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Blue Suede Shoes

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Guys I wrote smut! finally. This was an idea that just popped into my head thanks to @mizpahes this is a single one shot, I might make it a series for decade!harry though so let me know what you think

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warnings: smut. its smut.

word count: 3,655

summary: the one where Harry takes his sweetheart out to a drive in movie 

The 1950’s, a decade made for teen rebellion. Of course, no one over the age of 30 would know that though. The movement was as silent and effective as a speakeasy of the 1920’s, it was popular only to those involved. Teenagers went out every weekend on innocent dates, they’d get dropped off at home with a polite kiss on the cheek only to come back a few hours later to sneak into their lovers room, or out, for that matter. America was thriving after the war and so was the Styles family.

Harry had moved to the states with his family after his father got a job offer to work for Cadillac. He was the best car dealer in Manchester and they needed someone like him working for their brand. So, the Styles’ were given their very own Cadillac dealership in the suburbs of New York and became an instant hit. Wealth hit them faster than they could even say the word ‘sold’, and Harry found himself gaining popularity at his High School just as quickly.

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Best Friends and Barely There Clothing

Helloooo lovies! So this is my first imagine on this blog, and I do hope you enjoy it! I will be posting lots of imagines and blurbs etc. regarding Harry, and most will contain smut! But I will of course have writings that are just pure fluff as well! Enjoy this one!

Warnings: Smut & Language

Word Count: 3k

“Don’ tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“Having a baby with you?” You asked breathlessly, your eyes falling closed as Harry began to move your hips over his bulge, causing you to let out a quiet whimper as the fabric of his jeans rubbed through the thin lace material covering your clit.

“No love,” he let out a throaty laugh, his eyes moving down to where you two were currently grinding against one another, “Don’ know why I was thinkin’ of havin’ a baby, really… was mainly just thinking about sinking my cock inside of ya, pet.”

Your eyes snapped open as the words left his mouth as you pressed your clit down against him to gain even more friction as his words literally caused you to throb at the thought, “Harry…” you whimpered quietly, your fingers now gripping onto his tshirt tightly.

“Do you wan’ tha’?” His accent was thicker than you had ever heard before as you stared into his darkening eyes, and all you could do was nod your head and let out a breathy sigh of agreement along with it. Somewhere among your exchange of words, Harry’s hand had slipped into your panties and his finger was slowly moving around your clit, but not quite applying the pressure you were currently craving; he was going to make you beg for it.

OR the one where Harry really can’t stop thinking about the act of making babies with his best friend, and he’s tired of her slinking around his house wearing barely anything.

“Would ya ever have a baby with me?” The words slipped past his lips casually, his eyes trained on you as he brought the wine glass that was in his hands to a rest on the coffee table in front of you two.

“Excuse me?” You all but choked as the words registered, the wine that was gracefully slipping down your throat coming to an abrupt stop and getting stuck in your vocal pipes, causing you to cough for a few seconds as you worked it out. Your sea green eyes flicked up to his emerald ones, squinting as he watched you with amusement, a small smirk playing on his lips as he captured his bottom one between his thumb and forefinger.

Harry was your best friend. Harry had been your best friend for almost 6 years now, and you had been by his side almost every step of his career, cheering him on and encouraging him to take leaps he was too afraid of. But you were only best friends… why would a baby together ever cross his mind? You two may have shared one or two (or ten or twenty) drunken kisses on nights when you stumbled into one another’s flat, coats being haphazardly thrown to the floor and lips meeting in a sloppy goodnight as you both fell onto whomevers bed you had chosen for the night before passing out, but that was it.

“What? Not weird to think about having a baby with ya best friend, is it?” His smirk was only getting wider as you let out an exasperated breath, your eyes narrowing to slits as you decided to place your wine glass on the table next to his.

“S'just….” he continued, refusing to break eye contact, “What if m'not married by the time I’m 30. Ya know more than anyone I wanna have kids… so if m'not married and you’re not… would ya have a baby with me?”

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Christmas Miracles -- 1

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Merry Blogmas from bribe-the-door! Happy Holidays (and happy reading, too! xx)

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“Wha’ about this one?” Harry called over to you.

You turned to where his voice was coming from, but were only met with another row of trees. Snow was lightly falling around you, small puffs of the white stuff beginning to collect on the scarf knotted around your neck.

“Which one?”

“This one!” he yelled again, poking his head around the needles, grin plastered on his face.

The tree was a bit worse for wear than the others in its perfect row – its needles were already showing bare spots and the trunk was a bit crooked – but Harry was insistent.


He stepped around the tree, arms crossed and lips pursed in a fake (and unconvincing) pout, “So what, she’s not as pretty as the others,” he turned back to admire his pick, “But she’s different!”

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Louis Tomlinson: Arctic Monkeys inspired my lyrics - BBC News
The pop star says his solo material has been influenced by the lyrics of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis.

We’re speaking 12 hours before your single comes out. How do you feel? 

I’m nervous - but less than I was three weeks ago. I’ve got a lot of good feedback from people at the record label and radio stations - but all that does really is ramp up the pressure because you’re hoping what they say is true. 

And now you’ll find out whether they were lying all along.

I will finally know. Exactly!

I was curious to find out why your first solo single starts with Bebe Rexha, singing the entire first verse. 

We recorded a version where I sang first - but you’ve got to do what’s best by the song. With the emotion she gives it, and the way she opens up the song, it always had to be her, really.

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Wanting More

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him. He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.




 This is my first time writing a little bit of smut so hopefully it’s not horrible lol. Tell me if you want a part two!! 




Harry calls you multiple times a week. The words I need you or I want you always made you feel a fire inside your belly.

He called you, he wants to be with you, you think to yourself. But then there’s times when you second guess yourself. If he actually wanted to see you or just have his dick sucked off.

You knew deep down the real answer but you pushed that in the back of your mind as you walked towards his flat at 12:30pm. He called you when you were at home lying in bed watching friends. You were going to have a night in this Friday, but harry rang you when you were in the mist of a laughing attack after the scene that just played out on your tv.

Not looking at the caller ID you picked up your phone, “hello?”

“What are you doing right now?” Harry quickly said with no introduction.

“Hello to you too. I’m fine thanks for asking.” You say sarcastically as you stuff your face with popcorn.

“Can you come over?” He asks eagerly.

You roll your eyes to look at your clock beside your bed side table.

“Harry it’s 12am…”

“I know, I know. It’s just….” Harry stops, trails off, and sighs.

“I need you, I really fucking need you right now.” His voice becomes low and husky.

Your cheeks turn red at his statement, he’s said it so many times, but it still makes you blush. You try and cover your face only to realize no one was actually here.

There was a long silence before you said, “ I’ll be there in 15.” You start getting up to brush your teeth. You didn’t want Harry to taste kettle corn on your lips.

You can hear Harry sigh in relief. “Ok drive safe, love.”

“I will bye.” You hang up the phone and your superego mentally yells at you. You ignore it even though you know you shouldn’t.

You and Harry have been doing this for awhile now. You don’t even know what it’s called. I guess it’s friends with benefits but you hated that term. You guys were just casual friends. But you always felt as if there was something more…

You made it to Harry’s door, you rummage through your little bag to try and find the spare key harry gave to you, after this became a regular thing. But before you could get it you hear the door unlock, and harry grabs your wrists and brings you inside.

Before you had time to even greet him he had you pushed up against the door frame and connecting his lips to yours. You were shocked at first but quickly kissed him back. Harry’s hands were on your waists as he brought his lips down your neck leaving trails down your neck.

“Someone’s a bit eager?” You says in between breathes. Harry has already got you flustered, hot, and bothered and you just came in the door.

“What took you so long?” He’s now kissing your collar bone, as he places his hands up your hoodie. “You said 15 minutes, that was bloody 30 minutes.”

Your heart was racing. “ I’m sorry, you called me at a very inconvenient time. I was in my Pjs looking like a mess. I had to get cleaned up a bit.”

Harry shakes his head and you frowned. He makes his way up your neck to your ear and whispers. “You look good in anything, you know I don’t give a fuck.”

You smile into Harry’s kiss cause you knew that. Harry would always make an effort to tell you that you don’t need to dress up for things like this. But I guess you were compensating for wishing you could get all dressed up and go out to dinner with Harry or something like that.

You quickly threw that thought in the back of your head and locked it up, for now. You didn’t want to think about that right now.

Harry brought you up to his room, and lays you down. It was dark but the street lights seeping through his blinds was enough to get a good look at Harry. Everytime you saw him you couldn’t believe how beautiful he was. His green eyes scans over your body as you take your hoodie off and he smirks at his favorite bra that he likes on you. You come towards him and slowly kiss his neck as your hands slowly went to his waist band and you started touching his hard.

