there were no good pictures that would do her justice

Walker Stalker 2016 (aka the weekend I met Melissa McBride)

Meeting Melissa McBride has been something I have wanted to do since I started watching TWD in 2014. I fell in love with Carol immediately and the more I learned about Melissa, the more my heart grew to adore her. There were several issues that were preventing me from actually meeting her though.

1. She rarely attends cons.

2. I am poor and could not afford to go to the cons she does attend.

3. I am a high anxiety, awkward as fuck, human being.

But in 2016 the stars seemed to align and I took a risk and went to Walker Stalker in Atlanta where I came face to face with one Melissa McBride and let me tell you…best decision ever!

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Meeting Stana

Very little nothing could adequately prepare you to meet Stana.

One moment she still talks to someone else and then she turns for you with that smile and there goes your brain function. All you can think of is ‘omg I can’t believe this is happening’, and 'how’s she so beautiful?!’ And yes your knees go weak.

We told her we were on our honeymoon, that we tailored our trip so we could see her perform - because hey, why not; it’s the truth - and she was really excited for us. I mean of course you can never tell 100% if anyone cares just because they say so - but she definitely makes you feel as if she is genuinely interested in you and listening to you when you share something. She told us congratulations (and wrote it too :)), and as we were arranged for our group photo I said how great she was in the play (I’ve no recollection of my exact words on anything!!), and she laughed and said, “yeah I think you guys were an amazing audience for that!” (which I took to mean that she considered is a very grateful audience - yay - but at the same time it was well-deserved because she really rocked it!)

Anyway so after the photo I turn awkward fangirl and ask if I could give her a hug - I think that’s important to at least ask before you’re awkward ;) - but she said yes of course and she did give me that hug (OMG OMG OMG!!!). I told her a couple of things that I’ve just always wanted to say (not like she doesn’t already but anyway) - to thank her for being such an inspiration. She was very thankful. (and then I had to go - *sad face*).

She looks just like on TV. I mean exactly!! She does seem smaller, but she’s really just very slender. She has beautiful skin, her hair is as gorgeous as we had always hoped, and her smile just as wide. She’s simply captivating. She’s lovely in person, kind and focused, and seems very genuine when she interacts with you. Had smiles for everyone, and she really stayed until she had met every last person. It was a lovely experience that exceeded my expectations on every level.

As an aside, my wife talked briefly with Kris while I had my awkward-fangirl-moment, and he asked questions about our wedding too and congratulated us as well. He was very kind and friendly. He watches over her, and is very attentive toward her and sweet with her. He seems like he’s completely nuts about her. :) And photos do not do him justice; he looks quite different in reality than pretty much every photo I’ve ever seen.

Lastly, a call to arms: My photos are crap! As you can see above. I mean, crap quality haha. The actual picture is good but the photo quality…. There were many people around taking photos - does anyone have us in their photos? If you have anything that you captured of these moments, would you please share them with me? I want to frame this to go with our wedding pictures and the quality is quite sketchy. I would so appreciate that.

So anyway. That’s the story of how I got to meet (and awkwardly hug!!!) Stana. ❤️

Challenge: Blue & Green
User: pencilmate
Rating: sfw
Staff Beta: miizudere
Title: Brown

Makoto stood in the driveway, humming in thought as his face scrunched up in concentration. He closed his eyes and tilted his head a bit, trying to envision his house differently. Earlier that week, he had discussed with Haru about painting the outside of their house a new color.

“Brown is kind of getting old, isn’t it?” Makoto murmured to himself when the two were eating lunch.

Haru’s eyes flickered to him before going back to the mackerel on the table. “What?” He took a bite. “Your hair?”

Makoto chuckled. “No, I meant the house, Haru.”

“Brown is fine.”

Makoto made a noise in the back of his throat. “Ehh, but Haru, we’ve had it for so long.” After a moment of silence, Makoto casually commented with a sly smile, “Nagisa always did say ‘change is good.’”

Haru paused a bit as he relived the memory. Nagisa had gone through a phase where nearly every other sentence out of his mouth was “change is good” and it had driven everyone insane. He started with his clothes, wearing the most ridiculous things – but oddly enough they all screamed ‘Nagisa’ in one way or another – then it was what he ate, then it was how he spoke, how he drove, how he walked. It was a time no one – not even Nagisa himself, they made sure of that – wanted to relive.

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