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Why do you believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship?" Survey Responses Part 2: Origins of belief in the relationship

This post is Part 2 of a multiple part presentation of the results of the survey, “Why do you believe Harry and Louis are in a relationship?” which was open from Sunday, May 4, 2014, until Sunday, May 18, 2014. These results show the reasons the 2380 survey responders selected as being A) the reasons they think Harry and Louis are in a relationship (Q.1) and B) the thing(s) that first led them to believe they were together (Q. 6). As this survey represents only a small sample of the One Direction fandom, despite trying to reach as many people as possible, these results can not be fully extrapolated to explain the fandom at large.

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Blurry and Subjective: Hannibal's Cinematography and The Alienation of Will Graham

On my intrepid journeying through the Hannibal tags, I’ve come across a few posts from different people who liked Will Graham quite a bit in season 1 of Hannibal, but strongly disliked him in season 2. This got me thinking about the difference in the audience’s relationship with Will between the two seasons, which led to this meta.

This is not an “In Defense of Will Graham’s Character” post. I’m not here to argue whether or not Will hurtled over the Moral Event Horizon never to return or just camped out on the dark side for a few weeks. Rather, I’d like to make the argument that the alienation of Will Graham from the audience’s perspective wasn’t an accident; that, in fact, while Hannibal was hard at work alienating Will from the other characters in the show, the writers were hard at work alienating Will from the audience, obscuring his motives, and making him more difficult to empathize with (ironically enough), all in the name of upping the narrative tension.

As Will himself tells Hannibal:

I bond with Abigail, you take her away. I bond with barely more than the idea of a child, you take it away. You saw to it that I alienated Alana. Alienated Jack. Alienated the audience members that had been pulling for me all of season 1.

Oh. Wait. That’s not the line. Anyway, you get the point.

In this first post, I’ll argue that this turn of events was heavily foreshadowed in the first half of the season through the use of some nifty cinematography visuals.

In later posts, I’ll talk about Alana’s relationship with Will in season 2 and what it can tell us about the audience’s relationship with Will, and I’ll also talk a bit about the audience’s perception of Hannibal and how that changes over the course of the season.

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