“Oh fuck Y/N” Harry groans. You push him on the bed and take his boxers off and he flung up. He watches you as you take it in your hand and lick the tip. Harry shutters.

“Tell me what you want Harry” you whisper as you rub his balls.

“I-I just su-ck me off. Please just-” before he could finish you took him in your mouth. You could feel the veins of his cocks rub against tongue and you pushed harder. Bobbing your head as you placed your hands on his thighs feeling them up and down.

Harry was trying to control himself he always does, but he can’t help taking your hair in between his fingers and pulling your head closer. But you loved it when he did that, you loved his dominant side.

“Oh my god. Y/N… babe yes yes.” Harry grunts as you can feel him quiever inside your mouth. “I’m so close, can I… in your..” you knew what he meant and you agreed like you always did. But he was always so sweet to ask first. And soon after I looked at him with his cock in my mouth, he came in your mouth and you swallowed it all.

Before you could even catch your breath Harry had you on the bed and pulling off your pants. “Now it’s my turn.” He tells you. He pulls down your panties and gently glides his fingers over your slit.

“Already so warm and wet for me.” He says while hovering over you and you couldn’t wait to have him inside you.

“What do you want, love?” He asks as he brings your bra off your shoulder exposing your bare chest.

“Just fuck me Harry, please.” You whine cause you know he was teasing you. He likes too see you beg.

Harry looks like he’s thinking for a second and then shakes his head. You sigh and was about to yell at him that he made you come all the way here at 12am-

You Moan as he bent down to place your plump nipples in his mouth. He licked in between your breasts and left you sweet kisses.

“You are very pretty.” He says between kissess and you blushed even more then you already are.

Suddenly you felt Harry’s warm fingers on your clit and you jolted. He placed two fingers there and started moving in circles while still kissing your chest. You were panting.

“Harry… oh my gosh.” You felt him slid in two fingers and you couldn’t help but move your hips deeper into Harry’s fingers.

“Faster Harry, c'mon.” You pleaded.

“I want you to fuck my fingers babe, you do it.” You almost wanted to scream but Harry liked watching you move your hips.

You started a movement as your hips were trying to get the right angel, and when you did you couldn’t stop. You arched your back and started bouncing.

Your boobs started banging against your chest as Harry watch you in awe riding his fingers.

“Harry, im clo-se” but you need more movement you needed harry to move his fucking fingers.

“No not yet.” Harry demands.

“Harry….I need more-” before you finished he pulled his fingers out and you gasped, but before you had time to yell at him. He slide his cock right inside of you and both of you let out a huge Moan.

“Fuck, your so tight. I love it.” Harry pants. You could see the sweet on his forehead as he thrusts into you. You both were uttering curse words and on cloud nine because sex together is always the best.

Harry leans down and places wet kisses down your body and you just wanted him closer, even more closer then this.

You wanted him, all of him.

Harry grabs yours legs and spreads them even wider as he places his thumb back into your clit and rubs it. Pleasure was coursing through your whole body now and you didn’t want it to end.

“Tell me how it feels Y/N, tell me.” He demands.

“So good harry!” He thrusts harder “oh my gosh so fucking good I love your cock it fits perfectly.” You tell him and he smirks as he watches how you react to him. How every body part wanted him, and he loved it. He loved doing this with you.

“I’m close” Harry tells you as he grabs your hips and pushes you harder. And you were too.

Harry leans over and kisses you like his life depended on it while he slammed inside you and that’s when you both came undone.

You were coming down from your high when Harry was still hovering over you. You were both just staring into each others eyes, and you would do anything to know what he was thinking.

But he leans and gives you a slow and passionate kiss. It wasn’t like the few you shared while you were getting off.

But this was sweeter and slow.

Then Harry tumbles to the side of you. The room was silent for a little with both of you still trying to catch your breath. No matter how many times you do it with Harry, your body is still exhausted every damn time.

“I’m sorry if I called too late.” Harry’s face fell as You looked over at the his clock behind him and saw that it was 1:47am.

“It’s alright, Harry. I wasn’t doing anything just watching Tv.” You reassure him. Even if you were busy you always had time for him, or you would make time. You couldn’t help but tuck the little strand of his curl behind his ear. Your hand was on the side of his cheek as you gently strocked it.

“I know but you have to drive back home at almost bloody 2am.” You quickly take your hand back from his cheek and frown.

“Wait what?”

Harry yawns “I said that you have to drive really late at night to get back home.”

Then it dawned on you.

He wanted you to go home.

He didn’t want you here.

He did just want you to suck his dick.

You’ve never been to his house this late before, so the option of spending the night was never an option. But you thought maybe tonight… wow you felt so stupid.

You quickly got up and turned your back to him and started to get dress, suddenly feeling weird naked around him.

“I mean you don’t have to leave right now, you can wait a half hour or something if your a little soar or something.” Harry tries pulling your wrist back to him but you snatched it away.

“No, I should go. Your right.” You slip your underwear and pants back on and throw on your hoodie. You could feel him staring at you, and you just wanted to leave. You shouldn’t of even came you told yourself. You grabbed your phone and without saying a word, went downstairs.

You could hear Harry’s footsteps following you as you put on your shoes and picked up the keys you dropped on the floor. The memory of tonight’s events still fresh in your mind. And even when he is kicking you out you still wanted to stay. You wanted to smack yourself.

“Y/N are you alright?” Harry turns you around before you could leave with an frown on his face. You mentally sighed. You shouldn’t blame Harry. He understands that this is a casual thing. I shouldn’t be mad if he didn’t want anything more then just this.

Rule number one of this arrangement, don’t catch feelings. He clearly hadn’t so that’s that.

You crack a fake smile “Yeah I’m good. Next time don’t call me too late!” You fake laugh trying to wash away the sadness.

He smiles and nods and it looks like he was about to say something. You were hoping for him to tell you to stay. That he wanted to lay with you and just hold you in his arms, because that’s what you wanted so badly.

But he didn’t. He just placed his hand on the sides of your face and kisses you. You didn’t want to feel those butterflies in your stomach but you did, and you knew you couldn’t help it.

“That was amazing. I had a good time tonight. I’ll call you.” He tells you as he opens the door to let you out of his house. And that’s when you knew. That’s when you knew what he wanted from you was way different from what you wanted from him.

He didn’t see you as girlfriend material, but just fuck friends. That’s what you too were. And no matter how many times you try and convince yourself that it isn’t that, the harder it will be.

So you leave knowing you would make it back. You liked Harry he was a good friend, you didn’t want to ruin whatever you had going on right now. So as you got in your car and started driving away. You decided to burry your feelings just a little deeper.

You wiped away the small tear that was falling down your cheek. He would just break your heart anyway. Forget your feelings.

This was for the best.

Part 2: *






Too Late?

Request: Anonymous-  can you write something about harry being in a relationship with camille while he’s in love with y/n

A/N: Not my best one, having serious writer’s block :( 

Word Count: 1.35k words

Pairing: Harry Styles X Reader


He looked at her from his spot by the fireplace at his mum’s place, the way she was laughing and talking with his mum. The way she got along so well with his other family members. She still takes his breathe away. Beside him his girlfriend, Camille, was saying something, but he couldn’t bring to himself to pay attention to her. Instead he spent whole night looking over her, but in a way that was not too suspicious.

Harry and Y/N were friends long before Harry entered the showbiz world, they’ve been best friends since they were in high school.

Y/N was there holding his hand tightly the day of his x-factor audition. Back in the days he just saw her as a friend, but with each passing years, more on his 1D tour days he realized how much he’s in love with you.

But he didn’t say anything. Reason? That cliche situation he didn’t want to ruin the friendship. He also thought she deserved someone who will always be with her, not someone who’s always touring. Not someone who’s always on the other side of the world majority of the year.

He thought he’s not good enough for her.

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Tired of Being Alone (Part Two)

Part One


Harry was always told that if you let something go and it doesn’t come back to you, then it was never yours to begin with. And at first, he would always roll his eyes at this because he thought it was the most ridiculous saying out there. It made him think that if you truly love something, why would you let it go in the first place? Then again, this is exactly what he did to you.

Maybe he didn’t realize it initially, but he let you go thinking that you would come back to him whenever he wanted. Harry sincerely believed that you would let him back into your life at the snap of his finger. He liked the thought of always having you to welcome him with open arms. He liked that you were always there, just waiting for him, but most of all, he liked that you made him feel needed. It was because of this that he thought that he could do as he pleased. Harry thought that because of the fact that you loved him so deeply, that anything that he did would be forgiven. To him, you were more of a back up plan rather than a priority. Yes, he knew it was wrong to do this to do this to you, yet it couldn’t seem to get himself to stop.

