there were so many great lines

to our dear friend @imjustalazycat !!!!! Both @kirschkernchen and I decided to do an epic collab piece for you! We both know the last couple of weeks have been super hard on you and you have been so stressed. You have given us so much and you always put such a great smile on our faces. Thank you for being such an amazing friend and please remember how loved you are! You do so much for so many people and you touch so many hearts! ^-^ again thank you! we decided to thank you by doing what you always did for us when we were down…create art to make us smile! I hope you enjoy this!

Sketch and Line work was done by the amazing @kirschkernchen

and coloring and shading was done by myself!

the rogue one squad built a rebellion on hope, and when they couldn’t carry that hope anymore because their chances were spent, luke, leia, and han brought it to the finish line. luke didn’t “get all the glory;” he had that greatness thrust upon him in the cruelest way possible: he lost his two parental figures, and he lost obi-wan (another paternal figure) in a short span of time. but he never gave up. he easily could have, but he knew that he’d fall down a hole he’d never be able to crawl out of. he never hardened; he was never resentful of his sensitivity, even though many predicted it would be his “undoing.” he turned it into a strength instead, and i think that’s a really beautiful way to write a character. the rogue one squad would be proud of him.

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How did u draw so good???When did u start drawing???How old are you???Did u learn art?Sorry if I'm asking too much XD

Thank you very much for ASK and comment!

I become 25 years old on April 4.

I have started to paint since 11 years old. The reason I started to draw was that I was invited to draw by my friends at elementary school. But at that time I was bad at the picture. I was very sad that she told me,“Your picture is too dirty” I decided to continue painting.

When I was 18 years old, I entered Osaka University of Arts. At college I studied a lot of paintings and made many original characters. Suddenly the friend sent me a LINE after graduation. “I was surprised when your comics were getting better! Great!” She was watching my graduation work. I’m so happy I could cry! I don’t hate her. Because of her words I was able to continue painting.

I think that continuing drawing continues to be very important!

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I'm going to the anaheim concert and i have some questions about what to do before the show. I know there is assigned seating but did you still line up early to get into the venue? Also were there like any fan meet ups before hand?

Anonymous said:What’s a good time to get there before the concert? Like how many hours before should you arrive

Anonymous said:Omg it’s so cool that you flew in to Newark to support BTS! Do you have any tips for the concert? I have no idea when I should get there or when I can buy merch! :( Thanks! <3

Anonymous said:Glad you had a great time! I’m going to the Chicago concert, any concert tips and how fast did the merch sell out?

Anonymous said:I’m going to BTS’s concert next week and since you just went, I was wondering if you have any tips? Like how early should I get there/when can I buy merch? Stuff like that. Thanks a bunch 💕💕


I have GA floor what time do I show up?: up to you, if you want to be in the front, people started queueing 12-14 hours before the concert itself 

if you don’t care at least get there 2-3 hours before doors open

I have seats what time do I show up?: again up to you, you can literally show up 30 minutes before the concert starts, no rush 

with that being said, if you want MERCH or BANNERS etc etc SHOW UP BEFOREHAND AT LEAST 2-3 HOURS BEFORE THE DOORS OPEN 

what do I do there?: nothing, lol you queue, you’ll meet friends in line, you’ll see people dancing to bts music, chill and just sit and relax! maybe get pictures with cutouts inside if you find them and just have fun, no pressure

I want merch/where is merch/how did you get merch/where do I buy merch/how early should I get there for merch/merch/merch/merch: merch sells out in literally maybe an hour. merch for me opened at 1pm I believe, but people were lying up in the merch queues from as early as 8 am. so if you want merch, get there REALLY EARLY. the only thing they had left were bombs, everything else was sold out completely

where is the merch: for us they had inside and outside merch stands, outside was the main one and basically there was only bombs left at both, everything was sold out again. inside merch only opens when doors open for the concert 

any tips: don’t be too serious, have fun, bring lots of food and water if you’re waiting in line for hours, dress in whatever you are comfortable in and do you and schedule yourself according to this experience.

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No matter how many panels of genji and mercy kissing or how many voice lines they have together because of chu it will never feel real or make sense. It can't erase the fact that mercy and pharah were basically made to work perfectly together. Making gen////cey feel so forced that I don't think anyone will really ever feel like its truly great writing

I just…can’t see any kind of chemistry?
like neither in the fanarts or fanfics or comics they have that have crossed my dash. There was 0 chemistry between them

also yeah Pharah and Mercy were made to be together


The day had finally arrived.  Sunlight streamed down through the many colored stain-glass windows that lined the marble walls of the room.  All around the Great Hall, animals and mythical creatures were gathered to witness the celebration that was about to take place.

