truthful and complex relationship and confirm it the way they did. i’m so happy.

when has annalise ever been this vulnerable, this trusting, this visceral with someone, when?

*those olivia pope eyes, as soon as she saw eve? (i’m not saying viola davis’ acting is derivative because it’s not, but it’s the classic olivia look and it conveyed SO MUCH)

*the teasing between them, the ‘i hate you’, the way they just, like, started on this note like they had never stopped

*eve holding annalise accountable during that fight over framing nate, but also showing that she still had so many emotions bubbling that were about the two of them

*but then eve assuring her that she knew annalise was not a bad person. eve has the power to call her out but in a grounding way 

* “i know you”

*she told eve the truth. the real truth about the murder. she placed her future in eve’s hands.

*that kiss, with the smiling and the hair touching and the face holding and what was essentially a confession of love?

i legit cannot handle it. i really really hope we get more of this from them. idk how annalise plans to get away with it looking suspicious as all get up, that the person representing Nate is her ex, cuz it looks like they’re about to get found out like, rn. and i’m also a little worried because famke janssen is the queen of playing villains. but i can’t get over how positive and interesting and romantic and hot and surprising and great this relationship could be.

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Honestly, this means so much to me. So much. When I made this blog, I wasn’t expecting to get this far – especially not in such little time. I think it’s been less than a year tbh. However, despite the relatively short amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve met some rather amazing and wonderful people. People that have helped me change and recognize myself, people that have given me beautiful words of advice and compliments, people that I can genuinely call my best friends. This seems pretty over-the-top, considering this is just a silly anime blog, but it’s true hahaha! I’ve bonded with a ton of you and I can’t wait for the many more to come (hopefully!). Love you guys, and of course, thank you so so so so so much for stickin’ around and for joining me. 

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Don’t take this seriously, but my little rant/review/observation on Girl Meets Texas, because I couldn’t help myself: 

I thought Girl Meets Texas was beautifully written. I loved the roller coaster of emotions that they put us on. I missed this kind of writing on television shows, where feelings and different kinds of relationships are so real, genuine, and age appropriate yet still applicable to older people. There were so many layers to this episode, which I think is the reason for all the discussion and “wars” I’ve been coming across. I’m trying my hardest not to read any of it because shippers can be pretty nasty to each other (example: I came across someone saying that they want Maya to be killed off for Rucas’ sake. Seriously?). In fact, the shipping wars made me so angry and annoyed that I had to unfollow almost all GMW blogs. The amount of (im)maturity was just really hard to read, especially when people were ripping each other apart on here. 

Let me just get off my chest the one thing I didn’t like about GMT: freaking Cletus. Yes, let’s just bring in the VERY stereotypical Texan man who has a VERY stereotypical Disney Channel comic relief personality that I (and probably many others) did not really care for. 

Anywho, you could tell that both Maya and Riley were trying really hard to push away their own feelings towards Lucas for the sake of the other. I think that’s a very noble, normal thing anyone would do for their best friend. If you’ve never had to do that for a friend before, lucky you because it really freakin’ hurts, especially if you have to stay around and watch. And both girls have done that. And both of their feelings are completely valid. I understand how Riley feels. I understand how Maya feels. It’s a hard situation to be in and it flatout sucks, but that’s life.  

I’m not going to say too much about Lucas because hell, he’s just as confused as the viewers are. But what slightly irked me was that we don’t actually find out how Lucas feels about Maya, which sucks because he knows how she feels about him. But I can’t be too annoyed because that’s what dating is for: to find out if you like them. 

And then there’s Farkle. They say that it’s always the quiet ones. Farkle had been strangely quiet for parts I and II, but he knew very well what was going on. He’s always been observant, we knew that. Farkle pretty much lets everyone (including us, the viewers) know what’s up when there’s confusion. And you know what? HE doesn’t know what’s up. He doesn’t know how Maya really feels or how Lucas feels about Maya. He doesn’t know because he didn’t witness what happened at the campfire. But he knows that Lucas and Riley do like each other (maybe even love, who knows, they’re still kids, they’re still growing) and that hasn’t gone away and probably won’t for a while.

While watching the last few minutes of the Texas III, I felt that Farkle is the glue that keeps everyone together. He’s there for all of his friends, provides a safe environment where the girls can vent (maybe Lucas and Zay too?!), and really reads and notices all the little things in his friends, allowing him to see what’s really going on with them. Then again, he has a robotic eye. 

At the end of Texas III, Charlie & Riley didn’t mention they’re official, nor did they say they’re calling it off, so I guess they’re still seeing each other. Same goes for Lucaya. 

Now for the little tidbits:

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