The saying, something that he once thought was idiotic and ludicrous, was now his reasoning for everything that he put you through. Whenever he was questioned about your relationship and what had happened, he would always simply say, “Suppose she was never mine to begin wit’.” Never anything more or anything less. Just a vague statement that almost made it seem that the breakup was your fault, when he knew it wasn’t like that at all.

He never considered himself to be a selfish person, always putting the happiness of others before his. The world saw him as an angel, someone who was respectful, kind, and caring beyond belief. Although to you, he was cold and rude. He just wished that you saw him in the same way everyone else did. There was no one else to blame but himself. Harry knew that it wasn’t okay for him to take advantage of you the way that he so shamelessly did, and he could never figure out why he did.

There was always the lingering question in the back of the deep depths of his mind, that was screaming at him to come up with a reason as to why he thought it would be okay to treat you as he did. Of course he came to terms with his actions, but that didn’t necessarily mean that he was proud of them. He used you. He found comfort in the way that you treated him with such delicacy, as if he was a king. He liked that, being held as if he were a higher power, and you seemed to do it perfectly. Maybe it was because it was just because you were there and willing to give everything to him without a second thought. Perhaps it was because you were easy to fool. He may never know the true reason why, and he hates it.

Regret. That’s what he felt. Harry felt deep regret. No matter what he did, he could never distract himself enough to get him to stop him from thinking about it. It followed him around, haunted him, always an ever-present and ingrained thought in the back of his mind. At first, all he could think about was how much he wanted to be with you, how much he wanted you back. However, now all he thought about was how he treated the last time he saw you. The events of that night echo through his mind. His words, although they hurt you, were the complete and utter truth. He wanted nothing more than for his words to be lies. Harry wanted nothing more than to see you one more time. Maybe then he’d get the closure he so desperately needed. Maybe.


Lily was nothing like how he remembered her to be. She seemed a lot more needy, always demanding his attention to be fully on her. There were days where she was the textbook definition of a perfect girlfriend. Those were the times where he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. The days where he finally was able to convince himself that leaving you was the right decision. Despite this, there were days where she was distant, much like he was with you. She was either all in or not there at all. Two polar opposites that he couldn’t keep up with. He felt that she was smothering him, and he didn’t like it at all.

Everything with them just felt forced, like they were pieces of a puzzle that jammed together in frustration and desperation. He didn’t know what to do. Hopeless and lost, Harry wished that someone would reassure him that this was the right thing to do. That he was making the right choices and that everything would work itself out. He was hoping that he was letting the guilt get to him. Perhaps the way that everything had gone on between the two of you was the cause of this never ending guilt and him never seeming to be able to get his mind away from you.

The more the thoughts of you haunted his mind, the more he wanted to keep Lily around. She was a nice distraction, a way to finally let him breathe. And the more difficult it began to get you out of his mind, the more hesitant he became to break it off with Lily. For Harry, she felt like a safety net. It felt nice to know that she would always be there for him whenever he wanted her.

He found himself in this endless cycle of using people to his own benefit. A nasty habit but there was just something he discovered about it. He’d been hurt so many times before. Harry knew what it felt like to be on the receiving end of this. It was a terrible feeling, one that sticks to you for an eternity and ruins you forever. He was all too familiar with this feeling and wanted nothing more than to never experience it again, stopping at nothing to ensure it. Harry learned that hurting people before they hurt you was the safest bet.


“Harry?” You softly asked, lightly tracing the tattoos that adorn his skin. The two of you were laying bed, cuddled up in the dark of your shared bedroom while some music was quietly playing in the background. Neither of you were talking, but you didn’t mind.


“I love you.” You admitted while slightly picking your head up from its position on Harry’s chest to look at him.

Harry let out a light chuckle at your response. “Yeah?”

“I think so.”

“I love yeh so much more, angel. Always will.”

It was moments like this that Harry knew he wanted nothing more than to marry you. The simple moments spent just cuddling and enjoying each other’s company, hidden from the outside world. The moments where if felt as if nothing else mattered. All that mattered was the fact that you were peacefully laying in his arms. His love for you seemed endless, only growing as the seconds passed. No matter how much time he spent with you, he never grew accustomed to the butterflies he got in his stomach every time he saw you or the way his heart fluttered whenever you smiled at him. You were his weakness, his love, his angel, his only.

“ ‘nd I promise to love yeh forever.”



Getting used to life without someone you once thought would be the one you married was something that Harry had a hard time adapting to. There was a time early on in the relationship when he did love you, and he wanted nothing more than to grow old with you by his side. However as the months passed, the love that was once there dissipated, and your relationship felt more like a routine. The kisses and hugs were forced as they held no meaning. They were simply done because that was what you were supposed to do while in a relationship. Even though Harry felt that your love was disappearing, you didn’t seem to notice at all. You always looked at him with eyes full of love and adoration.

When his love for you first started to lessen, he panicked. He forced himself to spend more time with you, in hopes that his love would magically reappear, but when that didn’t help, he distanced himself. He thought that it would give him time to figure out what was going on with him, yet that didn’t help either. He built the walls up so high, he didn’t even realize what he was doing to his relationship he so desperately wanted to save.

Harry wanted to love you, he really did. He wanted to save you the heartbreak that he knew was almost inevitable. You deserved the world, and Harry couldn’t give it to you. It was selfish of him to think he could ever be good enough for you. It was selfish of him to think his love would ever be enough.

He felt confused. He felt angry. Harry was overwhelmed with so many different emotions that he completely shut down. Everything that troubled him was stuffed away into a box and hidden in the deep depths of his mind. They were put away, never to be dealt with, never to be acknowledged. Masking his true feelings with those of bitterness and annoyance became a normality for Harry, and he couldn’t say he didn’t like it.


“Harry, stop it! You know I don’t like being tickled!” You exclaimed, pushing Harry’s hands away from your torso.

“Don’ know wha’ you’re talkin’ ‘bout, my love. ‘M not doin’ anythin’, ” The smirk that appeared with his reply, however, told you that he knew exactly what he was doing. “Shouldn’t lie, angel.”

“You’re such a wanker,”  You said, shaking your head in exaggeration.

“ ‘S not very nice now is it, love?”

“Maybe not, but it’s the truth.”

“Such a pest, ya know tha’?” Harry stated, looking at you with eyes full of adoration.

“Yeah, but you still love me.”


Harry couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. Why was it almost impossible for him to love someone longer than a couple months? All Harry wanted was to fall in love, with anyone: just to prove that he was capable of doing so. If he could, he would force himself to fall in love with the next person he saw to silence and invalidate his deep rooted insecurities. Nevertheless, Harry craved true love, not something contrived and unnatural. He wanted it, of course he did, but he couldn’t find it in himself to do it. It was discouraging, knowing that he wasn’t able to give people the love he knows he has. He thought that falling in love was supposed to easy, and maybe it was, all Harry needed was the right person. Unfortunately for Harry, all he could seem to do was find reasons not to fall in love.

If anyone were to ask Harry where he sees himself in ten years, he’d have a picture perfect answer- married to love of his life with a kid. A simple and almost cop-out answer, yet it was all Harry could ever want. He wanted nothing more than having the love of his life be the first and last person he saw everyday. Harry wanted to feel like he lived in a fairytale. He wanted someone that he could spoil, and someone that made his life complete. But the only problem was that Harry couldn’t seem to find that person. It was crushing to him. He spent practically his entire life looking for the special someone and had close to no luck. It got to the point where all Harry would do was blame himself.

There was only one issue, and it wasn’t the fact that Harry couldn’t find his soulmate, it was Harry himself. He realized that his captivated by you and Lily led him believe that he was indeed in love with the both of you. It wasn’t because he fell too quickly, it was because he thought he was falling in love when in reality he was only building his walls up. His love for you and Lily were just large levels of infatuation, nothing close to love. He didn’t love you, just the idea of you. The false image he had painted of what love is and is supposed to be stopped him from experiencing true love, and that was nobody’s fault except for his own.


You and Harry were sitting on the couch, your legs extended and rested in his lap, both of you reading your respective books. It was a rainy day in London, and all that could be heard was the sound of the raindrops hitting the windows of the apartment and the crackle of the fireplace that Harry had started earlier in the day. It was calm and peaceful as the two of you were immersed into the stories.

“I wanna marry yeh, angel.” Harry confessed as he suddenly stopped reading to glance over at you, breaking the silence.

“I’m sorry?” You asked back, putting your book down into your lap, a prominent furrow in your eyebrows. You questioned if you heard what he said correctly or if you had just imagined it. “What did you say?”