You dared not look at them.  To do so would have been too overwhelming.  Instead, you turned your head slightly to the right where you knew Peter was standing next to you.  He must have noticed because he also turned.  It was just enought that, for a brief moment, you managed to catch one another’s eye.  You could see the sunlight as it danced across his golden hair and the crown that adorned it.  His crisp, blue eyes were filled with a mixture of nervousness and joy, the very same mixture you felt swirling around inside of you.

Turning forward, your gaze settled upon the Great Lion standing before you both.  He smiled and nodded slowly, first at you and then at Peter, before lifting His head to address the assembly.  "…and as these two have chosen to enter into this sacred covenant of unity in love,“ Aslan concluded, "may their days together be blessed.”

Image Source:  evilqueenwritesphoenix-in-ashes
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“ – They should have picked another play. There are so many great works by Shakespeare and yet they went with the tired, overrated choice. Sure, it has a few good lines, but Romeo and Juliet are fucking ridiculous. They only knew each other for three goddamn days and we’re supposed to buy that they were so madly in love they couldn’t live without each other? Just a few hours ago he was bloody moaning over Rosalind! Greatest love story ever told, my fucking arse.”

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I think Amber will be around for 1 more f(x) comeback before she does anything major. That's considering her contract lasts as long as their hiatus. Anyway, the comeback needs to do amazing because then SM will see the value in them again that they forgot before and then if Amber were to make threats to them saying she's leaving sm they would actually get scared cuz Amber leaving fx would be terrible for the group and beyond repair. They'll atleast care to negotiate just to save fx if it happens

I agree. f(x)’s success may be her last bargaining chip. f(x) sells a lot because of Krys and Vic but she has so many lines now that the music would lose a great deal of quality if she left. Not to mention she still brings them a lot of visibility. She was the most frequently recognized member on their prank show, f(x) = 1 cm. That all assumes, as you said, that they manage to have a comeback anytime soon. But you’re right. They will need to sell and win spectacularly both to secure their future as a group and give Amber leverage.

Tale as Old as Time +spoilers to new movie+

Went to watch “Beauty and the Beast” yesterday, and I have mixed feelings.
It was good! Don’t get me wrong, and so stunningly beautiful - but there were so many lines and situations that seemed… awkward to me?

I loved the extra tidbits placed in it - like how Belle’s father had a much deeper character, and a past! Belle’s mother’s death was very heart-wrenching, and the fact they had to flee when she was just a baby..

I LOVED Le Fou’s character! Ohgosh, when I was younger I always thought he was very devoted to Gaston, at the border of sorta loving him, but this was such a great twist! And the fact he turned to the other side?? Yes please??

Gaston - oh gosh don’t get me started! I didn’t think he could get much creepier than the old version, but??? That sh*t was downright scary ;.;

I… don’t know? I liked how Adam was so very narcissistic in the beginning? And I get that he didn’t believe in love and all, but I think the portrayal of this was very vague? Like… it wasn’t really emphasised? And I would’ve loved to know more about his parents and childhood - I was so hopeful at “Days in the Sun” to hear more, but it just kind of.. died out?

And I love Emma Watson, such a wonderful actor - and while I thought she’d be perfect for Belle, she kind of annoyed me? She didn’t portray her right, and I found Belle kind of… boring and bland.
Rebellious yes, but in a sort of “I don’t care” kind of way - she didn’t really “fight for her freedom”, if you get me?
And she was in NO way as curious as the cartoon portrayal.

And then, I see people losing their minds over “The Growl”? Umm… what?
I was so confused when I got home? When the hell did Adam growl?
I noticed that he made a weird movement with his head in the last scene, but the entire cinema was laughing at the “Could you maybe grow a beard” comment, that I think I didn’t hear the growl?
So I was very confused xD

Overall, good movie! It is my second favourite Disney after The Lion King, and I think they did well - but could have done better.
7/10 stars from me - Write better dialogue next time, and try not to be so awkward?? (They were talking about Adam’s haunted past, literally 3 meters from him? He did not fall asleep in just 3 seconds guys, take it outside??)
Songs - 10/10 - loved the extra tidbits of the original, and absolutely adored the new songs!

Going with my muse Morana Tarda. one who is generally always drunk and high on some pain killer.

Drunk again, this time to hide the pain in her back, Ignis had “stolen” her pain killers saying it wasn’t good for her body to take so many. There was several vertebrae sticking out the pain obvious but the Royal Advisor ignored her complaints, so she took to heavy liquor.

With heavy malice lining her smooth voice she spoke up to no one in particular, “Nyx Ulric might have a great ass but it doesn’t beat Gladio’s ass. If I were to smack it with my hand it would surely break as it is that firm.” 