“Said I wan’ to marry yeh. No’ right now, bu’ someday.” He stated a bit louder this time. There was a fond smile etched on Harry’s face as he looked at you with eyes full of adoration. “Know we’ve only been together for six months, bu’ I jus’ know that I love yeh a lot.”

“A bit sappy don’t you think?”

His smile didn’t falter even slightly upon hearing your teasing response. “ ‘S nothin’ bu’ the truth, angel.”

“Well I think I want to marry you too, sunshine.” Pausing for a second before answering him, your smile mirroring his.

“Bein’ a little sappy aren’t yeh, love?” His grin grew and his dimples appeared at his reply.

You playfully rolled your eyes at him and nudged his thigh with your foot. “Oh, shut up and read, Styles.”


Lily continued to yell at him for what felt like the hundredth time that night. Everything Harry said or did set her off, and she would scream at him until she found something new to be upset about. He gave up on trying to calm her down, deciding that it would be best just to let her yell for the time being, not bothering to focus enough to actually hear what she was complaining about.

Harry was distracted. He was beyond tired. He spent his days and nights at the studio only to come home to a girlfriend who seemed to hate the fact that he didn’t give her his undivided attention. She didn’t like the fact that he tired on his rare days off. She claimed he was being selfish for wanting to rest and that he didn’t truly care about her. It wasn’t like he wasn’t trying, quite the opposite actually. Harry would come home and stay up with her, just to listen to her talk about whatever was on her mind, even though he knew he had to be up early the next morning. He kept his eyes open and his attention on her until he physically couldn’t, and it was only until it was impossible to fight off his exhaustion that he would let himself fall into a much needed slumber. Yet much to his dismay, she didn’t seem to appreciate his efforts.

“I just want you to listen, Harry, how hard can it be? Are you that incapable of even listening to what your girlfriend has to say? God, I can’t stand you anymore. How do you expect me to sit here and wait for you you come home only to have you ignore me? I have had enough of you.” It seemed as though the more frustrated Lily grew with Harry, the easier it was for her to throw insults at him. Although, that didn’t mean that they didn’t hurt.

“ ‘m right here, love, not ignoring yeh.  ‘m sorry, bu’ ‘ve got a lot on my plate. Know ‘s not an excuse, bu’ yeh know I’d spend more time wit’ yeh if I could. ‘m trying my best.” Harry tried desperately to reassure Lily that he was here for her whenever she wanted him to be.

She gave a deep sigh before replying, “I just feel like I’m only here to keep your bed warm, Harry. All you do is work. I miss you, and I’m not sure you miss me. It’s not a nice feeling.”

“Yeh know ‘s not true at all, love. Of course I miss yeh.”

“Well that’s how I feel, Harry! Can you honestly blame me? I feel like I’m the only one in this relationship. Is your job more important than me? What is wrong with you lately?” Her voice grew again with hints of impatience and annoyance. Her soft tone only lasting a few seconds.

“Nothing. ‘M fine.”

“Stop lying to me!” Lily’s jaw clenched as her hands formed tight fists in an effort to calm herself down.

“Not lying ‘bout anythin’. If yeh want, I’ll take some time off so we can be together. Would yeh like tha’?”

An almost wicked grin grew on Lily’s face as she went to give Harry a hug, which he half-heartedly returned. “Yeah, I would like that.” She was silent for a moment before continuing, “I’m sorry, Harry. I know what I signed up for when we started dating. I should’ve been more understanding. I love you.”

“ ‘s okay, babe. Love yeh, too.”


“Babe, wanna hear a joke?” Harry excitedly stated, dimples and an adorable smile etched onto his face.

“That depends. Is this one actually funny?” You lightly teased.

“ ‘F course it is! All m’ jokes are funny, love.” His tone showing false offense to your response.

With a slight, amused chuckle, you answered him. “Fine, shoot.”

“Wha’ do yeh call bees tha’ produce milk?” By the way that he was already giggling like a schoolboy, you could tell this joke probably wasn’t going to be funny at all. Nevertheless, you raised your eyebrows at him as a gesture for him to continue. “Boo-bees!”

Harry lost it after that as he began to let out loud laughs, and he wrapped his arms around his torso in an effort to stop the mild pain he felt from laughing too hard. He must have thought that he was the funniest person out there, and you felt obligated to laugh because it was just that bad. His eyes started to water, and he seemed genuinely proud of his pun. You, on the other hand, only shook your head at his lame pun, only laughing with Harry, not at his corny joke.

“Oh, Harry. You’re such a dork.” You said, your eyes full of admiration and fondness once the laughter finally died down.


The arguments only seemed to escalate as the days came and gone, despite Harry’s attempts to save his relationship with Lily. His decision to take a couple weeks off just for her still wasn’t enough for Lily. He spent every waking moment with her, and she would only continue to pick fights with him.

He didn’t know why he was still with her. Perhaps it was the fact that he was afraid, afraid of being alone. He loathed it. He spent practically his entire life by himself, and it was nice to know that someone was finally there specifically for him. Keeping her around and having her yell was much better than being lonely, craving the feeling of someone next to him as he slept. At least, that’s what Harry thought. Or maybe because he felt like there was nothing else to do. When you love someone, you’d do anything for them. Right?

Their relationship became toxic, one that was full of resentment and bitter words. Despite knowing how verbally abusive Lily was being, Harry didn’t seem to care at all. He had completely given up. He was punishing himself for what he did to you. Because when he thought about it, this was exactly how he was with you in those last weeks of your relationship. Harry believed this is what he deserved, to be put into his place. A place where he put the most important person in his life- you.

For some unknown reason, he thought he needed to truly experience how you felt because of him. It was the cruel punishment he put himself up to. Although, he knew that he all but deserved it. All he could feel was a constant ache in his chest, which he claimed was only because Lily. Dark circles adorn his eyes, and Harry felt no motivation to do anything. The only thing he wanted to do was lay in his bed. Regardless to his almost depressive state, he unwillingly made himself act like there was nothing wrong, but the almost permanent bags under his eyes seemed to contradict that.

In spite of this, Harry practically forced himself to love Lily, even with her destructive attitude. He still held her close every night, his arm tightly around her waist and his face buried in the crook of her neck. He still kissed her first thing every morning and held her hand any time that he possibly could. He still bought her flowers and wrote her notes professing his so called love for her.

This wasn’t love. Anyone could see it. He knew it, yet he couldn’t help but to whisper, “Stay.” when that was the last thing he wanted.


Harry finally realized he missed you more than anything. He stopped denying it and stopped trying to come up with excuses as of why you were always on his mind. It became apparent to him that the reason you were always on his mind wasn’t because he felt guilty, it was because he wished you were still by his side. He missed you, plain and simple. He missed your bright smile and your intoxicating laugh. He missed your sweet scent and your almost suffocating cuddles and hugs.

He wanted nothing more than to hold you in his arms, even if it was just for a second. Even if it was just for one last time. But he knew that he didn’t deserve you. After all the emotional torture he put you through, there was no way that he would ever let himself think he deserved you. That didn’t mean that he couldn’t want you to be his. He’d have to be crazy not to.

He wished he understood what was going through his mind in the last weeks of your relationship. There had to be an explanation to his behavior, but he couldn’t seem to find it. It was now much too late for him to grasp that there was nothing he could do expect for live with the consequences of his actions. Harry had to learn to live with the fact that he made a mistake, one that couldn’t be fixed no matter what he did. And there was nothing he desired more than to be able to mend his heart and yours, to wake up from what seemed to be a never ending nightmare. Harry knew that he was the person who hurt you the most, and for that he would never forgive himself.


It was a Sunday afternoon when the illusion of the perfect relationship Harry wanted with Lily finally evaporated. It started off like most days have been between the two of them, Harry would wake up first, his body entangled with Lily’s. The usual bickering and passive aggressive attitude from Lily was still there, and she was still criticizing Harry for every little thing he did. It was nothing too bad, nothing Harry couldn’t handle. However, her sour mood heightened to a new extreme by the time noon had came. She started to say that Harry was using her for sex, and that they were nothing more than friends with benefits. She claimed that he would never be able to be in a relationship with anyone because all he cared about was sex. And that was Harry’s last straw.

“What the hell do you mean you want to break up?”

“I jus’ can’ take yeh yellin’ at me all the time. ‘S not wha’ I wan’ in a girlfriend.” Harry replied, his voice clearly highlighting his exhaustion.

“Couples go through hard times, Harry! It’s a part of being in a relationship! Don’t be so fucking daft!” She began to stomp her feet in frustration, almost mimicking a child throwing a tantrum, and perhaps that’s what she was.

“Yeah, bu’ not anythin’ like this, Lily. ‘S abusive ‘nd I don’ think I can take it anymore.”