{Mun: Morana is vulgar and spiteful! She’s my current muse though.}

[STARCAST] wow~ its summer! BTS’s early summer vacation in Kota Kinabalu!

In last May, BTS went to Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Malaysia for their photo shoot. With such vacation like schedule but not, BTS got very excited and put on a great smile! BTS in Kota Kinabalu, the time where they could refresh their mind and body which were very down with the group’s packed schedule where the boy group had to carry out so many things in a short period of time including completing album and holding a concert tour! We are revealing first to STARCAST families! So let’s hurry and go~

[welcome, is this your first time in summer country? ] 

JIMIN looks great together with the green trees

BTS’s crossbeam of dance line J-HOPE and JIMIN

The first shooting which took place in the swimming pool located in the resort! The boys were stamping their feet rapidly in excitement of wanting to get into the swimming pool by standing around the green sea and the hot sun, and Humid atmosphere~3 yet the boys were in a very good mood so the shooting held in a fun and cheerful atmosphere and ended very fast. In Particular, SUGA who is in charge of being (No) Energy took a lot of best cuts as showing off a great energy as he slept for 48hours!

I want to bite you..  

We like to build a beautiful house somewhere in that

Green Kota Kinabalu Island~  

The happy SUGA in Kota Kinabalu

The guy who is going to become a king of pirate, RAP MONSTER

Get, Set, Ready….Go swimming!

[The fun feet paddling time in the swimming pool!]

The first song that came into their mind as soon as they got into the pool~

Touch My body~

(Jaws BGM) we took an aim for the target, let’s go…!

Successful attack

I am!! Your!! Hope!!! 

I am JUNG KOOK/19 years old, the golden youngest member

It has not been so long since he displayed his great excitement that was hidden under his mind

RAP MONSTER/22-years-old, king of destruction

Getting into the rhythm - ☆

The swimming pool is not good enough to make us want to swim ……

The boys born in 1995 ran to the sea!

The - youth - ♡ 

The memorial family shot at Kota Kinabalu -!?

[Conquered the banana boat ^^]

J-HOPE: (he is very worried…) (J-HOPE’s sullen face…)

The next day, BTS had time to play ocean leisure at a Manukan Island. We are about to show a little of the boys on the banana boat! BTS got a mission to complete before they got on the banana boat. The mission was……

Mission: If they fall into water, find J-HOPE first.

They promised not to let go of J-HOPE’s hand, who is very afraid of water for getting on the boat together after soothing him everything will be okay. The guys’ great friendship that even touches our mind! ☆  

We are completely ready to go!

Wow this is so much fun!!~

In the far end of green sea BTS are surging…~


Finding j-hope…

It was great. (Happy ending)

[Various-different looks of photo shooting]

JIMIN is letting go of the bottle with his wishes in -☆

BTS’s two top model line-!

If you like to memorize this moment take picture like J-HOPE (Say cheese^▽^)

The end of individual cut! (HAPPINESS!)

I never going to give up on these Polaroid

My legs are pretty…what?!

We hope that you had some time to refresh your mind like having vacation even for a little while as looking at BTS who had lots of fun time in Kota Kinabalu, and the more detailed contents would be included in BTS’s 2015 summer package! Have a cool and fun summer vacation!


[ BONUS CUT : BTS’s living point ] 

Living point #1. You can see SUGA’s inner structure of mouth when SUGA is in a super happy mode!

Living point #2. You have to put on a proper amount of sun cream before you go under the strong sunshine. (Then you would get ‘less’ tanned. Ex.V..)

Living poing#3. Take of your outer if you get hot

Living point #4. If three people put arms around one another’s shoulder you will never get hot (?)

Living point #5. If you walk sand beach with your bare feet your feet get really hot.

wait a second, if you like to see these pretty summer boys in the original photo shoot?
We are revealing everything the original version on STARCAST Facebook in just one hour! Army hold on just a little more~♥

cr: star cast

Favorite Red Hot Chili Pepper Album Stereotypes -

Debut - “I knew about the Chili Peppers before you were born! Stop talking about sox on cox - you don’t know anything!”

Freaky Styley - “George Clinton is awesome! Punk/Funk forever! Long live Hillel!” 

Uplift Mofo Party Plan - “Let’s snort some lines and dance!”

Mother’s Milk - “Their last great album before selling out. Flea is God!”

Blood Sugar Sex Magik - *sings Under the Bridge*  “Soooo many memories! Chili Peppers at their prime!”

One Hot Minute - “Why am I so misunderstood?! Nobody loves me! Did you know Tearjerker is written about Kurt Cobain?”