“Abusive? Are you crazy? We get in a little argument, and you think it’s abusive?” Her tone obviously showing how stunned she was at his words. She thought he was being ridiculous.

“ ‘S not jus’ this little argument, Lily. ‘S the one we had an hour ago, the ones we had yesterday, the ones we had last week, the ones we’re gonna keep havin’ if we don’ end this now. All of it is jus’ too much.”

“Wow, what is your problem? Is there something you’re not telling me?” Harry could tell she was trying her hardest to calm herself down which he greatly appreciated.

“I don’ know.” He answered truthfully. Maybe there was something he wanted to keep a secret. Maybe he was afraid to it aloud.

“You don’t know? Harry, c’mon. I just want you to be honest with me. I’m trying to understand what’s happening here, and you’re not exactly helping.” Harry knew he was being difficult, but he didn’t seem to care. Lily’s voice was gentle and caring, but it too off-putting for Harry. How could she scream at him one second then act as if she was supportive the next?” I know I’m mad, but I think i deserve to know what’s going on in your mind.I promise I won’t yell at you, just please tell me what you’re thinking about.” She begged and pleaded with him, as if her life depended on it.

To anyone else, it would’ve seemed as though Lily was always there for Harry and was always understanding. To anyone else, Harry would’ve looked like the one in the wrong because he refused the  assistance of somebody who was offering their aid. However to Harry, he felt that she was just being nosy. She never cared about his feelings before, and there was no point in her starting now. He knew that she was manipulating him yet again. But even knowing this, he felt the need to tell her anyway.

“ ‘S (Y/N).” And that’s all Harry had to say.

She let out an almost sarcastic laugh, “Her again? You love her, don’t you?”

Harry shrugged his shoulders, still wary of her intentions. “Maybe.”

Lily shook her head in disbelief at his response, not believing him. “We both know that’s not true, Harry. I know you love her, and maybe you don’t see it but I do.”

“ ‘M sorry. Didn’t do it on purpose.” It was the only thing he could seem to say. He genuinely felt bad for the girl. He had done this before, claiming that he loved somebody else, and he hated himself for it. Harry knew that he was probably the most insensitive person in the world, but he still didn’t know how to make it better. The only thing he could do was apologise.

“Don’t worry about it. I mean yeah it sucks, but you didn’t do it on purpose.” Harry could tell that was upset. It was hard for not to be. She had given Harry practically everything she had, and it was all for nothing. “I wish you all the best, Harry. I’ll always be here if you need me.” She gave him one last look, a small smile on her face before she walked out of his house and his life.

And just like that, it was all over.


His hands were shaking.

It was now Sunday, a mere week since his break up with Lily, but more importantly, it was the day that Harry decided he was going to call you. Although, he didn’t know if he could even dial your number because his hands wouldn’t stop shaking. It got to the point where he could barely hold his phone without the fear of having it slip out of his grasp. Harry was nervous beyond belief. He wasn’t sure if you would pick up, and more importantly, he had no clue what he say to you.

When he actually gathered enough courage to press the call button, he wanted nothing more than to hang up and to pretend nothing happened. He wanted to end the call, send you a quick text explaining how he didn’t mean to call, and to leave it at that. Deep down, however, he wanted you to answer. He wanted to talk to you. He wanted to hear your voice, even if it was to listen to you yell at him for what he did. Much to his dismay, though, he was disappointed to be greeted with your answering machine, opting to leave a message instead.

“Uh, ‘ello, angel. ‘S me. If ‘m bein’ honest, I don’ know why ‘m callin’. Guess I jus’ wanted to talk.” He took a deep breath before continuing, “I miss yeh. A lot. Know I’ve got no right to say tha’ when ‘m the one who pushed yeh away, bu’ ‘s true. ‘M sorry for everythin’ I put yeh through. No matter how many times I say it, I’ll never be able to make it up to yeh. Was a shit boyfriend wasn’t I? If I could take it all back, I’d do it in a heartbeat. I jus’ wish I saw wha’ I was doin’ at the time. I mean, I knew wha’ I was doin’ obviously, but I didn’ know wha’ it’d lead to. I jus’ wish I could start over, yeh know? Because I know for a fact tha’ I’d treat yeh like the queen tha’ yeh are. ‘M not askin’ yeh to welcome me wit’ open arms or to take me back. I don’ know wha’ exactly ‘m askin’ actually. I guess wha’ ‘m tryin’ to say is that I will wait for yeh. I will forever belong to yeh, even if yeh don’ belong to me. I love yeh more than anythin’. angel, and yeh will always have my heart. “ With that, he hung up.


Days had came and gone since Harry left the voicemail. The anxiousness he felt never seemed to cease, and woke up everyday hoping that you had reached out to him. Anytime his phone sounded in a notification, he would feel his heart start to race wanting it to be you, shooting him a text or a call. But everytime all he felt was the deep ache of disappointment in his chest when he realized it wasn’t you.  He wondered if you listened to it, or if you just ignored it. He wondered if you were still thinking about him as much as he was with you. He wondered if you were having an internal battle about whether to call him back. No matter what it was, he wouldn’t give up faith that you would contact him.

He waited for you. All he could seem to do is wait.

Yet you never came back to him.


Hello, my loves! Here it is, the long awaited part two! I want to thank you all for being so patient with me. It means a lot, and I hope it was worth the wait. This will definitely be the last part, but I already have a couple other ideas for new pieces. I’m not sure when it’ll be out, but I’ll try to get it out as soon as possible. Anyways, thanks for reading, and as always your feedback is always welcomed. Happy holidays! Much love~ Emily xx

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A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Harry Hook

Word Count: 1,759

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’You ready to fight?’’

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Behind The Album - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 8)

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Part 7

“Mum? Gemma? What are you doing here?” He asked sneaking up behind you and looking at them, as they stared at you.

You had forgotten all about the fact you weren’t wearing anything other than Harry’s shirt when you felt the cool air hit your legs. You quickly blushed and tried not making eye contact with them. 

“What do you mean what are we doing here?” Gemma scoffed. “You knew we were coming today.” 

“Well, yeah, but I thought it would be later in the day…” he said. 

“I ended up coming in last night, so Gemma suggested we come over and maybe head out for some breakfast, but uh apparently we should have called first,” Anne said looking over at you. 

“Um… I’m going to go get dressed,” you whispered adverting your eyes towards Harry before excusing yourself from the situation. 

While you went up to the bedroom, both Anne and Gemma walked inside while Harry shut the door behind them. 

“So, I take it your busy?” Gemma asked. 

“Kinda yeah, I ordered breakfast in for Y/N and me,” he said. 

“I guess I didn’t realize she would be staying with you,” Anne said. 

“Why wouldn’t she be staying with me?” Harry asked looking at her. 

“Because you’ve only been with her for a few weeks,” she said. 

“We were staying together while we were in Jamacia and we were only together for a few days then, so what makes a difference here?” Harry asked. “Especially since she’d be over here anyway even if she were staying in a hotel. This way it saves her money.” 

“Right…” Gemma said. 

Harry sighed. “Okay, I get that the first meeting wasn’t exactly ideal, but can you two please just be nice and give her a chance. Besides you two should have called before just showing up like you did,” he pointed out. 

“How were we supposed to know you’d be half naked with some girl?” Gemma said. 

“First of all, she’s not just some girl, she’s my girlfriend, and second of all, I wasn’t with her… we were standing together,” he rolled his eyes. 

“It was implied,” she mumbled. 

“Anyway, are you two going to give her a chance or not?” Harry sighed. “I really like and care for her and I’ve told you two so much about her already, so just please for me, give her the chance she deserves?” 

“Of course we will,” Anne said. 

“Thank you, Mum,” he smiled. 


Once you were dressed in your own clothes, you went back downstairs and the food had already arrived. There ended up being enough for everyone to share, so you all sat down and had some breakfast together. At first, things were extremely awkward and you realized you hadn’t really been properly introduced to either of them. 

“Um, I’m Y/N, by the way,” you said nervously. “It’s uh, nice to finally meet you two.” 

“Nice to meet you as well Y/N, Harry has spoken of you often,” Anne said. “I’m Anne, and this is Gemma.”

Gemma looked over at you and nodded before going back to her breakfast. Out of the corner of your eye, you could tell Harry was sort of glaring at his sister. Great, you thought, just what you needed to cause a rift between them. 

“You’re videographer right?” Gemma asked all of a sudden. 

“Yeah, I’ve uh, always loved working with cameras both for film and print work. I went to school for it and eventually worked my way up to being considered a professional videographer, but I’m still pretty new in the business,” you said looking over at her. 

“Is my brother the first artist you’ve worked for?” She asked. 

“No, uh, actually I’ve worked briefly with a few artists in their music videos or other little projects they’ve needed. I’ve worked with both Nick Jonas and Joe Jones with DNCE, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, to name a few,” you said. 

“Hm, “ she nodded. “And did you ever, hook up with one of them?” 

“GEMMA!” Harry snapped. 

“What? It’s a valid question!” She said to him. “How do you know this isn’t what she does? She works for an artist, hooks up with them, and moves up the ladder,” she said. 

“She is right here,” you said. “And no, I’ve never hooked up with anyone I’ve worked with before, so that’s not what I do. I get hired for a job, I do it, and I’m done. Sure, I have a few friendships with some of the artists I work with because I do multiple projects with them.” 

“You shouldn’t have to answer that, Y/N,” Harry said. “Because my sister never should have fucking asked something like that.” 

“I’m just looking out for you,” she said to him, again ignoring the fact that you’re sitting right in front of her. “You’ve known her for what a few months and you two are already living together and just so head over heels for one another? This is bullshit, this isn’t like you. You’re normally so much more level headed than this.”

“Gemma, “ Anne sighed. 

Harry shook his head. “You do realize that when we were in Jamaica we were living together under the same roof. We were side by side working together and chatting pretty much every fucking day all day, so yeah, we got to know one another pretty well in that environment. Hell, we probably learned more about each other during our three months together, then you did with your boyfriend. And maybe, just fucking maybe, did you ever think that maybe I’m “different” with Y/N because I have real feelings for her and that this is the first time I’ve ever felt this way about anyone before?” 

There were so many emotions going through you at this point. On one hand, you felt insulted and angry at the fact she believed that you slept around on your job and that you were practically using Harry. Then on another hand, you felt extremely awkward because you were the topic of conversation, but no one was really speaking to you. And you knew that Harry’s feelings towards you were something new to him because he had told you once before, but hearing him say it to someone else in defense for you, made you realize just how much you really meant to him. 

“I think we all just need to calm down,” Anne sighed looking at both of her children. “Harry, you have to admit that things are moving sort of fast between the two of you and you two work together… that’s a little unorthodox.” 

“It’s not like we’re getting fucking married,” he sighed. “And so what if we work together? Most everyone who works with me, I have a friendship with outside of our working together, so why should it be any different having a relationship with Y/N.” 

Honestly, at this point you were being ignored so much, you honestly thought about getting up and leaving the room. However, you decided against it because it would make it seem as if you thought you didn’t deserve to be there, even though Harry was defending your every right to be there. 

“Being friends with someone and having a romantic, intimate relationship with someone are two completely different things,” she added. 

“You can’t have one without the other, Mum,” he sighed. “Look, maybe to you two it seems like Y/N and I are moving too fast in a relationship, but you also have to think about how we got our start. It’s not like I just met her and we started talking on the phone and went out on a few dates here and there and decided to get into a relationship. When I met her, we were living together… seeing each other practically 24/7. She was there as soon as I woke in the house, and there as soon as we all went to bed. We spent so many nights just talking to one another and enjoying each other. So, yeah while the timeline might be short, that doesn’t mean that our relationship and my feelings don’t count for anything. And we’re not even living together. She’s staying here while I have some things in London for work that she’s filming. And once we’re done with that, she’ll be gone back to her own house in her own city,” he said. 

“And then what? You’ll just have a long distance relationship or only have a relationship when you need a videographer?” Gemma asked. 

“We’ll make it work,” Harry said. 

You sighed again looking at the three of them. They were still having their three-way conversation about you, without you. Even though Harry was defending you and your relationship, something he shouldn’t have had to really do in the first place, he still wasn’t really acknowledging that you were there and could take part in the conversation as well. 

“If it doesn’t, then you’ll be screwed needed to hire someone new,” Gemma mumbled. “And how do you know she wouldn’t leak anything about you?” 

“Because I trust her and I don’t exactly foresee it not working out between us,” Harry said. 

“Of course you’re going to say that because you two are still in the honeymoon stage of the relationship,” she rolled her eyes. 

“Oh, and when you got with your boyfriend are you saying that you saw you two not working out?” He scoffed. 

“No, but I never acted like it was always going to be a forever happy ending between us either,” she said. 

You got up from the table throwing the rest of the food in the trash, while Harry and Gemma continued their conversation. You even looked over at Anne, who was just watching the two of them banter with one another. You shook your head and finally just snapped. 

“Do any of you even care that I’m still here and that I’ve heard every single fucking thing being said?” You said looking at them. “Gemma, do you even care that you just assumed that I’m with your brother because I’m working for him and that I want to further my career? Or that you use the excuse that you’re just looking out for him when he’s told you time and time again that he’s happy and cares about me because you think every fucking person he’s ever going to be with his going to be with him for his fame and money. Like that’s really sad that you can’t just let him be happy.” 

“And Harry, I get that you were just trying to defend me and everything, but I’m a grown woman, I can defend myself. But honestly, you shouldn’t have had to in the first place, because as far as I concerned, I’ve never given either of you a reason to believe that I’m only with Harry for fame and fortune. If I was some model or some singer or whatever, would you think that? Or would you be okay with it because I’d make my own money and have my own fame? But you know what, it doesn’t matter right now because I’m removing myself from this situation right now since it’s not like I’m needed in this conversation anyhow,” you said before walking out of the front door and down the street away from his house, leaving him and his family behind. 

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harry hook x reader

summary: you had a short-lived fling with Harry but he wasn’t going to let it go until you two were together.


You walked into Urslas fish and chips, looking for Gil. The other day, you had borrowed something from him and even though most people here would never even bother thinking about giving it back, here you were.

“Y/N, there you are my love. What brings you here?” Harry smiled at you, gently running his hook through you hair.

“Hello Harry. I’m here for Gil” You told him.

You frowned when you saw the anger in his eyes, “And why are you here to see Gil?” He said through gritted teeth.

“I owe him money. So I’m here giving it to him."You said holding up the cash.

"And when did Gil give you money? The boy never leaves the ship"He laughed though you knew he didn’t find this funny.

"I don’t have time for twenty questions, Harry.” You pushed past him on your way to find Gil.

“Don’t worry about it baby. I’ll give him the money later. Sit down I’ll get you some food.” Harry had snaked one hand around your waist and pulled you to the table.

“And I can trust you, the thief to give him the money?”

“What money?” Gil asked from behind the counter.

“Leaping lizards! You scared the shit out of me, Gil! But uh, here your money for the other night.” You told him handing over the cash.

Gil eyes were clouded with terror once you meationed, “the other night.” Everyone knew Harry liked you so no one dared to go near you, if they did they knew how Harry would recact.

“The other night? Care to explain why you were out with my girlfriend Gil?” Harry questioned.


“I’m not your girlfriend Harry!” You cut Gil off, “And when are you going to accept that?”

“You have feelings for me, Y/N. I know you do. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have spent so many nights in my room….” Harry trailed off.

It’s true, you spent a lot a nights with Harry but once things stared becoming too serious, you ended things with him. And let’s just say, he didn’t take no for answer.

“That was a long time ago, Harry. Things are different now.” You told him.

“I want to be with you, Y/N. Why can’t you admit you want to be with me too?” He questioned inching closer to you. He whispered in your ear, “I know you want to be mine. And all I want is for you to be mine.”

And with those words, you attached your lips to him and he smiled into the kiss. You two kept like that until Uma yelled at you two get a room. So you went back too his room under deck.

“So does this mean you’re officially my girlfriend?” He smirked lying down on his bed while he watched you brush your hair.

“Yeah.” You smiled, “And you’re my boyfriend.” You set your hair brush down on his dresser.

Harry moved closer to you, snaking his arms around your waist, kissing your neck.


“Mmm, baby?”

“I have to go, curfew is soon.” You told him and he sighed.

“Do you have too?” He whined, “I want you to stay here with me.”

“Me too babe, I’ll talk to my mother about my curfew. She doesn’t care about me or anything after my father died so I doubt she care about my curfew.” You told him and he nodded, kissing your knuckles.

“See you in the morning my love.” He promised and you leaned in and kissed him.

“Goodbye Harry.” And with that you exited his room on deck and set off for your house.

On your way out of the shop you ran into Gil, “So you two are back together?”

“Yeah we are.” You smiled. True at first you had your doubts but you were happy.

“Good. He was miserable without you.” He admitted and to which you just nodded and wished him a good night and walked home.

Love is the Punchline Extra #1

the one with Harry making excessive amounts of puns, and they’re probably only funny because Y/N is madly in love with him.