Californication - “I’m carrying around teen angst and I can listen to Scar Tissue and Otherside on a loop for an hour.”

By the Way - “John Frusciante is life. Dude, where’d all my weed go?”

Stadium Arcadium - “They are so amazing! I just love everything about them! Oh my Gosh! So awesome! Genius!”

I’m With You - Haha, the drummer looks like Will Ferrell and the singer looks like Hitler.  

“Farewell to the Falls”

Just got back from my trip out to California for the opening night of the “Farewell to the Falls” exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. It was AMAZING!! There were so many great pieces there (more pictures to follow).

I was impressed by how many people made it out there for the opening. The line stretched around the corner and down a few blocks. Saw a ton of great cosplayers (one was even dressed as Pool Jail Kid) while we waited. 

Besides the artwork, they had a bunch of stuff from Cipher Hunt including the Golden Stan head. I even got to sign (and draw on) the cardboard they assembled the Cipher Puzzle on.

By the time I got in Alex was about to head out, but he did one last pop in at the window to say bye. It was so cool to see him in person (even if it was from a distance)!

And a bit later there was another familiar face in the window too.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my copy of Journal #3 signed, but I did come away with this little gentleman. I’m so glad at least one of the pieces I liked was available when I got in & I can’t wait until it comes in the mail once the exhibit ends!

Aside from the artwork up for sale, they had a few pieces that were up for silent auction, a “Design a New Sweater for Mabel” contest, and they were raffling off this awesome picture (results are pending so wish me luck!).

This was such a fun event & I’m so glad I was able to go. They really did a great job putting it all together! 

First date with Luke

Your first date with Luke would include him being super shy and awkward. He would always feel like he was saying the wrong thing or he wasn’t saying enough, after almost every sentence he would mumble a sorry and shake his head to himself. No matter how many times you told him he was doing okay and that you were having a great time he was always looking for ways to step up his game. He filled the night with cheesy pick up lines and calling you beautiful whenever he got the chance. He would hold your hand the entire time and always give you small squeezes just so you would look up and him to see him smiling his gorgeous smile at you. What you didn’t notice was when you weren’t paying attention, and you were just staring off into nothing he was looking at you and only you. He thought you were the most beautiful person that he’s ever laid eyes on. When he looked at you, he forgot about every other person he’s ever talked too. He was determined to make you feel like you were his everything, he knew from the second he met you, that you were the one. By the end of the night you started to panic because he hasn’t said much, little did you know he was just admiring you and having you as company. Being the kind gentleman he is he walked you up to your door, just like in the movies. “I had an amazing time, and I’m not just saying that” he said while looking at you with pure admiration in his eyes. Before you knew it he was leaning in for a kiss that would change everything for the better.



jfc how many thousands of people have you two screwed over?!

this scene is 90% Locus being completely done with Felix’s shit as he furiously thinks the words ‘shut up’  at him without saying them.


On Thursday, I volunteered at a school in the Bronx with a group of people from work. We took two walls outside of an elementary school that were plain concrete and painted a colorful geometric mural on them. It was hot out there, but so much fun and so rewarding.

During recess, lines of adorable and energetic kids filed out of the school and it was like they couldn’t believe their eyes. They were all yelling to us how “beautiful” the paint looked and how they wished they could paint with us too, which basically melted my heart.

While we were painting, people from the neighborhood were walking past the school and so many stopped to tell us how nice it was to see people improving the neighborhood and how grateful they were. It was a very small act, just half a day’s work, but it felt great to give back to the city even in a small way.

Imagine the following:

AU where York had Gamma, Carolina had Theta, North had Epsilon (who didn’t try to kill himself in his head), Wash with Delta, Wyoming with Omega (grouchy old man anyone?), South with Eta (Fear), Maine with Iota (Happiness), Connie with Sigma…

Lina would be AI Mom and would just…totally accept that role.

North would be a lot more logical- focused on his surroundings. He’s already exactly that, but that would take it to a whole new level. He would be able to engineer so many routes. Escape trails in case they’re caught. Sneaky-sneaks into buildings that seem impossible to break into quietly

Wash would be more focused on his tasks, less of a bumbling idiot and actually really great on the field. He could probably take it to a whole new level if he and Delta were together.

York’s sense of humor on overdrive- him and Gamma amusing the crap out of each other with horrible jokes and pickup lines. Gamma actually teaching him a poker face.

Maine would be less stressed. More focused on the group as a whole and enjoying life as much as he could.

South with Eta- the fear attribute would cause her to be more cautious of her words and surroundings. She wouldn’t be as hotheaded.

Connie could shut Sig’s ambition out- only use the better aspects of his attribute.