Masterlist to Love is the Punchline

(A/N): This was the original ending to Love is the Punchline Part 3 but honestly I wanted to make it a separate, little blurb so I did. And that’s that. Not really a full piece in itself, which is why it’s got the “Extra” title. Dunno why I’m explaining all this, but I did. And that’s that. Hope you enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Hi Bianca! I discovered and fell in love with your art some weeks ago and since then I follow your sketches every day... it's nice to find someone who loves hinny as I do, I think the movies made them so underrated! As big expert on the theme =) I would like to ask you what do you think were ginny's older brothers reaction to the fact she and harry were dating after the war? In my head I imagine some funny scenes with harry, who saved the wizarding world, a bit scared about their reaction =)

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I receive many questions about what I think their reaction would be…

But to be honest, I don’t think Harry would be scared about that after the war. So many things - bad things - happened… And Harry, about his feelings for Ginny, was always “Fuck it, I need to hug her, I’ll do it” (in 7th book he came closer to hug her after the episode of the 7 Potters and he didn’t care Mrs. Weasley were there, he just really needed to hug her after coming back. Also, there’s that “Everyone’s watching I really don’t care, I just want to kiss her” and he does in the 6th book.. 

So, in my opinion, the brothers would eventually see Harry and Ginny together, like, very close to each other, in different episodes. George saw them kissing, Percy saw them hugging, Bill saw Ginny distractly caressing Harry’s hand in the table, Charlie almost caught them having sex (that awkward moment). But I don’t think they would scare Harry… He went through so much - they all did - and I believe they know he’s really right and good for Ginny, so… maybe just a reverse joke from Bill “hey take care of him, Ginny” because everyone there just loves Harry so much and it’s his family way before his relationship with her.
Louis Tomlinson: Arctic Monkeys inspired my lyrics - BBC News
The pop star says his solo material has been influenced by the lyrics of Arctic Monkeys and Oasis.

Zayn Malik has carved a niche in pervy electropop; Harry Styles is prog rock’s new hope; Liam Payne’s plumped for aspirational R&B and lovely Niall Horan is doing lovely pop ballads.

So where does that leave Louis Tomlinson?

He was always the underappreciated one - a quiet, benign presence in the world’s biggest band.

Speaking to The Observer last month, the 25-year-old acknowledged he was seen by some as “forgettable, to a certain degree”.

What he contributed, though, was songwriting - receiving credits on more One Direction songs than any of his bandmates.

Appropriately for a former singer in a Green Day tribute act, he was the one who pushed the idea that a pop band could have guitar riffs.

He might not have been directly responsible for sampling The Who’s Baba O'Reilly in Best Song Ever, but it certainly fitted his vision for the band.

“Little things like that were really important to me,” he tells the BBC. “It was amazing that we were able to combine the two - absolute pop with guitar music.”

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when days turn into months and months turn into years

word count: 1863 words // 9773 characters
summary: harry falls in love with a girl whom he doesn’t want to hide from anyone. in fact he wants to show her off to everyone.

authors note: request are open!!!

people literally dream of going to london. people love this city. how could you not love this city? but how could one love a city they’ve never been to before not even once? when you think about it, it’s nice seeing people fall in love with places they’ve never been before. humans tend to fall in love with things they can’t have though. and that’s not rewarding.

shopping in london was a normal thing for harry considering he’s always in the beautiful city. when he had breaks from the tour life he’d hit up a few shops in the city planning on buying something for himself. perhaps his mum or even his sister.

carrying two bags in his hand and walking around in an unfamiliar store while looking down at his phone, harry wasn’t paying much attention. he realized he should’ve though when he almost knocked into two guys and when he tried apologizing they cursed at him and walked away. he didn’t mind it that much considering the last thing he wanted to do was get into a fight. two against one wasn’t fair anyways. however, that experience should’ve taught him to be more wary and pay attention to his surroundings of course. clearly it didn’t when he bumped into a girl causing her to stumble backwards dropping her phone and her bags to the floor along with harry’s phone as well.

he felt guilt in his stomach and immediately bent down next to the girl who was rubbing her elbow. unlike the other guys he bumped into she was more calmer and didn’t seem like she wanted to kill him. in fact, she seemed fragile. she was smaller than harry and considering she was rubbing her elbow he figured she was in some type of pain. he mentally cursed himself before grabbing her phone and passing it to her before noticing a crack on the side of the screen. he sighed before speaking up.

“please tell me your phone was already cracked.” harry spoke, starring at the female in front of him. she looked up from the floor to the male in front of him. she knew who he was. she knew he was harry styles, however that was the last thing on her mind for many reasons. she was in pain. her phone screen was now cracked and she wasn’t planning on buying a new one any time soon and she didn’t want to come off as some crazy fangirl. she shook her head before speaking.

“no but unfortunately it is now.” she spoke, shaking her head before sighing and taking the phone from his hand. she put the phone into her purse and bit down on her bottom lip. harry grabbed his phone as well. it was fine. not even the slightest scratch. he sighed putting it into his back pocket.

“i suppose i should be more careful.” he spoke, shaking his head.

“i suppose as well. but no worries.” she spoke, keeping her eyes on the male in front of her. what seemed like hours were actually seconds. they were studying each other. she wasn’t as shocked as she thought she would be considering she was meeting one of her biggest celebrity crushes and idols. he kept his eyes on her before biting down on his bottom lip.

“here let’s get you up.” he spoke, before picking up her bags and lending out a hand. she took it and the male pulled her up … actually pulling her too close to him. they starred at each other for a second before she let his hand go and took a step back.

“i uhm.. what’s your name?” harry asked, looking at the girl standing in front of him. she gave him a small smile before extending out her hand.

“y/n. and you are?” she asked, starring at him. the smile she gave him let him know she was friendly and she wasn’t mad at the fact he had practically pushed her down to the ground a few minutes ago. she already knew his name anyways but still wanted a proper introduction.

“harry.” he spoke, before shaking her hand and smiling as well. “i-i, i really do feel bad for breaking your phone.” he spoke, keeping his eyes on the female in front of him. she shook her head before speaking up.

“no, well, it’s fine. i didn’t really plan on buying a new phone but i suppose that’s on the agenda.” she spoke, laughing a little bit. she put her hands in her pocket looking up at the male in front of her.

“can i make it up to you? maybe take you to get the screen fixed. there’s an apple store across the street. i can walk you over there. pay for it. it’ll also give me an excuse to get to know you better.”

“so you want to get to know me better?” she asked, smiling a little.

“so you want to get your phone fixed?” he asked, tilting his head. she was taken back by his sarcastic tone but in a way it impressed her. she nodded looking at him and he smiled. “then we can go.” he spoke.

they walked out of the store and out into the streets of london. there was a cool breeze and the wind was almost relaxing in a way. she looked at the apple store across the street sighing in relief knowing it was there. she didn’t know the male at all and she wanted to make sure he wasn’t trying to take her someplace else.

once they arrived at the store harry was super helpful. he talked to the employees about replacing the cracked screen. it took a couple of minutes but while they waited they got to know each other. she was enjoying his personality and he was enjoying her beauty and her overall attitude.

“so can you do me a favor y/n?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the girl in front of him as she nodded. “i suppose since you’re phone is getting fixed.. uhm. can i have your number?” he asked.

a small smile spread across her face as she nodded causing him to smile as well. after getting her phone back and exchanging numbers the two had to part their ways. however, they kept in contact. texting and talking for over six months. they were definitely falling for each other and tour life wasn’t helping the fact that they could never see each other.

harry (1:22am): when are you coming to see meee?

y/n (1:24am): you know i have work. im just as busy as you are. besides, i can’t just hop on a plane and go to america. it’s not like i have the money to just do that so easily.

harry (1:26am): you work so hard. take a few days off. i will pay for your flight. anything to get you here with me.

and before she knew it she was on a plane heading the a whole different continent to see the guy she hasn’t seen in person for half a year. it was risky but considering she knew him well and the both of them admitted there were some feelings there she figured this could possibly end well. and she was correct. because it did.

hugging in airports being excited to see each other. the feeling was much different. in fact, they both seemed much different. many protest about “harry your hair is getting so long” and “y/n, i swear you’re getting taller.” somehow in the conversation harry discovered y/n has never had sushi before and of course he had to use that excuse to take the girl on a date.

a tight black dress, light makeup, and her hair curled was enough to make harry say “you look absolutely gorgeous.” of course he wanted to take the prettiest girl out in the streets of new york city to eat sushi. though he felt bad with the amount of paparazzi that would be following them around but when she explained to him that she didn’t mind it he knew for a fact that nothing could even ruin the night.

and he was right. lightly tipsy and laughing at absolutely everything wasn’t even the best part of the night. it was walking back to your hotel room and sitting on the floor listening to fleetwood mac which turned into a bit of a makeout session. waking up the next morning with harry in the other bed laughing at the ridiculous headlines that were posted all over different celebrity gossip websites about you two.

“harry styles and beautiful mystery girl caught on a date.”
although, the both of them didn’t understand the usage of the word “caught”

neither of them were trying to hide it. he didn’t want to keep her a secret. he didn’t want her to think he was embarrassed of her or he didn’t want the world to know about her. in all actuality that was far from the truth. he wanted to show her off and he knew sneaking around with her wasn’t obviously the idea to go with.

and when she had to go home after a couple of days his heart was hurting and tears swelled up in her eyes when once again they were hugging in the airport but this time it was out of sadness. paparazzi taking pictures of her crying in his arms wasn’t ideal. however, she told him before she didn’t mind the flashing lights.

but he couldn’t let her leave this city without asking her to be his. and although his hands were shaking and his heart was racing he knew that if he didn’t spit the words out now she’d either lose interest in waiting for him or some other man would take her away from him. and he couldn’t live with himself if someone were to take her away from him.

pulling away from the hug and grabbing both of her hands keeping his eyes on her. he licked his lips not knowing where to start but deciding to speak from his heart. should he use his heart or his head? maybe both.

“y/n.. i-i really don’t even know where to start. talking to you for months has felt so good. i haven’t had that feeling in a while and i swore to myself i wasn’t going to date again. however, you somehow came around and i realized i had what i’ve wanted right in front of me.” he spoke, giving her a small smile before shaking his head.

“i guess you know im not good with words and you know i ramble too damn much. i suppose i should wrap this up before your flight leaves but.. y/n, will you be my girlfriend?”

and the question made her go from sad to happy in a matter of seconds. and of course she said yes. and of course he pulled her into a hug wrapping his arms around her smaller body before giving her one last passionate kiss before leaving.

and of course.. months turned into years.

Inbound - Snowbound Part 003

Thank you to everyone for your messages/likes/reblogs/and for reading (even if you hated it!). This is a tough situation to navigate, and there’s no really IDEAL way to handle it (and if there is, they’re probably not taking it) but they’re doing the best that they can. Let’s see what they agree upon this time, yeah? x. 

Part 001

Part 002

“A’right,” Harry said at last. “That’s enough with yeh.” He picks his son up and hoists him under his arm. “Bedtime for yeh, yeh little chatterbox.”

“No!” your son protests and you smirk, pleased to see that he gives Harry as much of a hard time as he does you.

“Yes,” Harry says firmly. “Been up too long already, haven’t yeh?” He shoots a look back at you. “Don’ clean up.”

“You can’t stop me,” you say idly and he looks conflicted because he knows you’re right.

“Don’ do it,” he repeats and all you do is smirk as he walks away with your son in tow.

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Music Series: Lay Me Down by Sam Smith ft. John Legend (Part Two of Wreck of the Day)

And the saga continues….

This is Part Two from “Wreck of the Day. Be sure to read Part One first if you haven’t. This imagine series started from this song, then became so long that I divided it, and it has taken me an entire day to finish this far (with a 10 hour work day involved). I have a goal to complete and post Part Three before I sleep tonight, but don’t rake me over the coals if it’s not posted until tomorrow.

This is “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith ft. John Legend. I have been loving me some Sam Smith lately, so emotional. You can find this song HERE on Spotify, and on my Harry Styles Imagines playlist, as well. I hope you like! xo



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nylffn  asked:

"I don't care that you killed him, kiss me!" For Tomarry please??

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: Tomarry

Tags: Murder, Mentioned-Assault, Feels

Tom Riddle stared at the body that lay in a puddle of blood that only seemed to spread more and more across the white tile as the seconds passed by. He looked up, meeting Harry’s frantic gaze. Harry looked like hell, hair a mess and glasses broken beyond repair. His clothes were ripped in many places and Tom could feel his anger rising again.

“He was hurting you,” Tom said. “He wasn’t going to stop, Harry. I had to do something and it was as if everything just went red and then I cursed him with everything in me.”

He was trying to justify his actions to Harry. He didn’t care about killing, but Harry was different. Harry had morals and was kind and so very accepting of everything. He liked Tom and Tom didn’t want to lose Harry.

Harry’s mouth moved a few times, but nothing came out. Tom briefly wondered if he would have to Obliviate the other. But by doing so, he would be taking something from Harry without permission, and that would make him no better than Harry’s molester.

“Tom… Tom what were you doing here?”

“I- I knew he wasn’t decent. There was something off and I didn’t like him, so I followed you. He was hurting you,” Tom reiterated again, hoping Harry realised that he’d been in danger. “I couldn’t let it happen.”

Harry’s head was shaking back and forth, and the stabbing feeling of rejection hurt more than Tom thought it would.

Harry stepped forward though, arms raised a bit, hands still shaking from his ordeal. “I need a hug, Tom. I need you to hold me and tell me that everything is fine. Kiss me and tell me that it’s all fine.”

He blinked in astonishment. Not rejection? “But I- I kill-”

“I don’t care that you killed him, kiss me! Tell me that it’s over and that I’m going to be fine and that you’ll be here no matter what!”

It took maybe two seconds for Tom to comply, but with the urgency in Harry’s voice, he couldn’t keep his friend waiting. Not when Harry was so distressed. Not when Harry had asked something of him.

It was their first kiss, and it didn’t happen how Tom had imagined it would, but it was still nice. Nice to know that in the end, Harry was clinging to him instead of some arse who couldn’t appreciate everything about he had to offer. It was nice to know that Harry still accepted him despite watching him murder someone in cold blood. It was nice how warm he felt inside, which was something he’d never experienced before.

“Thank you, Tom.”

Disposal of the body could wait for the moment.

“Everything will be fine, Harry.”

anonymous asked:

but like can you do a lil something where Harry shows you his album or somethin like that pleasee??? Like that would be so cute! I LOVE YOU!!! :-)

Firstly, i love you too!! Secondly, i’m really sorry for how long i made you wait for this! And thirdly, here it is. 

He never let you see the choruses of his song before or even the melodies. He kept them in a secret and worked really hard in the studio with Mitch, Sara, Clare and Adam. Until now. It’s the day before the album releasing and he asks you to come to his office for a moment. And when you open the door and step in to the intro of the first song, you’re mesmerized by it. Chills run down your spine and a big smile settles on your face. He’s carefully watching your reaction from the other side of the room and you can almost hear his thoughts over the loud music.

He’s been really nervous lately. Over the past weeks he asked you multiple times to give him space and time, to wait just for a little longer for him to show you the album even thought you never actually asked him about it. About two hours he left home and when he came back, all wet and concerned about something, you asked him what he did out in the rain.

“Walked” was all he told you before he locked himself in his cabinet.

Now, when he finally decided to let you hear what he created, you can see his hands shaking. He’s bitting down on his bottom lip and he’s running his fingers in his fair every once and then. And you know how much it means for him your opinion on his work, even more that he wrote part of the songs about five years ago when you two weren’t together yet. When he was dealing with all the fame on his back and all the girls around him.

“It’s ‘bout a young mother bein’ told that she’s not gon’ make it” he murmurs and keeps his look on you while you squatted on the floor, your legs not being able to hold you from all the excitment.

You catch yourself being breathless while he stands and comes to you, falling on his knees in front of you and wrapping his arms around you. Pulling you closer to him, he lets you rest your head on his chest and listen to both his heartbeat and the song.

“Say somethin’” he whispers. “Anythin’, just…”

“I can’t” you laugh weakly and pull away from him so you can look him in the eyes. “Harry… This is amazing, i can’t even describe you how proud i am and how talanted i think you are. I don’t have words for this, really… And i understand why this is the first song, Har, this is going to be such a killer!”

“Do yeh think?” he smiles, a lot more rested now.

“Of course i do!” kissing his lips for a second, you grab his hands so you can both stand together.

He takes you to the gramophone and hugs you from behind, kissing your head. Even thought he’s the nervious one, he makes sure you feel alright. The first song ends and another one starts this time with a much different rhytm.

“This one started as a joke” he laughs, “and i think it’s one of the better songs on the album now.”

“I’m sure they’re all equally amazing, Harry. Let me just stay in your arms and listen to them. I need to see what took you so many hours in the studio. Do you remember that they were times you didn’t come home for days so you can work properly on the songs? These were really hard on me, i really missed you then.”

He nods and you both stay there in each other’s arms for a solid hour, listening to his album. And then you talk, talk and talk for even more hours, making sure the other one hears what it is needed to be said and that you both feel as excited for tomorrow as the other. There were other girls in his life, there were hard times on him in his past, there was everything in this songs. But the most important thing is that you two are happily in love with each other and that he is going to release the masterpiece in front of you tomorrow.